Mid-thirties, working mom of 2, looking to loose 5kg

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Mid-thirties, working mom of 2, looking to loose 5kg

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  • Hi Everybody,

    I am from the Netherlands, and 37 years old.
    I have 2 kids and I work 36 hours in 4 days! (pfew)
    I lost since October 2015 till December 2016, 30 kilo’s!! with the 5:2 lifestyle.
    The day that I started was 1 month after giving birth to my youngest, so I gained a lot of extra weight during my pregnancy. Even so I am very happy that I lost so many kilo’s and I am slimmer now than on my wedding day!

    I will try to follow this topic, I can use some fellow fasting people to keep me motivated. I still fast almost every week 2 days. I want to keep my current weight (or loose even a few extra kilo’s…) and I also love the health benefits.

    Love, Miek

    Hey Skoap!
    Wow! 30 kg!! That’s amazing! And it seems you are quite busy, too, with your work and the two kids! How old are they?
    Sounds very familiar to me, except that I only wanted to lose like 5 or 6 kg here. I am still 2 kg away from my goal but already very happy with my body.
    I was wondering though the last time whether fasting could also have negative effects on my immune system!? Since I started 5:2 (or sometimes 4:3), I have quite often cought an infection, right now an eye infection which is going on for over a week now.
    Has anyone experience on that? Fact is that I was hardly ever sick before fasting…
    Greetings, Lou

    Warning to all. Orlando is associated with the diet scam run by Brian Flatt.

    Thanks Jess, but I think we are all very happy with what we have here 🙂
    Good luck to you!

    @orlando. Im a male not a female. My BMI is 22 and I care about people. Im happily married with 3 children. The few posts you have posted direct people to a website advocating that you purchase a diet plan by Brian Flatt. If you were genuine you would tell people what has worked for you but you wont. I suspect that you will disappear and reappear under a different username and try again.

    Hi all and welcome skoap!

    I‘m still here, still doing my 2 FDs a week. I haven’t lost any more weight, but that‘s ok. Some of the NFDs have been pretty indulgent. I feel very comfortable with my weight right now. My OH is still with me, in his 4th week (I think) of 5:2. I really hope it will make a difference for him!

    Lou, I had the opposite effect. Since starting last year with fasting, the worst I had was a cold… as far as I recall maybe once or twice. I even think it had a positive effect on my hayfever. Last year I had nothing at all, this year I had it for maybe One or two weeks. I‘m generally not ill often, but I normally have a flu at least once a winter.

    Take care everybody!

    Hey there!
    Even though I am a quite disciplined person (I think) I am struggling at the moment. I think I am eating a bit too much on my NFDs and never manage to end up with 500 kcal on my FDs.
    I tried to do 4:3 but realized that I feel too weak then. I can do that once in a while but not too often. I didn’t dare to weigh myself last week…
    Hope next week will be better!

    Wow, it‘s been a while… I find myself coming back to this old thread when I‘m in need of some resolution. For the most part of the last year I founf myself unable to follow 5:2. I did a FD here and there but wasn‘t realky „there“. Well, I‘m here now, ready to do something good for my health.

    Weightwise I gained a little something, around 3kg. But I think it‘s not that much, seeing that I gained it over a longer period of not really watching what I was eating.

    I‘m turning 40 soon (so the title of the thread doesn‘t really apply anymore 😉) and I want to stay healthy and fit. My approach is much the same as before but allowing myself 800 cal on a FD. For NFDs I‘m trying to make mostly sensible choices, still trying to reduce the carbs (above all bread). I try to listen to my body and eat, when I‘m really hungry – and to not eat, when I‘m not hungry! And, when I‘m home in the evening I try to not eat past 8pm, to give my body a longer break from food.

    So this is my second week with two FDs. So far, I can‘t complain.


    I forgot how cold one can get on a FD – had to take a bath just to get warm again… brrr…

    Tomorrow we‘re off to our skiing-holidays, yay!!! That means, that I probably won‘t do 2 full FDs, but we‘ll see about that. I‘m happy to be posting again, it‘s kind of like a promise to be good… a promise to myself.

    Day 2 of the Skiing holiday… so far have been good foodwise, instead of breakfast I skip lunch and don‘t snack too much. That allows me to not watch what I’m eating at night and drink some wine or beer during our table games sessions with the boys. No scale up here, don‘t know if that is a good or a bad thing – doesn‘t matter. I notice, that I have finally reached the right mindset again for fasting. Even though I might not do any proper FDs this week.

    Heyyyy Beck!
    Really good to read from you again!
    Really cool that you managed to skip lunch during your skitrip!!
    And great that you are ready to go on with 5:2 😀
    I would be happy to read from your experiences further more!
    For my part I did go on with 5:2 all the time except for the holidays when we went away. Yet I put on some weight since last october. Dont know how much since I don’t date to step on the scale but I can tell from my pants… 🙈
    The problem was that I had couple of real binge nights in the last months that made my weight steadily crawl up!
    I am not a patient person and would love to have my goal weight back rather today than tomorrow but I know that it will only work for me one day at a time with my 5:2 lifestyle in pocket and with a determined no! to further binge events!!!
    I guess I would like to lose 4 kg again. By the way, I turned 40 in december so I’m also not a mid-30 anymore 😏
    Dear Beck, I hope you could enjoy the rest of your ski trip with your boys and I wish you a powerful start back into fasting 🎉💪
    Greatings, Lou

    Hi Lou, how nice reading you again!!! It has been a long time! It seems our goals are similar, I think I‘m looking to lose 2-3 kg… I‘ll be weighing myself „seriously“ once I‘m back from the holiday.,,

    Hope we can keep each other company fasting 😊

    Hi Beck, Hi Lou, Hi everyone,

    I love it when this thread springs back to life! It’s a really good moment for me too, as I am back trying to lose weight, also with a goal before my impending 40th birthday! My goal is called “6 in 6” i.e. lose 6 kilos in 6 months. I also want to get fitter and stronger. I have started doing jungle hiking more often (up to 5 x per week instead of 2x per week) and now I am looking for a way to strengthen my upper body as well and will try cross-fit. Has anyone ever tried this?

    Food-wise, I shook off 2 kilos pretty easily in January as that was the easy weight to lose, holiday weight etc. I didn’t have FDs as such, but I cut out a lot of crap and was aiming for 1200-1500 cals 5 days per week and a couple of days where I didn’t worry as much. I think I will introduce a proper fast day (or 2) soon because it has the added benefit of reducing my appetite on NFDs. Like Beck, I try to not eat past about 7pm on weekdays (and at weekends if possible). I have never enjoyed eating in the evenings and I don’t find it difficult as my husband is away during the week so I eat with the kids and get early nights usually. In the mornings I have started eating a small bowl of fruit and fiber cereal with papaya and/or banana and full fat milk. This is flling and adds a lot of fiber to my daily diet which helps. I have this maybe 3 x per week, other days I skip breakfast (gives me a longer fasting time) and one weekend day I have something more exciting.

    Things for me to watch are alcohol consumption (but I’ve reduced to 2 days per week) and fast food (about 1 per week). I try to offset these digressions and for me that is more realistic that cutting them out all together. In that way, I think it’s more sustainable.

    Looking forward to keeping up to date with each other’s progress on this thread and motivating each other.
    FB 🙂

    Good morning,
    that sounds so good, to motivate each other and reaching our goals together!!!
    @ Beck good that you dare to step on the scale. I should probably do that, too to have a realistic starting point. Yet i’m scared…
    At least I haven’t had another binge since january 19th. I will weigh myself some day in March…
    @fraub so good to read from you. Your jungle hiking sounds really interesting!
    Me too I need to limit everything in my life! I decided that in terms of alcohol it is max 3 drinks a week for me and with sweets I can have a naximum of 2 per week.
    Today I have a fast day. The second one is on thursday. Maybe I’ll weigh myself on friday then… 😏
    I didn’t count calories on my fds in the last months just approximated, perhaps I need to be more specific if I want to loose those last sticky kilos… 😜
    Wish you a good day!!!

    Hey FrauB, welcome back! It‘s really nice to meet „old“ friends again! I‘m twice as motivated now 😊. So I take it you‘re still in Brunei? Are you and your family still happy there?

    Lou, the sooner you step on the scale the sooner you start losing weight – it‘s probably motivating, even if the first reading should not be that pleasant…

    I‘m already curious about my weight after the holidays… if I should not be happy about it I‘m thinking about doing 5 to 7 days of 800cal to sort of kickstart the weightloss. But I hope that my weight will be ok since I‘m doing a lot of sports up here.

    Take care, looking forward to reading more of you two!

    Good morning!
    You are right, beck! I need to do that step! I like to have clear boundaries with weighing myself, too. Once a month seems good for me to not obsess about it. I think i will take the first of March to start with.
    How often do you weigh yourselfes Beck and FrauB?
    Yesterday I had a very hard FD. Interestingly last night I became really excited to add another FD today. Usually I don’t have 2 in a row, yet this week it somehow fits in so well so I’ll give it a go…
    Have a good day!

    Hi there Beck and Lou,

    Great to get your replies. I think being back on here is going to help me stay focused. Yes, we’re still in Brunei. It’s great. A lovely place to live with a young family. We will probably stay on for a few more years. Walking/ running in the jungle is one of the best things about being here. The jungle is stunning amd being able to do an hour hiking before work makes me feel very lucky indeed!

    Good luck with the weigh in on Friday Lou! And Beck, having such an active holiday means I’m sure the scale won’t have any nasty surprises.

    I’ve had a couple of positive comments recently which is always good but as I’ve only maintained this month after a successful January it means I have to get serious. Planning a fast day for next Monday and very careful days leading up to it.

    Lou, that’s great about doing a double, how’s it going? I’ve never done 2 together, it must be so satisfying.

    Have a great day!
    FB 🙂

    Hello girls 😊
    I tried doing a FD today, but didn‘t go through with it. After skiing for more than 3 hours I just felt really hungry in the evening – so I abandoned this plan. Still, today was alcohol free and low cal. Stayed about 400cal under my TDEE.
    Lou, I don‘t have a weighing schedule, for months I don‘t weigh myself regularly, now that I‘m trying to lose weight it‘s more often (except now, I don‘t have a scale here). Just do what’s right for you!
    2 days left before returning home – I would not mind staying a little bit longer 😎

    Hey ho!
    @ beck: good that you could listen to and trust your body after so much sports. Great that you are having such a good time skiing!!
    @ fraub: it must be an amazing experience to live in a foreign country like brunei!!
    I finished my double FD yesterday quite well yet slept bad afterwards. Well, I think I hardly ever end up with 500 ccals, rather 700 – 800 I guess from estimating.
    This week I decided to have a third fd (tomorrow) and on saturday will be the day when I face the scale…
    Well, Beck, I am asking myself, what IS GOOD FOR ME in terms of weighing?? I really haven’t found out yet. Perhaps once a week to begin with… 🤔 Or just once a month to not obsess about it… 🤷‍♀️
    Have you girls ever joined the monthly challenges? If yes, I would be happy to share your experience on that.
    So… I’m very tired and I am learning to be good to myself, so I’m heading to bed now…
    Have a good start into March tomorrow!!
    Love, lou

    Lou, I used to weigh myself „officially“ once a week after my second fastday – that used to work well, because of course I was at my lowest weight of the week, but still it allowed me to see my progress in general. When I want to lose weight I tend to weigh myself a lot more than usual – right now I‘m actually a little bit nervous, because tomorrow we are going back home and I really hope to see something positive (or more exactly negative) on the scale 😬
    I‘ve never participated on the monthly challenges but thought about it once or twice – I‘m sure it can be very motivating.
    As for me, I think I slightly overate yesterday, today I‘m around my TDEE. I actually managed to never eat after 8pm this week, that is a real progress for me, because I‘m an evening snacker… I will see what this week did to my weight and next week I will either be back in 5:2 mode with 800cal FDs or will try to do a week of 800cal every day…
    Take care

    Hi guys,

    Are you home from your skiing holiday now, Beck? It sounded so lovely. Active winter holidays are great, and normally it’s easy to offset the comfort food. I love the Austrian winter food that we used to eat when skiing :))

    @Lou- good luck for your weigh in! I think and hope you will be pleasantly surprised. I also used to weigh myself every week after the second fast day, it just made the most sense to be able to see the real progress. Recently I was weighing myself on Mondays but the last 2 Mondays I haven’t, so I think it will be time to step on the scales this Monday for sure. I’m actually hoping only for maintenance, I know I won’t have lost. Next week though, with hubby back working away and a normal working week I’m hoping to make some progress, and in fact, as I said, I plan for Monday to be a fast day, so I may save the scales til Tuesday.

    I fell off the wagon with my alcohol allowance mid week this week just gone because a) husband was around all week and b) It was a quiet week at work and I wasn’t having to go in til mid-morning and not work at all in the late afternoon or evenings. But,I flipped it around and didn’t have anything to drink on Thursday and Friday instead, nights when I normally would. Tonight (Sat) will be a test. I could stay in and avoid a party, or I could be persuaded by my friends to attend the party and then I would have at least 2 drinks… hoping to stay resolute and just stay in. It’s a party of someone I don’t know well, so it’s no worries if I don’t make it.

    Hope you all have a great weekend!

    FB 🙂

    Hey girls,
    @beck I hope that you are happier with the scale than me. It was not really what I had hoped but more what I had feared!
    But so what – I’m damn right in this group since now I still want to lose 3-4 kg 😂😂😂
    I decided to weigh myself once a week now (on the weekend) and I will do more calory counting on FDs and try to have controled days on my NFDs. It’s good to face the facts and I’m actually very motivated for March. Would be cool to lose 1.5 kg this month.
    @fraub good that you could even out your alcohol allowance. Did you go to the party last night? If yes I hope you could enjoy it!
    Good luck for your FD on Monday! I’m looking forward to hear what you will tell us about it?
    Love, Lou

    Hello girls
    Back from my Holiday and back to work… sigh…
    Weightwise I was a Little thrown back, I was pretty sure that I had lost at least a Little weight – but I haven’t. I was just as before. Well, it’s not so important, but it would have been nice for my motivation. Today I’m on my first FD of the week (800cal) and went for a run at noon. Will do a second FD on friday. If my weight should not move at all after those two days I think I’ll try 4 or 5 FDs (800cal) in a row. Will see about that…
    @lou: good for you, that you dared to step on the scale – it’s a first step and I hope the scale will make you happy next time you step on it!
    @fraub: There are moments in life, where you just have to enjoy your life – you only live once! Did you go out on saturday in the end? I had a pretty indulgent sunday – loads of food an alcohol… it was fun! 🙂
    Take care!

    Hi Guys.

    Beck- i think maintaining on a holiday is great! That’s really good. And if you’ve got loads of fast days planned then you’ll see results on the scales for sure.
    Lou- that’s a good goal. I *have to lose 1 kg in March to stay on track for my “6in6” goal (6 kg in 6 months). So far I haven’t got off to a good start. My fast day didn’t happen on Monday. I basically just forgot and made a sandwich with some left over pulled pork to take to work and a yog, and after the jungle walk had my veggie sticks and coconut water… When I remembered, it seemed like a waste to not eat the food and it wouldn’t keep. I think psychologically I’m worried about doing a fast day after so long. I could (and might, should, hopefully will) do one tomorrow.

    The good news is I didn’t go to the party and it was definitely the right call. This Saturday it#s my husband’s birthday and we’re having a big party at home… so there’s that coming up. If I can do a fast day tomorrow, that will set me up to do a proper one next Monday. I need to get into the right mindset otherwise there is no way I will lose 1 kg this month…

    Let me know how you’re fasting goes this week. it will definitely inspire me!

    Take care

    Hey girls!
    @beck I agree with fraub that maintaining weight on a holiday is great! Especially after an indulgent sunday!!! Could also be lots of water retention…
    @fraub 1 kg for March sounds like a good goal. I hope you can manage your planned fd this week!
    I’d like ti share sth with you that shocked and impressed me this week! On my fd on tuesday i counted calories for the first time since a looong time – and that was the shocking part – 500 cals are so little!!! I must have always been over that by a couple of 100s.i really felt that i couldn’t manage it but i did! Well including my kombucha health drink it was 600 but it was planned like that. Suddenly in the evening it became easy and the next morning i felt great and wasn’t even hungry! That was a very motivating experience for me!
    Wishing you a good rest if the week! 💪♥️

    hello again
    I managed to do a FD yesterday, i stayed just under 800cal. Today I’m aiming for a controlled day of maybe a couple of hundred under my TDEE. Tomorrow is the next FD and I really hope to see a loss when I weigh myself on saturday!
    @fraub there is a right moment for everything. The important thing is to want to do better next time – some slips don’t really change anything in the long run. How are you today, are you on your FD?
    @lou I weighed myself after the Holiday BEFORE the indulgent sunday… there are things I just don’t want to know :-). Congratulations on your succesful FD yesterday! 600cal sounds great, right now I’m quite happy I can allow myself 800cal even on a FD.

    Hey there!
    On the second FD of the week – looks like I will manage the two this week. Was curious and the scale shows a small loss this morning… hope for a bit more tomorrz, it would be nice to lose half a kg per week. That used to work in the past – not every week, but a lot of weeks 😊
    I behaved yesterday and stayed a little bit under my TDEE. Looking forward to a normal eating day tomorrow, hopefully around TDEE… we‘re invited for dinner by friends who are great cooks 😋
    How are you two doing? Lou, I saw you participate in the monthly challenge, is it helpful? FrauB, everything allright? I hope you and your family enjoy the party-weekend 👋
    Take care

    Hello everybody!
    @beck that sounds good and sound! Do you count cals also on your nfds? I don’t do that but stick to 3 (mostly) healthy meals. Perhaps it would be better to do so but I hope it’ll work out like this.
    Yes, I joined the monthly challenge again. Did so before a year ago or so and always find it really helpful. I don’t manage to read all postings though 🙈. The forum is really very active 😅. So far March is going well even though I am impatient in terms of weight loss…
    Tonight I’ll probably go out with a friend for dinner and drink(s). Hope it’ll go well!!
    Good luck with your fd, @beck and enjoy your dinner tomorrow!! 😋
    Greetings to you @fraub – hope you are doing well!

    Hello ladies
    Well, back from the weekend, today is my first of two or three FDs this week. Happy to report, the scale showed a loss of ALMOST 500g last saturday – I take it! This was the positive experience this weekend. On the negative side I probably ate way over my TDEE both days this weekend. Or better said, saturday I drank over my TDEE. Had too much wine, foodwise I think I would have been ok. Because of the wine I slept badly (yes, I’m old) and was hungry all sunday long. I made some sensible choices like a greek salad or the indian dal, but ate a lot of chocolate too. Yeah well, lets leave that behind and start the next week…
    @lou I count calories on the FDs and on some NFDs – but not all of them. I think you should be allowed to just eat like you feel on some days. Of course, the days I don’t count are – or at least most of them – the indulgent ones. That’s why for me, the more days I count, the better. But sometimes it’s a lot of work, above all, if I eat in restaurants and have to guess what calories are in what…
    @fraub hope you are doing fine!
    Take care

    Stepped on the scale this morning and ta-daaaa already a loss of half a kg after just one FD this week. I like where this is going.
    Tomorrow is my 2nd FD this week, yesterday and today were controlled days, I stayed slightly under my TDEE.
    How are you, Lou and FrauB, doing fine?

    So, on my second and last FD of this week – I decided against 3 FDs, it would have been too hard… I hope for an additional loss when I weigh myself tomorrow, but staying at the 500g loss I already had yesterday is already my goal for the week and would of course be totally acceptable.
    Tomorrow I will not count calories – I‘m looking forward to it 😊
    Have a little bit over 100cal left of my 800, I‘m actually thinking about chocolate 🙈

    Well, first FD of the week – so far so good. I had a very very very indulgent weekend – it lasted till yesterday ;-). still I hope that I can stick to my plan, last saturday I weighed myself and had lost over one kg in a week. so maybe after to FDs I will be that same weight again and would have lost the 500g a week that I had planned to lose… 🙂
    Take care everybody!

    Hey Beck!
    Wow! Sounds like the pounds are melting on you! Congratulations!! Hope you find your way back in after indulgence! 😉
    How much do you still want to lose until your goal weight?
    I’m also doing fine, experimenting with Time restricted eating at the moment. I’m still reading the f800 book from dr moseley and I really like it! Trying to strech out the time until my first meal of the day as long as possible and that really feels good and healthy for my body!
    Hope that I will also be pleased by the scale on friday or saturday when I have my weekly weigh in.
    I’m still in the March challenge forum, writing daily – yet I feel a bit overwhelmed by the flood of postings there! 😅
    Don’t manage to read that all, I wonder how people make it to write such detailled comments on everything posted! 😅😅😅
    However the comittment to make a quick post daily helps me to stay on track!
    I wish you a great fd, take care!
    @fraub how are you doing?

    Hello Beck and Lou!

    Sorry for my silence. I have still been following your posts and cheering you on from a distance and marveling at your successes! Unfortunately, I have no success to report from my side, so I didn’t really know what to type. I have still not managed to do a fast day! And tomorrow we are off to Japan for a skiing weekend and then week in Kyoto and Osaka. I hope to be restrained on holiday and have geared up for a fast day on my return. I think I should try an 800 cal one. Lou, I am also always very interested in the food windows etc. I used to do up 17 hours regularly during the week and then have a healthy lunch at 12 noon and supper at 6pmish, so just eat twice a day. It worked really well for me when I was storming on the 5:2 and eating very carefully a few years ago. I don’t really know why I can’t get myself to fast at the moment, but I am absolutely determined to start after the holidays. I have my medium term goal of losing 6kg in 6 months (starting Jan) and so far I have only lost 2 (and probably put 500/1kg back on now). NOT what I had in mind. I can still reach my goal, but I need to get moving!

    Amazing that you’re doing the 30 day challenge Lou. It’s very intense but I think many people get results from it.

    All the best, speak soon
    Take care

    Hi! Is anyone still on here?

    I am just writing to report my first FD success in many years last week, and today (Monday) will hopefully be my second! (SO far so good).

    A friend who lives here joined me and we work at different place but we encouraged each other on whatsapp throughout the day and I think that really helped. I had water and some veggie sticks throughout the day and then some bovril and veggies as a homemade cuppa soup and then a small veggie soup later on as well.

    Today so far, I have just had tea with a bit of skimmed milk and water,and I’m planning on some veggie sticks and a bit of fruit at lunchtime.

    I really need to lose the 6 kilos I have put on in the last 4 years. Some of my clothes are getting tight and I generally don’t feel good about my appearance and body.

    After success with 5:2 previosuly, and my friend keen to try it, it seemed like a good option!

    Hope everyone who is reading this is well. Would love to hear from you and find out hat you’ve been up to.

    Best wishes
    FB 🙂

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