Leaping off the plateau!

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  • So after four weeks stuck tantalizingly one pound over my ‘must be this weight before the big wedding in the family’ goal, I decided I had to take drastic action. I love carbs. I really really love them, and feel that they are essential to maintain functioning. However I really really hate being overweight at big family events because I know that my weight will be remarked upon (it has fluctuated dramatically in the past), so I decided to combine zero carbs with 5:2. A week and a half later, to my astonishment, I had lost a further 5lbs! Much rejoicing.
    Must confess though that I had a week off fasting after the wedding – today is my first fast day back, and it is a struuuuuuuugle! However, as someone once said, nothing tastes as good as being thin feels, so will hang in there!

    Congrats! and may the day get easier! 🙂

    Whoever said that had no idea what they were talking about. Mind you, I’ve never been thin so neither do I 😀

    @piper – thank you! I am really determined to do today as I was so happy when I got off the plateau and want to carry on with the downward trend!

    Good on you sam2bsvelte!(love that name)
    I’m sure you’re really pleased with the 5 pounds loss! Zero carbs is very hard, I’ve tried it a few times but at least it’s got you off the plateau and you survived to tell the tale!
    I sympathise with the overweight at family functions thing as I am 2 or 3 dress sizes bigger than my sisters and in-laws. I’ve lost 7 pounds and hope to have a few more off by the time I see them at Christmas.
    Happy fast day! Claire

    @tracyj – having been very plump and very thin, I can confirm that being thin may be better than most food, but it is definitely not better than a good New York style cheesecake. My mum always asks of any food ‘is it worth the calories?’, then only eats it if she really thinks it is. This is probably why she has never been overweight whilst I am tackling my second episode of overweightness!
    @cc79 – thank you for the nice comment about the name! zero carbs was hard – I started feeling really washed out. Well done on your 7lbs, that’s great! It’s still a while ’til Christmas – I’m sure they’ll all be amazed x

    Cutting all carbs can help boost weightloss for a while, but I’ve found it’s not sustainable (at least not for me!) Sometimes I incorporate a week of it but now I’m on quite a tough workout regimen so I just cut them on my fast days (which I have the day before the easiest workouts and my rest day).

    Anyway Sam, welcome! I sympathise with not liking to be overweight on family things… I have a nice family so they never really comment when I’m too heavy but they are always very enthusiastic when I’ve lost some weight, which states the same thing really.

    “Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels.” – Well on 5:2 you’re able to combine those 2, so that quote is redundant!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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