Maintenance after 2+ years–more of a challenge

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Maintenance after 2+ years–more of a challenge

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  • Maybelle, is it possible that your metabolism changed simply because you are older now? If you are not exercising/burning calories as you did when you were 25, then you won’t have the metabolism of a 25-yr old. That is going to happen whether you are on Fasting or not. If we are not keeping up the energy level, then the same amount of calories we always ate becomes too many calories. Loss of muscle mass can also affect the rate at which your body burns/processes calories. Must do one’s bit to maintain muscle mass!

    Mr Data wrote about charting his losses, gains, holding,etc. I’ve done the same and my graph looks similar with a long, pretty steep downward line during the first year, then a bumpy line at the bottom of the U and then a slanted line heading slowly upward but not yet reaching the original starting point. I have no idea what I now weigh as I gave up weighing a long time ago. But it’s been a bit reassuring and comforting to hear others have had a similar experience with this WOE not working quite as well over time. Thanks for all of that input!

    And, to Fasting Me– All true and certainly true for me. At 73 I know I don’t have the muscle mass I used to. I try but maybe not hard enough!!

    Hello again. Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up about an article that appears today from Time magazine about IF. The title is “What is Intermittent Fasting and is it actually good for you.” Look, I think, at

    I’ve kept off 70lbs for 17 years using a variety of diet plans and exercise. I’m a 67 YO man on zero meds with stellar blood chems, 112/68 BP and I currently weight 169 lbs @ 5’10” tall.

    I’ve been using variations of 5:2 for 3 years. Mostly water fasting on my two fast days.

    As we lose fat our TDEE goes down because we are carrying less weight as we move. So yes you are going to have to eat less as you lose. Most age related “slowdown” is due to muscle loss because we don’t do weight bearing exercise, but it doesn’t have to be that way. It is possible to retain and build muscle and bone at pretty much any age. The issue is it’s hard work. I’ve been doing DEXA testing to measure body composition and I’m gained 4 lbs of muscle over the last two years. My bone density is = to a 25 YO. My resting metabolism it 25% higher than the average man of my weight.

    We also have fewer healthy mitochondria so we can’t generate as much energy as we used to. Exercise like HIIT are very good to stimulate production of mitochondria. Extended fasting will also kill off damaged mitochondria and help new healthy ones grow.

    About diet: there are outliers that thrive on lots of starchy carbs but there aren’t very many. In general the closer your ancestry is to the equator the better you tolerate carbs.

    I’ve worked with many people over the years and the vast majority thrived on high fat, moderate protein and low carbs. By low carb I mean lots of low glycemic veggies, little fruit and no sugars and grains.

    The truth is there is no free lunch if you want to maintain a strong healthy body. To maintain muscle and bone it’s necessary to do some heavy resistance training. Cardiovascular health means some HIIT training. Movement of any kind is necessary and valuable but it doesn’t take the place of the hard exercise. I walk, dance and roll around on the floor with my dog for my movement practice.

    Diet is important. Eating the right amount healthy non contaminated foods is key. Time restricted eating 5:2 style fasting and true water fasts work well and have different therapeutic effects on the body.

    Let’s not forget about rest and sleep! If you are not getting good sleep your hormones get screwed up.

    In short any diet that restricts calories will get some results, but some are way more effective than others for maintaining health

    Good post, diverdog. For us, IF has been about breaking the bad habits we had got into and greater awareness of food.

    When we had our grandsons here, we lost weight in spite of a daily ice cream. That reminded us of how sedentary our life has become in retirement. As a teacher, I never sat down.


    Well said, diverdog. Acurate as always. And Pol is right too — lots of bad habits to overcome.

    Pollypenny and fasting me, you bring up a very valid point. So much of our eating habits are rooted in emotional experience. We have to reprogram our habits that were formed over decades. It’s a very hard thing to do. 5:2 is an excellent way to do it.

    Pollypenny mentioned having an easier time when she had grandchildren visiting and was more active. There is little doubt in my mind that I have a harder time at 73 with weight control as I am more sedentary than I used to be. When I visit grandchildren my lifestyle changes radically and I don’t have to think about food intake nearly as much. I agree with all that everyone has said about habits and emotions but don’t forget age as a factor.

    Maybelle, perhaps you need something like a FitBit. When I say that I want to walk 12000 steps/day and by noon I have only one mile, then I know that I need to get out of the chair and walk.

    Ha!! I have been through the routine of counting steps. For years. Until recently. I should walk more I know and I do try!!

    the longer we reduce the weight, the slower and worse it will be. It should be remembered that along with the weight loss, we should also appropriately choose the food we eat.

    I no longer want to lose weight. I now eat carefully to maintain. IF is not a diet, but a way of life.

    7 years in, sharing this in a few different relevant threads. My stats in that time, doing 5:2 as I put weight back on with 6:1, are

    Date: 3/2/13, 3/2/14, 3/2/15, 3/2/16, 3/2/17, 3/2/18, 3/2/19, 2/2/20
    Kg: # # 94.3, # 77.6, # 78.1, # 79.8, # 81.9, # 81.0, # 82.4, # 80.7
    BMI: # 27.0, # 22.2, # 22.3, # 22.8, # 23.4, # 23.2, # 23.6, # 23.1

    not stopping now.

    Hi all Reading this is interesting. I am 62 have been on the 5:2 for around 2.5 years and lost over 10 kilos – most in the first 6-8 months. I still do the two day a werk fasting as i find with 6:1 i still gain weight. However i don t fast over the summer months july and august and have put on about 2.5 kilos. But unlike the past im not stressed about it as i know there is a 100 per cent proven method of removing the extra kilos. Because you don t get panicked and depressed about it you don t feel like bingeing or eating comfort food because you don t need to. I am starting back on the fast today and look forward to a happy healthy christmas when i know i will be down to around 56 kilos instead of 59 which is what I am am now.

    Hi, LL, interesting post. I find it much easier to watch my weight in the summer as I drink more water, eat more salads and move about more. The winter months often lead to comfort eating and staying warm by the fire.

    Hi PP, ah I live in Italy too much gorgeous, wine, cheese, olives and olive oil!!

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