Meal replacement Shakes recommendations

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Meal replacement Shakes recommendations

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  • I’m looking for a meal replacement shake that is low sugar and low kcal to replace lunch on a fd?

    My wife had some shakes from a well know diet company. I read the label, it contained >50% sugar. Go figure. Try eating a big granny smith apple. Or a nice thick home made veggie soup. The more real food you can eat the better off you’ll be.

    Delay, I’m with bigbooty. You don’t need special purchased processed food to do 5:2. Eat real food, even if you have to pack a lunch. Soup, fruit, homemade tofu shake or fruit shake. Just be sure you take the calories into account for the day’s total. What do you eat for your other meals? If your breakfast is filling enough [eggs, fruit], then lunch might not be needed.

    Hi, I really believe in eating a whole food diet, but as I start out on this lifestyle, I’m a little put off by calorie counting and also I’m afraid that if I eat a little food I’ll be more hungry, so I’m starting out the week by having an Atkins meal replacement bar and one Atkins shake for my calories. I also had coffee and a cup of beef broth at 10 calories. As I get more confident, I will definitely explore recipes.

    Im an advocator for good old fashioned proper wholesome food and in that respect have found my soup maker such a helpful tool. However, I’m still looking for a decent ‘instant’ soup or shake for the occasional lunch when planning has failed. I am disabled and cannot prep veggies & cook when on my own. I have a carer and an amazing husband who is very supportive and they conjure up some wonderful meals from the cookbook. But there’s been a few occasions when I’ve been alone and plans have failed to leave me something suitable for lunch. So a quick shake would be just the ticket. They are also useful to have in the cupboard as a standby or as a portable meal for days spent at hospital appointments. I’m also lactose intolerant, so need one that is not based on milk powder.
    Anyone tried some? Maybe Mama Celeste could tell me what’s in the Atkins shake.
    Thanks everyone

    These are easy, if you have a VitaMix or a good immersion blender. Calorie counts provided, for those of you who don’t want to count.

    Green Milk: 136 calories 0.6 g fat 1.5 g fiber 10 g protein 24 g carbs 337 mg Calcium PB GF I drink this for lunch daily to ‘keep the trains running.’ On Fast Days, I eliminate the dates.
    8 oz low-fat milk ½ oz dates 1 oz spinach, fresh or frozen Put everything in the blender/VitaMix/container suitable for using with an imersion blender. Whirl on low speed at first, to break up the ingredients, then at the speed that will pulverize everything to a lovely shade of green.

    Banana Tofu Smoothie: 182 calories 2 g fat 1.5 g fiber 9 g protein 32 g carbs 250 mg Calcium PB GF This is what I always took for lunch when I was teaching. HINT: This makes two servings.
    1.25 cups fat-free milk ½ cup firm tofu 6” banana 2 Tbsp sugar 4 ice cubes grated nutmeg
    Put everything in the blender and wizz it on “Low” until it is all blended. Then run it at a higher speed until it is smooth. Top with grated nutmeg.

    Cocoa-Banana Tofu Smoothie: 194 calories 2.7 g fat 3.3 g fiber 10 g protein 35 g carbs 257 mg Calcium PB GF If combined with a deviled egg and a green salad, this makes a complete meal.
    Add 2 Tbsp cocoa powder to above recipe.
    Fat free milk firm tofu
    Banana sugar ice

    Cocoa-PB-Banana Tofu Smoothie: 299 calories 10.7 g fat 4.3 g fiber 13.6 g protein 38 g carbs 257 mg Calcium PB GF This one has a meal’s worth of calories.
    Add 2 Tbsp cocoa powder and 1 Tbsp creamy peanut butter to the original recipe.

    *Tofu Smoothie: 199 calories 3.4 g fat 3.7 g fiber 14.2 g protein 26 g carbs 360 mg Calcium PB GF 2 oz banana ½ c plain, fat free yogurt ½ cup sliced strawberries 2 Tbsp sugar 2.8 oz soft tofu, which is 1/5 of a package
    Put everything in the blender and wizz it on “Low” until it is all blended. Then run it at a higher speed until it is smooth. If you want to, add another ½ cup of yogurt, or skimmed milk which will add more volume and bring the calorie count to 259.

    Ive tried huel but interested in trying the new fast 800 shakes moseley has started

    Year on year i set off to find the best way to loose weight, i join the gym, go for walks even buy low calorie foods that a definitely designed for humans half my size.
    One evening, crawled up and starving (after dinner) i decided to go on a friends recommendation and purchase The Flat Belly Fix.

    i found this review online that helped, if anyone else has got any good diets please post thanks

    I take a protein shake as a meal replacement sometimes and supplements in case of any deficency, I recommend buying it online from and if you choose to make a smoothie, which is also a great way. You could consider putting chlorella powder, or spirulina in it.

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