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  • Hello peeps!

    My name’s Lucas… I’m new on the forum, but not new to fasting… in years gone by I’ve had great success with intermittent fasting in particular… I generally follow a regime of fasting for 18 hours, five days a week (leaving a six hour ‘food window’)… The other two days I just eat normally.. for me, full on 24-hour fasting has proved difficult as I’m also a big exerciser, and I find that if I’ve fasted completely the previous day, exercising is really hard…

    ANyway, one thing I’m still figuring out is whether to time my food window for the morning or the evening… in the past my food window has been from 10am to 4pm (so basically breakfast and lunch). That works well for me because I exercise early in the morning, before work, and I like to do the workout fasted and then eat afterwards… as many people have commented on this forum, it’s easier to fast if you don’t start eating in the morning, and I know my approach makes it hard because, when Ive eaten earlier in the day, hunger tends to hit in the evenings… anyhoo, I’ll see how it goes and if it’s proving a pain I may switch to an evening food window and maybe allow myself to have a recovery shake after workouts…

    My target is to get my bodyfat percentage, currently at 21%, down to 10%… wish me luck!


    Hi Lucas. Like you I’m back on the diet. I do alternate days. On diet days my meals are at 12 noon, 4pm and 8pm. I eat 100 cals or 200 cals per “meal”. I find coffee (black) a big help but I normally drink more tea. Of course I drink lots of water – whenever my mind strays to food.
    Good luck with the diet. KIS (Keep it simple). I don’t mind boring meals on diet days. Bist du Deutscher?

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