Metabolism and 5:2 ?

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  • I really do not understand My husband confessed amazement this morning at losing 3.4 kg in 5 days. I lost .1kg for the week. It seems he snuck in and weigh himself midweek.Except for fast days when he sticks to the food I serve he doesn’t watch what he eats and on fast days he always has a cappacino(he says its part of his extra 100calories. Now those who follow me will know I log all my calories every day on MFP and don’t often eat up all my calories . I weigh once a week and it has been coming off very slowly lately althogh at first I lost more weight than him now I’ve really slowed down.How come he is doing better! I know he says its his metabolism, you will remember I had to cut my thyroxine 2 months ago and the doctor said my metabolism would slow down but hey it’s just not fair! Now I’ve had my gripe I’ll go back to enjoying the benefits of better health I’ve experienced on 5:2 and ponder the unfairness of metabolism and weight loss. We’ve been on the 5:2 18 weeks and have lost 24 and 21 lbs respectively. I exercise( swimming, bush walking and Pilates) for at least 40 minutes a day usually longer.
    Any ideas?

    I am no expert but it sounds to me like you are doing fine. A bit over a pound a week is a healthy weight loss pace. You could lose 2 lbs a week and still be in the healthy range but, again, one pound off per week is good progress. I hope to have kept up that pace when I reach my 18th week.

    You might try taking in more fluid on fast days. Or switching up your exercise to an interval style on some days. Either of those things might push your metabolism into fat burning if I remember correctly.

    I’ve also noticed that I lose more weight when I skip exercising for a day or two. I think when I exercise regularly then take a day off my body goes ahead and produces the energy I would have used in exercise. That in the face of no exercise recovery sheds some weight. Again, I’m no expert but think that is what happens. Then it is back to regular exercise again.

    Last thing I can think of is to ensure you eat plenty of veggies to nutritionally support a healthy metabolism. Veggies & fruit also have dietary fiber that removes stuff (metabolic byproducts, toxins and whatnot) from your system that your liver filters and sends to your intestines.

    Perhaps an expert will speak up about your question. I’m sure there are more ways to tweak one’s metabolism into burning the most fat. But I’ll end by repeating that 1 pound a week is a healthy amount to lose. You are doing well.

    Hi Beavergong – I agree with greenT that it sounds like you are doing really well – for which congratulations! Frustrating when the weight loss slows but you are heading in the right directions so don’t lose heart! I wonder whether lowering your Thyroxine dose may contribute to your slower weight loss as there is no evidence that you need to reduce the dose to do Intermittent Fasting. Worth rechecking your TFTs a few months after changing dose to check you are taking the right amount for you. According to The Australian Prescriber the extent of Thyroxine absorbtion is increased in the fasting state however this is put to beneficial use as this is why you are advised to take it first thing in the morning at least an hour before eating as a routine (ie to maximise absorbtion). But in general the consensus is that Fasting does not have a significant impact on thyroid function. In addition people fasting for Ramadan are advised to continue on the same dose of Thyroxine.
    Sounds like you and your husband are doing brilliantly. keep us posted!

    THANKYOU so much for taking time to alert me about when to take thyroxine. I went to see my doctor of 30 years Yesterday and he confirmed what you said I should be taking thyroxine 30 to 60 minutes before breakfast. We both can’t believe I didn’t know and he didn’t check I knew for the 21 years I’ve been taking it. I changed when I take it 10 days ago and I now have proof you are all right as I lost 2.2 lbs this week. I guess taking it on an empty stomach does help its absorption. Today I’m off for a blood test my doctor ordered.

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