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  • Not sure where this one should go and since it is related to food, I chose to post here.

    On NBC Today morning, they quoted a new study where eating 2 large meals (breakfast and lunch) instead of 6 small meals like we were recommended before leads to more weight loss. On an average the group (52 people with diabetics in study group) that ate 2 large meals a day lost 2 pounds more.

    This leads me to think that fasting is at work again in this case. Since after lunch you are not eating until next day morning and giving your stomach a much needed break by fasting. It is also possible that we can’t eat too much in 2 large meals compared 6 meals where you can over do it.

    In Today show, they had a dietician explain what is going on – she said grazing all the day is not probably a good idea (which I completely agree), but she did not say anything about fasting 🙂

    Best wishes and stay healthy.

    I have always had a passion for studying nutrition and biology and have forever advocated the ‘grazing’ method based on past finding of ‘experts’. I have to say I was sceptical of ‘fasting’, since I feel that I was already ‘brainwashed’ by nutritionists theories relating to a ‘starvation mode’ thesis, however curious, I decided to try for myself to make my own mind up!
    I am glad I have an open mind and am glad that after one week of 4:3, I can see the difference already. My skin is glowing and I feel as though there’s a pound or two (hopefully) from my midriff!
    Thanks for the info above, I’ll definitely check that out.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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