Misinformation from \"What the Health\"

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Misinformation from \"What the Health\"

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  • Personally I believe is eating more plant based foods. The only thing I really can’t agree with many vegans on at all is with cheese (and eggs). I love a good aged cheese.

    So I decide to watch “What the Health” but was shocked about the amount of misinformation in it. I realize things are probably taken out of context.

    A couple horrible points:

    * Eating an egg is the same as smoking 5 cigarettes as far as your health goes. (Seems like they were smoking something else when they came up with that one.)

    * Sugar doesn’t cause T2D or other diseases, those are caused by saturated animal fats. (Huh … I seriously tried to find that being recanted, but on youtube people are defending it. Seriously crazy. I wouldn’t be surprised if fats contributed to the problem but it has been pretty well proven too much added refined sugar is a major risk factor for metabolic diseases.)

    I have an uncle that eat himself to the 400 lb, range and it was on “vegan” food, I was just checking an the foods he was eating were vegan. Mainly coke-cola and toasted corn Doritos, by the buckets for both. Just because one eats vegan doesn’t mean it is healthy. He was drinking to six packs of coke a day. Totally sick.

    Over 80% of my diet is now plant based without added sugars. The rest is cheese, eggs, some meat and a bit of processed foods that I choose to have. However such misinformation is just horrible.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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