March 2019 – Spring Challenge

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March 2019 – Spring Challenge

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  • Day 3 Wellington, NZ NFD

    Had a good FD yesterday even when I add in the ice cream! Still under 800 which is my FD limit (much easier than 500).

    Weighed in for the beginning of March and have to report a 1.5kg GAIN for February. Have filled in the spreadsheet with some sadness 🙁 Not surprised given the lack of discipline around social events and recent trip, but happy to be back taking control. Have another wedding and a music festival to get through, but am confident if I manage 3FDs during the week I can keep things under control

    @hieiren – no, no stomach cramps ever
    @judyjudes – really hope you have been able to change GPs – that behaviour is unacceptable and you deserve better.

    have a great week everyone.

    Day 3, Emden Germany, NFD

    Good morning everyone!

    @judyjudes you derserve to be spoilt on your birthday!
    @aglowworm I think every goal you set is fine, as long as you set one. Anyone can start a pocket list. In my first post from yesterday you can see how it is done, I started the list and others added their names to it. The first month doning 5:2 I weighed every day, mowadays only a few times a month. I go by the fit of my clothes and the look in the mirror now. My weight fluctuates in a 2 kg range depending on what I ate and water retention of the salt intake.

    Here is a list of acronyms, words and abbreviations used on this forum:

    IF: Intermittent Fasting
    WOL: Way of Life
    FD: Fast Day (500 cals)
    MFD: Modified Fast Day (800 cals)
    WFD: Water Fast Day (Water only)
    CFD: Controlled Fast Day (1200 cals)
    NFD: Non Fast Day
    LFD: Liquid Fast Day (liquids only)
    ADF: Alternate Day Fast: FD, NFD, Fd, NFD ….
    DAFD: Day after fast day
    16:8 16 hours fast 8 hours non fast
    20:4 Warrior 20 hours fast 4 hours window
    B2B: Back 2 Back days of FD
    OMAD: One Meal a Day usually
    Feast Day: planned day of eating over TREE
    DD, DS, DH: Darling Daughter,Son, Husband
    OH: Other Half
    LOL: Laughing Out Loud
    EFS: Epic Face Stuffing
    Tortoise Club: (or Club Tor-Twah) for those losing weight very very slowly
    Pocket List: put in your pocket list for support
    Challenge: gauntlet thrown down for food or exercise
    Cruella: those pesky scales
    MFP: My Fitness Pal (app)
    Fitbit: recording for exercise wrist band
    Keto: way of eating that generates Ketones
    LC: Low Carb way of eating
    LCHF: Low Carb High Fat way of eating
    TDEE: Total Daily Energy Expenditure

    @daffodil2010 I hope your head and knee are not too sore this morning. How is you Dad doing? Are you satisfied with the progress on the building site, when will it be finished?
    @redrockgirl302 have you tried chicken broth to beat the cold?
    @russetfox welcome! You’re doing very well, 11,5lbs already gone.
    @bluesqueak welcome to you too!
    @borealis You and I know you can do it! I will join you on tomorrow’s FD, having dinner with my DH’s siblings always meean a lot of fun and a lot of food.
    @hieiren it’s tricky, you seem to have the choice of freezing or eating. It’s difficult if you know the owners and they are so nice to you. Could they make you a fruit cup without the strawberries or kiwi? LAN minecraft parties sounds like a lot of fun, I never heard of it. We don’t have any plans for the new shrubs yet, it had to be something for the birds and insects. I never had any stomach cramps but I know this question came up here a while ago. Perhaps someone else has an answer to this?

    “We can do anything we want if we strick to it long enough!” Helen Keller

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 3,Germany,
    Good NFD yesterday in terms that I was able to not eat the leftovers from my kids (my biggest challenge!!!) and stick to my 3 meals without sugar. Yet I often had cravings between my meals, longing for sth to eat in between but managed to go through without braking my abstinence (for me determined as 3 meals a day, nothing in between except some defined drinks)
    So I am happy with yesterday. Just had breakfast and will go out running soon.
    @hieiren not really stomachcramps but I know a feeling of emptiness after a fd that nothing can really fill me up and satisfy me the DAFD (@snowflake thank you for your effort with the long list of abreviations!! 👍👏👏👏)
    A good Sunday to all of you!!!

    Day 3. UK. F800

    Just checking in.

    Wishing everyone a great Sunday.

    Peace & Love 💗

    Hello. Iam 50 years old and live with my family in Freiburg. Iam 152 cm and my weight is now 57,3 Kg or 126,3 lbs. Too much for a little person as me. Sorry my English is not so good. Last Summer I do the fast diet for two months and it was a very good feeling to loose weight. But than I had a very bad accident in my karate training. Since then I stopped my training and the pounds say hello to my hips. The march challenge is an new start for me and I begin in next week my training again.

    Day 3 – Ireland – CD
    This may be a duplicate post….glitchy today…

    Home with my parents again this weekend so hoping for a CD but that may change if I encounter cake with my dad… which is a very strong possibility..🙃.

    I can’t remember who asked for the paleo nut bar recipe but here you go….
    There is a lot of honey in these but with the salt added they are divine… unfortunately the type of nutty treat I can’t stop myself eating but… no sugar in them ✔️. I only like crunchy nut bars and really dislike limp squidgy “healthy” bars 😂. At least I know exactly what’s in these.
    Let me know if you can’t follow the link and I’ll paste the text.

    Lent is thankfully around the corner… I’m not particularly religious but it is the one time in the year I can stick to my promise and pass on sweet treats so looking forward to that 👍.

    Hi @snowflake56, the tick ✔️ on the spreadsheet can be found in the emojis on your smartphone.. or if it’s easier just copy from here: ✔️

    @borealis welcome back… been there …I was off the forum for most of last year but definitely everything works much better when I’m checking in here.. both body and mind …some days I can’t or or don’t feel like posting but that’s ok and it’s always here to come back to when things calm down.. hopefully some of the other people who have been missing from the list will be back soon. Hoping all is ok with them and that it’s just life getting in the way 🤞

    Onward and downward ⬇️

    Day 3: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD

    @aglowworm: If you’re fasting today, I see that @borealis has started today’s pocket list, straight after your last posting.
    Tomorrow’s could be started by anyone and, being a Monday, is bound to get long.

    Day 3 – Ireland – CD
    Problems posting – apologies if this duplicates

    Home with my parents again this weekend so hoping for a CD but that may change if I encounter cake with my dad… which is a very strong possibility..🙃.

    I can’t remember who asked for the paleo nut bar recipe but here you go….
    There is a lot of honey in these but with the salt added they are divine… unfortunately the type of nutty treat I can’t stop myself eating but… no sugar in them ✔️. I only like crunchy nut bars and really dislike limp squidgy “healthy” bars 😂. At least I know exactly what’s in these.
    Let me know if you can’t follow the link and I’ll paste the text.

    Lent is thankfully around the corner… I’m not particularly religious but it is the one time in the year I can stick to my promise and pass on sweet treats so looking forward to that 👍.

    Hi @snowflake56, the tick ✔️ on the spreadsheet can be found in the emojis on your smartphone.. or if it’s easier just copy from here: ✔️

    @borealis welcome back… been there …I was off the forum for most of last year but definitely everything works much better when I’m checking in here.. both body and mind …some days I can’t or or don’t feel like posting but that’s ok and it’s always here to come back to when things calm down.. hopefully some of the other people who have been missing from the list will be back soon. Hoping all is ok with them and that it’s just life getting in the way 🤞

    Onward and downward ⬇️

    Day 3, Wales NFD

    Will be up all day and night as first of my 12hr nights tonight. Don’t know how this week will go as first week of nights since starting fasting. I detest nights, I just don’t function well. I won’t get much exercise until later in the week as all I do is work and sleep, so me and woofit will be off shortly for a long walk. Hope you are all having a good weekend x

    Day 3 Belfast NFD

    So I’ve decided to play a different game today. Instead of trying to avoid sugar everyday and then binge when the willpower goes out the window, I’ve decided to treat myself today with a couple of small toasted scones. Hopefully 🐉🗡

    @daffodil2010 I’m glad to hear that your pride took the brunt of your fall! Hope no other major damage done.
    @judyjudes did I miss your birthday? Happy belated wishes and hope you had a wonderful day!
    Welcome back @borealis.
    Thanks @jaifaim. It was me and they look delicious 😋

    Happy Sunday everyone

    Day 3 USA (Illinois) FD

    Quick check in — going to do a FD or CD today. Too many sweets lately!

    Onward and downward.

    2nd post
    @autumnwalker Welcome here in this forum/ challenge! I was happy to read that another German is onboard! (I suppose you live in Freiburg, Germany) I live close to Heidelberg 😊
    If you like you can sign in the Spreadsheet that you find in the very beginning of the March challenge chat.
    We always start our posts with the day of the month, the place from where you are posting and then whether it’s a fd, nfd… e.g.
    Day 3, Germany, NFD
    Don’t worry about your English, I’m sure everybody will understand you just fine!
    have a good start here! 😀🤞

    Day 3 – USA – FD (500)

    Had an EFS yesterday. I ate 300 more calories than my TDEE. But it was so satisfying. I felt like my body was craving it.

    It is back to Fasting today (500) calories. Having seafood congee today or chicken noodle soup. Will divide the soup into 2, 1 for lunch and 1 for dinner.

    I also bought keto creamer for my coffee yesterday. I am excited to try it today.

    Day 3 – UK – NFD
    Day 2 – A feast day 👿 and I have to admit so was Day 1 – it definitely did not end up a CD/FD as planned!!!!!!

    So not a great start to March and I’m avoiding the scales this weekend – I don’t need them to tell me what a little 🐷 I have been since the beginning of this month………..Maybe it was something to do with the change of weather since Thursday, much cooler, overcast and intermittent rain which was rather heavy yesterday afternoon/evening or maybe it was just a big loss of self control on my part!!!!!

    As the past few days have been a bit of a disaster eating/drinking wise, I will try to make today a TDEE day ready for a FD tomorrow pressing my RESET button 😇 – That is why I LOVE THIS WOL!

    My Bacillus Bulgaricus kefir starter kit arrived yesterday so will be making a batch later today – I have frozen my old Kefir grains giving them a rest, I could not bear to throw it out as I have had this batch for over 2 years but the taste has soured more than normal recently……..

    @snowflake56 – re emoji’s – on my laptop (MacBook Pro) I press Edit at the top of the screen and it is tone of the options that comes up or you could google them and copy/paste as you need
    @ccco – 😱at being unsubscribed from this site – so glad that you found your way back to us x
    @ann1239 – 1200cals on NFD sounds a bit low to me – how tall are you??? maybe that is why you are hungry on your NFDs????? Why don’t you try the basic 5:2 for a month and see how you get on. ‘Doing 5:2 correctly’ means going to bed, getting up, eating 500/600 calories while you are awake, going to bed, getting up and eating normally – twice a week. ‘Normally’ means eating your TDEE or less. Here is what you need to know about TDEE:
    @borealis – no shame, you are not the first and certainly won’t be the last to fall off the wagon
    @chipmunk13 – nice to see you back with us – sounds like you had a fab time in Shanghai and I so agree with your statement “that’s the beauty of 5:2, it’s there to come back to without feeling bad, and knowing it is (relatively) easy to jump back on the wagon.”
    @judyjudes – I missed your birthday yesterday – wishing you all the best and do hope that you are having a fab weekend celebrating
    @aglowworm – even in maintenance I weigh daily but I only record my weight once a week!!! I find that over the week my weight can fluctuate by 2kg but so long as I end below my target weight after my 2nd FD of the week I’m happy 💃 (I still mostly do 2 FDs a week, as it allows me to enjoy some treats whilst maintaining)
    @michelinme – 🤗 sorry to read that you were feeling viscerally sad yesterday – hope you feel a bit better today x
    @daffodil2010 – what a spoiler during a fab evening out with friends – hopefully not too many bruises on show today
    @redrockgirl302 – look after yourself x
    @rafiki44 – be interesting to hear how you get on with micro needling – the beauty therapist where I have 6 weekly facials introduced me to them last year – I use Environ products and their version called a Cosmetic Roll-CIT
    @russetfox – Welcome to our challenges and 😮an amazing 11.5lbs loss since 21/1/19!
    @hieiren – No never had stomach cramps the day after a FD
    @autumnwalker – welcome to you and no need to apologise for your English – perfectly clear and do hope you stay with us – we have other germans on this challenge
    @jaifaim – re your paleo nut bar recipe – I am afraid to tell you that honey contains sugar – In fact, a teaspoon of honey contains 23 calories and 6g of sugar, compared with a level teaspoon of sugar, which contains 16 calories and 4g of sugar – Although honey is sweeter so you need to add less to get a sweet taste and honey does have a lower GI value than sugar, meaning that it does not raise blood sugar levels as quickly. You might be interested in reading the following
    Ask A Scientist: Is Honey Healthier Than Sugar? | HuffPost Life

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend and remember “Yes, you can! The road may be bumpy, but stay committed to the process.”

    Day 3 – 2nd Post – FD

    @at – Thank you @at. This is my 1st week on 5:2, so I am trying to figure out what is right. My TDEE is 1450 (inactive). I jogged 3X last week (2.5 miles) , so my TDEE is 1600 for last week. On Fast Day, I ate to 650 last week and for the other days, I tried to go between 1200 to 1300. That is good, right?


    Pocket List Day 3
    @borealis 1st of B2B2B
    @ann1239 2nd day of FD (600)

    Day 3 California FD

    @hieiren yes I have recently experienced the stomach cramping – kind of like a mild food poisoning but only in the last few weeks. Can’t pin it on anything as I don’t have stomach issues and for ease of fasting usually eat the exact same meal each time.

    @judyjudes Happy belated birthday!

    Pocket List Day 3

    @borealis 1st of B2B2B
    @ann1239 2nd day of FD (600)

    Day 3, Rocky Mountains, US, NFD

    Thanks @snowflake56, @at: I do eat chicken soup, inhaling with vicks vapo-rub and resting. But there was also a ‘comfort eclair, brioche and fruit tart’ on the agenda yesterday. 😊😀😂

    Now doing my Qigong morning practice (makes me feel better every time- even with a cold), my Tai Chi routine and inhaling. Will walk a bit outside as well even though it snowed again. 😫😖😟

    @judyjudes: Happy belated birthday! 💐

    Have a good Sunday everyone!⚘⚘⚘

    Day 3 – Manchester – NFD

    Yesterday was a NFD and I found it a bit tough, mainly because I was home, alone – my OH was out all day and evening – and trying to relax, so I wasn’t doing very much and that’s when my mind turns to snacking. I did take myself out for a long walk in the morning while the weather was still nice, so that was good. And, although I did snack, I *think* that I managed to keep it healthy-ish by having fruit and carrots with low fat humus etc. I am trying out not counting at the weekend. It might not work and I might have to start, but I’ll see how things go.

    Another NFD today and so far so good. I got up late and had a healthy breakfast. The OH is going to be cooking dinner later, so I’m going to focus on portion control and stopping eating before I get too full. The scales are behaving themselves so far though… 🤞

    @borealis and @ciren2 – I’ve got the pocket list thing now! Thanks for explaining.

    @snowflake56 – that list of acronyms is soooo helpful! Thank you!

    @at – I totally know what you mean about the change in weather. It really affects me. When the sun is out, I find it so much easier to eat healthier and be active. When it goes grey, I just want to eat comforting food and hibernate!! Also good info on weighing and fluctuations. I like the idea of keeping an eye on things and then only recording after the 2nd FD 😃

    Have a great Sunday everyone!

    USA Day 3 FD800

    JudyJudes: Happy Birthday! Sorry I missed it!

    Adding myself to the pocket list:

    @borealis 1st of B2B2B
    @ann1239 2nd day of FD (600)
    @ccco FD800

    Yesterday, I did stay the course until the evening but I knew that I had an eating event to attend, so I was prepared and didn’t too badly.

    Hope everyone has a great day and weekend!

    UK London Day 3

    JudyJules – Happy (belated) Birthday!

    Right, so – I’m a newbie on this forum. I tried 5:2 some years ago but while it worked in terms of losing weight, I fell off the wagon because the 500 cal days were almost impossible for me, very ‘hangry’.

    Having got the new 800 calorie Fast Diet book, I tried a couple of fasting days last month and found that I can manage 800 calories much better (also, I really like the ‘Mediterranean’ style recipes). So I’ve been on the 800 calories ‘quick start’ since Feb 16th and have lost about 8lbs (3.8Kg).

    Next weekend I’m staying in the countryside with a couple of friends, and suspect that fasting is not on the menu. 🙂 At the moment, my plan is to resume after next weekend and go for another five weeks or so to make the full eight weeks on 800 calories a day, but I’m planning to see how I feel about that after next weekend – it’s a bit tough at the moment and I’m really looking forward to the ‘break’ – so maybe I should do five days on 800 and two days off.

    My eventual goal is to get down to 140 lbs (63.5kg) because that would take me into a healthy weight for my height.

    Day 3 UK NFD

    Yesterday was also a NFD bc bread… but still within TDEE so not too bothered. I baked a loaf for today’s community lunch plus a small trial vegan loaf using soya yogurt… then ate some! Vegan loaf needed far less yogurt/more oats and came out both stickier and paler… clearly still some adjustments to make! @jaifaim @cornish-jane i’d love to know how you get on baking oat bread with plant-based yogurt 🙂

    Thinking about making my own plant-milk yogurt with the bulgarian starter bc can’t seem to find sugar-free yogurts in supermarkets. Anyone got any experience of making non-dairy yogurt – or recommendations?

    My big loaf wasn’t needed today so I’ve stuck it in the freezer for another community event next weekend -amazingly, resisting just slicing and eating it!! Also made some great choices at lunch today – only half a 3bean wrap, majored in tomatoes & clementines, one small chocolate and resisted cake 🙂

    Stopped off at supermarket on the way home and stocked up on some yummy fresh stuff inc cherry tomatoes, pomegranate seeds & clementines. I eat so much better when I have colourful food… But need to drink lots more water!! Tomorrow will be a post-carb FD but feeling reasonably confident in ability to drink lots and do OMAD…

    Need to knuckle down and write a reference….and stop thinking about food! 🙂

    2nd post

    @at I’m sure it was the weather! 😁 I’m writing on an older Sony Vaio (I have another new laptop but have to get used to it) without emoji’s so I’ll copy and paste them. What is micro needling, sounds scary and hurtful?
    @jaifaim thanks, I’ll have to copy and paste the tick as I don’t (want to) have a smartphone.
    @redrockgirl302 “comfort eclair, brioche and fruit tart” shoud help as good as chicken soup! 😉
    @aglowworm I wish my snacks were as healthy as yours, mine sound more like a big lump of cheese, snickers or peanut butter straight from the jar!
    @bluesqueak great loss, FD800 seems to work well for you.
    @autumnwalker herzlich Willkommen! I’m Dutch but also living in Germany, in the north in Emden. Don’t worry about your English, mine isn’t perfect either. If you don’t know how to say it, just write it in German. Just stick to us, we’ll try to help you as good as we can.
    @miraclelou wie lieb von Dir, daß Du Dich gleich um @autumnwalker gekümmert hast, danke!

    Bye for now!

    @judyjudes — “Happy birthday, dear Judy ♫♪♫♪ happy birthday to YOU” (sung in my best voice, sorry I’m late!)

    Day 3 – Iceland

    Today was closer to 1000 than 500 cals, so not a perfect FD but compared to the EFS of the last weeks it feels like a fast🙂 There is no chocolate left in the house, so tomorrow shall be a clean 500FD!

    @michelinme – here is an extremely easy recipe for coconut yoghurt it doesn’t even require a starter, just some good probiotic and full fat coconut milk (this site also has many tasty vegan dinner recipes).

    Day4 Wellington, NZ FD

    @bluesqueak – I’m with you! The 800 is a much easier ask – those extra 300 cals make all the difference. Well done on the 3.8kg – and I hope it continues to go well for the 8 weeks.

    Fast day today, going well so far with just a couple of coffees and it’s midday – I feel a spinach omelette coming on, and stir fried vegies for dinner.

    pocket list Day 4 (because we’re ahead of the rest of the world😉)

    Day 4 – Melbourne AUS – FD

    Hi everyone! I’m back from the Honeymoon in Japan, and keen to get on board for the March challenge!!

    Had the most wonderful trip, fit in 7 days of skiing, and lots of touring around Kyoto, Nara, Nagano and Tokyo. Also came home with plenty of cooking inspiration which I’ll try and incorporate into the weekly recipes.

    I’ve not logged on since flying out on 14 Feb, so lots to catch up on, and plenty of overindulging since then – all enjoyed thoroughky (though have been very much looking forward to today’s FD and stripping back the sugar and refined carb consumption).

    Going to try for 2x solid FD’s this week, and might try for a third 800cal day, and I’ll give myself a day or two before weighing in (still feeling puffy from all the flying and salty food), so will put that into the spreadsheet once I do that. Have my friends wedding in two weeks not sure how the dress is fitting after the holiday, solid motivation right there!

    Glad to be back, hope everyone is doing well, looking forward to catching

    Pocket List Day 4

    @gretta sounds like a wonderful honeymoon – I’m glad you let loose and enjoyed everything. I’m just back from Shanghai so like you, lots of carb heavy noodles and salty food. Isn’t it good to know 5:2 is patiently waiting for our return 😹??

    Day 3- Ohio NFD

    Thanks for the replies. @rafiki44 exactly with the intensity. Of course, after a morning sleep, it all is better.

    I’m going to keep trying to find a common point so I can avoid it. If my fast days are work nights, it’s easy since I have one set menu for that. I need it to be fast in the microwave to eat in time. But, even that one it happened with one time. Tomorrow is my next fd, so should be good. Still have a couple chilis left for work ones.

    Currently waiting on ride to get in to work. I made a smoothie for myself for the first time and it came out really well. Youngest daughter compared it to a bitter chocolate orange and hated it. I plan on making one again when I have too little time and the right ingredients. I knew I was saving that bag of frozen cherries for a reason.

    Day 4. NFD. London

    Just checking in to say hi. For some unknown reason I’ve felt really nauseous for two days ( actually, it’s not a complete mystery – after two years of hardly drinking at all, I had a few Camparis and gins and I felt ansolutely vile. I got carried away. I think my body decided to pay me back) . Anyway, plus side I didn’t fancy eating anything, so two unplanned FDs. And I put some ginger in hot water which seemed to take the nausea away. Serves me right.

    Off to Germany tomorrow. Stuttgart and Munich. Hello our German friends. H

    Day 4 – Japan – WFD

    Very wet day … messing up my exercise. 😀

    Day 3 NFD Syracuse NY

    So, I’m currently on vacation in Florida. Yay!! Siesta Key. But…I haven’t fasted in 3 days and I want to. Not sure what to do. In the back of my mind I’m terrified I’ll undo all my hard work these past two months. (Even though it’s a week) on the other hand, my husband and kids are here too and It’s a vacation so I’m trying to let go a little. I think Jim Gaffigan talks about vacations and how all you do is eat and it’s about eating in places you haven’t before. Everything revolves around food on vacations. So, the last two days I’ve eaten lots of fried food. I think tomorrow and rest of vacation I’m going to do a true 16:8 and not have my americano till 12pm. So, a compromise. I haven’t had any soda but I’ve just replaced it with alcohol so it’s a lateral move I think. 😂

    I tried a spoon of chocolate and habanero ice cream at a hipster ice cream place in Tampa today. It took a moment and then the heat kicked in and it burned!!!!(I am a spice lightweight but still. ) Lol. My husband got the vanilla ice cream with bacon. If you’ve never tried ice cream with bacon…you should.
    “That’s too much bacon”
    -said no one ever. 😂
    “This is burning my entire esophagus!”
    -said me-today-after-trying-chocolate-habanero-ice cream.

    Oops. I forgot. Second post. @judyjudes. Your gp sounds like a &/$/)& (That’s a fill in the blank with whatever expletive you like best.) if you could switch; I would. Talk to your friends and see who they go to. It’s bad enough not feeling well without dealing with a condescending attitude.

    Day 3 Ohio, US — FD(#61)
    Day 2 — NFD
    Day 1 — FD(#60)

    This is my first post of the month so here’s a little about my journey so far. I re-started 5:2 back last summer and have participated in the monthly challenges since last August. When I started in the summer I weighed 180 lb (81.6 kg) and ended January at 173 lb (78.5 kg). Although that seems to be a net loss of only 1 lb per month, this WOL helped me to have a net weight loss after some end of the year stress-eating and holidaying. I’m 69 inches (175 cm) tall and am 69 years old ( so a perfect 69 squared!) My goal right now is to achieve 167 lb (75.7 kg) which would bring my BMI to 24.9.

    The FD’s Friday and today have gone well, but the NFD yesterday saw me sleeping most of the day and snacking heavily when I was awake. That is sort of typical for the first couple of days of the vacations during the school year.

    @lorky35 The Keys are great! For a while when I was growing up my family lived in Key West. I have some great memories of that area. Although I must admit that we thought that the Northerners who visited and went swimming in February and March were crazy when it was so cold!!!
    Today we had a nice light steady snow all day, and boy! would I love to go swimming in the Florida Keys right now!

    Day 4 Emden Germany, FD

    Good morning everyone!

    @emma-taylor glad you feel better before you go on the plane. Enjoy your stay!
    @gretta welcome back from your wonderful honeymoon! The upcoming wedding is a good motivator, you want to look stunning, don’t you?
    @lorky35 welcome to another month with us! Just enjoy your stay and try to eat in moderation. Very interesting ice cream flavours!
    @matpi welcome back to you too!
    @bobbyg from California how nice to find your name on the spreadsheet, you can join us here if you want to or just read the posts and use the spread sheet.
    @borealis let’s try a clean 500FD today!

    Pocket list, if you want to join us, please copy and past and add your name to the list. I guess it will be a long one today. Let’s go for it!


    “A kind word is like a spring day” Russian Proverb

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 4 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Well, my weekend turned into an EFS and this morning I feel sluggish and porky. It snowed yesterday so it seemed like a great idea at the time to sit by the fire drinking wine, but wine means snacks……
    Then as the roads were icy this morning I decided to forego my dawn walk and spent another hour in bed. Not good 😁

    So, time to get motivated. I will be off to work soon. Liquids only until lunchtime then a small ham sandwich. Good walk at lunch. Chicken bone broth for my evening meal. A glass of kefir at bedtime. Complete day 5 of the 30 day shred (oh yeah, didn’t do any of that either this weekend) and try to get back on track and off this plateau

    Right, need to dig my car out of the snow on the drive. Have a great Monday all my fellow fasters.

    Day 4. UK. F800

    Good Morning/Evening All

    Not fully caught up on thread but caught sight of plenty of new names as well as regulars. Lovely to see it so lively on here.

    Thank you for all those mentioning me and wishing me well. It’s appreciated.

    Bought 2 Thyroid topic books that are enlightening. I’ve got another blood test tomorrow and exploring the availability and possibility of changing surgeries.

    I closed my belly at 690 yesterday and felt satiated when I went to bed.

    Got all my meals planned for the next 3 days all inputted on MFP and will create meal plans for the rest of the week today. Failure to plan is planning to fail. I wonder who first coined that expression.

    On phone so difficult to read & type properly.

    Anyway sending Peace & Love

    Hello! I’m a little late to this party as I’ve just started the 5:2 today but would love to get on board with the challenge, I’ll add myself after this.

    I’m back on the 5:2 after a almost 2 year break when I was pregnant with my first child and then nursing for the first year. I live in London. My overall goal is to lose weight, I’d love to be on the lower side of the ideal BMI for my age and height rather than always just out of it. Being an active, healthy mum without feeling self conscious and happy in myself is really important to me. Fingers-crossed I can do this!!

    Day 4 – Ireland – CD

    Home with my parents again today and off work so hoping only for a CD.
    Welcome to all the newcomers!
    Welcome back @gretta, your trip sounds fabulous!

    Thanks @at, I should have said there is no “refined” sugar in them ✔️. I’m actually not a huge fan of honey (which is just as well 😂) but was so excited to try these crunchy bars I got carried away…unfortunately they are far too nice so much like having a Starbar 🌟 in my house… I can’t stop myself… so they can’t be a frequent treat but could work well for my long spins 🚵🏻‍♀️.

    Onward and downward ⬇️

    Day 4 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    Pocket list, if you want to join us, please copy and past and add your name to the list. I guess it will be a long one today. Let’s go for it!
    @daffodil 2010

    Day 4 – USA – FD

    I screwed up my FD yesterday because of unplanned circumstances. I am going back to FD today. This week, it is going to be alternate fast day since I need some flexibility over the weekend.
    Mon – FD (600)
    Tues – CD
    Wed – FD (600)
    Thurs -CD
    Fri – FD (600)

    Pocket list, if you want to join us, please copy and past and add your name to the list. I guess it will be a long one today. Let’s go for it!

    @daffodil 2010

    Day 4 Belfast FD

    A quick check in before housework, chores, painting class and then swimming.

    @bluesqueak – the beauty about this WOL is that it is so flexible. Be careful, though, not to undo all your good work (take it from one who knows!)
    @gretta – so lovely to see you back and glad you had such a good time.
    @snowflake – love today’s saying!

    It’s good to see so many new faces starting their journey. This place is an amazing source of inspiration, support and just to keep you on track. Good luck.

    Adding my name to the pocket list. For some reason I couldn’t copy and paste so have to type it.


    If you don’t change your mind you won’t change your body.

    Day 4- Atlanta, GA. -USA- FD

    Today is my first FD of the week. Decided to do my FD’s on Mon. and Thu. going forward. Mon. and Fri. are too hard for me, considering its the end of the week. I’ve got my meals for the week planned out in MFP so I don’t have to think too much. Tomorrow is date night with the OH as he has been traveling for the last week. Gonna have a CD tomorrow. Already know what I’m going to order at the restaurant. Here’s to a great week everyone!

    @snowflake56 – signed up on the March spreadsheet, thanks!

    Starting today (Mar 04) at 210 lbs. with 180 lbs as my final goal. Located in Ontario, Canada.

    Day 4 – Manchester – NFD

    Quick check in. Good luck to everyone on a FD today.

    Yesterday I let myself relax a bit, including consuming a custard doughnut late at night! But I think I needed to give myself a relaxed day. Today completes my first week on this new WOL, so I’m still feeling things out.

    Am going to focus on TDEE today, then it’s a FD for me tomorrow. The sun is back out in Manchester, which is nice and always makes being healthier so much easier I find.

    I hope you all have a great week!

    Day 4 Melb Aust FD800
    Day 3 TDEE
    Day 2 NFD

    Had a slightly indulgent weekend, but not too much of a disaster. Only about 0.3 kg added to the scales, and that should come off after today (I hope!). FD800 has gone well today.

    @snowflake56, you’re doing a great job encouraging us all, thank you!

    @ann1239, if you want to add a bit more fat, things like avocados, nuts (but watch the amount – weigh them!), fish like tuna, salmon & sardines, and eggs are very filling.
    You asked about my weekly eating – I try to do FD800 3 days a week, alternating with CDs, and one day at the weekend as a NFD, but I try to keep that under my current TDEE, which is about 1900 cals. Basically, one slightly more indulgent day each week. When I reach my goal weight, at 54 kg and 154 cms tall, my TDEE will be more like 1550 cals, so having the CDs is preparing me for that. At the moment, I’m treating “5:2” more as a diet because I have a lot of weight to lose (another 24 kgs, 53 lbs) to be mid-range healthy BMI, but once I reach maintenance, I plan to scale back the fasting to 1 or 2 days a week, and have the other days as TDEE days.

    @gretta, welcome back from your honeymoon and to the forum!

    @aglowworm, daily weighing works for me as I like numbers, but for others, just the difference in clothing fit is enough. Depends on the person.

    @russetfox, what a wonderful start to 5:2.

    @chipmunk13, pity about the slight gain of 1.5 kg in February, but thankfully it’s only 1.5 kg, and you can lose that this month, and more!

    @miraclelou, for hunger between meals, have you tried a mug of hot water? Supposedly, hot water has a better effect on calming hunger pangs than room temperature or cold water.

    @autumnwalker, welcome to the forum. Glad there’s another “shortie” joining @ann1239 and me. I’m only 154 cm, but weigh far more than you at the moment, at 78 kg. Final goal weight for me is 54 kg, which is in the middle of the BMI for my height.

    @debster251, rather than a couple of scones to calm the sugar cravings, have you thought of trying one or two jelly-beans or something like that? That would only be about 20 cals, rather than the maybe 100+ cals of the scones. If I really need a sweet boost, or feel a bit “off”, I have some spearmint leaves in the kitchen cupboard. Two of those will pick me up, but they’re not the kind of sweet that I would eat a whole packet of, so I feel they’re “safe” to have in the house.

    @bluesqueak, great initial weight loss on 800 cals, keep up the good work!

    Nearly pumpkin time here (midnight) so will close off.

    Keep on keeping on everyone, on the downward trail! 🙂

    Hi all

    Joining the March Challenge and have added myself to the spreadsheet.
    Day 4 – Glasgow, FD

    Started 5:2 last month and haven’t seen any physical difference yet, haven’t weighed myself either since starting.

    I don’t think I’ve been doing the TDEE days properly or seriously and possibly overeating/drinking but have stuck to 500 cals or less on the 2 FD’s per week so hopeful. Had another re-read over old posts about the weight loss and think I need to be a little stricter on the TDEE days.

    Good luck everyone

    Day 4 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Good FD yesterday at 225 calories (my apple, Miso soup and a little cheese). About to get a decent breakfast before I head off to be gone all day. Whew… the life of a retired teacher.

    Saw this article from a MFP email – kind of interesting:

    Onward and downward.

    Hi all! I would also like to join the spring challenge! – I have added myself to the spreadsheet.

    It’s great to be back on the forum! I started 5:2 this time last year! and lost around a stone and a half (from March – Aug/Sept), which I am so so happy about. Towards the end of the year I came off the plan, and enjoyed winter a bit too much! So thought rather than let the weight creep back on slowly – I’d rejoin the forum!

    It’s great to see some familiar names in the forum still! and I’m hoping that will be a great motivator to get back into it!

    I’ve put on around 4-5 pounds which isn’t too bad, I am very active (gym 5/6 days a week) but my food choices are not always the best lol!

    I’ve decided to start out on 16:8 (so skipping breakfast and only eating between 1pm & 9pm) I will see how that goes for a few weeks and then ease myself into 5:2 if I’m not seeing the results I’m after – but I have faith!

    The main thing to focus on is only treating myself on the weekend and not everyday! Aim to cook more and not over eat to compensate for missed meals etc.

    Good luck to everyone fasting and I look forward to seeing everyone’s results!!

    Thank you for the food list. I like avocado, fish, and eggs. I don’t like nuts very much, so that is a good thing.
    How many calories do you eat on a CD? I am thinking of switching to something similar to your plan, with 3 days of fasting, so I can keep the Fasting days relatively high. Plus, my weekend can be more flexible. I ate well over my TDEE both days of the weekend so I did not lose anything. Thank goodness I did not gain either.
    Do you work out too so you can keep your TDEE high?
    Sorry for so many questions. I am trying to figure out if I am doing this correctly. I don’t know if I over eat or under eat on a weekly basis. I am concerned about loosing my metabolism. If I cut out too much now, then my body is going to get used to it. I may need to cut out even more when I hit a plateau.
    Thank you @betsylee

    Day 4 UK FD

    Felt v puffy indeed by the end of yesterday’s NFD after a heap of toasted oatbread (made with soya yogurt & oats, frozen & defrosted) with avocado – and a handful of cashews! Clearly I’m going to have to watch them 🙂

    Slept much better after finally remembering to take B3 with supper, but woke with a new muscle spasm down one side and a killer headache. I’m still feeling coldy and really tired but hoping this might be just the last bit of this virus…. Trying to drink lots today – one black coffee and plenty of fizzy water, ginger tea, hot yeast drink – found a salt-free version of vegemite/marmite.

    It’s my last veggie FD ahead of vegan Lent starting on Weds and I’m wondering how to eat up all the eggs – really living Fat Tuesday this year! Eggs with my OMAD FD supper then pancakes tomorrow… I guess the rest will end up being given away. I usually drink plant milk so that’s cool, planning to have a go at making yogurt (thanks @borealis!), stocked up on nuts, tofu, beans, lentils & veg – what more could I need?!

    @jaifaim thanks for the nut bar recipe 🙂 i’ve been using date syrup instead of honey for a while now tho NB still a sugar albeit lower glycemic index….I’ve found some bargain dates so will try to make my own this month!

    @gretta welcome back – sounds like a wonderful honeymoon 🙂

    Welcome also to lots of lovely newbies – look forward to getting to know you during the challenge. Wishing you all a happy Monday, full of wise & helpful choices x

    Pocket List Day 4 – Add yourself if you’re fasting – sorry if i’ve missed anyone


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