My 28 day Challenge

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  • Well, my darling hubby is away for a whole month, so I have decided that this is the time to give myself a bit of a project!

    Purpose? To give up sugar and see if I can get the gastritis under control. I am a sugar addict, and although 5:2 has helped me with my cravings, I know that I need to give it up completely BEFORE I slide down the metabolic syndrome slope. And for the last year (ever since a bout of violent vomiting bug, but according to the doc, not related) I have suffered with gastritis. Drugs didn’t help, and I am keen to avoid going down the ever stronger drugs route because the side effects are not nice!

    Also although I have lost weight and am down to BMI 25, my waist could do with being a LOT narrower.

    1)To fast 2 or 3 times a week – zero calories
    2)To cut sugar and fructose rich foods from my diet.
    3)To cut avoid carb rich foods (especially grains, potatoes)
    4)To eschew snacking

    I am really not sure that I will be able to manage to stick to this to the letter, but hope that reporting here will help!

    Yesterday was day 1, and I managed to stay sugar free except for one teaspoonful of honey that sneaked in (like a lot of addicts I am often barely conscious of the sugar going on). But hubby was still home and I didn’t want to draw attention to my plans which would worry him. This morning, once I get out of bed(!!!) I’ll be going round and boxing up all the sugar in the house so I can’t get caught like that again.

    Starting weight 62.9 kilos. I never know how to measure my waist so will go by my favourite belt!

    Today is a fast day.


    congrats! on changing ur thinking


    happy sugar free days & dr fung days!


    Hi Ruthi, good luck!! that sugar monster is a biggie. keep us posted. Phyllis

    I like taking it by my belt as well, measuring is so… difficult πŸ˜› As in, I tend to never seem to be measuring in the same place so for me it’s very frustrating to try. I guess I’ll keep doing it for a bit though, not one to give up so quickly ont hings.

    Anyway, I hope your challenge pans out! Report on here and we’ll give you encouragement or a kick in the behind, whatever you need πŸ˜‰

    Well day 2 wasn’t too bad. I’ve not yet suffered real withdrawal symptoms but I did get quite unhappy as the day wore on. So although I wasn’t overly hungry, I ate some vegetable soup with an egg in it, and a few nuts, but still well within the 450 calories.

    I slept well, which is unusual for me after a fast, but Seamus dog [ ] didn’t think I should so made sure I woke up several times, and finally I gave in at 6.00 (two hours early for me). He is very unhappy that his Daddy has left us and spends his time lying by the front door waiting…..

    As for the belt thing, I have a narrower bit where I can measure. But do I push my tum out, or pull it in? What about bloated days? Not that I have many bloated days since giving up on grains!

    If my new clothes no longer fit I will know I have lost inches!

    Fast days are somewhat under threat because everyone seems to think I need looking after, and is inviting me for meals! Still, I can fast until supper.

    Hi Ruthi, I love your dog! Poor thing missing his daddy πŸ™
    My mum has a friend who has battled with her weight for years and she cut out all added sugar a while ago – and she had a really sweet tooth. She also cut out potatoes and has lost a lot of weight, even though she still eats butter and oilve oil. She finds she’s much less hungry now, doesn’t snack between meals and doesn’t crave sweet things at all. So hopefully that will encourage you to keep going because it can be done! Knowing that it will improve your health will give you the motivation to keep going!
    I measure my waist at my tummy button because that’s what Michael said to do in the book, though it’s about 4 inches larger than my narrowest bit, but at least you have a marker of where you measured last time. And just let it all hang out, don’t push it out but relax the muscles and at least you get a true measurement and know where you’re starting from. I was disgusted when I measured mine but it did give me extra motivation.
    All the best and keep us posted! Claire

    I seem to recall that a dressmaker will measure
    – at the natural waistline (narrowest part)
    – with 2 fingers (side by side) under the tape
    I like the natural waistline because it is easy to find and the tape just goes there.

    When I started 5:2 my waist (around the navel) was over 50% of my height and when I tried to measure it, I found it difficult to position the tape both accurately and consistently. So, when I reached 50% I promptly gave up taking this measurement.

    Argh! Natural waist, relaxed, is 31 inches, only marginally less than half my height, and seven inches more than when I was 25! (But I think its slightly less than when I started 5:2 in the summer.

    Day 3 was hard, an eating day but all I wanted was SUGAR! I did NOT succumb, even if I did roam the house looking for sugar free snacks! I didn’t even have the baked potato that I promised myself if it got too bad, so a win in the end.

    However I am noticing that my afternoon slump has disappeared – to the extent that little Jimmy dog was very put out at the lack of a lap to sleep on! From what I have read an afternoon slump is an early sign of type 2 diabetes, so that is very encouraging.

    Fast day today. I find the lack of decisions needed quite soothing!

    Seamus is still sad, and was very restless last night – until he had woken me up properly at around 3.00am, when he settled down to leave me on the night watch!

    Hi Ruthi, sound like you are doing well! I’m so sorry that Seasus dog is so restless. He and my Maisie would get along well.:) only Maisie doesn’t have the excuse of her Dad leaving. LOL. She wants to go hunting cats,and squirrels in the middle of the night.

    good luck and keep us posted. Phyllis

    Maisie wouldn’t be a lurcher, would she Phyllis? I know several rescue lurchers who were clearly used for lamping in an earlier life, and get really restless when it gets dark (hunting time).

    Seamus isn’t as efficient since his slipped disc, but he used to keep the forest squirrel population under control. He’ll still hunt anything that isn’t a dog – squirrels, rabbits, ducks, pheasants, deer and, of course, CATS. He is never allowed off lead near houses now, for the sake of folks’ feline pets.

    Hi Ruthi, I’m not sure what Maisie is. some kind of hound. she sure has a problem with impulse control. LOL. a couple of times she has pull out of her harness, or pulled away from us and just takes off. you can call until you are blue in the face and she will just keep going. I think she may be a combo of sight and scent hound. She’s sweet as can be, but darned near impossible to train. I’ve taken to tying her lead around my waist, that way she will have to drag me along. πŸ™‚

    Seamus sounds like a great watch doggie. sorry her has back problems, that must be hard for him when he wants to be the mighty hunter. I’m glad that he is keeping you safe while hubby is gone.

    hope it’s a good day. hugs Phyllis

    Ah! Lurcher is a UK term. It applies to any sighthound crossed with another breed (or their descendants). Typically they are less delicate than a sighthound, but with the same independent instincts, and prey drive. Don’t blame Maisie for her lack of recall – hounds are bred to hunt independently of their handlers, so she is just being true to her heritage.

    Seamus has some bearded collie in him (we think) and that means he will come back – eventually. He was mostly wild when he came here, and the deal when we get to the forest is that he can go hunting, as long as he meets me at the end of the walk. And he does, bless him. He has even learned to be a pet, while trying to maintain the belief that he is a wild dog really!

    I’ve eaten well this evening. I am not hungry, but I really want something. Guess what?

    ah-ha, I had to look up lurcher. LOL. I had heard the term, but couldn’t remember. I’m glad you and Seamus have an agreement, and it’s good of you to let him think he’s still a wild dog. πŸ™‚ Maisie is a lovely dog, LOVES everyone ( except kitties that don’t live in her house) we rescued her from my Mom’s neighbor who decided they didn’t want her after all. we also have 2 rescue cats.

    gee, I wonder what you are craving???? πŸ™‚ I know you are probably long in bed, hope you made it to sleep in spite of the cravings. take care. Phyllis

    Well, days 4 and 5 weren’t too bad at all. And cravings are definitely abating. Yesterday was an eat day, and I had dinner with my son and daughter-in-law. She is a real foodie (although vegetarian, which I still feel is a bit of an oxymoron!) and delights in finding/making treats for me that are gluten free.

    So when I arrived she produced some yummy italian biscuity things. The ingredient declaration read “Sugar, almonds (41%), icing sugar, cocoa…..” So that’s sugar, more sugar, some nuts. Needless to say I was VERY tempted, but said I would have one with the meal (at least that means no snack). Dinner was a stir fry with buckwheat noodles, most of which I left. And then I had only one of the nice little sugar things, but have to confess that its remaining friends sat there winking at me for the rest of the night. Pudding was pomegranate with plain yoghurt. I always think that pomegranate is basically sugar water with lumps in, but at least it has a bit of fibre.

    D-i-l is a gin freak, so I had to taste her latest discovery, although the nuances of different gins are wasted on me! But I refused the wine.

    Fast day today, and so far no cravings. I am having dinner with friends, so will go over the 450 calories, but won’t eat till I see them. No wine because I am driving, so that is easy.

    I guess, since she can’t be allowed off leash, Maisie won’t have the opportunity to hunt. But I bet she would be good at it. No kitties in this house although I would love some, I do not believe that Seamus would be cat trainable. Yes, the slipped disc was a bit traumatic (thank goodness for insurance!) and convalescence was a long haul. Its just one thing in a long list of health problems that he has, but dogs, like small children, live in the moment. So he doesn’t care that he might not make old bones, he just wants to go for a walk NOW!

    Good job on keeping at it Ruthi! For me it’s usually easier to fast when people are around, because it makes me feel a bit controlled (even though they have no idea what I’m doing and they keep offering me things). I usually just smile, take one (as refusing stuff is quite rude in China), say I’ll have it later at home and sometimes save it, or I actually toss it out on my way home. Now I’m not a mean person, but if you hand me some small tub of jell-o like substance that just screams “SHUUUUGAAAAHR” at my face you can’t expect me to just eat it to please them. And I’m not that kind of a sugar junkie anyway, I tend to crave baked goods a lot more in the sense of carbs. Oh and Snickers and Kinder Bueno.

    Anyway, I ramble (I do that a lot this evening of posting). Give Maisie a pat on the head from me!

    Oh, Nika! You are in China! Hubby is in Guangzhou this month, installing a fancy vehicle test facility. This will be his first weekend, and I imagine they will be off exploring. For us Brits working in China is still a big deal, and I am quite jealous.

    If people offer me food, it doesn’t require good manners for me to accept. What I need is HUGE self-control to refuse, and throwing it away is just out of the question. Except for things like Jello which I have never liked!

    Dinner with friends tonight, but my hostess has been warned, and is quite supportive.

    Hi Ruthi, good for you resisting the goodies. I’m not much on alcohol either. I like sissy drinks and have one about twice a year. I would love to let Maisie off leash, but we live in an area with a busy road, and she doesn’t notice things like cars. she got loose one day and did two laps of the empty lot in from of the house and took off up the highway!! thankfully she wasn’t hurt, just really proud of herself. LOL. right now she’s cuddled up against my hubby on the sofa, under a blanket. she’s not too keen on the cold.

    Nika, sounds like you handle the protocol pretty well, without insulting anyone. I’m with you guys on the Jello and such. baked goodies are another matter entirely. πŸ˜‰

    good fasting all. Phyllis

    You both have a dog called Maisie? I’m confused.

    I’m in Hangzhou Ruthi, been here for a bit over three months now. I have 7 weeks to go before my parents come here to visit and my internship is done. Then I’m flying on to New Zealand for 6 months to study and such.
    Yeah everyone is telling me how awesome and cool I am for doing this, but the past months have been some of the most miserable of my life. Well, not counting being bullied to pieces in high school. I really, really dislike it here – so I’d happily trade with you πŸ˜›

    And thanks Myst, I try x) I do daily fasts as well, which makes it easier to say no. The idea behind my fasting method is dinner to dinner each and every day, so I’ll be fasted most of the time. Then I work out at the end of my fasting period (when I get home from work) and then have dinner. Working out fasted burns a lot more fat! So eating during my fasted times just feels so much like sabotage it’s easier than I thought to say no.

    I think someone got confused earlier on, MountainMyst has Maisie, I have Seamus and Jimmy.

    I’m sorry you aren’t enjoying China, Nika. I think its easier for Les because he has his team out there, so not so lonely as I imagine it would be if you just go by yourself. And its certainly an alien culture, although they have been met with nothing but kindness so far. It probably helps that Les will eat anything (although maybe not more than once).

    I too have been toying with the daily fast. I suspect that eating once a day is the best way, although we’ll never know how often cavemen ate! It will certainly allow your systems to reset, and is difficult to overeat in such a short space of time.

    Yesterday’s fast was not a great success, and I caved in at around 3.00pm. I suspect that was the effect of that tiny bit of sugar and carbs. Since I ate with friends in the evening (no carbs, but I couldn’t refuse desert, and one mint chocolate) I am not expecting anything of myself today, until this evening when we are going to a rather posh restaurant.

    I weighed myself this morning, and I seem to have lost about a kilo – its a guess because I only thought of it after breakfast, and I usually weigh first thing to get some consistency.

    Aye, having people with you helps tremendously. And well with me the problem isn’t not enjoying the food… it’s just the fact that it’s inaccessible. I cannot order food here. I don’t speak Chinese, and they don’t speak English. So yeah that doesn’t help with the loneliness – eating simple home cooked food everyday (cooked veggies and meat / fish) because that’s simply all I CAN do. Anyway, it’s 7 more weeks. Just have to count down until then and focus on something I can control – which is losing weight x)

    I enjoy the daily fasting and think it’s something I could continue for a long time. I would however rather go to a 20:4, where I have 4 hours to just eat what I want, instead of just having time for one meal (like I do now). Right now it’s more 23:1 or something because I work 45 hour weeks.

    Losing a kilo is not bad! Go you! πŸ˜€

    Hi Ruth.
    I am a sugar addict to so i feel for you,it is hard at first but it does get easier and i have found that when i do have some kind of sugar either chocolate or whatever it does not taste the same anymore like it used to,so stick with it u will be fine.good luck.x

    Well, Saturday went fine during the day. I wasn’t feeling like eating so ate homemade baked beans from the freezer ( great cure for constipation if you happen to be suffering!). But for the evening we went to a fabulous restaurant. Its very much fine dining, so not large portions, and my starter and main were both delicious but extremely low carb. However, I did drink ( a glass of white, and probably two of red). And I did eat a pud, which very defininitely had sugar in it.

    Its amazing how even though its only been a week, I noticed the effect of the sugar. So within an hour of leaving the restaurant I would guess that my blood sugar was down to normal again, but the insulin made me feel hungry. Had I been on my own I would have eaten something again. And I have felt hungry today but I know its not real, and I have stuck strictly to the rules. Not sure how tomorrow’s fast will go, though!

    For anyone near Reading, (Berkshire UK) Myalacarte in Caversham is the business, but not at the prices that Heston charges!

    It’s great if you can notice those changes in your body, that way you can understand what’s happening and avoid things like that in the future ^^ Or well, in this case I get it, if you’re doing fine dining and all that. πŸ˜‰

    Just as I expected the fast went out of the window – although I do wonder if it was a self-fulfilling prophesy! As it happens it was probably a good thing I had something in my stomach since my lovely but dappy staff made sure it was a super stressful day! One managed to lock all her keys, including car keys, inside a customer’s house, and another lost a dog, and then broke all the rules about what to do when that happens. I found the dog where one would expect it to be, in the car park! But I think if I had been hungry as well I’d have been in a sweetie shop buying a Mars Bar – after I had retrieved the dog, of course!

    I have eaten a couple of bananas, but otherwise have been carb and sugar free, so not too bad. And little Jimmy was a superstar at agility – he may be a grotbag, but he’s a very clever one. It makes up for the fact that Seamus, true to his lurcher nature, stole a packet of mixed nuts and scoffed the lot.

    And I need a belt in my jeans!

    Whoooo for needing a belt! I am now able to take of my pants without undoing it, was a weird sensation πŸ˜‰

    What you say about a self-fulfilling prophecy, I think you may have a point. If you already have this idea in your head that “I probably won’t make it” it’s a lot easier to give up, going “see, told you so.”. It’s like setting yourself up for the ‘failure’.

    But no biggy, just incorporate another day somwhere this week πŸ˜‰

    wow, well done ladies, needing belts is a great thing!!! Nika, taking off slacks without undoing is wonderful! Might be time for a trip to the shops (charity shops, as you don’t want to spend too much on temporary clothes), for you both.

    Ruthi, oh my goodness, sounds like you had a stressful day. glad you found the puppy, and not the Mars bar. πŸ˜‰ Back when I was a home health/hospice nurse, I had a day scheduled to catch up on paper work (not my best skill, shuffling papers) well, mid day another nurse locked her keys in the car about 40 miles from the office. I took the spare keys to her, fussing all the time about people locking keys in cars. after I got back, I stopped at the grocery on the way home and you guessed it, promptly locked my keys in the car. πŸ™‚

    I’m so thrilled that we are doing so well on this way of eating. last week was Thanksgiving here, a big food holiday. we had the large meal on Thurs. followed by leftovers and several heavy meals. By Sunday, no one was hungry, so we had an unplanned fast day. I fully expected to gain, but lost .8 lbs, not a lot, but a loss!!! my daughter lost over 2 lbs!!! I am a happy lady!

    hope today is a great one! hugs Phyllis

    MM, what a weekend win!! I do think that its not just how much you eat, but what. You were obviously making wise choices.

    Belts are a sore point here. British clothes now seem to be made for androgenous women who have no waist, so trousers fall off even when they fit reasonably well on the bum. For a LOACA I like my jeans snug, which is fortunate or they would always fall off. I am even thinking of jeggings now that I am a size 12 (US size 8). They do look nice inside boots, I think!

    Been a good girl today, with no carbs, and relatively few thoughts of sugar.

    My belt is a notch tighter today, I noticed it stuck out a bit weirdly underneath my shirt. ^^
    Anyway, I don’t like shopping and I don’t think it’s a good idea for me at the moment either πŸ˜› I need to travel to NZ as light as possible, so I may just let my clothes get really saggy for the next two months and then throw everything but one outfit away – then go shopping in Auckland. My baggage allowance is 23kg or something and I bought a bunch of souvenirs…

    Who knows, maybe I’ll take Dumpy shopping.

    Great weekend MM! To eat so much for a few days and then lose weight… is that what heaven feels like?

    And Ruthi, what’s a LOACA?

    Sorry for the long silence folks.

    Fasting was a bit intermittent – more intermittent than I intended – but until a couple of days ago I was doing really well on the low carb regime. I was SO pleased with myself and thought I had the whole thing cracked. But then for some reason I weakened and scoffed a slice of (gluten free) toast and honey. Since then its not been quite so good but when I think about it I haven’t hit the sugar anywhere near as much as I did pre challenge.

    So, with 3 days left I need to get myself back on track and ready for seasonal temptations. At the moment I am feeling strong, but then I always do until around 4.00pm!

    Edited to add that my little foray into GF bread has left me with heartburn again, so I don’t think I will be overly tempted in the near future!

    And should have siad, Nika, a LOACA is a ‘Lady of a Certain Age’ – not a club you will be joining for a bit yet!

    Yeah I read it on other parts of the forum now as well. But hey, I have a certain age too! Just a bit lower than some others on here.

    Aaand I think your 28 days are over now, right? How’d the last three days go?

    Hi everyone, the holidays have gotten me so behind on the forum. just wanted to wish you all a Happy Christmas. Phyllis

    Merry Christmas, Ruthi, MountainMyst, Nika. Ladybird53, cc79 and aitch51 from TORONTO Canada. I was enthralled by logging onto this site and finding the first post of a 28-Day Challenge. Applause, Applause, Ruthi for your efforts.

    I am a male and for my birthday (ahem 69th) in December, I went on a cruise out of New York and onboard I met this wonderfully nice couple from Wales. During our meetings she mentioned this new “diet” or “lifestyle change” from the UK. She’s been on it a while, lost weight and feels wonderful.

    Now I’ve been on a diet my whole life. I think I’ve tried every conceivable diet there is including the “Grapefruit” diet, the “Cabbage” diet (house smelled like a dump) – and I’ve joined Weight Watchers so many times I think I get a Gold Key just for signing up again! Have I lost weight, I hear you saying? “Yes!” Have I kept it off or gained it all back – “Yes!” Food loves me and I love hugging it!

    BUT – because of this love of my life – I’ve got Type II Diabetes and I have to find a new clothes cleaner as my pants and shirts are getting a bit tighter – and I’m sure it’s the chemicals they use to clean and press the clothes.

    Like those who have the guts to join AA or other support groups, I write here to admit to you that I am a sugar-holic – and eat (snack) multiple times a day on things that I KNOW aren’t good for me – thus I take more medicine than I should for something that is probably preventable. I have the “Hand to Mouth” disease.

    Reading Ruthi’s post along with the comments received gives me hope. The diet seems plausable. (I ordered the books from Amazon yesterday and they’ll be here tomorrow). Now I have to admit, that today being Christmas, I’ve been invited out to dinner at friends and she’s a wonderful cook…. So, like the procrastinator that I am, I’ll begin tomorrow – BUT, I’ll eat less today and will skip dessert.

    I know that again the first few weeks will be “hell” (my own terminology) and I know there will be many days of cravings, but reading your postings Ruthi makes me realize that of course I can do it – WITH THE HELP AND SUPPORT of everyone who is on this challenge of healthy living.

    I wish you all a very healthy NEW YEAR and will it not be fun learning how healthy we all have become….


    OH, FYI – I have an 11 year old Westie – named “Seamus”. He thinks he’s a Doberman and alas – as a pup, I allowed him to sleep in my bed. I’m now allowed to sleep in HIS bed! Cheers.

    Hi JimmyJca….and welcome to 5:2. You’ll find joining is the best thing you’ve ever done. I’m not surprised you’re waiting till tomorrow. 25th december is just NOT a day for fasting. Many of us are climbing back on the wagon immediately after New Year when all the temptations are gone for another year πŸ˜€

    There is loads of support available on these forums – lots of praise when things are going well and sympathy on the days when things are slower and the scales seem to have ‘stuck’.

    When you do start you need to establish your current TDEE (Total Daily Enery Expenditure). You’ll find a link in the right hand column and directions on how to calculate this.

    You may also find it helpful, especially in the first few weeks, to use a calorie counting app on your PC/laptop/phone. Google My Fitness Pal or Lost It which are both helpful.

    On your non fast days, try to stay within your TDEE…BUT you can still have some of the ‘treats’ you enjoy but in small amounts and included in your daily allowance.

    Hope this all helps, good luck and, if you have questions, just post them on here and you’ll get answers.

    Hi JimmyJca, welcome to the forum. I love your post- it made me smile! Sylvestra pretty much summed it up. Stick to it and it will work. In preparation of the xmas tempations I have gone on 4:3 and even ADF (alternate day fasting) as I really did not want to pay attention to what I eat/ate.

    The last two days I went “slighly” overboard and therefore today is a fast day. I know it is the 25th but I celebrate xmas on the 24th.

    Anyhow keep us in the loop and tell us how you get on with it.

    Thank you for such a warm welcome gift on a wonderful day (snow and ice here in Toronto!)

    I cut down on this evening’s Christmas Dinner – didn’t have ALL the desserts (g) so tomorrow Monday is going to be the first fast day (oh, so much needed).

    I’m going to do my best as I’ve read so many good things about this diet – nay – lifestyle – and I think that with what you’ve mentioned about the support, I’ll do well.

    Look forward to chatting and keeping in touch.


    Hey Jimmy, welcome! And let us know how your first fastday went, we’re all interested in keeping up! ^^

    Hi JimmyJca, welcome!!! so glad you found us! I think you may be surprised to find that this way of eating isn’t as difficult as you anticipate. I haven’t given up sugar completely, but have cut down a lot(except for this past week, LOl) I have had a piece of pecan pie daily for the past 4 days (the pecan pie diet??? :)) have only done one fast day per week for the past 2 weeks, have maintained and my weight loss, AND enjoyed the holiday. planning to get back to 2 days this week.

    we started this plan the end of July, and so far I have lost almost 22lbs, my daughter has lost less, but hasn’t been quite as careful as I have, but she has lost 8lbs and a lot of inches. we are thrilled!!

    be patient with yourself, try different schedules, and find what works best for you. as a “graduate” of Weight watchers, the cabbage soup diet, grapefruit diet, etc, etc. I think you will find this MUCH easier.

    It’s really kind of Seamus to share his bed with you. πŸ™‚ I had a Westie named Clarence that we lost 5 yrs ago, he was 15 yrs old, and still thought he was a big dog. now we have Maisie and two cats, who let us live in their house. LOL.

    well, I’ll end this novel now, welcome and keep us posted on how things are going. hope everyone enjoyed their holidays. Phyllis

    Howdy Ruthi – How are you making out over the holidays??

    I decided to begin my fasting on last Thursday and knowing that I could eat made it easy. My concept of fasting was not eating at all as if one was preparing for medical examination – but knowing that I could eat something made it MUCH easier and no problem – UNTIL – the sugar craving at 8pm. That’s usually when I would have a candy (ummm, chocolate!) or cookie – so I drank water and made a herbal tea with 1 Arrowroot cookie – and that craving went away. I’m logging everything so I know what I’ve eaten. Yesterday and so far today, I’ve eaten regularly but watching what I’m eating and trying to eliminate the sugars and other sweets. When I took my blood sugar on Thurs morn it was 14.8 mmol – more than double than what it should be.. so I’m glad, Ruthi to have found your thread first – otherwise I would not have taken steps as quickly.

    Hope all is well with everyone here – and thanks for the support as I will give to others.


    Good morning, MountainMyst (Phyllis).
    Thanks for your support. I did get my books from Amazon yesterday and finished reading the first time last night. I even ordered the book for my Kindle so I can read and re-read when I’m on the go. This time I want this to work. My blood sugar on Thurs was way over the top at 14.8 mmol more than double but then I’ve not been monitoring (I’m a procrastinator) and knowing that I have to see my family doctor for regular appointment the end of January – she’ll yell at me again. I’ve had her since I came to Canada in ’73 from Boston – and believe it or not, she calls me “weird”. When I asked if this was a personal or professional opinion she replied “both”. Maybe it’s because I asked her if those diplomas on the wall were printed from the internet – or asking where in her class scale did she graduate – top half or bottom? Anyway, she knows that I don’t take care of myself the way she would like but I really want her to know that I’m now taking this seriously and hopefully this time it will work.

    I know that everyone starts the new year off saying that it’s going to work this time – and I pray that I’m not going to go off the wagon as so many years past. Challenge is for guys like myself who live alone. MUCH easier to get prepared foods and junk foods – but maybe it’s time for me to get back into the kitchen!

    Congrats on you and your daughter for your perserverance and weight loss !!
    (applause, applause)


    Thank you for the warm welcome.
    My fast day was not anything that I thought it might be.
    Being able to eat something during the day made me psychologically realize that I am not fasting – just eating light. I think I need to change the mental attitude as that causes the hand-to-mouth disease.

    So far, yesterday and today have been good. I’m trying to watch what I eat and log it and stay away from the sugars/sweets and large portions.

    This morning I had WW Oatmeal, 1/4 banana, 3 strawberries, 3 large BlackBerries, 2 slices Whole Wheat Toast with No-Sugar Jam, Herbal Tea – and I am full.
    (My normal breakfast would be a large coffee, double cream, double sugar, possibly a breakfast sandwich (egg/sausage), and donut)

    Making sure that I log on to this site to read the progress of others, there again, is a psychological change.

    Nice to meet you and all the others, electronically, that is!!


    Good morning, Stef.

    Thank you for your support. As you can see by my other posts, I’m starting off full-gallop… now, I’m hoping to finish the race. I don’t need to be first – just as long as I keep the attitude and follow the guidelines (not rules!) and with the support of you and others, I will reach my goal.

    Right now I’m 5’11” at 222 lbs. (Highest weight I’ve ever been was 240 lbs).
    BUT this is the same weight I was at high school over 50 years ago.
    My goal is 185 by December 31, 2014. The actuarial charts say that I should be 164 but if I ever got that weight I think I’d look sickly. Just want to be able to wear my speedos on my next cruise (LOL).


    Hi Jimmyjca, I think you are going to do just fine! that great sense of humor should get you through the rough spots. one thing I forgot to say is drink TONS of water, I put lemon slice in mine and it’s pretty good. it also helps prevent the munchies.

    you might want to note if you get the munchies more after eating carbs. I seem to do much better if I eat very little bread, pasta etc. they make me hungry, and increase my heartburn(which has almost gone away with this WOE)

    some of us do better on fast days if we only eat one meal in the evenings, but you will find out what works for you. if you are on medication to control your blood sugar, you might need to eat more meals. do you know what your blood sugar is in American money?? LOL. I can’t keep straight the other numbers, my M.E/CFS has taken away my limited math and number memory.:)

    on, and we will want to see before and after pictures (especially that speedo on the cruise) good luck and keep us posted. Phyllis

    Hey, Ruthi, how are you doing? Phyllis

    Haha are people trying to increase their post count or something? πŸ˜›

    Hi Nika, yup. LOL. I was not up to posting for a while, so I’m trying to make up for lost time. πŸ™‚ how are you doing?

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