LittleDragon & friends: 2 months in – going strong!

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LittleDragon & friends: 2 months in – going strong!

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  • enjoy that birthday celebration, JFitzy! LD, I don’t see why it would matter with 16:8 if you shift the hours a bit.

    hope everyone is having a good day, fasting or not. My day has become insane (started with a sick cat and moved on to a work day with twice the normal workload). Just as well I’m fasting, no time for lunch anyway!

    Hello girls,

    congratulations JFitzy, 2.5 lbs is a fantastic achievement and those lost inches are even better news 🙂 Sounds like you deserve to let your hair down a bit this weekend and after all we only get one birthday a year!

    JenkiJ,Kilda and Angie how’s the fast been? Am fasting with you today – don’t know why I’ve been freezing cold all day today! Am so looking forward to my hot dinner in about half an hour’s time.

    Little dragon did your day turn into a fast or did you enjoy those luscious berries and the mango!


    Evening fab fasters!!

    Hope everybody is having a good night, and fasting went ok!!! Sooo glad its almost done, soon be tomorro 🙂

    Nitey nite all, have a good evening xxxx

    well, I had a couple hard candies – 35 cal total which I’ll deduct from my calories for the day. But otherwise surviving well. I still have about 2 hours worth of work left – going to be a late evening. Hope everyone had a good day, by the time I get home from work you’ll all be asleep on your side of the pond. 🙂

    Evening everyone, good afternoon to Kilda

    Hope your fasting day went well for those of you that are fasting today.

    Hilly66 I ended up having the mangos and berries as I knew I would be working late tonight and be home for late dinner. I might do 16:8 on my non fast (2) days next week. I think I’ll do 500 cal on Monday and Wednesday and 16:8 on Tuesday and Thursday (and maybe Friday). Then Friday it’s… Weigh-day… A bit like payday… But hopefully more rewarding.

    can’t wait for the weekend. Looking at another nightmare of a day at work tomorrow and all of next week. Hope the scale gives good news though, at least that’ll be an uplift to end the week on?!

    Night all! xx

    Hi LittleDragon still at work this time of night – yuk!! Hope it’s not too stressful this evening.

    Have a very big rest at the weekend and have something totally indulgent for the sheer enjoyment xxx

    Afternoon Kilda – keep going, must be hard sometimes with us Brits finishing our fasts before you but there again just think, as we were fasting you were still tucked up in your lovely cosy bed 🙂

    PS confession time all, have bought some crusty bread and Taleggio (my favourite Italian cheese) to enjoy tomorrow 🙂

    In case you check in before you go JFitzy, Happy Birthday – have a fabulous weekend.


    Hi Hilly66, I know. Depressing eh. And there’s a chance I will have to work all weekend too. argh! So rubbish. But don’t you worry, there will be a lot of cheese and chocolate involved.

    I’ve got my fav smoked Bavarian cheese and crackers ready! I’ve never heard of the cheese you got Hilly66, what’s it like, I might have to give it a go!

    I’ve got a confession… I baked brownies at the weekend and there are still some in a sealed box in the kitchen and I just kept picking and picking at them… And today ate a packet of miniature malteaser bunnies… I don’t even feel bad either (blaming it on my hormones)… Not sure where my guilt has gone but perhaps it’s work stress! Plan to do lots of gym and running this weekend!

    Hope you all have a fab night! X

    Morning peeps!!

    its stupid o’clock for me again lol!! Happy Birthday JFitzy!!! have a fabulous weekend 🙂

    lets hope the sun comes out today…raining at mo… sooo glad I did my fast yesterday, after all this time I still cant decide wether its better to fast at home or at work!!!!!!!!!!!

    hope you all have a great day, LittleDragon I am wishing for a better day for you,and why should you feel guilty on eating choc bunnies lol, the amount of choc I eat on normal days you would be horrified hehe!!! no way I will ever give up chocolate, impossible, unthinkable 🙂

    chat soon and good luck to those fasting today!!!!! xxx

    Morning Angie et al! Thanks for all my birthday wishes. My weekend started last night with dinner with my best friend great night but far too much wine!!! 🙂 Anyway off to have a facial now and then the hairdresser and then off to to the country side for the weekend.

    Hope you all have a great weekend and I will be back on the forum on Monday x x x

    Wow JFitzy!!

    sounds like you’re having a lovely time already lol, you go girl and again have a fabulastic birthday 🙂 ) just made that word up hehe !!!!

    See you Monday 🙂 xxx

    Morning all

    Happy birthday JF! Hope you had a wonderful time last night and sounds like you’ve got an amazing day lined up, lucky you – enjoy it after all your hard work this month! Wishing you all the very best for the year ahead!

    Angie – I don’t know what came over me – I just kept going with the chocolate, but didn’t feel bad at all, I think it’s a combo of hormones, work stress and knowing that I’m going to the gym for an hour tomorrow, so it’s all good 🙂 feeling good this morning, a colleague has already said I’m looking noticeably slimmer which was really nice to hear.

    Hope everyone has a great day and good luck to you all who are fasting. Time to crack on with my hellish day!

    LD I hope your day isn’t as bad you are fearing, and as for the compliment, wheyhey!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that should make you feel very proud, walk with a grin all day 🙂 well done missy!!

    have a good Friday everyone!! xxx

    Ahh thanks Angie! 🙂 I can only hope to one day be at your weight though! X

    Well that was a bit of a tough fast! Ended up having to work until 2am and didn’t manage to get anything to eat so survived all day on caffeine and water. Then had to get up at 6 this morning and haven’t really eaten properly so boy am I looking forward to my lunch!

    LD – joining you in the hellish day/weekend! Still at least I feel a lot better and thinner even if I have no idea how much weight I have lost!

    Happy weekends everyone!

    You’re welcome LD, and you WILL get there, if I did anyone can 🙂
    hope your day isn’t going too bad, the weather is a bit rubbish in London today!

    have a good afternoon!!

    Jenki2 well done on your fast, with no food, wow!!!!!!!!!! I bet you will enjoy a nice lunch today 🙂

    take care all, have a good day!!!!!!!!!! xxx

    Hi Jenki2 – well done on getting through all day on eating nothing at all, I certainly couldn’t do that – you deserve a delicious lunch today so enjoy that! I’d be interested to know what job you work with such horrific hours!

    Angie – thanks – if only! And I hope to do so.. one day not too far from now.. sigh!


    good morning all! Jenki2 I hope you get something truly delicious for lunch today – and dinner! I had a long day yesterday too but you definitely have me beat! Yesterday was exhausting and busy nonstop from 8 am to 10 pm, but I finally got to come home and eat around 10. And all my fast days are done for the week! 🙂

    LD, can you beam some of those brownies over here? 😉

    hi Kilda!

    hope you have a good rest now and enjoy some well deserved lovely food 🙂

    have a fab weekend!! xx

    Afternoon everyone, well still going strong at work and likely to be here until about 10pm tonight but at least I had a nice lunch! Although still feel so stuffed but am definitely going to have a BIG glass of wine tonight. Hmmm maybe not too big as am working tomorrow as well.

    LD – I work in event production am onsite at the moment hence bad hours!

    Hope you have all had a good day and have a fab weekend all.

    Can’t wait for Sunday!!!

    Evening everyone – boy some of you are working incredibly long hours, don’t know how you manage to drag yourselves out of bed in the mornings!!

    Little D and Jenki, hope you have a very large glass of something you love when you get in tonight!

    Think I’ve had a tad too much chocolate today!!

    Bit of a inspiration for you all, my work buddy has now lost 4 stone doing the 5:2, he started in July. He looks amazing 🙂

    Oh and a news report on Fast Exercise – have been doing it for three weeks now, every other day and am feeling much fitter already. For instance I can now do 15 press ups from my knees (could only do 6 very pathetic efforts before), star jumps are now easy for 30 seconds and really do feel it’s making a difference. So have a go, it might make a difference for some of you too.

    Not been on the scales – roll on March 7th.


    Morning everyone,

    hope you are all well and enjoying a good weekend, I am very sad today 🙁 sorry to be on a downer, but this morning I found out I lost 5 hens and my beautiful rooster, Henri… a fox got in their coop because OH didn’t put latch down, stupid mistake!
    I know there are only chickens, but I have had them 3 years or so, and I feel terrible and guilty, it could have been avoided and that is what hurts 🙁

    I have 8 left now, soon I may get a couple more,as my colleagues love the eggs 🙂

    have a lovely Saturday, not sure if anyone is fasting but if you are, have a good one!


    Morning all, thank goodness the weekend is finally here.

    So sorry to hear about your sad news Angie, that must be really upsetting. I’m glad not all of the hens suffered the same terrible fate though. What a horrible way to start off your weekend.

    Hope your day gets better Angie, keep smiling 🙂 xx

    Hi LD and thanks for kind words 🙂

    had a good cry with my doggies, they are so “in tune” with human feelings, its unreal! Tilly, my girl took one look at me and jumped over from where she was sitting and came to me… then Rory followed and all three of us cuddled 🙂

    the love they give you is priceless..

    have a good Saturday, and enjoy some nice food :-)xx

    I’m glad you got a cuddle off the dogs, hope they made you feel better 🙂

    I hope your day gets better… The sun is out!

    Poor Angie, I feel so sad for you 🙁 how horrible. I hope they didn’t suffer.

    Anyway I hope you have a better weekend xx

    Aww thank you again LD!

    I hope they didn’t suffer either, trying not to think about it too much… the sun is out here too so will go walkies again soon..

    enjoy your day hun and thank you for being so kind 🙂 xxx

    Oh no, Angie, I’m sorry. I’m an animal lover too and hate to see anything suffer. I’m glad your dogs were there to comfort you.

    Thank you Kilda!

    I guess all chickens owners have to face this horrible dilemma sooner or later 🙁

    Hope your day is a lovely one 🙂 xx

    First time I’ve been able to get on line all day!

    Oh. Your poor little chickens and what a horrific thing for you to find! A huge big virtual hug from me xx

    Thank you for the virtual hug Hilly66!

    Hope you had a lovely day 🙂 xxx

    Morning everyone!

    hope you are all well, and had a super weekend! its a sunny morning here in Deal, I am fasting today so who’s with me?

    have a lovely Monday fab fasters, lets do this 🙂 xx

    Morning all

    Angie you beat me to it!

    I’m also fasting today… sun is out and I’m feeling optimistic (kind of)…

    Just had a coffee to get me going (don’t usually drink coffee but feel I need it to face the day…)

    Can’t wait for this week to be over already!

    Planning on Mon & Wed fast. Glad to be fasting today after all the stuff I had this weekend.

    Good luck Monday fasters, let’s start the week off right! xx

    Good morning everyone,

    I’m fasting today and Wednesday too!! 🙂

    Off sick today, was sick this morning but I think it might be stress induced rather than a bug!

    Little Dragon, I think you said it’s your last super busy week, so things are going to start to get easier!!

    Enjoy your fast day girls and anyone else that’s joining us on fast Monday.


    Hello Hilly66 – I’m sorry to hear you’re off sick today, stress induced sickness is the worst – I had that a few weeks ago, but a day off sounds like just what you need if it’s work-related. Get well soon, sending good vibes your way. PS if you’re sick, is it a good idea to be fasting today?! It is indeed my last busy week, can’t wait for the weekend (if I get one…) xx

    PS It’s weigh-day this week… I’m nervous! xx

    Hi Hilly66, hope you feel better soon, and as LD said maybe give today’s fast a miss?

    LD good luck with the weigh in!! let us know how you get on 🙂

    I may be getting a new rooster today, have my eye on a batam one ( very small one lol ) and also a few new hens…we’ll see 🙂

    have a fab day everyone!! xxx

    Morning all I am back from my weekend away and catching up on all your posts.

    Angie I was so sorry to read about your chucks I hope you are feeling better today.

    Hilly66 hope you feel better soon.

    I am now most definitely back on the wagon after my weekend of yummy food and wine – feel like I have gained a stone!! 🙂

    I am very happy to be fasting today and I am also doing Wednesday this week. I am determined to make March a good month – 3 months before I go on holiday so my target is to lose one stone (plus the one I put on this weekend ha ha!!!).

    Have a good day all x 🙂

    Morning all,

    Hilly66, hope you feel better soon. JFitzy – glad you had a good weekend with lots of yummy food and wine.

    Angie – love bantams and their eggs are lovely!

    Littledragon – hope your week isn’t too bad and am also getting nervous about the weigh in.

    Have a bit of a nightmare week this week with traveling abroad for work which always makes fasting a bit tricky. Think I am going to aim to fast on Wednesday and Friday which should make the weigh in on Friday interesting. Still have managed to avoid the scales so far – of course it helps that I haven’t been at home much!

    Right off to Switzerland, too much temptation to fast today!

    good morning! It’s a cold and snowy day here. They were calling for 8-12 inches of snow, which would have been enough to get me off work, but instead it’s only a fewinches so I’m disappointed. I would have loved a day off.

    happy fasting today to those who are!

    Good afternoon all – hope today is going well for those of you who are fasting – I’ve had quite a busy day so far so haven’t really though much about food. Going to hold off on my lunch for as long as I can though. Might go for a walk now to stave off any temptation to eat.

    Jenki2 travelling and fasting must be a hard combo, I admire your willpower for that.

    Kilda stay warm, sounds like it’s freezing where you are, shame you don’t have a day off!

    JF hope you had a wonderful time away this weekend and you were truly spoilt and had some delicious food and wine to celebrate your birthday.

    Angie – hope you’re feeling better after Saturday 🙂 great news about getting new hens and a new rooster, exciting times!

    Right, off to go and get some fresh air… xx

    Afternoon eveyone,

    hope my fellow fasters are going well.

    Aw bantam hens are so cute, sounds like they’ll be a fantastic new addition to the coop.

    Fasting whilst travelling, that really is determination Jenki, still at least it will be one day out of the way.

    Went back to bed for a while but feeling ok now, off to the green grocers in a while to get some bits to add to my green salad tonight. My stress is of an emotional nature, as you all probably worked out, split up with my bf of 4.5 years. Trying to remain friends as I do think a lot of him but had a very unpleasant conversation last night, which has left me wondering!

    Haven’t had any snow here this year, has been nothing but rain! Shame it didn’t snow sufficiently for you to have a day off.

    Glad you had a thoroughly indulgent weekend Jfitzy, think that’s the beauty of the 5:2, it’s so adaptable!


    Hi Hilly66 – so sorry to hear that it’s personal stress that your sickness has been brought on by. I remember you said you split with your other half but I didn’t think it was related to your stress now. I’m really sorry to hear that, just try and look after yourself for now, and don’t worry too much about fasting if you feel like you cna’t face it. These things are always easier when they are given some time so I am hoping things get a bit better for you sooner rather than later. I hope your conversation last night has given you clarity above everything else though. Wishing you all the best at a difficult time x

    Hi Littledragon, well done, like you lost 8.5lbs in first 4 weeks and well pleased, just spent hour and half in gym doing circuits so will prob not be able to walk properly for a day or 2 now lol. I am just loving 5:2 find it so easy to keep to. Look forward to seeing what the next four weeks brings. 🙂

    Hi Redswallow, well done to you too for losing 8.5 pounds in 4 weeks, I was also really happy with the progress. I am holding off weighing myself until Friday for now, and will monitor how I have done for the last 3 weeks on a less obsessive basis!

    Good on you for doing an hour and a half of work out, I bet you feel great.

    May I ask how much you are looking to lose? I think for me it’s about 2 stone or so, but will be so happy once I’vr shifted a stone. Unfortunately, I think the weight loss will slow down as I go on with the fasts, but that’s ok, as long as I’m keeping my eating in check and not being stupid with food, I’m happy.

    well it ended up being a day off after all. I got a couple of miles down the road, conditions were terrible, so I called and told them I was staying home. Am now sitting in my bed reading in my jammies! I may take the dogs for a walk in the snow later – they would love that.

    Hilly, sorry to hear about your breakup. The staying friends thing is tough – often you can but not always right away. I hope you feel better soon, physically and emotionally.

    Welcome to our gang Redswallow, an excellent achievement in 4 weeks and working out too. You’ll be a new person in no time 🙂

    How cool is that Kilda, your wish came true 🙂 Walking with dogs in the snow, sounds idyllic. I do some private tutoring and two of the houses I visit have the most adorable dogs – broodie for a puppy. Though in reality it wouldn’t be possible and Chubby Wubb, formerly known as Tom, is petrified of dogs in any event! But sounds wonderful all the same 🙂

    Thanks everyone for all your support, funnily enough fasting is good, normally in such a situation I would eat like a pig – am definitely not one of those people that fade away when stressed!!!

    Ooo Little dragon so sorry just noticed a post of yours on 27 February which I somehow missed on the subject of cheese. How could I miss such an important enquiry!! I had mentioned an Italian cheese called Taleggio. Try it it’s delicious, it’s a fairly soft cheese a bit like brie but without the bitterness brie sometimes has. It’s mmmmmmmmmm with fresh crusty bread, maybe some tomatoes and a few olives. Fortunately there is a wonderful Italian deli near me, which has numerous goodies and all very reasonable. However I have also spotted it in Asda and Waitrose. Try some (on a non fast day :-))

    ooo 3.45 only 3 more hours or so ’til dinner time.


    Hi LD I had a great weekend thanks – back to reality now and I am determined to have a great loss in March and looking to lose 14 lbs in total before my holiday at the beginning of June.

    Hope everybody is having a good day. I had my carrot soup for lunch – 180 calories and I am having a turkey stir fry for dinner tonight. I am going back to my tried and tested stir fry for my fast days as they are filling and I can have a good sized portion mainly vegetables which I like.

    Have a great evening all and catch up tomorrow 🙂

    Afternoon peeps!

    hope you all had/having a good pm, well my day has been turned a little upside down, and its all OH fault of course!! on our way to the farm he declares he’s starving and off he goes and brings back enough KFC for an army, arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so I gave in, shame on me…I was so hungry 🙁 so I am salvaging today and making it a 16.8 as I didn’t have breakfast, hopefully keeping close enough to TDEE and will do a proper fast tomorrow… not what I had planned, at all!

    ah well, hope all you fasters did much better than I did uh!! on the plus side we got a gorgeous multi award winning rooster, Pete! he is an absolute beauty 🙂
    my girls are getting used to him now, that should cheer them up a little 🙂 and OH has gone off to get some new hens, if I can work out how to post pics then I will!!!

    have a lovely rest of the day!! xxxxxxxx

    aw it’s all right Angie, I think that happens to all of us occasionally on a fast day. That’s the great thing about this diet, no harm done and there’s always tomorrow.

    Hi everyone, hope your fast is going well for you.

    Angie – like Kilda said above, don’t worry too much about it, don’t beat yourself up for giving into temptation, I am positive I couldn’t resist KFC if my other half brought it home… just pick it up again tomorrow no worries. Flexibility is the gift of this WOE.

    How is everyone’s fast day going? It got to about 1pm then 2pm and I wasn’t hungry… then it got to 3pm then 4pm and I still wasn’t hungry and then I decided that I’m going to skip lunch and do a full day fast today and have my calories this evening… this is the first time I’ve done this – does anyone do this regularly? I don’t know where my appetite has gone but I’m not looking for it, that’s for sure! Perhaps work stresses taking over.. who knows..

    PS Hilly66 – no talk of cheese on a fasting day please! I love cheese! Made a big veggie lasagne for dinner last night with roasted veggies and lean mince beef and it’s just reminded me of it. I will definitely try it.

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