May 2021 5th Anniversary Challenge

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May 2021 5th Anniversary Challenge

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  • USA. DAY 19. FD800

    Have a great day, everyone! 🌞

    Day 19 – UK – FD800

    Yesterday on my way out for my walk met a friend who was also setting out so I had company for a very enjoyable 10km afternoon hike in the sun and on our walk we visited some of the gorgeous bluebell areas around here in Fishgarths Wood and Jeffy Knotts Woods and I was really pleased to get back in time to also do my zoom High Impact Pilates class!!!

    Today was another beautiful warm sunny day and I drove over to DD and spent the morning doing her dog walks with her, then we had a late light lunch sitting out in the sunshine overlooking the sea – perfect!

    Weather forecast is for heavy rain and winds tomorrow so zoom Broga at 7am followed by zoom 9am Aerobics should cover my exercise for the day 😉 and then hoping to keep busy to avoid any food temptations!!!!!

    Today was my 3rd FD800 in a row – aiming for one more tomorrow then a NFD Friday to enjoy a Rick Stein At Home meal delivery

    Pocket list day 19
    @ccco FD800
    @at FD800

    Remember that “If you keep going you won’t regret it. If you give up you will.”

    Day 19 – Ireland – NFD

    Thanks so much all! Better day today although I did take my temp earlier just in case 😬… all grand… tired and a bit wiped but all good. 👌

    I’ve just skimmed posts
    Happy travels @i-hate-lettuce!!

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 19 USA – NFD

    Glad to have gotten my FD in yesterday. Also, happy that 6:1 is working for me in maintenance. Scale was good at 162# this morning. But exercise at Silver Sneakers really wore me out. That can happen to me on a DayAfterFastDay. Did a little shopping then got a much needed haircut. I had let it grow out too long, and the sweat on the back of my neck was too much. I had my hairdresser cut it into a longish wedge with sides about the same and shorter in the back.

    @northerndawn – How exciting to see your granddaughter’s wedding! Yes, I’m with @stitchincarol that your 22# loss is the most important, and you will look fabulous, certainly beaming.

    @i-hate-lettuce – Enjoy your trip!

    @at – I admire you doing FD800’s in a row. Glad it is working for you.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 20 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Trying again, my FD’s just are not working these past few months, so although I feel great physically and mentally, I still have that stubborn weight that will not move. I will persevere on, because although I am back to being overweight, something must be working well somewhere as I sleep well, skin is good, and my BP and other vitals are all fine.

    So, as I do these days, when I cannot point to why things are they are, I blame my hormones and the “change”. I will persevere.

    Thanks @stitchincarol, I did have a good day in work and the huge backlog got covered. Now I am on my own for two days as my colleague is off, so I am gearing myself up for busy times BUT I will not stress out.

    @ songbirdme great to get a new haircut. I was blow drying mine this morning, and realised that mine has got far too long, it’s almost waist length…..luckily my hair is strawberry blonde and getting blonder with old age so I don’t get it coloured, but it’s a bit too long now for a lady in her mid 50’s! I will get the haircut soon……

    Have a great day everyone. ☺️

    Second Post Day 20 (I edited my first post and now it has gone awol, gahhrrr!)


    Thank you very much for your kind wishes re migraines. Yes, they’re hideous aren’t they? These days mine take a day to arrive and two days to leave, plus a day of actual classic migraine in the middle. Not good!!

    Day 20, Emden Germany, NFD

    Good morning everyone!

    It seems a lot of you are having your hair cut at the moment, I could do with one too.

    @i-hate-lettuce Enjoy your holiday!

    @basyjames I hope you feel better today.

    @dvw Hmm, what to do with too many books in the house? I thought it would be a good idea to have a scoring system from 0 to 5, a while ago I sorted out everything under 4. It didn’t really help as my DH now gives every book he’s read a 5. to give it a chance to stay in the house.

    @stitchincarol Thanks you for your lovely long posts every day!

    @northerndawn I’m sure you’ll look great on your DGD’s graduation next Saturday, losing 22 lbs is an achievement to be proud of.

    @fivetwofan5252 I’m glad your migraine has finally gone and you’re back with us again.

    Pocket list day 20
    @at FD800

    My breakfast is being served so I have to stop.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 20 – Ireland – FD

    @fivetwofan5252 glad you are feeling better! I am the same in terms of migraine timeline but interestingly at least two these people I know were suffering over the past few days… could it be this shocking weather we are having?
    I have not had a migraine in years.. so had forgotten how bad it feels.
    @northerndawn wow 22lbs in the last 9 months – well done to you!! Enjoy the celebrations!!!
    @at your walk sounds lovely and so nice you got to catch up with your friend while walking…

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Pocket list day 20

    @at FD800

    Day 20 UK FD

    I’m with you @daffodil2010 in staying static so I’m trying to do small changes , try and reduce by a 100 cals on NFDs and exercise a little bit harder/longer – we’ll see

    Had my 2nd vaccine yesterday 😀

    Pocket list day 20

    @at FD800

    Day 20 – Canada – NFD

    Good morning everybody.

    I had a good FD yesterday and now I’m just 2 pounds away from my original goal and 7 pounds from my current goal.

    @snowflake56 – that’s funny about your husband. It’s difficult to part people from their books :). I bought some cottage cheese and pumpernickel bread and it’s a great addition to my diet, thanks for the info.

    Migraines are the worst. Post menopause I have found they are not as severe but unfortunately last longer and include auras. @jaifaim – I think weather can definitely be a trigger. My mother used to suffer as well but says they disappeared when she started BP meds.

    @daffodil2010 – I think you’re wise to blame everything on menopause 🙂 Thankfully it does get better. My favourite mantra is ‘this too shall pass’

    Good luck all.

    Day 20 – USA/GA – FD

    Weigh-in: 224 lbs. Yeah, I violated one of my refrigerator rules: “don’t force it down.” The tacos I ordered on Monday (two of three came home from the restaurant and were in my refrigerator) were really not that good (I think they slightly burnt the bacon, and were devoid of any seasoning other than massive amounts of salt), but somehow I convinced myself since I bought them at a sit-down restaurant, they have value and I just need to season them up myself correctly. Tsk tsk. Just because something is supposed to taste good — if it doesn’t and is loaded with calories, just pass it on to someone else!! Anyway, I’m learning…

    Starting the last day of my 4:3 this week. Thinking of taking Monday off and doing one more 4:3 next week. Not my lightest Thursday ever, but seems to be my lightest post-NFD Thursday weigh-in. I haven’t hit 225 yet this week. I was just thinking last night, “what if I hadn’t started 5:2 last year?” I had lost 10 lbs between Feb. and May of last year, but was starting to trend upward, as I had always done. Judging from my past experiences, it would have been the slight dip before resuming old habits and skyrocketing upwards. These were normal patterns of attempts at weight loss, but I would still net 10 to 15 lbs of gain every year.

    Based on that, I would think that the “non-5:2 path” me would weigh around 295 lbs today. Fortunately, that wasn’t me and today I weigh 224 lbs (well, 221 lbs yesterday, LOL)! Thanks for all the great support on this forum.

    Pocket list day 20
    @northgeorgia (ZBC)
    @at FD800

    Day 20 – UK -FD.

    Hi all. Just time for a quick catch up before getting back to work.

    Last week went ok. I had 2 FDs last week and stuck to at or around 500 cals so all good. Weigh in on Monday showed another 2lb loss so things seem to be on track. That’s 18lb since mid March. FD was supposed to be yesterday but I had my 2nd jab on Tuesday and I felt terrible yesterday. Fortunately it only lasted a day this time. I lost 3 days after the first one.
    Feeling a bit peckish at the moment but I should be ok to hold out until dinner.
    Away with the DH this weekend. In the campervan but not very scenic as DH is racing so we’ll be looking out over a vista consisting of other racing cars and a lot of tarmac. At least we’re away.

    Have a great day everyone.

    @snowflake56. My DH is just the same. The house is full of books. I’ve tried to persuade him to get a Kindle but he doesn’t want to know.

    Day 20 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD

    Whew! In a marked contrast to my attitude over the past several weeks, I’m so delighted it’s a FD today, and I know exactly what I will—and won’t!—eat. I must learn to tame my NFDs, but at least I’m feeling strong about FDs! 😇

    My clothes closet is just outside our bedroom door and is a rectangular space that’s deeper than it is wide. Along the back is the rack to hang things. For years, in all the houses we’ve lived in, I’ve used a tall six-shelf bookshelf, bolted to the wall, to hold my sweaters and pants/jeans. Last night, as DH and I were getting ready for bed, I had just folded my jeans and slid them onto the shelf and returned to our bedroom when I heard an ugly and loud thump. I raced out to see–and the bolts had come out of their holes and the whole shelf had fallen over. Now, “over” isn’t very far because the opposite wall of the closet is there, and the door besides…but it’s definitely no longer attached, and all my clothes on all those shelves are now fallen off the shelves and piled on top of each other.


    We clearly can’t try to put the screws back into the holes where they were (complete with mollies, so it should have held), but there’s not much room to move the shelf from side to side. Like, only an inch or so. I’ll dig through clothes in that pile in order to get dressed this morning, and then this evening, the only solution is that we’ll have to shift the shelves and put in new mollies to bolt it back to the wall. It’s been there for fifteen years, so it should be fine again…but what a mess!

    LOL, it’s always something, huh?

    It’s another gloomy day today, and I’m getting very impatient for some sunshine, which is usually very reliable around here. It’s a busy day of work and piano lessons, so no gardening.

    Have a grand day, everyone!

    Day 20 – UK – FD800

    What a change from yesterday’s sunshine – woke up to dry but overcast weather but by late morning the rain had started and hasn’t stopped completely as yet – still drizzling out there…..

    7am Broga with OH then my 9am Aerobic class set me up for the day – a quick walk to the village in the rain and was surprised how busy it was!!!!

    I have just closed the kitchen door, apart from a cup of tea a bit later so 🤞for my 4th FD800 in a row!!

    @i-hate-lettuce – have a great family visit and then enjoy your Scottish visit – hopefully the weather will be kind to you
    @songbirdme – thank you – I felt that I needed to do something controlled to get my mind refocused on fasting and help me see this challenge out on a positive note
    @jaifaim – both day’s walking was really good and so different from each other – no walking today too wet!

    Pocket list day 20
    @northgeorgia (ZBC)
    @at FD800

    “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ~ Hippocrates

    Day 20 USA – NFD

    Got my 2nd Moderna jab this morning, and so far, feeling fine. The nurse said that side-effects are all over the gamut, so I’ll just wait and see what develops. Had some headache and fatigue from the first one. We were told to take Tylenol (paracetamol) after 5-6 hours then again at bedtime. I do plan to read in a little bit – working on “Eye of the Needle” (Kenneth Follett) that is quite riveting. But if I nap, that’s fine too.

    @stitchincarol – on wow, I feel for you and your closet situation! Several years ago, our closet pole brackets came out, and we had quite a time repositioning the bolts to where they would hold without moving the whole thing too much. Good luck to you!

    @brewster – sounds like you’re making terrific progress with our WOL. Losing 18 pounds in 2 months or so is great. I’m curious what kind of racing your DH does? Perhaps I missed a post of your about it before, and if so, sorry.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 21 CD country west Australia
    Day 20 FD
    Day 19 CD
    Day 18 CD
    Day 17 FD
    Phew!!! Time to put my head above the parapet again. Been MIA for some weeks but trying to be mindful.
    Will try to catch up on May posts sometime…..
    Still have a long way to go but with 4kgs gone I am still very motivated.
    It was rather gratifying when colleagues at work noticed that I had lost weight!!!
    And my clothes fit better!!!
    And I feel better in myself !!!!
    It’s only taken me 18 months to get back to this weight from my biggest weight EVA ( as children say these days) – which is still 20 kgs more that I want to be for good health and a wardrobe of clothes I can actually wear but still…
    Onward and downward🙂

    Day 21, Emden Germany, FD

    After a lovely sunny day yesterday, it’s raining again. The plants and trees seem to like this unsteady weather, everything looks well. The quince, the apple tree and the chestnut are in full bloom now. The cherries and the mirabelle have lost their blossoms.

    @lilymartin Welcome back and well done on losing 4 kg!

    @at Enjoy your dinner this evening!

    @dvw and @brewster Most of the books are bought by me and not everything I buy he wants to read so if I sort them out it’s fine. He wants to keep every book he has ever read, I sort them out if I know I’m not reading them again. I’m not much better though, I know I can’t re-read every book I keep so perhaps it’s time to face my own book hoarding. It’s a case of too many interesting books to read (and own), too little life time left.

    @brewster Wow, congratulations on losing 18 pounds in 2 months, that is a lot! What do you do when you’re at the racing site? I totally understand your DH’s reluctance to use a Kindle. I tried out a Kindle on holiday but found it too difficult to read and I didn’t like swiping all the time. I missed holding the book and I love the smell of books esp. old ones.

    @stitchincarol You have my sympathy on your closet situation. Did you manage to get it back on the wall again?

    Pocket list day 21

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 21 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Super stressful day in work yesterday, so many curve balls thrown at me and nobody knowing how to deal with the strange curveballs… one point I even felt tears of frustration at my own not knowing how to do a certain thing…..but I thought logically, put something in action, and hopefully all ok now.

    I was sure that this would be one of the rare school nights when I would pop open the wine to relax after a hideous day in work….but I didn’t! And am a pound down instead! Not much but better than nowt!!!

    I have a date for my appendectomy……its Thursday 3rd June ….. Which is great to have a date, but boo, that’s the bank holiday weekend in Ireland plus my birthday weekend and we had planned a three night trip to Donegal in the camper van.

    But health is wealth and hopefully the road to recovery starts soon. Imagine if my weight started to decrease once the remains of my appendix was out? Hmmmmm 🤔

    @snowflake love to hear of your grading system for books and your DH scoring all his now as a 5! Hilarious 😄

    Great to hear of all of you getting your jabs and second doses. I registered for mine two weeks ago but nothing yet. I guess it’s a good sign that I am not on the underlying conditions cohort, but at almost 54 I would like to be vaccinated now please.

    Have a great Friday and weekend.

    Day 21 – USA/GA – NFD

    Well, those tacos from Wednesday and the late sodium-laden 400 cal OMAD last night made for a stubborn body weight this morning of barely 222 lbs. I did almost think, “is it even worth having a meal,” since it was already 7:15 pm by the time I got home last night. Anyway, I’m going to be mindful today and hope to start a new 4:3 on Sunday.

    Weight matches last Friday’s. Still, the moving past 7-day average is a full 1.25 lbs lighter than the previous 7-day period.

    I’ve already brushed my teeth, so I’ll make it a ZBC today.

    @stitchincarol Oh no! I hope you resolve your closet disaster over the weekend!

    @daffodil2010 Sorry to hear about the ongoing and upcoming stress in your life. Best wishes in the coming days!

    @songbirdme I’ve known a few co-workers who came down with a slight fever and body aches the day after the Moderna shot. Hopefully, your side effects will be light and few in number.

    Pocket list day 21

    @northgeorgia (NFD)

    Day 21 – Rural Nebraska, USA – CD

    I should be able to do 1200 calories today, right?? That’s my goal, anyway. After yesterday’s FD, I was 149.2, which is a clear sign I’ve gained a pound or two; FDs should have me 147-something. I may make it OMAD, and if not, then I’ll do minimal calories at lunch. I have a marinated pork loin and a fresh pea salad on deck for dinner, so that shouldn’t be too many calories. Even opening a wine would still be okay, I think. Maybe. I’ll have to do the math.

    Yesterday turned out to be a waiting game between DH and me as we each waited for the other person to find the ambition to deal with my fallen shelf in my closet. As good as we both are at getting things done, we’re both equally good at being procrastinating sluggards, LOL! We’ve agreed we’ll do it today, however, so that’ll be nice to have my closet restored. Also on deck for today is that I’m going to get some color in my hair. I’ve always wanted to be more of an auburn than the dark brunette that I am, and random gray hairs are showing up with more regularity these days, so I figure this is a good time to see if I like the results. My fingers are crossed that I love it!

    @songbirdme How are you doing after your second jab yesterday? I’m about ready to go get my shots, as I’m at the end of my 90 days after having Covid…

    @lilymartin “But still,” indeed! Any progress is wonderful, regardless of how far remains in the intended journey, and to have work colleagues notice is a grand thing.

    @snowflake56 What wonderful fruit/nut trees you have! Do you simply eat as much of it all as you can, or do you preserve any of it?

    @daffodil2010 So much on your plate right now AND you skipped the wine last night and were down a pound this morning? Well done, my friend!

    @at Looking forward to a report on your lovely dinner tonight!

    @northgeorgia That taco sodium will be gone soon enough and the 2-teens are right at the tip of your fingers…

    Multiple times over the last couple of days someone has said “We eat to live, we don’t live to eat.” That’s a phrase I use every time I try a new recipe that we don’t much like, or when I ruin a recipe we do like. I have two big events this summer that I’d wanted to be 132 for. That’s clearly an impossibility at this point, but I’m going to hold on to that phrase so I can drop as much weight as possible.

    Have a grand day, everyone!

    Day 21, UK. FD800

    I would like people’s thoughts and advice please!!

    Does anyone else find FD800 just so much easier than a FD500?

    And if so, are they convinced they are just as effective as a FD500?

    I can’t believe how easy an FD800 is becoming for me! It is pretty much identical to an OMAD.

    Let’s face it, 650 calories for dinner is a pretty big dinner isn’t it?

    (I knock off 100 cals for a teeny tiny bit of milk in drinks during day and also I like to come in 50 calories under the total amount, just in case I have mis-weighed or mis-calculated something!)

    I am worried that I am finding it so easy! Thinking I must be doing something wrong???!!!

    My only theory is that I am now succeeding because I have trained myself well recently:

    (1) I now I routinely skip breakfast.

    (2) I’ve done loads of OMADs recently. (I have discovered you have to do A LOT of OMADs to lose weight. Like 4+ OMADs per week….)

    So whilst the OMADs are not a sustainable way of losing weight for me, I think I have trained myself really well to get to this point where I am finding it easy to do a FD800!

    I am now really worried someone is going to tell me that FD800s aren’t all they’re cracked up to be! Or that I am somehow doing it wrong!!!!!!!!!

    Would LOVE to hear people’s thoughts, thanks!!

    Day 21 USA – OMAD

    Woke up with just a general malaise this morning after my 2nd jab yesterday. Slight headache, sore arm, etc. so not going to Silver Sneakers. I probably did overeat yesterday and last night on the hopes it would give me some energy, so up on the scale this morning. Not worried, though.

    @daffodil2010 – I bet your strawberry blond hair is lovely no matter how long!

    @stitchincarol – How funny that you recognize you and DH can both be sluggards. I know that situation as well! We figure eventually we both will have energy to tackle the tasks at hand. I tell my hairdresser not to remind me that certain hair characteristics are the result of it being gray. However I have been blonde since college, so I don’t really how how much gray I have!

    @fivetwofan5252 – Your questions about FD800 are valid, but honestly I don’t have any answers for you. OMAD is certainly one way to lose weight, if you’re able to manage them! It can be amazing how calories add up even in small increments. That’s one reason I really use MFP to keep track.

    Onward and downward.

    Second post

    @songbirdme I hope that malaise goes away quickly, and you’re restored to your normal self. 💖

    @fivetwofan5252 I have personally not had success with OMAD (other than to mitigate how many calories I consume in one day), and have only occasionally used FD800 in the past, on Tuesday/Wednesday, between my Monday/Thursday FD500s. That was reasonably successful.

    What I CAN tell you is how I pull off a FD500, and perhaps that will seem reasonable to you. I never eat breakfast anyway, so I simply skip lunch and do OMAD in the evening. That meal is sometimes creative, but a “standard” FD meal is a fish or chicken piece that I know the calories of–generally a plain fish filet (not breaded, in other words)–and cooked in a non-stick skillet with dry seasonings. I buy packaged salads that have calorie contents listed on them, and DH and split that; that often reaches as high as 300 or more calories each, but it’s a LOT, and the bulk is important to being satisfied. Then I almost always add in a steamed veggie like broccoli, green beans or summer squash; those are the lowest calorie veggies and add more bulk and variety. As long as the fish filet isn’t too big (and it can’t be salmon, as that’s too high in calories), the meal comes in under 500 calories, and is almost too much to eat.

    So if you did something like that, and add in the calories for milk for your drinks, you’d still not be far above 500.

    Where is the question coming from; are you not losing weight fast enough to suit you?

    USA. Day 21. FD800

    So busy these days but thought I would enter my name on the pocket list. Being busy is good! It keeps me from eating!

    Pocket list day 21

    @northgeorgia (NFD)

    Day 21 MN/USA CD?

    @stitchincarol – If your book case/ closet shelving unit fell forward, be sure to put shims under the legs in the front of the unit, on both sides, enough to gently distribute the weight towards the back/wall. That will help to keep it from falling forward, regardless of anchoring. Your floors might be uneven if it’s an older home.

    I envy you having “random” gray hairs. I no longer color mine because within 3 weeks all roots show, and in the front and sides I am silver/white. I play with the idea of putting light color back in, but since my hair was always very dark brunette, I don’t think I have the skin tone for a blondish color. Anything darker than blonde, and the roots would still be a problem. I get compliments on the color of my hair (strangely, especially from young people who ask if I have dyed it that way, as some of them have been doing), and my DH says he likes it, so it seems I’ll just forget the hassle of coloring and be “au naturelle”.

    Wednesday became a NFD. DH and I went out shopping for new clothing for DGD’s High School graduation reception and ceremony this weekend. Such fun! I bought several dresses just in case of different weather scenarios that might occur. LOL. Then we had our first dinner out in over 14 months. How I have missed that! I ate sensibly, but I must admit to a high calorie cocktail.

    @songbirdme – DGD is graduating, not getting married, thank goodness! She will be off to Iowa State University this fall, and DH and I are looking forward to following their sports and attending games on the campus there. My DH is an alumni, and Ames is his old stomping grounds, so he is thrilled.
    Also, very glad you’re doing well after second jab. My daughter said her second was less uncomfortable than the first…..she had Moderna.

    Have a good weekend, everyone, if I don’t get a chance to post again later. Stay mindful, but enjoy!

    @northerndawn – whew, sorry I understood a wedding was in your plans! Iowa State is a terrific school. Go Cyclones!

    Day 22, UK, ZBC


    Thanks so much for your comments on my FD800 questions! Really appreciated your thoughts.

    I « only » have 6 lb to lose in weight but I am finding it really hard to get down the ladder back towards my old weight (pre Long Covid illness of 6 months)
    Maybe menopause plays a part here, I don’t know….

    I think I am feeling guilty because I am now finding FD800s strangely easy to do… but worried that I won’t see the reward on the scales!!

    I think I am worried that an FD 800 regime will not work simply because it feels so easy to do!

    I’ve been doing 5:2 (500) very successfully since 2013, and I have never bothered to count calories on my days off as the simple 5:2 regime has always worked for me in the past.

    However my 5:2 FD 500 are pretty hairshirted and I just find that by contrast a FD800 actually makes a really nice meal, which is often so big that I can’t finish it and then my DH polishes it off!!

    A fd800 also gives me great motivation during the day as I keep reminding myself that at 6pm I can make myself a really nice meal….

    So I would love to hear other peoples thoughts as well…

    But I’m going to keep experimenting with the FD 800s and see how it goes, it would be great to at last get back to my preCovid weight and still be able to eat treats at the weekend !!!!! 😀😀

    Day 22, Emden Germany, NFD

    Good morning everyone!

    It’s stormy and rainy today and my DH is at work so it’s the perfect day to go through my wardrobe and sort out the clothes I don’t wear any more.

    @daffodil2010 Yes, my DH can be inventive when it comes to keeping things. It’s good you have a date for the surgery, when it’s done, you don’t have to think about it any more.

    @northerndawn What a lovely shopping day your DH and you had! Enjoy your DGD’s graduation celebration this evening.

    @stitchincarol Did you manage to get the shelves back on the wall? Are you pleased with your new hair color? Ha, the days of random gray hairs lie way behind me, I now have random dark hairs but I don’t mind. We planted the apple, the quince and the cherries only a few years ago so they don’t give that much fruit yet. The cherries are mostly eaten by the birds but that’s fine. The mirabelle plum, the elderberry and black and white currants were already there and give a lot of fruit. The small berries are eaten by birds, we freeze some of the mirabelle plums, the rest goes to friends and neighbours. We also have hazelnuts, strawberries, gooseberries, raspberries, a nectarine (not successful) and rhubarb. This year my DH has beans and radishes in the greenhouse and I’m trying out tomatoes again.

    @songbirdme I hope you feel better today!

    @fivetwofan5252 Why are you doubting doing FD800s if it seems to work for you. Do you get to your goal and are you able to live a normal social life doing it? If this is the way for you and it’s easy then enjoy it! I tried out FD800 for a few weeks a while ago but didn’t do well at it. I didn’t lose weight, I was hungry all the time and felt deprived. I never tried out OMAD as I don’t see any reason to do it. I do well on 5:2 with my FDs at 500 cals so I stay with what works for me.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 22 – Canada – NFD

    Just a quick hello to everybody. Didn’t do all that well on my FD yesterday. I had a delicious protein bar late afternoon and it was 200 calories, yikes.

    @snowflake56 – rainy overcast day here too. The perfect day to clean and tidy the garage. A chore I’ve been putting off.

    @stitchincarol – auburn is lovely, I hope it turns out well.

    Take care all.

    Day 22 UK NFD

    A few things this weekend haven’t done in a long time – first time inside a pub yesterday since December and meeting up with friends in a Restaurant tonight first time since September! Aiming to make sensible choices but will make amends next week

    @fivetwofan5252 I think experimenting is the key, there is no magic formula it’s just a case of finding what works for you

    Day 22 USA/DC FD
    Oh my goodness, where have I been? Lost in the land of chaotic house renovations and mindless eating. Last night as I was going to bed I thought – whoa, girl, you better get back in the program and start paying attention to yourself! So I am back, thankfully. And ever so grateful you all are here.

    Day 22 – USA/GA – NFD

    I was naughty yesterday. After a ZBC, I came home and “used up the leftovers.” Shame shame; old habits on automatic. Two Taco Bell tacos, a slice of pizza, six pizza rolls, the last serving of homemade macaroni and cheese, the half serving left of homemade bread pudding, some pumpkin seeds, and a small apple. Needless to say, my stomach’s signal to the brain went from “FEED ME NOW!!!” to “I’M SO SORRY, I’M NOT AS BIG AND TOUGH AS I THINK I AM.” Anyway, I wasn’t hungry for hours on end, and had a few cheese and crackers around 7 p.m. and maybe 90 calories of gourmet jelly beans. Still at 222 lbs this morning. I’ll do better today before tomorrow’s FD. Going to try hard not to go in to work on Monday to spend down a little leave time before I lose it this month.

    Vacation starts two weeks from today; headed to the beach! It will be my first time I’m off 5:2 since last year, so I need to tame my habits now in order not to go off track next month.

    Day 22 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD500

    I’m at least going to TRY for a FD. Saturdays are always a challenge for me, as I tend to want to “celebrate the end of the week” with a lovely meal. I want to do that on Fridays also, and the bulk of my extra NFD calories come from those two days for that reason. I’ve always been astounded by those on this forum who can successfully fast especially on a Friday, LOL! Yesterday was okay; I probably went over my planned 1200 calories (and clearly didn’t count to find out), but I didn’t suddenly decide to bake a pie, and I didn’t add in some high-calorie dish to dinner, and I didn’t have boatloads of nuts, so I’m feeling satisfied with yesterday’s behavior. This morning’s scale number was so attractive (150.0) that I thought, “I should fast today so it’ll be even lower tomorrow!” So, fingers crossed that I can pull it off; I’m working on my mental attitude as I type.

    And the shelf is back up! We moved the shelf that’s bolted to the wall
    ( @northerndawn shims would do zero good as the unit is made of shelves with holes in each corner that four clothes poles fill; little dowels go in little holes in each pole to support the shelves, so shims would simply raise the front poles and make the shelves slant, but wouldn’t add any help not to fall away again. It’s actually a great design, easy to move, easy to build [we built three units when we were first married], but always necessary to bolt to the wall) and I’m slowly getting my clothes put back on it, a project that’s taking longer than if it’d fallen in, say, February, because I’m switching out from winter sweaters and long pants to capris and summer things. This is all probably far more detail than anyone cares about, but I do tend to chatter, LOL!

    @fivetwofan5252 I’d say that, if you’re content with what you’re doing, stick to it! I can’t see it doing anything but succeeding given how easy you find it to follow! And whether it’s six pounds in the middle of the process or at the end of the journey, six pounds are hard. Period.

    @northerndawn I’m liking my color, although it sure startles me every time I look in the mirror. It’s very subtle, but overall, it appears to be darker somehow. The gal who did it for me, who is BRILLIANT as a hair stylist and even more brilliant as a hair colorist, loved it (and I know she’d be honest with me because we’re friends), so I’m taking it as a good thing. Will I continue to do it is the question. Some of it is permanent and some is a rinse, so we’ll see what changes happen over the next weeks and months and then decide.

    @snowflake56 Wow! You have a veritable orchard! Your yard is clearly far larger than I’d ever imagined! All that you’ve listed is roughly what I dream of having when DH retires in three or four years, but I’m assuming I’ll have to plant them myself and then wait for them to mature…unless we’re able to find a place that already has a “veritable orchard.” 👍😁

    @nellen Welcome back! Tell us about the renovations…

    @northgeorgia You’re clearly doing something right if, after all those leftovers, you’re still at 222; well done.

    Pocket list Day 22

    Busy day of tidying the house today (I’ve let it get rather messy) and finishing up shifting winter and summer clothes. It’s overcast right now, but we’re to have some sun, and the wren is singing outside, so life feels quite lovely.

    Good luck, everyone, achieving your goals and sticking to whatever eating plan you’ve designated for today!

    Day 22 USA – NFD

    Feeling more like myself today. Yesterday ended up being a true FD as I just didn’t feel like eating. Had yogurt and granola for breakfast just now, and will eat a decent dinner. It’s supposed to be in the mid-80’s here today, mostly sunny, so I might get some outdoor work done. The lilacs are in full bloom, so every place outside smells wonderful. Recent rains also have left things growing well and very green.

    @stitchincarol – I know what you mean about swapping winter clothes for summer in the easy access closet. I am one of those “no white ’til after Memorial Day” sticklers (I know, really silly, but that was my Southern mother’s admonition). White tennis shoes are about all I will wear. Oh, and a white shirt or two. Otherwise, it’s cream or ecru.

    @at – yeah for you and your FD800’s, and all that walking too! I hope to walk some today myself.

    Onward and downward.

    second post

    @songbirdme I’m so glad you’re feeling so much better today

    What were all the tips on how to prepare for the first jab so that it has as little impact as possible?

    @stitchincarol – everyone said to keep the arm moving after the shot. Also drink lots of water (do that anyway) and wait 5-6 hours before taking Tylenol, but DO take it, and then another dose at bedtime. Since I am a left side sleeper, I got the jab in my right arm. Nurse said since that is my dominant hand, that was good. Injection site was red last night, and it is still a little sore. I don’t think it will hamper me for church piano playing tomorrow.

    third post

    @songbirdme Thanks for those details; they’re all helpful. With organ playing in the morning, and especially since I want to play my best for Pentecost, I was too apprehensive to schedule the appointment for today, so it’s tomorrow afternoon. That gives me Monday to be “sick” but still to garden as much as I can, moving that arm, and then be fine in time to do the blood drive all day on Tuesday. That’s my plan, anyway, LOL!

    @stitchincarol – I expect you will be fine. I had a slight headache (mostly neck, felt like tension) and some fatigue from my first. I was also concerned about my regular blood donation. Our blood bank said as long as I feel okay, I can give. Think I am due for this Wednesday. Surprisingly, I was deferred at my last check in with low hemoglobin (just 1 point low at 11.5), so I’ve been taking my iron this time. It has been many years since I was deferred!

    @songbirdme Thanks for the encouragement. Have you heard that the new Red Cross guidelines say that, as long as you’re fully vaccinated, you no longer need to wear a mask when you donate? Looking forward to that at our July drive! I was hoping to have this all done and effective by the time I go to a convention in late June, but I’ll be a few days shy of that because I didn’t start the process quite soon enough…time is flying faster than I’m realizing, LOL!

    USA. Day 22. FD800

    Pocket list Day 22

    Just had to add myself to the list today. I got on the scale and found myself up two pounds. I really really can’t drink alcoholic beverages. No good ever comes of that for me, so I am back to a dry diet.

    Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!

    Day 23, Emden Germany, NFD

    Good morning everyone!

    @dvw Enjoy your tidy garage!

    @brightonbelle How lovely you can go out again and meet friends in pubs and restaurants.

    @nellen Welcome back! How did you get on with your house renovations, what did you renovate?

    @stitchincarol I hope your vaccination goes well this afternoon.

    @ccco Could it be water retention? I always look and feel puffed up the day after drinking alcohol.

    Have a nice Sunday everyone!

    Day 23 – USA/GA – FD

    Today’s weigh-in: 223 (barely). Glad to start out this 4:3 week with a Sunday FD! I’m going to be doing a house cleaning today, but first I’m returning to the closet and drawers to go through clothes. The practical side of this is my beach vacation in a couple of weeks, so I have to start finding clothes that I know will fit (and this time around, I’m expecting “too baggy” to be the problem instead of “too tight,” as in past summers)! I need to do a general swap. I pulled out a dress shirt this week I intended to wear, and when I put it on, it was drooping off my shoulders. So, I probably need to look at the “not quite; too small” drawer to see if I have new candidates to move up, and I apparently have several garments to move into storage.

    Have a great Sunday!

    Pocket list day 23
    @northgeorgia (500/600FD+ZBC)

    USA. Day 23. FD

    Snowflake56, maybe you are right! Maybe some of it is water weight but I should be losing more weight given how much I have been eating. Looks like celebrating being able to do more things now, since we have opened up more with all those vaccinations, is more than my 5:2 can handle, so I am back to a dry few months! I think I will drink again once I have lost the weight.

    NorthGeorgia, I am suffering with clothes that are a bit too tight, too. I had plans to swim with my grandson and now I am considering not wanting to wear a bathing suit. I WILL change that! I am joining you on today’s pocket list.

    Pocket list day 23
    @northgeorgia (500/600FD+ZBC)

    Have a geat Sunday, everyone!

    Hello everyone. Not posted for a few days. Very busy with work and some social things. I noted the reply about why my post might have disappeared so I will be careful when editing in the future. I have had quite a lot of food over the weekend with celebrations, so looking forward to a FD tomorrow. Planning in getting in 3 this week ahead of a weekend away and some more nice food!! Running again 3 times this week. Now on a 7lb loss. Feeling Good, clothes are looser but I feel a bit full after the indulgences of the weekend. Have a Good day tomorrow one and all.

    Day 24 FD country west Australia
    Not exactly the day for a fast with a temp of 11ºC forecast – our lowest in months!! And only 4ºC last night. So I am sitting in front of the heater with a woollen blanket on my knees
    Hopefully the shivering will add to calories lost!!
    @songbirdme et al, it is interesting to hear of your reactions to the vacc.
    I am still waiting for mine as it is only available in one town close to us at present and getting in to see the doc is pretty difficult. 😲
    We have been so fortunate in Australia and especially in WA that I think a lot of people have become complacent as I am astonished at the number who say they are not going to bother getting vaccinated!! 😳😳🤔
    @stitchincarol I hope the closet revamp goes safely and well.
    @fivetwofan5252 I have just started cooking from the Fast800 cookbook again and I too cannot believe how tasty the meals are and how large the servings. But I am still doing FD500 on my 2 FDs a week and using the 800s for my CDs/NFDs.
    I do have a LOT of weight to shift but this is working quite well for me ATM.

    A young friend who needed to lose some weight last year used the Fast800 method and lost 5-6kgs quite easily. But I guess it depends what they were eating pre800.
    With all this blathering I think I am actually concurring with what others have said – do what works for you!😁
    @ccco, I think I might have to go dry July through to dry June from now on 😞. I have had a few episodes recently where ONE glass, yes just a single solitary not very big glass of plonk has ended me with a ferocious migraine.
    It has happened on the last few occasions sadly so am experimenting with just a mouthful of DH’s wine .Which is less than satisfactory but I simply do not want to be bed ridden as happened last weekend after a glass of bubbles at a work ‘do’.🤯
    @snowflake56 I am very envious of your garden. We had a very dry summer last year as were the previous 3 and our house dam went salty resulting in me madly watering everything in the garden – and killing most of it with salty kindness!!
    However we have had a beautiful autumn with lots of rain so planning to start over….
    Nothing absolutely NOTHING beats the taste of homegrown fruit and vegetables.🍎🍑🍓
    Besides which , I don’t know what it is like in the northern hemisphere, our supermarkets seem to get in produce that is picked way too early.
    I had to throw out a whole pineapple yesterday. It looked fine on the outside but when cut it was brown all through.
    As were the plums I also bought but managed to salvage by stewing up the ‘ not brown’ bits.😟
    The pears 🍐I bought 2 weeks ago are still solid as bullets and green waiting to ripen….
    (Apologies for the rant.)
    @nellen welcome back
    Onward and downward😁

    Day 24, FD, Aus

    Monday! FD! I’m home again and found my mojo quivering under the bed. Winter is on its way here and I always get cold on FDs so I’m not looking forward to the day. Plenty of hot stock cubes!

    Work skirt is quite tight this morning – more reason to be motivated.

    I’m so behind on posts and catching up with everyone’s news but I did see @northgeorgia made the month’s goal (with a week to spare) – well done!

    I can sympathise/empathise with the book hoarding comments. I love my Kindle – and all the other reading apps – and love even more that my local library lends e-books. I don’t think I’ve bought a real book in years. Certainly saves on book case space.

    I thought your falling closet was going to be the catalyst for a review of what’s in your wardrobe, @stitchincarol. A good opportunity to find old favourite pieces to keep your mojo in motion!

    Day 23 USA – NFD

    Today was pretty quiet, ate fairly normally. I hope to catch up on posts and respond more tomorrow.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 24 AUS NFD

    I’ve had a string of social events over the past week which have been lovely, and which haven’t seen me gain anything (yay) but I’ve stopped losing as well.

    Interested in hearing what strategies have worked best for people who have been trying to lose over a long period?

    I’m 6k down from the start of the year, and not yoyo-ing, but I have 2k to go, and do want to be able to enjoy meals out etc here and there. It’s a tricky balance.

    Day 24, Emden Germany, FD

    We’re having another day with lots of rain, my DH has to work today so I have the house to myself. I think I’m going to change the window sill next to our reading chairs. I don’t know what to put on it yet.

    @timetochange A loss of 7 pounds sounds very good!

    @lilymartin Did you ever have a row of dry years in the past or is it something new? It’s so disappointing when you sow and everything dies. I agree, home grown fruits and vegetables taste the best and it is so nice to go out in the garden and pick your own. We also have a large plot in town with hundreds of fruit trees where everyone can pick whatever they want for free. The fruit in supermarkets over here is often sold unripe also and after a few days in the house it’s rotten.

    @penz It’s good to have you back with us again, I’m with you on your FD today. Ha, I think we are book hoarders, my DH calls it book collecting!

    @litprof I lost the weight I wanted to lose very fast so I don’t have any experience on losing weight over a long period. I’m a quick gainer and loser and to stay in maintenance I have to keep an eye on what I eat and drink and stick to 5:2.

    Pocket list day 24

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 24 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    No choice but to have an FD today and tomorrow as I have a colonoscopy tomorrow afternoon so must prep for it from midday today. Luckily the fasting does not fill me with dread and fear as it did the last time I had one years ago. How this WOL changes our reactions to going without food ☺️

    Not looking forward to the prep but am working from home so will be nice and safe.

    Just wanting the next two weeks to be over and then hopefully on the road to recovery.

    @lilymartin, I smiled when you noted 11C as being cold. Guess it’s because Ireland is so far North, but 11C is quite ok, in fact it might even be that temp outside right now on this lovely sunny Monday morning, and some people going around in t-shirts.

    Have a great Monday.

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