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  • Hi, I’m Niv, and I’m posting this since many people search for advice, get advice, try the advice, and FAIL…

    Since I have a 10% body fat, which i can increase and decrease any time I want, and have sustained it in the past few months…
    Without feeling restricted, hungry, or deprived… I figured I can help others out as well.

    The only reasons I’m not posting any tips with this post are because that, there is no question being asked, I know way too much to write it all out in this single post, and i would like to answer SPECIFIC questions, rather than general questions, unless of course I’ve been asked general questions.

    If you have any questions you want to ask regarding fat gain, lack of fat loss, muscle gains, etc… feel free to contact me. If you want you can leave your email below, with a question, and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

    Don’t feel shy, I won’t rude to beginner level questions, advanced. or even expert level.

    Have a nice day… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Are you a male or female? If youre a female I would describe you as underfat by a long way. If youre a male youre boarderline.

    Niv, glad you found what works for you. What’s your BMI? I’m at 15% body fat and likely to stay there unless I want to lose more weight. But at 18 BMI I am ‘underweight’ and do’t want to go too far that way.
    How long have you been at this? Male or female?

    My BMI is 21.8. I’m a male, and I’ve been at this for a few months, probably 5-6.

    How to force my GF start losing weight? I mean, I’ve been a little bit confused imagine telling it her, maybe there is any not direct sign to figure it out? Thank you.

    It is true that All aspect of good health is in your hand. So You need to think on what is the best diet and exercise for your health because your health can give you happiness and boost you life longevity

    โ€œReal success means you achieve your long-term goals. And while achieving your long-term goals, you maintain health and well-being and you maintain positive relationships in your community.โ€

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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