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  • Just joined and I have no search box. So I looked at 10 pages on here but it will take me forever to search for it that way so thought I would start a new topic and ask … is there anyone else on here with severe lipoedema?

    Not sure what happened to the search box but its disappearance has been reported to the tech people.

    The search function has been missing a while unfortunately.

    There is a way to search a specific website using google advanced search. Go to:

    Put your search words into either “all these words” or “this exact word or phrase” – the latter will usually give you a shorter more accurate list, although it will sometime also give you no hits.
    Then scroll down to “site or domain:” and type or paste the following into it:
    This will search for your chosen word(s), but only on the site you’ve listed.

    Thank you so much Ljoyce!

    I did that, and the search found …. MY OWN QUESTION! ROFLMAO

    So I guess I am the only person on here with lipoedema! Or the only one who has written the word in a forum post!

    Do you mean lymphoedema?

    LOL if I did, I would have written lymphoedema 🙂

    I was trying to be helpful……….

    I worked in the NHS for 40 years and had never heard of it which is why I asked as medical terms are often misspelt or confused with other very similar words.

    I’ve looked it up so I now understand what it means.

    Hurrah! One more person knows. Pass it on, only 60m to go!

    Thanks for suggestion.

    I just discovered that I have this and have had it for the past forty years but had never heard of it. It explains an awful lot!

    I just want to post in this thread in case anyone else has it and is wondering whether intermittent fasting can help. It can. It doesn’t get rid of the abnormal fat but getting rid of the rest and improving your diet and so reducing inflammation makes you feel so much better and hopefully will keep it from getting progressing.

    I went from a 46 inch waist to a 28 inch waist and a normal BMI. I still have fat legs but I am much more mobile and have much more energy. Now I know why my legs are so big I feel less of a failure that I can’t get them to look better. It is so important for success that you get the mindset right. They are out of my control but the rest of my body isn’t so I can concentrate on that and on on feeling good.

    I have completely cut out sugar, processed carbs and grains from my diet and am vegetarian. I am sure this has helped me to succeed. I would have tried keto but it is too restrictive where vegetables are concerned. Beyond avoiding potatoes I haven’t worried about carbs from veg and still lost a fairly steady ten pounds a month. I may or may not have entered ketosis towards the ends of fasts but I certainly burned a lot of fat. I used every other day fasting combined with a short eating window most of the time but when I hit a plateau I switched to the Fast 800 for about three weeks which got the weight coming off again. Because I was eating mostly vegetables – I made sure I got my five a day even on fast days, I was well supplied with nutrients and felt brilliant. Cravings go away once you don’t eat sugar and things that convert to sugar. And without the inflammatory food my asthma went away and my arthritic hands stopped hurting and regained some function. It requires adjustment to do without the solidity of processed carbs like bread and pasta and rice. I have learned to replace them with root veg. I base meals around swedes or parsnips or sweet potatoes or carrots to provide that bulk. I use lots of olive oil when I cook and concentrate on flavour using lots of spices and I add spinach or kale to nearly everything. At first I relied on different sorts of beans in every meal but now I use fewer as I have adjusted to not need so much padding in the food. The best thing is that I can eat lots without worrying about the calo and without risking going back to my previous size.

    I have lipodema, just starting this diet and am hoping it works!

    Hello! I don’t have a diagnosis but I have many characteristics of lipedema. Intermittant fasting worked well for me a few years ago but due to migraines and the beta blocker I took for them, I slowly put weight back on. I’m trying several things now and hope to have a little luck with my legs, combining fasting with lymphatic massage and a few other things. I’m interested in how other people are doing!

    I have lipoedema and I’ve never had much luck with calorie counting. However, when i reduce carbs I’ve found that the weight comes off (not so much from waist down). I’ve just started 5:2, but I’m finding it difficult to find out what my carb intake should be on fasting days. I find it easier if I know the carb content in grams so that i know what I’m eating. Can anyone tell me how many grams of carbs i should have on fasting days please?

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