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  • So I am currently doing the 5:2 diet. I started at 145 lbs/ 5ft. 10 in/ male. I never had a problem with weight gain, I could eat all I wanted and not gain a pound. I’ve lost weight on my 4th week of this diet. However, I don’t need/want to lose that much weight. I started the diet to reap the other benefits being IGF-1, SHBG levels etc.

    Will I keep losing weight on this diet or was that just a small initial weight lose? If the former, how can I modify the diet to reap the benefits, but not lose a lot of weight?

    People usually switch to 6:1 when they reach their weight loss goal in order to maintain their weight — perhaps that would work for you?

    lukenyc lukenyc

    dr mosley is now on a 6:1

    that maintains ur weight

    so 5:2 r only 4 people trying 2 achieve ur 6:1 elite status 😀

    & keeps the healthy factor of this lifestyle

    put 6:1 in search on this forum

    meant 2 say welcome instead of pasting ur repeat name

    Thanks for the replies. So I can achieve low igf-1 levels and such on a 6:1? If a 5:2 gives me better levels and benefits, I’d look past the extra weight loss. This is what is making me dubious of this diet from a non-weight loss perspective. I now know the 5:2 diet can achieve weight loss, but what about the other health benefits? Do the other benefits improve when you fast more, like a 4:3? And now I see the diet founder has switched to a 6:1. What medical info do we have of the 6:1? All the info from the book and doc are from the 5:2… This is beginning to seem shoddy and unprofessional…


    here r some links that supplement-ally hopefully will help


    scientific journal

    intermittent fasting: a dietary intervention for prevention of diabetes and cardiovascular disease?
    The British Journal of Diabetes & Vascular Disease
    w/ dr moses


    it might be in his topics on this forum


    or all

    his replies

    michael’s replies


    his dr wife clare replies




    or videos




    or searching 6:1


    we r hoping that dr mosley will do a more in depth science of the maintenance
    & a follow up on the EAT FAST AND LIVE LONGER

    wish u success in this endeavor

    oops meant dr mosley

    Thanks for all the helpful links wiltldnrusa. I’ll be sure to read them soon.


    recently posted

    by Tobias Karlsson

    he discusses the future of fastdiet & more


    Hi lukenyc further to the comments by wiltldnrUSA and franfit I suggest you also research Valta Longo and Krista Varady. Both are experts in the field of fasting and calorie restricted diet.In fact I believe Dr Longo is about to market a 5 day diet plan based on his research which no doubt he also hopes will be of some financial benefit to himself as well as improving the health of people who are able to fast for 5 days. Dr Mosley based his 5:2 “fasting” way of life on research done by both Dr Longo and Dr Varady. Further, “The Newcastle diet” is a 800 cal a day diet developed for sufferers of Diabetes2 to help them lose weight quickly over a period of around 12 weeks and so reverse their condition. It is very effective. If you also go to Google Scholar and research Fasting and Health benefits along with suggestions such as “The Okinawa diet” you will begin to gain a greater understanding of the effects of fasting and health benefits and when to go onto a maintainence fast regime.
    Good Luck.
    Oh a PS to wiltUSA. How are you following your water fast?.

    What about eating more calories on the non fast days so you don’t lose weight. Allows you the benefits of fasting without as large a calorie deficit. Just a thought.


    There is no magic in 5:2. It was a compromise arrived at by Michael Mosley based on the researchers he talked to in the documentary and what he thought most people could at least attempt to do. I started with 5:2 and lost weight, hit my goal weight and have been doing 6:1 to now maintain that weight. At 145 lbs and 5’10” I suspect you don’t need to lose any more weight. If you are wanting to reduce your igf-1 levels why not have them measured. Then do 6:1 for a month or more and have them retested. Simple.

    As a weight loss plan, the fast days give you a large calorie defecit over the week, so if you want intermittent fasting without weightloss, the mathmetician in me says recalculate your daily calorie allowance so that even with the fast days you don’t have a defecit, and adjust until you have stability. I guess I’ll be testing the theories myself soon as I think I need to move from weight loss to maintenance.

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