Loose stools after fast day

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  • After a fast day the next day I pass loose stools- why?
    Fast day I eat for breakfast a grapefruit
    No lunch just sugar free coffee, diet coke
    Dinneer is salads and grilled or cooked vegetables.
    Sometimes an egg

    You possibly need some more protein , on the fast day.

    Meat or fish, the book tells you to have more protein to keep you fuller longer.

    You don’t seem to be up to your 500 calories. The egg is 80 calories veg and grapefruit won’t take you up to what you should be eating.

    I would re think on what you are eating.

    Is it after eating on your feed day? It may be that you’re eating too early (ie not actually hungry yet), too much or something which is too rich/heavy for your tummy after eating lightly the day before. I soon learned to change my breakfast habits following my fasts!

    Breakfast after fast day is two slices wholemeal bread, two fried eggs /with or without bacon.
    Or muesli soaked for about an hour plus yoghurt about a small soupbowlful

    Sumitra, symba7 is correct, you need more protein on your fast day. If you click on faq tag on top right of home page and check out what foods should you eat, you will see a comment regarding protein. If you are not a meat eater on fast days consider Quinoa in your diet. It is high in protein.
    By the way, just a suggestion, try your eggs poached instead of fried, it may help settle any tummy upsets.
    Good Luck.

    Protein may be an issue but I suspect that breakfast is a little large for a just-fasted tummy – especially one which has possibly stayed well under 500 cals the previous day. Would suggest trying to half the size of your breakfast the day after the fast and see if it makes a difference, or wait until you feel really hungry before eating it.

    I had the same problem,
    I only need to eat around 200 cals on a fast day, (yes it’s working fine) if I eat too much in one go the next day, not just for breakfast I get very loose, I’ve tried eating up to the max with more protein,
    it made it worse! So, as we are all different, try eating smaller amounts the next day and you may find the runs stop. It’s worth a try as having to be near a facility all day isn’t much fun. Oh, the other thing, egg yolk can cause bowel irritation in some people if not eaten with non absorbent foods, like bread. Avoid bread on a fast day for obvious reasons, try eating lean ham instead of the egg.
    This is only a suggestion as it works for me, it may not help you at all, but it’s worth trying.

    You may find your insides settle down and get used to the fasting on their own and the runs will stop As I said, we’re all different.

    I am a newbie and is first day of fast. Is it ok to eat less than the 500 cals on a fast day.

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