Mid-thirties, working mom of 2, looking to loose 5kg

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Mid-thirties, working mom of 2, looking to loose 5kg

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  • I’m happy to be on a non-fast day too, Beck–although I found the fasting less unpleasant yesterday than any other day so far. I made cauliflower rice and had LOTS of that, so quantity-wise, more food went in. But apparently cauliflower, which I love anyway, is very low in calories, so hurrah! I had about 400 calories, which is my highest intake on a fast day–but I felt comfortable all day. (Oh, except when my stomach growled LOUDLY in a meeting at 11:30 am!)

    But the scale this morning–not such a big hurrah! Back up to 137.4, from 135 (my original target goal). I am trying to be my own voice of reason–that weight does fluctuate, that while I was sick I was eating LOTS of yogurt because it was soothing, but I have noticed in the past that too much dairy has an impact on the scale, that I was making good progress on the 5:2 so as long as I stay the course I should be ok. And that even with this big bump, I’ve lost 6 pounds since starting on March 10–6 pounds in a month with lots of chocolate is not so bad! But still, not very happy that this happened after only one fast day!

    Hey hillsy, I really understand your frustration!!! But this was the first fast of the week and weight does fluctuate. Wait till after the second fast day and don’t overthink it! You’ll be back at 135 in no time!

    Hi all.
    So I have decided to stop 5:2. I know it’s only been a few weeks for me, however I have my body fat percentage measured regularly at the gym, and despite fasting my body fat went up while my overall weight and lean mass went down. After doing some research it seems that because I am not eating enough calories to maintain my lean weight I’m losing the muscle I’ve worked hard to build.
    So I had a good think and I decided that decreasing my body fat percentage is more important to me than my scale weight. My clothes are looser and I’m losing fat which is what I want, so the huge calorie deprivation from fasting is really not helping me at all. I understand that for some people 5:2 is a wonderful concept and gets real results, but it’s just not for me.
    I wish you ladies the best of luck and I hope you get the results you’re looking for.

    Vanda–that makes sense, because yes, body fat is more important than scale weight!

    Meanwhile, I am even more frustrated–up another pound!! You’re right, Beck, that I need to remember that it fluctuates! My husband scolds me that this ALWAYS happens when I weigh myself every day–that I get all wound up about fluctuations and then it levels out. I only weighed myself this morning to see if yesterday’s was anomalous, though. Sigh. It just seems odd-I was losing steadily, and then one missed fast day and I put on three pounds?? And even if it was all the yogurt, it’s really frustrating that yogurt could have that impact–it’s not like I was eating fast food or something!

    But I’ll try not to get too wound up, and will just continue on. Hopefully the combination of being back on two fast days a week and less yogurt/my normal diet will get me back on track. A normal day today, and then tomorrow another fast day.

    Hi everyone
    Hope you don’t mind me joining your thread. I love reading about all your different life and fast stories and I am in a very similar situaion to some of you.
    I’m a working mum of 2 – a lovely 9 year old boy and a determined (read crosspatch but lovely all the same) little girl of 7.

    I started the FD two years ago so I am not new to this at all but in December last year I tailed off and lost the path due to work and homelife. So now I need a bit of a boost to get back to working towards my target.

    My FD journey goes as follows: I stumbled upon the FD way of life in January 2014 when I weighed a massive 13.3 stone (85kg) for my fairly short stature of 5ft2 (160 cm). I’ve always been quite muscular but at this stage I was proper blobby. My back ached and my knees were sore when I tired to exercise.

    I found the FD hard in the first 2 weeks but I could see instant progress so I kept going. By May 2014 I had lost 1.5 stone (10kg) and I was flying.
    By christmas I was down to 10.7 stone (68 kg). I kept going throughout 2015 with a lot of exercise and in August 2015 I almost hit my goal weight of 9.4 stone (60kg). I was so happy and a new person.

    Losing all that weight and feeling so much healthier and happier meant I plucked up the courage to go back to work in early 2015. πŸ™‚

    Since December 2015 my weight loss commitment has been tailing off and lately I’ve been going back to my bad old habits of snacking and finishing my kids meals (a total no-no for me).

    I am now back at 10.3 stone (66kg) and really need to focus. I don’t feel happy with myself anymore so I am looking at losing almost a stone to get back to 9.4st (60kg).

    Sorry to ramble on… Hope you are all having a good day! I had my first FD for a month yesterday and will have another tomorrow (Thursday).


    Dear Vanda, that is definitely the right decision for you! With your exercis-program and if I remember correctly already restricting calories on nonfast days to 1200 it’s no wonder, you don’t get enough to build more muscle. I think you are doing great, keep on!

    Hillsy, just remember how fast you lost 3 pounds in the beginning (in a week or less) of the 5:2, this will probably happen again. Don’t worry, you are doing really great!

    Hi Myggan and welcome! I hope you reach the 60kg in the near future. Question: did you always do 5:2 or were you already experimenting with maintenance and f.ex. 6:1? I hope work is good for you and you get used to do both, working and fasting.

    I’ll be on my next fast day tomorrow, let’s hope the scale moves a little bit after that πŸ™‚

    Hi Myggan(or do you prefer Lotta?)! Your description of your children made me laugh. My younger one (age 6) is also “determined”, as you put it! I am so encouraged at hearing about your experiences in 2014-2015–that’s an amazing weight loss! Like Beck, I wonder how things went between August and December, when it sounds like things started to go awry–did you find it hard to maintain the weight loss? Did you do any fasting in that time, or were you able to maintain it just by eating normally?

    Thanks for the encouragement, Beck! It’s a fast day for me today too, and I’m hoping for some scale movement too. I think this is the first day it’s been nice weather for a fast day for me–I’ve been associating fast days with gloomy weather. I wonder if that will help adjust my attitude to them at all!

    63.1, yay!!! 😊 I’m so close to the next milestone!!!

    Yesterday was my hardest fast day so far… Work was just crazy and I went jogging at noon, too. Then hubby got slightly annoyed when I announced I would have to work saturday morning and my parents would babysit the children monday so I could work again… He fears that he will not be able to bike enough… πŸ™„πŸ˜‘. But I finished the day and got my reward today!

    Hillsy, I hope your scale came to its senses snd shows weightlosd again!

    Have a nice day everybody!

    Hurrah, Beck! And good for you for managing despite the annoyances. I had an everything-goes-wrong day yesterday (including accidentally turning my cauliflower rice to mush!) and was grumbly about having to fast on top of it. But, the good news is that my scale did, as you put it, come to its senses–I’m at 134.8, which is 0.2 below my original goal. Only 0.4 down from two weeks ago, but at least I’m moving in the right direction!

    Hi Beck and Hillsy ( I use Lotta πŸ™‚ )
    I had a goal set (my parents 50th wedding anniversary) for the weighloss last August and that is what motivates me. Having passed that I went on holiday twice with my family in quick succession and had some “time off” from the 5:2. Which lead to putting on some of it before Christmas.
    Because of work pressure I have not had time to get my exercise back into my routine after Christmas (which was a bit of a blow out) so even though I have done a few weeks of 5:2 and 6:1 here and there I have not been consistent. And I have not exercised as I should.

    This week was good – I lost 1.5kg with my two FD’s so now I just need to keep track over the weekend not to ruin it by splurging (another of my issues).

    I know I need to do more exercise so I’m hoping to build up a good pattern in the next few weeks. I love Zumba and boxercise so I am signing upp for classes which makes me stick to it.

    Well done to both of you for getting past your niggles and reaching milestones! I found that short more achievable targets worked for me so i will start that again.

    All the best and good luck with the fasting!

    Lotta, 1.5 kg in one week–wonderful! Do you find that exercise helps with weight control? I’ve tended to find it has little effect–that it’s what/how much I eat that makes all the difference–but I do enjoy it (uh, sort of–some kinds more than others!) and I certainly feel better afterwards, and I think it might help with appetite regulation–so I stick with it despite not helping much with weight.

    By the way, my husband joined me in 5:2 four weeks ago, and he weighed himself for the first time this morning–down 11 lbs/5 kg. He’s now about where he wants to be, but he’s decided he’ll continue for another four weeks. So I suppose he and I are at the same place now–at our goal, but wanting to stick with it to see what happens. Also, for me, given what skipping one fast day last week seemed to do, I think I certainly need to continue if I hope to maintain. What I’m hoping is that perhaps I can drop another 5 pounds or so, and then shift to 6:1 in the hopes of staying around there. We’ll see. I do think that without any fasting I won’t be able to maintain, so I do foresee this as a long-term strategy.

    Hi Hillsy and Lotta (and whoever is still here). Back from the weekend and on my first fast day this week. The second one will be wednesday, although I prefer thursday, but my schedule didn’t allow it.

    I stepped quickly on the scale this morning (I’m very curious) and it seems I will start with my weight I had last week after the two fast days, so I’m hoping on a good loss this week. I really feel good with this way of life! So I’m finding myself wondering, if I could do even better? My original goal was to lose the 2kg I gained after stopping to smoke. Then I decided to try and lose 5kg. I’m only 1.1kg away from this goal. But I’m already thinking that I could try to aim for 60kg (7kg total)… incredible! πŸ™‚

    This weekend I read the 5:2 book again (well most of it) and it reminded me of all the other benefits this way of life has. And that weight loss isn’t the only one by far. And I really have to say, I lost a lot of cms around my waist and hips too (I don’t know exactly, because I didn’t measure before starting, but only the last two weeks I lost 2cm around the waist f.ex.). I think my skin is better. I sleep better. And first of all, it really makes me feel good. So I decided to stick with it anyway for half a year, before starting to try which maintenance mode works for me. The book says, that after half a year you may have a different approach to food, without having to try hard.

    So, anyway, Beck and her planning… I wish you a good day and a lot of success!

    Hello everyone – its great to see your posts pop up over the past few days. I didnt fast Thursday to Sunday, but seeing your posts kept my mind in the game which was a nice reminder. Congrats to you guys that have hit your original milestones and gone further, I salute you! I am using you guys as inspiration (and peer pressure lol) to keep me going.

    Having said that…I have completed two weeks of 5:2 (not 4:3 as I had originally planned). Somehow I have not been able to bring myself to fast for that third day, but Im completing the 5:2 so Im ok with that for now. I noted that I had dropped a total of 4lbs after my 2nd fast day last week, which I was thrilled about. Im sure its gone up since then but time of the month combined with associated comfort eating….I can be accepting of what the scales might say.

    On that note, I wanted to ask you guys for your view on something. If I weigh myself on Sunday (for example) and it says I am 146lbs, then thats great. If two days later the scales say I am 150lbs….surely my true weight is the lower weight? I understand that due to water retention or what not you can weigh MORE that your actual weight, but surely the lower weight cant be wrong, because you cant weigh LESS than your acual weight? I hope that makes sense, it was something I was trying to get my head around last week. Im fairly positive of the answer, but I wondered what your take on it was.

    As for today, I have started the day with the mindset that I am going to fast, but I am struggling a lot. Not so much with hunger, but I really miss the “fix” that I get when I comfort eat. Its crazy to even say that out loud because I sound like an addict, but I suppose its true! I feel tired and achy etc because of the obvious, and I desperate to eat something comforting. I almost feel a sense of shock that I have realised how much I rely on food as a relief from so many things other than hunger.

    Plough on through today or start on a day when I feel more composed???

    Hi Natasha, if today is really really not your day for fasting, maybe it’s better to stop than to create this negative memory of a fast day. If you stop do not feel bad about it, you can do another day! But if it is just not the ideal day, I would try to go through with it. Try to comfort yourself with beverages (water, black coffee, tea) and lowcal food like for example miso soup (if you crave salty) or berries (if you crave sweet). And set your mind to something else, like work or exercise or cleaning or whatever…

    As for you “actual” weight, it doesn’t exist, already during the same day you will change in weight (you’re the lightest in the morning). that’s why it makes sense to weigh yourself always at the same time. the weight changes from day to day, too. Even more so doing the 5:2 because your intake is very different. If I were you I would choose a day (for me the morning after the second fast day of the week, which is bound to be my “best” weight of the week and this helps my motivation) and always weigh yourself in the morning. With this system, comparing each week, you can see perfectly well your weightloss over time.

    I hope this helps! I wish you a good day, whatever your decision is πŸ™‚

    Thanks for your advice Beck πŸ™‚ I did decide not to fast. I can tell it was one of those days where I was looking for a reason not to fast, so better I let today go and have a better day tomorrow.

    Hope you are having a good day too πŸ™‚

    I’m not fasting today. I really wanted to (well, not because I enjoy it–to get day 1 over with!) but I have a hugely demanding afternoon today and tomorrow is very low-key so it made sense to delay for a day. Too much riding on this afternoon’s performance to risk it with groggy, cranky hunger!

    Natasha, another strategy I’ve heard of is it weigh yourself every day and average the 7 days to give you a sense week-to-week of your progress. The averaging should help to account for things like water retention and so on. Personally, since starting 5:2, I’ve been weighing myself the morning after the fasts. I am assuming that will be more constant/steady since it’s less reflective of what I’ve eaten the day before (since I’ve eaten so little!)–the conditions are more constant than on other days.

    I know what you mean about the fix. I am like that with chocolate–my relationship with chocolate really does, in a minor way, mimic what I’ve heard of “real” addictions. Whenever I’ve tried to quit cold turkey, I have a hard time for the first few days, for instance! What I like about the 5:2 is that I can tell myself I just need to make it through today–tomorrow I can have it! And that’s more manageable than “never” or “not until you’ve lost 10 pounds” or whatever. But I also find I do better with all or nothing. I find it hard to be moderate in my consumption–it’s actually easier to say “none” than to say “you can have a bit but that’s it.”

    What I’m going to try this week is having tastier food on the fast days. I think I’ve mentioned that I’ve been really penitential, almost, in what I eat. I wonder if fast days can be more pleasant if what I eat has more flavour. (But part of me wonders if, as with chocolate, having a bit of something good will just make me want more!) So, that’s my plan for this week–to experiment. Because I really have been finding the fast days unpleasant. I’ve got good willpower, so it’s no trouble sticking to it–it’s just miserable!

    So, good luck today, Beck, and I’ll be joining you in fasting tomorrow, Natasha!

    I actually had a really good fast day! For me it seems best to wait until past noon with eating. I tried new “fast food” today, for late lunch I had low fat quark with raspberries and for dinner lentils with tomatoes, onions and garlic together with some cottage cheese. For desser 20g dried mango, total of 460cal. I feel totally full now and was hardly ever hungry during the day.

    I hope you have a good fast day tomorrow too!

    Yes, I find that waiting helps–I try to make it to 1:30 or 2. That sounds like a yummy day! I discovered recently that there are calorie counts online for a cookbook I use a lot (Oh She Glows), and so what I might do is start figuring out which recipes there are good options. Work has been frantically busy the last month or so, but now that today is over, I should (I think!!) have a somewhat more relaxed pace, so that might help with planning things out a little better. (And maybe I can stop attacking chocolate like it’s oxygen now that the stress is a little lower??)

    Good morning! Hillsy, I’m were you (hopefully) were, I work a lot right now and have the impression I’m always running behind (I hope thats proper english). But I think it actually helped me, because I hadn’t that much time to think about food and eating. And the best thing ist, that it is BBQ season, so for dinner we often just throw some meat and vegetables on the BBQ and have some salad with it… much better than the swiss winter version with fondue and raclette ;-). I hope you have a quieter time now and I really think it’s a good idea to make fast day menus as delicious as possible (have you ever tried bolognese sauce with zuchhini-pasta?).

    as for me, I couldn’t help it, I HAD to weigh myself today… 62.6! I think it has been 10 years since I last weighed 62 something. I’m so happy and will be totally relaxed for the rest of this week :-). Going for a jog this noon and probably have some beer alongside the BBQ tonight, perfect day :-). Sorry, you are fasting today! Hope you have a good day, here the weather is really promising.

    Beck, HURRAH! That’s wonderful! Yes, that will keep you relaxed indeed! I’ll be weighing in tomorrow, but I’m expecting not to have terribly good news because I think I’ve been overindulging on the non-fast days. Now that my schedule is less crazy/stressful I am hoping to get in more exercise and be a little more focused about my diet on non-fast days.

    I’ve been thinking about trying zucchini pasta! Did you buy a spiralizer to make it, or can you just make the pasta with a grater? I have some cauliflower that needs to be used up, so I think I will do cauliflower rice for lunch, but not overcook it this time and add in lots of things like red pepper and celery to make it tastier. And then I’ll see for supper.

    So far so good on fast day (though it’s only 10 AM πŸ™‚ ), and it’s a lovely day–spring has finally sprung for us. The leaves are still bare and all that, but it’s sunny and warm (relatively speaking–I think it will go up to 11 or 12 degrees today). And we did use the BBQ for the first time on the weekend.

    Hillsy, how was your weighing? I hope you’re happy! Where do you live, in Canada? I looked up the “oh she glows” blog, because you mentioned this cookbook… I will have to see if there’s a german translation of the book, because in cumulation to not have the same products in the supermarket, all the measures are completely different! cups, inches, oz, … that makes it too hard to use for me. but some of the recipes in the blog looked really good!

    The zucchini pasta is really great! We bought a julienne grater, but the normal grater actually works better. So just for trying the grater sure is enough! I use the steamer for the pasta, and they get just perfect! I wanted to try the cauliflower rice for quite some time now, you inspire me to really give it a try! I’ve been thinking about almond milk for quite some time too. I got those ideas from a paleo cookbook, I think some of the recipes are worth a try on a fast day (or as well on a normal day).

    Well, I’m on my second fast day for the week, so far so good. The mean thing is, that same as on monday, somebody brought cakes today. The chocolate cake looks moist an absolutely delicious!!! Of course nobody brought cakes yesterday… :-(. I’m thinking about taking a piece and store it in the fridge till tomorrow. Sometimes it’s also hard to explain, why I don’t eat that stuff on certain days (I don’t want everybody to know about my fasting – don’t know why – so I don’t have to explain myself?), because people know me, and they know I love chocolate!

    So, back to work! Have a nice day πŸ™‚

    Beck, yes, I’m in Canada! I know what you mean about trying to deal with cookbooks from other countries, though, what with the different measurements and the different foods. It’s often not worth the hassle!

    I survived the fast day, but from about 4 PM onwards, I was pretty miserable. The cauliflower rice was good, though! This time I decided just to have it raw. I chopped up celery and red pepper, and added some soy sauce. This was stupid, though: while the soy sauce is low in calories, it was only after I had it that I remembered that sodium always makes me retain water, so could throw off the scales for a few days! I had that and yogurt for lunch and for supper. Today’s weigh-in was 134.8, so holding steady from last week–not losing, not gaining. Given that my goal weight was 135, that’s ok.

    But I am starting to have some serious concerns. My period is starting today, 19 days after my last. My last one, a few weeks after starting 5:2, was also early. It didn’t occur to me that there was a connection until last night I was reading a bit about 5:2 and discovered that some women do find it affects hormone levels. Now I’m concerned that I’ve been mucking up my system (or worse, that I am bringing on early menopause!!!–I definitely do not want that!). So I’m feeling very wary–if I am at a good weight and there are signs that it’s affecting my hormone levels, is it a good idea to continue? (But will I maintain if I stop?) One option would be to continue but with higher intake on the fast days. I’ve been tending to be at about 300 calories. Maybe that’s just too low? Certainly I think I SHOULD eat more on the fast days if I continue because of how miserable I get in the late afternoon. I notice that my husband is far more comfortable going all day without food, and I remember from the book that the female author needed to eat more often than the male author–I wonder if there’s a consistent gender difference?

    But I’m really not sure what to do… About two years ago, I lost about 20 pounds from not eating because of stress (ZERO appetite), and it had no effect on my cycles. So it seems odd that this would have a big effect, when that didn’t.

    Excuse me for intruding but I live on both sides of the border and use American, Canadian and European recipes. The things that help me are a digital scale that has a metric/Imperial toggle switch and a measuring beaker like this: https://www.amazon.ca/2-Cup-Mix-N-Measure-Glass-Measuring-Cup/dp/B000I1V2GM

    Between them you’ll have no conversions to make whatsoever. You just measure out as the recipe specifies. I’ve also found that most modern ovens also permit you to choose a C or a F setting. If not, most smart phones have a conversion app or you could use this table: http://cafefernando.com/conversion-tables/

    Thanks for that, LA Chubster! My measuring cups always have both, but the scale is what I need to make European cookbooks work for me!

    By the way, Beck, I forgot to say that I know what you mean about not wanting to tell people what you’re doing. This morning I mentioned to a friend my concerns about the hormonal effects, and she was appalled that I was dieting. But like you, all my friends know how I feel about chocolate, so it would be hard to explain turning it down! πŸ™‚

    Hi Hillsy, how are you? I too read a thread about early menopause, I really hope that’s not happening to you! But I think an early period was not one of the problems they had. If this started after starting 5:2 you should certainly watch that!

    I had 4 eat days in a row and had to fight some serious munchies… I stayed more or less around my tdee und tried to save some calories for chocolate and ice cream in the evening. so you could say I did ok, calorie-wise, and half of the food I ate was really healthy, but the other half was very unhealthy, loads of sugar! I’m not sure if I should feel proud for sticking to the TDEE or should feel bad about my food choices… ;-). Because of the food choices I’m not really sure if I will be able to lose weight this week, but we will see!

    Anyway, back on a fast day. We had some snow and it’s really cold, so I decided to dress warm because I’m always freezing on fast days. Some tea and Miso soup are ready to help me warm up. Brrrr!

    Oh, and LA Chubster, thanks for your tips. I know about the cup measures, if it was just this I wouldn’t mind. But the recipes are in english, some ingredients are not too well known to me and I’m sure I could handle it, but I don’t think I want to work this hard for cooking. πŸ™‚

    We were supposed to have snow today too, but it didn’t materialize…

    I didn’t fast on Thursday or yesterday. I’m freaked out enough by the menstrual changes to leave it be for a bit. Perhaps I’ll try again if my periods return to a more typical pattern, but for now, I think I need to be cautious. It seems so strange to me that this would cause such marked changes–I was not doing it for that long, and I was certainly not restricting calories on non-fast days.

    I’m frustrated with myself, though, because I told myself that yesterday even though I was not fasting I would be restrained (not least because my husband started doing 5:2 in part to support me, and now I’ve left him fasting alone!), and I found myself nibbling here and there through the day, taste-testing FAR too much when I was making supper, etc. Argh. I’m scared to get on the scales now… πŸ™‚

    Hey Hillsy, it’s a pity that you are frustrated. I understand your fear about the early period and I think you made the right decision. It’s not good to be fasting and at the same time being scared! I’m sure, the weight will not just jump on you in a day! Here’s an idea: why don’t you try 16:8 in the meantime? I mean having your meals in a period of 8 hours (from late morning till evening f.ex.) and then “fasting” for 16 hours. Apparently that already helps to have some of the benefits from fasting, and tests with mice and as well people (if I remember right)showed, that this rhythm is also good for controlling weight. I think that this way the whole menstrual stuff should not be affected AND you probably can control your weight better AND you will probably eat less in 8 hours anyway. What do you think?

    In the meantime I continue my 5:2 journey (I hope with 37 the menopause really shouldn’t be a problem). I fasted monday, which went really well, and will be fasting again tomorrow. I still think, that maybe this week there will be no weightloss, but I actually don’t care that much. I really hope that the scale moves downwards in the near future because I would really LOVE to be around 60kg. For the moment me and my old friend 62 are really happy together πŸ™‚

    I’m eating m&ms right now, they are delicious!!! I’ll try to be a bit better with chocolate next week because honestly, if you want to stay under your TDEE, not a lot of chocolate fits and you have to be very lowcaloric with the rest of the food… But this week I enjoy them! πŸ™‚

    Oh, by the way, hubby really wasn’t able to do 600cal a day (yeah yeah). But I tell him which are my fast days and he really watches his intake on those days and stays chocolatefree in the evenings. It’s already something πŸ˜‰

    Take care!

    On my second fastday of the week… I ate nothin up to now, I think I will keep this up until dinner and then maybe see if something around 300cal would already be enough. On the one hand I really want to try if it makes much of a difference hungerwise (until now it doesn’t) and if maybe I should try out a water only fast in the near future. On the other hand, turns out I do care about weightloss this week, although yesterday i felt differently. I’m disappointed in myself, it so doesn’t matter in the long run. But I was really happy that up to now I lost every week, some weeks more, others less… sigh! So maybe with a few less calories today I can turn the scale in my favor… πŸ˜‰

    Is anybody still here?

    Oh, by the way, I ordered cup measures… this way at least I should be able to cook some of the easier recipes.

    OK, beck the pessimist… Feel a little stupid now. But in a good way, am down to 62kg exactly. Which means a loss of 600g, that’s more than great! 😊

    By the way I got really hungry and exhausted after posting yesterday, so I had an apple and later a normal fast day dinner. Maybe it was the wrong day for trying something new…

    Hi Beck! Hurrah on yet more loss! As for your attempt to hold on at 300–that’s what I was doing on my fast days, and I think I would have been far better off at 500. I always prefer to leave myself wiggle room–I thought that running out of calories would be terrible. But I was so miserable on the fast days, and I’m guessing that an extra 200 calories might have really helped with that! As for you, you’ve been losing so nicely at 500 that it seems wise just to stay there.

    The 16:8 is a good idea–I will look into that more. I haven’t been able to get a really conclusive sense of whether dieting can bring on menopause earlier, or just affects one’s cycles. And this would be significantly early, too–my mom was about 50, and when I was in my mid-30s and getting some medical tests done, I was told that I had about the average amount of eggs left for someone that age, and so should expect an average age for menopause. It seems implausible that going hungry two days a week for a month and a half would accelerate it by 7 or 8 years! Just so hard to know what to make of it. Maybe if things get back on track, I’ll try 5:2 again, but taking my own advice to stick to 500, not 300!

    Meanwhile, my husband has reached his target weight. I think he’s going to try for 6:1 now for maintenance. He finds the fasting much easier than I do. He doesn’t find it too hard to skip breakfast and lunch, have a decent workout after work, and then just eat whatever he would have had for supper. I find that I start crashing by about 2 PM!

    I haven’t weighed myself in about 5 days, and I feel apprehensive about stepping on the scale. Sigh. And we’re having people over for dinner, so I’ve been cooking most of the day, sampling as I go!

    Oh Hillsy, that’s just a frustrating situation. I share your opinion, I can’t imagine that a little hunger triggers something like this. But like you I read some stories about it here on the forum. And I understand you not wanting to risk it. But being in this in-between-situation is probably not easy for you. The step on the scale will hopefully reveal something positive for you! Anyway, don’t forget, you’re at a very good weight for your height, you have absolutely no reason to feel bad if you gain some pounds!

    You’re absolutely right about the fast days! Maybe I will try a water fast sometime in the future, but right now I think I’ll stick to what seems to work perfectly for me. I kind of got nervous last week because I was afraid to get stuck. Which is really kind of stupid… So, I’m on my first fast day of this week and planning on having some kefir with raspberries around 2pm and a dinner with shrimps, cottage cheese and veggies/salad for dinner.

    At the end of last week I was really fed up with counting calories every day and trying to stay under my TDEE on non fast days, so I decided I needed a break. I ate really well (not in the healthy way, in the “what I like” way ;-)) friday, I still counted though and went up to around 2500cal. I just loved it! During the weekend I allowed mayself to eat a little over my TDEE. I think I really needed that! The funny thing is, I stepped on the scale yesterday and found myself 0.3kg lighter than after my last fast day last week. My explanation: I stepped up exercising the last few weeks and was really active this weekend.

    So, as I predicted, I got too neurotic following the 5:2. I feel more relaxed now and really hope to stay this way. I really loooove my “new” body though, so still keeping on. Will stick to the 500cal on fast days and my TDEE on non fast days, but allow myself exceptions on non fast days.

    Today would actualky be my second fast day this week (the first one went really well with my normal pattern of eating a bit around 2pm and the main meal for dinner, I even set a new record running at noon), but I decidedto skip it. We are on a long weekend because of the holiday today and the weather is so nice, I would really love to have a beer to the bbq. Tomorrow hubby and I have a babysitter and will eat out, saturday we have guests for dinner. So This week only one fast day. I stepped on the scale this morning and am at 61.4, so absolutely no reason to complain. Will just try to eat and drink moderately.

    What’s really interesting is, that my sweet tooth is still there, but it’s actually satisfied earlier (which means I stop after 3 rows of chocolate instead of all of them – sometimes).

    So, next week I’m going back to my normal 2 fasts, probably monday and thursday, which is my favourite combination.

    Phew, after this long weekend with great weather and plenty of eating and drinking I’m actually looking forward to my fast day tomorrow. Although we were pretty active and I exercised 5(!) times last week I probably did some damage. But will hopefully be back on track after the 2 fast days.

    On my first fastday for the week, so far haven’t eaten and not feeling too hungry. But from past experiences I will need something in the next hour or so. I’m ready with a bottle of self made green smoothie in my office (half spinach – half fruit, meaning apple, kiwi, blueberries, raspberries). I went for a run during my lunchbreak and did 7k with almost 200m elevation, which is great for me. Not eating before actually seems to suit me…

    for dinner I’m planning on having pumpernickel with cottage cheese and crevettes. which would still leave me with 100cal for a little something later in the evening.

    Just checking in, Beck, because I feel bad about abandoning you! I’m still waiting to see if my menstrual cycle will return to normal–but the fact that I’m waiting is, for now, a good sign, because last time it came way way too early. But then, I’m not sure–try 5:2 again or not? In the meantime, I have done 16:8 a few days, or roughly so–if I understand it correctly, it really just means, for instance, not eating breakfast and not snacking after supper (if, say, lunch at noon, supper at 6 or 7). I know it needs to be EVERY day to make any sense, but I’m kind of uncertain how to proceed, what to do, so I haven’t been very systematic! (Also, Sunday was Mother’s Day here, which meant my children wanted to bring me breakfast in bed!)

    It sounds like things are going well for you! A 7km run on a fasting day sounds fantastic–I always found myself so depleted on the fast day.

    My dear Hillsy, that’s so nice of you! Of course you’re not abandoning me, I see that there’s no point in writing in a 5:2 forum when you’re not doing it… But I have to admit, I miss you as a my fast-buddy, you where with me from the beginning! I really hope you find a way that works for you and secretly hope it will be 5:2 all over again (how egoistic!)… but anyway, I really only hope the very best for you, you deserve it!

    I will continue writing anyway, because this turned out like a diary for me. I recently read all the posts and it was really interesting to follow my way. It’s incredible how far I’ve come, I lost almost 6kg now, I’m exercising 3 to 5 times a week (before I was lucky if I did 2, sometimes 3) and I know a lot more about food and hidden calories. I still have problems to go totally healthy with my diet, but I think it was not so bad to begin with. It seems I do totally fine with refined carbs (although I reduced them over the last 2 years) and have no problem with gluten or lactose. So I try to make healthy choices, but don’t go too crazy, because I know I can’t stick with it.

    I’m on my second fast day this week, and there’s something new: I’m really hungry, although it’s only 8.30 am… hmmm… I started dipping into my raspberries (having kefir and raspberries for “lunch”). I’m wondering where this will take me, probably not a good sign. It’s really rainy today, I was planning on going for a run for my lunchbreak, hope I can.

    Hi Beck and Hillsy.
    I’ve not been around for a while (and not doing much fasting) due to a sudden family bereavment. πŸ™

    I have found myself a few time standing by the snack cupboard ( I keep telling myself it’s the kids snacks not mine…) thinking – “poor me, I deserve something sweet” which is what got me to my big size before 5:2.

    It’s difficult when sad things happen but I have to try to remember that only I can help myself feel better/be healthier and eating sweets and treats is not going to make me happy… at least not in the long run. πŸ˜‰

    So as things are starting to resume some kind of normality (but never really will) I have now got a new resolve to lose 6kg by end of July. I think I can do it…
    I am doing one FD today this week and will do my usual FD week next Tuesday and Thursday.

    It’s lovely to see connections being made in this forum – 5:2 is a journey (whithout sounding too much like a hippy) that forges friendships. Good luck with your health Hillsy and I hope you find the path that suits you.
    Well done Beck on your exercising and Fasting! It sound like you’ve really got it sorted. πŸ™‚ I can really relate to your comment on reading back through your posts – it’s a great boost and confirmation to see how far you’ve come.

    Take care and I will try to “pop in” soon for an update.

    Lotta x

    Dear lotta, I’m so sorry to hear this!!! I hope you get a little bit better everyday and wish you a lot of strength!

    I know the concept of comfort food… That’s what made me gain the 2 kg after stopping to smoke… Or when I was sad, or stressed, or… But hey, we’re only human!

    I had a strange fast day today, I was so hungry and cold, although I drank loads of hot tea and ate a little more than usual during the day. In the afternoon I bought a coke zero cause I needed SOMETHING. I never drink that stuff, I’m more a water/coffee/alcohol kind of girl 😜… I thought this was a really bad idea, but it actually helped! I just had dinner and am already hungry again 😫. I have about 70cal left, not sure what would be a good idea…

    Well, I will survive! But this time really looking forward to eating tomorrow 😊

    Hi Beck100, hi all, I was wondering how everyone was doing? This thread stood out for me because I am also mum of two, aged 36 and looking to lose up to 9kg. I experimented with 5:2 two years ago and got results and then maintained for a year. Then I had to write up my PhD thesis and I consciously decided to not deny my self any cake or chocolate etc. Very silly looking back. Anyway, I’ve crept back up to “weigh” above my comfort zone (pardon the pun) and finally got the push I needed when I saw a photo two weeks ago where I just felt I looked terrible. I weigh now what I did three years ago, although the weight has got more on bum and thighs than waist than before but muffin top is definitely a problem (and an understatement!). I started IF nearly two weeks ago, originally intending to do ADF but now happy with 5:2 or 4:3 and slower results. I have done 4 proper fast days so far (i.e. 500 cals) and they are getting easier and I’m finding what I can eat and when to eat. Saving it all and eating with the kids around 5pm seems to work well. Perhaps saving 100 cals for a cottage cheese and celery stick dish in the evening. Gritting my teeth through hunger pangs but sure they will get easier. I’m working from home during the day at the moment with the kids at school/ kindy. A blessing and a curse. I wish I could keep myself busier to distract me, but I love being able to control exactly what I eat and eat healthily. I’ve lost about 2 kilos but to be sure that is the honeymoon reading. If I lose 500g (about a pound) a week I will be happy. Have a family wedding on 2nd July and would love to be in the “feeling thin and getting comments” stage πŸ™‚
    I love how easy it is to eat less on non-fast days and still feel satisfied. And have the odd treat, knwowing I’m being far less indulgent than 3 weeks ago and I will still see results. Anyway, I’d love to hear anyone’s updates if you have any. Cheers πŸ™‚

    Good morning everybody! And welcome frauB, I’m always happy about people joining me on this thread πŸ™‚

    well, I had a rather food-rich weekend, we had a baptism where hubby was the godfather, and were drinking and eating a lot. On the one hand I skipped two breakfasts (because normally I’m not really hungry but tend to eat breakfast anyway on weekends) and on the other hand I managed to take my own advice for once and relaxed a bit about the non-fast days. knowing that I would do two fast days again this week. I quickly jumped on the scale this morning and I think I didn’t do any damage, but the weigh-in after the second fast day will tell. The funny thing is, I’m 61kg now, that’s better than I thought I could do, but now I’m aiming for 59kg so I could maybe maintain around 60kg. I was wearing a dress I bought 2 years ago, thinking I would lose a little weight and then fit in it nicely, well, that’s what I do now! I love this dress!

    So, on my first fast day of the week, really hope it goes better than the last one, I had my very own hunger games last week… for today I cooked ahead (wow!) and made lentils with onion and garlic, will have a small portion after lunchtime and the rest in the evening. Should be a nice change for the kefir with raspberries and cottage cheese with something (although still love those, but am afraid to get bored). The lentils worked really nicely the last time I had them for a fast day. Lets hope for the best!

    frauB, so you have 7kg left to lose? 2kg in such a short time, that sounds great! I lost very fast in the beginning too (around 1kg each week for the first 2 weeks) and still didn’t plateau after that, the loss just slowed down a bit. In general I probably lost around 0.5kg per week after that or even a bit more. do you watch your non fast days? I was waiting for the comments too, but hardly got any up to 1 week ago, it’s funny. It seems now people are starting to notice. Seems I hid those kgs really well… πŸ˜‰

    So, I wish everybody a nice day (fast or non fast) and take care!

    No hunger-games today, seems I am back to my “normal” fast days… I’m very happy with that!

    Hi Beck, Great to hear your update! Lentils with onions and garlic sounds really nice, I love that kind of thing. How many cals in cooked lentils? (I can look it up don’t worry). I had my last fast day last Thursday and then a long weekend and trip away began and I’m soooo looking forward to fasting again tomorrow!! I’m really glad I’ll still get two definite fast days in this week (today and friday) because next week is holiday again and I might not get any! I was so impressed with the first two days after the fast last Thursday at how easy it was not to eat unless I was really hungry and to eat smaller portions. I only hope that has paid off when I go on the scales though because I feel like I’ve reached my TDEE cals most days and probably gone over because of wine etc. I’ve been having tuna salads, mushroom omelettes (both with a tiny splash of olive oil which takes up 50 cals a time so might try and do without) and a kind of German cottage cheese with either fruit or veg in the evenings on fast days. Really like what I’ve been having but will definitely plan to mix it up a bit if I’m going to stick at this for another couple of months and maybe more. I would LOVE for it to become second nature to fast twice (and then I guess) once a week. Last Thursday I also tried a cup of beef broth as well and I really liked it.I think that’s usefull for when OH and/or kids are having a meal and I’m not joining in. I love the term ‘Hunger games’! Let’s hope there’s none of that for me tomorrow. I have a yoga class from 6-8pm so if I eat at 4 pm (which I think I can get through to easily) and then have a shower and bed after yoga it should be simples… πŸ™‚ Let me know how you get on. In answer to your question, I’m still finding my way with non-fast days. The first day after a fast I watch myself without even meaning to and it feels good. By day three and I can make bad choices (i.e. sweet snacks) and convince myself it’s ok. which is why I’d love to try 4:3 and fast every mon, weds, fri, so that there never is a feast day 3 if you see what I mean. I think I could get the best results that way but so far I’ve not managed it so that’s shame. Anyone got any advice for having fast days during school holidays and/ or when friends/ family are staying? I’m worried I might get grumpy and stressed cooking/ managing meals for other people and eating celery myself. So far it’s just not been possible. All the best for now Becks, looking forward to hearing from you.

    Hi frauB, so we will be fasting together friday, that’s always nice to know πŸ˜€

    I weighed the lentils uncooked, 100g with 1 onion, 1 garlic clove, a little bit of whitewine and Bouillon just came in under 500cal.

    I think for fast days to become my second nature it will take a lot longer. Some go better others worse , but I’m always really looking forward to eating again. But it works so well for me and I feel so much better that it is totally worth it. But I’m looking forward to just have to do one fast day a week in the not too distant future. I weighed myself this morning (I was too curious to wait for the second fast day) and am now down to 60.6kg, yay! I think it’s the combination of running on fast days before eating anything that works so well for me. So the endgoal is coming nearer, at 59 I will start the maintenance phase… At an incredible BMI of 20 βœŒπŸ˜„

    The holiday next week does make it difficult to get in two fast days, but I will try anyway. Will be fasting tuesday and then probably thursday or friday.

    Hi Beck,
    Wow- getting down to BMI 20 sounds amazing!! You must be a lot taller than me. I need to go down to 45 kg to get a BMI of 20. That would never happen. I’m happy with 22/23, I think my body type could not manage a low weight like that. I’m small but am not light boned or anything… anyway… fast day gone ok today. No hunger games. I made a spicy lentil soup with some celery and carrot and onion and cumin and chili and a lot of stock. Works out at 72 cal per 100g so had a small 200g bowl after yoga. Before yoga I had a salad. I’m glad I’ll have a fasting buddy on Friday. OH has done the odd fast, but doesn’t really need to lose weight. I had a bad reading on the scales this morning but didn’t take it too seriously because I’ve had 5 full days without a fast and I’m pre-menstrual and always heavy at this time of the month. I hope that in about 6 days I’ll get a much lower reading. Really going to try and eat well tomorrow. I may eat fast day type food but just more of it and try and stick to around 1200 cals or so. Let’s see… Going to jog tomorrow morning before I break my fast and then have a banana pancake (just 1 banana and one egg with cinnamon) and raspberries. Mmmmmmm can’t wiat. Better go to bed now πŸ™‚

    Hi frauB
    It does sound amazing, I almost can’t believe it. I’m 170cm which equals a 5ft 7inches I think. and I assure you, I always thought that I’m just not built for this weight (I do have hips and shoulders and never was one of those slender (is this the right term?) women). The last time I weighed around 60 or under was about 17 years ago!

    But my goal is not a BMI of 20, I just figured I need a little bit of wiggle room to stay around 60kg. It will take some trying out what I can allow myself to stay that weight, I’m not sure yet if I’ll try 6:1 right away and adding the occasional second fast day if the weight goes up (which will probably be the result of me watching the non fast days not so closely anymore) or if I should stay 5:2 a while longer and up my intake on the non fast days or if I should do 6:1 with another “half fast day” with a calorie intake around 800-900… endless possibilities… and probably moot because we will be going on holidays for 3 weeks in july/august and I suppose I will have to do some weeks of 5:2 after that (although with the warm weather I eat a lot of salad and generally don’t gain weight on summer holidays, but I’m not sure yet if I will be able to do at least one fast day a week).

    Your lentil soup sounds great! And that banana pancake too! do you just mix the banana with the egg and fry it in a pan? with cinnamon? I’m planning on eating healthy too today. I had a chocolate day yesterday, I bought my favorite chocolate from when I was a child and of course couldn’t stop eating once I started…I had eaten over 150g of it at the end of the day… but hey, once in a while everybody gets weak, so I’ll just do better today and then there’s the fast day tomorrow.

    Enjoy your run and your break-fast! πŸ™‚

    Hi Beck, Yes, well done for enjoying your chocolate day and not feeling guilty. That’s the whole point of this way of eating, that we can still enjoy a naughty moment now and again. I’ve just finished my banana pancake, yes, it’s an egg mixed with a mashed up banana and I add cinnamon and sometimes a sprinkle of sugar (today I used up a bit of apple puree in it so no sugar). Seen as I eat it on a non-fast day I melt a little butter in the pan and fry it in that. It’s more like a banana omelette than a pancake and it’s delicious. I got the idea from a thread on here and I’ve tried to make banana pancakes loads of times but always put flour and buttermilk etc in- no need! This is a great solution and it’s wheat/ simple carb free! On top I put some Quark (I live in Germany and can’t explain quark, it’s ‘curds’ i think. A bit like fat-free greek yog I guess, I also topped with stewed raspberries and chopped strawberries and a dash of maple syrup! It’s the second time I’ve broken my fast with this breakfast and I think it’s a winner! I bet I won’t be hungry til mid-afternoon now (I did eat at 9.30 am though so quite a late breakfast).
    That’s great that you’ve got some ideas for going into maintenance modes, I guess you can try different ways and see what works. I’m the same with summer holidays. It’s the winter/ spring holidays where I put on weight. In fact the first 2-3 kilos I’ve got to lose I only put on from Xmas onwards! I’m wearing some jeans today that would definitely have been pretty uncomfortable 3 weeks ago so that’s good. They’ll still fit when my muffin top has disappeared so that’s good too. What are your plans for your fast day tomorrow, Beck? Have a great day! πŸ™‚

    I’m from Switzerland, I had the same problem with quark on another post on this thread, but I looked it up and it apparently exists in english as well… so we could actually be talking german here… πŸ˜‰

    Isn’t it nice, when clothes are starting to fit again. I love the feeling. Better even, you have to buy new clothes! πŸ™‚

    I will definitely try these banana-egg-pancakes, yummy!

    Viel GlΓΌck fΓΌr morgen!

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