My first post: 2 months into my 5 – 2 diet.

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My first post: 2 months into my 5 – 2 diet.

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  • Hi all.

    Myself and my wife have been doing this diet for just over 2 months and both have had decent weight loss. I have lost 18lbs. And my wife has 12lbs.

    But now I seemed to have plateaued and have not lost any weight in 3 weeks 🙁 I weigh myself every Friday at the same time. My wife is still losing small amounts of weight, but her loss is now slowing down aswell.

    I do alot of fitness through the week and also do light weights and heavier weights for my chest. (Looking to get rid of the man boobs) I know that muscle weighs more than fat…could this be part of what is happening? I look slimmer in the mirror and alot of my clothes are starting to get really baggy.

    Any feedback and advice would be welcome.

    Cheers all.


    You lost a lot of weight in 2 months. Seems a little early to plateau. Your clothes tell the tail I think. Maybe take your measurements and re check them periodically. We have been on 5:2 for 1 year. Lost 15 pounds and been on a plateau for 4 months now. I don’t think we have much fat to lose now. I’m slowly losing the man boobs. I think the skin slowly shrinks. We are happy that we persevered. We haven’t tried 6:1 yet as we have a cruise coming up and plan to try 6:1 every other week. Good luck

    Thanks for the response Frank. Do you think i should continue with the fitness side of it?

    Read on here that exercising can cause you to put on weight! ……Maybe I need to stop checking the numbers and go by my measurements instead.


    hi Bigjoe and welcome to the forum!

    well done on both your progress so far, its amazing! a plateau can happen at any time, I hit one back in December and still on it lol!! but at least am not gaining 🙂 I would say the exercise would cause some weight gain, this has happened to me and the moment I reduced/stopped the weight started falling… and yes you should go by measurements which I do believe is more accurate than a number!!

    keep at it, you are both doing great, good luck 🙂

    My son told me that 5 lb of fat is the equivalent to 3 grapefruit, but that 5 lb of muscle is equivalent to 3 satsumas. Food for thought?

    Hi there:)

    I think you might have lost yourself in the numbers on the scale, instead of looking at the whole picture.
    Don´t stop the way you are exercising, don’t stop the diet, continue what you are doing these days. as long as you can feel a positive change in your body, your mind or even the weight, keep on going. A change in the health status is not a symmetrical line of loss of weight, loss of fat and a “fit look”. In periods the scale will show you the results, in periods the measurements of waist, arms and so on will show it, and in periods the mind will tell you that it feels better, or in periods what you are able to do when exercising will tell you about the progress.

    Keep on going, don´t start to change things, what you are doing is working, it just don´t show in numbers:)

    Have a great day!

    Thanks for all the helpful advice. I decided to cut fitness out this week and guess what…….I lost 2lbs. 🙂

    Going to skip fitness for another week to see if it’s just coincidence.




    I have done the 5:2 for just over 7 months now and have lost 4st-10lb, starting from a horrifying 21st-3lb. I am lucky that I have lost every week without exception, with losses currently averaging about 1.5lb per week. This rate of loss is somewhat lower than what I experienced in the first few weeks of the program. I do no training or strenuous exercise, but I do walk as much as possible. I would just make these points if I may:

    There is something in the notion that exercise generates muscle and this offsets the loss of fat weight. This may help to explain your plateau.

    The lower your weight goes the smaller the weekly losses are likely to be. I am still comfortably in the obese category and must keep things up at least until Christmas!

    I do go quite low carbohydrate on fast days as I have a feeling that suppressing insulin production is just as important as the 600 calorie allowance in getting the body into fat burning mode.

    Plateau. Perhaps some fun is order by joining a team or a couples activity like dancing. If the exercise is always the same. Switch it up , boxing training, tai chi, swimming, canoeing. Im insistent that everyone in my family use the exercise balls and do core exercise together. Less insistent about other stuff.
    I’m used to insist we all have dinner together. Looking at that family time is centered around calories. Eating sometimes when some us were not hungry. So I switched attention to family time to time on the balls. To me the meals are less mundane and more effort into kicking them up notch. My daughter asked is it dinner night? She was delighted when I said it is both. Unless she would like go for walk after dinner.
    She was more responsive I think to variety of family time.

    Big Joe:

    Three weeks a plateau does not necessarily make. This might help explain what is going on:

    Good Luck!

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