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  • This is my favourite topic,Mindfullness.I was fortunate to do the 8 week course as part of the work I did and note when I live and eat in this frame of mind,my life is so much better.

    Hi ya. What is Mindfulness?

    So you are mindful of the activity of eating? Are you mindful in the selection and preparation too? How do you apply this?

    Mindfulness is “the intentional, accepting and non-judgemental focus of one’s attention on the emotions, thoughts and sensations occurring in the present moment”,[1] which can be trained by meditational practices[1] derived from Buddhist anapanasati.[

    Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mindfulness

    It is not as simple to achieve as it may sound

    Interesting to read these posts.

    The course sounds interesting. I have been using mindful for conscious eating techniques for a couple of years and as well as losing 7kg, it has taught me a lot about my eating habits which are now being helpful in my 5 2 quest. 6Weeks in and another 7kg off.

    A book I have found really empowering and valuable has been Florencia Clifford’s Feeding Orchids to the Slugs. Odd funny title but it’s her memoirs of journey to become a Zen cook and tackle eating issues, Susie Orbach On Eating is also brilliant. I wonder how you all have been doing in 5 2? Best wishes, all power to to y’all!!

    can you recommend a website that can teach mindfulness or tell you the basics of how to do it? Thanks

    Hi there, you could try:


    On Eating – a book by Susie Orbach

    End Emotional Eating by J L Taitz

    Susan Alber’s books and website are also good

    Good luck!

    and this book is great too
    Florencia Clifford’s Feeding Orchids to the Slugs.


    I’m reluctant to buy another book about weight loss to be honest

    Only because I have at least 8 or 9 gathering dust ! but will definitely check out the websites thanks very much

    Good luck with it all.
    Strangely enough they’re not really books about weight loss… In the strict sense. They’re about nourishment, connection, gratitude, wholesome living and taking time to get pleasure and satisfaction from eating. I lost over 2 stones using the techniques….
    You could get these books secondhand or from the library perhaps.
    But the websites are great in any case. All the best 😊

    This is the course I have completed:

    £60 in 2014, I would recommend it.

    Some other links to Oxford Mindfulness:

    Best regards,


    Thanks Simon

    have you lost weight through mindfulness?

    I’m intrigued by the idea because my problems are psychological, sugar cravings, comfort eating its all mental and I’ve never really got past it

    maybe mindfulness could play a role

    I’d like to know your experiences

    I would say that all the issues you mention are interrelated with weight, and to some extent influenced by Mindfuness.

    I have been using It addition to exercise, 7:2 Diet, Steve Peters book “The Chimp Paradox”, and an Aberdeen University on-line course in Wellbing Diet & Nutrition.

    Overall I have lost weight and improved my health and wellbeing.

    Hi y’all. It’s been interesting following and contributing to this topic. My eating patterns have been in the past, very much influenced by my mood, my emotions and my external circumstances, influencing what, how much and when I eat. This has led to me using food to try to manage myself and it has led to unhelpful patterns and large weight increase..through gently and patiently using mindfulness techniques in books and using websites like me and Simon have mentioned it has helped me to care for myself in other ways, not just by eating. I have learned to nourish myself from a wider range of activities and become more compassionate and less judgmental towards myself. I’ve lost over 3 stones and now combine fasting with mindful eating on non fasting days. It.is a.long but rewarding process. Susie Orbachs little bool is really easy to read and helped me a lot. Best of luck.

    This is a link to the free on-line course from Aberdeen University on Wellbeing Diet & Nutrition:


    There are other courses:



    Andrew, I would want to know an awful lot more about it before parting with that amount of cash! Best regards, Simon.

    Personally I would never dream of paying for anything like this I just feel if you can’t pick it up without cash being involved it’s not going to be something I would want

    I agree in most part to what you are saying. The small remaining part sees a nominal fee as a “sincerity test” to establish commitment.

    Totally agree with your experience here… A) In the process of fasting, what do you struggle the most? B) what about it attracted you for you decided to start reaching for goals? C) If there were a method mixing fasting, meditation and awareness, would you consider to try it?

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