May 2017 31-Day Challenge (1st Anniversary!)

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May 2017 31-Day Challenge (1st Anniversary!)

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  • Ok, @pissupoosa, after much humming and haaing I’ve decided I WILL continue on these challenges. I see you have me down anyway….fate, or what?
    As you may know I’ve struggled now for WEEKS, and haven’t had a “proper” fastday since early in March….but I can’t give up. I have 10 pounds to lose. I WAS once at my goal weight and have re-gained since the new year.

    @pissupoosa – thank you for taking over the reins for May. Please count me in. Looking forward to losing the weight I gained in April.

    Will post how much I need to lose on 1 May.


    Count me in please, thanks for hosting pissupoosa!😀

    @pissupoosa – thank you so much for hosting the May challenge.
    It’s lovely to see lots of old faces. A big welcome also to all the newbies.
    I started this WOL last May, but didn’t post on a large forum until this year. I took time out in October, November and December to travel, and have lost about 18 lbs in all. I’ve rather been in the doldrums this last couple of months, and I completely fell off the wagon at Easter. I carry all my excess flab around my middle, so my main aim now is to reduce my waist size. I haven’t set a specific weight goal, but I’m guessing I have at least 10 lbs to lose. I’ll post my stats on the 1st May.
    Good luck to everyone.

    Hi @pissupoosa

    Please count me in too. I haven’t posted here before, but have lurked for a while. I’m 31, from Sydney Australia, & weigh 99kg.

    I have been overweight for as long as I can remember and have yo-yo dieted and tried every diet under the sun! In the past I haven’t set achievable goals, and I get impatient when I don’t see results and often give up. I love food and consider myself a ‘food addict’ & ‘binge eater’. I love cooking and going to restaurants with friends and I felt like I ‘miss out’ on too much when I am dieting. I like 5:2 because it allows you to enjoy food on NFD and not cut anything out of your diet.

    *Recent history*
    Around Sept last year I knew I needed to get my act together, so I started exercising (HIIT classes 3-4 times a week) and doing a low calorie diet/low fat, but I soon realised I was eating too many carbs, and whilst I was under 1500 calories I wasn’t losing any weight. I started 5:2, read the book, and found this was achievable WOL. I lost 1-2kg over 1-2 months and was happy to see a downward trend, realised I needed to limit carbs & sugar on NFDs. I was more successful and lost 4-5kg by Dec. During this time I didn’t do 5:2 100%, I fasted at least 1 day a week, but I wasn’t consistent. I found some days quite tough. But it was great to see those results.

    December hit, and with a combination of busy work and more social activities, I stopped exercising and 5:2… understandably I put all the weight back on by around Jan/Feb.

    Fast forward to March/April I signed up to a new gym, doing HIIT classes again. I started a new job in April and that has really helped start a new routine. I plan weekly meals, bring lunch and go the gym. April has had some ups and downs with Easter, but I’m back on the 5:2 wagon and keen to commit 100% to the May Challenge.

    I’ll write up my measurements & weight on 1st May 🙂

    Hi @pissupoosa – well done for picking up the torch! @coda – see what you started! 🙂 I will sign up though I have to tell you that I won’t necessarily check in every day. I am feeling 50/50 re whether 5:2 actually works – I have been trying to stick to it for nearly 12 months and am back at my starting weight! – yet I like the science of it want to to do it. Plus I really value all of the forum members. So here we go again … 🙂

    Hi @pissupoosa please add me to your sheet for May and many thanks for hosting the challenge! I started 5:2 with the April challenge and did quite well till I had 2 weeks holiday. Came back with a gain but thankfully not back to where I’d been at the start . Plan to make May a good month. I will post target and current weight on May 1 .

    Please add me to the May 2017 Challenge. The April challenge has been a big help to me and I would like to continue having the support.

    @pissupoosa Please add me to the May challenge and thank you for hosting. I started this journey in the second week of April and despite a week’s holiday have managed to lose 1kg, but more importantly for me my fasting blood sugar has come down 2 points.
    I was diagnosed T2 diabetic in October 2014 when I was rushed to hospital after having a fall and ending up with what they call a “Tibial Plateau Fracture”. Swiftly followed by an operation involving lots of metal to gather the badly broken bits of bone back together. Followed by three months of hopping about on one leg and over a year trying to get back to normal (which will never happen)

    I hate what I have done to my body by not being careful about how I ate and ending up in this state. So now I am in the right frame of mind to seriously do something about it. My ultimate goal is to weigh less than 60 kgs and more importantly to learn enough along the way to stay there.

    I will update on Monday with goal for the month and starting weight after last April weigh in

    I’ve been practicing 5-2 fasting since January 2016. For about 3 months now, I’ve noticed that I have to fast twice a week just to maintain weight, 3 days if I want to lose. Have other long-term fasters experienced this plateau?

    Hi @megan Montague
    Welcome – I have been maintaining since December 2016 and still do 2 x FDs a month as I find this allows me a bit more freedom on my NFDs – an unfortunate side effect of losing weight is that you need much less calories to meet your TDEE!!! As we know this is not a diet – it is a WOL and if you go back to your old eating habits you will regain weight………..The long term health benefits is a great incentive for me to continue

    Great to see so many from previous challenges joining and also a BIG WELCOME to anyone new – the support and advice readily and freely given on these forums are amazing – the daily accountability of signing in and sharing as much or as little as you want is a brilliant method of support in it’s own way.
    This WOL works and I’m only one of many who can confirm this.

    My Weight loss story so far:-
    January 2 2015 = BMI: 27.9 Wt: 75kg/165.3lbs (started walking and being more mindful about what I ate)
    January 3 2016 = BMI: 25.6 Wt: 68.8kg/151.7lbs (started 5:2 WOL on my own)
    October 30 2016 = BMI: 22.1 Wt: 59.5kg/131.2lbs (Goal was to get to 55kg – I had plateaued for the 3 months previously so decided to join the November Challenge with @back2thefuture – best decision I ever made!)
    December 7 2016 = BMI: 20.3 Wt: 54.7k/120.6lbs
    April 1 2017 = BMI: 20.1 Wt: 54kg/119lbs
    Will report my weight for beginning of May at the end of April Challenge *I am so happy to report that May will be my 6th Month in Maintenance.

    I firmly believe that staying with the monthly challenges has been a key reason why I’m maintaining successfully – Thank you @pissupoosa for taking up the helm for this month and “herding us” for the month as someone said previously.

    “Each morning we are born again – What we do today is what matters most” – Buddha

    Hi, I’m completely new to this but would like to be included in the challenge, I will put my weight and measurements on May 1st – I’m 50 in August and I have put on 2 stone in weight in 2 years. Keep promising myself to start this year but never got round to it. Saw someone yesterday I hadn’t seen for years and she looked soooo amazing and told me to check out the 5:2, so here I am with determination

    Thank you, @at, for sharing your experience. I should of course have remembered that a smaller body requires fewer calories!
    I must say that with 40-odd years of diets in my past, the 5-2 fast regimen is the only one I’ve been able to maintain long term…nearly 1 – 1/2 years. It is amazing!

    @pissupoosa – Please add me to the distro. I just joined and am in the process of reading Michael’s book. I live in Texas, the land of tex-mex food, barbecue and gigantic steaks. It is impossible to get a low calorie meal in any restaurant here! I have not done the 5:2 diet before although I have tried different IF methods over the past 2-3 years with little success. I love the flexibility of this way of eating and that it doesn’t restrict or demonize any food groups like other diets e.g. paleo/primal/keto. Can’t wait to get started!

    T minus 3 days

    Hello again, apologies for not posting yesterday (not a good start for the host, doh!). It was a long day at work and I fell asleep early 🙂

    So today we have @lany36 @chubbybiker @jarbia @flourbaby @pdoran23 @snowflake56 @scs @goldensun @mrsgettingthere @dellska @hannahwatto @mia139 @umka6 @tillysmum @megan Montague @rjw @marieindallas

    Quite a few old faces/names as well as newbies – a warm welcome to all!
    The spreadsheet is getting nice and long (63 so far). I will try to get completely up to date by the weekend. Still got a bit of catching up to do with adding goals etc.

    @technicole – I can relate to your story – I took up 5:2 for the first time in 2013, but only managed a short period running up to my wedding. Fell back into the usual routine after and undid all the good work done up to that point! Also good call on limiting diet coke – took me a while but I’ve now completely given up all diet drinks. So you can do it.

    @minnygirl – glad FDs are getting easier for you. Try not to think too much about the speed at which you’re losing weight. Some times ‘slow and steady’ is the best way – it’ll last longer and establish better (I think)

    @emel1692 and @and… exhale – accountability is indeed a big factor with these forums which I found extremely useful in making 5:2 a WOL. We can do this 🙂

    @Imrenfrey – you seem to be doing a sterling job fighting your sugar cravings. As for having a goal for May, my advice is to take it in small steps – that way you’ll be able to keep things realistic and achievable.

    @bert1802 – thank you 🙂

    @lou Belles – sorry to hear about your health issues Glad you’re on the mend and back with us for May 🙂

    @steffieagle – Well done for achieving your goal weight! Slow and steady is definitely the best way I think (as I said to @minnygirl).

    @cream tea – you’re in. I’ve added you to the spreadsheet. Let me know your start weight and goal for this month so that I can update your details on it. Check my first post (right at the top) for exact details of how to take the challenge.

    @lindasue – love your dedication to daily weigh-ins – whatever helps to keep you on the ball 🙂

    @snowflake56 – good on you for cutting out sugar! I know sugar is my next big hurdle – I’ll get there some day…

    @scs – Ogunquit certainly sounds idyllic place! Glad you decided to join us in May. See how things go. Even if it’s a quick update with a just your FD/NFD status, that’ll help you keep motivated and accountable.

    @ciren2 – I feel your pain and I’m glad you didn’t give up. I have also been in the same boat with my recent exam. Let’s crack this nut together. It’s only a failure if you don’t try – so you’re definitely NOT that 🙂

    @hannahwatto – glad you decided to join us again, even if it’s going to be intermittent. All the best and hope you find the inspiration to keep going.

    @tillysmum – ‘ouch!’ to your fracture! Sounds painful. Glad you’re on the mend and now decided to join us.

    @at – good to have you back and thank you for the inspirational messages and advice. It’s great to have the experienced regulars inspire the newbies. Helped me immensely when I started out.

    Right, that should do for today.
    More catching up tomorrow.

    Good night all x

    Hey there please count me in for May!!thanks for leading it Pissupoosa.
    I live in Perth WA and am willing to give the fast diet a go in the hope to find some help with my weight gain, while going through menopause


    I’m in. I tried 5:2 years ago unsuccessfully. Did ADF instead and 7 day fasts and lost now overall 7kg and kept it.
    Doing 5:2 to loos the last 4-6 kgs and continue worth 6:1 to maintain -> that’s the plan.

    Restarted with 5:2 in march and have only lost 1kg :(. But lost 3cm around my waist.
    Hoping the challenge will give me a boost.

    @pissapoosa-thanks for taking on the May challenge. I simply maintained for April, but am determined to not get so sidetracked for May. I currently at 153 lbs. but working towards 138 as an acceptable weight for me, and for any health benefits that go along with it.

    Well, I’m back for the May challenge 🙂 Thanks @pissupoosa for hosting this month, so good to see some familiar names and already lots of newbies.

    I started 5:2 back in January, weighed in at 77.1kg with a goal of getting to 70.0kg. Today I sit at 70.5kg, so almost there. My approach has been to have a focus month and then a maintenance month, and I’ve got to say for me it’s worked really well. It kind of went like this.

    January – first month, focussed really heavily on keeping to 500cal on both FDs each week, with a weight loss goal for the month

    February – still did 2 FD each week, but wasn’t so fanatical about the 500cal and the goal was to keep to the finishing weight of January – no forum support

    March – back to full focus and weight loss with support from the forum

    April – maintenance month keeping to finishing weight of March – no forum suppport

    May – back to weight loss – although I must admit with technically only 0.5kg to lose to get to goal, I’m a bit worried I’ll get a wee bit complacent – will need the support of the forum I think

    June – will be a maintenance month – but I think I’m going to need the forum support to get through that month as June will be a big test for me. I have my brother coming for a visit early June (lots of eating out, wineries, touristy things) and my gorgeous twin boys go on their first big overseas adventure to Japan for 6 weeks (comfort eating to ease a parents worry?)…

    For now though the focus is May.

    May we all be strong, resilient, resourceful and aMAYzing. Happy fasting all.

    I am going to lose internet for a few days but will join in as soon as it comes back on, hopefully on the 2nd, but possibly later. I will post starting stats and goal then. Day 1 will be a NFD and Day 2 a FD. I am in the UK. Thank you @pissupoosa for hosting this month:))

    I’d like to carry on with the monthly challenges. I’ve found the April challenge very helpful keeping me on track and focused.
    I’ll post my weight on Monday morning. Good luck everyone and thank you for hosting Pissupoosa.

    T minus 2 days

    Welcome @lucecita @sunflower-ph @mulville @arvandee and @steve toon taxi driver
    I’m in the process of getting the spreadsheet up to date, ready for Monday 🙂

    Have a lovely Bank holiday weekend everyone x

    Returned to 5:2 start of April, lost 5 to be 132 just now and am aiming for 5+ more this month. 4:3 suits me me and I’ve enjoyed the chat and support. I’m away Sunday and Monday but will sign in on Tuesday, see you then. Thanks for hosting April @okeydokey and thanks too to @pissupoosa .

    Found an old pic I had snapped of me stepping on the scale at my highest weight ever: 158 lbs (72 kgs.)

    First, it made me giggle because it was prior to my bilateral foot surgeries. Who Boy! My feet were a mess! Thankfully, they look & feel completely different (better) now!

    Secondly, I’m glad I found 5:2 & this forum. Best WOL for losing weight I’ve encountered, especially when paired with LCHF eating. Ditching sugars & grain were vital for me ( especially due to Crohn’s)

    Last couple months have held upheaval at work & several vacations… so I’ve had a back-slide. No clue what my weight is now, but I’ll find out on Monday!

    Glad to be back to the forum again! The Support & Accountabilty are priceless. Plus, daily log-in keeps my goals freshly in mind!

    Hi, I’m also new to the form but would like to join the May challenge please. Been doing 5:2 on and off for 18 months or so and moved from overweight BMI to healthy BMI.

    Since December, not being overweight, my snacking habits have gotten seriously out of hand and although I only put on a couple of kgs my waist has ballooned and I need to rediscover it.

    So May goal is to get back on 5:2 track, drop the sugary snacks and potato chips and drop a couple of inches from my waist.

    Hi @pissupoosa. Thanks for agreeing to host them may challenge and please include me. Thank you @okeydokey for April challenge. Great job keeping us on track.

    Hi Everyone,

    I am a serial yoyo dieter and stalker, I have decided to be brave and join this forum to finally make a commitment and make a serious effort at sorting my weight out. I have tried every diet under the sun, I had success a few years back (low carb) and spent 1 year of my 50 years actually at my target weight. My main problem is I am an all or nothing type person, when I am in the mood I am so focused and can easily eat and exercise well. This can last for 5 days up to about 2 weeks, I easily loose weight, then I have a night out or special occasion (too many of them) and then boom I eat and drink as if there is no tomorrow. It is a crazy cycle. I like 5:2 because it can fit into my way of life. I need to take control and am hoping the accountability of checking in everyday will keep me focused.

    Thank you to @pissupoosa for hosting. I will check in tomorrow with weight and goals.

    Day -1 – Finland – NFD

    Thank you for hosting this month’s challenge, @pissupoosa! You can count me in for May. This will be my third month doing 5:2 (I was originally planning on only giving it a try throughout Lent). 3.2 kg lost so far, most of that (2.7 kg) in April. I hope to reach my weight loss goal during this month.

    Today’s weight (starting weight for the challenge): 60.5 kg
    Goal for the month (and overall goal): 57-58 kg

    I’m also tracking the rest of my measurements on the tracker, but I don’t find it necessary to note them on the spreadsheet.

    Other goals:
    – move forward in my studies (I won’t be submitting my thesis on Tuesday as originally planned, but I’m going to get everything else done in May so I can focus only on that)
    – eat healthier (less sweets, more water, protein & vegetables, perhaps try a few fully vegan days here and there (I usually stay away from red meat and eat vegetarian very often))
    – get rid of my blemish/pore-squeezing tendencies (same goal I had for last month, but that plan went out of the window maybe on day 2) and get better looking skin overall. I think my face is already looking a lot better except of the few self-inflicted marks.
    – try running again (not looking forward to that itchy legs sensation I get from the temperature difference between my legs and the outside, but I suppose it’s unavoidable – luckily I’ve read that allergy medicine might help, and May will be allergy season for me, so win-win? Lose-win?)

    Hahah, that part about the temperature-difference-induced allergic reaction/itch was worded a bit… oddly. Sorry about that.

    Day 1 UK NFD

    start weight: 191.4 lbs, 86.8kg.
    start measurements: waist 32 inches, hip/bust 42 inches

    goal weight: 181.4 lb
    goal measurements: waist 30 inches, hip/bust 40 inches

    It is probably a bit optimistic to expect to lose so much again, realistically I know the losses will slow down as I get closer to goal, but I still have a long way to go and it has been remarkably consistent until now except for a plateau in March that averaged out in the end anyway. But one can but try…

    Signing in now for tomorrow in case the internet cuts out soon as Virgin are updating their system and we are not having the new equipment delivered until at least Tuesday. How my son will survive I don’t know!! I am so glad he was the one who left sorting it out until the last minute. If it had been me he would not have been pleasant about it I suspect. As a computer science student he gets to deal with such things. Or not…

    Hi please count me in for May
    … I lost my way in April so hoping to get back on track xxx
    Good Luck everyone xx

    Day 30 – Canada – NFD

    I’m glad to see there is a May challenge happening. Thank you @pissupoosa for taking up this task. I seem to have slipped off the radar in March and April while travelling in New Zealand and visiting our daughter in Australia. Flying home to Canada on May 1st and will get right back into my Monday and Thursday fast days. I am looking forward to getting back into this routine because I feel I have so much energy and am more conscious about what I eat. Will post my weight, etc on Wednesday once I’ve had a chance to catch my breath, sleep and do a bit of grocery shopping.

    Please count me in. Long time lurker of this forum!

    I did 5:2 in the summer of 2013 and lost about 7lb… Then I went back to uni and put it all back on and although I’m not the heaviest I’ve ever been, I want to finally be a weight I can be confident at.

    I think 5:2 is soooo much more sustainable than my usual go-to of 1200 calories a day, which usually ended with a few days of binging and then starting all over again.

    I restarted 5:2 on 19th April and have lost 3lb so far! Really pleased and think this can very easily become a WOL for me.

    Hi everyone,
    new to this forum and ready to join the challenge in the Highlands.
    I just turned 40 and am at 89 kg, the heaviest I’ve ever been. Really scary to step on the scales today, have been intentionally avoiding it for quite a while.
    Will try to start on 4:3 for a couple of weeks and see where it takes me.
    Have tried dieting couple of times before but never lasted too long. Guess I need a bit of support to keep at it.
    Thanks for running this challenge, it seems more manageable to focus on one month at a time.
    Good luck everyone.

    Hi @pissupoosa, I see you’ve already added me to the ‘joiners’ list…………… it must be fate as I was wobbling on the cliff edge!!!! Well, thankfully I’ve jumped (with a tiny shove from you!!!) and I’m delighted to be IN for May.

    I’ll post Aprils results …….. (I have an inkling I’ll be thinking 2017 goes something like, Jan, Feb, Mar, May, June etc, etc, etc!!!!!) …..and my May goals tomorrow a.m.

    Feeling positive for May!!

    Hmmmm….. where do I start?

    Okay, got it!

    Welcome to all our new faces! This quite a large forum, but there is a reason for that. It because it is great, fantastic and more importantly probably the reason why we’re all successful. Your going to read, something that makes you laugh, you’ll cry because of the support and love you’ll receive, and you’ll learn more about this WOL, then the whole internet can provide to you! If you have a question, just ask, I promise you you’ll get an answer, probably more than one which is good because all the answers are from people who’ve have experience it, so not only will you have your answer but the proof as well!

    To the old timers….. you are the reason, I am successful. I love you all!

    Okay, now about me…..
    I started on the forum in Nov. after several fail attempts before. This month marks my 6 months of successfulness. Is that even a word? Lol
    I’ve lost a total of 25lbs, making my start weight this month at 140.8lbs. For the last 60 days, I’ve was at a plateau stage, with a 4lb loss last week! I finally fixed the whole I kept falling through in the wagon.
    I had a high paced job for which I’m on my feet and moving for about 8 hours a day, so I’m lazy when I get home and I don’t exercise. I probably never will! Honesty, in its rarest form right there!
    I fast M,W and F
    I don’t count calories on my NFD, I just watch what I eat and pray!
    I live in Florida but I’m a New York girl tried and true, it just to darn cold for me to be happy, so 10 years ago, my family and I made the leap and moved down.
    Lately, the weather has been way to hot, early summer no rain and lots of wild fires running a muck.
    I’ve had the same man for 20 years, besides being my husband, he’s my best friend and my biggest supporter. He keeps me grounded and add some logic to my life, when I’m off the rails. We have two spoiled brats, boys 18 and 21, who still live at home and probably will until my last breath or I move out. The 21 yr old, is a college graduate and working at his career for a yr now. And the baby will graduate from high school this month and head to the police academy and college this Aug.
    My boys spoil me rotten and I wouldn’t want it any other way!

    I don’t have my closing yet, so I’m off to find a good one now!

    See you all tomorrow!

    Hi @pissupoosa, thank you for starting this month’s group. I’m not very good at keeping up to date with posts, but I do read others’ posts and take inspiration from others.

    I’m 58 living on the outskirts of London,UK. I was ill last year and ‘accidently’ loss 3 stone without trying. Now I’m the road to recovery I want to try and carry on the weight/inches loss for ever this time. I’m still ‘obese’ but would like to be a UK size 14 and approx 12 stone. My goal is slow, permanent loss, so my aim this month is to get to 14 stone (4lbs) this month and into the 13 stones by my holiday in June. My long term goal is to cut down on the medication to no pills for depression, acid reflux and high blood pressure. Also to be able to sit on chairs on a plane or in the theatre without spilling onto the next seat. Wouldn’t that be great!

    I was finding that I would loose weight on the FDs and put it back on on the NFDs, so I’m trying B2B and it seems to be working – I’m not eating so much on NFDs and I’m not too hungry on 2nd FD. But I must drink more to keep the aches and pains at bay.

    Please add me. I’m a newby!

    Audrey from Marietta, GA.

    Thank you for this monthly challenge. Can’t wait to get to know everyone and support our causes!

    I’m in!

    I lost 9 lbs in the April challenge. I am 10 lbs from my first goal. I want to get out of the 200’s. 199 here I come, God Willing.

    I hope to do much more exercising and work on the jello arms!

    My target for this month is 3-4 Kgs but overall target is 10kgs. Looking fwd to all the support in this weight loss journey!

    Hi @pissupoosa

    Thanks for your hosting. Please count me in 🙂

    See you all in the morning! Target for May is 14lb/1st/6.4kg. Wish me luck; I need it!

    T minus <1 day :-p

    A warm welcome to @maisie @pippapah @irisan @yolina @chumi @missj2002 @reid @lauren6593 @iivanana @helenalee @a.E. @umka6 @ayan @schatziii @bigviking

    We’re 82 and counting.
    Spreadsheet up to date as of tonight.

    Looking forward to starting-weights and goal updates from everyone tomorrow.
    Hope the April Challengers achieved their goals this month. All the best for a new month and a new challenge.

    Day 1/NFD/Melbourne Australia

    Starting weight 56.2 kg, .6kg above April. Goal to lose .2kg and remain at or below my happy weight of 56kg whilst on holiday.

    I’m in 😊 Always a good sign when Mondays and the start to a new month align!

    Hi can I join in too?

    Day 1/Ohope, New Zealand/NFD

    Starting weight today is 66.4 my goal is to get 61.8 which I think puts me my healthy BMI.

    I started 5:2 about 4 years ago and lost around 19 kilos and got to my healthy BMI. For various reasons I have found it harder over the last two years and what came so easily regarding discipline on fast days and being conscious but not tracking my NFD food – all my bad habits are back.

    New month ahead and my health is important so here I go again.

    Day 1 Tasmania Aus FD

    I’m 38 years old, have been doing this WOL for just over a year now, though didn’t start on the forum. It took me 10 months to lose 10kgs just before Christmas. We went away for five weeks holiday and didn’t keep up the fasting while away and then had to lose the few kgs I had put back on. End of March was back around goal and was feeling very stressed for a lot of reasons and didn’t really have the mental energy to keep up worth the forum, so decided to have the month off. Was planning to continue maintenance fasting, but almost straight away had a bad back issue flare up which meant practically no mobility. Also had a horrible head cold for weeks which was head and ear focused so had constant headaches and ear issues which caused balance problems too! So that was afun a fun few weeks! 😉 Ha!! Sadly I ate too much toast and whatever was made for me by my sweet husband and even children! Aged 13, 11 and 9! Also didn’t drink enough water add it was too painful to get up to use the bathroom!
    Anyway on the mend now and trying to strengthen my back. Haven’t been able to keep up the exercise I was doing either so really keen to get myself back to where I was, just slowly and surely!
    So along with Easter and hot cross buns and having my kids on holidays for the last two weeks, which I always find harder to fast, I haven’t had the best April food and exercise and health in general wise. BUT I’m super keen to start May and have a big change back to where I was. Have got back to fasting this last week as I stepped on the scales and was horrified! The first two fd’s were probably a little over but they were still holidays so very hard. Yesterday did a fantastic fast and was very disappointed this morning when I stepped on the scsles and after those three fd’s I’m 100gms down since the first one! I’m hoping for a whoosh at some stage! 😉 I’m planning to keep it all up though and do 4:3 as long as I need to so I can get back to goal! Them to work out maintenance as that seems to be a problem for me!
    So starting on 68.2kgs. Goal is under 64kgs, I think sitting between 63kgs and 64kgs is the best weight for me.
    Want to get back into exercise and strengthen my back. Want to drink more water this month. Think I need to give bread a wide berth too! Didn’t do much for me in April!
    Really happy to be a part of this group!! Good luck everyone, I know that we can do this together!

    I’m fasting for day 1 if anyone wants to join a pocket group?

    Day 1 FD country west Australia 73.9 kgs

    Goal for May to lose the 2 kgs I GAINED in April plus lose the 2 kgs I was trying to lose. It’s a big goal but I do need to be a bit more serious.
    Long story short – absolutely ADORE food and cooking. Never met a calorie I didn’t like so welcomed a LOT of calories over time. I saw I photo of myself late last year and realised I looked about 10 months pregnant – and at my age that WOULD be a miracle – so decided to take stock.
    Had previously lost weight by keeping a daily diary for some months which helped keep me on track.
    Heard about 5:2 , read a bit about it, had friends who had done it successfully, found this forum and joined the November challenge.
    November, December , January I was quite diligent in posting daily, having good FDs under 500 calories, and most importantly for me , being REALLY mindful on NFDs. Never a calorie counter I was diligent in counting for 3 months and it paid off. I was really unaware of how MUCH I was eating and potion sizes. Ate pretty healthily but just way way WAY too much of everything. Love carbs and cut down on them.
    Calculated my TDEE and kept to or under it on most NFDs and lost weight steadily.
    January saw me plateauing so I got a bit disheartened and whinged and complained.
    Ditto February through March. Lost a bit of weight in March .
    Had high hopes in April to lose a mere 2 kgs and was just a bit hit and miss in posting , not too mindful on NFDs which resulted in said gain.
    SO what works for me : posting daily and early in the day to get into the right mindset. It makes me much more accountable. Reading the posts also offers support and I get a lot of good hints.
    Counting calories for the month. It’s a pain and not for a lot of people but I find it really keeps me on track and aware of what I am eating. I had planned to count calories ( I use MFP) this year but haven’t at all for a couple of months.
    Good luck to all on the forum. Onward and downward.

    I would like to join, if I still can?
    Day 1 FD Brunei 60kg
    I used and loved this forum about a year ago as I did 5:2 for a couple of months. Then I moved to Brunei and was happy with my weight and thought i could maintain, which I did for a while.I was around 56-57kgs for a 5 foot late thirties woman is kind of ok. I would have liked to get back to my all time (post childbirth) low of 53kg but was not in a rush. Anyway, slowly my weight has creeped up again, and I was horrified to see 59 on the scales and today (after an indulgent week) exactly 60 😱
    I think the May challenge is just what I need to kick start 5:2 again try to make 5:2 a WOL. Today I will fast. Ive had an apple on the way to work and I have a carrot with me. this evening I’ll make some carrot and vegetable soup. I’m worried I’m going to struggle to get back into it but it is really only about mindset and determination, right? Good luck everyone!! Pissopussa, I’ll do some other measurements from home later. Thanks so much for hosting this! I remember you from last year :)))

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