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  • Welcome to this Marvellous May 2023 Challenge – Did you know that the month May was named for Maia, the Greek goddess of fertility.

    “Thou art more lovely and more temperate: Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,” wrote Shakespeare in Sonnet 18.

    These monthly challenges were started by @coda in May 2016 and has been growing strong and successfully ever since. Our goals can be overwhelming when viewed as a whole. But by breaking them down into small achievable pieces (monthly challenges), you’ll be able to stay focused and motivated to accomplish your goal one step at a time in bite-sized monthly challenges. Here’s how it works:

    1. In your first post, introduce yourself to the group – helps us to get to know each other, especially helpful for newbies. Perhaps say something about where you started, journey so far, what you’re aiming for or how you are benefiting from fasting. You might like to include your starting weight or your goals for the month. But you don’t have to – share only what you are comfortable sharing.

    2. Posting – This is the ‘HOW TO POST’ bit.. Start each post with the day of the month, where you are, and if you’re on a fast day (FD), non-fast day (NFD) or controlled day (CD). We’re all over the world and in different time zones so it helps us keep track of which day we’re talking about, who else is fasting with us on a particular day etc. For example, I’ll start my post (on 1st May) with “Day 1 – UK – FD” …. that’s if I am on a FAST DAY (FD)
    alternatively for someone else it might be “Day 1 – Monday – Ohio USA – NFD”… if they are on a Non-Fast Day (NFD)

    3. Spreadsheet – It’s in alphabetical order by username. If you find it helpful, you can use it to record and track your progress as well as keeping track of how others are doing. It can help with perspective, accountability or planning. And if you need help just ask – there’s always someone happy to help. But you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to. It’s just another tool you can use if you choose. Here is the link:-

    4. Frequency – Some people post daily, others check in every few days. Some are brief, others are long and chatty. If you’re posting for a second time in the same day please head your post eg Day 1 second post.

    5. Content of your post– Comments or questions, complaints or celebration – anything you’d like to share with the forum. Recipes, tips, tricks and bright ideas are always welcome. Remember: we all have good days and bad days, days we fall off the wagon or days when we are hanging on by our fingernails, days when our mojo deserts us and days where we feel completely in control. So DON’T GIVE UP – whatever it is, you are not alone!

    6. Community – This is a worldwide forum so there’s usually someone online. We all do our best to offer advice, support and solidarity.

    7. Pocket lists –A ‘pocket list’ is a list of the names of people who are sharing the same goal on a particular day. It’s great psychological support in mentally keeping that list in our back pocket, knowing we’re not alone. Anyone can join a pocket list or start a pocket list. Typical pocket lists are for FD but in the past they’ve been used for people doing daily exercise or planks, or DTF (dry till Friday).

    8. 5:2 basics – answers to many FAQs plus top tips:

    As this month’s host, I will try to read every post. Apologies, however, if I miss a question or fail to comment on a post. If I miss it, I know someone else will step in. That’s what’s great about our little community.

    And by way of translation, we use a LOT of abbreviations. Here’s a guide to some of the more frequently used ones:
    5:2 – 5 days NFD – 2 days FD
    16:8 – 16 hours fast – 8 hours non fast
    IF – Intermittent Fasting
    ADF – Alternate Day Fasting (FD – NFD – FD – etc)
    AF – Alcohol-free
    B2B – Back to Back (consecutive FDs)
    BMR – Basal metabolic Rate
    CFD – Controlled Food Day (a day’s eating comfortably below your TDEE)
    DH, DD, DS – Darling Husband, Daughter, Son
    DTF – Dry ’til Fri
    EE – Emotional Eating (reflex grazing out of a need for instant comfort instead of satisfying hunger)
    EFS – Epic Face Stuffing (Definitely due to a faulty OFF button!)
    FD – Fast Day (500 cals)
    FD800 – Fast Day 800 calories
    Hunger Dragon – that dreadful psychological beast that sometimes cannot be satisfied. Some people even name theirs (e.g. @i-hate-lettuce has an inner warthog!)
    IF – Intermittent Fasting
    Keto – way of eating that generates Ketones
    KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid!!!
    LC – Low Carb way of eating
    LCHF – Low Carb High Fat way of eating
    LFD – Liquid Fast Day (incl. tea, coffee, miso, bone broth & water)
    LOL – Laughing Out Loud
    M/WOAM – Man/Woman on a Mission (courtesy of @i-hate-lettuce)
    MFD – Modified Fast Day (800 cals) on the new Fast800, it’s a FD
    MFP – MyFitnessPal – a smartphone app & website that tracks diet & exercise.
    NFD – Non Fast Day
    OH – Other Half (eg spouse/partner)
    OMAD – One Meal A Day
    PFDS – Post FD Smugness (courtesy of @penz)
    Pocket List – Names to “keep in your pocket” for a common goal for the day
    TDEE – Total Daily Energy Expenditure (see the ‘how it works’ link on the home page to work out yours)
    TRE – Time Restricted Eating
    WFD – Water Fast Day (Water only)
    WFH – Working From Home
    WOL – Way of Life
    WOCA – Woman Of a Certain Age
    ZBC – Zero Breakfast Club

    My personal motto since losing weight and reaching maintenance has been “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    Day -02 – South Africa 🇿🇦

    @at – thanks so much for hosting Marvellous May & for the spreadsheet 💐

    Day <2> – Rural Nebraska, USA

    @at Thanks so very much for hosting Marvelous May, and I’ll be here, with as marvelous an attitude as I can produce between now and Monday, because it’s long past time I have some Marvelous Results!

    Day 0 – Thanks to @at for hosting this month. I’m a 48 y/o man in northern Georgia of the USA who has lost 60 or so pounds and has 60 or so more to go on the 5:2, since starting in May of 2020.

    March was great for me in terms of weight loss. April was a dud and I gained a few pounds back. Time to reset for May and get back to better habits. Food is just food — there is much more to life than eating.


    Thank you, AT, for volunteering to usher us through May! I love the name Marvelous May! 🙂

    Thank you @at for taking the reins for Marvelous May! I will check in towards the end of the week when I am back and hopefully won’t be too shocked when I weigh 😂

    Day1 FD NZ

    A new month and fresh start on a day that we are being lashed by the long tail of yet another tropical storm from the NE so it’s warm and wet air… I put on .2kg but in my defence it was my birthday month and I did a lot of cooking😊 and eating…
    I am a newly minted 65 yrs young registered nurse with a Fine Arts degree, not working at present in part because of my 15 yr old West Highland Terrier, Macintosh who can’t be left on his own for long. My husband, Billy Apple, died 18 months ago and I am trying to put my life back together as well as carry on representing him and his art.

    First Marvellous May Pocket List!

    Day 1 Melbourne, Australia NFD

    Thanks @at for leading us into and through Marvelous May.

    I am a LOCA and have so much difficulty keeping my weight in a healthy range. I am no longer aiming to be trim taut and terrific, but I am wanting to be healthy. It took me about 5 months to lose 5 kg but about 2 weeks to find 3kg. It is so frustrating. But I am staying on here in the hope that I will eventually refind the determination to get back on track. My BBL (binging brain lizard) is on the rampage, and I am losing the fight atm.

    @funshipfreddie congratulations on the move. You sound like you are having fun with Boo Boo.

    Have a good day all.

    Day 1 country west Australia CD 81.0 kgs
    Thanks for hosting @at.💐
    I found that hosting keeps me on track even when I am absent from hosting!! Keeps me in the mindset and after 5 years of eating like there is no tomorrow it is good to be back on the wagon with this lovely group of people.
    I am amazed at my mojo!! ( Apologies to those whose mojo has left the planet but after so many years without any real mojo it is just good to have it BACCCCKKKKKK!)🙄
    LOCA – over 60, working health professional who SHOULD have known better than to eat the equivalent of a small nation’s entire food requirements.
    I started 5:2 November 2016, did it as Dr Moseley suggested, kept FDs under 500 calories; kept to or under TDEE on NFDs and lost weight.
    On a plateau for 3 months !!!!!!! Decorated said plateau then got the huff, rolled off the plateau, the wagon, down the hill and out of sight.
    Played around with 5:2 over the next few years including eating as above !!!!😱
    Embarrassed to say that I did not really see myself as overweight/obese until I saw a family photo and was appalled to see that the ‘fat’ yes FAT person in the picture was me. 😢
    ??Body dysmorphia ?? There are none so blind as those who will not see.🤔
    Anyway, past few months definitely back on track.
    Posting; using MFP at times for accountability of calories which pop up everywhere!!! Had never counted a calorie before starting 5:2.
    Amazed to see how much I was over eating even healthy foods. Cut portions, cut out lots of junk food, following 5:2 sensibly; don’t get too hung up if I don’t quite make the day’s goal.
    With this WOL you can always reset tomorrow. BUT I no longer have EFS days as I do not want to go back to being obese. Currently have moved from obese to merely ‘ overweight’.
    Oh, and I really try to watch the NFDs which were harder for me than FDs which kind of take care of themselves.
    Goal for Marvellous May is to get back in to the 70s. Still a LONG way to go but holding on to AT’s motto.
    Besides I have two weddings coming up this year and I am NOT going to be the FAT ( I use the word advisedly) family member. Looking forward to buying a beautiful outfit when I am healthier and thinner.
    Let’s do this!! 😊

    Day 1 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    Marvellous or marvelous? I just discovered both spellings are correct, but most countries have a preference for one or the other. I found a whole web page dedicated to this information: e.g. in New Zealand 63% of Kiwis prefer ‘marvelous’ & 37% prefer ‘marvellous’. In Jamaica it’s 86/14. Who knew? 🤣

    About me – David, 61, originally from Manchester in the UK, living in Port Elizabeth (aka Gqeberha) on the south-eastern coast of South Africa. I retired 5 years ago. I just moved into my new place with Boo Boo the cantankerous cat. I’ve been following 5:2 since 2014 & I’ve been maintaining for about 4 years. I quit drinking 7 months ago & I’ve found maintaining much easier since then. Currently 68.2 kg/BMI 21

    @malee57 – thank you! Boo Boo escaped yesterday morning, & I had to go chasing her through the complex in the rain 😅 She’s incredibly curious about her new surroundings, & when she’s not eating/sleeping she’s gazing out of the windows and making me feel like a jail keeper 🙁

    @northgeorgia – I’ve had experiences like that too, where I’ve declined an offer of food, and people take it so personally! But, it’s my body and what I choose to put in it is entirely up to me. So it’s like water off a duck’s back 😅 Having said that, I never refused my mom’s cooking either. Mothers are a whole other story, so maybe you need to move 😅

    Thanks again for hosting, @at.
    Wishing everyone a truly marvellous/marvelous May!

    Pocket List – Day 1 🍒

    Day 1 – UK – FD

    Good morning and a big welcome to our Marvellous May 2023 Challenge

    Lovely to see @funshipfreddie @stitchincarol @northgeorgia @ccco @jaifaim @merryapple @malee57 and @lilymartin joining us already 🤗

    After my very successful “Lent Challenge” I have struggled for most of the April Challenge with a very busy social time with lots of visitors and outings……hence my absence for most of the challenge!!

    So definitely back to basics this month for me – I am starting with a fresh attitude and my aim is to arrive into the June Challenge (my 65th birthday!) at a happy weight and feeling good 🤞

    I have been suffering with a bad back (very unusual for me) for the past week or so, unable to even do my regular exercise classes but can’t get a physio appointment until next Friday, so I have been nurturing it and doing gentle hip rolls, baby spine curls and also gentle, undulating 3-5miles walks (not fast or a lot of height gain) and on that note I am off to get ready to meet with a couple of friends at 0930 for a walk along the west shore of Windermere to stretch the legs and get some fresh air

    @funshipfreddie – When I chose the title I wondered if anyone would pick up on the spelling……So much traces back to the Latin word mīrābilis, meaning “to cause wonder.” To become the “marvelous/marvellous” word we know today, this root jumped through French before moving into the Anglo French word merveille and later the Middle English word merveile, sometimes spelled mervayle. Looking at global English usage in texts up through 2019, it’s a fascinating, dare I say “marvelous” debate that has been going on for quite a while.

    Pocket List – Day 1 🍒

    This month I am reminding myself once more that “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    Day 1 Wales FD

    Another LOCA 🙂 I am trying to get back to goal after regaining last year and finding the pounds difficult to budge…..but I won’t give up.

    Pocket List – Day 1 🍒

    Day 1 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 217 lbs. Uf. Anyway, hoping to get on track for this month. I’ve reset my target since my weight went up. Going to try for 213 as I hit 212 in March and did hit 213 once in April. It should motivate me when I hit it to keep reaching further.

    Day 1- No. VA USA-FD
    Joining the rest of the fasters today. I have done the 5-2 WOL in 2017 and lost 10 kg; then drifted upward over the next year. This year, started again with purpose in March and have lost 2.5 kg so far; I am pretty much in the mode now of fasting and/or controlled eating. Definitely avoiding lots of bread and pasta has helped. Reading other people’s stories also helps!

    Pocket list, Day 1


    Day 1 UK NFD

    As it’s a holiday here today delaying FD until tomorrow

    Me , lifelong yo-yo dieter, currently 10-15 lbs over where I’d like to be so aiming to get on board during May

    F61 living on south coast of England with DH

    Thank you for guiding us @at , looking forward to our journey

    Day 1 USA (Illinois) NFD

    I’m still around, hanging in there at maintenance. Sorry I am just not posting much — life has me doing lots of stuff! Well, some maintenance as well.

    Hubby & I had COVID in early April, him worse than me (he did do Paxlovid) but that pushed my cataract surgeries back 2 weeks. I have had one eye done and other will be Thursday. Hubs has to drive me for those. Then come May 10 he gets a new knee, and I will be driving him all over for at least a month. Whew.

    New granddaughter #6 was born on Apr. 26 – doing well in Austin, Texas. Nope, no grandsons.

    Lots of duties with our Children’s Museum administration, covering time, etc. But I still work in time to do WordsWithFriends with @funshipfreddie at least!

    Otherwise, I think of you all often, read the posts at times as well.

    Hugs to everyone, and thanks so much @at for continuing the tradition of these challenges!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 1 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD

    64yo woman, married to a Lutheran pastor, have three adult kids and two little granddaughters, and love being busy. As a musician, I’m church organist and choir director, and also teach piano twice a week in Omaha (the recital was yesterday and it went well). I used to be thin, then was skinny, then was thin, then was plump, then was thin, then was plump, and now I’m…dunno. Sometimes I think I’m close to fine, and sometimes I feel fat. I didn’t weigh this morning–simply didn’t want to know as DH and I went out yesterday after the piano recital–but am guessing I’m about 153. The mid 140s is better, and the high 130s is better yet. But my interest in cooking and eating new recipes outweighs (HA!) my desire to lose weight. But as @funshipfreddie‘s quote recently pointed out: You don’t actually fail until you fail to try, or something to that effect, so the fact that I still post nearly daily gives me hope. 🤷‍♀️

    So, I’ll continue to try, I think I’ll continue to water fast on Tuesdays and Thursdays when I’m teaching in Omaha, and I’ll continue to post. And perhaps I’ll regain my mojo from several years ago and finally start dropping weight again.

    It’s great to see so many names on here, and I look forward to this month’s journey!

    Day2 NFD NZ

    Dropped .5kg to below my April start. I’m in the money!

    Just looked up the recipe for Coronation Quiche. I was thinking it might be a version of the chicken with mayonnaise laced with curry powder a lā the 1953 Coronation luncheon recipe but it features broad beans and tarragon. I have tried to grow tarragon without any luck and any broad beans at this time of year will be in the frozen section. Shall I make it or not?

    Hi everyone and onward and downward!

    Day 2 Melbourne, Australia FD

    I have spent the last 2 weeks watching my weight go up and up. I need to do something more than feel helpless to not eat. So today I am going to go for a FD. If I put it on here, and then tell my sister who is living with me at the moment that should provide enough motivation to get there.

    I was going to go to the outdoor exercise area in a park near me to do some strength work, but it is looking very wet outside. I will have to keep busy inside. And maybe find some exercises on YouTube.

    Have a good day all and send me strength to fast.

    Day 2 country west Australia CD 81.0 kgs 178.2 lbs.
    BMI 27.73 Down from 30.6 ( now overweight down from obese )

    Day 2 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @malee57. Sounds like you’re struggling a bit with your mojo. But it can’t be easy for you, going through a breakup, & working shifts too. It must be difficult to get a routine going. When you say you feel ‘helpless to eat’ – is it the hunger that gets to you? Or is it the comfort factor? it might help If you can identify exactly what compels you to eat. Are you still not counting calories? And eating mainly fruit/veg on a FD, not a good idea. Fructose is still sugar & might trigger you to continue eating. You need some fat/protein to feel satiated. Sending you RESOLVE for your FD! 💪

    @merryapple – the 1953 recipe for Coronation Quiche sounds much nicer 😋

    @lilymartin – way to go! 🎯

    This is a repeat quote, but it still makes me laugh 😂

    “When I buy cookies I eat just four and throw the rest away. But first I spray them with Raid so I won’t dig them out of the garbage later. Be careful though, because Raid really doesn’t taste that bad.” ~ Janette Barber

    Pocket List – Day 2 🥚

    Day 2 Wales NFD

    @malee57 hope your FD was a success. I know that helpless feeling only too well, sometimes life events seem to conspire against us but we’re still here….one day at a time 🤗

    Pocket List – Day 2 🥚

    Day 2 – USA/GA – ZBC

    Weigh-in: 220 lbs. Well, when you start the week up over last week, you’re going have higher weigh-ins. Just wasn’t hungry this morning, and need to start heeding that voice again. I almost skipped lunch yesterday, and didn’t. So, I’ll play it by ear today. Planning to make tomorrow a FD, but today may work out better.

    @lilymartin thanks for the encouragement, a plateau of a month means you stayed through to the other side. That’s helpful.

    @merryapple I’d make the recipe and maybe adjust to taste, calories or availability – it’s the coronation

    I have surgery tomorrow on my esphogus. Hoping that this procedure will help in my health journey. All towards making May marvelous. Either spelling.

    Day 2 – Rural Nebraska, USA – WFD

    All sorts of shifting is going on with piano lessons today, so my first and only lessons are three sisters starting at 3:30 today. It’s been a LONG time since I had freedom on a Tuesday to decide what to do until that late in the day, and I’m completely stymied, LOL!

    The depressing news is that I weighed 157.4 this morning. I was dumbfounded, as I thought I’d eaten reasonably enough yesterday (salmon, a few scallops I found in the freezer, steamed green beans, a tiny bit of leftover potatoes, heated up) that I wouldn’t have loads of food-bulk in me to up the weight. Bless my husband for saying all the right things to make me feel ever so much better…but still. So let’s see how tough a WF is when I don’t even leave the house until 2:45; I may need to find some errands to run in order to leave the house sooner.

    @quadpa Surgery on your esophagus sounds serious! What will the recovery time be? What about talking/eating? Wowza.

    Lovely to read everyone’s chatter. Have a grand one, everyone.

    Day 2 UK FD

    First FD of the month

    Good luck with the surgery @quadpa

    Pocket List – Day 2 🥚

    Day3 NFD NZ

    @quadpa Gosh I hope it’s minor surgery… or dilation like when Macintosh swallowed a carrot that got stuck…😬 Best of British and I’ll be thinking of you.
    @northgeorgia Be strong and do a good FD!
    @malee57 And for you too. Sending you both some of @stitchincarol’s RESOLVE!!!
    @lilymartin You’re a hero! Big congrats on being only over weight!!!
    @funshipfreddie Gross quote! I hate fly spray so I stalk the little blighters with a fly swat. My quick reaction times are quite good!
    On the subject of the Coronation, 12 of us are now getting together for a Saturday night dinner (not lunch) party. The UK is 12 hours behind us. I’ve been redirected to make Typsy Laird or Scots Trifle which has 3 layers: 1. Split sponge cakes spread with raspberry jam and sprinkled with crushed Ratafia biscuits (like amaretto/macaroons) then (lightly) doused with a mix of sherry and Drambuie. 2. Proper egg custard. 3. On the day of serving, topped with double cream whisked with a wee drop of Drambuie and decorated with flaked almonds and whatever fruit I can find that is in season…
    Other things on the menu that I know about are Stilton cheese and water crackers, Lancashire Hotpot, a coil of Cumberland sausages and mash, peas and Queen of puddings. I will need to do more talking and less eating…

    Onward and downward!

    Day 3 Melbourne, Australia NFD

    Yesterday’s FD was very difficult but went okay. I do like fruit @funshipfreddie and maybe should be sticking to vegies on the FD. I can eat fruit til the cows come home so maybe not the best choice. I did some strength exercises yesterday and now I’m off to the pool. I try to swim at least once per week and then have coffee with friends.

    I hope your WFD went okay @stitchincarol. It is so difficult when one is not busy.

    Have a good day everyone.

    Day 3 country west Australia CD
    Finding that post gastro my stomach is still quite sensitive so have to be careful with what I eat.
    The plus is that my appetite has decreased amazingly ( sadly, probably to what it should normally be ……) I crave carbs but when I eat them it does not have a good result.🙄
    Anyway, onward and downward so all good. 😁
    @merryapple, that sounds like a veritable feast !!! When Harry and Meghan got married I went to a ‘ Royal Wedding ‘ afternoon tea at friends’ place in Sydney and everyone had to contribute a ‘ royal’ food.
    I took chocolate marshmallow biscuits called ‘ Royals’!!!! It was great fun.
    @quadpa, good luck with the surgery. It sounds quite serious ?💐
    @brightonbelle I hope the FD went well.
    @stitchincarol, at times Cruella de scales seems to have no rhyme or reason for the number she dishes out!! As a daily weigher, weekly recorder, I try not to get too hung up on the number but I am now, finally!!, quite serious if the number goes up and stays up.
    @northgeorgia, time to listen to one’s body ! Who would have thought ??🤗 I consistently was tone deaf to my poor old body for some years AFTER losing weight and feeling healthy…🙄🙄
    @missybear, so agree with the day at a time.👏
    @funshipfreddie, I had contractors here this morning and they wondered why made me laugh out loud !!🤣🤣 Thank you for the laughs – very much appreciated . Hope you are enjoying your ‘ new’ apartment. And that Boo Boo is settling in.
    Sending resolve and mojo and hand holding and whatever else you need @malee57, I really DO know what it’s like to lose all of the above . 🤗🤝💐
    Perhaps think of this WOL more as a health journey and not so much of the weight loss initially and make better choices on FDs and NFDs and your body will thank you.
    It took a family photo of me looking FAT 😱😱😱and then I asked myself ‘ why do I choose to be fat?’ 🤔🤔😲 to really stop and take stock. ( I had been whinging about not being able to lose weight whilst eating everything that looked like a calorie. …)
    Pretty confronting question 😲😱 and probably one I DID need to ak myself.
    That plus being on this forum, plus getting older and impending blood tests and friends suddenly having serious health issues is what it took for me to really decide to get SERIOUS about my health and being obese. ( Me, a health professional – who would have thought????)
    Trouble is, it gets so much harder as each year passes !!! Well, I find it does.
    Anyway, 5:2 is currently working well for me so planning to stay the course this time ( which I have probably said on this forum many times before !!)
    Being 9 kgs lighter than in December has made a huge difference to mobility and general feeling of well being. So kudos to everyone on here – and happy to give away any mojo or anything I can to help others.

    Day 3 – UK – FD

    Yesterday ran away with me – busy day including a lovely morning’s walk with a group of friends about an hour’s drive from home

    Welcome to @missybear @excelsior12309 @brightonbelle @songbirdme and @quadpa

    @songbirdme – lovely to have you “still around, hanging in there at maintenance” you are an original member of these challenges and being still in maintenance is a great inspiration to us all 🤗
    @stitchincarol @malee57 @northgeorgia – keep the faith and join myself and others here who “continue to try”
    @merryapple – a positive start for you being down from your April weight x
    @lilymartin – that’s a good drop in your BMI – inspiration for a Marvellous May?? that bout of gastro really did a number on you – take it easy and hoping for a good recovery for you x
    @quadpa – thinking of you for your surgery today and hopefully it does help with your health journey x
    @merryapple – your Typsy Laird or Scots Trifle recipe sounds 😋 and I loved to read that you use “proper egg custard” I’m always trying to convince friends to make it with egg yolks….etc instead of using custard powder – tastes so different!!
    @malee57 – 💪 on that successful FD yesterday – personally I found reducing the amount of processed carbs I ate helped a lot in my weight loss journey as it’s a real appetite stimulant for me

    Another busy day ahead, yoga class mid morning, followed by coffee with some of the yogi’s then an afternoon of volunteering so won’t be back home until around 5pm! Hoping that keeping busy helps to make sure that I stay on track with my FD 🤞

    Pocket List – Day 3 🎯

    Day 3 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @quadpa – thinking of you today & wishing you a speedy recovery from your op 🤗

    @merryapple – 😅 I hate that stuff too. Here it’s called ‘Doom’ though. I buy the one that’s supposed to be odourless, but I can still smell it 🤮 I’m intrigued by the whole monarchy debate, & I knew it would rear its ugly head again after the Queen died. All this ‘not my King’ nonsense really riles me up. He IS your King, so get over it 😅. It’s been around for a thousand years & it works. That’s good enough for me.

    @songbirdme – belated birthday wishes for yesterday! 🥳️ 🎈🎉 🥂

    @lilymartin – I’m loving my new place, although it’s what they call a ‘townhouse’ here. I’ve still got loads to do, boxes to empty. Boo Boo’s loving it too, & I’m letting her venture outside, but she’s very wary & comes scurrying back after a few minutes. I met another neighbour yesterday, 91 year old Lilian, whose house is adjacent to mine. She was born in the Belgian Congo & is a retired botanist. I kind of went off her a little when she started telling me what I need to do with my garden though 😅 I’ve never had a garden before, because I’ve always lived in apartments, & it’s way down on my list of priorities. It’s not exactly a jungle though; we have a full-time gardener who spends a little time at each unit every week.

    What to do if you’re struggling to get through your fast – from Jason Fung &'re%20feeling%20stressed,and%20appetite%20through%20the%20roof!

    Interesting article about a breathing technique that could theoretically slash one’s risk of Alzheimer’s:

    Happy Hump Day! 🐫 🐪

    Day 3 – DORSET – NFD

    I am 60 (female) live in Dorset, with DH and DD2. Am trying to get my mojo back, difficult this week as we have family around and resolve is low!

    Lovely that the weather is sunny!

    Thank you @at for hosting Marvellous May !

    Day 3 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 216 lbs after an unexpected FD yesterday. May do another Thursday, but will probably try to use this time to re-train myself not to eat when not hungry and to stop EFS! Need to back away from meals after 8 p.m., too… that’s crept in over the past several months.

    second post.
    ?? Does anyone else get gut issues after a FD ??
    I didn’t use to in 2016/2017 but definitely a problem at present . Not sure if it fasting or a gut problem related to prolonged nasty gastro.

    Hi @at and everyone, could I please join your Marvellous May? I’m a returnee who’s lost their way and wants to gently get back into the rhythm of fasting again. Many thanks.

    2nd Post – Day 3

    @dingping – welcome back!

    @lilymartin – I haven’t experienced any gut issues after a FD, but I found this thread under Body/Benefits and side-effects. There may be others.

    Day 3 – Rural Nebraska, USA – TDEE – 157.0

    Yesterday’s WF wasn’t. Explanation? No idea. I suspect the schedule being so weird was a big part of it. The bigger part of it is that one part of me had no intention of fasting yesterday, and the part of me that was saying, “But, but, but–!!” had zero impact on that other part of me.

    So today’s a new day, and I’ll try hard to regain control of all of me. It’s rather a dual-personality thing, isn’t? I say that because that ugly word “try” made me stop and stare. Normally I avoid it, because RESOLVE removes all hint of “try.” But yesterday’s experience didn’t feel as if RESOLVE had anything to offer.

    On a good note, my migraines are entirely gone, and the break-the-cycle medicine, nortriptylin, has me sleeping like a child, and I’m loving that!

    @merryapple How fun that you’re having a Coronation party!

    @malee57 The first time you said you had fruit and veggies on a FD, my eyes got VERY wide. Part of me agrees wholeheartedly with @funshipfreddie, but part of me has to first ask: do you feel as if it’s been working for you to approach a FD that way (I know yesterday was tough, but on a normal basis)?

    @lilymartin My heart goes out to you for how tender your whole system is…I also celebrate with you the silver lining that such woes offer us.

    @funshipfreddie Wow, LOTS of chatter from you today! First, I’ve been wondering what all you Brits felt about the monarchy, and smiled at your comments. Rather like people here saying “Not my president…” Yeah, whether you like him or not, now or a few years ago, YOUR president. I sure wish I could stop by your place to help out; Lillian and I could have a great discussion and then I could have great fun! And thanks for all the links you share; I delight in reading them!

    @northgeorgia It has struck me, as I’ve read your posts over the last year, that a large issue you face is that your family is not supporting your goals. Right? You maybe need to have a heart-to-heart with them about feeling good about yourself, and needing their help in the way of limits–and not eating after 8pm is a good thing for anyone, unless that person is so skinny that putting on weight as crucial. I actually only know one person that thin. What do you think? Time to ask them to help you sent some boundaries? Home cooked meals, and at earlier hours? And food going to WASTE is actually preferable to food going to WAIST? (And the lesson would be not to cook so much.) Just some thoughts to see if anything resonates with you.

    @lilymartin No gut issues, no. 🙁 And, David, you are a miracle.

    @dingping ABSOLUTELY you may join us! Welcome! What’s your story?

    Okay, I’ve been quite inert over the past few days, mostly just because of the shock that I COULD, without high pressure deadlines threatening me, but that inertia is likely another factor that threw off my WF yesterday, so no more! Our grass is coming up horribly splotchy, and I’m not feeling particularly inspired–usually I’m excited because just a little effort will have things looking lovely. But, apparently, it’s a LOT of effort that will be needed this year, LOL!

    So, off I go. Have a grand one, everyone!

    @funshipfreddie @lilymartin @merryapple et al. Thank you For good wishes. Another biopsy to wait for but this world class doctor thought visually he saw less to be worried about. So feeling positive and as you know, and good folks here say, onward and downward. One day of just taking it easy and back to regular work and exercise. And he encouraged me to figure out how to effectively and safely lose these 25 lbs. to help with my health goals. Anyone see a nutritionist? And thank you all!

    Day4 FD Auckland

    We’re in the midst of an atmospheric river. Sounds good but the reality is it’s been pouring all day
    @quadpa Fingers crossed for your biopsy results.
    My advice, hem hem, is to avoid industrialised, preprepared and fast foods, buy fresh and make your own! And downsize your dinner plate to a luncheon plate. In other words eat less, eat quality food and do the FDs, which have great health benefits.
    @funshipfreddie 16 hours minimum fasting in order to combat insulin resistance is a good takeaway from your article.
    @lilymartin It sounds like the lining of your stomach etc has taken a big hit thanks to your recent viral infections. Take care… You might need something like Omeprazole (reduces acid secretion) if the discomfort/inflammation continues. Also avoid acid producing foods like milk and yoghurt and eat bland easy to digest foods little and often until the lining of your gut recovers. (Hope you don’t mind me writing this. You probably know it!☺️)
    @stitchincarol You have beautifully written up a Freudian scenario of id, ego and superego!!! Id is the primitive desire to EFS, your moral superego says don’t eat it after all your hard work and your ego attempts to effect a “but, but, but” compromise. Glad to hear your headaches have receded.
    @dingping Hello and welcome back!! I remember you from 2018 when I last did 5:2.
    I went out to dinner and the theatre last night. The restaurant was Japanese fusion. I chose Soba noodles with oyster mushrooms in part because I had just ordered Buckwheat directly from an NZ farmer (farmgate to plate). It arrived today so I looked up how to make Soba noodles on YouTube. It turns out they are the most difficult noodle to make, the knife is worth $1,500 and made by a Samurai sword maker and it takes 10 years to become a proficient Soba noodle maker so I think mine will be like cow pats😬 But hopefully they will taste good!!!

    Onward and downward 🗡️
    Pocket List🍎🍏

    Day 4 CD country West Australia
    Was planning a FD but one of the places I work had prepared a morning tea of corn chips, nachos, guacamole and salsa for Mexico’s Cinco de Mayo and it seemed churlish not to accept .
    I didn’t overdo it with usual EFS so that’s a plus. But rather shot my FD down.
    Will still do pumpkin soup ( I never use cream or sour cream) and a home-made chicken patty for dinner.
    @quadpa fingers crossed for good biopsy result.
    @merryapple I hope your Soba noodles taste as good as they sound – even without the $1500 knife !!
    @stitchincarol, glad your migraines have gone.
    @dingping, welcome back!! I remember you from some years ago.
    @funshipfreddie, thank you for your links.
    I will look into that one tonight.

    Day 4 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    So late for May, you would not believe the crazy weekend I had last weekend with tons of unexpected last minute visitors. A weekend of lolling around with the Mother In Law so did not happen. And to boot I have caught a nasty cold and have been laid up for the last few days, working from home, but feeling bleurgh.

    Much better today and looking forward to going to the office 😆 Still bunged up but nothing like before. I hear two of my colleagues also have this lurgy so I caught it in the office.

    At least all those guests went home. Great to have them when they were here but Oh Goodness the shock when I heard they were “popping” by. I am so not a “pop by” sort of person ha ha. But I got through it !!!

    Another busy weekend looms. A suprise 80th on Friday which also involves a trip to our national TV studio to be in the audience of a live late night talk show. Lordy! Then back to the hotel for more partying 💃

    Weight stayed the same despite it all. Have a great Thursday.

    Day 4 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    @stitchincarol – 🤣 yes, I was a bit of a motor-mouth yesterday; I think it was the result of two mugs of coffee within a short space of time 🤪 I was thinking about what you & others have said re a planned FD not happening. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever thrown in the towel on a FD! And I don’t intend to sound boastful there. I think I would just feel too let down if I did, & would only have to start over the next day. I think putting off eating until later in the day helps. If I used up my calories earlier in the day & then felt very hungry later on, the feeling of deprivation would maybe get to me. Eating earlier would trigger my appetite too, but putting off eating means I can look forward to eating in the evening, & then there’s only a couple of hours before bedtime. Having said that, I’ve never even tried a WF, & I don’t think I ever will 😳

    Anyway, lots to do still, & no waffling from me this morning. And the 2nd FD for this week; here goes…

    Pocket List🍎🍏

    Day 4 Melbourne, Australia NFD

    I am tentatively back on track. I am minimizing the amount of carbs (mainly bread) I’m having and trying get more vegies in. Tonight’s dinner (? breakfast as I’m off to work soon at 7pm) was high protein high fat so I should not be hungry at all until my break. And I’m including almonds in my meal in the middle of the night to help get through.

    My weight is heading back down rather than up which is good.

    Day 4 – USA/GA – FD?

    Weigh-in: 220 lbs. 220s three times in a row this week, but it takes a while to stop when you hit the brakes. My meal last night was a couple bowls of homemade soup I had frozen last year of mostly tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, broth, and a few chunks of venison (yeah, not too appetizing, so I decided to eat both servings). And I did successfully stop eating before 8 p.m., so I narrowed the eating window a bit more. Not a lot of sleep. Family is still up and talking with each other past 9 p.m., and it throws off my sleep schedule. @stitchincarol They are passively supportive, but don’t realize how these oddly timed evenings are disruptive to everyone. I’m just going to start announcing 15 minutes earlier each weekday how it’s time for me to get to the house…

    Anyway, going to try harder this month to get back on track, so will plan for another FD today and remember to only “eat when hungry” on most NFDs.

    So, I think I will put myself on the pocket list today.

    Pocket List🍎🍏

    Day 4 Wales FD

    @dingping hi 👋 I remember you too, welcome back and you’re not alone in having lost your way recently, I am struggling to shift weight I have regained.

    Yesterday ended up being a CD as I was feeling out of sorts and didn’t want to eat until the evening, it could have been a FD but I gave in and had some 🍷with dinner 🤨 so today will be a proper FD!

    Pocket List🍎🍏

    Day 4 UK FD

    Familiar struggle @missybear , my new deckchairs were delivered yesterday and as there was a bit of sun thought we needed to try them out 🍺back on the straight and narrow today

    Pocket List🍎🍏

    Day 4 – Rural Nebraska, USA – WFD – 157

    I’m starting to be concerned that those extra pounds don’t intend to be EOEO, and do NOT find this weight tolerable, so I’ll be much more disciplined about my WF today than I was on Tuesday.

    I got out to my front yard around 10am yesterday, took a break for lunch, and was back out again until 4:00. I was bone weary by then because of the heavy work I was doing, but it looks better than it has in several years, so I’m happy as all get out. I have another major project to accomplish, plus some basic spring clean-up that’s on the other side of the front porch, and then it’ll be good to go. By the time I did all that yard work, with lots of pulling and tugging at the clean-up I was doing, and then directed choir last night (where I’m playing the piano more than moving my hands to direct), I ended up at 20,186 steps for the day…just about the highest ever, although when we were in Rome in 2019, I exceeded that one day with actual steps.

    DH and I are going with friends to a play tonight, skipping the dinner they’re meeting for, but doing drinks afterward with them, when I plan to have sparkling water with a lime wedge. I must, must, must be RESOLVED and get this weight down.

    @quadpa I’ve never seen a nutrionist, no…I’m sure my diet would have all sorts of holes where needed nutrition is missing. Are you going to see one?

    @merryapple Wow, who knew soba noodles had so much involved!!

    @daffodil2010 “Pop by,” eh? Yeah, as much as I love to entertain, I’m not at ALL a fan of popping by, either by being the recipient of it, or by doing it, so kudos to you for surviving it with grace!

    @funshipfreddie Some people have more inate determination such as what you describe–my neice is like that: when she chooses a course of action, she does it. Period. Full stop. Those of you who are made like that have an advantage over the rest of us, LOL, as it takes me LOTS and LOTS of thinking to make me decide I’d feel the way you described if I don’t follow through. Fascinating how different we all are.

    @northgeorgia Well done on the two bowls of soup, and not eating after 8pm. It’s all the small steps that add up to success, isn’t it? And your plan sounds like it’ll work well.

    @missybear and @brightonbelle I was right there with you yesterday, having a margarita to celebrate all my yard work, LOL. Good thing we’ve moved past Wednesday and are on to Thursday!

    Pocket List🍎🍏
    @stitchincarol WF

    Day 4 Herefordshire UK NFD
    Many thanks for the lovely welcome back, so lovely to see so many familiar names and so motivating that you’ve kept this WOF going. I’m now in my 60’s (yikes!!) and still loving living in our countryside home just outside Hay on Wye. A recent addition to our family is our cocker spaniel puppy who’s nearly one. Two long walks a day and some 16:8 restricted eating means I’ve lost some weight but need to push on so returning to fasting and low carb eating.
    A little anxious to try an FD as last time I was doing this it turned into a negative cycle but I’m feeling very positive and focussed so hoping the lovely mutual support this group offers will be that additional boost and accountability that I need. I’m sure it’ll be a bumpy road but fingers crossed I’ll travel further down it than last time!
    Ta for now.

    Day5 NFD NZ

    Still raining and will do for the rest of the day… It’s meant to be a day working in the jungle. Rain never put me off when I was younger but now…
    I’ve dropped a kg Woohoo! However I’m about to start making a sponge cake for my Typsy Laird. Funny name thinking about a sponge in relation to a cake.

    Onward and downward!

    Day 4 post 2

    It’s almost 7 pm, and the pizza came in. I almost gave in, but being so close to bedtime, I was able to say no. So hard with everyone munching around me…

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