Mid-thirties, working mom of 2, looking to loose 5kg

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Mid-thirties, working mom of 2, looking to loose 5kg

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  • Hi everyone! I’m not totally new, actually on my 5th fast day today. Just feel like sharing how it is going for me and I didn’t find a thread with similar age/weightloss goal right away. Felt wrong to go and complain on other threads where they have real problems with weight and so on (was really impressed how people are handling some very difficult situations!). Maybe somebody would like to join me?

    Anyway, I’m not overweight, but I slowly but surely gained some weight over the last decade. It was never much (except the pregnancies of course) and I always adapted after time to my new weight. like this I maybe gained around 5-7 kg in the last 10-15 years. I started 5:2 pretty spontaneously after reading an article about fasting in general and the same night downloading the fast diet e-book. first I actually planned on loosing 2kg (which I gained after giving up smoking on january 1st and eating TONS of chocolate in the evenings) and go back to my “normal” weight. But after having read some of the stories in this forum I suddenly started thinking “what if I not only could loose those 2 kg, but turn back time a little bit more?”. So there goes my new goal. Go back to 62 kg (from 67 after quitting to smoke), which I last weighed around 2007, and then see how it goes, maybe I’m even able to loose a little more. Im 170cm by the way.

    Well, a little more than two weeks in, here I am, having lost an amazing 1.5 kg (yes, I know, probably more water then fat, but hey, who am I to complain!) and seeing my waist slimming down (already one hole in my belt down). The fast days haven’t been too hard (maybe because I used to fast for 5 days maybe once a year) and I’m eating more conscieously on my non fast days. I had one day after a fast day last week, where I suddenly felt the need to eat and eat and eat, but that was one exception (I probably ate around 2400 cal).

    So well, that’s me! I would be happy about people joining me πŸ™‚

    Had a delicious fast day dinner: zucchini-pasta with home made bolognese sauce and a little bit of parmesan cheese = 300cal. Had an apple and a few almonds for lunch. Oh, and went jogging too. Healthy day 😊

    Hi again! I’m on a non fast day and i’m wondering: my fitness pal tells me a certain tdee… Although i entered a level of activity rather too low for me. My up- band on the other hand, which knows how active i have actually been (did a fair amount of gardening today) tells me a higher tdee. So i can stick to that, can’t I? And how exact do I have to stick to my tdee, as long as i’m maybe 50 cala above it (and not every day) that shouldn’t hurt, i think, because overall i’m still creating a deficit with the fast days. Right?

    Another fast day. This morning I felt really hungry and tired… Not the best recipe for a day at home with two small children. Probably the price for a weekend with great food and wine… Yummy! Anyway, I stayed around my tdee (calculated by my up band) during the weekend, so it’s ok. This morning I made myself leave the house pretty early for groceries, that helped a lot in terms of waking up. From noon on it was a pretty normal fast day again. The children had a good day too, that helped πŸ˜‰.

    Anyway, I am around 450cals for today, and should probably stop, but am craving a slice of dried mango. Hmmm…

    This week my fast days are today and wednesday, planning on going running twice an do a crosstraining at home once. And try not to go overboard with easter chocolate! 😊

    I’m not exactly in your demographic, but plenty of parallels–I’m older than you at 42, but I’m also a mom of 2, not overweight but looking to lose about 5 kg, and made a snap decision to start the fast diet–heard about it one evening, started the next morning!

    I’m 173 cm, and I was 64.8 kg the morning I started. That was my highest weight in about 20 months, though, and so I think it was probably somewhat anomalous (too much sodium the day before?). I have now done 4 fast days and this morning, after fasting yesterday, I was at 62.85. But I don’t think I’ve really lost anywhere near 2kg, since that first weight was unusually high AND the day after eating well. Still, I’m hoping it’s a sign of progress.

    My weight history: most of my adult life, about 70-71 kg. I had some difficulty getting back down to that after my second child was born, but was very pleased when I did. Then two years ago, major stress killed my appetite and my weight plummeted to about 61.25 kg–I even dipped as low as 60 kg for a few days. I had no idea my body was capable of getting there–and I’d like to keep it at about 61 as my set weight. But I’ve been following this cycle of being at about 61, then through idle snacking and chocolate, creeping up, then being filled with self-loathing, clamping down, scale dropping, then complacency means it creeps up, cue the self-loathing, etc. Not good.

    What I like about the fasting idea: I think it could work to replicate that on-off pattern without the self-loathing. Also, in a way, I think I’ve kind of done the fast diet already. When I travel, my appetite disappears. So if we go away for a few days, I eat very little, drop a few pounds. So every couple of months or so (this happens even if we go see my parents for a long weekend!), I have a few days of fasting, in a way. But then I come home and it creeps up again!

    Also like you, I am so encouraged by what I see from others here that I wonder if I can revise my goal. I’d like to stay steadily at 61.25. (I weigh myself in pounds, by the way, hence all the decimal points rather than rounding to an even kilogram!) But, as you say, with people dropping weight the way they are, could I aspire to more??

    I have a lot of willpower on the fast days. My challenge is that I am an all-or-nothing type–it’s easy to do under 500 (not comfortable, mind you–but I can power through it)–but the “eat normally” days are actually harder to manage!

    As for your question about TDEE–I agree that if you’re running at a deficit, you’re running at a deficit. The question, I guess, is just how big a deficit and therefore how fast the weight loss.

    And I commiserate about fasting days with children. I definitely find myself having less patience! But I think I’ve been tending to come in at under 500 cals (about 350 yesterday, I think), and maybe if I upped it a bit I’d struggle less. My first and second fast days were hard, the third was actually pretty easy, and yesterday, the fourth, was harder again. But yesterday, I’d intended to have some fish and veggies at about 2:30, but didn’t have time, and I think maybe if I’d done that, I’d have been ok, but it ended up being just too long to go without food.

    Hi Hillsy, how nice to have somebody to share this experience! It doesn’t really matter if you’re starting weight was normal or not, like this your scales show a bigger loss and that motivates anyway, doesn’t it? I’m now back at 64.9, so I’m in a region, where I was during the good phases (weightwise) for the last 3 years. I’m happy to be under 65kg again, but now I want more! πŸ™‚

    Of my two fastdays I normally do one at home with the children and the other day is a workday. Up to now it’s not easy to say, which is better. I don’t snap more (I think I already snap enough as it is…), but I have to cook for the children and that makes it a lot harder. At least for supper I can join them, so it’s a lot easier than during my previous fasting experiences. When I fast at work, it depends a lot of the stresslevel, sometimes I really forget I’m fasting. But sometimes I feel a bit tired and it’s hard to pull myself together. I have an office job, but my brain needs food to! πŸ˜‰

    On the fast days I try to eat around 450calm which would be a quarter of my tdee. but I don’t beat myself up, if im closer to 500cal. I don’t go over the 500 though. I never had really big troubles getting through a fast day, but on my last one, I didn’t even go to bed hungry, which is new for me! Why don’t you try eating 500cal for a change and see how it goes? if there’s no difference, you can decide what you prefer, if it’s easier, why not try it for a while and then maybe see, if with time it gets easier to stay lower?

    regarding my TDEE I decided to be flexible. I’m sure, that my UP tells me the TDEE more accurately then pure statistics. And overeating just a little bit, won’t make a huge deficit. As i experienced in the meantime, there are days like yesterday, where I had a TDEE around 2200 (thanks to some running) and stopped eating at around 1500, feeling completely full and even allowing me some chocolate and biscuits. So I’m taking it easy πŸ™‚

    Please don’t do this self-loathing thing!!! You habe been lighter these past years than ever before and are at a perfect BMI for your weight! I understand how this works, sometimes I’m there too, but self-loathing leads to more eating and so on. I’m sure you look perfect, and with the 5:2 you now have the opprtunity to do some idle eating now and then, right?. Enjoy it!!! Let’s see how our pounds melt away anyway πŸ™‚

    This travel and not eating thing of yours is funny! Pretty practical too, isn’t it? Maybe you should look for a job, where you travel from time to time :-).

    And by the way, you can enter your numbers in pounds and stones and whatever you like, I can handle it :-). Having read a number of threads in this forums I’m a master of calculation now!

    Have a nice time and let me know how it goes!

    I stepped on the scales today and weighed … drumroll … 64.2kg! yay! I’m very close to seeing the number 63 again, for the first time in years! πŸ™‚

    Of course my weight will bounce up a little, because I just had my 2 fast days and a pretty lowcal (1500) day in between, but I don’t care. For me this system is just perfect, because I don’t have to watch a certain plan for a longer period, which I never was able to. I normally eat pretty healthy (is that english?!) but I want to be able to allow myself certain foods like bread (I know it’s bad, but I like it very much and it’s so practical!) or chocolate.

    So, down an incredible 2.5kg after 3 weeks. This is going to slow down of course, or even plateau a litte, but I can live with that. The trend is right!

    Happy easter to everybody,

    Hi Beck this is very impressive. Can I pick your brain and draw on your experiences? We are are very similar but I am older than you (42) and I need to lose about 4 kgs. Would be happy with a loss of 3kg. I have been thinking about fasting for a while but the thought of trying to do this while looking after children scares me. I don’t want to have to cook seperately for me so I was hoping you might have some advice. Do you just cook for the family and then have significantly less and not have the carbs on your fasting days? I like eating with my children and husband and I don’t want to be keeping a very different homelife from them. I work 2 long days (9-5pm) these aren’t consecutive and the other days are 9-3. Do you think those long days would be easier to fast on?

    The thing is have a job that requires quick thinking and a lot of brain power so I am scared of being a bit off my game. Did you ease yourself in or go straight to 2 fasting days.

    Well done on the weightloss so far

    Hi Seebee

    Welcome! πŸ™‚ And thank you, but I don’t think that it is impressive, I just got lucky in the beginning. Could have been a lot slower, I guess.

    Anyway, what I do: I’m not a big breakfast eater, so my children are used to me sitting at the table and just sipping my coffee (black on fast days, with milk on non fast days) while they are eating. For noon I normally have a green smoothie (provided by hubby who prepares them regularly and fills the fridge) while the children have a normal meal. In the evenings I have an adapted meal, which means f.e. bolognese sauce with zucchini pasta instead of normal pasta or just a slice of rye bread (instead of several slices of normal bread) with f.e. cotton cheese and salmon instead of butter an cheese. This way we eat together.

    If it bothers you to eat differently, I would advise you use your workdays for fasting and eat an adapted (or just smaller portions) dinner with your family. I’m a lawyer and I do mainly brainwork. I used to fast for 5 days straight (not so often, max once a year) and would always do this during work, because its easier, you can just go for a walk at noon and don’t have to cook. I always tried to find a week with not toooo much stress, but even if it gets stressful, you just function normally. The body really has enough reserves to do this, don’t worry!

    I’m not entirely succesful at cutting the carbs out on fasting days, but apparently it doesn’t matter that much. As i remember in the book they said you can basically eat everything on fasting days as long as you stay under 500cal, it’s just that proteins make you feel fuller than carbs. Find a way that suits you, and just try it. You will see, it’s not as hard as you maybe thought. Good luck!

    I forgot: I’m not sure if you are thinking that you should do the 2 fast days consecutively, you don’t! I think it would be a lot harder to do 2 in a row, so far I managed to always have at least one normal day in the middle.

    that is really helpful thank you. I am thinking of 2 non consecutive days. My longer work days are spaced apart and that is why it seemed logical. We have similar jobs then I think and I was concerned about being a bit slow on fasting days.

    My final point was about easing yourself in i.e. would you try fasting 1 day per week for a couple of weeks and then increase to 2 non-consecutive or go straight to 2 per week. I will buy the book now that someone “like” me has manged it. A colleague of mine and her partner have being doing it for ages and they have lots loads of weight. They are literally half the size they used to be. She fasts Sunday and Friday her non work days but they don’t have children and I don’t want my children to get faddy about food.

    I’m glad I could help! About easing yourself in, why don’t you reserve two days, do the first one and then you see how it goes? I did 2 days from the beginning, but you have to find the right way for you. 2 days have the advantage, that it is more likely to actually lose weight, which would improve your motivation. 1 day is maybe easier to manage if you never fasted before, I don’t know… Try it! You can always change your plan as you go. I think it will be easier once you have taken the first step, I have the impression that you are a little bit scared about the idea of fasting. You can do it!!!

    Beck100 you are totally singing from my hymnsheet!

    I am 33 (34 next month) and a mother of 2 working full time. This is my first week on 5:2, and I’ve completed Monday and Wednesday fast days. I haven’t decided yet whether to incorporate a third fasting day (simply to speed up results), I’m waiting to see how my non-fasting days affect my overall loss.

    As little back story. I’m 168cm tall and up until I had my second child my weight remained at 98-105lbs (7 to 7.5 stone) without effort. I was 25 when I had my second child so my youth did most of the work keeping weight off prior to that. After having my second child I took an office job and loved to bake goodies for my colleagues.

    The weight has slowly crept on in the intervening years, to the point where I reached 140lbs (10 stone) by New Years Eve. So, like many others I decided enough was enough. I have had a gym membership for over a year which went relatively unused, so I booked myself in for a 1-2-1 and the trainer created an exercise program for me to follow. I have 2 programmes that I alternate daily, one for running and one for weight training. I cleaned up my diet and had lost 10lbs (and 5.1% body fat) up to a couple of weeks ago.

    It’s my birthday next month, and my fiancΓ© has booked us a spa day and is taking me shopping for new clothes to reward my efforts, and I would love to get back to a UK size 8 again. I’m currently a UK size 10, so not much to lose now, but since it took me 10 weeks to lose 10lbs and I now have 5 weeks until my birthday I thought I would try 5:2 to shift the remaining weight if I can. I had a rather indulgent weekend and gained 3lbs back, which was lost after Monday’s fast day. I weighed this morning after fasting yesterday and have lost another 2lbs, a fantastic result. I also managed to run 5k in 30 mins yesterday which I’ve never done so I am very pleased with my progress so far. Hoping for 2lbs loss per week so staying strict on non-fast days too.

    I also have a “brainwork” job. I’m at the office two days a week, and work at home the other days. I find fasting at the office FAR easier (probably because I’m much farther from my kitchen! :-)) Fortunately my office days are usually Monday and Thursday, so I follow the most common fasting pattern that way anyway.

    The family supper issue is one that weighs on my mind–I have two daughters, and I don’t want them to realize what I’m doing. The oldest is 9, and as she enters the teen years, I really don’t want her to have a model in her mind of me depriving myself of food for the sake of weight loss. (I am really diligent about never talking about weight in front of them–my own or anyone else’s.) Breakfasts are easy–I rarely sit down with them at breakfast as I’m rushing around getting everything ready for the day. On the days I work at home, I often don’t have breakfast until I’ve gotten back from taking them to school, so not seeing me eat breakfast is nothing new.

    What I’ve done so far for suppers–I’ve tried to make my fast days leftovers days–so I make sure we have a good stockpile of leftovers in the fridge leading up to fast day. Typically when we have leftovers days, we might all be having different things anyway (i.e., we’ve got leftovers from three suppers, and everyone picks what they want most). So they’re used to once or twice a week, a bit of a smorgasbord, and my plan is to make fast days those days. This helps with not drawing attraction to the fact that I’m eating differently/less, which is good for them. But what’s good for ME is that it means I am not having to cook on fast days, which seems like torture!

    seebee1973, I agree with Beck100 that if you’re apprehensive about fasting, trying one day a week to start is a good idea. That way you can also experiment with what works best for you–saving your calories for one big meal, eating two small ones, eating several times through the day, etc.

    Beck100, thank you for the reminder about self-loathing! My husband was saying the same thing last night–and not in terms of weight self-loathing. It’s clearly my default mode, and I need to stop it! I’m with you on chocolate, by the way. In fact, today is fast day, and I found myself wondering earlier if the nicest way to get through today would just be to eat 500 calories of chocolate.

    VandaK, that’s fantastic progress! Are you doing, or considering doing, the Fast Exercise program too?

    Hillsy1592 no, so far I run 3 days a week, strength train 3 days with a little cardio mixed in and I do a class with weights on Sunday which I love. I don’t want to overdo it as I’m exercising every day and sticking to 1200 calories on non fast days. If I don’t see results in the next 2 weeks I may also do 30 day shred in addition to my run days for an added boost. I’m on a pretty tight 5 week window before my birthday. That’s my “unveiling” date. My caterpillar to butterfly. Aiming for 10lbs off but will be happy with 7lbs.

    If I were you I’d stick to having chocolate or treats on non fast days. If you’re typically low on energy from fasting and don’t burn off the chocolate that’s just gonna get stored as fat. You can really eat quite a bit for 500 calories if you eat the right foods. I have a protein shake with almond milk for breakfast, a boiled egg with raw spinach for lunch and an omelette (1 whole egg 1 egg white) with tomato, spring onion and herbs for dinner. Loadsof hreen tea and water through the day too. All that protein helps keep me full and helps avoid losing the lean muscle I’m building. Muscle burns fat so it’s important to hold onto it. Besides, no one wants to be skinny but still jiggle!

    Oh, no worries, Vanda–I was just joking about all-chocolate on the fast days! Aside from the protein/muscle issue, I think I’d feel too lightheaded. I’ve been relying on steamed fish/vegetables/homemade yogurt on the fast days, but it’s been feeling almost penitential, so I’m going to start being more creative, I think. I love the vegetables and the yogurt, but I’m getting sick of the steamed fish. I know eggs are great for the fast, but my standard breakfast on non-fast days is two eggs, and I have this irrational feeling that if I eat it on non-fast days it’s too indulgent for fast days! I need to get over that if I want to bear this.

    Yesterday was a fast day, and so I weighed myself this morning–down 1.6 pounds from my post-fast weigh-in last Friday. Given that this was a week that included a hefty piece of chocolate cake last Saturday for a family birthday celebration (and, since I made the cake, plenty of licking of the bowl!), at least a bit of dark chocolate every single non-fast day, wine on Friday night and Saturday night, I am really, really pleased by this. (I am consistently good at avoiding simple carbs–very rarely have bread or potatoes, limited rice, etc.–but chocolate, oh chocolate!) I did start artificially high, I think, and the first weigh-in was a regular morning before a fast, not the morning after a fast, but on March 10 I weighed in at 143 lbs/64.8 kg and this morning I was 137.4/62.3. So, 2.5 kg for this first two weeks! I know there’s no way I’ll continue at that rate, but it’s a really nice start and helps encourage me to keep going.

    For exercise, I am starting to incorporate some of the Fast Exercise on non-fast days, lighter exercise (stationary bike at a more relaxed pace) for fast days. In my 20s I did some intervals training, so the rationale behind it is familiar to me, and it’s no surprise to me how gruelling short amounts of absolute full intensity can be! And I started planks a few months ago (OUCH–but I have really improved), and do a kettlebell weights workout when I can find the time. Nevertheless, I felt positively ill after my Tuesday workout. I’m not sure if it was just coincidence or the intervals! A bit scared about the re-do for today! I’m pretty good about daily activity–walk to work, walk the children to school, etc. (in the winter, that is–when there’s no snow and ice, I much prefer bicycling). I’d hoped to be cross-country skiing this morning, but the snow in the forecast yesterday shifted to freezing rain, so no go, alas.

    Hi girls! How nice to see some action on this thread! Vanda, you seem very determinated, that’s quite a program you have there! Fortunately my window is a little bit larger, I have a bet with hubby to get to 63 by june (he aims at 73). He was quite shocked when he realized I’m only a little bit more than a kg away πŸ˜‚

    Hillsy, great minds DO think alike, nice idea about the 500cal chocolate fasting day, could have been me! 😊 Joking, of course, but I think I just had almost 500cal m&ms… It’s a eating day, but nevertheless not the greatest idea. Still, I think it has to be allowed from time to time, we have a really lazy family day today. The rest of the easter weekend is full with family and visits and so on… By the way, I never talk about being too heavy or fat with my children. The don’t really notice that we don’t always eat the same. And they see me eating chocolate… Regularly. And they are two boys, so it’s less “dangerous”, if you know what I mean. I’m happy to see that everybody here thinks alike, the children should have an innocent approach d to food!

    Running is pretty new to me, my farthest distance was a bit over 7k in 45 min… So not as fast as you, Vanda. But I’m getting better. Besides that I do some crosstraining (I don’t know if this is the right word), i do 20seconds of work an 10seconds pause, the work is lunges, planks, jumping jacks, and so on. The workouts are conveniently short, you only need a mat and your bodyweight and I can do them at home with the children (they are 3 and 5, so I can’t leave them alone).

    My children are also very well aware of my love for chocolate! I think they see their own love for it as genetic, really. They are protectively guarding their Easter chocolate–but the Easter Bunny got some for me too. πŸ™‚ It strikes me that one good thing about 5:2 in comparison to other ways of curtailing calories is that seeing me enthusiastically enjoying good meals sometimes, but “not being so hungry” sometimes [the lie I’ll use to explain small servings, if they ask], might help set a model of “enjoy food, but listen to your body’s hunger cues.”

    Today is a fast day, and while I’m sure I really need it (indulgent weekend!–I usually weigh myself daily, but just didn’t want to get myself down by seeing it yesterday morning or today), I’m feeling more resistant than usual. I just don’t want to be fasting today! It could be because I used some muscles I don’t usually use yesterday (cross-country skiing–icy snow meant using different balance muscles than usual, I think–but also meant a shorter and less cardiovascularly intense outing), so perhaps feeling a bit of muscle soreness makes me feel like I was super-active and so deserve a regular day of food??

    And I will be doing a Wednesday fast this week instead of Thursday, so maybe I’m feeling grumbly about having only one day of normal eating between them. On Thursday evening I have an event to go to (that, quite frankly, was part of the motivation for starting 5:2–even though the weight I’ve lost isn’t actually noticeable to anyone but the scale!), and I will not want to be fasting for that!

    Beck, is your husband doing the 5:2 too, or just trying to lose in other ways? My husband started doing it with me last week. He has a bigger calorie allowance than me (in addition to being male, he’s both very tall and very active), and if past experience is any indication, he’ll drop weight very easily. So I need not to compare myself to him! He found the first fast day very easy, the second one hard, and today’s his third try.

    Hi hillsy, I’m also fasting today and wednesday, it’s the only way this week that I don’t have to do back to back fast days. It’s not easy today, I think because of the good food and wine the last days… But I just had supper, so I’m really full right now and feeling ok.

    No hillsy, up to now he isn’t doing the 5:2 with me, he looses weight easier than me and counts on that. We’ll see!!!

    I wonder if I will loose weight this week, if not I’m thinking about doing a 3rd fast day on saturday. Next week are our family holidays (although we spend them at home) and I’m not sure I will manage two fast days.

    Surprisingly, I am down another pound! So either I withstood the excesses of the weekend well, or it’s artificially low for some reason. Still, I really didn’t enjoy fasting yesterday, and progress on the scales helps stick with it.

    I’ve been tending to have about 300-350 calories on fast days, and I’m not sure whether to keep in that range or increase to 500 to be more comfortable. The thing is, it’s not that I AIM for 300-350. But I try to have a calorie reserve, so to speak–I don’t want to get through my 500 and be in a desperate state and not able to eat anything else! But I have a hard time through the late afternoon, and then I’m usually ok (or, I get to a point where I think, ok, I’d rather muscle through a couple of hours til bedtime with nothing else, now that I’ve gotten this far). Hmmm. Maybe I’ll stick with this way for a little longer, but then once I’m at my goal, experiment.

    Well done, Hillsy! You’re already close to your weight goal, right?

    I’m on the next fast day, and finding myself pretty happy this morning, that I didn’t have to plan ahead for my lunch today. Instead I’ll use my lunchbreak to go shopping :-). Right now I’m eating an apple, I will see, if I need something else before dinner. Until now today is a really easy fast day.

    Tomorrow I will weigh myself, I wonder if I lost in comparison to last week. This morning I was still a bit heavier than the lowest weight last week (I always use the lowest weight, this keeps me motivated and I know that the scales can jump from one day to the other with no apparent reason at all). I’m really hoping to get under 64 this week, this would be the first time in…I don’t know… probably 7-8 years! I would really love to see the 63 again!

    But anyway, I notice that my waist is slimmer, I’m already wearing tops I didn’t dare to wear this year because there was my belly and my lovehandles. I feel so much more comfortable! I’m using this motivation to upper my exercise a bit, which I’m sure, is the best decision of all. Plus it’s finally spring, there is no better time to be active than this!

    Vanda, how are you doing? And Seebee, did you start?

    Beck, that’s a good way to find a silver lining–no need to plan lunch! And that’s really great that you’re noticing differences in your body! I am too–yesterday and today, noticing that my pants feel looser. It’s really gratifying. I hope your weigh-in tomorrow gets you under 64–but of course, more important than the number are the noticeable changes you’re registering.

    I’m on a fast day today too. It’s a bit trickier as it’s a work-at-home day (with the temptations of the kitchen), but I do have a lot of willpower when I set my mind to it. So far so good (at 11:30 AM), but it’s in the afternoons that I really start to feel deprived!

    And yes, I’m close to my goal–yesterday morning’s post-fast-day weigh-in was about 0.6 kg above my goal. Ostensibly, that is, because as you remarked in your first post, other people’s stories make me wonder if I should be aiming for a lower goal. My original goal was a BMI of 20.5, but I’d like to keep going to see if lower is feasible. So if things continue as they have, I could hit my target in a week or so, but for now at least, I think I’ll continue with 2 days of week of fasting and see what happens. And I’d like to continue IF for maintenance afterwards (I gather that’s 6:1), because maintaining a weight has tended to be tricky for me, and because I would like to reap the health rewards of IF even if not trying to lose weight.

    Hi Hillsy, hope youre alright at the end of this fast day. I’m a little hungry but ok.

    I have the same plan as you, hit my goal (which would already be great) and then see how it goes. Once I’m hopefully a weight, that I really like, try if with 6:1 I can maintain that weight.

    Right now I’m really motivated, and because of this trying to be good on non fast days either and exercising more. I don’t know if I can keep this up over time, so will probably hit a wall or at least a bump in the not too distant future. Hope I can manage to stick to it and break through the wall!

    Do you weigh yourself every day? Before starting 5:2, I did, but since starting, I’ve mainly just been weighing myself on the post-fast-day. I like those low numbers! πŸ™‚

    I had a revelation today. Normally I fast on the days I am in the office, but today was a work-at-home day. Fasting was far, far easier. My calorie intake was lower than usual on fast days, and yet it was only at about 7 PM that I started to feel any depleted energy, off-ness, etc. All day, I felt perfectly normal. I wonder if I’ve been going about things entirely the wrong way. When I am in the office, I have to be constantly ON. But I am a profound, profound introvert. I wonder if the non-stop engagement with people on the office days is more draining even than I realize, making it harder to withstand the calorie depletion. In a few weeks I’ll start working from home more often. In the meantime, I think I might experiment to see if there truly is a pattern–maybe my body has just gotten more used to fasting, or maybe it’s somehow easier with only one normal day between fast days–but it’s certainly interesting!

    I don’t weigh myself everyday, but sometimes I get curious and step on the scale. If the number is higher I sort of jump off, because the scale is linked with an app, and if you stand steady it just takes the weight and enters it in the app (I know, I’m crazy!). But I officially weighed myself this morning, and as suspected I didn’t drop any weight. My belt is down another hole though, so progress is there. I tend to get a little neurotic, when concentrating too much on things, so when I lost weight that fast in the beginning I already saw myself having lost 7kg in 2 months – although of course knowing, that it wouldn’t work like this. As I have read many times in this forum I have to see this as a life changing marathon and not a sprint. Still, already those 2.5kg I lost have changed the way I feel and see myself a lot! And although there was easter I didn’t gain any weight. Plus I do exercise more, so probably retaining some water to repair my sore muscles.

    I think at first you have to experiment a little (or a lot) to find the perfect way of doing this for yourself. I can imagine, that if you are that introvert your office days tend to be more exhausting. How many days do you work from home now? Can you do this two days a week? I’m not sure yet, but I might try to do the fasts on work days more often, because it’s easier when I don’t have to cook for the children…

    I’m still thinking about doing a 3rd fast this week on saturday to speed things up and because I don’t know how I will be fasting next week (family holidays). But I decided not to be tooo neurotic about it and just see how I feel saturday morning and then decide spontaneously.

    That’s a good idea–given that it’s a marathon and not a sprint, deciding spontaneously, since whether or not you fast this Saturday is not going to make or break your overall success.

    I work at home three days a week, and by the end of April, that might go up to four days a week. Collecting the children from school at 3:30, mind you, so not a full 9-5 at home, but still. So, yes, I definitely could do it. Initially I thought the work days would be easier for fasting (the distraction, and the simple fact that there is no food at work unless I bring it with me–can’t eat if it’s not there!) But now, I think I will experiment with this some more. I did find yesterday evening quite tough, but I’m wondering if that’s because I worked out at 5, more intensively than I usually do on fast days because I was feeling so normal. I’ll play around with it and see, though, because until about 7 PM, it was so encouraging to feel so awesome.

    Hi girls!
    I’m in a similar situation.
    38 years old, mum of two. 62kg and 170cm. Looking to lose 5kg.

    First fasting week this week! Second fast day today… It’s been okay actually, better than expected 😊

    Hi All. Hope you don’t mind me tagging on to this thread. I’m 33, 5ft 4 and weigh 9 stone. I’ve never been overweight I put on weight with both my pregnancies but didn’t have great trouble losing this. I’ve found over the last couple of years the odd pound has been creeping on. I’m very active. 3 gym classes a week and 1-2 runs and I eat very healthy. I just wanted to lose 1/4 stone and the 5:2 sounded perfect. I started last week and have done 3 fasts so far which haven’t been too bad. Better when I’ve been at work. Before I did my first fast I did my measurements. Just measured myself now and I’ve lost a couple of cm on my my waist and hips and 1cm off my thighs. Surely I mis-measured last week as I’m surely not going to lose that in just one week!! I’m also eating a 100 cal breakfast then not eating for 10-11 hours and have 300-350 cal’s. Is it best to try and not have breakfast and have all calories at the end of the day or does it not make any difference. Thanks all ☺

    Hi Jenna! I don’t think it matters how you divide up your calories–just whatever makes it easier to get through the day. A lot of people find that having a bit of food at breakfast gets their hunger going, and so delay having anything at all for as long as possible. Some people, on the other hand, find that having a bit of food in the morning helps tide them over. As long as your overall calorie count is low, I don’t think it makes a difference.

    Afternoon all. How are your weeks going?
    I hit my goal for this week – 126lbs exactly. Hoping for 2lb per week average now until my birthday (4 weeks today). I’ve ordered a new bikini for my birthday spa day and it’s RED! Can’t wait to wear it hopefully without a jiggly belly!
    This week I started using a diet whey protein shake as meal replacements for breakfast and lunch/dinner on my non-fasting days, simply to keep me full and stop me snacking. It is totally taking the hassle out of meal planning on those days. I have my shakes at 250 cals each and then have 500 cals for dinner (usually chicken/fish, sweet potato and veg) and it seems to be working nicely. I’m very surprised not to be STARVING between meals, but the one I get (from Myprotein) has added fibre and vitamins plus I take a daily vitamin and I feel great. I’ve even increased my workout intensity and am managing just fine, plus the extra protein means I recover quicker and don’t spend all next day aching.

    Jenna – try either way and see what works for you. Personally I couldn’t go without breakfast on a work day so I have a shake (250 cals) or a 1 egg and spinach omelette (89-100 cals) and then have a boiled egg and spinach for lunch (89 cals) and chicken/fish/egg and veg/salad for dinner. I understand some people like to save their calories and have one big meal, but for me this would set my IB off and I’d be bloated and constipated and would feel generally awful. You just need to find what works for you.

    Welcome millymou and jenna! I too think, that you just have to fibd what’s working for YOU. Keep to the 500 on fast and your tdee on non fast days. The rest is individual.

    I actually decided to go with the fast day today. We were gardening and cleaning almost all day and I did a kettlebell upper body training too. So pretty active. I didn’t have breakfast, at noon just 3dl of green smoothie to kill the hunger a bit. Then we had a very nice BBQ, I had 100g lamb, baked potatos 90g, green salad, a nd a tomato. I even put chimichurri salsa on the lamb and still only ate around 350 cal. My plate was more than full! So, 460cal for today, thats good.

    I always thought counting calories was stupid, but I’m actually counting calories on all days now, and I learned a lot! I don’t plan on doing this forever, but I certainly get a lot better feeling on how much I’m actually eating.

    So, hoping my scale will say the 63.something tomorrow. For the next week I will see if I still can do 2 FDs, but I won’t beat myself up if not. Happy loosing to all of you! πŸ˜‰

    Vanda, the bikini should provide good incentive! That’s great on making your goal this week. And Beck, good luck with the scale tomorrow, and good for you for squeezing in another fast day.

    Partly inspired by you, I thought of fasting today (as a third fast day for this week–because I did my second fast day a day earlier than usual, I feel like I’ve been eating, eating, eating for a long time now!), but my youngest child is in a feisty mood today and my husband has a number of things on so I’m really on my own with them, and I realized fairly early on that I could not be a patient mother AND fast today and since I’ve already done my two fast days I should therefore aim for sanity. πŸ™‚ But it is odd to find myself looking forward to a fast day, given that I tend not to feel great on them!

    I made a post this morning and it just disappeared 😑

    Anyway, I did it! 63.8kg, I’m so happy πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    Hillsy, I completely understand your choice yesterday, mental sanity is important too! I know the feeling, believe me… How old is your youngest? Your doing so well anyway, you don’t need the extra day! But I know what you mean, you kind of start longing for the fast days because of the feeling to undo your sins on other days. Surely not, because they feel so great. Maybe with time they do, right now I’m happy when they go ok, which they mostly do.

    Went for a run (a short one) and am now ready for a family day. Going to the zoo this afternoon 😊. Happy sunday!

    Hello All,

    Im so glad I found this thread πŸ™‚ it seems a positive one to step into as I begin my 5th attempt at 5:2. Im so pleased for you all to hear about your successes.

    My brief story is – I am a 29 year old mum of one lovely 15 month old boy. Before I had him, I was between 140 and 150lbs (always going up and down) but when I hit my heaviest at 150lbs in December 2013, I decided to start fasting. It worked really well for me – I did 4:3 for 4 months and lost 10lbs! I then fell pregnant and fasting had to stop. After I had my son and my body reached a plateau after shedding the post pregnancy fluid etc I had gained about 19lbs. By the time I returned to work a year later, I weighed 146lbs which I was so happy about, and I was back in my pre pregnancy clothes (I should specify – I was wearing what I call my “fat day” wardrobe!)

    But….since being back at work (a desk job surrounded by food loving colleagues) and driving to the station and back rather than walking as I did before (due to dropping off the baby at my parents’ house) I have gained 4lbs and have hit my pre-pregnancy heavy weight at 150lbs. I want to get back to the 140lbs I was before I fell pregnant, that is my primary goal. If I get there, I may even want to to more, but I wont think about that just yet.

    I have tried to fast post pregnancy several times but always failed. My willpower is lacking somewhat and I always succumb to hunger pangs. Hopefully this time will be the time I am able to battle through.

    Today is day 1, and I hope to do 4:3 (Monday Wednesday and Friday). I have bought myself a “healthy” ready meal from Marks and Spencer coming in at 387 calories for tonight (I prefer to eat all my calories for dinner) so I still have a few calories to play with. I also walked to my tube station this morning, and got off 2 stops before I normally would and walked a further 25 minutes to the office. Fingers crossed I make it through the day, and then the week.

    Beck100 congrats on reaching 63! It’s so amazing hitting those milestones.
    Welcome to NatashaD, plenty of support on here from these lovely ladies.
    Hillsy1592 well done on another fast day down. I’m finding them easier the more I do. Going for 3 this week myself. Today is my first one and even though I’m at work I managed perfectly well not eating until lunchtime when I had a protein shake. I could have held on a bit longer but I don’t like to eat for 2-3 hours before the gym. Feeling so good about this week. Goal is to hit 124lbs on Friday/Saturday.

    What’s everyone else up to this week? Specific goals to hit?

    Beck, hurray!!! Congrats on seeing the magic number!

    Natasha, hello! Buying a premade meal sounds like a good strategy, especially if you’ve had trouble with willpower before–less likely to launch into something way too calorie-rich out of hunger desperation!

    Vanda, good luck on hitting your goal!

    I had 4 non-fast days in a row which felt excessive, and I wasn’t very restrained in my eating either. Tomorrow is another weigh-in, but I’m not expecting great things. That’s ok, though–or at least, I’m trying to convince myself it’s ok–given that at my last weigh-in, I was only 0.2 lbs above my initial weight goal (I’m now interested in seeing if I can go lower). Still, kind of dreading the scale tomorrow!

    Today was a fast day, and it’s been weird. I am not feeling great and my appetite has been really minimal–to the point that even when I’ve felt hungry, I haven’t really wanted to eat, if that makes any sense. I did make myself have a boiled egg at about 2:30, and then another egg and some yogurt at suppertime, really just to prevent having hunger hit bad and make me feel more miserable. But I’m at about 250 calories for today and it’s been so, so, so easy not to eat more. But I sort of feel like it won’t help the scale because my body wasn’t WANTING more! This is the second fast day in a row that wasn’t difficult, so it will be interesting to see if this is a trend that continues (suggesting I’m getting used to the fasts) or if it’s just because of not feeling well today.

    Thank you VandaK and Hillsy1592 for your welcomes πŸ™‚

    So day 1 went well. I had sugar free squash and tea until lunchtime, when I had one cup of Marigold’s vegetable boullion (12 calories a cup!!) and a low cal chicken cuppa soup from waitrose, which came in at a combined 56 calories and they totally hit the sport for my hot savoury craving. I then had my chicken and vegetable hotpot from M&S at 378 calories (typo in my last post), and a cheeky chicken goujon when hubby ate his dinner. So in total, I had 434 calories that I can account for, and Im going to estimate 50 cals for the chicken goujon. So…484 calories πŸ™‚

    I went a bit overboard yesterday…but I think that is just a reaction to the first fast day. Im not counting calories or measuring TDEE on non-fast days just yet, I want to get into the swing of fasting first. But onto day 3, going well so far. Ironically, I couldnt weigh myself on Monday to record a start weight, as the battery in my scales is dead. Might be a good thing though, I can become obsessed about the scales. I might just leave that dead battery in there for a while!

    Hope you are all getting on ok with your fasts this week.

    Hurrah for a good day 1, Natasha! I think with the overboard on the second day, yes, probably a bit of a reaction–but also, I’m sure your average over those two days was well below your normal average. I think one of the studies said people tend to eat 10% more on non-fast days or something like that at the beginning–which still means a lower weekly calorie intake than when not doing 5:2.

    I’m really not well this week, so I think I’m going to cancel my fast day tomorrow. The guidelines say not to fast when sick, and my immune system is clearly very overloaded. I’m disappointed, but I really, really want to get better, and I’ve been sick for close to a week now. The good thing is that my appetite is lower overall as a consequence, so maybe I’ll at least be able to hold steady until I can resume?

    Hello all! Hillsy, that’s a good idea, pausing while you don’t feel well! As you don’t eat much I’m sure you will not gain weight. Gett well soon!

    Natasha, well done! You completed your fast day, that’s great! You can worry about the non fast days later. Keep it up!

    I only managed one fast day this week, yesterday, next one will be monday, because of having peope over and being invited and so on. But I stayed around 1700 cal every day, which is a bit lower than my TDEE. I weighed myself this morning and am a proud looser of another 0.3kg, yeah! 😊 Will try to keep this up for the rest of the holidays because I don’t really mind cutting back just a little bit. Have to watch the liquid calories though… Take care everyone!

    Yay, Beck! So that suggests you’ve been eating well on your non-fast days?

    Despite not fasting, I hit my original goal weight of 135.0 this morning (normally I have just been weighing myself the morning after a fast day, but I was curious). My husband was fasting today, and it felt odd not to be doing it with him, but also totally necessary not to because my body is clearly fighting quite a battle without having to feel deprived. I’m hoping I can be back at it next week–fingers crossed.

    Thanks Hillsy, I’m really happy about the progress in spite of being on holidays 😊. Yes, I’ve been eating well on non fast days, I had everything, incl. Chocolate and wine and beer, but watched the overall consumption.

    I hope you feel well soon! My hubby is thinking about joining me in 5:2, because he saw my progress 😊. Have a nice weekend, everybody!

    That’s really great, Beck. One thing I particularly like about 5:2 is NOT having to feel guilty about chocolate and wine, as long as it’s not on the fast days! I am hoping that over the long term this might help with unhealthy thought patterns about food.

    I’m not 100% better but definitely on the mend, so I am planning to fast tomorrow. On fast days I’ve tended to be at about 300 calories–maybe tomorrow I’ll aim for 500 since I’m still recovering. I do find myself looking forward to it (although I know that I’ll probably be hating it partway through the day! πŸ™‚ ).

    My husband has been doing it too for a few weeks now. He decided not to weigh himself at all for the first month. It will be interesting to see how he’s done. And it will be interesting to see how I’ve done with a week off fasting!

    Good morning! I’m back from the holidays and fasting today too… as you I experienced, that I was almost looking forward to it. I’ll fast today and Thursday, I wonder what my weight on friday will be… πŸ˜‰

    Take care!

    Hello All

    Glad to read that you guys are still doing well. Sorry to hear that you’ve been under the weather Hillsy, hopefully you can resume this week and get back on track. Its frustrating when something stops you in your tracks, especially if you have been on a good run for a while.

    Beck I hope your first fast after your holiday is going well too.

    I completed two fast days last week, Monday and Wednesday. I did intend to fast on Friday, and I did a complete fast until dinner time. I had my niece and nephew stay over so I ended up eating what I had cooked for them because it was easier for me. It was a home cooked curry with white rice and chapati, so it was definitely over 500 cals but I dont think it would have been a calorific event. I also bought cupcakes for them….so I ended up having one. I put Friday down as a “light” day in the end, which Im totally happy with. I weighed myself last night before dinner and I was 147lbs, which is a step in the right direction.

    Fasting again today and of course, there are goodies all over my office. One birthday and two people brought goodies back from holidays, its a nightmare. And Im so hungry!!! Aaaarrggghh! I will battle through, but good grief its hard at times.

    Best of luck for the week everyone πŸ™‚

    Keep on fighting, Natasha, you can do it! I know the situation with the office and the food-loving coworkers, thankfully today nobody brought anything. Although, sometimes I find it easier, not to eat the goodies at all than it is, to control myself and not eat too much of it… Anyway, you did two fast days and a light day last week and are on another fast day, so I would say you reached your first goal: you’re back on track with the fast diet! And you lost 3 pounds already, thats great!

    Hillsy, how are you doing?

    I had an apple for lunch and will see, what I feel like for dinner. Will try to stay under 450cal. And will try to stay under 1700cal for my non fast days that are coming, last weekend was a bit indulgent… especially saturday, where I probably had around 2400cal or more (we were invited to dinner, and earlier in the day I was soooo hungry I couldn’t wait till dinner to eat something. Dinner was delicious and I had a beer, a glass of white wine and probably around 4 glasses of red wine…). As for the moment I’m losing nicely I don’t want it to stop and am probably getting a bit too concentrated on the calorie counting thing… But it’s not my plan to do this forever! Plan is: lose weight, find out how to maintain that weight and develop a feeling for the right portions.

    Good progress, Natasha! I’m like Beck–I actually find it easier to have nothing than to try to be controlled with the goodies. I think it’s a combination of clarity (there’s no guesswork so it’s actually less draining to just have none than to try to calibrate moderation) and reducing temptation (once I’ve tasted it, I want more! It’s less tempting if I haven’t had the taste sensation). But I know that’s not universal, that some people find it easier to have a bit to control the urge–rather than to risk a binge by attempting complete deprivation and then lapsing.

    Beck, I’m glad you really enjoyed yourself! You are losing so very nicely, and surely the pay-off for that should be being able to relax on at least some of the non-fast days!

    I’m back at it today! It’s only 9 AM here but my tummy is not so happy with me–six days straight of normal eating and it’s saying it liked that routine! It feels sort of good to be back at it, though. I’ll do a weigh-in tomorrow–see how bad the damage of the last week was. I also haven’t been working out at all, although from past experience I know that food has a far greater impact on my weight than exercise.

    Thanks for the encouragement ladies. I have braved the day thus far and Im not turning back now, I am on the home straight and dinner time is in sight!

    I have geared myself up to do 4:3 as I did when I last fasted successfully, but Im dreading it. Have you both only done 5:2? Do you notice that your progress is still consistent? I suppose I feel worried that 5:2 wont create enough of a calorie deficit for me to lose the weight I want to lose, as I am absolutely rubbish at calorie counting on non-fast days. I think I do better on fast days if I dont have to worry about calories on non-fast days. What do you think? 4:3 or 5:2?

    What about setting yourself a time goal–see where your weight is after 4 weeks of 5:2, say, and decide whether you’re feeling happy with that progress or need to ramp it up. That would tell you if you’re doing fine on your non-fast days, or whether you need to make changes, in which case it sounds like you’d prefer 4:3 to cutting back on the non-fast days.

    That seems more pleasant than deciding right off the bat that your non-fast days really are a problem and you definitely need 5:2! Then again, you might feel like you don’t want to spend four weeks of suffering through the 2 days a week, just to find out it wasn’t enough to accomplish anything! Do you find you eat more on the non-fast days than you would if you weren’t fasting? Because unless you’re really overdoing it on the non-fast days (compared to how you ate pre-5:2), you should still have a significant weekly calorie deficit with 5:2.

    Oops–of course that should have been “That seems more pleasant than deciding right off the bat that your non-fast days really are a problem and you definitely need 4:3!”

    so, back on a non-fast day, yay! I already enjoyed my coffee with milk, it’s just not the same without (although since 5:2 I cut down the amount of milk per coffee as well as the amounts of cups I drink, it’s easy and saves some really unnecessary calories). I hope your fast day yesterday went alright, it felt really fine to me, although, as always, I was really cold all day…

    Natasha, if you’re dreading the 4:3 why not try the 5:2 first? You can always change that, if you feel it’s not enough, but for beginning, it should definitely be something, you can live with… I did 4:3 once, but it was the week before my holidays, where I only did 6:1, so it kind of equalled itself out (sorry if that’s bad english).

    Hillsy, you’re the voice of reason, thank you! I think I put myself under pressure, BECAUSE of the good results in the first weeks, but I should not overdo it. Better a little bit slower and feeling good doing it. So, my next fast day is probably thursday, and we’ll see after that.

    Have a good day everybody!

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