May 2021 5th Anniversary Challenge

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May 2021 5th Anniversary Challenge

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  • Day 28 UK NFD

    Oh @flourbaby I had a feeling it was something serious that was keeping you away Good to see you back and even if it’s online we are here for you 💕

    @missybear – me too ! I usually have a cast iron stomach but been decidedly dodgy last few weeks Aiming to sort it out in June , I was first alerted to water kefir making on this forum many moons ago and I’m getting back to it 💪

    That all sounds rather splendid @i-hate-lettuce

    I had hoped we might get away soon , but even better news my DH has got a date 07/06 for his shoulder replacement op He’s been in such pain it will be great to have it sorted at long last

    Have to dash have lots to do as having Mexican themed do in the garden for a few friends tomorrow Haven’t even got weighed yet !

    Day 28, UK, FD800

    I did a ZBC yesterday and now today is the third and final FD800 of the week.

    I was tempted to skip fasting today, but here in the UK we have a three day weekend ahead of us, so I need to be good ahead of three days of feasting!!

    So great to read everyone’s comments! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Welcome back @flourbaby – really sorry to hear what a tough time you’ve been having

    @penz – hehehe, I wish I could shorten my handle permanently, it is such a mouthful!

    @ccco – I think you’ve smashed it this month?

    @i-hate-lettuce – congratulations on bouncing back so strongly after such an ordeal!

    Wow @songbirdme – very impressed that you managed to dodge the hunger demons, I can’t abide needles, so I would have to reward myself with a doughnut if I were having blood drawn!

    Yay @timetochange – glad you’re experiencing the decreasing belt notch phenomenon too!

    I probably now won’t check in until June, so until then….. Happy Fasting everyone! 🙂

    Day 28 – Canada – FD

    Good morning. Just back from my oh so short holiday, I ate too many bagels and a lot of chocolate cake. 3 more days left this month so will do my best to make 2 of them good solid FDs.

    @ccco – congratulations, well done.

    Have a great weekend.

    Day 28 – Canada – second post

    Thank you @snowflake56 for hosting this month. You’ve done a stellar job!

    Day 28 USA/DC
    @flourbaby – what a year 2021 has been for you. I know we are all so sorry for all you have, and clearly continue, to be going through. Life! Oh jeez, life! The issues that get thrown at us. Know that we all have your back and are rooting for you. The one thing I really want to say to you is – take care of yourself, do not forget or ignore yourself. You need to do this both for your own benefit and health and to be able to be present for others who need you. Take breaks, breathe, find space for you.

    Day 28 USA – NFD

    @flourbaby – you and your mum have really had quite a time. Prayers 🙏🙏🙏 for you all. I cannot imagine what your agonies have meant. May everything for your future be smooth.

    My FD yesterday was fine. The fact that we’ve had a cold spell come through northern Illinois didn’t help as FD’s always leave me cold. Slept fairly well. Off to Silver Sneakers and errands shortly.

    Have a good weekend, everyone.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 28 – Rural Nebraska, USA – CD

    Because I had problems yesterday with my computer at work, my FD turned into…well, not a FD! Funny how the most random thing can change a plan, huh? At four o’clock, I found out I had to take in my computer, so when DH got home at five, he went along and we went out for sushi, in hopes that the computer would be fixed quickly enough we could just take it home. No luck, so I’ll have to drive in again today, but the FD was gone at that point.

    Today, I’m having a small container of yogurt for lunch (80 calories), and for supper a grilled chicken breast (600) with a slice of fresh mozzarella (70), some fresh basil leaves and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar (?) along with steamed broccoli and perhaps another veggie–I’m not sure what all’s in my fridge, so don’t know for sure. Beer? Wine? Dunno. If I’m honest, probably. But even so, those are not adding up terribly high. On the other hand, if I’m careful, this could be a FD800, so we’ll see how it turns out.

    In the meantime, the scale is being kind to me, so for now I’m content.

    @songbirdme I remember those days, when Memorial Day was ON Memorial Day. The Monday thing has been the biggest part of removing meaning from our various holidays, IMHO. A “Disney Authorized Planner”? Sounds fascinating! What’s he actually DO?

    @northerndawn Nice job on so little impact, weight-wise, from your lovely weekend with DS and family, and I’m so glad the graduation celebration, and now the ballet performance, was/is so enjoyable.

    @snowflake56 I loved your description of sweet and savory foods found in the north of the Netherlands!

    @i-hate-lettuce Your holiday sounds glorious, and I’m so glad that these six months have you in such a good place and far better than the previous six months. 💐💖

    Oh, @flourbaby, I don’t even have words to communicate how much I hurt for you and your mom. I’m so sorry for all the trauma that’s been your life in these past months, and so glad that things are finally looking up. Hugs, strength and love to you! 💗😘🤗🌹 And, really, you’re only up ten pounds from a year ago? Even after all that’s been happening in your life in all these months? That sounds like a MASSIVE achievement on your part! 💪

    @missybear What a frustration to be dealing with such a long bout of IBS! May it truly be resolved and you on your way to a downward trend again very soon!

    @brightonbelle A Mexican-themed do in your garden tomorrow? How fun! Do tell us all about it when you’re done and have some time to chatter.

    @at I hope your silence is simply that you’re having good things happen and keeping busy.

    Today, I must read through a 19-page document and choose what mission projects to vote for…to say I’m overwhelmed at the thought doesn’t even begin to express my dread. But I only have until tomorrow evening, and I really don’t want to be that last-minute, so today’s the day. Have a grand weekend, everyone

    Day 28 MN/USA FD800

    @flourbaby – I’m glad to see you back. What a terrible ordeal you and your mother have had, especially with the podiatrist and medics! A little anesthetic to have made sure of her comfort would seem to have been only common sense. So sorry for you. I hope the selling of your flat and renting of your mother’s goes smoothly. I hope you can find a lovely home to care for her in, as well as give you comfort. As others and @nellen have said: Take care of yourself throughout this time, for your own sake and those who will depend on you. I’m sure you will feel much better after a couple of FDs, and shedding a few pounds. I hope you can look forward to feeling better in a couple of weeks after restarting this WOL.

    @songbirdme – It was only 37 F (2.8 C) when I got up this morning! My poor plants that I had just put in their containers are looking a bit wilted. I don’t thin it actually frosted last night, but they don’t look happy.

    @dvw – Glad you had a nice break on holiday….the location sounded just lovely!

    @i-hate-lettuce – Yours is a story about resilience that continues to inspire all of us.

    @brightonbelle – Enjoy that Mexican themed party! take a salty sip of a Marguerita for me!

    @snowflake56 – I ate to BMR yesterday, and couldn’t manage a FD, so today I am with you. I have planned on roasting all kinds of vegetables to eat, and some lean chicken later in the evening. Turning on the oven should help to warm up the house.

    @stitchincarol – your memorial day get together sounds like great fun, so enjoy!

    Pocket list day 28

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    2nd Post

    @daffodil2010 – I hope the next three weeks fly by and before you know it, the surgery will be behind you and you will be on the road to feeling great! I hope you can find a way to keep your mind off things while in this time of waiting. I’m a veteran of abdominal surgeries, and I can tell you that you will feel pretty good after the first 10-14 days, but don’t overdo. It does seem to take the full 6 weeks to not feel a bit bloated, but you really should be feeling pretty good by week 3, even if it’s a full on laparotomy instead of a laparoscopic surgery. The body is an amazing machine when it comes to healing, really.. Just treat yourself well, with healthy behaviors prior to surgery. Feel free to vent and ask for support when you are feeling anxious!

    3rd Post:

    Oops, missed a couple people on the Pocket list; amended as follows:

    Pocket list day 28

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    “Disney Authorized Planner” is one who puts together Disney vacations. And the best part, they do it for no cost to the customer as they are paid by Disney. This is our son’s company:

    @stitchincarol – DS not only plans, but has done all the web design for his site! We think he is pretty special.

    @northerndawn – our noon weatherman says we could get frost here tonight. UGH! But warming on the way. I always said when the kids were little not to put away the MITTENS until MAY is over.

    Day 28 – USA/GA – NFD

    Well, not sure why my post didn’t make it this morning. I was in a big rush, so I was probably logged out when I attempted it. Just reporting my lowest weight yet of 220.2 lbs this morning. Probably won’t make my 219 goal, but still a few days left, including my last FD on Sunday. We shall see. Good luck, everyone! Who’s hosting June’s challenge? 🙂

    Day 28, UK, NON fast day X3!!

    Congratulations that is absolutely brilliant news! Well done. You set yourself an ambitious goal which you WILL meet very very soon but the key is that you are at your lowest weight …. that is brilliant!!! Many congratulations!

    I did 3 x FD800 s this week and whilst it was on occasion a little gruelling / repetitive / boring, it was actually fairly easy and very successful.

    Well the result is that I am very happy because I am fully back into all of my old clothes, they all now fit really really well, hooray! Feeling happy!

    So I am very excited as like the US, we have a long weekend approaching now, so I’m gonna be wearing all of my old going out clothes as we have some restaurants booked and allsorts of exciting things happening in the coming week, hurray!

    Anyway despite the excitement of being able to get into my old going-out clothes and despite the excitement of the belt not disappearing act, I still am at the same weight as ever ha ha ha ha…..

    My scales are resolutely and unapologetically STUCK!!!!! Oh well, it’s the measurements that count!

    Second post

    1. Today is Day 29!!!!!

    2. Belt NOTCH not belt not
    (Dare not edit as post will disappear!)

    Day 29, Emden Germany, NFD

    Good morning everyone!

    @flourbaby I’m glad to have you back with us again. I’m so sorry to hear you and your mother are going to such a difficult time. I hope things will settle and some calm comes back into your life.

    @missybear It’s hard to fast when you have IBS. I guess it’s hard to find out what causes it and then to heal it.

    @brightonbelle I hope your tummy problems will also calm down. Have fun on your Mexican themed garden party!

    @fivetwofan5252 Isn’t it a great award when your clothes fit well again? Enjoy your long weekend!

    @dvw Thanks, it was a joy to know you a little better.

    @stitchincarol Hurray for kind scales!

    @northerndawn I hope your FD went as well as mine! We’re also waiting for warmer weather to come, yesterday it looks promising but it didn’t warm up. We still have the wood burner on almost every day, we never had that in May.

    @songbirdme What an interesting job your DS has and what a well designed website. When my niece and nephew were young, we took them to Disney in Paris for a few days. We were amazed, how much fun children and adults as well can have there.

    @northgeorgia Reaching 220.2 is very good, you’re almost under 220 pounds.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 29 – Ireland – NFD

    Hi all! I’ve had such a busy week and so glad it’s Saturday… phew… and relax.

    @flourbaby it’s so great to have you back 💖
    I am so very sorry to hear about your lovely mum (who sounds just like mine… amazingly stoic even in the depths of Alzheimer’s and losing the love of her life). I’ve often felt like our mothers have been at the same stage of the illness.

    What a terribly upsetting time for your mum and for your family. It’s so sad that this happened as even small changes to their surroundings can impact so much on the illness – such a horrible horrible illness. The surgery sounds awfully traumatic 😢 .

    You are such a good daughter to your mum and I hope that all goes well with the house search and your plans for the near future 💕 . Please do look after yourself as this illness takes its toll on you too. I’m amazed that with all that you’ve had going on you are just 10lbs up but you know how quickly you can say goodbye to those temporary clingons 😂

    I have had a busy week running around trying to sort my car, deliveries (never straight forward), work, doctors and yesterday had to bring mum for a procedure with one of her consultants… 1h45 wait! I was so annoyed … private hospital, elderly patient with Alzheimer’s – it really makes me angry but that doesn’t help anyone and she was so patient and brave. So must take a leaves🍃 from her book..

    I am now away for the weekend with my bubble friends and the weather promises to be really good… 🙏 I feel I really need to wind down after the last few weeks where I’ve honestly felt burnt out from everything.. we walked down around the harbour last night and had takeaway from the local Italian. Delicious 🤤 . Some cycling and hiking later and more yum food tonight will be a tonic. Hotels etc open up next weekend as we begin to open the country up a little bit more. So there is light ahead…

    I hope everyone is muddling along ok. We really are an amazing species…well I think so.. and just the fact that we are here.. checking in whenever we can, means we are trying… and that’s the most important 💪

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 29 – Canada – NFD

    Good morning to all. Such an interesting and eclectic group of people.

    Today I’ll try to watch my food intake and stay away from the peanut butter. It will be a busy day of cleaning and tidying my home. I have a realtor coming next week to give me an idea of how much my home is worth. Big plans to build a new house but materials cost so much now I may have to postpone.

    @flourbaby – I’m very sorry for you and your mom. Take care.
    @jaifaim – it’s a shame the doctor made your mom wait that long, I too would have been upset. Good for you holding it together. Enjoy your cycling and hiking.
    @fivetwofan5252 and @northgeorgia – congratulations on your accomplishments! Well done!

    Have a great weekend.

    Day 29, London, UK, NFD

    Well aren’t I feeling blessed this morning🙏!! Thanks to all for the sympathy and well wishes, I expected nothing less from this fantastic group.🤗
    I’m with you @jaifaim, stoic, resilient, uncomplaining which is what makes it hard to bear, like you & your mum, I’m determined to be her advocate in all things and look after her to the best of my ability 🙏……………………………… what else could we do???

    Anyhow, back to fasting!!! Whoop-whoop!!!

    Yesterday’s FD went swimmingly!!! Managed on 2 soups for a total of 480 cals, I’m not counting the morning coffee calories …………… that’s purely medicinal!!! It was relatively easy as I was back in the office, it makes a change from sitting on my bum sipping wine in the afternoon!!! WFH was perfect for about 6months, I discovered Leslie in April last year, did at least 2 routines a day, fasted well at home or the 1st time, had a fantastic ADF month with liquid fasts and even hosted my 1st challenge!! Then all hell broke loose, Xmas vino did a number on me the New Year, as you know, brought its own challenges!! So when I said I was up 10lbs from this time last year, I think I was already a good 20lbs above my ATL (All Time Low) at that point!!😢😭😰
    Anyway, I’ll keep going, keep trying, keep fasting, this isn’t a diet after-all, It’s a WOL and practice makes perfect …………………………. Although, I never said I was perfect😇, I let everyone else say that!!!!

    @dvw, I guess you’ve joined @penz & I (and a few secret spooners!!) in our battle with the peanut butter jar!!!😂

    Have a great weekend everyone & keep the faith😍

    Day 29 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 221 lbs (lowest Saturday weigh-in recorded). First time I did two weeks of 4:3 back to back. Next FD is Sunday, then Wednesday (getting blood work done that day anyway), so it’ll be back to 5:2 tomorrow, then my first ever pause in 5:2 since starting a year ago. @stitchincarol I don’t think there’s any avoiding it during vacation; I’ll try to be more mindful than I have in past times, though!

    May has been a very good month for me. Because of everything I just mentioned, I do expect June to be a slow month, but should be back on track by mid-month and hopefully lose another couple of pounds in the process. @fivetwofan5252 Congratulations to you, too! I have to go ahead and admit that I have fully transitioned into a smaller waist size. I know the true test is when the underwear I had packed away years ago fits perfectly and I’m emptying my drawers of my… drawers. LOL Great day!

    @flourbaby Keeping you in my prayers; my mother and I were the primary caregivers for my grandmother who passed away from dementia in 2014. So many things can be confusing and scary to them, much less something so traumatic as that. May you find the strength, patience, and courage in your love for her in this next phase of life.

    Day 29 – Rural Nebraska, USA – CD

    Yesterday’s CD didn’t succeed…the bag of smoked almonds and I had an argument, and the bag won. 🤷‍♀️ Then it was a whole list of things that weren’t in the plan…But today is another day, so I’m giving myself some grace and trying again.

    @songbirdme What a wonderful website; I can fully understand why you’re so smitten with that son of yours!

    @northgeorgia What a LOVELY new low, congratulations!!!!!

    @fivetwofan5252 Well, I’m with you: who the heck cares what the scales say when the clothes tell their own story, and a terrific story, at that. Congratulations!!! Have fun this weekend wearing those clothes for all the fun things you’ll be doing!

    @flourbaby “Secret spooners” (referring to those who love PB), indeed: that made me laugh out loud! Hugs and prayers to you…quite literally. I found myself thinking of you at four in the morning yesterday, so said a quick prayer for healing for your mom. I’m seldom awake enough to think of prayers when I’m making a loo trip in the middle of the night, so I startled myself, LOL!

    @northgeorgia I think that trying to mindful is absolutely all that you should require of yourself on vacation…it is, after all, VACATION. And you certainly are doing well this month; I think we’re all so eager to see you finally tip into the next set of numbers!

    I just read some old posts and saw lots of names we haven’t heard from in awhile… @toady are you still here? @clemmi? And, of course, @michelinme? (@at I’m just assuming you’re busy…I hope!) There are plenty more, but those are the ones I came across in a quick look-see. I treasure those of you who are here and posting.

    Well, it’s time to get my ribs into the sous vide. I hope you–no, WE–all have a lovely weekend with just the right amount of indulgence coupled with self-control!

    Day 30, Emden Germany, NFD

    Good morning everyone!

    @flourbaby “Secret spooners” is a good one! I’m a member of this group too.

    @stitchincarol My downfall were the salted almonds yesterday, I ate too many and they kept me awake. When I started 5:2 in March 2017, there were ~155 participants on the spreadsheet, it seems it has lost it’s appeal to many since then. I’m sure some are still doing 5:2 because they have found out it works for them but not everyone feels the need to be on this forum all the time. I’m going to take some some time out from next month on, my DH is cutting back on work and as soon as I’m vaccinated twice and we’re allowed to travel again, we plan to pack our suitcases to stay with family and friends for a while.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 29. U.K. NFD.

    I LOVE FASTING!!!!! I love 5:2!!!

    Well the weirdest thing of all! My scales told me some great news this morning!

    Yesterday I ate THREE meals, including going out to dinner …. and today the scales tell me I’ve lost nearly 3.5LBS!!!!

    Weird how things work,eh?

    So I’m very pleased to have the numeric confirmation….though as you do kindly say @stitchincarol, I was happy to subscribe to your thinking that we should let our clothes tell us how we are doing!

    I’m also a Secret Spooner!! (Love that name @flourbaby) But I’m a Secret Spooner not of peanut butter though, but of Nutella!!

    My Happy Scale app tells me that since I started this challenge in mid January, I’ve been losing at the rate of .25 lbs per week. But let’s just say the graph repressing that journey has been erratic, sporadic and quite the reverse tif any nice type of smooth downwards slope!

    Anyway signing off now for my long weekend…. now where did I put that jar of Nutella …?!

    Second post

    Representing NOT repressing!

    @flourbaby – what is “Leslie” that you discovered?

    @northgeorgia – hilarious about your drawers ! Love that you’re emptying your drawers of your drawers!! Also congratulations on the smaller waist size … a wonderful sign of increased longevity I read 😊

    Day 30 – Lake district UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    A glorious warm and sunny morning here, just as well, there’s a garden out there that has missed attention for the last 10 days!

    Checked the scales this morning and not much of a surprise, put on 2 pounds!?!?

    Rather surprised that it was so little to be honest, the last 10 days I’ve eaten everything put in front of me and being in Scotland the portions were generous to say the least! Plus I drank more rum than a Caribbean pirate on his holidays!
    No idea why my drinking habits, preference for beer, change so much on holiday? However a week or two with FD’s adhered to will soon sort the weight gain, although this next weekend we’re at a local producers food festival and the following week we’re away again for another short break wandering the Galloway Hills!

    Will try and have a proper read through the posts from the last 10 days when I get a proper chance.

    Take care all.

    Day 30 – Canada – NFD

    Good morning everybody.

    @flourbaby – that’s too funny, secret spooners, ha ha ha.
    @snowflake56 – happy to hear you’ll be travelling a bit but we’ll miss you.
    @fivetwofan5252 – wow, Nutella!
    @ihl – glad to hear you had a great time.

    Today I’ll be using one of those grass trimmers for the first time. Wish me luck.

    Day 30-Ireland 🇮🇪 -NFD

    Thank you so much @northerndawn for your kind words of encouragement, I really really do appreciate it. I know I will get through this, but it’s the waiting that is the worst now.

    I was quite down yesterday, the dark thoughts regarding biopsies and possible results came to the forefront, and I needed a duvet day. However, later in the afternoon, I looked up certain things and websites regarding possible diagnosis and just got my head back into a better space. What will be, wil be, and worrying about something that hasn’t happened yet ( and may NOT happen), is no use to anyone.

    Welcome back @flourbaby and so very sorry to hear about your poor Mum. Thinking of you.

    Myself and DH get our vaccines tomorrow and as it’s the one shot Jaansen one we will be done & dusted. Woo hoo. Now that does cheer me up.

    It’s a gorgeous sunny Sunday, I have bimbled in the garden for a while, now I am going to read. Have a great Sunday.

    Day 30 – USA/GA – FD

    Weigh-in: 222 lbs. Lightest Sunday on record. Today begins the 5:2 of the week and the last FD of the month; my next will be on Wednesday when I have a health screening at work and need to fast anyway. It will be a busy day of cleaning and preparing both for a cookout tomorrow afternoon and for a shut-down/going away on Saturday! That should help my FD. Even if I don’t hit my May goal of 219 tomorrow morning, I still feel successful this month. This is the last week before I stop 5:2 for the first time since starting in 2020. This is for a one week vacation at the beach, but here’s hoping I can keep the momentum up for most of June.

    Pocket list – day 30
    @northgeorgia (FD500+ZBC)

    Day 30 USA – NFD

    Quick check in before heading off to play piano at church. Too many carbs yesterday. That happens. Today will be better.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 30 USA NFD

    Quick check in for me as well. Dreary, cool weather but will try for grilling out at DD’s home, as her MIL is there visiting and always good to see her…..she is a lovely lady.

    @snowflake56 – Friday’s FD was good, but I had an EFS day yesterday, so I lost my momentum downward. Oh well. I will stay mindful today. Enjoy your travels!

    @songbirdme – Yes, those terrible carbs were calling to me yesterday as well. UGH! I shall do better today. Controlled and low carb. Your son’s website is now in my bookmarks to use in the future. It’s a dream of mine to take the two little DGD’s and DD’s family to Disney World in the next year or two. Wonderful website!

    @northgeorgia – It is really fun watching you progress to your goals. Slow but sure is what my Doctor has been saying to me. In 2016 I lost 30 lbs in about 6 months but boomeranged back up. This time 22 pounds in about 10 months. I think it’s the way to go for me. Slowly. Good luck!

    @stitchincarol – I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day. Your ribs sound delicious!

    Best of luck to everyone! Happy holiday weekend!

    Day 30 – Rural Nebraska, USA – CD

    I didn’t feel the best during the night Friday, and that succeeded in making food entirely uninteresting for most of Saturday, never a bad thing! And neither son is here today since they’re spending the day here tomorrow, so DH and I are eating in more moderation than Sundays sometimes see….again, never a bad thing!

    It’s gloomy, rainy, and too cold to go outside without a coat–and this is Memorial Day Weekend!! Such strange weather. But the yard is sure liking the thorough watering, and I like not having to do the work to do so with hoses, so again, not a bad thing!

    Hmm…I’m seeing a theme here!

    @snowflake56 We’ll sure miss you, but your time of traveling and seeing friends and family sounds lovely. You’ve been a terrific host this month, and I’m sure we’ve all felt loved and nurtured from your close attention to each of us!

    @fivetwofan5252 What delightful news!! Congratulations!!

    @i-hate-lettuce Welcome home, and well done on so little gained. Enjoy bimbling in your garden–although, I suspect that, after ten days, it’ll be slightly more ambitious effort than mere bimbling. It would be in mine, anyway!

    @dvw Good luck with the grass trimmer! Is it gas or electric? I have a tiny one that is nearly useless. Someday, I may replace it with a far better version…

    @northgeorgia Well done on yet another milestone. It’s fun to read them accumulating!

    @songbirdme The beautiful part of you saying, “today will be better,” is that you have a track record showing today WILL be better. You are an inspiration.

    @northerndawn Have fun at your DD’s with family today!

    My baked beans for tomorrow are entirely from scratch, starting with dry navy beans, and will soon be in the crockpot for a little over 24 hours. It’s a new recipe, but I don’t see how beans can go wrong, right? The red potatoes are just about cooked; when they’re cooled enough to handle, I’ll make the potato salad. The last thing I’m making today is the cake; I’ll wrap them and wait to frost the cake until tomorrow. This business of a menu that can all be prepared in advance is a rare thing for me, and I’m sure enjoying it!

    Whatever you’re doing for the rest of May, may it bring you joy and cheerful contentment…and reasonable calories, LOL!

    @stitchincarol – you are so kind with your props. This whole blog group has been instrumental in keeping me pretty much “on the straight an narrow” path. Well, with a few zig-zags along the way.

    @northerndawn – Having lived in Anaheim from 72-75 when Chris was born sent us on the Disney-lovers path. Then my parents lived in Florida from 1969-2012 where we visited Disney World often. and Christopher really appreciate your wonderful praise. We know if anyone knows about Disney vacations (all around the world – Paris, Japan too) it is him. He would be honored to help. And you’re free to mention you “know” his mother as @songbirdme — I’ve had that nick for over 25 years!

    Day 31 AUS FD800

    Last day of the May challenge!

    Today the scales were kind and I’m 2.8k down from start of the month.

    One more kilo and I’m at the top of my goal range – hoping to get closer to the bottom of that over the next month.

    This is my 5th monthly challenge, and now almost a stone lighter than the start of the year.

    Looking forward to hearing everyone’s reflections at the end of the month.

    Day 31, Emden Germany,

    Good morning on the last day of the May 2021 5th Anniversary Challenge!

    I had a good month and lost another 1.1 kg/2.5 pounds so maintenance is going well. Having the company of @dvw and @basyjames on the M/W/F Fds was a great help and really nice and not too difficult to do.

    @dvw So many questions to ask and only one day left. How exciting, you’re thinking of building your own house, will you do the design? Will you be staying in the same area? How did the grass trimming go, did it work well?

    @i-hate-lettuce What a lovely walking holiday you must have had, after having such a difficult year it was so well deserved! We hope to do some walks in the Scottish Highlands in the future but first we have to make our tour to family and friends. Why did you drink rum instead of whisky when being in Scotland?

    @dvw, @songbirdme and @stitchincarol I’ve never been away so long from friends and family and I hope it doesn’t happen again. We’re really looking forward to being together with everyone again. As our lovely cat passed away last December we’re able to stay for longer periods at a time if we want to. We’ll use Emden as our home base in Germany and the house of friends near Rotterdam as our Dutch home base. In September we’re planning a month’ long stay with friends in Switzerland so we have enough time to train our walking muscles, although we’re not sure how to do that, living in the German and Dutch lowlands.

    @fivetwofan5252 and @litprof Congratulations, you both did so well this month!

    Pocket list day 31
    @litprof FD800

    Have a nice day everyone, I’ll be back for another post this evening!

    Day 31 – Lake district UK – FD

    Good morning everyone

    Looks like the warm weather has arrived in big style, yipee 🙂

    @snowflake56 – why rum & not whisky, couple of reasons really, I do enjoy single malt whisky, but my preferences are the Islay single malts. Lagavulin in particular, but that’s now £60 a bottle so are the ‘go to’ birthday and Christmas presents!
    As for rum, happy memories of the Caribbean holiday we dreamed of for years and finally got there when we both retired. We both enjoy rum cocktails ….

    @stitchincarol – bimbling in the garden is going to be full time for the next few weeks (apart from we’re disappearing for another short 3 day break in June) Luckily we have arrangements with our friends to look after each others gardens/property while away on holidays etc. We got back Saturday and the planters were watered, the greenhouse as well, also the grass cut! All I had to do was get the strimmer out and tidy the edges, excellent.
    However, friends 1 are away for the next 2 weeks as from Saturday, friends 2 are away from Thursday for 2 weeks and friends 3 area away from Saturday for 2 weeks. As from today going to be either 2 or 4 gardens to mind and water planters, plus cut the grass just as the weather get hot! (love it)

    FD for me today, out for an early walk before the heat of the day, like the plants don’t forget to keep well watered during a FD particularly and especially while its hot 😉

    Take care all.

    Pocket list day 31
    @litprof FD800

    Day 31. U.K. FD800 or maybe OMAD

    Today I’m planning a FD800, but it may turn into an OMAD as my DH may decide to cook us dinner!

    I had originally planned to have a further day of feasting today, but given my recent success (nearly 3.5 lbs – yay!) I’m spurred on!!

    @snowflake56 – thanks for hosting!! Your travelling, socialising and walking plans sound fun!!
    We will miss you but enjoy!

    @litprof – Way to go! 2.8 kilos is fantastic!! Congratulations!

    @stitchincarol – let us know how you get on with your baked beans! The recipe sounds exciting!

    @northgeorgia – enjoy your trip to the beach!

    Day 31 -Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    So strange, I posted on Saturday and Sunday and neither post actually…posted!!!! I hope this one does as I wanted to thank @northerndawn for the kind words re abdominal surgery, and I wanted to welcome back @flourbaby to the gang.

    My posts were quite morose and full of dark thoughts so maybe that was the universe telling me not to put those thoughts in writing. I have had a bit of a down weekend but feeling better and determined to get my positive frame of mind back.

    And hey, today is my vaccination day at long last!!!! I am getting the one shot Johnson & Johnson one so I will be done and dusted by noon. And DH is getting his this afternoon too, so both of us will be vaccinated by day’s end. Yay.

    Lovely weather we are having. Have a great Monday. Thanks you @snowflake56 for your gracious hosting. ☺️☺️

    Day 31 UK NFD

    As it’s a holiday here in the U.K. delaying my usual Monday fast for a day , weighed in on Friday was 1lb down so I’ll take that and start my June mission tomorrow- Do we have a leader ? , if nobody else wants to do it I will , it will be on the light touch side but we need the anew home setting up , I’ll check back in around 6 , as @penz will be checking in from down under for day 1 around 10

    If anyone is thinking of hosting I’d encourage you to give it a go or maybe take the plunge in July ?

    @at – if you’re out there Can you set up the spreadsheet for those that use it

    Have a good day

    Day 31 – UK – FD

    I seem to have lost my way this last month and I’m sure that when I step on the scales tomorrow morning it will confirm this…….so June, mine and OH birthday month, will need to be controlled apart from the obvious birthday celebrations!!!!

    Woke up feeling determined to get back on the fasting and eating sensibly on NFD path – Even did my 7am zoom Broga class on my own as OH wanted to eat an early breakfast before setting out for a long run before it gets too hot and busy on the fells!

    It does not seem that anyone has volunteered to set up a Challenge for June 2021 so I’ll put up my hand to host this mid year challenge with a hope that it gets me back on track 🤞

    @snowflake56 – thank you for hosting May – so sorry that I was not that involved and supportive during the month – I see that you are taking time out for some travelling and having a break but please do pop in and say a quick hello and tell us about your travels when you feel up to it – These are for you 💐 🤗🤗

    No time to catch up properly with all the posts so hope everyone is keeping safe and healthy and doing better with their weight loss/maintenance than I have this past month……

    I’m definitely joining today’s Pocket List for Day 31
    @litprof FD800
    @fivetwofan5252 ?FD800

    “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    Day 31 – UK – NFD.

    Well, I’ve been pretty terrible and posting all month. I never seem to have much to say. It’s been a fairly straightforward month of work and not much else. Last weeks race meeting ended up consisting of a very wet few hours at the track, one test run and then back home without racing as DH’s car had problems with low oil pressure and we didn’t want to risk blowing another engine. I can’t remember who asked (so sorry), but DH races a car he designed and built himself in one of the world’s longest running series, 750 formula.

    Anyway, apart from that I had FDs on Sunday, Thursday and again yesterday. Yesterday was hard because DS is home from University and I made a roast dinner. The smell from the kitchen was driving me mad whilst it was cooking and not being able to partake in my usual heaped pile of roast potatoes was really hard. I didn’t make my own gravy though and resorted to the lower fat instant stuff which is ok but not as good as home made. No homemade Yorkshire puddings either! I managed to keep my plate under my calorie allowance.

    At the end of the month I’m at 189lbs which is 9lb down on where I was at the start. Very happy with this and it gives me the impetus to keep going. I’ve found the FDs to be doable at 500 calories with only one day where I ended up going over but keeping it below 800.

    @snowflake56. Thanks for hosting. And to everyone else, have a lovely day, and keep up the good work!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 31 – Canada – FD

    Good morning. Well, I’ve lost one pound this month. Not quite the goal I set but it’s definitely better than gaining :).

    @daffodil2010 – glad to hear you’re getting vaccinated.
    @litprof – well done!
    @snowflake56 – your travel plans sound wonderful, I hope you enjoy your time. Congrats on the weight loss, you’ve been so diligent. Good for you. Fantastic! It’s raining for the next few days so I’ll have to hold off with the grass trimmer. I bought a building lot last year and I have a house designer drawing up home plans. I hope it goes forward in September but building materials supply is precarious and prices have skyrocketed. I may have to wait until next year to break ground and hope that costs normalize.
    @stitchincarol – I have an electric lawnmower and the worst thing is the dang 100ft cord I have to drag around and try not to run over, so I bought a battery operated trimmer. I hope it will work okay.

    Take care all.

    Pocket list Day 31
    @litprof FD800
    @fivetwofan5252 ?FD800

    Day 31 – Ireland – NFD

    Hi all! I’ve had such a lovely active yet relaxing weekend. Lots of walks, cycles, swims and some beers and delicious food. We have been spoiled here with the weather and the sun has been out the whole time.
    Back to work focus now….

    @daffodil2010 – happy vaccination day!! And lucky you getting the one shot… I have another 8 weeks at least to wait for 2nd dose AZ but hopefully that plan will change and maybe I’ll get 2nd dose Pfizer… I’d love that as would feel very protected but I’ll take what I’m given…
    I hope you are feeling better… the most important thing to remember if you are having dark thoughts or feeling anxious is that it will pass…. It really will. I am up and down at the moment but that’s what I try to remember.

    @snowflake56 thank you so much for bringing us through May… we will miss you as you head off on your travels but I do hope you’ll check back in from time to time to let us know how you’re going… have a happy happy time!

    Good to see you@brewster! Like others I’ve not had a fantastic month but here’s hoping June will be better – I have two short Irish trips booked so hopefully the force will be with me 💪. But happy times ahead with friends and family.

    @at thanks for stepping up again to host us on this fab forum.

    I had hoped to have a good last May FD after the weekend but my absolutely adorable nephew called out early for a swim and brought a delicious homemade carrot cake and I couldn’t not have some – so kind 😍. So, not the best of starts…I’ll try to eat as little as possible today as I’m away again next weekend.

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 31 – USA/GA – NFD

    Aww, weigh-in: 220 lbs. I didn’t make my May goal. But I was just a half pound away! So, hopefully in June we’ll get there. Really not sure what to set my goal for in June with the vacation interruption, but I’ll have a think over it today.

    Good luck to our folks on the pocket lists today.

    Day 31 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD

    The scale made my jaw drop this morning. Without a decent FD since last Tuesday, I’ve been holding my own, but this morning, I was down a pound to 148.4. Today will nicely take care of that, LOL, but it gives me hope that I’m catching on to the “reasonable” part of NFDs!

    @i-hate-lettuce You will be very busy indeed taking care of so many gardens/yards.

    @daffodil2010 How wonderful that you and DH are getting your vaccination at long last! Perhaps that will be part of giving you back your good cheer. 🤗

    Awww, @at, I began to worry when you were silent for so long. Why do we do this to ourselves?? If you figure that out, do share, because we all do, you know. But. As frustrated and perhaps discouraged as you’re feeling now, you can also be encouraged, knowing you have a track record of maintenance. You will get there. It will matter again, and you will respond with the appropriate behavior. Your 7am Broga class this morning is proof of that. So, deep breath, smile, and know you’re on your way back to the control you’ve shown for so long, with all of us cheering you on!

    @brewster Despite posting so seldom, you’ve done a terrific job of maintaining, so well done!!! We’ll be delighted to hear from you when you have time, and wish you all the mojo you need to keep making progress.

    @dvw Yeah, building a house right now is quite daunting with the cost of lumber! It sounds positively delightful, however, so I hope that, whenever you do it, you find it fund and enjoyable and rewarding!

    @jaifaim “Absolutely adorable nephew” indeed to bring carrot cake!

    @northgeorgia Aw, goal-schmoal!! I’d say 220 is nearly the same as 219; well done!

    We are dear friends with three couples, and one of them was who was joining us today. It’s a long story, but the other two are ALSO joining us today, so I had a brief moment of worry yesterday about sufficient food. There are plenty of beans (oh, my, but there are plenty of beans, LOL!!) and enough potato salad; the mandarin orange salad will stretch okay without feeling stretched, and the fresh strawberry cake will certainly cover all of us. But the meat…Then I realized that I still had time to sous vide more meat, so off I went to the grocery store and got two more racks of beef back ribs and got them into the sous vide last night. It was an intense day of cooking yesterday since there was so much of it, but relaxed since there was no deadline and no one was here. If anyone likes to read recipes as much as I do, here’s what I’m making.
    Mandarin Orange Salad:
    Fresh Strawberry Cake:

    Our community has a little Memorial Day ceremony every year, and this year, I’m playing piano for a sing-along on some patriotic songs. We’ll do that at 11:30 and visit with people afterward, trying to ignore most of the food at the potluck, and then be home in time to welcome our own guests at 2:30. It will be good to have them here and play board and card games.

    Have a grand day, everyone, and I’ll be here for our June challenge; thanks again, @snowflake56, for your stellar job hosting!

    USA. Day 31. FD

    Thought I would end the month with a bang and do a FD! :)Pocket list Day 31
    @litprof FD800
    @fivetwofan5252 ?FD800

    Have a great day!

    Day 31 USA – MFD

    May is over, and thankfully my “goal” of maintenance has been met. It may seem like a cheap kind of goal while so many are intent on losing kilos/pounds for the month, but I am satisfied.

    @snowflake56 – thank you so much for your wonderful attention to all of us this month! Enjoy your time ahead, and we hope to see you pop in during June as you are able.

    @northgeorgia – wow, you are doing SO WELL to have nearly met your goal. I am confident you will keep on this path into June.

    @stitchincarol – all your recipes look and sound delicious! Certainly some of my favorites. Have a great day with your friends.

    I see our dear @at has agreed to take on June. Hope to see you all over there and meet newbies as well.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 31, 2nd post

    My last FD for this month went wrong, I made bitter almond biscuits, they should be eaten the next day but when my DH came home from work we decided to eat a few, 2 from 25 are left over in the jar to be eaten tomorrow when they taste even better.

    @i-hate-lettuce Now I get why you drank the rum!

    @emma-taylor After being in London for such a long time, perhaps you can also enjoy a change of location.

    @daffodil2010 How good that you and your DH had your 1st vaccination today, it’s step forward to more freedom again.

    @at I just hope you had a wonderful month full of activities and socializing.

    @brewster Wow, you lost 9 pounds this month, I’m highly impressed, well done!!!

    @dvw I love the sound of that: “I bought a building.”, I hope you can start when prices go down again. We have the same problems with building materials esp. wood and insulation material, the companies can’t tell when it will be available again.

    @dvw, @northerndawn, @stitchincarol, @fivetwofan5252, @at, @brewster, @jaifaim and @songbirdme thanks you all so much for your kind words. We’re here for a few more days but it feels odd to start the next challenge and then leave (in my mind I’m busy planning all the time and almost gone). I’ll be back but I can’t say when at the moment.

    Thank you all for your commitment, your comments, your encouraging words and for being here.

    Day 31 UK NFD

    Thank you @snowflake56 for shepherding us this month , I’m down a pound so happy with that Getting my thinking cap on for June’s targets See you next month xx 👋

    3rd post

    @brightonbelle You’re welcome, a pound down is good!

    Day 31 (1 June actually), New Zealand, NFD

    My apologies for not posting, I’ve had a mixed month, some days were easy, some were hard and some, well, were out the door! I didn’t reach my goal for the month, but I did loose a little bit. Thank you @snowflake56 for hosting, you amaze me with your kind thoughts and pearls of wisdom.

    Now off to the June challenge (thank you @at for putting up your hand).

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