Menopause – Hot flushes dramatically reduced

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Menopause – Hot flushes dramatically reduced

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  • Hi, I’ve posted before, but can’t find the forum.
    Just wanted to post encouragement for those thinking of going onto the 5:2, who might be going through the menopause.
    I have been doing the 5:2 since January. Very quickly I found a vast improvement in my menopausal symptoms, specifically hot flushes which were very frequent (Several per hour).
    I went to the Dr to see if there was anything I should be doing re: menopause. I mentioned the effect that I though the 5:2 was having on my symptoms, and her response was that the menopause does not only effect progesterone and oestrogen, so in doing the 5:2, insulin is stabilised, which will reduce menopausal hot flushes.
    Since then we have had the summer holidays. The children were on holiday, I was not working and I hardly kept up with the 5:2 at all. The hot flushes returned with vengeance. Within 2 or 3 weeks I was in a real state again!
    I am a teacher, so went back to work in early Sept, and got back on the 5:2 wagon. Lo and behold within a few weeks, my hot flushes are back to one flush, every one or two days.
    Horrah for the 5:2! It works for me – Hope it does for you!

    Hello, Well I have just started getting hot flushes. I start the 5:2 tomorrow so I am hoping that my hot flushes subside too. Thanks for sharing the information. Most appreciated (:

    I am also starting tomorrow and suffer from a lot of perimenopausal water retention. Looking forward to getting rid of those extra bulges!!

    Hi, I have just joined this forum. Started the 5:2 earlier this week and found it easy to do. I have been following an eating regime on a well known plan for 3 years now and have kept my weight off, but have noticed a further weight loss already. My question, if any one can help is this:
    I have been taking HRT for many many years, albeit a very low dose. I couldn’t stand the symptoms every time I tried to stop the HRT. The sweats, never mind the flushes. Is it ok to come off the HRT? Has anyone tried it? Do the symptoms return? Is there any trackable research?

    It’s funny you should mention that. I hadn’t realised but since I started the 5:2 I haven’t had a hot flush at all I have never had many anyway but they have completely disappeared.

    Evening everyone, I too am new to forum, never done anything like this before. I’ve been suffering hot,soaking wet,cold, sticky flushes since I was 38. I’m now 50. I’ve just recently been told I’m now through the change, but the flushes don’t seem to be abating. Done HRT, quite a few of them, just ended up in hospital cos of it. If been taking 2 folic acid tablets every day for nearly a year now. They have definitely reduced in amount but the heat and water running from head to toe is still as bad but as I’ve said just happens 2-3 times a day now. So fingers crossed 5:2 helps with this too

    I also experienced dramatic improvement in hot flushes! I started 5:2 about 18 months ago, lost 7 kilos and the hot flushes that had been plaguing me, mostly at night, disappeared completely! Over the last couple of months I stopped 5:2 because I let a whole lot of events overwhelm me, and put on quite a bit of weight again and lo and behold the hot flushes returned. Started 5:2 again 3 weeks ago and the last couple of nights noticed them decreasing a bit and had first full nights sleep last night. Am sticking to 5:2 this time!!

    Brand new to this group and diet but not new to menopause! I have been in surgical menopause for five years and I am mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically exhausted. It’s taken me 3 months to lose 5 lbs. and 7 in. !!!! I am not a quitter and I’m ready to give this a great effort. I am quite active using a variety of workouts. I welcome all the advice and suggestions to help me make this work. I am very excited (as well as desperate) to find something that works.

    Hi all. I’m six weeks into 5:2, peri-menopausal and aged 52. Also new to forums so hopefully I am posting correctly. I’ve been round the site and would like to add my comments re flushing to your posts. I am suffering badly with night sweats and have really not seen a reduction in them since starting the fast diet, but have been encouraged by all your posts. Attending a herbalist at the moment for advice and tinctures and taking supplements (throwing everything at it!!). Blessed, hopefully you have found the strength to carry on since you last posted. Try and not concentrate on how the diet will help your menopausal symptoms at the moment, just take the fast days in your stride and look for other wee changes. I have lost my horrible back fat that I hated seeing every day when I put my bra on!! Anyway, keep at it everybody. Hope my night sweats calm down soon. On the upside, maybe the sweats make me lose water weight faster!!

    My Chinese Medicine doc swears by probiotics to replenish gut flora. Healthy gut flora keep hormones balanced. Bifidobacterum in particular has helped me a ton. most people with intense perimenopause symtoms likely have a depleted microbiome.

    I have been postmenopausal for about three years now, suffering from exhausting flushes for four years ( I’m 61) Into 5:2 for over a year, wonderful results weight-wise and health-wise but hot flushes unfortunately seem to have worsened. As have heart palpitations and serious esophagus pain, for that matter, especially on FD’s. Health gains : no more vague colds/ flues, no more irritable bowel hell 🙂

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