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Lose 2 lb per week – join Jojo in this quest

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  • Luckily, I don’t have a problem with other people in the pool 😊 It’s in my garden.
    Have a good trip Jo and just apply exactly the same mindful eating as you have been lately. It really does work. 😎😎P

    A steep learning curve I have been on since Mums passing and lessons for me to take control have conversations with my family and have a plan. As she did not re-marry after her divorce to Dad there is so much information that I do not have one clue about or even where to start looking and her long term partner of 30 years passed in January so we have no knowledge of insurance policies bank accounts investments. She did not have a will either so now the children of her Partner as all the assets passed to her after his passing are acting most unreasonably to my sister who lives in Adelaide and myself I hope its not a Gina Rinehart act but only time will tell. Very sad state of affairs I am fasting today I have been very slack and careless of late keep on keeping on Fast Trackers.

    Hi all,

    Great to hear from you RT, we don’t want you doing a SAMM and vanishing! So sorry to hear that your grief on losing your Mum has been overshadowed by unpleasant in-laws. Isn’t it incredible how the whiff of money always brings out peoples true colours? Sounds like you need to invest in a good Estate Lawyer to make sure you know your rights. Great to hear you feel up to fasting again today, at least thats one area we have control over!

    I need to get back to it today to after a weekend eating fest. The party was healthy food, just maybe I indulged in a bit too much of it! Then the leftovers yesterday had to be dealt with! So its black coffee and housework this morning a la Bay!

    Have a great Monday all, enjoy your break Jo – remember all the great work you have done recently!

    Hi RT,

    Good to hear from you again.

    I can only second Mama’s words, and hope you get your Mum’s affairs resolved asap for all concerned.

    Have a good fast. Now at least that is something you can control today!

    And Nama,

    Happy cleaning and fasting! I haven’t stood on the scales yet this morning so don’t know if I need a fast or not…

    Thanks Nama and Happy I often think about what happened to our knowledge font SAMM but rest assured if it is time for me to sign off there will be an announcement trust me πŸ˜‰
    Certainly I will not be a daily poster at the minute but will chip in as needs be for all the new fast trackers
    β€œDon’t give up, and don’t give in. take it day by day know what your doable is and keep on keeping on.”
    Use the forum shamelessly as there is so many experienced successful fasters here who have been there and done that.
    Well Done Is Better Than Well Said.
    Peace RT

    Good to see you back mate. Take care. P

    Good morning everyone and welcome Back RT. You have been sorely missed. I am always surprised when I hear that a will has not been written. It really should be a legal requirement because families can often be very inconsiderate at a time when grief is your foremost trial.
    I hope you can focus on fasting at this emotional time. We are all thinking of you. Good Luck!
    I am travelling to Great Yarmouth, very slowly by coach.

    Well it is great at this resort, really looking forward to bowling tomorrow. I have been selected to play with 3 people I haven’t met before so that should be fun.
    I have already had a swim in their somewhat dated and very hot pool. Showers are to be avoided, I will return to my room in future, I couldn’t rise the soap out of my hair in the trickle of water available, bizarre!
    There are lots of activities I will avoid like Bingo and Quiz’s, focus on huge range of dance classes and other interesting artistic pursuits, jewelry making, glass painting. Lots of physical activities too, Kurling, archery, rifle shooting, badminton, table tennis, Segways, Ten pin bowling. You certainly don’t have time to get bored.
    The food is not going to be a problem, checked out the menus, plenty of fish, vegetarian and fruit available. I avoided pudding tonight and went for a walk. My room is huge and has a nice size balcony (so I can dry my costume and towels). View of the car park but you can’t have everything.
    Now off to watch some bowls before the show in the theatre tonight.
    Have a good week everyone.

    Hiya all . Welcome back RT I hope everything works out pal . Jojo Have a great time pal . sorry not on much and things going on here . Take care all of you ..Wee xxx

    Morning all,
    Spam reported. …

    Snap Nama.
    Don’t these disingenuous little grubs drive you crazy?
    Have a great day. P

    Happy got me thinking about the pros and cons of the various seasons and, with our weather oscillating almost daily between winter and summer at present, I have access to personal experience!

    Summer: I can eat more, quick to prepare, salads at every meal and it’s definitely easier to fast. Swimming and lazing around the pool in only swimmers feels like a holiday. However, I get sunburnt, I get blisters on my feet from summer footwear and find it hard to do long walks or active gardening in the heat and sun and I sleep very poorly on hot nights. I HATE ironing summer dresses. And my freckles show more!

    Winter: Love not having to think about what to wear..just the same multiple layers every day. I enjoy taking long long walks and doing extreme gardening in the cool weather. Sitting by a fire at night is bliss. Sleeping in a cosy bed with layers of bedclothes (and a warm man) makes for a good night’s sleep. It’s harder to fast as, being thinner, I experience the cold much more now and get much hungrier. But there are some really yummy low carb winter recipes around. So much veg…so little time.

    When it’s a hot day, I think I prefer winter, but when it rains and I’m shivering, I dream of summer. I guess Spring and Autumn are the ideal.

    What about other FTs? P

    Hi Purple,
    Just home from a serious day of baby cuddling, out for coffee and cake with the new parents, pushing the pram and starting to realize why grandparents love it so much!
    Re the weather – I think I have changed from a winter person to a summer person since losing my layer of insulation! I have always loathed the heat, but these days with air conditioned car and a well insulated house, I definitely prefer it. I simply freeze on cold days, even with layers and the heating on. Yes, the open fire is nice but thats just for the evenings! Sounds like your weather in Sydney is the same as Melbourne’s at present, typical changeable Spring weather – we have had sun, wind, rain and hail today, lucky to get our walk in whilst sunny!
    Non fast day here but veggie soup for dinner after the slice of cake DIL bought me! Hairdresser tomorrow, I will think of you Cruella (Happy) as I have my grey hair disguised!

    Well I’m fasting today, a 13:1, and saved for an office day. The office is always overheated and colleagues appear to have a fresh air phobia, so it’s an ideal opportunity to fast in winter without getting too cold!

    Re: weather. If I’m sitting around doing nothing I want it warm, but if I’m at all active I’d rather it was a bit cooler. I do feel the cold more now, but I still generate a lot of heat when I move.


    I’ll be thinking of you getting touched up today! I’ve just been prescribed lenses to correct long sightedness, and have opted to try contact lenses rather than pfaffing with two pairs of glasses. The grey hairs (and wrinkles!) are much more obvious now life is in HD… I may crack yet and cover up!

    Oooh Happy, never been game to try contacts! I have multi focal specs, 3 different magnifications each eye. Just tricky to get the angle right if reading in bed! Good luck with the contact lenses. My SIL had her cataracts removed and discovered her bathroom tiles had a pattern she did not know about! Re ‘going grey’ – when younger I always said I would give in graciously as it happened, but caved in in my 50’s. All those young colleagues that would come to work with wet hair (for 7am starts) looking fabulous after having just jumped out of the shower, used to make me feel like the ancient one. Funny how some women can be so insecure about their appearance isn’t it? I would love to have it all chopped off and pure white like Judi Dench, but far too young for that yet!!
    I hope Jo’s holiday is still fun…sounds like a typical Jojo “relaxing” time, all that activity!

    Morning All,
    Just back from my swim and getting ready for a walk then bowling. Pool was much cooler today thank goodness.
    I joined a group to play cards last night after dinner, they were good fun. Saw the last part of a show, the Frankies, not a huge fan of Frankie Lane but it was ok. The piano bar was ghastly, he decimated several tunes and told really bad jokes so I returned to my room and watched Jonathan Ross.
    Nama- as a brunette originally I worked my way through all the shades to my current look. I love not having to think about colouring anymore. Most men call Me blonde yet I am obviously silver grey, but you know men and shades of colour. No matter what anyone says blondes and brunette so are treated differently, I know as I have had 35 years brunette and 10 years silver, the Middle years I was shades of red and streaked blonde. Good fun!
    Wee- great to hear from you. I was showing someone those Stirling Horse statues yesterday and telling them what ghastly weather you get up there.
    Purple- I find it easier to fast in the summer. I love the heat but stop at about 28 degrees. I like to walk all year regardless of weather, even rain and wind. I detest heavy gardening at any time but can potter in most conditions. I don’t really feel the cold much but I have noticed it more since weight loss. Turned the radiator off in my room yesterday, this resort is like a hot house, PHEW!

    Good Morning,
    It’s not such a good idea not to read the post and respond after couple of days!

    I didn’t get the chance to wish Jo a nice fun trip! Have fun Jo (I know she is having a ball) short travels is always so good. Getting away from our daily routines is very estimulating I thin.

    RT – so good to see you back! Sorry to hear about you estate problems there. I hear not so nice stories all the time when passing of parents. Unfortunately this way or that way an attorney needs to step in. We have lawyer phobia here.
    Thanks always for the words of wisdom and happy fasting.

    Wee when you reported that spammer sounded like me when I see a cockroach and get my shoes and aim right to it lol.

    Nama What a nice Vitenamise get together was your! I love Asian food but yes having cautious always is the key not to over eat and retreat.

    Purple I am already looking at the salad bowl and it looks like that food has thorns. Reason why I was so concerned how to Fast when the weather would change. Now I figured a veggie soup to deal with.
    Luckily when the real winter is here we are in Florida.

    Happy- I take my hat off to women that never changed their hair color and led the changes go naturally. If you start getting gray like I am right now there’s a constant need to cover the grays… This started this year and I this it is so annoying.
    My good glasses that I had far, medium and near disappeared and now I am using the old one. I can’t see well but I’ll wait when my next trip to Brazil where my great doctor is and get my new specs. He want me to do some sort of surgery but I don’t want.

    Otherwise I am careful with to much eatin! Haven’t fast this week yet. Tomorrow is the day and without distractions.

    Big debate Wednesday it’s all the talk everywhere. What a circus.

    See you later.

    Long post hit send and it flew away lol. Good evening from a wet miserable Scotland . 4 days in a row but I am used to it now . Don’t mind rain or cold but hate when I have to drive in snow .
    Jojo did you mean the kelpies pal ? I am only 15 minutes drive from there . They are only 5 minutes from the Falkirk wheel too.
    I have had grey hair for years . I had the Mallen Streak for a long time . Quite a lot of grey at the front but I am told still very dark at the back lol.

    I am happy just to go Aue natural ( canna spell it lol ) .
    still chatting to Rebecca all the time . She is pretty lonely as she is in a very small town in the outback about 300 from Broken Hill.
    She will be there for 80 days . she said she will save all she earns and that will see her through the next part of her journey . It is just amazing to face chat with her.
    Dad is not good at the moment . I won’t go into details but we are pretty worried . I know he is almost 99 but I am selfish and want him here forever .

    I got the greatest compliment ever today . It was our 55 th wedding anniversary and Jim bought me a long cardigan/coat . It was lovely but a M was too big . I took it back to the shop and the girl said ” OH that is lovely .would go nice with skinny jeans and ankle boots . I said I had tried that but thought I was too old . .When I told her about our 55 th she asked what age was I married . I said 19 . I had told her I had lost loads of weight and loved buying clothes now . she couldn’t get over that I had lost 6 stone and I was almost 75. SO there are 2 in the store joining lol . She said I looked awesome . came out of the store walking on air lol

    Wee xx

    Congratulations on your 55 years, Wee and Jim, and that fabulous feeling when you get compliments from young folkπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
    Keep up the good work 😊😊 P

    Wee, 55 years together is amazing…as is 75 years with your Dad. My Dad will have to live to 110 to match that! Ha ha, now he’s intermittent fasting you never know… !

    Great you’re still getting compliments and spreading the word! You’re a shining example to all of us πŸ˜‡

    Thanks guys . We met when I was 15 got engaged at 18 and married at 19 . In those days we were both very innocent when married . ( times have changed so much ) I am so so lucky to still have my lovely Dad in fact I am so blessed to have all my family .

    I am lighter now than I was when we got married . Thanks for all the help and support .

    Wee xxxx

    What a wonderful story, Wee. Congratulations to you both. And still sharing the love πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    One day I will expose my true hair colour to the world, but I am not ready for this yet. I’m sure it would age me immediately.

    Must get to the optometrist! My current glasses are not quite coping – parts are aging regardless of the hair!

    Is anyone finding the same issue – that when you open the thread it is on the previous page? And when I posted above I bounced to page 331!

    Yes Barata. It’s been happening about a week. I keep meaning to let JJ know. …life gets in the way 😊😊😊
    Edit: Email sent.

    Evening all, lovely to read your post especially Wee – congratulations to you and Jim, no mean feat!
    Thanks Barata, I thought it was me with the page problem! (Updated iPad to a newer version and all sorts of things haywire)
    We are away at Jamieson for 5 days, up here to polish the place up for sale. I feel quite sad as there have been lots of fun times over the 15 years we have had this little house, but feel the time is right to let someone else enjoy it! I really, really love it here but we never seem to get here lately (over the last 12 months) and when we do, we spend so much time keeping it maintained. Not much point in maintaining a lovely garden if you only see it every 8 weeks or so! Frustrating, as the soil here is amazing and stuff grows as you watch it, whereas we have awful clay in Melbourne and gardening is a challenge. Spring really is the best time to market it, so we shall see what happens. Husband reckons it will take a year to sell!

    So its windows to clean, garden beds to tidy, etc etc….hopefully will help me remember why we made the decision to sell! Fasting should be easy if I keep busy…

    Good Morning,
    Who understand this weather in the world nowadays! You can’t believe how warm it is here the last few days. Also the leaves are coming down fast and that means we have lots of work to fast.
    Wee I can imagine how you felt after compliments! Congratulations girl and also on your marriage. Hope Dad feels better.
    Nama good luck with your sale there.
    Didn’t feel like Fasting this week yet! Let’s hope tomorrow.
    See you later πŸ’‹

    Hi Guys,
    Well it turns out my bowls partners are not in the best of health or form so we are on a losing streak. I am focussing on being positive. I love the dance lessons, latin yesterday and salsa today, tomorrow cha cha. Sadly missed the jive as I was bowling. I will definitely need to return to this resort as I have so many more activities to try. Seriously there is table top bowls, hysterical and actually quite difficult as each wood has a different bias. Played on a snooker table. Loads of fitness classes too if you have any energy left after bowls. The heat here is a bit draining though. Pool was boiling again this morning.
    The good news is that I am true to my word of just having one meal per day. I am getting a hard time from my table companions but I am determined not to gain weight this trip. Chosen sensible options for meals and avoided puds too so all is well. It’s been tough though, very, very tough. Having a G&T in the evenings though, my will power is only so good.
    Hope everyone else is doing well

    Hi Fast Trackers and Hello World (You All know Who You ARE) πŸ˜‰
    Wee cyber hugs to you and Jim 55 years that is sensational and a very nice word picture long coat skinny jeans and ankle boots woot wheel. Your dad at 99 wow hey I don’t know anyone who is that age so that’s is outstanding ok not at peak of powers but still bloody awesome.
    HCB have engaged a representative to administer the estate for my sister and I from Public Trustee here in SA fair to say they don’t do it for nothing πŸ‘Ώ % based on value all up.
    JOJO I seriously do not know anyone who travels and is as social as you you are that international woman of mystery πŸ˜‰ hoping you are making good memories always.
    Amazon also off on adventures how good is this retirement caper πŸ˜† Happy still a while off yet for us πŸ˜₯
    Happy I too work in an office that must surely represent a bat cave as the poor loves would surely shrivel up and perish should any sunlight or fresh air get in πŸ˜†
    Nama serious day of β€œbaby cuddling and pushing the pram” you are truly blessed and yes it is special I am seeing yfee getting younger as we speak πŸ˜† the dog on the other hand is not so sold on the idea as he is outside while the princess is at our place
    Purple I am a summer guy no question and the hotter the better my mind boggles at how on earth our NH folk handle winter and snow and the bitter wind and freezing conditions all the time not for this little black duck and if β€œeveryone wants a white Christmas” maybe but not on my bucket list no way Jose.
    Thursday so let’s get our fast on !!
    β€œIt’s is easier to avoid eating than to stop eating once started”
    Peace RT

    It’s very sad to part with a beloved prooerty, Nama. We did the same with a farm we owned many years ago. I still miss it, but it freed us up to holiday elsewhere.
    So little time when you are retired, isn’t there? (Sorry Happy, RT and the other youngstersπŸ˜‰)
    Thursday fast day. Going in on a low 😊😊😊P

    Welcome back RT, it’s good to see you here. Of course the princess has priority over the dog. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Our dog used to get her nose out of joint every time the grandkids came over as little ones. Now she sees it as inevitable. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

    Just as I throw her out of the kitchen when I scrub the floors. Fast day today. As you say, it is easier not to start eating until this evening. I’ve been very good on non fast days lately. I put this down to the warmer weather and Spring flowers everywhere. Lots of gardening.

    Wee, Big cyber hugs to you and OH. Congratulations on a very long lasting marriage. You have dealt with a lot in your life and still have an upbeat attitude to the World. You deserve all the good remarks from the shop assistants and from your cyber friends. πŸŒΊπŸŒΊπŸŒΊπŸŒΊπŸŒΊπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    Sending you sunshine. Like RT, I love Summer and all the warm weather. I would be depressed if I lived where the sun hardly ever shines. β˜€οΈβ˜€οΈβ˜€οΈβ˜€οΈβ˜€οΈβ˜€οΈβ˜€οΈ

    Cheers to all, Bay

    Purple, we crossed posts. When I first read what you wrote, I pictured you feeling low. Then I realised you mean you are low in weight. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Nama, good luck with the sale. With grandkids and travel you will soon fill up all that time. You can always rent a cottage, no work, when you want a weekend away. 😎😎

    Cheers, Bay (also having troubles staying logged in, and going to the second last page each time).

    Purple, now your post has disappeared. Bay 🌺🌺. And now it’s back. Go figure, as the Yanks say.

    No. The post is still there Bay…on page 332. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if I was banned for being cheeky πŸ˜‰
    I was in a hurry this morning. Like you, with the warmer weather and the garden calling, I am controlling non fast days more easily. Even with lots of social occasions this week, skipping breakfast and sticking to low carb, and usually entrΓ©s, I can have my fun and still be a lightweight.
    Garden watered, next job is to work out what’s eating the hibiscus and spinach leaves πŸ˜‘ Have a good one. P

    Sorry. Missed yours RT.
    We did the white Xmas thing last year. The novelty was good. It did snow Xmas eve and the lights everywhere were gorgeous, but give me an Aussie Christmas this year, sitting in swimmers by the pool or beach, lots of yummy salads and seafood, a barbie, cool drink in hand, balmy evenings. And fireworks on Sydney Harbour for NYE. Love it. P

    Good morning All, just got in from a fantastic evening. We won our bowls game at 8 pm, miracles can happen! Then after a quick change we saw a truely amazing (West End Style) show, Movie Theme numbers, incredible! After this there was much dancing, laughing and more entertainment, great singers, even a little Kareoke(inevitable but way above parr, Roy Orbison, Gene Pitney, Tony Bennet and Elvis impressions. I loved it all and have retired to bed very happy and totally knackered.
    Tomorrow holds lots more excitement.
    RT- You will love retirement, I do! Feels more like teenage years. I feel younger everyday. I have tons of energy and feel healthy and vital. God bless fasting which has led me to this way of life. I still have a way to go ( weightloss wise) but know I will make it. Fasting on Friday for our return trip.
    PVE- like you I did Christmas on the other side of the world last year, sunbathing on Christmas Day in Pahia New Zealand. Although I enjoyed it I missed home. Maybe it isn’t just the weather but the usual routines that make Christmas special.


    Your trip sounds a lot of fun. Congratulations on the unexpected win!

    I think you’re right about wanting the usual routines and habits of Christmas. And as for the weather…cold and crisp is perfect…what better than a long walk in a winter wonderland, then home (or a hostelry) to warm yourself by the fire with a sloe gin and mince pie…

    I guess we have to forgive the upsidedowners though for their funny newfangled ways πŸ™‚

    New to you Happy. Traditional to us. 😊😊😊

    Thanks P, I’m not that old yet! I’m pretty sure Australia already existed by the time I was born…?! πŸ™‚

    Continuous human habitation in “Britain”: 12,000 years. Continuous human habitation in “Australia “: 60,000 years. Although I doubt many of the first lot, on either landmass, celebrated Christmas. 😁😁

    Certainly not as we know it! We in the UK can blame the Victorians for most of our Christmas traditions, so it’s a pretty recent phenomenon here too.

    Hi Bay good to see you up and about and that you are still shining bright
    Yes Purple that is the perfect script fresh with clean light food fresh seafood fresh salad items lemon juice sea salt or pink Himalayan for nama fresh cracked black pepper a lovely chilled fruity white wine, summer berries a top some full fat greek yoghurt yummo !!! The day of the heavy stoggy potatoe bake vegie back heavy gravy fatty creamy greasy yummy goodness every roasted meat GOING plus a β€œTADUCKEN” plus dinner rolls a entree of something with rice white of course a yabbie cocktail and then clear the table roll out the desert barrel with Christmas pud with cream custard and ice cream cheesecakes pavalova then collapse in food coma and a nanna nap unable to play the obligatory back yard cricket till dinner are long gone.
    Exhausting typing all that down little lone inhale it all πŸ˜†
    The simple things in life are always the best..

    Beautiful description of Christmases past, RT! 😊😊😊

    Hi All,
    Just retired for the evening. Danced my feet off. Won bowls again this morning, convincingly 17/4 then did Cha,Cha ,Cha lesson- great fun. After that I learnt how to drive a Segway. Lots on fun on a predesignated course but I felt very dizzy after getting off it. I think they need to redesign the course to travel in both directions.

    I nearly got drown in the pool but an inconsiderate diver. He created a huge tidal wave which I hit when coming up for air, consequently inhaled lots of water, choking for ten minutes, the lifeguard he’d to get me water. He was removed since he refused to obey the no diving or bombing requests. He was a very large chap and fairly unpleasant. I finished my thirty minutes but my throat is still not right.

    Afraid I need a few G &T’s tonight. My friend won Β£300 on the bingo so she is very happy. I won a cuddly toy, typical. Our team are in the tournament finals tomorrow morning after breakfast so we are chuffed. I watched the semi finals, great game.

    The show tonight was fantastic, Cool Britannia , best musicians of the 60’s and 70’s, really good. I will definately be back here next year. I love it!

    Most people have eaten and drunk far too much but I have been very restrained yet still had a great time. Hopefully not too much damage on the scales. Certainly had lots of exercise too.

    Run up to christmas ahead, enjoy your fasts

    Hello Gang,
    RT’s x-mas feast sounds more like our Thanksgiving here.
    Fast will be postponed to next week!
    We have a Oktoberfest fest to attend tonigh. It’s on a local bar and beautifully decorated by my husband.
    See you later.

    Jo, glad to hear you survived the tosser in the pool. Hope your throat is better, no doubt aided by a few medicinal G&Ts 🍸🍸 (hmm, more martini, but you get the idea,..,).


    Sometimes it can be hard to fit a fast day in, but you can usually find opportunities to skip meals and or skip carbs. Maintenance is possible without full fast days!

    Nothing new but it still amazes me how easily lead by food we can be if it tastes good ie sweet why do we eat when not even hungry? The pleasure trap isn’t it chocolate or salad πŸ˜† At a funeral wake even turns into the feast to end all feasts maybe the last supper if you will πŸ˜‰ when I drank beer to excess I was not thirsty. Always learning I had a crack at making my own sauerkraut just 3 ingredient’s and sometime really keen to have a sample have a groovy weekend wherever you are.
    Peace RT

    The trick really is learning to only eat when hungry, isn’t it, RT? Funny how we used to try to make our daughter eat when she was little!
    Saturday farmers markets this morning, where I picked up some more mixed lettuce plants. The last lot cost $10 and have fed us at every meal for a couple of months. They’re still going, but need topping up for summer.
    I also grabbed a small piece of barramundi. Steamed in vinegar and soy and served on a bed of home grown lettuce leaves, soy and lemon, cashews, cucumber and celery. Topped with some shallots, grated ginger and chilli seeds, quickly fried in sesame oil. Simple, quick, healthy Saturday lunch. It really isn’t hard to eat well πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
    Have a good weekend P

    Delishes 🍴🍽🍴🍷

    Yummy Barramundi, I remember eating it when I was travelling in Australia, your recipe sounds great.
    Just weighed in, 3 lbs up, guess those G & T’s on the last night were not burnt off with the dancing and an inactive day travelling is showing up. At least I know for sure it wasn’t too much food. Sure it will be gone by Monday. Fasting today then 500 cal smoked salmon salad for dinner. Walking, swimming and 10 pin bowling on the Agenda today. If the weather is this good tomorrow I am planning a day in the garden, just weeding.
    Slept like an angel, good to home

    Glad it was a good trip Jo 😊

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