May 2017 31-Day Challenge (1st Anniversary!)

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May 2017 31-Day Challenge (1st Anniversary!)

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  • second post.
    @flourbaby, thanks for the water reminder , just went and had 3 glasses. I normally drink a lot of water but may not have done so lately.
    Crunched the numbers for half an orange, half a pear and 2 cups of white tea and already close to 200 calories! Amazing how quickly I forget just how the calories add up.
    Have another 24 hours with only 300 calories. Much reading of posts here required methinks to keep me on track!
    @hannahwatto. C’mon Aussie c’mon c’mon. I will walk with you for the next month and let’s see how we go. I too got a bit disheartened earlier and everyone kindly put up with my whingeing and complaining!
    When I started this journey I wondered how to maintain this WOL and where would everyone be in 12 months. Well, ; we’ve seen the results with Coda et al who have lost weight and a lot of people have maintained.
    When the scales move upwards there is usually a reason . In my case I just ate too much in the last 2 weeks in April and did virtually no exercise – a very bad combination.
    Apart from weight loss, another reason I plan to stay with 5:2 is that research has found fasting to be beneficial in the fight against dementia. My darling 91 y.o mother has recently got dementia and it is simply awful. I plan to do what I can to keep my weight in a healthy range and to try to ward off the possibility of dementia – such a hideous disease.

    Day 1 Melbourne FD
    My stats:
    Nov 2 2016: 65.8kg

    Dec 1: 62.5kg

    Jan 12 2017: 61.2kg

    Feb 8: 60 kg

    Mar 30: 58.3kg

    May 1: 59.2kg need to ‘up’ the focus this month, after a 6 week slump. During the slump I maintained 16:8 days, but had a week and a half without fasting. Managed to complete a b2b2b in the final week, so that made me look better than I deserved.

    Thank you, pissapoosa for hosting May.

    I will not be around from 4-10 May, but will post as much as possible, otherwise.

    Holding hands with @ciren2, @coda; @andexhale… , @scs and anyone else who has experienced some down-time: Together we are Stronger! Best of Luck to all for a great May!

    Day 1 | Sydney Australia | FD


    Waist 105cm
    Hips 130cm
    Thighs 78cm
    Arms 39cm
    Chest 111cm

    Loose 2.5kg by end of May

    I posted a bit of background on myself last week, but long story short is I need to lose weight and get fit! I can already feel myself getting fit which feels good. I do HIIT classes at the gym 3 times a week, and also play sport on Sundays. But I need to lose weight. I did it a few years back – I lost 40kg from 2009 – 2011 and weighed 70kg. Due to various reasons I’ve put the weight back on. I know the fast diet works for me I just need to stick with it long term.

    I’m prepped for my fast day today, having some vegetable soup for lunch, and salmon + veges for dinner. I actually find Monday fast days pretty easy, it’s the weekends which are the killer for me.

    But, just need to take one day at a time

    I’m excited to be here and to e-meet everyone 🙂

    Day 1 NZ NFD Weight this morning 81.5kg Aim to be under 80 by the end of the month.

    Hi, I am excited to join this May 2017 31-Day Challenge!

    Day 1, Houston, NFD. Height: 5’3, Weight: 130 lbs.
    My current measurements: Neck: 13in., Bust: 36in., Waist: 30in., Hip: 38in., Thigh: 20in., Leg: 16in.

    Weight target by end of May: 124 lbs.


    Thank you @pissupoosa for taking the leadership this month. Please count me in for this month challenge. I started this journey last month with losing 4.2kg missing my target by 0.5kg.

    My current May 1st: 82.5kg and my target for end of May 81kg. I will be fasting on Mondays and Thursdays every week and might add some back to back fasting days sometimes in the middle of the month and of course the end of the month as Ramadan will start.

    Day 1 – UAE – FD

    Day 1 Croatia NFD
    Weight:80 kg
    waist:84 cm
    hip: 90 cm
    bust: 96 cm

    Day 1 NZ FD
    Great to start the month with a FD, just lucky it coincided with a Monday for me.
    I mentioned in April that I was starting a new job, today was day 2 after a brief intro last week.
    I used to work Thursday Friday and I will now be Monday Tuesday instead so I’m shifting my FD patterns to start Sunday after dinner through to Monday full FD with up to 450cals at night then continue all day Tuesday to a normal whatever I choose dinner after work.
    I’ll have my second FD Thursday.
    I found doing Monday then Thursday extended into dinnertime Friday worked well so I’m hoping the same sort of approach will fit into the start of my week on the new workdays.
    Exercise wise I’ll make small alterations to run on Monday and try to put a weights session into Tuesdays after work while the kids are at their sport. Otherwise the pattern will be the same trail runs and HIIT circuits with Sunday’s off.
    March/April got me back into my jeans and I’m now focussed on the last pair of slightly too tight jeans being comfortable by the end of May.
    I don’t know what that translates to in kg and I don’t really care, whenever I think about ‘weight loss’ what it really means to me is ‘size loss’ and my clothes are the best measuring tool for that.
    I’m not sure how that gets put into the spreadsheeet but that’s my current state and future goals.
    May is a birthday month for me and it would be fabulous to fit all my jeans comfortably by the time I tick off another year of life later this month.

    Day 1 uk FD

    Please include me in this anniversary challenge. How good that it has gone a full year. (not for me who only started in March )

    I shall fast on Monday Wednesday and Friday, all being well.

    My aim is to get to 154 lbs. start weight 158.6lbs.

    Hi count me in please. Thank you for hosting.

    I’m Julie from London, i’m 44, 5’2 and 144 lb- how did that happen (ehh .. hello pizza / chocolate / eating same size portions as my 6ft bf) i know where you144 came from.

    This will be my first attempt at 5:2. I think my body is changing as my usual eating and exercise routine is not cutting it anymore. Tomorrow will be my first fast day. Today I will take my measurements and set a target and post tomorrow.

    Good luck everyone, I’m looking forward to reading about your experiences.

    Day 1 : Cheshire, UK : NFD

    I’m away from home so not able to post my starting weight but I have definitely put on weight. Will post my weight on Wednesday.

    My goal is to lose the excess weight and to get back to this healthy way of eating and living. I feel so much better in every way when I follow this way of eating; the benefits far exceed the weight loss.

    I intend to post daily and to keep up with reading posts. A few b2b to get me firmly back on the wagon. I know it is going to be a bit of a challenge as I have eaten so many carbs, especially this weekend as I went to a wedding in Northumberland (beautiful part of the UK btw) eating lots of yummy food but not much veggies.

    I’m determined this month to get back on track cos I don’t like feeling bloated or the expanded waistline.

    @pissupoosa – thank you for hosting this month! xoxo

    Well done to you all, I haven’t done a B2B yet this is my first month on 5:2 and the forum never done this before either. I started the 5:2 on 3rd April and lost 4.2kg hoping for the same or more this month ,today is a FD for me I fast on Monday & Thursday I hope to reach my goal in October 2017.

    Day1 : Northumberland, UK : NFD

    Good morning all. I plan to catch up on all the posts later, but for now my starting measurements are:
    Weight – 82.6 kg / 182lb / 13’0″
    Waist – 79cm, Hips – 103cm, Bust 100cm.
    I weigh daily, which can show a lot of fluctuation so I also track a 10day average which is currently 83.6kg.

    My initial target for May is to get below 81kg as that would get my BMI below 25. My stretch target would be to get the 10day average below 80kg.

    I’m already the lightest and probably smallest I’ve been in 15 years so anticipate that it is going to get more difficult now, but there are still plenty of flabby bits I’d like to trim and tone.

    Good luck everyone, and thank you @pissupoosa for taking this month on.

    Day 1 | Northamptonshire, UK | NFD

    Starting weight (19.04.17) 9 stone 2.8lb
    Current weight 9 stone 0.4lb

    I’m only 5’2 so can lose just under 2 stone and still be a ‘healthy weight’. At the moment my goal is 8 stone before a holiday at the end of July and as long as I lose 2lb a week, I should hit that target.

    I haven’t weighed under 8 stone 7 since I started weighing myself so will see how I feel once I reach 8 stone and decide then if I want to maintain or continue losing.

    5:2 is working well for me so far! Really keen to carry on and have already noticed a big difference in my appetite on NFDs. I also look forward to the long term benefits I’ve read about like having more energy.

    Day 1
    West Midlands UK
    Start weight for challenge 178.5lb

    Fast days will be Tues and Thurs

    Goal for May to be 173lb

    Day 1 UK NFD

    Surprisingly the internet is still on for now. Yay:) I weighed again and am down a pound from yesterday to 190.4 lbs so I want to amend my May goal to 180lbs as that is a much nicer round number. Tomorrow is another fast day but today I can eat. Yay:) Cheese and beans and avocado are calling me already but I won’t break my fast until the afternoon.

    @annemarilyn I am sorry I left you behind. It sounds as if the weekends are to blame. I work at the weekend and except for Easter when I ate cake to stop my son having the whole thing I don’t have any social pressure to eat extra. And I felt so rotten after eating that for the entire week afterwards I am not likely to repeat it. I hope this month goes better for you.

    Day 1 UK FD 🌈

    Hi all, I’m back, start weight for May 169lbs.

    Goals for May.

    Weight loss goal 7lb.
    Drink water 3 x 500mls, plus warm water and lemon in the morning.
    2 FDs a week (minimum)
    Exercise 3 x a week
    Reduce sugar.

    Good luck all x 😁

    Day 1, Germany (I’m Dutch), NFD

    I posted my weight loss journey on April 26th.

    Weight January 15th: 70,9 kg/153,3lbs
    Starting weight 1. May: 53,6 kg/118,2lbs; Bust 89 cm/35.0in; Waist 66 cm/26.0in; Hips 89 cm/35.0in
    My goal is to stay under 54 kg/119lbs so from this month on I will try to maintain the weight I achieved

    Have a good FD or NFD!

    Hi my goal for this month is 6 kg. I used 5:2 a couple of years ago but I did not stick to it so my weightloss was not great however over past 18 months have half heartedly tried a variety of diets and did not lose much but did not Put on. However this year I have allowed myself to ignore the slow but increase in weight.. I want to be accountable so daily postings are the go for me. Today was NF with a TDEE of 1500 . I am trusting the count!!!

    Day 1 UK FD

    I started on March 20th, so have now completed 6 weeks. And I’m doing AFD.

    Mar 20 – Apr 1: 7.5lb / 3.4kg
    Apr 1 – May 1: 12.8lb / 5.8 kg
    May 1 – Jun 1: Target is 14lb / 1st / 6.4kg

    Day 1 Notts UK BSD

    Stats for the start of this challenge

    Weight: 89.6kg
    Waist: 39 inches
    Goal for end of May: To lose 4kgs

    All the best to everyone this month. Onward & downwards!

    Mon -FD
    Waist – 31 inches
    Weight – 11 stone 1lb

    Hi everyone!

    After hearing so much about 5:2 I’ve decided to give it a go! I watched the Michael Mosely film last night as added motivation.

    I happened to start my fast today and then found this group existed in the forums and I think it would be great to join in.

    My stats are:
    Weight: 70.3kg
    Bust: 100.5cm
    Waist: 88cm
    Hips: 99cm

    I would love to lose 5kg by the end of May.

    Now that I’m getting close to the end of the first fast day (no food, just water and tea), I think I might skip the 500cal meal for dinner just so that I know I can physically get through a day with no food.

    I am considering alternating 5:2 with 4:3 week to week, but I’ll see how I go first!

    Today was a little bit difficult, I have low blood pressure at the best of times, so around 1pm I was feeling a bit light headed and shaky, but that may have been because I went swimming this morning and then didn’t eat. Interestingly after a lunch time walk, I felt much better. I’d be really interested in hearing from all of you how you add both cardio and weight resistance exercise to your weeks, whether you find it okay to exercise and then fast, or if you prefer to exercise on non-fast days?

    All the best to all of you with your goals! I’m looking forward to making some progress with my goals 🙂

    Day 1UK NFD Hello all ,thanks for leading us @pissupoosa . I’m going to enjoy the bank holiday today and really buckle down tomorrow . May start weight 144lb aim for this month to get down to 139lb and lose some inches from my waist .Good Luck all x

    DAY 1 – UK – FD

    Starting weight 9st. 13.08 lbs.
    May goal : lose 2lb (which was my goal for April, but no joy)
    Final goal: 9st. 7lb.

    Altho’ disappointed with no weight loss for 3 months now, (lost 9lb. in Jan)whilst disappointing, in retrospect I am delighted to have maintained my weight thusfar….but am determined to lose another 7lb.however long it takes.

    Well done to all who have lost so much weight this month….and “hang in there” the rest of us. Good luck to all new starters – this is a wonderful site.

    Two holidays this month, so the going will be tough.

    Thankyou @pissupoosa for hosting this months challenge.

    @sunshineaus – personally I have found exercising on my fast days suits me – provided I do it first thing….as I have usually eaten a high protein meal the night before (I tend to try and eat a piece of red meat (steak or chop) with plenty of green veg for supper which sustains me for my short run the following morning. Drink plenty of water after your regular exercise that helps with the wobbles. I then don’t eat lunch, (perhaps an apple) but save my fd cals for my supper. It works for me…..altho’ I haven’t lost weight for 3 months now!!! so I may be doing it all wrong….but I feel fine. I also have low blood pressure (aren’t we lucky)!! I am sure you will get lots of advice from folks here…you can then try various methods and work out what suits you best….it’s all trial and error. Good luck in your weight loss quest. Keep us informed of your exercising progress we can all learn from each other.

    I’m a newbie and will be starting this challenge tomorrow! I think it will give me the boost I need to do it! I’ve struggling to find a plan that fits round me and my lifestyle and I think I’ve finally found it. Reading all the comments makes me more determined than ever. I will post start weight and measurements tomorrow
    Bring it on and thank you for setting this up

    Day 1 / UK / NFD (62.7kg)

    May has made me a welcome present with a litte hop below 63 (possibly still related to Sat’s unexpected FD, yesterday certainly wasn’t one!). This is month no. 3 and I hope to return to 5:2 (4:3, 3:4 etc) more seriously after the bit of a joke that April was post-Easter. Only at the end of the month there is a four-day family weekend, which may be difficult, otherwise I should really get my head down.

    Stats for May:
    Starting weight (overall, 20 Feb): 71.2kg
    Starting weight (1 May): 62.7kg
    Goal weight (31 May): 60kg
    After April this seems like reaching for the stars, but I like neat numbers and March showed me that it is possible if I stay mindful.
    Goal weight (overall, ideeeally for mid-August when I am meeting the family for my sister’s 30th in Tuscany): 55kg
    But if this doesn’t look ‘healthy,’ I’ll happily settle with anything that has a 5 in front.

    My story:
    I finally gave 5:2 a try (three years after becoming aware of it) in late Feb when “eating well, just less” just hadn’t produced any results after Christmas. Unexpectedly, this “fresh start after a holiday” also coincided with the end of a serious relationship (hence the name, for those aware of Bon Iver, or want to be: ) and I have been trying my best to live more mindfully: I moved out within two weekends into a little princess abode right underneath the roof of a very professional but fun female houseshare, counselling, I have been working with a job coach to figure out where I want to go professionally (I am suffering from serious imposter syndrome after doing an Arts PhD but not wanting to become an academic anymore), a friend schlepped me to the gym for yoga within a week of the break-up and I have since enthusiastically taken to vibe power and power pump classes as well. It’s not the life I expected to lead this year, but it’s good overall. And I am excited to see what the summer has in store for me. My work assignment here is until the end of June and I have given myself a deadline for sometime in July to leave the area after almost seven years here. Where I’ll go I don’t know and that’s maybe a little scary, but mostly exciting.

    Have a fabulous May, everyone! I am keen to get back into the swing of the forum, I couldn’t have gotten where I am already (half-way through!) without you!

    Day 1 UK NFD

    Hello everyone and here we go for what I’m sure will be a great challenge!

    @pissupoosa starting numbers are: weight 67.5 Kg. Bust 39.5 inches, waist 34 , hips 40.5

    Target weight loss 2 Kg . Also take more exercise, drink more water and any inches lost will be welcomed!
    Good luck everyone!

    Day 1 UK FD Weight 78.5kgs

    I actually started last Monday and lost 2kgs in the first week I know this is probably water weight and not a normal loss. My aim is to loose 3kg by June 1. I have visitors for 8 days this month and that will be very hard to manage as we will be going out a lot as it is my friend’s 50th, but I am really determined as it is my daughters graduation mid July and I will be so fed up if I do not sort myself out.

    Never did measurements before so that will be interesting to track over the coming months.
    Waist: 95cm Hips:120cm Bust:103cm

    I am only 5ft 1 so should be 60kg to be in the normal range, however would be happy at 66kg to be honest as the 60kg which I got to for one year of my adult life made me quite gaunt looking.

    Good luck everyone😃

    @jarbia Thanks for your advice! I’ll try the steak or maybe salmon option for dinner the night before and see if that helps 🙂

    Day 1, Newcastle UK, NFD

    Starting weight 136.6lbs. Goal for May 133lbs. Setting off on Mediterranean cruise today back May 15. I’m really going to try to make good food choices, two meals a day and very little alcohol. Use gym and pool and dance a lot. That’s the plan anyway. Going to miss reading your posts daily but we have a holiday rule of no wifi. All the best to you all, ‘see you’ on the 15th. Together we are stronger!

    Day 1: Gloucestershire, UK. NFD

    Today is the first anniversary of these challenges for me. It all started with @coda last May.

    My journey is split three ways during the last year.

    First four months:
    Lost two stone (28 pounds) to reach my goal for the first time in 25 years.
    Second four months:
    Managed to maintain; more through luck than design.
    Third four months:
    Completely lost my motivation; gained almost half the weight back.

    So, being just over 11 pounds over goal today, my aim is to get back into the 5:2 habit, successfully.

    @pissupoosa: thanks for taking us on this month.

    Day 1 – Cumbria UK – FD

    THANK YOU @pissupoosa for taking the lead for this May 2017 31-Day Challenge (1st Anniversary!) and “herding us”

    Starting the May Challenge with a FD – I like starting the week off with a FD as I find it helps me press a RESET button after often an indulgent weekend – however this last weekend was a mindful one for a change!!!!! (Please note “Pocket Winos”)

    May will be my 6th month in maintenance – aiming on staying below 55kg, although I give myself a 1kg flex on either side of that weight, I am happy to report that since reaching that weight at the beginning of December 2016 I have managed to stay just below 💃

    My aim for this month is to:-
    *Remain under my goal weight of 55kg/121.3lbs
    *Do 2 x FDs each week, one of which will be a fluid/minimal calories day
    *Continue doing 16:8 on my NFDs – 2 meals a day
    *Aim to drink around 3L daily
    *Still enjoy that slice of cake with a flat white when out with OH for a coffee twice a week and to enjoy a couple of glasses of wine 3-4 times a week BUT JUST NOT EVERY DAY!!!!
    *Keep up with my walking (1.5/2hrs each session) x 3 – pilates x 1 – aerobic x1 and yoga x 2 sessions each week
    *Firmly PRESS that “Reset” button with a FD or CD if I have a bad day – don’t let it turn into a bad week!
    *Sign on here daily for accountability
    *Weigh weekly after my 2nd FD and record on my tracker

    @Strawberriesandcream – Have a ball on your cruise – “see” you mid month when you get back

    Lovely to see so many from previous challenges joining in again and a big WELCOME to those new to this WOL!
    This WOL does work if you follow it and give it time – it is not a DIET but a permanent change as to how we lead our lives……
    If we are serious about losing weight and keeping it off we cannot go back to doing what we did before when we gained the weight!

    The best advice I can give to anyone new to this WOL is to stick to the basic 5:2 for the first month – The following link by @simcoeluv might prove helpful and answer a lot of your questions:–

    (Pocketeers are people that are fasting on the same calendar day. We build a list and try to cheer/support each other on. It helps to know you aren’t the only ones fasting – It is up to each person if they want to join but as it’s the start of the new challenge I have taken the liberty of adding those who have said they are fasting to today’s list)

    I’m joining the Pocketeers list started by @lou Belles and have added those who have said they are on a FD today too – if you are fasting please copy & paste then add your name to the post. – TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER – The more the better for support across the globe!!!
    @lou Belles
    @cream tea
    @tillysmum (BSD 800cals)


    Day 1 – West Midlands UK – FD

    Starting Weight – 12st 3lbs – aim is to lose 7lbs in May

    Bust – 43″
    Waist – 35″
    Hips 41 1/2″

    Target is to get to 10st 10lbs in 12 weeks, just got to change my lifestyle – will be 50 in August, beach holiday booked, and need to be bikini body ready ! Can’t get into some of my clothes…. No that’s wrong, all of them, they are all tight and uncomfortable and I am not buying bigger sizes. I feel so sluggish and had a cant be bothered attitude for months… This is changing from today, I am super motivated and I will do this, it’s time for a change. Good luck to you all

    Day 1Belfast FD
    Starting weight 158lbs
    Waist 36inches
    BMI 25.4
    Goal for the month: lose 5lb (that would take me to 10 stone 13)and reduce waist size.
    Drink more water
    NO sugar.
    Thank you SO much @pissupoosa for hosting, and of course, a HUGE, thank you again to @okeydokey for the stellar job last month.
    SO, the last couple of months have been a bit of a write off. Today is a fresh start.
    I have a wedding at the end of this month, which should be a motivator, but also have a 10 day holiday before that, so I need a big focus.
    I watched ‘The Sugar Film’ to try and motivate me, and am currently reading other material. I struggle to leave sugar alone and @yolina, your problem is exactly mine -all or nothing. I wish I had £1 for every time I have sabotaged my diet.😢
    Birdie V, Ciren2, Jarbia, Coda, SCS, And..Exhale and anyone else when has struggled… WE CAN DO THIS!
    @obesa, saw the garden article. Is yours one of the ones in the magazine? One of the things I miss about living here is the beautiful English villages. I am envious.
    Is there a pocket group? Will start one now
    Don’t want to presume and add everyone!

    Day 1 Maine NFD

    Good morning all! Another grey, cloudy cool day here in southern Maine. We actually had quite a thunderstorm last night even ‘tho temps were in the 40’s & we had a fire roaring in the fireplace! So strange!

    Starting weight: 179.4 – goal this month is 175. Missed last month’s goal by .4. I’m fasting thurs & Sunday, an Additional fast day thrown in for good measure when needed. I am going to be much more mindful on NFD – I had a few days in April that were way over TDEE – that only sabotages my FD’s. I plan to walk at least 5 days a week & am going to try to work some strength training in.

    Wishing you all good health & mindfulness in May! @pissupoosa – thanks for taking the reins – much appreciated!

    Make it a great day everybody!

    Day 1 Newcastle UK NFD.
    Weight 14st 4lbs
    Hight 6ft 1.5″
    Neck 16.25″
    Chest 42″
    Waist 40″
    Hip 39.5″
    Age 57
    This month’s goal is 13st 7lbs but if the scales say 13st anything I’ll be happy
    Looking forward to my second monthly challenge.
    This January I started the 8/16 diet and messed about with it until mid March I’d lost about 4lb in two and a half months. I found the 5/2 diet on line and started reading through the forums. Reading everyone’s successes and failures it really hit home that I needed help and support even if it was just posting my success or failures, it definitely helped me stay focused throughout April’s challenge. My routine is the 5/2 with the 8/16. I skip breakfast everyday and start eating at noon. I try to keep to low carb foods and keep my portion sizes on the small side. I’ve never been big on gym exercise but have a rowing machine in the house which I do 20mins of HIT rowing every night when I get in from work and since the start of April take a long bike ride on Sunday mornings. I want to continue with this until I get to my goal weight and then switch to the 6/1 and keep the exercise going to maintain.
    My job as a taxi driver is very sedentary and I needed to change my lifestyle and eating habits totally. This 5/2 is away of life that feels sustainable.
    Good luck everyone.
    @pissupoosa thanks for hosting.

    Day1 -UK – FD

    Thank you @pissupoosa for hosting us all this month. I’ve been doing 5:2 since January and using these forums since March. My target for May will be to lose 7 lbs, I lost about 5 pounds in April which included the Easter chocolate frenzy. Not sure of starting weight as no scales till tomorrow/Wednesday. I’ve lost about 23-25 lbs since January so the May loss will take me over 2 stone. Im trying to do this slowly to try and combat all the years of yo yoing, so looking at it as more of a way of life, rather than a “strict” diet. Been doing 2FDs each week with low calorie NFDs (about 1000-1100) for 3 days. Leaves weekends for TDEE days and usually me needing the help of the pocket winos!

    Day 1 lancaster pa NFD

    Start weight 241.8. Lbs. goal 10 lbs for the month.

    I’d like to join May challenge as well. This is my 2nd month, still a newbie.
    Weight: 68.2kg
    Goal for May: 2kg
    Goal to end of June: 65

    Day1-Sydney Australia-FD

    Day 1 Sydney Australia FD
    Kicked off today at 106.1kg
    I’m a regular Monday and Thursday faster. I do it by the book except I usually only eat one larger meal at dinner which allows me a 24 hour fast from the dinner the night before. I like doing it that way. A meal in the day makes me hungry where if I don’t eat, I don’t think about food most of the day.
    Glad to be part of this. I started 5:2ing back in 2013 and again in 2014 then again in 2015. Now I know the only way to ever keep my weight under control is to keep this going forever. I have already lost over 7kg since March.

    Thanks @pissupoosa for launching this in 2017.

    Australia Day 1 NFD – no breakfast, raw salmon and Japanese salad for lunch plus some raspberries and blueberries, and carrot and celery sticks for dinner. I’d like to say this was me eating well but actually I was just too busy to eat at breakfast or dinner! 🙂

    Day 1 – CARDIFF UK – NFD

    Starting Weight : 159.0lbs

    Target Weight : 154.0lbs

    After much deliberation I’ve decided to join the May challenge – thanks @pissupoosa for hosting.

    My target is ambitious based on my poor March and April achievements, but to get to 11st would be great.

    I plan to try and complete 2FD per week, read posts daily and post when I can.

    Day 1, London, UK, NFD.

    Well, I’m here after a slight wobble of faith!!! I gained 0.8lbs in April, but this is all about perspective and since I’ve lost 23.8lbs (10.8kgs) since Nov 1st 2016………………. I should be happy……….Right???? This includes an 8lb gain at Xmas (alcohol induced!!) and a 4lb gain at Easter (hot cross bun & chocolate induced!!)

    Having never been a rigid calorie counter in my life, ………… Just an expert calorie consumer (LOL)……….. I religiously counted both FDs and NFDs (BIG eye opener…….who knew my regular mocha & choc croissant = 700+ cals???) and weight loss has been steady. So I remain faithful to 5:2 ………….It really works and I CAN have that croissant on NFDs, although more often than not, I don’t WANT it!!!

    Good to see so many familiar faces, we need company on this 5:2 wagon!!!

    @strawberriesandcream, I would ask if you had room for a ‘little one’ in your suitcase, but after April I’m fooling no-one!!!!! Have a good time!!!!!

    Further to the ‘blip’ that was April, it’s time to pull my finger out and knuckle down, so aims for May……………………..

    1. Lose 4.6lbs+…………… current weight 170.6lbs……… aiming for 166lbs or less!
    2. Continue 10,000 steps per day………………. Or as close as possible.
    3. Introduce some toning exercise to counteract the dreaded ‘sagging’.
    4. Drink 3 Litres of water per day……..NO less!!! –perhaps I can start a ‘Pocket 3L Water’ group at some point!!??
    5. STAY focused!!! Mindful NFDs and achievable FDs.
    6. QUIT the self-sabotaging and stop looking back………….I’m not going that way anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @pissupoosa, thanks for hosting this anniversary month, much appreciated!!! @coda, thanks for starting these challenges that keep us all honest!!!

    Day 1 USA (northern Illinois) – NFD – starting (and holding) weight 159.2#

    Welcome newbies! I’m happily celebrating a year with challenges having started with Coda last May. This WOL worked for me, and I pray it works for you.

    My story: Began 5:2 15 March 2016 at 193# and consistently lost 1# a week until reaching my goal 160# in mid-November. My goal then was to maintain through the November-December holidays. With the help of these challenges, I did just that and have continued to do maintenance (generally 6:1) since then. Staying at TDEE on my NFD’s is the real challenge for me, also getting out of my chair and exercising at least 2-3 days a week. I do a class at my gym called “Silver Sneakers” twice a week. I try to get a 15 minute power walk on FD’s that does seem to make a difference in my metabolism.

    I turn 69 tomorrow but don’t feel old! I’m a retired school music teacher who still teaches private piano lessons and directs our local town community choir. I do church music (piano or sing), judge school contests, and sing the occasional solo at funerals or weddings. I had a ‘career’ in community theater in my younger days. Due to life circumstances, I am living alone without my husband but stay very active. Four children are scattered across the county who I visit periodically. I try to keep my internet activity up even when away from home.

    Real name – Gwynne, huge Chicago Cubs fan, BS from University of Illinois, PhD from Capella University

    Measurements have stayed pretty consistent lately: bust 40″ waist 34″ hip 41″ especially happy to get my BMI to 25. I didn’t want to get skinny that would show off too many wrinkles. I have enough spare skin mostly mid-body where I have lost fat. I’ve enjoyed buying new clothes in sizes 12 or so American. Salvation Army and Goodwill have received many bags of XL’s and even L clothes.

    Onward and downward is my favorite mantra!

    Day 1……Florida…..FD

    It’s funny but I do like to see that Day 1 each month. It serves as a reminder to me, every diet or WOL starts one step at a time, one day at a time. Each month, that Day 1 signals a renewed hope of were I want to be and who I am becoming.

    Last month was a difficult one for me and I realized that my plateauing had a lot to do with what I wasn’t doing rather than what I was doing. First, I admit, I lost focus with the group, I no longer was a supportive member just a name on the page. Second, I wasn’t focus on me but more on the food, I clearly was enjoying. So, Day 1, I’ve decided to become that annoying support member again!

    Please add me to the pocket group as today is a FD for me. It’s going to be a uphill battle as it’s my day off! I guess no pain, no weight loss! It seemed silly to put no pain, no gain considering I sure in the hell don’t want to see any gains…..LOL

    I was in the closet last night, and way back in the don’t go zone of the closet, I found a long denim skirt. So, I gave it a go, well I was able to get it on and button it, however moving or sitting down were a bit of a problem. This heavy denim had to give!
    So, as I stood there, I began to wonder, how in the heck I was going to get the damn thing off………
    So, I move a little closer to the bed, to get a little support, damn this skirt is like a tight jacket, didn’t see the dog tripped…… now I on the floor like a fish without water in a skirt I can not move in.
    As I’m laying there, I get to laughing thinking about @fatrabbit in her shed. Well, I guess she’s right just like winne the poor, stuck in the rabbit hole, it’s a good way to control the intake off food and starve off a few calories.
    Kids…. I recommend that you don’t try this at home
    I start to try and wiggle out of this straight jacket, 10 min later, I’m out! I knocked a few perfume bottles off the dresser, pulled the comforter off the bed and the dog looked at me as if I was the dumbest human that ever existed. I’m sure he was laughing at me too.
    So, I have a goal for May! To be able to get into and out of this skirt with ease. A lofty goal but do able I think?

    Okay, well I’m off my coffee cup is empty!

    Chin up Princess your crown is slipping!

    Day 1 NFD London England
    I was going to start tomorrow as its a bank holiday today and im rubbish at weekends. I plan to do 2 days of FD per week either Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Thursday. I currently weigh 166lbs. I would like to lose 7lbs (at least) by the end of May.
    I will try and eat 3 small meals a day, I’m worried that i will not be able to function on 2 meals a day. Plus my work colleagues will ask to many questions if i dont eat at lunch time. Does anyone else do it this way? I am brand new yo this I’ve never tried it before so i think this challenge is a good start boost for me.
    Thanks for starting this. I think a diary entry or just posting will hopefully keep me on track
    Good luck everyone

    D1/GA, US/ FD – starting wgt 199 (90.27 kg)

    Hi, I’m Audrey and I’m a 58 year old, female.
    Goal: I’d like to lose a pound a week on average.
    NFD plan: I’m an emotional eater so my goal is to eat normally with no binging and eat only in an 8-hour window. When I’m not overeating out of boredom or stress, I generally eat well and within my TDEE.

    FD plan: (Monday and Thursday) Put off eating as long as possible. Eat protein, veg, and fruits. A yogurt (low sugar) and maybe a square of dark chocolate if I can afford it. Plenty of water, of course and black coffee.

    Exercise: My typical routine is sufficient, I think. 30 minutes, 3x a week elliptical or stationary bike; 3 to 4 times a week a walk of 3 to 4 miles; strength exercise: bench presses (85 reps with 26 pound weights), (55 reps with 10 pound weights). The only thing I want to add to my routine is to be more active at night. My goal is to clean a room every night during the week so I’m free to hike with my husband, and play on the weekends.

    History: Difficulty sticking to a plan, tend to binge on sweets. Tired of counting calories!!! Eat out of boredom, stress, and in a festive atmosphere. I’ve eliminated the stress from my life now so this should help a lot!

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