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  • Hi everyone
    Just started to do the 800 cal diabetic plan.
    What meal replacement shakes should I go for for the occasional meal replacement?

    Personally I don’t like the meal replacements. I just use an egg for the protein with rice milk/almond milk or coconut milk and some fruit eg banana. 🙂

    There are a lot of good meal replacement shakes nowadays, here is review for the best shakes Choose something depending on your tastes and price.

    Hi, I like 2 egg whites, 1 whole egg with no fat cheese for an omelot, with hi fiber& hi protein low calorie toast with butter, sugar free jam and with cimammon sprinkled on the toast. It is quick and easy to fix.


    Hi, this is my first day and I’m very nervous, don’t know why. I too enjoy shakes especially for breakfast. I
    Find them easy and they are portable. Any one have success with using protein shakes on non fast and fasting days. Any help would be appreciated.

    Hi Starz and welcome:

    5:2 is a calorie based diet, not a food type based diet. That means you can eat anything you want – just not as much as you want. So have the shakes whenever you want and just keep track of the calories you are having. Here are some tips:

    Good Luck!


    The brand of shakes and other VLCD meal replacement products that are available vary a lot between countries. The following info is for those looking for VLDC shakes etc in Australia.

    I did a VLCD diet in 2014-15 and tried a lot of commonly available shake brands that were available in Australia. The only ones that I liked the taste of were Optifast and Isowhey. Most shakes, including Optifast have a carbohydrate and sugar level that is probably too high for diabetics.

    The normal product range of Isowhey shakes have about 8g carbohydrate per shake, however they also produce a range specifically for diabetics that has just 1.7g carb per serve (including 1g sugar). The diabetic formula is meant to be sold only via pharmacies that also offer support and advice on these products, but I have seen them advertised on the main online pharmacies (which is also usually the cheapest source).

    I have also heard that the CSIRO has been involved in the development of a VLCD shake range that is specifically for diabetics, but I believe it’s only available through dietitians. I haven’t heard any feedback about this product range.

    Some VLCD shakes (like optifast)have a high level of micro nutrients that represent 1/3 of the recommended daily intake and others provide a smaller percentage and assume you will get most of your vitamins and minerals through the normal foods you eat each day. While the micro nutrient balance is important, you also need to choose a product that you like the taste of – all of your food choices including shakes should be things you enjoy, food should not be a punishment.

    One thing I noticed on one of the forums for a VLCD, was that everyone had different tastes and enjoyed different flavours. I’d recommend that you start with a variety pack that gives you one sachet of several flavours so you can find those you like and don’t find yourself stuck with a boxful of shakes in a flavour you don’t care for.

    I also found that adding essences or spices to a shake could change the flavour enough to keep them interesting.

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