May 2017 31-Day Challenge (1st Anniversary!)

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May 2017 31-Day Challenge (1st Anniversary!)

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  • @strawberriesandcream – lol not to worry, I’ve changed it back to May. Here’s the link.
    Have you tried the following?
    When you open the May spread sheet – go to ‘File’ (below the file name on the top-left) – 5th option down ‘make a copy’ – rename the copy as ‘June…’

    If that doesn’t work, email me on – I’ll email you a copy.

    Good luck

    and the link!

    I’ve now made my own copy in case the data gets deleted, so all is not lost 🙂

    Melbourne – final post
    Day 30 NFD
    Day 31 FD

    Final weight 58.9kg – started at 59.2kg so nothing to write home about but very happy for such a wobbly month!

    Thanks @ pissapoosa for hosting, @at and @coda in particular, for your encouragement along the way and many others – also @fatrabbit for all the funny stories!

    I’ll be taking a break, but I’ll be back!

    @pissupoosa – you’re a star! I’m half way there. I’ve copied and pasted the list of names and changed the title to June 30 day challenge. Is it possible for you to add all the column headings for the dates and final results please? Then, I believe, we are there. x

    @Strawberriesandcream – done. I’ve changed the dates/shading etc to June for you. The top row and first column is frozen so it’ll be easier to move around the spreadsheet.

    I’d also advise keeping your own non-shared copy just in case anything goes wrong and deletes all your hard work.

    @pissupoosa – thank you so much 🙂 I’ve saved it to my drive. All the best and hope to ‘see’ you very soon. xx

    @strawberriesandcream please add me to the June challenge Chitown Gal

    Can you also send me the link?


    @strawberriesandcream, please mark me as follows:
    Day 1 Chicago, Illinois – NFD
    Day 2 – FD

    Thank you!!

    @pissupoosa Oh no, did we lose the May spreadsheet to get the June one? Trying to access the link for the May one directs me to the June one instead. I’m sorry if all the data and your hard work has been lost, as that would also mean there won’t be a summary of May’s results (I also had not yet entered my final weight for the month yet).

    @snowflake56 I started dancing when I was 4-5 years, but I’ve had a few breaks in between due to conflicting hobby schedules, the most notable break taking place during my teenage years and growth spurt. Sorry to hear you haven’t been able to keep up with your old hobbies. I’ve noticed that it’s surprisingly easy to drop a hobby and get used to that new state, and starting again takes a lot more effort.

    Whoops! looks like we have. But panic not, I have a copy on my google drive which I’ve shared below (I always keep a version which I don’t share just in case :-))

    I’ll do the number crunching over the weekend, so keep those numbers coming.

    @ strawberriesandcream – just to let you know, it seems like some people are making changes to the June spread sheet which is in my drive. You might want to share a copy from yours… I don’t mind it being in my drive btw 🙂 just so you know.

    I wasn’t able to weigh at the end of the month and have had a couple of NFD, so weight probably now a little higher than the end of the challenge, but happy with a loss of 4.7lb so only just short of my 5lb target.

    Thanks again @pissupoosa.

    @pissupoosa – oh dear – the wonders of modern technology are above and beyond my capabilities nowadays! I did use the link you gave me and clicked on save to drive after I had inputted people’s names, so I’ll do a little searching today to see if I can find it. I’m guessing I should then have provided a different link to the forum?? In the meantime I would be delighted if you are happy to ‘host’ the spreadsheet on your drive if it’s not a problem and if you’d be so kind as to also save a copy of June just in case I can’t locate it, that would be fantastic. I think the phrase is ‘belt and braces’ 🙂 I last worked with spreadsheets in 2009 in my last job before taking redundancy and going to college to do horticulture and design, and as expected, IT has moved on in leaps and bounds, leaving me in its wake… lol!

    @Chitown Gal – got you 🙂


    Please add me to the June challenge and mark me as below:

    Day 1, Houston USA, NFD
    Day 2, Houston USA, NFD

    Plan to do FD on Day 3.

    Do we have a new thread for June challenge or we will continue using this May 31 day Challenge thread?

    Many thanks!


    Day 3 Chicago, Illinois – NFD
    Weigh in 141 pounds

    @pissupoosa Great! It’s good to be insured, as this case obviously demonstrates.

    A very big thank you for hosting this month despite being so busy with life. I’m sorry we weren’t able to see you around that much, but I think it’s understandable (there are more important things than the forum, after all), and I think you made it work regardless thanks to opening up the editing of the spreadsheet to all of us.

    My final weight for the month: 60.3 kg
    a 0.2 kg loss during one month is not too much, but having seen 800 g less on the scales only last week is a good sign regardless and possibly also a truer indication of where I stand. Onto the next month!

    Other goals:
    – move forward in my studies
    -> I did move forward, but not as much as I had hoped. I should be able to focus on my thesis now, though, so that’s a good thing.

    – eat healthier
    -> Had some good days, some bad days, and no fully vegan days (not even sure about any days being fully vegetarian). Did drink water pretty well.

    – get rid of my blemish/pore-squeezing tendencies.
    -> I did engage in some pore-squeezing fests, but I want to at least believe that they were a lot fewer than they would have normally been. I also think my skin is looking better despite a few blemishes here and there.

    – try running again
    -> Success! Only one run so far, but it was pain and itch free. Planning on going running again today to fill my weekly quota.

    Thanks @Imrenfrey for providing @allie123 and @Chitown Gal with the link for our June challenge.

    Day 4 Chicago, Illinois USA – NFD

    Day 5 Chicago, IL USA – FD

    @Chitown Gal – the link for our June challenge is:

    Sorry, I thought you had seen it further up this thread already.

    Ketinggalan nich

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