Mid-thirties, working mom of 2, looking to loose 5kg

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Mid-thirties, working mom of 2, looking to loose 5kg

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  • Well, on my first of hopefully two fast days this week… I had it planned for yesterday, but as we had people over I moved it to today. That’s the great thing about 5:2 you can adapt it very spontaneously to whatever is going on in your life. Second day is supposed to be thursday.

    I was a good girl sportswise, have been doing a kettlebell training, strength training, HIIT, pilates and for the first time a yoga bit especially for the fascias (I hope that’s the correct word for it). I notice that although my weight stays more or less the same (with some fluctuations as anybody of course) as well as the measurements my body is changing and looks more toned. I think it is mainly because of the pilates and strength trainings. Today I plan on going for a run during my lunchbreak. I really hope with autumn and winter coming up I can keep up my motivation!

    Foodwise I wasn’t as good, but we started making our own bread. Of course it still contains the evil evil refined carbs but at least I know exactly what I put in there and don’t have to eat all those emulgators and I don’t now what. I plan on experimenting a bit with different kind of ingredients, as for example buckwheat or psyllium husks.

    I wish anybody I nice day, fasting or not!

    Wow Becks, all those sports!! That’s wonderful. Wish I could go for a run in my lunch-break but we only get half an hour so it’s not long enough to change, run, shower!

    For the first time yesterday I “broke” a FD. Managed up until getting home from work but was so miserable and hungry that I didn’t keep it up. Trying again today.

    I’m really glad summer is headed our way. This means it is finally light enough before and after work to get in some activity.

    Have a great Tuesday everyone

    Hi Beck
    NFD for me today, FD again tomorrow. In doing Monday and Wednesday, I work Thursday Friday and for whatever reason find it really hard to fast at work. I thought the busy day would make it easier but doesn’t seem to be the case.
    I do all the same workouts you describe other than Pilates. I keep meaning to try it but we don’t have classes in my city and I don’t know enough to try it on my own. Do u follow a program or go to a class?
    You sound like a really self motivated person, plenty of people wouldn’t run in their lunch break and the thread reads like you’ve been doing it consistently for a while. When you’ve created such healthy habits for yourself I’m sure you won’t let a little thing like Winter get in your way.

    Elle, I did those sports in the course of a week and some of them combined, I think I did them on 4 days (which is very good for me). Sorry if my post left you with the impression I’m a sportsfreak – sadly I’m not ;-). Don’t beat yourself up over the broken FD, it happens. How nice that summer is headed your way, I really wish I could say the same!!!

    Lany, many years ago I went to some pilates classes but I hardly remember them. I do a lot of the free workouts on fitnessblender.com and many of those have pilates portions or are all pilates. It seems the guy was or is a pilates instructor. The lunchbreak run works because I have coworkers that run with me… on my own it would be a lot harder. I’m doing those lunchbreak runs since I started running, which was in march. It’s the easiest way to get some exercise in during my 3 workdays (they are in a row and with the children it’s hard to do something after work at home). I will try not to let winter get in my way… although living in switzerland I would not call it a little thing ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Hi everyone! Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve updated, but life has been insane lately. I usually try to update when I get a moment at work, but I haven’t had much downtime as of late. Last week I came down with cold/migraine and was out of commission for a couple of days, so I only had one fast day. And this week I have too much going on, so my only true FD was on Monday. However I am doing 16:8 today and tomorrow in the hopes it will help prevent me from overeating and gaining weight back. Yesterday I weight in at 152, which is another lb lost (woohoo!), so I’m pretty happy with that!

    On the exercise front I’m still chipping away at Insanity. Tomorrow is actually my last day and then I do my final fit test on Friday before I fly out to Hawaii at 10am for a well-deserved, 8 night vacation with my mother (no kids = lots of sleep!!). I plan on doing some running while I’m in Hawaii, along with hiking and various water sports. I’m a pretty active person, so I have the feeling I’ll only be able to lay on the beach for a very short amount of time before I have to do something fun. But I also plan on eating pretty much whatever I want, so cross your fingers that I don’t do too much damage to all of my progress. Then when I get back from Hawaii I’m starting P90X3 along with running on the regular, since I have a half-marathon to train for in December. It’s too bad I’m not as good at eating as I am at working out!

    Beck, I’m jealous of your homemade bread – I LOVE bread, and the more fresh and homemade the better! The closest I get to making homemade bread is beer bread, and let’s be real…there’s nothing healthy about that (but it’s SO GOOD).

    Hello there ladies, I am a working mom of 2 little ones but about a decade older and looking to lose 10Kg.I have skimmed through some of your entries and think I belong here and feel I will stay motivated with you all- so thanks for this space.

    Today was my first FD and it coincided with my first day of my period, maybe that is why it wasn-t so hard to not eat? Anyway, I am psyched about this and hope to eat low carb on the other 5 days as in the past that has worked wonders for me.

    About two weeks ago I started to jog during lunch break at work- I say jog purposely cause I am so slow these days. Before I turned 30, I ran 5 full marathons and numerous other 10Ks and 5ks. in my 30s I decided I was sick of running and moved to a lot of cardio dance (rumba) classes among other gym activities. Had a baby at 41 and another this year (44) and it has been a serious challenge to get down to my ideal 156 lbs / 71Kg. I am 178cm/ 5′ 11″ and currently weigh 80.9KG/178 lbs. I decided to start running again as lunch is the only time I have for me these days and it is hard to find an excuse not to do it since there is a gym near work to change/shower and treadmill if crappy weather… but man it is hard. I have only gotten up to 3,5 miles and it is torture- I made a goal with a friend to run a 5K on Sept 25- I am not going to worry about my finishing time- I just want to kick start myself back into being disciplined.
    That’s my story and my goals. look forward to learning from you and the supporting of eachother through this thread, good night, V in Colombia

    Hi everybody

    I’m on my second FD of the week – finally again! Up to now no problem, am a little hungry but it’s ok. I had a coffee with milk, a dried fig and a tablespoon full of cashews. apart from the cashews not the perfect choices but ok. I’ll probably make some lentils for dinner or make a tomato mozzarella salad. I noticed that over the time I’m getting really spontaneous about my FD meals, during the first months I planned them at least a little ahead.

    mloylo, what is beer bread? sounds interesting ;-). I actually never realised how simple it is to bake bread. flour, water, salt and the lazy version, dry yeast. I tastes incredible and I shouldn’t write about it while fasting!

    victorella, welcome and may I say, you fit perfectly! I’m sure the running will improve fast with some training and some less pounds to carry around. I notice a big difference running, but especially doing HIIT, because I lost those kilos. you’re less hungry on the first day of your period? I would say if there was a difference I would have more hunger… or better said cravings.


    Hi Victorella
    You sound like you have chosen the right place.
    I’m in awe of those who fit running into their lunch break. I have a shower at my work and when I changed employers at the start of the year I tried a few times but I found I couldn’t get back to the right mental space for my patients in the afternoon so I sacrifice an hours sleep on work days and dash out in the mornings before the kids need woken up.
    Welcome to the 5:2 way of life, I’m still only about a month into it but I can feel the changes in my body, I’m not going near the scales very often, only twice so far and for me that helps.
    I counted macros for about 6months and found that daily weighing and constant preoccupation with all things number related really wore me out. 5:2 feels so manageable and permanent I hope we all stick together and stay with it.

    Thanks for your words- this 5:2 is gonna be good. The running during lunch break may be barely effective but it is such a rush to get to gym, change, shower, change, dry hair,get back, that I see it as more of a distraction from eating cause there is no time – haha. today I had huge breakfast and it is now 5pm and I am not hungry and it is NOT a fast day…but it is have-a-couple-drinks-night..looking forward to it…ciao for now

    Hi all

    Welcome Victorella!

    Mloylo – have a wonderful holiday. Sounds amazing… sleep, beach, hiking, etc.

    Right, well I’m on my 2nd FD of the week. The 1st one was OK. But wow did I overdo it on my 2 NFDs that have just passed – sushi, cake, ice-cream, wine, etc.

    On FDs I usually have coffee and tea (1 each) with milk in the morning, then 2 x boiled eggs for lunch, and then eat again early dinner time (veg soup, or apple & cheese, etc.). I drink tons of herbal tea during the day.

    I have quite a weekend of running coming up. Next weekend (24th) I am doing the Marloth Mountain Challenge race which is a very tough, technical 34 km trail run over a mountain range. So have been training for that. I find when I am doing lots of trail I don’t lose much weight because so much of it is strength and endurance rather than road running when I pick up the pace a bit more. Would love to increase my HIIT workouts too. I also use fitnessblender.com, Beck.

    Have a great weekend everyone.

    Hello everybody! On my first FD of the week… Think I was pretty stable weightwise, but don’t weigh as regularly as I used to. Had a green salad with some bacon for lunch, maybe pumpkin soup for dinner? I would love done pumpkin risotto, but that’s not in my fastday allowance…

    Lany, what are macros? Victorella, every bit of running helps! Or any exercise. But the result is not direct weightloss, so don’t count too much on it. It helps for overall activity level and therefor in the long run as well for losing. Do I make sense? Mloylo, have a nice holiday!!! And Elle, you are crazy!!! That sounds like a great achievement, your endurance mountain race, I’m very impressed!

    Have a good day!

    Hi all! It’s so nice to see this group growing! I’ve fallen off the wagon a bit–life has been crazy the last few weeks, and I just do not have the headspace to organize, let alone endure, fasting. I’m hoping once things settle down a bit I’ll be back at it. I’ve been indulging too much at times (comfort-food as stress relief–well, more specifically, chocolate as stress relief!) but the scale isn’t doing TOO badly so far. Beck, you continue to be an inspiration!!

    Hi beck
    Macros is just the abbreviation for macronutrients, ie protein, carbs and fats.
    The If It Meets Your Macros (IIMYM) approach to weight manage my is pretty much how a nutritionist or body builder, personal trainer etc usually calculates intake for people depending on goals and training requirements. So nutrition guidelines indicate 0.8g-1.2g/kg/day of protein depending on if a person is sedentary or undertaking heavy weight or cardiovascular endurance training, looking to build muscle or maintain etc.
    carbs and fats have g/kg allowances as well.
    IIMYM calculates each macronutrient for the goals and basically you can eat anything u like within your calorie allowance so long as the macro ratio is met at the end of the day.
    For me it meant daily weighing and extremely close monitoring of all food everyday which quickly did my head in. This was back when I thought I was overweight but clearly wasn’t as all my clothes fit fine….which they no longer do!!!!
    So on the plus side IF is working well for me. My scales had a hissy fit this morning and gave me 3 different weights, regardless of which was actually right I’m down this week either 200 or 600g so I’m happy

    Hi all

    You are definitely an inspiration, Beck!

    Well done Lany – down is down no matter how much ๐Ÿ™‚

    I did a FD yesterday. I thought I ate way too much in the evening (have been doing fine until I get home, and then always want to eat EVERYTHING in sight!) but MFP says I was only 60 cal over so thatโ€™s not too bad. I will do another FD tomorrow I think, because I donโ€™t want to have to limit calories on Thursday or Friday, before doing such a big endurance event on Saturday when I will really need my reserves. I promised my husband (and myself!) that after this I will limit myself to a maximum of half marathon distance for the next year at least.

    Hi all, sorry I’ve been out of the loop for a while. Just had a quick browse through the thread – My! the forum is growing and you’re all making great progress ๐Ÿ™‚

    Welcome Victorella – you and I are in the same boat in terms of age and weight loss goals. I also run, but only since April this year, so certainly not managed any where near marathon level yet – 5K in under 39mins is by current PB (weekly local Parkrun). I’m aiming to get that down and increase the distance gradually, but small steps at a time ๐Ÿ™‚
    Beck – your bread making sounds like fun. Someone gave me a bread-maker as a wedding present – haven’t used it yet. Maybe I should experiment with it…
    Mloylo – Enjoy Hawaii and well done on your weight loss.
    Elle – your mountain endurance run sounds wicked! All the best with that.
    Lany – Glad IF is working for you. By the way, whats the difference between IIMYM and IIFYM? According to IIFYM, my TDEE is about 200 calories higher than with other calculators… which is a bit confusing. I tend to go with the lower number though.

    As for me:
    I’m fasting today. Planning to take ~300 cals at dinner time – maybe after I go for a quick run around the block…
    I’m struggling a little. I’ve had a stressful couple of weeks. Not quite managed a 36h water fast beyond the 3rd attempt and weight wise: I’m stuck on a plateau (still below 70kg though).
    In terms of exercise, I still run my usual 5K, cycle and do TRX and yoga (these have come down to 2x per week now).
    The weight plateau frustrates me a bit. I know I shouldn’t be too hung up on the number on the scales – but easier said than done.
    Stress is causing me to overeat and indulge on sweets and other refined carbs – so not a good combination ๐Ÿ™

    I should also count my blessings ๐Ÿ™‚
    My husband just started a new job (after being unemployed for over 9 months!). I bought my self a new road bike (thin tyres for longer and faster rides). And last but not least, I’m planning a big cull of clothes that are too big for me – which means I’m still losing fat – my hips and waist are a couple of cm’s smaller and %fat has come down to 22.2% which is now on the cusp of lean-ideal level.

    Although it’s been a tough couple of weeks, I found inspiration in all of you – thank you. So onwards with the fasting!

    Hi everybody!

    wow, suddenly a month has passed and everybody stopped writing at once… in my case I have to admit that – having reached my goal and “just” maintaining – I felt like I really didn’t have any interesting news to share. But I’m still here and still on 6:1, it works and I’m still so very happy that I found this!

    With the weather getting colder and the evenings darker some of my bad habits came back… more refined carbs and above all the quantities of chocolate in front of the TV (while watching more TV because of the dark and the cold) started going up again. But I was able to stop it, this week I’m really trying to eat more healthy again. Fact is, the better I eat, the less hungry I am!

    What I kept up, or better said even improved, is the quality and quantity of exercise. My running times have improved to a new level, I’m keeping up Pilates and HIIT/Strength training and now added some Yin Yoga 2-3 times a week after a workout or on resting days. I don’t really follow a plan, I workout as I feel. That means 1-2 running, 2-3 pilates/hiit/strength and 2-3 yin yoga sessions a week. I think my TDEE is higher because of this, that’s probably why I didn’t really gain weight while I have the impression of eating more in general.

    I hope you girls are all well, I would love to hear what’s going on with you!


    hi everyone!
    Im not new with the fast diet, iv been on it nearly 4 years, this year tried the 16:8 for a few months but im back on the 5:2, much better! Im in my 30s,have one child, full time job, love going to the gym, busy life ! And this diet helped me with not just loosing a few kg, but with my mood and energy and thinking…. and learned to eat more healthy foods and cut down on meat(witch is a big thing because in my country is all about eating…especially meat!) ๐Ÿ™‚

    Is it only me that finds it easier to just have all your calories lunch time? I find it easier not to have to eat dinner, because if I have something small I feel it opens my appetite making it harder for me. so I just have my tea and go to bed!

    Oh …I hope is ok that I wrote in your group…. But being from a really small country that no one understands this life diet , I feel alone! ๐Ÿ™‚

    My husband is supportive , he was on this diet as well (lost 20kg!) He had to stop because it wasn’t easy with his job. But he said he will try again now! ( hope my English writing is ok !)

    Hi everybody. I haven’t posted for almost a year, although I stayed with the 5:2 more or less all the time. Normally I did a 6:1, some weeks and especially on holidays I didn’t fast at all. I rarely did a proper 5:2 although I gained some weight over the first months of this year (about 2-3 kg). Now I decided to do it properly again for a while. Some of my new clothes don’t fit as good anymore. Today is the second FD of this week and also in over a month.

    Maybe some of you are still around? Would be really nice to hear how you are doing!


    Hi Beck
    I haven’t been posting for months. Lately I’ve also been doing 6:1, not so much because I reached my goal more just struggling with a second FD.
    I have used regular long fasts from dinner to dinnner or late afternoon but not controlled the calories when I did eat other than the one proper FD.
    I think like you I need to get back to being more accountable and commit to 5:2 again to loose another 3-4kg.
    Maybe if I check in here too and we support each other we can loose the last few kilos and make the transition back to proper 5:2 a little easier while we do it.

    Hi Becky, hello everyone!
    I’m new here and I was happy to find THIS thread in all these loads of postings! I would be very happy to join this group and share my thoughts and experiences in this program with you.
    I started 5:2 in February after I had started to put on some more weight. I’m 38 years old and I guess it is just due to the fact that the older you get the less you can eat without gaining…
    I lost some kilos and was very happy. I just would like to lose 2 or 3 more kilos and then keep the weight at that – a thing I never really managed before in my life. So I somehow have the feeling that I am permanently about 2 – 5 kg above my goal weight. I find 5:2 a perfect way of eating for me, yet I am a bit scared, too of wanting to binge on NFDs. I am coming from an eating disorder and am therefore avoiding sugar and white flour, so I’m eating quite healthy anyhow. In the last weeks I found myself a bit slobby (I don’t know if that is correct English) – wasn’t very clear anymore, neither on my FDs nor on my NFDs. Right now we have a family holiday and I would like to start out new after that. But I hope to at least not gain more weight the next 2 weeks. I thought about just skipping breakfast every once in a while….? Honestly I always found it very hard to stick to the 500 kcal. mostly did FDs on 600 – 800 kcal. Well, I hope to have more courage and strength in September when I start again and I would be very happy to read from you!

    Hi Lany and Lou! How nice to read you again, Lany! It fits perfectly that we are both about those last few kilos, I’m sure we can motivate each other. Lou, hang in there and stay relaxed! Better to eat 800 cal, which is already quite something, than to overconcentrate on food, I’m sure it will work out. I do a rather freestyle 5:2 myself! Still, it works.

    I like to believe, that a part of those 2-3 kg more is due to more muscles, because exercise-wise I am a lot better now than I used to be… maybe half a kg or so? ๐Ÿ˜Š

    I actually didn’t go through with my FD today… until 6 pm I had had 2 coffees with milk (120cal) and an apple (60cal). I even resisted Ice cream with the kids while bathing. But then my OH and I had a glass of wine and I decided to eat a little something. So I guess I ended up at around 800cal. Still, that’s ok, it was very nice and now I stopped. I still want to be able to live my life and sometimes you have to be flexible ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    Have a nice weekend everyone, enjoy!

    So, I’m on my first FD of this week. Up to now I had to coffees with milk an a carrot salad, ca. 200cal. I find it’s better if I post here that I’m on a FD, because I don’t give in so fast when there’s some temptation or I’m just not feeling like it. Today has been an easy fast so far and I hope it stays that way. I hope that by the end of this week I will see a 61.something on the scale…

    How are you doing?

    Hi everyone, Becky and co, welcome miracleLou!

    I haven’t posted on here for a long long time, although I was active on the forum in May for the May challenge. Funnily enough though, this thread getting active again coincides with me having my first fast day since early June yesterday!! After a 2 month school holiday for my kids and lots of visitors at home I was so desperate to fast and I really enjoyed fasting yesterday. I would love to get back to the weight I was a year ago and maybe even from there lose a couple more kilos.

    Yesterday I didn’t eat anything during the day but I drank some coconut water and roibos tea and water. I felt a bit faint at 5pm and at 6 I had a small homemade potato cake and 2 spoons of baked beans and piece of cheddar. Not my normal fast day fayre at all but it filled me up and was probably about 450-500 cals.

    Today, I wasn’t hungry at breakfast (I rarely am on early school/work days) and I’ve just had some carrot, apple and orange slices. I will have a small lunch and then later I will have an hour sweating it out on my jungle walk (I live in Brunei, Borneo). After that I will eat. Tomorrow I would like to fast again.

    Looking forward to hearing how everyone is getting on and sharing and motivating ourselves on our missions.

    Have a great day!

    Hi FrauB, how nice to read you again! How are you doing in Brunei, do you like it? How are your children and you husband doing there? I hope you like it!

    I weighed myself yesterday after the first FD of the week and at least am now under the 62 kg mark again. Today is my second FD. Hopefully in about 4 weeks I will have lost another 1.5-2kg. I really got used to this weight at around 60kg… I would never have thought before starting 5:2 that I would feel too heavy with 62kg. To make myself clear, I’m not complaining and saying I feel fat – I know that I’m still at a perfectly fine weight for my height. But those last 2kg make a difference above all around my waist and some clothes just fit better.

    So, FrauB, Lany and Lou, let’s do this! It’s so much better to travel this road together ๐Ÿ™‚


    Hi everyone! I started to post last night but by mistake deleted my post and then was to tired to type everything again…
    I know exactly what you mean, beck, with those last two kilos…
    I finally decided to not fast for the rest of my holidays and to enjoy my 3 meals a day with my family! I am usually not having snacks anyhow since I am coming from an eating disorder and stick to 3 meals and no sugar for most of the time. So I generally eat quite healthy. Yet I am also even looking forward to fast again after my holiday. And I am looking forward to do it together with you guys, motivating each other!
    I have a question about coffee. Today I heard in a video that there are so many advantages for your health and well-being in not having coffee. I like it a lot though, but this program I watched really inspired me to try without maybe… Has anyone of you experiences on that??
    Happy to go on this journey with you! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Morning all!
    Hi @beck100, yes we are all loving Brunei. The kids are doing well at school, my job is good, husband is happy. All is well. It’s very hot and sticky but I think I do do more exercise more regularly than before and I seem to have been able to stop myself from yoyo-ing too far into a higher weight than I sometimes did in Germany. I am seeing 5:2 more as a way to maintain and very slowly lose a little, and during the kids school term my working week does work well for Monday and Wednesday fasting so that is good.

    How are you? Are you still living and working in the same place? How have things changed for you since last year? I hope you can shake a little down to 60 if that is where you are comfortable and reading your posts it sounds like you’ve done a great job at maintaining. That’s what I need to crack!!

    Yesterday (weds) however the fast didn’t work out. Not in a bad way, just in a social plans way… so I’m going for it today. Luckily I have a lecture from 11-1 so that will break it up really nicely and I think I’ll manage ok today. Monday’s fast was an absolute pleasure- such a good feeling!

    Anyway, @miraclelou, I saw your query about coffee. I could talk about this for hours so I’ll try to keep it short.. ๐Ÿ˜€

    If caffeine doesn’t disagree with you there is nothing inherently bad about coffee and there are some studies which point to certain health benefits. My parents-in-law have had at least two cups of coffee a day practically their whole lives and they are fit and healthy as they approach 80.

    However, I realised about 13 years ago that I do not cope very well with caffeine. I had always avoided coffee and even black tea after about 3pm because I was aware that it interfered with getting to sleep if I drank it too late in the day. However, when I moved to Germany in 2004, I started drinking a lot more coffee because there was always a pot in the staffroom and I had a coffee machine in my apartment- but no kettle!! (Imagine- a Brit like me- what a shock!!!) Anyway, I contracted my first and extremely severe case of cystitis (bladder infection) and was in absolute agony (I had literally just arrived in Germany and didn’t have a doctor or anything). It was an eye opener and when a friend said to avoid coffee and alcohol until it had passed, it suddenly clicked that my increase in coffee consumption might have been what brought it on in the first place. A week or two later, on a day when I had drunk a lot of coffee in the morning, I felt the cystitis coming back. So it was not long after that that I decided to try and remove caffeine (certainly in coffee and black tea form) from my diet. After the initial withdrawal headaches (a common feature when caffeine is suddenly removed from the diet) I felt fantastic, seemed to be sleeping better and, well, I’ve never gone back to it. I sometimes have weak black tea if there’s no alternative (a.m. only though) and I do enjoy the odd de-caf coffee at the weekends or Jasmine (green) tea in sushi restaurants etc.
    When I explained all this to a friend who is a Urologist (bladder doctor) he concurred that I probably was sensitive/ intolerant to caffeine and such a huge amount could bring on cystitis. But he said that people who are sensitive to caffeine and react in that way, usually also react to alcohol in the same way. But in my case, that is (fortunately or unfortunately…) not the case. As a student I drank pretty heavily and still drink now (much more in Brunei that Germany funnily enough) and I’ve never had any adverse effects relating to my bladder (other adverse effects.. maybe!)
    Anyway, I did want to keep this short. I hope that’s useful and interesting for you. If you think you might be sensitive to caffeine in that kind of way, seeing how you are without it might be a good thing (you have to push through withdrawal headaches though). However, coffee in itself is not inherently bad, these days it’s the sugar-laden mocha-chocha-frappe-dappe-doodahs that are the worry, not the coffee itself, I would say :))
    Have a great day everyone!

    Hey FrauB, thanks for your interesting report about caffeine! I think in terms of my body I am not too sensitive with it, but mentally /emotionally it seems not to be good for me. It makes me feel stressed and impatient a lot. Since about one week I cut down to 1 espresso or 1 coffee per day and that already feels much better. Next week I’ll try to cut down completely…
    On Tuesday will be my first FD after the holidays. I won’t weigh myself until after the first two FDs!
    Wish you all a good day tomorrow and happy food choices!

    Hi FrauB, Lou and Lany, I hope you are well! I haven’t posted this week, because I was very busy. Still, I managed two proper FDs, so all is going according to plan. I have now lost almost 1.5kg in 3 weeks and already feel much more comfortable again. Another 1-1.5kg and I’ll be perfectly happy again. It’s funny, it seems to be much easier to stick to the 5:2 when posting here… I think it is because we do it kind of “together” and also it’s harder to just not fast, because you have to admit to it here…

    FrauB, yes, I’m still in the same place (Switzerland) and doing almost the same job. I got promoted and have partly new Tasks now, so I’m pretty happy. I prefer not doing the same over and over again :-). But my life is not near as adventurous as yours! My younger son is in kindergarden now, which made my life easier, as I can work from home some Mornings. Also, sometimes I have a morning just for myself, which is unbelievably nice (I know, I’m a mean mother, but still, I love it!).

    Anyway, I’m hoping after another 3 weeks I’ll be able to switch to a more 6:1 Lifestyle again. For the moment I’ll Keep on keeping on ๐Ÿ™‚

    Take care, everybody!

    Nice to read from you Beck! By now I feel quite uncomfortable with my eating… It feels like I put on some weight in the last 3 weeks of my holiday… And I am pretty sure I did! I won’t weigh myself though, now. Next week, Tuesday and Thursday will be my FDs and after that I will probably dare to look at my weight again… I also feel quite uncomfortable in my head by now -I miss the clarity fasting brings! Looking forward to restart on Tuesday!!!

    Tomorrow will be my first FD since about 3 weeks. Honestly I’m quite scared!!! Yet I know that I want back what I had with my FDs that is clarity!!! Strange though how quickly things can feel so different! Having 2 FDs was completely normal for me and now, thinking of that makes me scared…
    I’ll go to bed now and will go right through my fears tomorrow…

    Lou, how are you doing on your first FD after your holidays? Hoping it feels like before!

    I’m between FDs today. I prefer to have 2 NFDs in between, but the schedule is boss… it just didn’t fit otherwise. On the other hand I’m back in the 5:2 routine, after months of freestyling. The reward is my first weigh-in under 61kg in months and I’m happy ๐Ÿ˜Š

    So, have a nice day everybody and a good FD to those who have one today.


    Hey Beck, that sounds good! I’m happy for you that it works and you are so close to your goal weight (you are, right?). I am doing very good so far on my first day back fasting! I was so busy that I had my first meal at 3.30pm! That helped me a lot! I ended up with 513 kcal which is perfectly fine with me! In case I should become very hungry tonight, I will have some broth (Hรผhnerbrรผhe). And I will go to bed quite early. My next FD is Thursday or Friday. Probably you are right that it is better to 2 days in between FDs…
    Have a good FD tomorrow! Take care!

    Hey Beck, that sounds good! I’m happy for you that it works and you are so close to your goal weight (you are, right?). I am doing very good so far on my first day back fasting! I was so busy that I had my first meal at 3.30pm! That helped me a lot! I ended up with 513 kcal which is perfectly fine with me! In case I should become very hungry tonight, I will have some broth (Hรผhnerbrรผhe). And I will go to bed quite early. My next FD is Thursday or Friday. Probably you are right that it is better to 2 days in between FDs…
    Have a good FD tomorrow! Take care!

    Good morning all!

    Lou, I hope you could finish your FD yesterday as good as you started it! I too don’t care too much if I’m a little bit over 500cal. Yes, I’m close to my goal, which is to be around 60kg again. Last year I generally was under 60kg, sometimes closer to 59kg, but I’m feeling just as comfortable with around 60kg, and really, the difference is not notable.

    I’m on my second fast day of the week. Yesterday, despite being the NFD between FDs I ate very little, I just wasn’t that hungry. I started having a croissant and half of something called zigerkrapfen (sorry, not able to explain that. It’s baked and it’s sweet, that shoud suffice for the purpose needed here) in the middle of the morning. I was so full, that during lunchtime I wasn’t hungry at all, so didn’t eat my couscous-edamame-salad (had a pedicure anyway, so no social eating required). I was so busy during the afternoon that I completely forgot about the salad, which I had around 7pm with some chicken when I was home again. I felt completely satisfied, yet I only had had around 1000cal. So I ate some sweets, just for the sake of it und ended the day with 1400cal. It’s funny how there are days, when you could eat all day long and still feel hungry and others wenn you just aren’t…

    Let’s see how my FD goes today and then I’m already done for the week, which isn’t too bad ๐Ÿ™‚

    Take care

    Hey that sounds great!
    I finished my FD well, yet I was really really tired and I wasn’t very nice with my kids either. I’m afraid I can get quite impatient with that little food. I went to bed early and it was fine though. But I really hope that my impatience, anger and aggressions with my kids will become better…
    I think I’ll have my second FD on Friday. That fits best in my schedule…
    Hope you are having a good FD today!
    Take care!

    Dear Lou

    I know the part with the impatience and anger with the children…although with me they’re normally not related to the foodintake. Or at least not anymore, because right now the FDs are really pretty easy.

    It always helps me to hear, that other mothers struggle with their patience as well, sometimes I feel like such a bad mother… do you know those evenings, when you have the feeling that you were complaining and lamenting and moaning all day long and feel bad because you think “how is it possible that a 4 and a 6 year old get me to be this cranky person!”. I should be more “ZEN” ๐Ÿ˜‰


    Dear Beck!
    OH yes! I know that so well!!! My children are 4 and 7 years old and with the 7 year old I sometimes think he behaves like a teenager in puberty! I often can’t stand hearing myself anymore, because I seem to criticize all day long…
    But I’m doing my best one day at a time and am working on myself as best as I can. Luckily our children always forgive us our failures as we forgive them too…
    Tomorrow will be my second FD this week – and just like the last time I am scared again. Today was a day when I could have eaten all day long… I didn’t but had cravings quite a bit. Hopefully it will go as well as on Tuesday. Thank you for sharing, take care and have a great weekend!

    Hey again! Yesterday worked out fine! I enjoyed ended up with around 550 kcal which is very good! I find it actually easier than before my holiday…
    Yet right now I have quite a craving. I had to bake a cake last night for an event and made some more for my family. Now first thing in the morning I think of is trying this cake! Usually I don’t even eat any sugar! So I decided to write about my desire right here! And not eat it! I can have a little piec with my breakfast later on but now I’ll first do my regular morning routine! Thanks for reading!

    Yesterday was really bad with my kids! Food wise the weekend was OK, a bit too much cake for me as a “non sugar eater” though. Today is my first FD of the week and I hope it’ll go as well as last week! The fear of fasting is already gone again ๐Ÿ™‚
    Beck, have a good day, too!
    Is anybody else in this forum at the moment?

    I had a bad NFDS today! Somehow the days after FDs become hard for me! I could just eat and eat… Any advice for me?

    Hi Lou, thank you for understanding me… :-). It really is hard sometimes and parenthood can be quite difficult. There are times when I think, that I do everything wrong. Other times I think I’m doing pretty well. But you are right – as long as I try everyday to give my best I’m doing all I can. I think it’s also a good sign when you’re asking yourself if you’re doing it right. That means you always try to be better.

    Congratulations on your succesful FDs! That’s already a very good start. I too had a phase last years, when the NFDs were bad, I had cravings and it was really hard to stick to my TDEE (or at least near my TDEE). My advice is to not worry too much, as long as you’re doing the FDs right. Maybe you eat a little more on the NFDs after the FDs and try to eat a little less on the other NFDs? In any case, I think it will pass, just try not to get too hung up on this.

    I had my first FD of the week yesterday. My first FD together with my OH actually. He has psoriatic Arthritis and I read about some very good results doing the 5:2 with inflammatory illnesses (not sure this is the right term). He did very well, wasn’t even hungry in the evening. I really hope it can make a difference for him!

    My second FD will be friday, due to a crammed schedule. Not sure if I will have lost weight, but I too try not to worry too much. I feel good and it’s not too hard right now to stick to the 5:2.

    Take care everybody, cheers

    Thanks Beck, that gives me hope!

    Yay, back to 60.2 kg and happy! I must say, this time around the 5:2 was much more relaxed than last year. I trust more in what my body tells me, above all on the NFD. I don’t overconcentrate on not eating too much, which led to some higher cal days but also to lower cal days because I felt perfectly full. I’ll continue for the moment, also because of my OH, I really hope the fasting can make a difference for his psoriatic arthritis and his overall health. I think last year I did the 5:2 for a long time with sheer willpower, worrying about the FDs as well as the NFDs, that’s why I was a little bit fed up. I’ll try and be more relaxed about it and trust my body and how it feels.

    How are you doing, ladies? Hope everybody is feeling fine!

    Congratulations Beck!
    Tomorrow is a FD again, and I am still a bit nervous about it… I don’t weigh myself so much at the moment, I think it will still take couple more FDs to be back at my weight before the holidays. So this week Monday and Thursday and I will weigh me after that! I guess it’s most important for me at the moment to get used to 5:2 again and especially to not eat too much on NFDs!
    Have a good week everyone!

    Yesterday went really well! I ended up just a little over 500 kcal. I decided to have a 4:3 week this week, just as a little booster to be at my goal weight quicker. I even weighed myself this morning and was quite happy. 1,5 – 2 kg to go for my destination! I actually enjoyed fasting yesterday – I think for the first time really… Seems like a good development… How are you doing, Beck?

    Hi MiracleLou, Hi Beck,

    I’ve still been reading your posts via email, but I haven’t logged on for a while because I stopped fasting again for the last few weeks. I can also really sympathise with the impatience with children that you were talking about. Sometimes I feel really bad for “losing my rag” with my two boys. Often, when i think about it, it’s my reactions that are different from day to day and not their behaviour. I also find that when I decide to try to be patient and kind it sometimes results in me just letting them do whatever they want (which at the moment is watch videos about minecraft on my laptop). I need to find the way to parent effectively but without just shouting…

    Anyway, great that your going strong on 5:2 and Lou, that you’re so close to your goals and starting to enjoy fasting. And Beck, that you’re feeling comfortable and maintaining well.

    Various visitors staying with us for weeks on end meant that I abandoned 5:2 again at the end of August and September. The last guests left on Monday and I’m keen to get a fast day in this week but I haven’t yet. I have also signed up for something I never thought I would do, which is a kind of nutritional programme/ weight loss thing using protein shakes etc. I’ve just signed up for one month. Lots of people I know here have lost masses of weight on it and I think my plan is to use it for a month to get to my target weight (4-5 kilos below my current weight) and then just go back to 5:2 or 6:1 for maintenance.

    It’s funny to think that 3 years ago, I was posting on this forum and I had achieved the goal I am now trying to get back to. It’s a sure sign that I am a classic yoyo dieter and this time I want to break that cycle. People like you, Beck, who find it easy to maintain using 5:2 as a helping hand are my inspiration!
    Have a great day everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hey frauB,
    So good to read from you! My 4:3 week went really well – except for yesterday night. I had a bad day because of a painful eye infection, yet had to (wanted to) go to an important seminar. Didn’t have a good choice for lunch and ended up having lots of sweets last night! ๐Ÿ™
    Well, nobody is perfect! I will just keep going! Today is a new day. Since my family is at home now until Tuesday I will just be able to fast on Wednesday and Friday this week. Maybe next week I will do a 3:4 again. Perhaps alternate 5:2 and 4:3 until I ‘ve reached my goal!
    FrauB, you can do it, too! You’ ve made it before!!! Good luck to you!
    You all have a good week and healthy food choices! Take care!

    Hi Lou and FrauB, nice to hear from you! I’m on my first FD of this week, actually wasn’t planning one today… but yesterday was a feastday mixed with alcohol and I felt awful in the evening. Not because of a bad conscience but actually had stomach ache. So, not the perfect FD today but at around 600cal. Will do another FD on wednesday. Weightwise I have no idea, I forgot to weigh – unbelievable. But Iโ€˜m quite happy with my weight an continuing because of other reasons, so that explains it.

    I wish you two a lot of strength – you are doing perfectly, donโ€˜t worry. And do 2 or 3 kilos really matter in the long run? You will get there! Frau B, maybe this shake thing is good for a kind of kickstart, longterm 5:2 is better, Iโ€˜m sure. Good luck! Are you allowed to eat? Lou, hope your eye infection is better. And enjoy those moments of indulgence, you canโ€˜t always be good!

    Take care, hugs

    Thanks Beck! My Eyes are a bit better but I feel quite week, guess kind of a virus… Nevertheless I had a FD today even though my family was around. (600 kcal) Honestly they don’t know that I am on this program, so I prefer days when my husband is at work. Since I was resting a lot today and my husband was with the kids it went quite well… Yet I know, tomorrow will be hard again. Actually at the moment I find it harder to eat well on NFDs! So, girls, I make a commitment now and here to you to have just 3 moderate meals tomorrow – nothing in between and especially no extra snacking before going to bed!! Thanks for sharing this with me!
    Love, Lou

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