Lose 2 lb per week – join Jojo in this quest

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Lose 2 lb per week – join Jojo in this quest

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  • Thanks Purple yes it was great.
    Now back to same old routines but the weather here is still sunny, warm and dry so great for walking, swimming and cycling. Very unusual weather for late October. So envious of SH going into Spring. Last year I was in New Zealand at this time, it was rainy and quite cold as I recall.
    Fast is hard work today, not sure why? but sticking with it. Pool was quite chilly today which didn’t help, if you feel cold you want food. Just had a hot drink instead.
    Probably going to chill out in front of the TV tonight, watching Lord of the Rings films.

    Jo we are having cool weather again heretoday. We are experiencing an exceptionally late spring with only a couple of nice warmer days each week, then it drops again. I’m going through my full wardrobe at present.
    We were packing to go over your way this time last year. I’ll stick to summer this time πŸŒ…πŸŒ‘β›ˆπŸŒŠπŸŽ†πŸŠπŸ‰πŸπŸ·P

    Morning/evening all,

    I arrived back at 5.45 this morning from 30Β°C Myanmar to 7Β°C London. The heating is now on as are my winter clothes, the washing machine is busy, and I am having my first cuppa with milk for two weeks πŸ™‚

    Myanmar was wonderful and I’ll tell you about it when I’m less tired.

    I didn’t eat until lunchtime for the first week of my holiday but had breakfast most days during the second week. Lunches have been light as there were lots of salads and delicious vegetable and fish/seafood dishes on offer. Dinners were mostly one course only apart from two desserts but a beer at lunchtime and wine or cocktails every evening were compulsory……
    My clothes feel fine but I’ve not weighed myself yet. I am fairly confident that there will be minimal damage πŸ˜‰

    Hi RT, welcome back.

    I’ve contacted JJ regarding the problem with the thread before I went away but forgot to mention it. It is happening because the thread has so many posts so might be a good idea for Jo to start a new chapter two thread.

    Hi Amazon,

    Welcome back! I hope you acclimatise quickly to our cool autumn/ winter conditions, a big shock to the system!

    I’d wondered why the penultimate page error occurred only on this thread. It all makes sense nowπŸ˜€

    Good Morning,
    The weather was cold, hot, rainy, windy and now looks beautiful but lots of leaves to deal with in which it’s gonna be tomorrow. Might be to sleapery and dangerous
    I had my fare of dancing with my girlfriends Friday. My husband is such a big fan of the Octoberfest and it’s an annual tradition of his. This year he wanted to give a boost at a restaurant who belongs to a friend and there was the party. My husband has an eye for details and many times I say he is the woman of the house. It was beautifully decorated and I didn’t have a house afterwords that looked like a bomb fell in.
    Also he likes to dance! There aren’t young man dancing anymore either so he was the king at the dance floor.
    Now move on to the next project. We need a new car to drive down to Florida this year. I just told my husband who is very undecided to hurry up. Will see!
    To previous comments about Fasting. I try to push my first meal as much as possivel tΓ΄ around lunch time. Also I noticed that is harder to Fast. Maybe is because is getting colder and the body wants that insulation LOL I don’t.
    Out to church.
    Welcome back Amazon. Curious to hear about that vacation.
    Sending πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹to the rest of you my friends ❀️

    Welcome Back Amazon, glad to hear you have controlled the food intake, good luck on the scales.
    JJ has been trying to sort out why I keep getting logged out but the solutions haven’t worked yet. In fact one change I made to Safari Settings actually stopped me logging in too. Not a good week for me with computers, my iCloud is full and has shut down my emails. Time for a clear out tonight.
    Happy to start a new thread if this helps but I will keep this one just in case oldies return. What shall we call it? Ideas? Fasting Friends across the world?
    Glorious day here so had a walk and swim and am now tackling the hell that is my greenhouse. The spiders are not happy with me. All the pots are heading for a local Charity Garden as I am likely to move next year and a garden is not on my list, possibly a small patio or balcony.
    Fasting easier today.

    Hi Jo,

    Once you’ve put the new thread up you can post a link to it on here so anyone who’s not been around for a while can find us πŸ™‚

    Maybe it should be called Jojo’s new home πŸ˜‰

    Or Join Jojo (continued)… if it has a similar name to the first then people will recognise it anyway?

    It’s important to have jojo so old fasters can recognise it

    “Keep Fasting with Jo” to indicate the lifelong aspect of this wol?
    Monday, fast day, here. Just part of the rhythm of life 😊😊 P

    Welcome back Amazon and Dear Purple as soon as read that rhythm of life what a fantastic vision and mission statement that is for us all. The music and song popped straight into my head to so it is Monday let’s get our fast on.
    Peace RT

    Morning/evening all,

    Keep fasting with Jojo sounds good to me πŸ™‚

    I went to bed at 8pm and woke at 7am which was great after snatching a couple of hours on the plane on Saturday night in an uncomfortable seat and arriving with a stiff and sore back and tired body.

    I have gained 2lbs which is excellent when I consider all the beers and cocktails I’ve had over the past couple of weeks, because I didn’t over eat although the occasional snack may have passed my lips due to the Myanmar habit of always serving a dish of nuts or similar when drinks are ordered.

    The weather yesterday was perfect for my purposes as the stiff breeze got my washing dry and I can now pack away the summer clothes.
    My body has adjusted to the change on temperature which is great and I’m hoping the internal clock is back on UK time too πŸ˜‰

    Food shopping today to fill up the empty fridge and bare cupboards with lots of tasty healthy foods to keep me on the straight and narrow.

    Time to get moving, have a good one everybody 😜

    Hello FTers

    I am still lurking here, but finding being constantly on the move quite bad for even getting to keep up with the thread. I manage fasting 5:2 just about. I will read all the thread on Wednesday.

    Quite a few family issues at present emerging with my youngest back from S America and very sad. She has been with me for the last few days, and I have been trying to help her build herself up. I don’t think she will be too affected by what appears to have been a concerted effort to destroy her psychologically. She must have lived 6 months of hell with that Jeckell and Hyde character.
    She will be okay and already has two job interviews with high powered London companies. We took Saturday off to visit Kew Gardens which were exquisitely beautiful in their autumn glory.

    We go back home to France tomorrow. We will manage 3 weeks at home.
    I am fasting today and tomorrow which is relatively easy when travelling.
    I will be in touch more regularly from now on.


    Great to hear from you, sorry to hear about your daughter. Sending you a private message.

    New Thread started

    ‘Keep fasting with Jojo’

    Started today but you will find it under Recent Posts not Popular Posts.

    I will maintain this to divert our regulars and oldies.

    Hi Wi
    So sorry to hear about daughter. Absolutely heartwrenching when your child, no matter how old, has something major go wrong in their lives. Take care. P x

    Hi all, Congrats on new thread Jo, however it wont let me post. Copied and pasted it here to see what happens:
    Just typed a big post and it disappeared twice- grrr!
    Welcome home Jojo and Amazon. Jo I hope your throat improves, pool bugs yuk!
    Amazon I have missed your inputs, I look forward to hearing about your latest adventures.
    Great to hear from you Wiwi.
    Too tired now to regurgitate what I just said, too much gardening and spring cleaning for the last 4 days!
    Massive walk this morning and good fast day, time for an early night!!

    Good Norning,
    Beautiful day here but a bit cold!
    Amazon I am sooooo happy for you not coming back home with that burden to lose a lot. Two pounds goes away in one week.
    Wiwi sorry to hear about your girl’s bad experience. Luckily she has a good Mom like you to push her forward. Sending positive vibes that way.
    Now going to swing by the other thread ❀️

    Hi Guys,
    Just a reminder that we have moved from this thread which was having technical issues due to ‘too many pages’.

    New thread

    Keep Fasting with Jojo – find it under Recent threads or link shown above on Amazon’s post.

    Good Luck

    started the 5-2 today not too difficult hope to lose 1 stone by Christmas wish me luck
    I have been dieting since I was 26 now 71 no exercise but I still work and do my own gardening very young at heart present weight 74.1kg would like to be 67kg

    cm, we’re not using this thread any more due to technical issues. This is the link to the new one



    can someone tell me please (excuse me for popping in again) how it is possible to lose 2 pounds a week on a programme that everyone one i know including myself (and i am doing ADFF) is finding it impossible to lose ONE pound a week on??? because i will do whatever it takes. i am already eating only 500 cals a day every other day. the scales have said the same for 5 weeks. i lost that 8 pounds in 5 days. they have not budged since then. so after 2 weeks i went up to 3 fasts a week. then after another one i started to do ADF no i am scared to eat at all. i know i dont eat over my TDEE and i know i dont eat over my 500. i am sure i a doing everything right so what the cluck is going on. i have become very distressed about this recently. a spectacular start then NOTHING. for 5 weeks.

    so how do you guys lose 2 pounds per week? do tell. i will do it. then be happy again.

    cheerio πŸ™‚

    Hi why:

    Very few, if any, lose 2 pounds a week on average over time on 5:2. Some, like you, lose that much or more at the start of their diets, but over time the average loss slows down to about the one pound a week average. Those that start very overweight (high TDEE) and are very strict might lose two pounds a week on average for two or three months, but those people are rare.

    You have lost 8 pounds in about 6 weeks, so you are right on track. If you continue doing what you are doing (which is not 5:2 at this point) you will see a weight loss any time now. The body does not lose weight constantly and consistently. It loses it in ‘chunks’. So if you continue what you are doing, you will wake up one morning and find you have ‘magically’ lost two or three pounds. This illustrates the pattern: https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/really-no-weight-loss/

    Good Luck!

    thanks, dear πŸ™‚

    Please don’t go by what the scales say . I lost 6stone in total 4 of them on 5.2 . I used to stick for weeks on the scales but I had gone down a dress size . measure by your clothes . Use something that is uncomfortable around the waist like fitted waistband on trousers ( trousers of truth ) and you will see them and feel them get slacker . stick with it . I have been maintaining for over a year .

    PS I am almost 75 years old and if I can do it anyone can . The difference in my RA and asthma is magical .

    Wee xx

    thank you @wee and well done x

    how long did it take you ti lose you four stone on 5,2? if you wont mind my asking, if you do, no probs πŸ™‚
    i am truly happy for you.
    ps. 75 i the new 60. FACT

    thank you @wee and well done x

    how long did it take you ti lose you four stone on 5,2? if you wont mind my asking,
    if you do, no probs πŸ™‚
    i am truly happy for you !!!!!

    ps. 75 i the new 60. FACT

    It took me 1 year to loose the 4 stone . We all loose at a different rate BUT I did stick (plateau ) a lot the sudden I swooshed down . I have made such a lot of brilliant friends on this thread . who have helped me along the way and not only with 5.2 . Don’t give up please . I have maintained for over a year now . I go up and down a few pounds but never let it go too far to catch up . . I love 5.2 and . I was a size 22/24 and now a 12/14

    Wee xx

    Hi Fran,

    Can you tell me where you in these stats. They look useful. FYI, I’m a 40 yr old guy (182 lbs) and I excersize 3-5 times per week for 40 minutes on average.

    Hi Jojo,

    Thanks for creating the post. LOOKING forward to being supportive and supported.

    Hello Jo
    glad to see you and to see your progress!
    you go girl!

    spam reported

    Good Morning Fasters,
    I stopped using this thread because of technical difficulties but am testing it again because I have finally found a plan that will consistently help me lose 2 lb per week. If you are like me and need to see a weekly loss please join me. I plan to lose 3 stone in 6 months, if you have a similar goal let’s do this, start today. I have already lost 4 stone so know what I am talking about. I have finally succeeded in beating yo yo dieting, it’s been a long journey.
    I will be doing 23/1 daily, fasting 23 hours and eating for one meal only, no calorie counting but only eating healthy veg and fish or eggs (variety is key) add spices if possible, a little chilli is good. Small ‘egg sized’ potato can be included and you can cook food in butter. Now for the harsh reality of this plan.
    No sugar at all
    No bread or crackers
    No processed food

    Must do’s
    Drink water and green/ fruit tea, minimum 2/3 litres spread out throughout the day. I drink a glass every hour if possible. I start the day with a cup of tea with semi skim milk.

    Walk- everyday minimum of 1 hour. If you have Nordic Poles or trekking poles, use them. Fresh air will really help your mind set too.

    Surround yourself with friends who have a positive energy. You ‘can do it’ mode not ‘it’s too hard’.

    Record your measurements now and check monthly.

    Weigh yourself daily at the same time, no treats if you have loss, the results are your treat.

    Introduce yourself on here, join me for 2017 and succeed.

    Spam reported

    Hi Jo Jo! Im back! Am i too late to help get 2017 started? I went into a heavy time with the elections and someone whose name i never mention being elected. Ive been binging on Downton Abby and got to missing y’all about the same time I decided i must get back to fasting. Started Monday with a 3:30pm to 8pm eat window, same on Tuesday, Wed free day…just dipping my toes and strengthening my fasting muscles slowly. Hope to hear from some of the gang!

    Sounds like you are doing really well. Fantastic work. Thanks for sharing your journey.

    5 Fears for Women about Aging


    I need to get back to it today to after a weekend eating fest. The party was healthy food, just maybe I indulged in a bit too much of it! Then the leftovers yesterday had to be dealt with! So its black coffee and housework this morning a la Bay!

    Motivation for today!

    Hi Jojo Can i join on to this group please i need to loose about 4 stone and would appreciate the help and support of others. x

    Hello All
    I’m 173 centimeters tall and 86 kgs weight. I want to lose 10 kgs in 3 months.
    Is there a plan to follow?

    Thanks for All

    Hi beautifulmind

    10kg lost in 3 months= 78000 calories deficit in 3 months. This is an 850 calorie deficit per day, leaving about 750calories to eat if your TDEE is 1600, which might be a bit high. If you do alternate day fasting eating only 400 calories, then on updays this allows 1100 calories.
    In theory this is possible I guess, but as you are not very overweight( I workrd out BMI=28), you may find it’s a bit slower to lose those kilos).
    If you look at blogs by Jason Fung, you will find that the juxtaposition of eating followed is the secret of losing weight, eating 750 cal everyday, which works out mathematically, does not work for the body.
    There is a a book by MichaelMoseley and Mimi Spenser called the 6 week beach diet. This may be worth checking out.

    Hi there. Never had trouble with my weight until I hit my 50’s then about 160lb. Counting calories brought me down to about 147lb but yo-yo’d up and down since then until about 2 and a 1/2 years ago. Looking after my elderly parents while working full time then losing them within 3 months of each other made me depressed and saw my weight increase to about 178lb. I’ve now been retired about 6 months and want to get fit and healthy and get back to around 145lb. Joined a gym and go there 3 times a week, two good workouts and a yoga class and a line dancing class. I’ve been calorie reducing (between 800 and 1200, apart from a couple of bad days) for last 3 weeks and have lost about 5lb. I did the 5:2 diet a few years ago but fell away as it was difficult to fit it into my life at the time. I think it might be good for me now to try this again, in conjunction with the gym. Need to reduce my blood pressure and cholesterol for my GP! Day one will be tomorrow so wish me luck! It’s gym day with line dancing so 500 calories will be tough but I’m determined!!

    Hello everyone I’m JalaQQ Thanks for your threads much love from me <3 !

    “KEEP ITU UP !”

    That is great it is bad too lose weight too quickly and I believe I read somewhere that 2lbs a week is actually the most healthly way to do it and you should not go faster I am all about losing weight in the healthiest way possible and I don’t think fasting is a good idea in general only a quick fix but I do agree you should at least drink as many liquids as you can if someone was going to go that route

    Hello, I’m a WOAM. I have about 50 pounds to loose, age 68, in good health and a habitual dieter (like every Monday morning)- it’s an exhausting WOL. I want to change and I know it will not be easy. But, I think using this forum as support, I can stick with it. There will be challenges though. Oh, yea! Right around the corner.

    My plan is 7000 calories per week.
    Successfully completed M and T FD 500 cal.
    Wed MFD 800 cal. Today is another day and I’m holding off breakfast to maintain an 8 hour window of eating.

    I’m staying off the scale for a little while. It is not my friend.
    Thanks for your support and being out there and sharing.

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