just started Am I doing it right?

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just started Am I doing it right?

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  • Hello this is what I did for the fast days. does it look ok?
    special k cereals plain with milk (but i didn’t drink it)maybe 30 g
    70 ml ace juice
    5 almonds
    3 istant coffe with no sugar
    1 less fat yogurt 65 kcal
    1 low fat pasta dish (200 kca)

    thank you

    Hi Cherry,

    I’m just starting out also and certainly no expert so please validate my feedback below regarding ‘processed’ breakfast cereals.
    It’s generally accepted that these contain high sugar content and will not keep us feeling full for as long as say weetabix or porridge/oatmeal. I think these options would give better value than the calories consumed in a Special K serving.

    Hope this helps.

    My suggestion is to eat more, less often.

    I have my first meal as late as possible which is usually around 11.30am. and that’s my biggest meal.

    I have a theory that i like to leave the table satisfied. And this keeps me satisfied for longer.

    Also i eat vegetables and protein and not too much fat. I like something like a fish or seafood stew for lunch. And its only about 300 calories.

    And then vegies or loaded salad later on.

    Minimise white carbs as these may not keep you satisfied as long. Nearly all the food you listed cherry is a high carb food. Almonds are the only thing that are safe there and they are high in fat so you don’t get too much bang.

    If you want to eat breakfast, make it eggs in an omelette with some type of vegetable, and full cream unsweetened yoghurt and fruit. Otherwise try oats and milk.

    To make my vegetables yummie, I steam them first, then sauté them in olive oil for a few minutes. This is yummy, not high in calories and keeps you going for quite a while. Not to mention healthy.

    I am anti low fat because it tastes bad. And you have to compensate with added sugar. e.g. fruit yoghurt? I don’t eat sugar at all any more. I don’t miss it.

    Enjoy your fasting.

    I don’t see the point of doing this diet if what you eat is so unhealthy. I really don’t want to sound rude, I understand there’s a big problem with people knowing what is healthy and what isn’t. Also I can’t understand how that doctor in the ‘eat, fast and live longer’ documentary can say that it doesn’t matter what you eat the rest of the week. That’s like taking lots of drugs but it’s ok because you are gonna go to rehab every few months.
    I agree with Pattience. I like having fruit for breakfast, vegetables for lunch (you can always blend them and have a nice soup, it would look like there’s more food and it’s super healthy if you do it from scratch) and then white fish with some roasted or steamed vegetables for dinner.
    By the way, I also stopped eating added sugars a while ago and I feel so much better! My migraines have stopped and I rarely feel tired anymore.

    If you’re really interested if living a healthy and happy life I recommend you to watch ‘food matters’. I think the two documentaries should always come together.

    PS. Sorry if I make any spelling/grammar mistakes, English isn’t my first language!

    Today is my first day of fasting although I couldnt really call it fasting as I made parsnip soup of lunch and chick pea curry for dinner. Both were fab.

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