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  • Can I eat the M&S Balanced for You/Count on us range of meals on the Fast Days? I regularly buy them (3 for £10). Nearly all of the ranges are under 500 calories. Some are under 300 calories.

    All you need to do is eat no more than 500 calories. It doesn’t matter what you eat although a balanced meal is the best option. Most importantly make it something you enjoy and if M&S meals fit the bill that should help you stick to the calorie allowance.

    Hi nanamonk, when I first did the 5:2 3 years ago I used the M&S range of ready meals you mention on all my Fast Days. I lost 23 llb in my first year. They are an easy and convenient way of entering into the 5:2 way of life but should be an aid and not replace healthy cooking completely. The Count on Us Pork and veg ready meal actually fills a small dinner plate and is less than 300 cals. Remember you can also pad out some of these meals with extra veg either frozen (for convenience) or fresh. Also look at some of the other M&S Ready Meals as some of them are under 600 cals and can also contribute to Fast Day diet, mainly I must say for a 600 cal Fast.
    The Ready Meals actually support my K.I.S.S. approach to my 5:2 days… Keep It Simple Stupid, (Me not you).
    Good Luck.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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