Loulous Journey – OMG I'm doing it!

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Loulous Journey – OMG I'm doing it!

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  • After trying 5:2 before and not even completing one day πŸ™‚ I’ve finally done it!!!

    I completed my first fast day on 500 calories yesterday! I’m so blumin chuffed.

    I ate my last meal on Thursday at 5pm, consumed 500 cals on friday, then broke my fast with a white coffee with 1 sugar this morning, and just about to have egg on toast yay!

    Because of the time on my last meal Thursday. It does mean I went 39 hours, is that too long or okay?

    TBH yesterday was a little tough, but no where near as hard as i was expecting, and this morning, yes I’m more light headed than hungry (stomach hungry) but boy I am looking forward to my eggs :):)

    I need to lose 1 stone 10lb to my happy weight, I have previously lost 6 stone 2 years ago by calorie counting, I just don’t want to have to calorie count everyday for the rest of my life, although it is an eye opener, to teach portions and how much this little piggy can actually eat πŸ™‚

    thats great news ive been doing it for like 3 weeks now lool, i only need to lose like 10 pounds but lool yep

    Thank you for replying!

    Have you had good losses for 3 weeks?

    Saturday and today for me are β€œnormal” days and tomorrow will be my 2nd fast (week runs fri to fri) then my 3rd fast will be Thursday, I’m doing 3 a week to start as the next couple of weekends I have some big nights out!

    Today is a normal day and I’m gonna aim to eat somewhere between BMR and TDEE.

    Had a lovely roast chicken dinner and small glass of wine 😬 also has 2 coffees with sugar and milk and so far feel stuffed and I still have about 500+ cals left to meet my TDEE!

    I resisted some chocolates that hubby got out after dinner, maybe I should have alllowed my self a few, because tommrow is fast day 2.

    Do you always aim to eat your TDEE on normal days?

    loooool xD tbh ive been maintaing the weightloss after the first week which is alright but lool im probably will start loosing it since im being active again. you can see y resuts if you click on my profile

    Today is my 4th day since i decided to try this way of eating, and today was my 2nd fast day.

    It went really well, I ate 2 boiled eggs for lunch around 12:30pm, then came home and had 2 chicken burgers and a bag of steamed veg, my total for the day is 489kcals.

    I cant believe that I have even gone this far, and not binged πŸ™‚ I feel really in control at the moment.

    I started on a Friday, so my first weigh in will be this Friday morning. This week (Since Friday) I will/have fasted Friday, today and Thursday weigh in Friday morning and that will be day 1 of my 2nd week! then next week I plan to fast Saturday, Monday, Wednesday then again Weigh in Friday.

    I think im doing 4:3? trying to get in 3 fast days in 7.

    So, so far so good!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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