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  • Day 24 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    🇦🇺 Australia/New Zealand 🇳🇿 – where are you? 🧐

    @stitchincarol – Just wondering – a year ago when you weighed 142 – were you water-fasting then? Or just doing regular 5:2? If you were doing the regular 500/600 cal fast days, then maybe go back to basics for a while? The main thing that helps me to get through my FDs is the thought of my evening meal. If I had only water to look forward to, I’m not sure I’d be successful. Personally, I don’t WANT to feel hungry on a FD (I’m not even sure if feeling ’empty’ is a thing for me) but it’s just part of the routine. Like feeling sweaty/tired/breathless are side-effects of exercising, hunger is part of fasting. It’s also a reminder that I’m doing something right. If it was too easy I don’t think I would feel as if I was accomplishing something, & the morning-after PFDS wouldn’t be a ‘thing’. I think the only time I enjoy hunger is just before I eat my FD meal, & my first meal on a NFD, because everything tastes so much better. I don’t think I ever go to bed hungry. Sometimes I still feel hungry after I’ve eaten my small FD meal, but that passes after maybe 20/30 minutes. If I ate too close to bedtime, that might be different. My goal with a FD, & fasting in general, is to maintain my weight; for health reasons & I guess it’s partly vanity too. I see very overweight people almost every day, & it’s a constant reminder to stay vigilant as far as my diet goes.

    Gotta dash. Happy Hump Day y’all! 🐪 🐫

    Day 24 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Good questions @stitchincarol, to which I have no magical insight. I obviously have not been properly fasting, as in feeling hungry by lunchtime is a pleasant feeling but I always break my fast then, and cannot contemplate going to bed hungry.

    I have also done nothing but gain and maintain in recent years, despite all I do. But I will soldier on. I do believe my metabolism has slowed the way down big time since 2021 and as I am on BP meds and HRT are these the reasons why the weight will not budge much? Don’t know.

    But I am happy and relatively healthy, fairly limber and wearing most of my old clothes (except jeans) so keeping to the WOL can only be good.

    @brightonbelle, thinking of you and @missybear too xxx

    Waiting for tests and then results is the worst, and our instinct is to DO something to hurry it along. We are in that boat with Dad, more alarming MRI results, but it seems it is his GP who is making this an emergency and keeps insisting Dad goes to Accident and Emergency, where he then sits for hours waiting for consultation. He is to do this again on Thursday and at 87 this is tough for him. The mystery lump on his leg is getting bigger each day. Hoping that finally he can start on treatment soon, he hasn’t yet been seen by anybody in orthopaedic and it’s getting worrying.
    But we have no control over this so must just trust the system 😳

    Have a great day xxxxx

    Day 23 – Ireland – FD 🚫🚶🏼‍♀️✅

    Hmmm @stitchincarol… you got me thinking… I can definitely say I like the fabulous feeling of success at the end of a good FD and during the day I am beginning to quite enjoy the feeling of hunger and the resulting pleasure of savouring food but I do not enjoy feeling hungry in the evening before bed… 🥴

    @missybear and @brightonbelle my thoughts are with you. It can be so worrying and it’s hard to just try put it to the back of your mind… everyone is so different but if it helps: I have not gone back to the doctors since my brain scans etc in February.. I was really worried but I had put it off as had done some research myself and I made some lifestyle/food changes which seem to be making a big difference so wanted to try that before seeing specialists etc. I must say that I did have access to my scan report and images and it looked to me like there was nothing too sinister and I figured that if there was something serious my doc would have called me in. I will go back in the next few weeks as would like to have the suggested further blood tests done and to put my mind at ease. I now also want to check for new intolerances etc. Our bodies are incredible things and often a lot of our ailments (even head, brain, bone) start with the gut.

    @funshipfreddie I love plants but I’m having a hard time keeping them alive indoors recently… don’t know why that is!

    @daffodil2010 I hear you re: the bike 😂. A little bit harder to get into than my road bike 🏍️ 😂

    @excelsior12309 and @northgeorgia – we start again today 👍

    Right I have to run… busy day ahead butI hope you all have a great one.

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Pocket list day 24 💪

    Day 24 Melbourne, Australia NFD

    I almost forgot to post today. I went for a swim this morning and had coffee with friends. Had a little sleep this afternoon and I’m off to work soon. My weight is sort of staying stable while I am still working on keeping the BBL under control. And if I try to fast before this happens it just makes it worse.

    Have a good day everyone.

    Day 24 – USA/GA – FD

    Weigh-in: 219 lbs. Hey, below 220 for a start…

    Pocket list day 24 💪

    Day 24 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD – 154.2

    I just couldn’t bear to post my weight yesterday; suffice it to say I’m down 4.4 pounds this morning…it was clearly a lot of water weight, but the fact that I’m still not down even to 153-something after a WF (let alone 152 or 151) tells me I’ve gained a few actual pounds, not just water weight and food bulk.

    I’ve wondered, @funshipfreddie, if the WF has been bad for weight loss, but I actually love them, and don’t know that I want to give them up. I’ll look up in the records I keep when I began them, because I’m curious.

    In the past, when others have complained about being hungry at bedtime, and sleeping poorly, my reaction has always been the opposite, and it sounds as if you, @daffodil2010, and you, @jaifaim, represent both sides of the debate, one hating hunger and one embracing it. I remember @gardenlily once mentioned she’d been so hungry in the middle of the night, and not sleeping at all, so she got up and ate a bit, and then went back to bed and finally slept well. I was glad that worked for her, but it sounded absolutely repulsive to me–I’d far rather be hungry in the middle of the night than eating! 😂😂😂 And, having gone to bed hungry yesterday, I’m not in the least hungry this morning. I’m almost empty–I’ve eaten a lot in the last week, so only “almost,” LOL!–but not hungry. Our bodies are very different from each other, aren’t they?

    The bottom line of all this rambling is that I don’t want to be the person who says she wants to eat little enough to lose weight, but then over-indulges instead. It goes back to the RESOLVE post I made in August 2021. I saw a quote the other day that says it all: “Our actions convey our priorities. It’s just that simple.”

    And from @at: “Good habits are as addictive as bad habits. But far more rewarding.” as well as “The distance between who I am and who I want to be is only separated by what I do!”

    The journey of a 1,000 miles begins with a single step, so I’m going to make today a day I’m proud of.

    Go, @northgeorgia!

    Pocket list day 24 💪

    Day 24 almost day 25 country west Australia FD 800 80.4 kgs.
    Half a kg to go by end of the month to reach my goal of being in the 70 kgs again after SUCH a long time.😱
    When I started fasting on 5:2 back in 2016 a FD started after the last meal on Sunday night through to 8am on Tuesday morning. So 36 hours fasting.
    That is what I try to do these days.
    Along with many others though, once I have the first bite of food, that makes me hungry.
    In the evening of a FD if I feel hungry I try to drown the hunger dragons with several glasses of water or a cup of tea. Or I go to bed early .
    I just like the feeling of not being so fat!!! ( still a long way to go but that journey of a thousand miles…)
    @missybear and @brightonbelle, thoughts with you across the miles.💐

    Day 25 country west Australia NFD

    Day 25 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Dad going into see a vascular doctor today then he might be sent to Accident and Emergency with thus mysterious growing cyst on his knee and hopefully, finally, somebody can DO something about it. There is a chance I might have to do a stint in the -A&E with him as he is deaf and needs somebody to be his ears, but hoping it won’t come to that and he isn’t there for hours on end.

    Gah. So today is not an FD but going to FD good, as I have the previous two says, and hoping I don’t have to pull an all-nighter in the hospital and then driving to work straight after for the day.

    My whole family needs positive thoughts!!!

    Talk tomorrow. Xxx

    Day 24 – Ireland – CD 🚫🚶🏼‍♀️✅
    Still in 150s but too high 😂

    Wow @lilymartin you are so close!!! Keep it going you are doing so well! And an inspiration to us all 💪

    @stitchincarol I applaud you loving WFs 👏👏 I would aim love to love them but find them so tough the one time I tried “them” 😂 well done on 4.4lbs down!

    I have nearly 5lbs to go if I want to get back to my goal. It seems hard! But everything seems hard at the moment.. god I should be rested and rejuvenated after holidays 😂

    @malee57 I don’t know what BBL is but hope all is ok… I might have missed some news when I was MIA.

    @daffodil2010 your poor dad and shocking to think that the GP has to resort to advising A&E for an octogenarian 🥲 What have we come to? Thinking of you.

    @northgeorgia good for you <220 👏

    @funshipfreddie it is quiet here but I’ve noticed it’s quiet in work and generally out and about too… wonder what it is…

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    2nd post

    @daffodil2010 – sending positive thoughts your way and hoping your dad is seen quickly and there is some explanation for the growth. 🙏🙏

    Third post…
    @malee57 it came to me…. Doh! BBL 🦎😂😂

    Day 25 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    @lilymartin – so close! 🎯

    @daffodil2010 – hoping all goes well for your dad today 🙏

    @jaifaim – I asked the same question a few months ago 😅 🦎

    Hoping to go for a nice long walk, but waiting for something to be delivered. It’s so annoying when they can’t even tell you am or pm?! ☹️

    Article from yesterday’s UK Mail:-

    Hoping I’m not the only Thursday faster 🤔

    Pocket List – Day 25 🍒

    Day 25 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    Thank you all for your kind caring words, I have soaked up the positive vibes 😘
    @brightonbelle and @jaifaim sorry to hear you have similar concerns…’s hoping we all get some good news soon.

    @daffodil2010 hope your poor dad isn’t kept waiting too long 🤞it seems like medical care is stretched to breaking point everywhere!

    @funshipfreddie you’re not alone, I’m with you for a FD today.

    Pocket List – Day 25 🍒

    Day 25 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 215 lbs. OK, hopefully will keep it under control through the holiday weekend. Very likely not to have another FD for a week…eek

    Day 25 – Rural Nebraska, USA – WF – 154.4

    I fell off the wagon at the tail end of yesterday, but have climbed back on and all is well…and I’m only up 0.2 lbs this morning, which astonishes me. It was a TOUGH day because I wanted to eat and nibble, but I restrained myself (until I wanted a dessert, and then I consumed lots of mindless nothing). It was interesting to note I was like a spoiled and indulged selfish person: “But I want it, and I’m old enough to make such decisions!!!” is what I kept whining at myself. I feel good about beginning the process of kicking that voice out of my mind.

    @funshipfreddie My first WF was the 31st of August 2021, so this year of gaining not losing is more related to that spoiled and indulged voice and not to WF–and, in fact, I’m certain WF is the only thing that has kept me from going back to the 166 I used to weigh. 😰 Thanks for asking; I hadn’t realized how long I’d been doing this.

    @daffodil2010 I’ll keep your dad and entire family in prayer today, and look forward to hearing the report tomorrow. It’s certainly odd that going to A&E is potentially part of the plan for providing diagnosis and care.

    @jaifaim It’s so lovely that you’re only 5lbs above your goal weight; I’m certain you’ll find the way to buckle down and get back to it. And needing “a vacation after a vacation” is a common saying among everyone I know…not sure if that’s a positive or a negative! 😂

    @lilymartin So exciting to be so close!!!

    My closing comment from yesterday rang true for me throughout the day and got me through the temptations right up to the end of supper when I was determined to have some sort of dessert: The journey of a 1,000 miles begins with a single step, so I’m going to make today a day I’m proud of. And I AM proud of yesterday: it was the best behaved I’ve been around food in a long time…makes me realize how many calories I’ve probably been consuming!!

    Pocket List – Day 25 🍒
    @stitchincarol WF

    Have a grand one, everyone!

    Day 26 Melbourne, Australia NFD 78.05kg

    I almost did not post this morning as I feel like I am well and truly out of control and my weight is just on a fast upward trajectory. Therefore, there is no point being in here. I am going to try to see whether me putting my weight as part of my post makes me more likely to keep control of my eating. @stitchincarol the BBL is that voice that says “I am an adult, and I can eat whatever I like. And I deserve it”. I am not going to try for a FD today but will tomorrow. Saturday is usually busy enough that I can keep away from food for most of the day.

    Have a good day all.

    second post

    @malee57 I seem to be in control now. I’m terrified to say that in print, because I’ve thought so a number of times over the past months, but I truly believe I’ve hit the magic turning point. For me, the big thing (this was several days ago) was asking myself “Who am I???” (there was a fair amount of disgust in my tone of voice as I asked that of myself) Do I feel good about being the woman who can’t (DOESN”T) control her eating? Who indulges every whim and desire? Who has seconds even when part of her brain is screaming she’s had enough?

    I used to be in control and was very disciplined about it, because I paid more attention to the nutrition of food than I did to my desires. As our kids grew and tolerated more interesting food, and then as they one by one left the house, I started making far more adventurous recipes…and that nutrition-focused woman turned into a what-would-be-yummy-to-eat woman.

    So…who do I choose to be?

    So perhaps my approach helps you. What I know for certain is that if you give up, you WON’T reach any goals but will continue to gain. Deep breaths, honey, we have you!!!

    Day 26 – Ireland – CD 🚫🚶🏼‍♀️✅

    Woke with a headache so going to try get out for a good walk to clear it before work… not the awful worrying headache I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of but just a feeling of dehydration etc. Had accupuncture yesterday so that might be it…

    @stitchincarol you should be very proud of yourself! One good day is often all that is needed for a good reset. I had that recently before holidays. Now I must apply it to me… 5lbs is not much to lose but I was there so recently it’s a pain but shur… holidays are just that and I let the good times roll on and on when I got back… 😁. Must truly focus now!

    @daffodil2010 I hope everything went as well as it could yesterday for your dad and all of you.

    @missybear it is great you are here and posting… hopefully all will be well. 🙏

    @funshipfreddie I felt your pain yesterday – we have the same problem here with delivery times and being stuck to the house waiting for the sound of the van … it’s a pain in the neck! Hope you got out 🚶‍♂️ !

    @malee57 don’t stop…. Your brain just needs a little switch… so does mine… I can be so focussed but then completely drop into the same zone you’re in… I don’t understand it snd it’s so frustrating but what we do now is that we can keep going and it WILL change… I found posting my weight as I neared my goal really helped me focus on that elusive number so see if it works for you… but don’t let it get you down if it doesn’t budge for a little while. It will!

    @lilymartin you so deserve a win ⬇️ this month 👏 for applying yourself and for passing the mojo on to us… if we didn’t catch it it was our fault 😉

    @at and all I hope you are all well. 💕

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 26 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Thank you all so much for your positive vibes for Dad @jaifaim, @funshipfreddie, @missybear @stitchincarol, it really worked!!!!

    I could feel a strong sense of positivity yesterday despite it all, (colleague rang in sick and with others out on leave I was pushed to the limit), and then around 5pm my sister advised that the vascular team were happy with Dads veins, no need for him to go to A&E, and he has an appointment in June with othopaedics for a fine needle aspiration of that cyst!!!

    Such relief. Everyone is relieved. Dad can relax, it’s not going to cause him serious damage, no surgery required, yes it’s painful, but it’s soon to be resolved. Dads GP must be very thorough, and he had poor Dad frightened with the what-ifs….but seems all is ok.

    Thank you all for your vibes.

    I did pop open a bottle of frizzante with DH last night, so no FD again.

    It’s the weekend, sun is shining, plans for the motorbike tomorrow, happy days. Have a great weekend xxxx

    Day 26 2nd post

    Just a quick pop in to say thank goodness for the good news about your dad @daffodil2010. It’s such a relief for your dad and you that it the cyst is not too bad.

    Day 26 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    I had a successful FD yesterday, despite my appetite being back with a vengeance now that the stress of moving again is behind me. My delivery (oven/hob) arrived just before 1 pm. So I had my long walk just as the sun came out, & it turned out to be a lovely late autumn day.

    @jaifaim – it is a pain when they don’t even give you an estimate of the arrival time. Literally seconds before the guy arrived I received two text messages, ‘your appliance was collected…’, and then, ‘your driver is en route…’ Shortly followed by, ‘your order has been delivered..’ &, ‘please rate your delivery’. So I did 😂 I hope you managed to shift that headache 🤗

    @malee57 – I wish I could send you some mojo/resolve or whatever it is you need. Motivation! I think that’s the magic ingredient in any endeavour. And once you have that, you have to nurture it every day. You CAN eat whatever you like, or you can accept the DESIRE to eat whatever you like. Remain overweight, or accept the hunger/craving. For a few hours. It’s not even hours, it’s just a few minutes at a time. You can eat what you like – tomorrow.

    @daffodil2010 – wonderful new re your dad! 👏

    Happy Fri-yay everyone 🍹

    “You never fail until you stop trying.” ~ Albert Einstein

    Second post

    Wonderful wonderful wonderful news @daffodil2010! 🙏⭐️🙏 Go and enjoy your weekend now. 🏍️ 📸

    BTW – as we approach the end of the month I had committed to host June so I’ll set that up early next week. I do believe it will help with my motivation🤞
    @at could you please set up the spreadsheet as I can’t do that in my phone and work laptop is tied down security wise so I can’t create files. 🙏

    Day 26 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 218 lbs. Last day of work until Tuesday and a busy weekend of projects ahead.

    Day 26 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD – 152.0

    Even as I’m delighted that I seem to be in control finally, I’m faced with a huge challenge: we’re driving to DD’s in Indianapolis for a long weekend. If DH and I had our druthers, we’d already be on the road today, but DS26 is going with us, and he doesn’t want to give up Friday tips where he’s a server. So we’re leaving at o-dark-thirty in the morning (much debate is occurring on just what time that will be for us) to drive the 11 hours to get there. The whole reason for the trip is that our foreign exchange student from Chile in 2013 is there with his dad and brother (to go to the Indianapolis 500), and we’re going to see him–it will be so fun to see him again after ten years! We’ll have however much of Saturday is left when we arrive, all of Sunday and Monday, and then drive home on Tuesday. I’m hopeful that there won’t be lots of snacking by all of them–there tends not to be–so that I only have meals to be challenged by. When we get home Tuesday night, we’ll have Wed-Sat to do our own preparation, and then DD and her crew will be here for the week so that DGD3.5 can go to Vacation Bible School that I run…I’m QUITE looking forward to that! DD and I have all sorts of plans, and the truth is that they’d have to be here for two weeks to realistically find time for everything, LOL!

    @jaifaim I hope the morning walk cleared your headache. Are you still having the worrying headaches?? And thanks for committing to hosting June!

    @daffodil2010 What lovely news about your dad’s cyst! Hopefully today’s work day is not as stressful as yesterday’s, and have a grand weekend!

    @funshipfreddie So lovely that you got your delivery and a walk as well. And I’d forgotten, but love the concept of accepting the DESIRE to eat, even as you choose not to do so.

    Chilean son has asked for my chocolate chip cookies, so I have those to bake today, and the usual commotion of getting ready for a long trip, but life has certainly slowed down to a lovely pace…it’s a great relief to have peaceful quiet time. I have a few things to plant today, but am holding off on most things until we’re back so that nothing dies from lack of watering. I won’t be posting while we’re gone–well, probably?–so I’ll be back on the board on Wednesday.

    Have a grand one, everyone!

    Day 27 Melbourne, Australia FD 77.7kg

    Yesterday was going well until last night when I had a pack of potato chips/crisps. When I wanted to snack, I ate snow peas. Mostly in control. Today is a FD and I am determined to make it a good one.

    Have a wonderful trip @stitchincarol. It sounds as though there will be a lot of love and laughter flowing.

    Thank you all for the encouragement to keep going. That is why I am staying and trying so hard not to just give up.

    Off to school today which helps me keep busy.

    Day 27 – Ireland – NFD🚫🚶🏼‍♀️✅

    Morning! Oh my it’s a beautiful day!!
    Lots of plans for fun in the sun today ☀️
    One word @malee57 – Stay!

    Thanks all – the walk yesterday morning helped! The headache was just a normal headache – sort of sinusy… not the one I was having investigated… it passed… thankfully… 🤗

    Wishing you a lovely day. I am still bubbling around 159/160 but…. Tried on summer jeans I was going to give away as they weren’t nice on me… one last try on this morning and I’ll have to find something else to give away as I seem to be fitting them better… so there you go… up 5lbs from April weight but things are changing subtly.

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 27 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    I was anything but restrained yesterday. My resolve to minimise sugar went out of the window too. Must do better. Planning on a FD tomorrow, then maybe a CD on Tuesday.

    @malee57 – sending you RESOLVE for a good FD! 💪 🎯

    @stitchincarol – enjoy your trip!

    @jaifaim – thanks for offering to host the June Challenge 🙏

    Have a good weekend everyone 🌤🌈

    Day 27 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 218 lbs. OK, keep it steady through the weekend the best we can 🙂 Next FD is probably Wednesday 😮

    Day 28 Melbourne, Australia NFD 76.9kg

    I got through yesterday’s FD without too much difficulty. For me it helps when I know I have forum friends around the world sending their mojo to help me. Dinner was a great big plate of stir-fried vegies with egg and tofu which was very yummy. I need to have most of my calories in the evening or I don’t sleep well so I usually plan a reasonable sized evening meal. Whenever I felt like another piece of fruit, I would think I can have it tomorrow. And I got through.

    A wet cold miserable looking day today. I’ll do some housework and then maybe go out and go riding on the train just to see what is at the end of the line. I do this on trams rather than sit inside and do nothing.

    Hope people have a good day.

    Day 28 – Ireland – NFD🚫🚶🏼‍♀️✅

    Hi all! There are not many of us here this weekend and I hope that means that people are just busy…. We are missing so many of our friends… too many to list but if you are there, reading but not posting – hello 👋
    I had such a busy fun day yesterday! Ireland is so very beautiful in the sun and everybody seems to jump in to action… houses look fab with all the gardening, the beaches are busy and lots of people generally out and about… I love it! ☀️
    Today will be busy again starting with an early swim at high tide.

    @malee57 that’s a great way to spend a rainy day and I have been known to do the same… I like to see new places and routes so completely understand. It sounds like you mojo is coming back a little… small steps – poca a poca. 💪

    @funshipfreddie I am still trying to keep added sugars out of my diet but they sneak back when I’m tired etc (and of course it doesn’t help – vicious circle ⭕️ ). All the best for your Sunday FD 💪

    Hi @northgeorgia – you are going well! 👏

    @stitchincarol well my goodness me… I couldn’t even contemplate driving that distance for a short stay.. We really don’t have to drive much more than 4/5 hours in Ireland to get anywhere on the island… travel safe and we look forward to hearing all about your trip and catch up with your Chilean friends (how lovely) 🇨🇱 when you get back. I had to look up druthers 🤔

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Pocket list day 28

    Day 28 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    It’s a lovely, sunny day today. I’ve got stuff to do, but don’t want to do it 😅 Feeling very lazy, which I think is my default mode. But I’ll go for a walk & enjoy the sunshine/sea & then I WILL do some yoga & a few chores when I get back.

    @malee57 – well done on the successful FD! 💪 When a FD gets tough, which it usually does at some point, I try to remind myself that it’s not supposed to be easy. If it was, everyone would be doing it. It takes tenacity; it’s not for the fainthearted. But it’s manageable. Just reading a chapter or two of a fasting-related book or an on-line article can help me to get through a tough spell.

    @ccco – how did the water fast go? 🤔

    @jaifaim – thank you! I had to look up ‘druthers’ too 😂

    This is interesting…

    Have a nice S🌞nday everyone

    Day 28 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 220 lbs. Family reunion day, so no fasting today either. Wednesday is in sight.

    Day 29 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Is it day 29 already? Had a wonderful weekend. Sun was nonstop and in Ireland that is so welcome, and the 40 shades of green are so beautiful when the sun shines.

    We took a 459km trip on the motorcycle on Saturday, I was delighted to be able to hop on and off the pillion with not much trouble (the motorcycle suit with all its body armour weighs 14lbs alone!!) so all my exercising worked a treat.

    Yesterday was a potter in the garden day, listening to music, enjoying the sun.

    @stitchincarol, yikes 11hours of a trip by road!!! Enjoy.

    @jaifaim wasn’t it glorious this weekend. I saw lots of bikes out around me this weekend and I thought of you ☺️

    Have a great Monday. I am hoping work wise it is not as nuts as last week but let’s see. I don’t mind, as next weekend is the bank Holiday weekend and I have taken the 6th off (my birthday) so I have a long break away to look forward to. Xxxxx

    Day 29 – Ireland – FD🚫🚶🏼‍♀️✅

    Hi all!

    @daffodil2010 what a weekend! Yes I was out both days lapping up that sunshine! And thought of you too! I’m a prolific photograph taker (not photographer) got some fun shots… and thought of you.. I was on/off but easier than my days on the motorbike 🏍️ . Bravo – sounds fab!!
    I hope you all had a fab weekend.
    The only downside with the weather is that it’s a little trickier on the road as everyone is trying to get where they need to go so we have to be super vigilant.

    @funshipfreddie as we have summer here for a week 😂 I have my yoga mat set up outside to entice me to try get back into it outside. 🧘‍♀️

    @northgeorgia I hope you had a lovely time with your family 💕

    I must knuckle down to do two things today… a good FD 💪 and set up the June challenge – must remember how to do it. Oh… and work 😜

    I have a super busy June ( like your month recently @daffodil2010 so need to breathe and just enjoy it all rather than stress.. and also must stay focused) first thing is France next weekend to see family and friends… it’s been sooooo long. ♥️ 🇫🇷 ♥️

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Pocket list day 29

    Day 29 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Easiest FD ever yesterday. Probably because I ate way too much Friday & Saturday. My weight’s been slowly creeping up all month, but I’m still within my goal weight & actually feel better around 69 kg.

    Memorial Day in the USA, Reconciliation Day in Australia & a bank holiday in the UK today, so I’m guessing there won’t be a lot of fasting going on 🤔 Enjoy your break, fellow 5:2-ers

    @jaifaim – I’ve never done yoga outdoors. I usually do it in the lounge with a yoga video playing. I know most of the basic postures, but I like the guidance/pace of an instructor, otherwise I tend to rush through it.

    Got to dash, have a good week everyone 🎯

    Hi all!

    The June Jumpstart 🔋 link is up and running. See you there later in the week.

    Day 29-NO. VA USA-FD

    Got to be a fast day today, as yesterday was an entertaining of family day, and after a large glass of sangria, I am not sure I can account for what I ate…I don’t think it was a huge amount, but it did involve party dip and chips and also some Mac and cheese, courtesy of Ina Garden, (so very rich)…So of course, weight was up 3 # overnight!!!
    Anyway, back up on the wagon today! Also looking forward to June Jumpstart, and thanks to @jaifaim for hosting!

    Pocket list, day 29:


    Day 29 – 2nd Post 🥕

    Pocket List – Day 29

    Day 29 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 223 lbs. Yeah, this matches my high from this year from February. Two more NFDs ahead, too. Yesterday’s family reunion was full of carbs that just enticed me to continue snacking into the afternoon and evening. Gaining eight pounds in four days is mostly bloating, so not too upset. I just have to take a look at what new things I’ve learned this year.

    * Carbs are soon gone and can make you hungrier than before. Reduce the carbs, and it will reduce the cravings and the snacking.
    * I can lose weight on NFDs, but it means restricting meals to one or two satisfying ones a day, which means a carb reduction in those meals.
    * Breaking the widespread habit of constantly eating and snacking is key. It is easy to fall back into those habits because everyone seems to do it, and invites you to do so. I shouldn’t eat if I’m not hungry, and what I choose to eat can determine how much I eat in the next few hours.

    Anyway, got to stay focused. The year is almost half over and I’ve moved the needle in the right direction and then snapped back to where I was. The emotional roller coaster surely had a lot to do with it, but I’m ready to see more results.

    Day 30 FD country west Australia
    Really really busy weekend.
    Attended a hospital ‘ Root Cause Analysis’ meeting with doctors to find out why our brother died of catastrophic brain damage when he went in for a simple operation.. It seems that no-one knows or did anything. Our brother simply ‘ acquired’ the brain damage !!????? 🤔🤔
    Saturday morning out to breakfast to catch up with friends; celebratory lunch with friends who have bought a new business; morning tea out Sunday; Bookclub lunch/afternoon tea yesterday !!!!
    So it has been a festival of eating.
    Granted I was more restrained than usual but still ate way more than I had planned to !!🙄
    @jaifaim, glad your headache disappeared. France !!! You lucky thing.😊
    @daffodil2010, belated gratefulness ( is that even a word ??) that your dad is going better
    @malee57, hang in there !! It takes SOOOOO much more if you let it go now.🤝
    @northgeorgia, you sound like I did some time ago – time to reflect and make one lasting changes !! It takes 28 day to establish a good habit nd only 3 to establish a bad habit. I am currently reading. book called ‘ Atomic Habits’ and it talks bout just making a 1% change on a daily basis which adds up over time.🤗
    @funshipfreddie, glad you are settling in and I am enjoying the articles. Anything to assist our health/weight loss journey.👏
    @stitchincarol, you are one busy lady !! How lovely to be able to catch up with your Chilean ‘ son’ and family. Enjoy.
    It’s getting colder but still dry here and I want to eat. But asking myself the question ” Why do I CHOOSE to be fat ?” Which is keeping me away from LOTS of food and doing a fast today!!
    One day at a time.
    Onward and downward.
    Looking forward to ‘Jump start June’

    Day 30 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Loving this sunshine, it’s so rare to look at the forecast and just see sun sun sun for the next week with highs of 24C! I know that’s not terribly hot for some of you, but it’s fabulously warm for us!! Yay!

    @lilymartin, oh goodness me, that’s terrible regarding your late brothers brain damage. Thinking of you. X

    Thanks @jaifaim for setting up June, can’t believe we are nearly done with May already.

    @funshipfreddie I didn’t realise it was a UK bank holiday yesterday, but as most of our business is with the UK, we had a very welcome day of “catching up with things” and clearing the backlog… today we are ready for the UK to come calling 😆

    Have a great Tuesday all.

    Day 30 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – CD

    Miserable weather here, Looks like it rained all night, & will continue all day. Hopefully the dams are filling up 🤞 I’ve got an owners’ meeting to attend in about an hour; I just hope they don’t drone on for half a day. The last one, which I managed to dodge, went on until 3:30 pm?!

    @lilymartin – wow?! Have you got a lawyer looking into your brother’s case?

    @daffodil2010 – glad you had a good catch-up day. Enjoy the sunshine 🌞

    @jaifaim – thanks for setting up ‘Jump-Start June’ 🎯

    The beginning of the end for dementia?

    Pocket List – Day 30 🍒

    Day 30 – Ireland – CD🚫🚶🏼‍♀️✅
    157.1lbs back on the right track but no PFDS here… poca a poca…


    @lilymartin hello!!! So good to see you! I am so very sorry for your traumatic loss and with no clear answers it is terribly sad for you all 💕
    Yes I cannot wait! I lived there for a long time so I am very excited and I am very lucky as can stay with friends and family 💕
    I love Atomic Habits @lilymartin it’s on my bedside cabinet and I know some recovered addicts who benefitted greatly from the book.

    Great to see you @excelsior12309! We were a lonely crew yesterday – hopefully due only to all the Bank holidays!

    @funshipfreddie thanks for the updated pocket list!

    I won’t make goal 🥅 tomorrow and June will be tough… but I’m back with a little more mojo thanks to you all🙏

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 30, NO. VA, USA-FD800

    WEll,,,yesterday’s FD did not pan out…it involved a hot dog and some tuna fish…etc. So back on the wagon today. It is amazing how fast extra food puts on weight, even though it is mostly fluid retention. Oh well, we know what to do. Now, to do it!

    Day 30 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 224 lbs. The scary thing is that I’ve not weighed this much since September 2021. The good thing — a 9 lb. gain in five days is not fat.

    This is what happens when your planned cookout of steaks, chicken, pork, and burgers fall through and you have pizza in the evening instead. Sad day, but moving on…

    Day 30 – Rural Nebraska, USA – WFD

    DH, DS26 and I got home an hour ago, got the car unloaded, and DS is on his way home 45 minutes from here. It was a lovely trip, our Chilean son was complete matured from the teenage boy who lived with us–he even apologized for his teenage self! 😂😂 (which I told him was totally unnecessary, because all lovely adults were once teens, LOL)–our two granddaughters were a joy (as were, of course, DD and DSIL)…and I ate and drank with abandon. Thankfully, snacking wasn’t really an option, so I had that much control, and I’m proud for having done a WF today, and still be going strong–but there was so much food in my belly from yesterday, it’s no real shock that it’s an easy fast, LOL!

    I look forward to reading everyone’s posts as I can grab time, and will hopefully be here as normal over the next couple of days. Then (did I already say this?) DD, DSIL and 2 DGDs will get here on Saturday evening–it was truly fun to leave this morning with calls of “See you Saturday!”

    Have a grand rest-of-whatever you have in front of you!

    Day 31 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Last day of May, still the same on the scales as the start of the month, better to maintain than gain etc.

    Looking forward to June but it will be tough as there is a bank holiday, mine and DH’s birthday, a weekend away, a girls night out, and a family visit…..but I have already hopped on board the June wagon to keep myself steady.

    Have a great day. Lovely to hear you had a great visit with Chilean “son” @stitchincarol, and oh @funshipfreddie, that “owners meeting” sounds so boring without even being there 😄

    Happy hump day.

    Day 31 – Ireland – CD🚫🚶🏼‍♀️✅
    156.1lbs still on the right track ⬇️. Poca a poca… but feel like I’m on the good road…

    Happy hump day all!

    @stitchincarol so great to see you back and to hear you had a great trip! Like others I do not know where you get your energy from 😂 .

    @daffodil2010 with you in that June is crazy busy… won’t even list what’s on as it will get me thinking too much 😂 Day by Day…

    See you all in June!
    Thank you @at for hosting – I really hope all is ok with you 💕
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

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