Less than 500 kcal per a fast day ?

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  • Hi,
    I have been here on the forum quite a long time ago but now I sure will stay on 5:2.
    My question is …anybody eating less than 500 kcal(female). I have before and even now had around 250-300 kcal per day. Do you think it may effect the results some bad way? Must I start eating 500 kcal per fast day? I feel fine even with this less amount of calories.

    Hi TuulaL, 500 calories is the maximum (note that Dr Mosley now says that if you need to make 800 calories the maximum, that will still work for 5:2).
    If you eat less calories on a fast day, and lots of people like to have none at all, just water through the day, then that is fine and may even work better both for weight loss and for the other benefits of fasting.

    The point it to make fast days do-able so that 5:2 is a sustainable way of eating. I usually have around 350 calories on a fast day, as that is what works for me. Everyone is different. But we are fairly similar 🙂

    Hello Cinque,
    I came to the same conclusion after (again) reading Dr Mosley’s book. I though wanted to post this question in case someone would have experienced something less favourable.
    Thank you for answering and thus confirming my own thoughts. I am slightly (?) overweighed and have D2 but don’t take any medication because I can handle it with the way I eat,meaning I don’t eat buns,biscuits etc. (the flour turns into sugar and then my sugar level gets higher). Ofcourse I sometimes take a piece of cake e.g. at somebody’s birthday but it’s then a decision I make or don’t make.

    Hello Cinque,
    I am again here on the forum. I found that it is good for me to have a longer period of fasting with only water,mineral water,tea and a cup of coffee (naturally no sugar or milk,cream). I think I will try this once a week. I ate natural yougurt + seeds at 6.PM on Sunday,just had water,tea and a cup of coffee (to keep headache off) and more water until today=Tuesday morning -that’ll be 36 hours fasting. My sugarlevel was normal this morning. Let’s see how it’ll work from this coming week – thus once a week.

    I think that’s great if you can eat less than 500 cal on your fasting days. I’m licking my plate to get my 500th calorie.

    Hi SuziJ,
    I always had difficulties to get 500kcal together when I at the same time ate according to LCHF. Now I’ll try this 36 hours’ time to let my body to relax from all eating and benefit with a normal sugarlevel.I am D2 without medicine.

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