May 2017 31-Day Challenge (1st Anniversary!)

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May 2017 31-Day Challenge (1st Anniversary!)

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  • Day 1 MN USA. NFD
    Day 2. FD

    My goal is to get to 160 pounds. I should be able to do that but gosh!! This is frustrating!!

    Day 1 Portugal FD

    Please count me in for May. April wasn’t such a good weight loss. Wanting to push hard in May. Hoping to reach target by end of June.
    Starting weight: 61.3kg
    May goal weight 58.3kg
    End goal: 57kg

    Beginning a 21 day no snack, no desserts, no added sugar, no chocolate fast with OH. Also hoping to do ADF during this month, as much as possible. Also starting up fitness blender workouts 5x per week.
    Good luck to everyone!

    🎉🎊 Happy One Year Anniversary, to Coda & all my Fellow Fasters!! 🎊🎉

    I’m so happy to be back on the Challenge thread! The Support & daily Accountability are priceless.
    I feel reinvigorated & ready to charge into May!! 😀

    158 lbs. = Original start weight of 5:2
    148. lbs. = May 1, 2017

    144 lbs = Goal for May (aim for 4 lb loss.) That’ll be tough, but do-able.
    136 lbs = Ultimate Goal Weight (62 kg.) That’s 12 stubborn pounds left to tackle.

    Plan for May:

    1– Fast on Tuesday & Thursday. OH is *finally* on board with the idea. He promises to no longer sabotage & will even join me on Tuesday Fast Days for the health benefits. Yay!! Home team support now too !!!

    2– I am dusting off my “Lose it” app & will log my calories carefully for the month of May. Hopefully, this won’t be forever, but a helpful tool to reach my goals.

    3– I have a very physical job that requires I stay in shape to perform well. Need to get back into my consistent weight lifting routine! So for May, my goal is strength training 3 x/week and running another 3 days/ week.

    Hello everyone

    Day 1- Montreal- NFD

    I started the 5-2 on 31st January 2017 at 86 kilos. I’m now 78.6 and halfway towards my goal of 70 kilos. My aim for the end of May is 76 kilos.
    Good luck to all,

    Sorry, totally forgot to log in correctly in my post above. Shows I’ve been away too long 😉

    Day 1– Colorado USA– NFD

    Day 1 2nd post Brunei
    Ok, here are my stats and goals etc
    Start weight: 60.9kg
    Aim: 58kg
    Waist: 94cm
    Bust: 93cm
    Upper thigh: 60 (not that I ever lose any there…)

    Had a surprisingly good FD today seen as I only really decided to go for it once I was at work. Had an apple and a carrot in the morning, a low calorie cup a soup with some cauliflower rice thrown in at lunchtime and some courgette strips cooked with a tiny amount of coconut oil and loads of herbs, garlic and a bit of chilli with a spoonful of the bolognaise I made for the fam at tea time. Next fast day will be Wedneaday and will do regular FDs on Mon and weds and try to avoid sugary stuff and go lowish carb on NFDs. Good luck everyone!

    Day 1 USA WA, FD
    Starting weight 132
    B 33
    W 29
    H 37
    Target weight for May challenge: 125 (7 lb loss) or a loss that keeps things moving in the right direction!

    I’ve been doing AFD as it has worked really well for me in terms of how I feel, so I will probably keep that going until I get to my goal.

    I started this WOL in March to lose some weight I had gained with a med shift but mostly for brain health. I have epilepsy and my neurologist encouraged me to try this to see if it would help minimize seizures as well as lose the weight I put on with the med shift. So far, it has been great. I have been steadily losing the weight,and my head feels so much clearer!

    Looking forward to May in general, like many of you, I am hoping for sunshine and warmth (a long very cold winter here in eastern WA), and looking forward to mindfully continuing to move toward my goal weight (123, where I was before the med shift).

    I love this forum. The support and encouragement folk provide to one another is inspirational and feels like a global hug and 👊!

    2nd post

    @bert1802 So funny!! I can just picture it. Just the sort of ridiculous thing that makes life wonderful. I can picture the dogs face too. I couldn’t see the rabbits while I was stuck in the shed but I bet they were sitting in a huddle outside discussing me and my strange behaviour. I would have looked just like Winnie the Pooh if I had got another arm out of the rabbit hatch and probably would have had to stay there waiting to get thin too. If I had thought of that image at the time I would probably have wet myself from laughing.

    I think fitting into that skirt is a wonderful goal. I would love to be able to have the goal of fitting through that hatch. I will have to measure it and see if there would be even a vague hope after I lose another fifty pounds. It would be a worthy final target!

    May 1, USA, Missouri Ozarks, FD

    Starting weight 142, goal weight 145. Feeling great, ready for a liquid only fast today I do believe!

    Happy May all. I am old enough to remember decorating maypoles with streamers (well, we decorated the flag pole and called it a maypole. ) haha… My mother and grandmother could remember making little baskets with wildflowers and leaving them on doorknobs on Mayday.

    Any basket left around here today will be soggy – it has rained for about five straight days, over a foot of rain in some areas. ( I saw the damage at West Plains, it was horrific. So sorry. Prayers for those people and all others in the path of the flood waters. They say that water does more damage than all other natural disasters combined).

    Wishing all a beautiful, sun filled day !

    Sorry 2nd post, my NFD just became a FD. I got called into work so might as well get one out of the way and start the month on the right foot.

    Toronto – FD – Day 1

    Hello @pissupoosa – I would like to join for May! I previously participated in the Feb challenge.

    So, I’m a 30 y.o. female in Toronto (Canada) with a busy career and a hubby. I started 5:2 in September 2016 at 169.5 lbs and have been losing weight slowly ever since. I am very impressed by the people who have lost consistently at 1 lb/week, your discipline inspires me! I spent most of my early 20s in the 140-148 range (I’m 5’3″) and gained about 30 pounds between 2013-2014 (highest weight was 180 lbs) during a stressful time in my life. My goal is to get back to 140. I had wanted to hit that mark by June 1 but don’t think that is realistic at this point. I do weight/plyometric exercises 3 times a week and enjoy it. I also walk to and from work everyday (3.5 kms round trip).

    I was so excited to break the 70 kg mark (I got to 69.2 kg in March – it has been YEARS since I’ve seen 60-something on the scale!) but found that I spent March and April yo-yoing back and forth between 69.5-70.5 kg. Urgh. Enough is enough, time to buckle in and am hoping this challenge keeps me accountable. My goal this month is to break the 150 lbs number and enter the glorious 140s!

    CW: 155.1 lbs
    GW: 140 lbs
    GW for this month: 149 lbs!

    Things to keep track of – better eating on NFDs and limiting sweet treats!

    Day 1 – Switzerland – FD

    Starting weight 93.3kg. Aim to be under 90kg by 31 May.

    My plan for May is to get back to 4:3, and be super-vigilant on NFDs and log everything onto MFP. I know this is exactly the system that didn’t work for me in April, but I’ve managed to make it work in the past, and think I just need a bit of concerted effort plus some heart-searching about what my ultimate goals are and how to get there.

    My lovely OH has just announced that he would like to stop eating meat. This is absolutely fine by me, as the kids and I eat pretty much no meat during the week when he’s away, and I’ll just extend this into the weekends too, with separate meat for the children. Would welcome any inspiring new recipes/websites!

    Day 1 – Perth, W.Aust – NFD

    Woohoo, and we’re off and running, although I forgot to weigh in this morning to get a starting weight so will have to do with the last one I took which is 70.5kg. Wishing everyone a successful month.

    MAY we all be strong, resilient, resourceful and aMAYzing.

    Day 1! MT USA – FD

    Apr 1 – 144.5 lb
    May 1 – 141.9 lb
    Goal for May: Get under 140
    Starting off the month with a FD! Goals for today: no Diet Coke, no food until dinner time. Take a walk at lunch.

    1–MA, USA, FD

    Starting weight 132.2. Goal for May: 125 lbs. April was so, so. I had some successful weeks where I really felt great, and then some days (and weeks) where I struggled. I know that my calorie intake on NFDs can get really out of control, and I know the foods that are my triggers. I hate to cut out the things I love, but it might be time to say goodbye to granola, trail mix, and any sort of desserts for a while, and go back to enforcing a night time curfew. It’s the post dinner eating that often does me in. I think that if I can reign in my NFD consumption, I should be able to have a very successful month.

    Best of luck to everyone!

    Day 1 – USA – NFD

    Hello again, all 5:2ers and welcome all newbies! So happy to be able to participate in this forum again this month! I joined this particular forum on 2/9/17 but have been on 5:2 since January 2017, with a loss of 10.6 lbs. so far and at least 8 inches lost overall.

    My goals this month:

    1. At least .5 pounds to 1 pound a week weight loss;
    2. Continue to lower the need for blood pressure meds (w/doctor’s advice);
    3. Lose inches especially in waist and thighs;
    4. Continue 16:8 (2 meals a day);
    5. Continue to exercise daily either inside (bike, weights, hula hoop, jump rope) or outside (hiking, gardening, maintenance);
    6. Continue steadily using LCHF macros to get to ultimate goal weight of 150;
    7. Continue to weigh only once a week (Sundays).

    Fast days will be Wednesday and Saturday at 500-800 calories.

    Day 1. Wisconsin, USA. FD.

    Goals for May

    Be inspired and encouraged
    Offer inspiration and encouragement
    Develop lifelong 5:2 habit
    Train my body to burn Fat vs glucose for energy
    Complete 3 weight training or HIIT workouts/week in addition to my walking regime.

    Thanks all for working on being the healthiest version of yourself. I look forward to learning from everyone.

    Day 1 – USA – NFD

    Second post: Whoops, forgot to post my starting May weight: 181.
    Thank you @okeydokey for your encouragement in April and congrats to your own success and @fordprefects! Thank you, @pissupoosa for taking the reins for May!

    Just checking in to keep me going strong for the rest of the day – I have an evening Yoga Class which I always find helpful to keep me focused until bed time – FD going well – it will be a low calorie fluid only FD

    @happymargo – Great to have you back with us x

    Hope the rest of our Pocketeers are all going strong too – TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER!
    @lou Belles
    @cream tea
    @tillysmum (BSD 800cals)
    @mr Grogan
    @and… exhale

    Amazing that as a global group some have already finished their first FD of this challenge, others are just into it and some of us are well into it – great support just knowing that there are so many of us fasting on the first day of this challenge……

    Day 1 | NFD | UK

    Hoping to undo the damage from April.
    Already not done too great on today’s bank hol…

    @pissupoosa please count me in to the May challenge.

    My goal is to lose 4 pounds. Current weight is 141 pounds, want to be down to at least 137 by end of May.

    Day 1 Chicago, Illinois USA – FD

    Thanks Pissupoosa for taking on this task!

    Day 1 – SW WA USA – FD

    Hooray for a new month!Thanks @pissupoosa for taking May on.

    My starting weight is 197.8 lbs. Not sure what a realistic goal is seeing how I fared in April. I’ll shoot for 195 with hopes that I’ll actually go lower. Don’t know if I’ll catch up to @fatrabbit, but will get closer.

    A little bit about me – I’m a teacher. Have taught little to big including university level. Presently I’m an ELL (English Language Learner) specialist in a Primary as well as Middle school. I’m a Canadian living in the USA. My heaviest has been 245 lbs. When I began this WOL, I started at 235 lbs in October 2016. So far 37.2 lbs down on 5:2.

    I joined the forum in November 2016 & have so appreciated the camaraderie, support, humour… Looking forward to a great month.

    Together we are stronger!

    Day 1-US-FD (Start weight 209.0)

    I was able to lose 8lb in April, thanks to the April challenge (Shout-out to the moderators and members, You were a great support.)

    My heaviest was 231. I am now 209, but it took a few years to lose that 20 lbs. My first goal weight is 199.00. It would be lovely to go into June at that weight.

    My plan is to do the 5:2 but occasionally toss in an extra fast day. I also want to be consistent with exercise which I was sorely lacking in April.

    I just want my chin to make some movement!!! How much weight did you lose before you started seeing your chin go down and face become slimmer?

    @lou Belles
    @cream tea
    @tillysmum (BSD 800cals)
    @mr Grogan
    @and… exhale

    Day 1 | NFD | Cornwall U.K.

    Although I’ve had a more controlled weekend than I usual would, I’m struggling a bit today as off work for bank holiday. Curse this weather 🌧. Doubt I’ll keep to my TDEE but I’ll keep an eye on things. FD tomorrow

    Day 1– Colorado USA– NFD. 3rd post.

    @technicole — you’ve got company on the skipping out on Diet Coke train. I’ve been SO VERY addicted to it for years!

    One of my reasons for Intermittent Fasting is the positive impact on brain cells & hopefully avoiding Dementia. My grandmother lived with us for 8 agonizing years before dying from Alzheimer’s. I want to do what I can in my power to avoid that fate…. So why am I canceling out the good of Fasting by drinking giant cups of fizzy chemicals?!? Craziness!

    It’s been 8 days since my last Diet Coke. This time I didn’t suffer from withdrawal shakes & headaches. I’m planning on this being my final attempt at quitting. I hope to be DONE with this for good!

    Good luck to all of us in giving up our demons (be it Diet Coke, sugar, wine, bread, wheat… whatever it may be.). We can lean on each other for support here!!

    Day 1 FD St. Louis USA
    Hi @pissapoosa. Please include me for May and thank you for hosting. Started with March challenge at 148.6. Ultimate goal is 136. Was down to 141 by end of April challenge. Goal for May to loose that last 5 lbs.

    Doing b2b Monday at 500/Tuesday 800 and Thursday 500 weekly fast days.

    Welcome to newbies. I consider myself still a newbie but getting the hang of it.

    Good luck all.

    Day 1 | Alaska USA | FD

    Today is my first day and attempt at the 5:2 plan. I am currently 5’4 and 152 pounds. My goal weight is 140. I gain weight very easily and it’s very difficult to lose weight. When I was 38 I weight 185 and did 4 rounds of HCG to get to my goal weight of 140. Ever since then my whole life has been focused on trying to maintain. I tend to eat a low carb diet and limit my sugar intake with the exception of dark chocolate. Of course I’m not perfect, so whenever I eat off plan I gain immediately. It’s hard not to enjoy pizza night with the family or always have a bunless burger. Because I don’t drink soda or juice and resist sugar or carbs for the most part, it’s really hard to cut anything out to lose weight. Hoping this is a doable way of life that can allow me some flexibility with enjoying carbs periodically without such severe consequences.

    Day 1 Florida USA NFD Weighed in today at 125.5 pounds. That means (only) a 2.5 pound loss in April. I was aiming for 3, which I thought was realistic. However, I was away for 12 days from home and any sort of exercise (swimming and yoga are my exercises). Glad to continue with the May challenge. I’d like to be 122 by the end of May. That seems very doable. It helps me to think of all of you worldwide pulling for each other!

    Day 1, Pacific NW USA, FD

    Hello everyone! I started on 5:2 with reduced simple carbs one year ago with Coda’s first challenge. I lost a steady 89 lbs in 9 months but was still about 10 lbs from my self-imposed goal weight. My weight had been bouncing around in February – a few ounces up, a few ounces down – so in March 2017 I thought maybe I just needed to re-group and decided to go on a “self-maintenance course”. Well guess what, health issues intervened, big life decisions needed to be made and I watched the weight start adding upward, gradually but it was still at an alarming rate even while I still practiced “reduced calories” 2 days a week. The conclusion to this interval: I need to resume true fasting, get help from you 5:2 buddies and stop watching my weight going up and doing nothing about it. I find strength in knowing 5:2 works! Thank you for letting me get back on the challenge this month! I will weigh myself after today’s FD to give myself a nice clean starting point going forward for the month. Good luck 🍀 everyone!

    LOLA just forget the pizza and have a super large salad… it will look so much better than that soggy messy pizza thing . [ I used to love pizza but not any more . ] Or if you are really stuck, scrape the topping off and eat that. ! yummy . Hint : If you bring your own hard boiled egg and some anchovies in your pocket you can spice up any salad to make it a meal fit for a king…on a diet…

    Write your FAST days in your diary or on your calendar and STICK to them. Easy.
    Whatever happens just think – I gotta make it through the night…till tomorrow . That’s not so hard.

    @sunshineaus. — I have found for myself that cardio (running, biking, hiking) on Fast Days is just fine. Enjoy a great boost of energy & burn more body fat! Torch those little fat cells!

    But the weight lifting is much better if I save for NFD. I get quite hungry from strength training & feel it’s best to feed my muscles protein & healthy fats on NFD. Fuel to heal & rebuild.

    Try out exercise on both FD & NFD to find what works best for your body too!

    @at — you made me giggle with one of your goals for May.
    You said: “*Aim to drink around 3L daily.”

    My brain instantly wondered: 3L of WHAT?? 🍷😃🍷??

    You are the Queen of Pocket Winos. And as a loyal subject, I salute you. 🤴🏻

    @rjw — I had the same kick in the seat of my britches to launch me onto 5:2. None of my clothes were fitting & I *Refused* to spend any money buying clothes in a larger size. Was excellent motivation to get me going! Down 10 lbs now.

    Next goal is to prep for upcoming vacation. Want to fit into my summer shorts & bikini. Then maintain as “beach ready” year round!

    Good Luck on your quest! Together we can reach our goals!

    Hello fellow fasters,
    I would like to join the May challenge please. I started 4:3 in February and have lost 17.5 pounds which was my goal. Now I wish to push the envelope by losing 3.5 pounds to put me at the very low end and of my happy weight range. My plan is to make this a way of life. I believe this is the scary part of weight loss, maintenance. I’m hoping this challenge will help me stay motivated. Happy fasting everyone.

    Day 1, 2nd post,

    @bert1802…..too funny, I’m with the dog, LMAO at you flipping & flopping around on the floor…… you had a good work-out though!!!!

    @happymargo………. Good to see you back with us!!!!

    @pissupoosa………..I’ve been dying to ask………..what’s with the handle?????? Or am I being dense???

    @lola907…………… Your current eating plan has you ½ way down that road to success already!!! I’ve found 5:2 to be the answer to my prayers, simply because deprivation just isn’t in my vocabulary!!!! There’s nothing like feeling deprived to make you throw in the towel, at least with 5:2 I KNOW I can have that wine/chocolate/cake/biscuit/pizza/cheese …………… I just have to wait ‘til tomorrows NFD!!!!! Or not, the choice is yours, and you DO have that flexibility.

    My only advice at this point is to KEEP THE FAITH, this DOES work, the first couple of days are difficult, but just wait ’til you get to the point where you can’t wait for your next FD….. it will happen. Looking forward to tomorrows FD!!!!

    Mon FD
    easy day so far. busy at work whole day so that took my mind of food.

    Day 1, belfast, NFD
    WOW, the sun is out in Belfast today! Amazing. Having a beautiful day catching up with family and friends.
    @pissupoosa thanks for hosting this May challenge. I’ve done my weigh in…12 stone 4 lbs. my aim is to lose 7lbs this month. There are no more holidays 😜 So hopefully this is achievable. Good luck all!

    Day 1 | Alaska USA | FD (2nd post)

    Thank you! I’m hoping that this plan will allow me to enjoy carbs in moderation.

    Today is my first fast day and here’s my plan

    Breakfast (11:15 am) Apple
    Lunch (1:30 pm) 2-Hard boiled eggs w/mustard
    Dinner (5:15 pm) Turkey burger with egg over easy
    Snack (if necessary) cucumber


    @flourbaby. — I’ve also wondered about our May moderator’s name. Can’t quite wrap my head around its origin/ meaning. Maybe I need a better imagination!

    (Hoping pissupoosa can reveal the secret here!)

    UK Evesham day 1 starting weight 223lbs, B2B FD 1&2nd followed by 5 NFD. No particular target for the month but overall goal is to be less than 210lbs at some point.

    Thanks for hosting @pissupossa

    Day 2 – sorry I missed Day 1 posting! Current weight 144.0 lbs. Goal weight 130 lbs. I don’t care how long it takes to get there as long as I can maintain it long term. My biggest challenge with every diet I have tried is that I gain the weight back eventually. I live in hope that this will be the last diet I will ever go on. I tried my first fast day last Thursday just to see if I could do it and it went relatively well. I’m planning my 2 Fast days on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On “feeding” days I am sticking to 1400 calories/day which is my TDEE per the calculator. Fingers crossed!

    Day 1 – 3rd Post

    Back from my yoga class – our teacher had a restorative session planned – absolutely perfect for today! Having a nice cup of tea whilst I do check in to see how everyone is getting on.

    @bert1802 – just picturing you made me laugh – so descriptive!
    @Chitown Gal – glad to see you found the link
    @umka6 – great job on that 8lb loss in April
    @lola907 – it is certainly doable to lose weight on the 5:2 plan without giving up everything you like – it’s just that you can’t have it everyday and in the same quantities you are used to having it I’m afraid but that is a small price to pay! I still have a cake and coffee out twice a week with my OH and I still enjoy a couple of glasses of wine 3 or 4 days a week just not every day….Stick to the basic 5:2 plan, making sure you don’t go over your TDEE on your NFD and don’t put yourself under too much pressure to lose weight quickly…..
    @back2thefuture – we have got your back – you know what needs to be done and you know you can do it – small steps – stick to the basics x
    @happymargo – LOL – I should have specified water and low cal drinks – wine 🍷🥂strictly in moderation ….well most of the time!

    “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” ~Jim Rohn

    Day 1 NFD. My first fast day this month will be Friday. It’s nurses week and I want to enjoy all the treats at work.
    Thanks for hosting @pissupossa

    Day 1 – FIN – NFD

    Today has been a national holiday (with student festivities) over here, so I decided to move fasting (I usually do Mon+Thu) to either tomorrow (still not sure if I can deal with fasting on a day I have a dance class – guess I’ll only find out if I try! Tomorrow would be a good day to reset after today’s feasting, though) or Wednesday.

    I’m in 🙂 First time ever doing this diet and the first two weeks of may is exam season! Wish me luck

    London|SW 11st 11lb| GW 10st 5lbs| Will be happy to lose 5lbs or over this month

    Day 1 May Day ~ Puyallup Washington

    This is my 3rd month, I fell off the notifications last month but I’m committed to finish May STRONG. I lost 21 pounds and have gained 4 back…so I’m back on 3:4. I typically fast Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I have to remember to cut out wine on the weekends, start with a salad and stay focused. I do HIIT 3 days a week mixed with hiking when I can.

    Bathing suit season is around the corner, we are going to our property this week Wednesday – Sunday. It’s always a struggle with snacks, booze and forgetful eating. HOWEVER, I want to lose the 4 + 2 more which will get me to 150# my ultimate goal weight.

    Lets internalize how nice it feels to Fast, enjoy the re~set!

    Thanks for adding me!

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