June 2019 challenge

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  • Day 28 Ohio, US — MFD

    So far just a regular MFD. Spent most of the afternoon clearing out and packing up one of the closets. There are things that have been there for 13 years. What made the process slow going is that along with packing up concrete objects one has also to pack up the memories that go along with them, and that can be very slow going indeed.

    @rabette, @annemarilyn When I was a kid, my mother would make us high protein milkshakes, which consisted of milk, a little honey, and a raw egg. She would mix the milk and honey first, then drop in the egg, swirl the spoon, and hand it to us. I think now that the swirl with the spoon was mostly for dramatic effect. I can still vividly picture the egg yolk sitting up at the bottom of the glass and slowly sliding down toward my mouth. As much as I tried to get out of that part of the shake, my mother was firm that the whole thing had to be consumed. I guess that Mom was just ahead of her time!

    Enjoy the weekend everyone!

    Day 28 Eastern WA USA – NFD

    My clothes felt so good today after the 5 day Egg Fast, 5 day transition, a mostly 36 hour WFD. Finally an NFD today. Pondering when I do the next Egg Fast. I agree @basyjames that the 5 day Egg Fast is easier for me than a 5 day WF. But you’re right the WF is important for autophagy.

    On that note: I listened to a summary by Dr. David Jockers on autophagy yesterday. He says the 14-16 hour mark begins the autophagy and it ramps up after 24 hours. A 5 day WF simulates stem cells, regenerates intestinal lining, joints, bones and muscle structure. I’m going to try to get one 5 day in during summer. With warmer weather and iced tea & iced shrubs etc I think I can do it more easily than in winter when I get colder during a fast.

    @michelinme – whoo-hoo – you’re at the top of your maintenance goal! Even with dealing with sickness this month!

    @missybear – yay for getting back into your maintenance range!

    @daffodil2010 – good for you for you Egg Fasting success! Do enjoy your celebratory weekend! If a few pounds come on, you have another tool to get them off.

    @matpi and @rabbette – yah I was leary of the raw egg but doing it up in the blender, I couldn’t even tell it was there; not like your mother’s method @matpi 🙂

    Enjoy the weekend fellow 5:2ers!

    Day 29: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    It’s going to be very HOT today….records will be set….the 2000 mile wide Algerian bubble has reached us….the rest of Europe has been sizzling in 40+ degrees for days. I’ve got to work today….sigh…. so I’m taking three bottles of water and a wet cloth in a bag with me today. I tend to suffer in unrelenting heat, and the mail must get through, so…wish me luck.
    @stardustdream: Thanks for the link and welcome to the July challenge (soon).

    Must do my breakfast washing up and get off to work now….see you all later xx

    Day29, Emden Germany, 4th day of Egg Fast

    Egg Fast going well, yesterday I had 2 eggs scrambled with 10g butter and chives, 2 eggs with 15g mayonnaise each and 25g Camembert. I took 1800mg potassium and 375mg magnesium. Weight down to 59.2kg/130.5lbs, total after 3 days: 2.8kg/6.2lbs. BP still too high, so on medication. Good sleep, no constipation.

    @ciren2 I don’t have any problems with constipation, regular as always. I always start my day with 1.5 l. of weak coffee and it could be the fat yöu consume with the eggs keeps things moving. Good luck on this hot day!

    @missybear nice to hear you’re back in maintenance again, well done!

    @michelinme congratulations, what an achievement! What maintenance weight are you aiming for?

    @basyjames I was chubby for only 5 years and really wondered how many clothes I bought in these years. I have clothes from my slim years, I’m not very much interested in fashion so I still wear those.

    @flourbaby same with shoes here. My friend has about the same size so they are with her now.

    @stardustdream welcome!

    @borealis how are you doing on the Egg Fast?

    @rabbette after reaching my goal weight I struggled with staying in maintenance, plan to be better this time.

    @dingping are you with me today?

    Pocket list day 29

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 29 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    I’m still crawling towards the finish line after another successful FD; the scales say 70.2kgs today. So tomorrow will be my last FD for June. Maybe I can zap those last 200g. No one can say I haven’t tried!

    @michelinme & @missybear – congratulations on hitting your goals! 🍾

    @rabbette & @flourbaby – I totally agree re the ‘breakfast food’. On a NFD my first meal is at around 11am or later, and I usually go for poached eggs & avo on toast; sometimes an omelette. If you’re out and about, a lot of places serve ‘all day breakfasts’ nowadays. Sometimes on a FD if I’m feeling particularly lazy, my one meal might just be oatmeal topped with chopped apple & raisins.

    Egg fasters – great to hear of your success! Please keep us updated of your experiences 🥚🍳

    Wishing everyone a good weekend

    Day 29, London, UK, NFD,

    Quick check-in for me this morning, it’s already sweltering in London and I’ve a 1st Communion to attend later this afternoon. Water & fan at the ready!!

    The new scales showed a 3.2lb difference to the old ones, and NOT in a good way, so although there’ll be a loss this month, I still won’t be making a new ATL.

    I’m looking forward to hearing about transitioning from the egg fast, are you sick of eggs? How have you found the 30DS on eggs @daffodil2010? Just how much have you missed veg?

    Answers to follow, I’m sure. Fascinating stuff

    Anyway, off to prepare feet for sandals!!

    We’re Soooooo close, stay strong everyone!!!

    Day 29 – Japan – NFD

    Day 29 Herefordshire U.K. NFD

    Struggling to keep up with everyone here and not managed an FD this week, partly because OH on holiday this week and next. Days have become less structured and impulse days out mean sudden food challenges! Sorry @snowflake56 not able to join you today but hope to restart my Friday/Saturday fasts second week of July when OH’s hols are over.
    Very impressed and intrigued with you and your fellow egg fasters, well done.
    Good luck @snowflake56 and any other Saturday fasters and best wishes to all for a wonderful w’end.

    2nd post

    @dingping thought I had lost you, I’m fine! Just enjoy the holidays and try to make sensible choices if possible. My DH is off work for 10 days from the 9th and friends have planned to come to stay with us. But I’ll be there on Saturday. Take care! x

    day 29 UK NFD.

    Wow it’s hot ! don’t know how some of you manage with this heat on a regular basis – it’s also a constant reminder it’s a bit easier if you’re not overweight ☹️ Struggled through my Zumba and Bodypump classes this morning will try to show some restraint inthe pub x

    Day 29 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Quick check-in before I work a shift at our Children’s Museum. Maintenance going well.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 29 Post Egg Fast Transitions Day

    Happy to report a total of 6.5 pounds donated to charity after my 5 Day Egg fast.

    I did get really cranky yesterday towards the end of the work day, but once I got home and ate, I felt instantly better. i think the part I liked the most about my foray into the land of endless eggs was no cravings and no desire to cheat- none! My youngest daughter usually buys double stuffed Oreos on grocery night and I usually end up having a couple which leads to a whole row. Yesterday the Oreos did not tempt me in the slightest, in fact the idea of imbibing made me want to hurl. The quality of my sleep was top notch as well. Egg fasts for the win 🙂

    I am aiming for sugar free, low carb eating plan with a healthy helping of veggies this weekend and Monday. I will be water fasting for 36 hours from Monday night to Wednesday morning. That should set me up for success in the month of July. We head out to St. Martin end of month and I plan to be bikini ready!!!!

    Onward and downward, end the month strong fellow fasters 🙂

    Well done you egg fasters…you make it sound easy! I’m curious, as @flourbaby….can you ever look another egg in the face after this? Did you never crave some greenery? I certainly WOULD miss my veggies….I’m a big fan of salad-y things. Don’t get me wrong, I like eggs, but…..
    You’ve all seemed to have lost at least 5 or 6 pounds in 5 days with no hunger. Sounds very good. Do any of you think you could go longer, or is 5 days the limit?

    Our poor dog has not had a walk today (she normally gets four). DH has crippled himself somehow and gets seized by crampings behind one of his knees which cause him to fall over and writhe on the ground. This happened the first time two days ago when we were out together and in public! A lady rushed to our aid. It really looked worse than it was though! Understandably he’s lost the confidence to go out at the moment, even using a stick, in case it happens again. He thinks it’s some kind on tendon trouble. It’s far to hot to walk the dog at this time of day anyway, now I’m back from work, so it’ll have to be later.

    Well one more day of June and we’re into July next week. I’m on holiday for a week of REST!

    Day 29, Rocky Mountains, US, CD

    Off hiking with Mick and DH before it gets too hot. Have to read posts later.

    Have a good Saturday everybody! ⚘⚘⚘

    Day 29, VA, USA, NFD

    Well on my FD yesterday I made a LCHF dinner, homemade Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers and served it with a baked avocado egg. Scales read a pound higher this morning.

    Thank you for all who chimed in about saggy clothes. I appreciate it. I didn’t know I would need to have space for grieving my clothes (sounds silly, but it is the truth) So superficial yet, I realize part of our identity is in the expression we wear on the outside.

    @matpi & @annemarilyn – the blended vanilla (egg) shake sounded better (@annemarilyn I was thinking blended one might not be able to tell). If my mom dropped a raw egg in my shake and tried to get me to drink it. (Picturing it now, I can already feel myself gag) I’m sure I would have barfed it back up. I appreciate my mom very much bc she never made any kids eat stuff they didn’t like, she did say, I do want to see you try it so please take a bite, but you don’t need to finish/eat the whole thing. *To this day I still try things I’m not fond of, especially if it is made by someone else and/or a new recipe. Everyone makes stuff differently AND I have found a couple things that I like/LOVE now made differently than my first encounters. -Could be why I am pretty adventurous with food.

    @snowflake56 – I am so glad to read about you guys and maintenance (and to really come to terms that the “struggle is real” / “must keep a game plan”) I can only hope I don’t have to be 4:3 for the rest of my life, but if that is my reality, I have to say – Its not the end of the world as I do FEEL tons better (more freedom of movement/not feeling so sluggish)

    @flourbaby – when I did the egg fast, I think if the scales ticked down, I could have stayed also all 5 days (instead I transitioned on day 4) because I WANTED to eat plain arugula and I had a bowl full on my 5th day at lunch which I then made my transition day. So YES I missed the heck out of GREENS!!!!!

    @basyjames – this made me smile “total of 6.5 pounds donated to charity” I’m super interested in your WFD after the egg fast, I didn’t really budge. I didn’t gain, but had like -1-2 lb loss which was weird after 4-5 day WF.

    @redrockgirl302 – enjoy your hike, its “hot as hades” here oh my gosh. Love Denver weather – it is much less humid than here.

    Cheers to all of you!

    Day 29 UK CD

    Just popping in to catch up. Indulged in lovely Friday gf vegan keto mugcake last night – sounds much healthier than it tasted! Chocolate & almond with peanut butter and raspberries – yum 🙂

    I would never have known these things existed before coming to this forum… what a lot we learn together! I’m so aware I’ve learned far more about gut health – as well as yogurt- and kefir-making – sleep, magnesium, plant-based food… along with the wisdom around fasting, calories, water consumption and all that jazz. Defnitely a good place for a curious mind.

    Been far too hot for me today at 35C in London. Thank goodness for a 1930s flat with cool stone floors – not even had the fans on until this evening and it’s stayed a nice 23C indoors.

    This time last year I was getting rushed into hospital by ambulance with what turned out to be pneumonia. I remember the weather was pretty similar, really hot and sunny and I struggled to breathe enough to talk AND move for weeks. My lung hasn’t quite recovered bc I’m still easily breathless but v glad indeed to be alive!

    Whatever the weather, hope you are having a good weekend x

    2nd post –

    In funny news – in the last week I finally caught down (and past my sweetheart!) I was having a light hearted game of – can you catch up or ME catch down *to their weight or they catch up/past my weight. (They are a tad underweight and trying to go up a little) none the less last week when I made it to 153 and been staying under that I finally made it below them!!!! Yay! I caught down!


    Day 30, (last day!!), NFD, Canberra

    I completely missed day 29 – what happened?!

    Congrats to those who have hit goal this month and those who have lost weight

    How interesting that you’ve dropped a show size @flourbaby. I never thought weight loss could affect feet that way.

    The first time I had a Long Island Iced Tea, I thought it was iced tea, @songbirdme. It was a hot day and I was really thirsty and took a big long glug before I realised I had totally miscategorised the drink. I’ve never really liked them since!

    @basyjames: “5 lbs donated to charity as of 7am this morning”! I did laugh.. Wouldn’t it be great if we could also get a tax discount! (Tho I do wonder what poor charity deserves that kind of donation!)

    Welcome @stardustdream – looking fwd to getting to know you better in the July forum.

    Cashews did not help me sleep at all. 🙁

    I can imagine packing up the memories must be hard, @matpi, but what a great excuse to go down memory lane.

    @Rabbette- your comment about grieving clothes is so spot on. I have a lovely apricot coloured linen suit from … last century! … that I just loved and cannot bear to part with. It’s ridiculous as it takes up room in my cupboard and even if I could fit into it (I can’t) I wouldn’t wear it anyway.

    And finally, to anyone who is losing their 5:2 mojo, I highly recommend hosting a monthly challenge. Not only is it fun, but it’s an excellent way to stay mindful and get back into the swing of things. Thank you all for being such a fabulous and supportive group (and thank you for doing all the spreadsheet magic for me!)

    Day 29 Ohio, US — NFD (66 bites)

    This was a good NFD, I’ve kept within all my targets. I weighed in this morning and since it’ll be the last weigh-in of the month, it’s time for some accountability.

    This morning’s weight was 175 lb (79.4 kg), just 3 lb (1.4 kg) over the upper limit of my maintenance range. Since the middle of April there’s been at least one major stress-event a week, so I’m pleased with this result. It could have been much worse, and in the past there have been shorter periods of time with less stress, when it has been much worse. I think participating on this site has been the prime reason for the weight gain being as moderate as it has been. Thank you all for your support!

    @rabbette In my mother’s defence, she came from an era when boxers use to drink a half dozen raw eggs unstirred for breakfast in order to build up muscle. Her goal was to help us build up muscle tissue. For people of that era the practicality was the important thing; the aesthetics mattered not at all. One side effect of those milkshakes was that eating raw oysters on the half-shell was a cinch! Come to think of it, one could certainly do a raw oyster fast. It would definitely be keto, and the aphrodisiac effects could make it quite a pleasant time 😉

    Have fun!

    Day 30, Emden Germany, 5th and final day of Egg Fast

    Egg Fast going well, still like eggs. Yesterday I had 2 eggs scrambled with 10g butter and chives, 2 eggs with 15g mayonnaise each and 45g Camembert. I took 1800mg potassium and 375mg magnesium. Weight stayed the same: 59.2kg/130.5lbs, total loss after 4 days: 2.8kg/6.2lbs. BP back to normal this morning, headache gone, energy back, plan to eat the same as yesterday. Good sleep, no constipation. Final weigh in tomorrow.

    This will be the last day of the Egg Fast, I’m not going to repeat it. Three days of high BP and headache and a total lack of energy for not much loss isn’t worth it. I think the loss is mainly due to water loss and an empty gut. I did like eating all the eggs, not hungry and no cravings at all. From tomorrow on I’ll try to stay as sugarfree as possible and just eat well, doing the basic 5:2.

    @rabbette I think I’ll be back in maintenance somewhere next month, let’s just see how it goes. Sugar is my problem, no sweets in the house works the best.

    @penz thanks you so much for being such a lovely host this month, you kept this group together!

    Have a nice day everyone and “see” you on the July Challenge!

    2nd post

    @ciren2 oh, your poor DH, I hope it will get better soon! Enjoy your holiday!

    Day 30, Gloucestershire, UK, NFD;

    @snowflake56: Thanks. DH’s leg is a bit better. He’s walking VERY carefully at home. We think it was the knee support he bought from Amazon that did it. He walked the dog in it and was in agony half way round. He couldn’t just take it off there and then because it was a pull-on type (not wrap around) and with his shoes etc, it was easier (he thought) to struggle on! Paid the price. He’s returned the offending item for his money back.
    How is your health these days, you were struggling awhile ago, I remember?

    Well, everyone…last day of June. We’ve all stayed on the forum, more or less. Many thanks to @penz for hosting June. You’re GREAT xx

    Weightwise, I’m stable at 63.5kg, with no fast days but trying no to binge….ever! Ha…ha..
    Congratulations to the egg-fasters and all of you who’ve been better at it than me and actually LOST weight.
    See you in July.


    Day 30 – UK/Ireland – NfD
    Hi all. Well these past three days have been NFDs… @michelinme we are on the Isle of Wight and enjoying the glorious weather here!
    I have just skimmed posts for the past week or so as things have been so busy but seems like there are amazing losses in the group! Well done all 👏 .
    Seems like eggs 🥚 are the way to go although like some of you I’m not sure if I could do five days of mainly eggs and wonder what it might do to my system 💨 💨💨but believe it may be worth a try to see how my body might respond ⬇️ 🤔
    I won’t get to weigh in today but will do so tomorrow and expect that my ATL will have bobbed back up but will get there again in July 👍👍👍
    @penz thank you so much for hosting June and see you all in July! Have a great last day.

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 30 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    Last day for the June Challenge?! Where did it go? So, one last push to see if I can shift the last 200g. But I’m more than happy with my progress this month. Happy S🌞nday to everyone

    Day 30 Pocket List

    Day 30 UK NFD
    Thanks @penz and all for the fabulous advice and info during the month , will weigh in later , not particularly optimistic but will start afresh tomorrow See you in July x

    Day 30, London, UK, NFD

    Yesterdays’ heatwave made for a very controlled water fuelled day, I ate mindfully at the 1st communion with lots of water to combat the heat.

    I’ve been fairly controlled since my hospital stay, the weather and the need for sleep/ recovery have done that. I know the greedy dragon can reawaken once I get to feeling 100%.

    Thank you @penz for hosting this challenge, I’ll record my losses tomorrow, I think it’s been a good month despite the new scales fiasco!!!

    Day 30 Boston, USA – FD

    Well, I am back. Last week I went to a music camp with my kids with an all you can eat buffet for every meal, and did NOT fast.

    So, I am ending the month 4 lbs heavier than I started it. I’m definitely feeling bad about it, especially because I know exactly what’s causing it. Overeating, especially at night after everyone else is in bed, and making terrible food choices health-wise, generally.

    I kind of feel like I lost my discipline mojo, generally. Makes sense, from the use-it-or-lose-it standpoint.

    So, July’s going to be about rebuilding my discipline, I guess, and trying again for accountability here.

    Hope all is well with others here – I need to go back and catch up on posts still!

    Day 30 Pocket List

    Day 30. NFD.

    Please count me in for the July challenge. I’ve lost the plot somewhat but hoping to get back on the wagon soon. H

    Day 30, VA, USA, FD

    Last call…
    Americano this morning and then to go teach a Vinyasa level 2/3 which are fun to teach once in a while, I get to try fun/exciting/difficult ways to express poses. I’m not what I would call an advanced yogi, but I do like some pretty good balancing challenges.

    @matpi – Ha raw oysters! I Bet it is easier (and as you may have guess I have a challenging time with those too)

    @snowflake56 – sugar used to be a battle – my sugar was more in carbs such as chips. So while those are still in my house (mostly for my sweetheart or should be… sigh) I do my best, to leave them alone, I have replaced that snack in my mind with arugula or carrots.

    @ciren2 – awe bummer about your DHs leg! Hope that feels better soon.

    @hedwig6 – its ok, this is the perfect place to sort out what you need to do and to get support and ideas/tips/tricks.

    @penz – I’m glad I’m not the only one grieving my clothes.
    ¯*•.¸,¤°´✿.。.:* Penz Thank you for hosting! *.:。.✿°¤,¸.•*´¯

    Day 30 Pocket List

    Day 30, Rocky Mountains, US, NFD

    Well, the CD yesterday morphed into a NFD. A bit above TDEE. But still more calorie use than intake! 😊

    Thunderstorms 🌩⛈⚡already popping up at 9am. Will wait till it passes before going on a hike with Mick and DH.

    @penz: Thanks for hosting June. 💐

    Have a good Sunday everyone and see you in July! ⚘⚘⚘

    Day 30 – UK – NFD

    Thank You to @penz for hosting this June 2019 challenge 🤗💐

    Not managed another FD since Monday due to a busy week with lots of social commitments………

    Really enjoyed seeing a live telecast of Small Island recently with OH and we had an early meal out prior to the screening – It is based on the novel by the late Andrea Levy showing how aspiring Jamaicans left one small island to land in another of diminished hopes – great acting too!

    Apologies for my lack of regular contribution to the forum – hoping to be more committed to July both in terms of the 5:2 WOL and interactions with everyone.

    Still sitting at the top of my maintenance range I think but will weigh in tomorrow morning to see how badly I am straying…….

    Looking forward to a more proactive July Challenge with @daffodil2010 – Thank You for hosting us at the start of the 2nd half of 2019 🤗

    Must remember that “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. and when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    Day 30 UK NFD

    Day 29 NFD
    Day 28 NFD

    Well the end of the month. Not quite hit my weight target of 82 kg but only 0.4 off.

    Best of all I managed to complete my 20km run this morning 😀 I really didn’t think I was going to be able to do it a week ago. But with some calf compression support things on it was ok.

    So next onto next month . Starting with a 3 day egg fast 🥚 … should be interesting.

    Day 30 Belfast NFD

    Home now from the beautiful beaches of Northumberland with washing in the machine and some ironing already done. I’m not going to step on those dreaded scales until tomorrow and then I will assess the damage and reset. My sister is a feeder, and her OH, a wonderful chef, so I make no apologies for the total overindulgence of both food and booze. My case is only unpacked and I’m off again on Tuesday to Dublin. My son’s girlfriend has asked me to go wedding dress shopping (I feel very honoured) but I shall be good!

    @Rabette – I think one of the most important parts of this journey is a little light shopping en route to our goal. It’s so important to feel good about yourself and a few well fitting clothes are a great confidence booster, even they are not the ultimate goal size.
    @michelinme – you should be proud of yourself. What an amazing journey.

    Many of you have made huge progress this month and a big well done to you. If, however, the number on the scales is not quite what you’d like, remember, you’re in it for the long haul. This is a way of life.


    A big thank you to @penz for hosting us so well this month

    See you in July


    Day 30 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Another month down, and happy to staying at maintenance. I could not do it all these months without you all here. This support group is truly amazing.

    @penz – thank you ever so much for herding us through the month! On to July with @daffodil2010. Hope to see you all over on the other side!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 30 – USA – NFD

    Thank you, @penz, for hosting June!

    Day 30 California NFD

    @penz thanks for being such a great host!

    2nd post


    Day 30 UK NFD

    Late check in after unexpectedly full day.

    London still v hot which makes it much easier to make good choices. Lots of water and coffee to get through the day. Glad Ice cream has become a conscious decision and so a little easier to resist – I’m practicing the pause, then opting for frozen berries instead!

    @debster251 thank you 🙂 How lovely to be making memories with your sister and your daughter-in-law-to-be 🙂
    @jaifaim love IOW! It’s my favourite day-trip from London – feels like a holiday-in-a-day 🙂
    @johnnyr congratulations on making your 20k! 🙂

    @penz thank you for being a generous, gentle and encouraging host this month. Yes, nothing like hosting to build commitment to this WOL!

    See you in July 🙂

    It’s day 1 for the July challenge on this side of the world, but for those of you who are still on the last day of June, stay strong! You’ve all done so incredibly well with ATLs, reaching maintenance, accomplishing goals and trying new things (eggs, eggs and more eggs!). For those of you who have lost their way a little, don’t despair! We’re here to haul you back on the wagon and July is a fresh month.

    You and yours are both in the wars, it seems @ciren2. Wishing you both a speedy recovery.

    Well done for completing your run @johnnyr!

    Thanks for all the thanks (*blush*) – it was my absolute pleasure.

    Day 30 Ohio, US — NFD (66 bites)

    The NFD has gone well. Finished packing the back bedroom closet and have started on the front bedroom closet. These two closets are the slowest to pack, since all the little items that I’d get back to “later” found their way there. Well, “later” turns out to be now.

    @penz Thanks for doing such a great job hosting this month!

    @rabbette Great quote, there!

    See you all in July!

    Day 1 (July) NZ
    Thank you Penz for hosting, it was nice to have a Southern Hemisphere host as I felt like I was one of the first to see your lovely comments. On-wards and hopefully downwards for July

    July 1st

    Final weigh in: weight 58.3kg/128.5 lbs. Lost 3.9kg/8.4lbs. Only 0.3kg/0.5lbs to be back in maintenance.

    @ciren2 it pays off to buy a good knee support, can your doctor prescribe one? My health seems to be stable, no problems with my hand. I hope with eating less sugar and enough potassium and sodium it will stay like this.

    @rabbette we never have any chips or things like that in the house, if we want something savoury we go for cheese.

    Have a nice day and see you on the July Challenge

    July 1st

    Final weigh-in 70.5kg. Lost 1.5kgs. Almost reached 70kg goal, but weight crept up a little over the weekend, despite doing a FD yesterday.

    @debster251 – love the quote!

    Thank you @penz for being a great host. July here we come! 🏋

    Final Post,

    Today the scales show………………… 153.6lbs which is 3lbs above my ATL (All Time Low) and the same weight I thought I started this challenge, however I’ve got a new set of scales which were 3.2lbs different to the old, so I think I’m safe in saying I’ve eradicated 3.2lbs, the mirror & clothes seems to agree!!

    Thank you @penz, for hosting, you’ve been fab!!!

    See you all on a new page!!!

    @penz thank you so much for hosting June!!!

    Day 30 + 1 – Ireland – FD

    Hi all. Well I’ve bobbed back up again to 165 lbs but absolutely not surprised… this is the problem wIth good weather and me… 🍦 🍻 …
    starting July off with a good one 💪
    Well done to all those who really made June count 👏 . I’ll be doing the same with July having seen my recent ATL 👍
    Thanks again @penz for hosting this month! See you all in July 👍
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 30+1 Melb Aust NFD

    Well, ended up 0.5 kg up (1.1 lb) for the month, which is actually not nearly as bad it could have been. I’ll reverse that trend in July.

    Thanks @penz for hosting the month, onward we go!

    Wrap up for June. Kind of a stabilizing month. I peaked at 206 lbs but ended at 201.6. I went a little below 200 most of the month, when I weighed. The 2nd 1/2 of the month was less bouncy as I employed the Egg Fast. On to July. Thank you @penz for your June support!

    Day 2 USA FD

    Good morning! Just checking in for the day! Have a great day, everyone!

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