June 2019 challenge

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  • Day 24 Melb Aust NFD

    Most of the past week has been NFDs, mainly because of study-related stress and a sudden swoop of (for us here) very cold weather. However, tomorrow is another day, and I plan to finish June successfully. Interestingly, at the medical clinic I go to, I spoke to one of the doctors who was noticeably thinner than when I last saw him – turns out he’s been successfully doing TRE and following 5:2. Very good to see some of the medical profession getting on board with this WOL.

    Happy fasting everyone!

    Day 24 UK FD

    Slept like a baby from c9pm-5am & didn’t even roll over. I love those nights – even when sleep feels more like a general anaesthetic!

    Up & out early for project meetings in town – the last vv full week to juggle deadlines and look forward to breathing space of Monday. I keep thinking there’s no way I’ll get through it all but somehow it happens. But I’m getting better at practicing good self care & keeping some balance in life too with family & friends time plus daily yoga, meditation and sleep routine. Small steps to sustainability ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you all v much for good wishes re stomach and ATL – the former is still settling & the latter didn’t last – but the PJs still! fit ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

    We have strange weather forecast for this week. Not quite France’s epic heatwave but expecting a thunderstorm or two and some very hot days temp going up to 30C. Like most people with neuro conditions, my body always finds it harder to cope with hot weather – and more so when the weather is so changeable. Glad I’ve only got one more trip to town this week and can otherwise work from bed ๐Ÿ™‚

    @songbirdme michael moseley has also written a book called The Healthy Guts Diet
    @at congrats on your epic achievements at yoga!
    @ciren2 glad your singing went well ๐Ÿ™‚
    @ktcaroline hope you can stay cool in the heatwave
    @matpi thanks, I hadn’t thought of it like that.. still washing away today ๐Ÿ™‚
    @penz yay for PJ days ๐Ÿ™‚
    @basyjames good luck with your egg fast – and your full plate ๐Ÿ™‚
    @jaifaim glad you had a sunny day – yes, it lifts everything x

    The last week of this challenge – let’s make it count!

    Pocket list Day 24 – Stronger Together ๐Ÿ™‚

    Day 24 – Ireland – FD
    Day 1 of the Egg Fast – going to try 4 days

    Did not check in this morning as usual. Had an extremely indulgent weekend (once all the house tidying up had been done) which resulted in sloth-like behaviour from me this morning. I did not like this mornings weight on the scales.

    Anyhoo, feeling fit and motivated now, Day 24 of the Shred complete, started day 1 of the Egg Fast – going to see how it goes, it would be nice to take down a couple of pounds before final weigh on in Friday. Plan to still do 16:8, but have eggs and cheese in various different ways. I will not have bullet proof coffee…the though of butter in my coffee makes me want to hurl.

    Best of luck @basyjames, we will do this egg thing together

    And then I am off on Friday and super buys in preparation for the big 50 party on Saturday. I have to collect a keg of Guinness, collect more party ware, pre-prepare whatever food I can, try to find time to get my eyebrows and hair done, ……..at least I have found a baker who will deliver the cake!!

    Pocket list Day 24 โ€“ Stronger Together ๐Ÿ™‚

    Day 24 – Eastern WA USA – transition day 3 after 5 day Egg Fast

    Have been able to follow the suggested transition after the 5 days of egg fasting on the weekend. The scale continued downward .2 and then .4 lbs on the 1st 2 transition days, for a total of 6.8 lbs total with the 5 days and 2 transition days. Will continue for 5 transition days. @basyjames and @daffodil2010, hope you took note of some of the yummy recipes for the fast. I wish you well on the fast. @daffodil2010, I had never tried BPC before but did it because I was trying to follow the plan. I actually enjoy it! On the 5 day Egg Fast as well as the transition days, I am following a TRE of about 18:6 each day as well. I’m transitioning for the 5 days because that’s how long I did the actual Egg Fast. They suggest to transition thoughtfully for the same number of days as the fast. They’re thinking is transitioning to regular keto as the Egg Fast is really a Keto fast. The only down side I experienced during the Egg Fast was some irregularity toward the end so I had some Smooth Move tea one evening.

    My challenge coming off WFDs is that I go up significantly as soon as I add food. I’m trying to be mindful in this transition to regular keto. I’m excited that so far, I’m still nudging downward, even on the transition.

    @basyjames – what type of a Master’s are you working on? I wish you well in all your juggling.

    @matpi – It seems strange that rhubarb isn’t plentiful around your area. Here in eastern WA, it’s abundant and I’m glad. I see it fresh in the grocery stores and farmers’ markets plus frozen in stores as well. I bought some but am looking forward to my own soon. My brother shared a plant with me when I was up in British Columbia at Easter. It is really doing well already. I think I’ll be able to harvest some soon. My son loves strawberry/ rhubarb. Recently I made some strawberry / Rhubarb muuffins and also some strawberry/rhubarb custard pie – both from Keto recipes on-line. Pretty yummy! I’m needing to make some compote again. I like it as a side for pork for example.

    @michelinme – congrats on the smaller PJs! Woo-hoo! Love the NSVs!

    @at – so glad you had that restorative week away and that you’re in your maintenance range!

    Let’s continue the journey!

    Day 24, VA, USA, FD

    Checking in real quick. Was gone for the weekend out of town.

    23/NFD (CD) around 1000 – 1200cal
    22/FD – not planned
    21/CD – was FD, but pretty sure I had maybe around 800-1000 calories because I had some unexpected snacks late night while packing (BUT I controlled myself enough to just have a few chips of each snack and then put them AWAY!)

    Made good choices this weekend while out with friends seeing a concert and staying up late! I lost a tiny bit too, to boot! Not a lot, but I did have A cocktail and enjoyed it (and then had water the rest of the day!) Very proud of my spirit to have done that for my body. Yay.

    Must catch up later…

    Pocket list Day 24 โ€“ Stronger Together ๐Ÿ™‚ (YES WE ARE!)

    Day 24- Atl,Ga-USA CD

    Day 24 California FD

    Just checking in…

    Pocket list Day 24 โ€“ Stronger Together ๐Ÿ™‚ (YES WE ARE!)

    Day 25, Canberra, NFD

    Feeling a lot more in control of my life. I didnโ€™t actually do a WFD yesterday like I usually do, but still came in under 500 calories for the day. So not quite PFDS but still giving myself a pat on the back. How did you go @gretta, after your EFS the day before? Nothing like that reset button. Hope all my other fellow pocket listers did well.

    Iโ€™m joining the injured crowd, somehow badly cricking my neck when drying my hair this morning. A nice work colleague has given me a hot water bottle which is helping.

    Wow @at those exercises sound tough!

    What are you studying @basyjames? And let us know how the egg fast goes for you and @daffodil2010. Did you get sick of them @annemarilyn on your egg fast?

    Maybe with all your running @johnnyr, the weight youโ€™re not losing is muscle weight youโ€™re gaining. Either that or you are big time owed a woosh soon.

    Good to see you checking in @therealwil78, @rafiki44

    Wow @daffodil2010, I see you’ve already created the July challenge!! Love the enthusiasm (and so great to see commitment from everyone to keep these monthly challenges going).

    Day 25 โ€“ Melbourne Aus โ€“ CD

    Had a solid FD of under 500cal, and walked into work again this morning (5kms) despite the apparent temperature being zero, chilly!

    Feeling the reset after the FD yesterday, and going for a very sensible CD today of 1200, before another FD tomorrow. Was feeling pretty sorry for myself yesterday morning, but i’m glad those feelings have passed. Feel back in control knowing I can add a CD and get back on track.

    @penz thereโ€™s nothing like a reset. Iโ€™ve been finding it soo tough without the usual exercise I do (usually 5 high intensity sessions per week, plus some walking) as that gives me a bit of mental strength, not to mention a calorie buffer! But I should be back to it in the next couple of weeks. Hope your neck recovers quickly!!

    Day 25 country west Australia NFD
    Day 24 EFSD! ( Epic Face Stuffing Day for the uninitiated) – out for dinner Sunday, breakfast, lunch AND dinner Monday ) now trying to get things under control for the next few days, though out to dinner again this evening.
    Day 23 NFD.
    The good thing is that despite all those meals out I did manage to be quite restrained in my eating habits so less having a main, a dessert and a glass of vino – just a main, one solitary glass of vino and NO dessert.
    Such restraint!
    Planning on a good week to end the month.
    @ciren2, yes it is good to ‘ lurk with intent’๐Ÿค—
    @kaywesterman I hope the MRI result was good?๐Ÿ™
    @michelinme hope you are feeling better now๐Ÿคž
    @basyjames I have found it difficult to even get to 10000 steps these days but I see the recommendation is for at LEAST 15000 steps. So well done on the commitment.๐Ÿ˜‡
    I wonder where I’ll end up if I walk 15000 steps a day? Might walk all the way to Perth!
    @gretta at least we will even up the wagon with you on one side and me on the other!๐Ÿ˜„
    @songbirdme I’ll bet the singing sounded lovely. I do so love to sing and make a ‘ joyful noise’
    Have a good day all.
    Onwards and downwards

    Day 25 – Japan – NFD … or HED (Happy Eating Day!)

    Actually my water fast was pretty easy. 46 done so far in 2019.

    For me my metabolism really dips while I’m in the first 24 hours of fasting. On that fasting day I typically only log about 2300 to 2400 calories burned on my activity tracker. On a normal active day is more like 2600 to 2700 calories. Right now I’m well over a 3000 calorie pace for today, but as I’m working it will slow down. I have to put in an extreme workout normally to break 3000 calories in a day. It is sooooo much harder than normal active to burn that extra 400 calories.

    Day 25 – South Africa ๐Ÿ‡ฟ๐Ÿ‡ฆ – NFD

    Finally?! A new ATL. 70.8kgs this morning. So less than a kilo to go.

    Can’t believe I’m up so early?! Feels like the middle of the night. Well, it’s 6:50am now ๐Ÿ˜ฑ. I would definitely make a lousy postman. I have to take my car for its annual checkup.

    @daffodil2010 – you made me laugh; I can’t stomach the thought of bulletproof coffee either. I just imagine a big yellow blob floating in the middle of the coffee, urghh! Good luck with the Egg Fast.

    Six more days! ๐ŸŽฏ

    Day 25: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD

    As ever, a very quick visit here before work.
    Hey @funshipfreddie: so your time is the same as mine! Up early,eh? Weight-wise…you’re nearly there, so well done.
    @lilymartin: EFS? been there, done that etc….but stay here and you’ll recover.
    @basyjames and @daffodil2010 The Egg Fasters…good luck over the next few days to you. xx

    Must go now….

    Day 25, Emden Germany, NFD

    Day 25 – Ireland ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ช – FD
    Day 2 of Egg Fast

    We’ll blow me down. So yesterday mornings weigh in had me at a weight I had not seen in such a long time, more than 18 months. My body had been stalling this month despite faithfully keeping to shred and FD’s, then a few days of indulging and whoosh, but the wrong way!!

    I tried day 1 of the egg fast, rather enjoyed it actually as I do love my eggs..I also get my eggs from a vending machine at the gates of a local farm, free range and fresh, so they are yum! Had scrambled eggs and Mozzarella for one meal, a couple of boiled eggs and cheddar for another, then a Stilton quiche which I am having for lunch. Ate more often than normal on an FD, but dropped 2.5lbs and I feel my body shifting into gear. So I will keep you updated!

    @annemarilyn, yay you for losing so much. Unfortunately I will have difficulty transitioning as I am throwing a party for DH’s 50th this weekend and with the best will in the world……..however, it’s something to know is there if we hit a stall.

    @basyjames how are you finding it?

    @penz Yes, I had some free time at home yesterday so set up the July challenge. It’s a bit early still but will post the link soon. I also snuck on the July sheet to the June challenge, will detach and send the link later.

    @funshipfreddie Oooh so right about butter bobbing around in coffee. I mean, I
    LIKE butter, but time and place ๐Ÿ˜จ Well done on the ATL. And also to @michelinme and @jaifaim for hitting their ATL too. Yay!

    @flourbaby, miss ya, hope the procedure went well? I am starting Level 3 of the Shred this evening, never made it that far, haven’t looked at the video yet, wish me luck ๐Ÿ‘

    @ciren2 With you on the early bird thing. I am usually up and at them by 530am although I could stay in bed until 8am and still be showered cleaned and drive to work for 9am! But it’s 18 years of long commute into Dublin back in the day has my body clock still waking early. I don’t mind though, I am better in the morning for everything anyway.

    Pocket list day 25 – Lets DO this

    Day 25UK NFD

    Very pleased to have completed a fast yesterday,the first in quite a while Had a good read through the months posts enjoyed the doggy tales ๐Ÿถ Good luck to all the BPC fans but Iโ€™m in the @daffodil2010 & @funshipfreddie camp on that one Intrigued about the eggfast, it was late so maybe missed the start of the thread xx

    Day 25 UK FD

    Yet again, no weight loss. @penz might be right about the muscle gain from running. I think there’s also something about body retaining more water when you train as it thinks you’re going to need it. Also, my legs are now skin and muscle. If only I could transfer that to my torso I’d be a happy chap. I have noticed that my belly fat is declining though, so I’ll focus on that for now and start to measure the body fat % with the scales. I’m not sure how accurate it is, but I’ll have a go.

    Fasting yesterday was good. Stayed within the 800kcal limit. Today seems hard, but I should manage to get through until dinner. Might go for a light jog to test the calf muscle out again and give it a good stretch.

    I did a few mins of calf rolling on a foam roller this morning as part of my recovery. Oof! That is a torture weapon if ever there was one!

    Day 25 Canton OH Egg fast day 2

    Yay @daffodil2010 love that we are doing this together. Day 1 was actually really easy, I had 2 hardboiled eggs and a few cubes of chees with half a cup of black coffee and I did not feel hungry all day. I had to take Ginger to get her shots in the evening and so didn’t get home until a little later than I wanted. Even though I did not feel very hungry I made myself have dinner – a 2 egg omelet with mini gobs of cream cheese and sprinkling of cheddar/mozzarella cheese for dinner. Overnight, I fell into the deep sleep that usually tells me stuff is moving around on the inside, woke up super energetic this morning and went for a 30 minute run.
    I felt a little faint after my run so broke my fast with 2 hardboiled eggs and 4 cheese cubes way earlier than I usually do. I am listening to my bodyโ€™s cues as I navigate this, which I think is the best gift I can give myself.

    @annemarilyn I will probably stick to hardboiled eggs and cheese cubes for breakfast and cheesy omelets for dinner. Easy peasy and it does the job. My Masterโ€™s degree is in Nursing Leadership & Management; itโ€™s time consuming but not too terrible and I am enjoying all the learning that comes with it.

    @lilymartin, proud to report I got 19,000 steps yesterday ๏Š ha ha โ€œwalk all the way to perthโ€

    @funshipfreddie, @michelinme, @jaifam woohoo and way to go!!!!!

    Pocket list day 25 โ€“ Letโ€™s DO this

    Day 25 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Managed a 1000 calorie day yesterday (probably not the best choices, but, eh…) so will try to do the same today. OMAD again. Yoga tonight.

    All this talk about egg fasting is making me curious though. I get farm fresh eggs from my backyard neighbor’s chickens, so they are plentiful. Might have to look into it more.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 25 -Atl,Ga-USA CD

    Day 25 UK CD

    Yesterday FD morphed into CD… it’s harder to do a FD when beginning tired and tackling deadlines. But v glad I kept to healthy food, resisted the temptation to eat late night oats which made me so bloated last time.

    Really late night and not had enough sleep. Today has been mostly about catching up with email, picking up urgents and doing a little planning and prioritising. After yesterday’s 16:8 I’m going with a nice OMAD supper based around cauliflower in a vegan cheese sauce with fresh tomatoes, spinach and mushrooms and some green veg alongside. Warm gingered berries or banana “icecream” for pud – what’s not to love ๐Ÿ™‚

    Even after my 4 months vegan – or perhaps because of it! – I’d love to hear more about the Egg Diet experience @basyjames @daffodil2010 @annemarilyn – do keep sharing ๐Ÿ™‚
    @annemarilyn I love how you share your learning, and we all follow along ๐Ÿ™‚ x
    @daffodil2010 it sounds as tho you are on a roll ๐Ÿ™‚
    @basyjames way to go living well with such a heavy load – great job for continuing advanced study ๐Ÿ™‚
    @funshipfreddie congratulations on your ATL ๐Ÿ™‚ Mine has gone up a little but it shows it’s possible – and my teeny PJs still fit ๐Ÿ˜€
    @flourbaby hope your procedure has gone as well as possible x
    @jaifaim congratulions on your ATL too! Amazing achievement in the midst of so much else (or perhaps bc of it) x
    @lilymartin thank you – not yet – but hopeful of silver linings ๐Ÿ™‚ Your description of EFS made me LOL – good luck with the reset!
    @songbirdme thanks for the link on weighing – that’s exactly what i do, first thing in the morning after bathroom and before dressing. Weigh daily, record weekly, review monthly ๐Ÿ™‚
    @gretta well done keeping the WOL going while you recover from shoulder. It’s harder in cooler weather too. Hope you can find some ways to get exercise motivation going and boost your endorphins again ๐Ÿ™‚
    @betsylee how cool that one of the doctors is practicing 5:2 – that’s a seal of approval for your medical practitioners ๐Ÿ™‚

    OK back to planning – onwards & downwards lovely people ๐Ÿ™‚

    2nd post

    Checking in….just finished leaping around to level 3 of the 30 day Shred, my first time doing it, and I am firmly in the beginners camp…but hopefully not too much pain tomorrow.

    As for the egg fast. Well, I brought some Stilton quiche for lunch but it wasn’t as nice cold as it was when cooked last night. I also had two boiled eggs and a triangle of cheese, and a,though I am not hungry at all, I will probably have two fried eggs with mozzarella drizzled with olive oil shortly.

    Feeling very motivated.

    Have also made appointment to get my hair done early Saturday before the party and cannot believe how much I am looking forward to that. I usually get my hairdresser stepdaughter to give me a quick trim however this time it will be the full salon experience…coffee, magazine…a little oasis before the madness of DH’s party later that day.

    How are all you fasters doing today? Let’s keep it up guys.

    I’m fascinated to hear of the egg-challenge. Keep it coming….

    Day 25, VA USA NFD

    Observation from Friday morning teaching yoga and meditation in the Awaken exhibit at the The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. We were not allowed to bring in water. I had to be there early to teach and prepare the room. I got out at just past noon, because I wanted to also view the exhibit but I had to wait until I could put things away, I had different instruments that I played while students were meditating.

    So basically from 8:15am – 12:30pm I did not have water. OH MY GOSH – it was a FD day on Friday too. I was so โ€œhungryโ€ feeling from having no water. I noticed it took me almost 2-3 hours before I felt like I was even close to being hydrated and I also took a short nap after I got home, I was exhausted.

    Lesson Learned: Drink your water if you have it available it can really help a lot with fasting.

    โ– โ–‚ โ–„ โ–… โ–† โ–‡ โ–ˆ Body Becomes Complacent โ–ˆ โ–‡ โ–† โ–… โ–„ โ–‚ โ–
    @borealis @songbirdme ** and anyone else into thoughts on this subject **
    Observations: plateau/stall What I noticed is if I stall for about 2 weeksโ€ฆ I change up what I am doing. All the fast listed I did 4:3 (4 daysโ€™ish eating/3 fasting. Egggg-cept the Egg fast. Haha

    โ–ˆ reg 500<FDs and/or LFDs – Stalled after 5 weeks
    โ–ˆ WFDs 7th week – – Stalled after 4 weeks
    โ–ˆ 5 day Water Fastโ€ฆ stalled about 2 weeks later
    โ–ˆ 4 day Egg Fast 15th week transitioned for 2.5 days (total -2.8lbs)
    (did have eggs and some other foods NO CARBS on transition days)
    โ–ˆ WFDs for 2 weeks – stalled didnโ€™t have much weight move after egg fast. So then I decided June go back to
    โ–ˆ FDs again (these FDs are mostly Broth and Veggies *Iโ€™m not strict but that has been MOST of the meals, with an occasional salad or fruit dessert.

    So far this last set of June FDs have been the best. I noticed not eating as much on my NFDs is helpful. Like I skip most breakfast times and just wait till Iโ€™m feeling a bit more hungry and I might eat lunch or just have Dinner. OMAD has been helpful for me too, even on NFDs its much harder for me to over eat if its all in one meal.
    @basyjames @daffodil2010 @michelinme
    Interesting NUMBERS info from the
    โˆ™โˆ™ยทโ–ซโ–ซแต’แดผแต’โ–ซโ‚’โ‚’โ–ซแต’แดผแต’โ–ซโ‚’โ‚’โ–ซแต’แดผแต’ Egg Fast Notes แต’แดผแต’โ–ซโ‚’โ‚’โ–ซแต’แดผแต’โ–ซโ‚’โ‚’โ–ซแต’แดผแต’โ–ซโ–ซยทโˆ™โˆ™

    a total of -2.8lbs down. I guess thats not too bad, considering the amount of calories I ate every day with an Egg Fast โ€“ lets do some *fun* calculations (*Iโ€™m being sarcastic)
    77 cal per Egg
    100 per TBL Butter
    110 per oz Cheese
    x 6 = WOW 1722 calories!!! +Had an egg and butter after workout *b/c It said too do that. Thats an egg-tra 177 calories

    Total of 1,899 calories per day โ€“ Now this is AMAZ-BALLS considering I did still lose weight. That is VERY interesting.

    *I felt a bit bloated and constipated from the Egg fast so Transitioned a day early thats why it was only 4 days instead of 5 and 2.5 day transition and then Water Fasting Days followed as scheduled for that week after.

    @daffodil2010 – cupcake blip (isnโ€™t it funny when you realize the treats you used to like, donโ€™t taste as good as you remembered.)

    @borealis – WF or OMAD is my favorite way to fast. A tiny meal just makes my tummy get mad at me and then it pitches a fit like a 2yo in the grocery store that wants ALL the candy and cereal. (Unless it is arugula or raw carrots, then Iโ€™m good.)

    @annemarilyn – egg fast and afterwardโ€ฆ yes to the notion of what we do after a fasting day. I do

    @redrockgirl302 – Good job getting to maintenance again! I guess we have quite a few here in this forum about the same Height. Your maintenance of 117 – 122 is also my range. *Iโ€™ve never been that size, but excited to finally feel like I have a plan to be close to that (and more importantly maintain it!) and for the +4 could be water and needing a good rest! I have found that I retain much more water when I have upped my exercise routine. As soon as I have (good rest/sleep) I come back down on the scales.

    @ciren2 – ugh pain meds and no real advice. (I wonder after you FULLY recover) if adding a short routine of squats and then calf stretches at the wall everyday if that would help. Something to build/stabilize the area of the strain that keep happening to you. Take your time – I hope you have a speedy recover.

    @penz – This past weekend my friends and I went to see Phish for two days! (Its a Jam Band)

    @missybear – WTG getting to maintenance range!

    @michelinme – I came face to face with bingeing and made a little game plan, if I find myself reaching for those snacks!!! 1st drink an 8oz glass of water. 2nd put a small portion in a bowl (put the rest away). 3. Another 8oz glass of water 4. Go for a walk (a different room or outside if thats possible) Change of scenery is often helpful.

    @snowflake56 – thank you for the shout out on the exercise link and your sweet comment โ€œfor being such a great contributor.โ€ That really made my day. HUGS

    @debster251 – LOVED This quote โ€œI didnโ€™t come this far to only come this far.โ€

    @dingping – you are not alone! Dash of sea or pink salt under tongue followed by 8oz glass of water, is my mood lifter and over all good reset. Especially on FD. I find that I then usually want another glass of water.

    @keitii – I love skinnytaste – YUM

    @funshipfreddie – Great reminder on the last week of JUNE challenge!

    @at – GREAT JOB – โ€œ3 sets x 8 Chatarunga pushups all from a plank position for the first time โ€œ

    One step at a time, one FD at a time. Every day we take steps toward our goals we align closer to who we are on the inside.

    Day 25 – UK – NFD

    Quick check in
    Weight this morning was 54.8kg ๐Ÿ’ƒ

    Will try to catch up tomorrow

    I may not be there yet, but I’m closer than I was yesterday ๐Ÿค—

    Day 25 – Eastern WA USA – Transition day 4 post Egg Fast

    No scale available this morning as I stayed the night at church as the female overnight host while we have Family Promise week. This time we have 2 homeless families that we’re hosting in the evenings and overnight. I had my morning coffee there. I only weigh before drinking or eating. The 1st 2 days I really transitioned very carefully. Yesterday and today I’ve been making good choices but not 100% on plan.

    @penz – the Egg Fast had so many different recipes that I had access to. On day 2 I got a little tired of egginess but switched it up to a tasty recipe – and it didn’t even taste like eggs. The rest of the 5 days I just kept changing it up as needed and did well.

    @michelinme and @songbirdme – the purpose of the Egg Fast generally is to overcome a stall or take back lost ground. If you’re at maintenance, you don’t really have the need. Not that it would hurt if you’re just curious ๐Ÿ™‚

    @betsylee – you mentioned study-related stress and corresponding NFDs. It brought to mind some of my habits that developed as I was in study-related times. If I had a marathon type of study day, I would on purpose keep to liquids like water and often Campbell’s tomato soup. It kept me alert and focused for longer; probably as no heavy duty digestion was required. This was long before “fasting” was part of my life-style. I stumbled onto it and adopted it periodically as I studied but never thought of it as fasting.

    @funshipfreddie – congratulations on you new ATL! ๐Ÿ™‚

    We can do this!

    Day 26, Canberra, NFD

    Beautiful drive in to work this morning with that glorious golden light. It lit up a column of rainbow โ€“ not the usual arc. Feeling happy!

    Iโ€™m liking the egg fast results, @daffodil2010. And good luck with level 3 of the Shred (is it a coincidence that rhymes with dread?).

    Glad youโ€™re enjoying your study @basyjames.

    Congrats to @funshipfreddie and @jaifaim on your ATLs. Inspiration to us all!

    And congrats to @Redrockgirl and @missybear for hitting maintenance. What a great success.

    Loving the egg puns @rabbette. They crack me up!

    Day 25, Rocky Mountains, US, CD

    Did a long walk with Mick and introduced him to university campus and stopped at a cafรฉ for some Americano. Then had a big salad at home. Unfortunately, I felt the need for some lemon bars and vanilla cookies. But still a good CD.
    I really feel best when I am within my maintenance range. I am at the high end right now and will work towards the middle and then the low end.

    Have a good Tuesday/Wednesday everybody!๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒป

    Day 25 Ohio, US — MFD
    Day 24 — NFD (??? bites)

    The MFD has gone well today, although I’ve been feeling quite washed out all day, probably from all the stress yesterday. Yesterday an offer came in for my house and then there were a couple of rounds of counter-offers and counter-counter-offers, etc. It surprised me how much stress the negotiations generated, and it was completely unexpected. I think that over the last year my skills at coping with the slowly accumulating type of stress (i.e. at work) have improved, so now there is no stress eating for that kind of stress. This spring and summer have seen a few episodes of unforeseen stresses of high intensity, and I definitely need to improve my coping skills with those.

    @redrockgirl302 Could Mick go into the coffee place with you? A while back there were places in Oregon, and I think elsewhere in the western US, where dogs could be at the table with their humans. Let me ask you about how you set up your maintenance range. I’ve seen some people say that it should be your target weight + 2 pounds, others say it should be your target weight + 5 pounds. How have you set up yours? (Of course, if it could be target weight +10 pounds, I’d be home golden! ๐Ÿ™‚ )

    Have a great Hump Day all!

    Day 26 โ€“ Melbourne Aus โ€“ FD

    Good CD of 1300 cal, and another walk to work this morning. Feeling heavier than usual, but Iโ€™ll just keep at it. The shoulder is healing nicely, so will be able to get back to training soon. At this stage, I’d be happy to stay around the 70kg mark, once things settle down in life will push for that extra maintenance kilo.

    Heading to Adelaide for most of the week next week to care for my grandma, so not quite sure what Iโ€™ll do for fasting, but it might just be the case of having a few CDโ€™s for the week.

    @michelinme After feeling sorry for myself for two weeks, Iโ€™ve walked to work (almost 5km) every morning this week so far, and since itโ€™s been sunny during the day, Iโ€™ve tried to do another 5-10min walk, and Iโ€™m feeling much perkier!

    @rabbette itโ€™s funny how you mention changing tastes, since making a conscious effort to cut back on sugar most days, I find lollies too sweet now (chocolate still ok, unfortunately lol)

    Day 26 Pocket List:

    Day 26: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    I’m continuing with the stretching exercises the physio gave me last Monday for what she reckons is glute tightness. Yesterday I went back for acupuncture after not having any for two weeks, as he was ill last Tuesday. He agrees with this diagnosis….all we need to do now is loosen and “unflame” the area! Things HAVE got a lot better since this time last week….maybe the stretches have helped. I haven’t needed the strong painkillers the doctor prescribed on Thursday. I also haven’t had time to go to the chemist anyway, so it’s a good thing!

    As usual; must fly….or I’ll be late for work. Got a thorough soaking yesterday morning before the rain eased up! Today is supposed to be “bright and breezy”….huh! Looks dull and grey as I look out the window right now….so we’ll see.

    Day 26, Emden Germany, FD
    Day 1 of the Egg Fast โ€“ going to try 5 days

    joining @daffodil2010 and @basyjames on the Egg Fast

    Day 26 Pocket List:

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 26 – South Africa ๐Ÿ‡ฟ๐Ÿ‡ฆ – FD

    @ciren2 – South Africa is on CAT, i.e. Central Africa Time, so one hour ahead of the UK. And then two hours ahead when you go back an hour in autumn. We don’t do daylight saving. So my post says 7:20am, but it’s actually 8:20am here. Good to know you’re feeling better!

    I went a bit mad on my NFD yesterday – again. Not exactly an EFS; but I’ve got to stop thinking I can reward myself after a FD & just eat sensibly.

    Happy Hump Day! ๐Ÿซ

    Day 26 – Ireland ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ช – FD
    Day 3 Egg Fast

    So folks, this morning I am now at running loss of 4.6lbs in just two days! Two more days to go. Boiled eggs and cheese triangles for lunch, probably omelette or a chicken broth egg drop soup that I saw on one of the egg fast recipe sites.

    Delighted, and interested to see how final Friday weigh in goes. I seem to have been on this plateau for AGES that I need something.

    However, it also brings back to mind my Dukan Diet days. To kickstart that plan you ate nothing but protein for a few days, and I remember I lost 8lbs in a week, while DH lost 13lbs!!! So there is definitely something about upping protein to get you moving. I am going to take that protein thing into account for my WOL, maybe have normal two FD’s and perhaps Thursday being the Pure Protein FD.

    I am also happy with how Level 3 of the Shred is going and can see ribs really
    firming…..have to work on flabby tum so will continue with the workout into July.

    Great to see the enthusiasm on board for the final week. Go check out the July 2019 Monthly Challenge if you can and state your intentions for next month ๐Ÿ‘

    Day 26 Pocket List – we are STRONG


    Day 26 UK FD

    Looking forward to 2nd fast of the week really pleased that I managed a โ€œcontrolled โ€œ NFD yesterday

    Day 26 UK CD

    Late night again, and late OMAD supper. Didn’t have energy to prep veg but wanted hot food – red lentil pasta with soya mince, tomato, mushroom & pea sauce. I’ve started doing red lentil or green pea pasta once in a while and tho it tastes v different, it fills that pasta gap for me ๐Ÿ™‚

    One of those “shake head, get off the scale & on again x3” moments this morning as I seem to be only 0.5lb above my original goal. That’s 2lb better than my June target… I’ll hold that thought as perfect motivation to have good CD today & FD tomorrow before my weekly weigh day ๐Ÿ™‚

    Taking gentle time to prep myself ahead of deadlines & meetings today. Days which start with yoga & meditation are always more centred and build in the sacred pause – the capacity to wait and respond to people & events rather than to react. But time to move on…

    Whatever today brings, hope it’s one of gentle minds and good choices ๐Ÿ™‚

    Day 26 UK FD

    Stumbling along.

    Yesterday was a goodish FD, although I ate a few chocolates before bed – aagghh! Not too far over 800kcal though.

    Today is another FD. Trying hard to stick to black coffee with Bovril as an emergency back-up until tonight. I clearly need to look at egg fasting to lose some weight though ๐Ÿ™‚

    Stay with it fasters. We are doing this long-term. Stick with it and hit your long-term goals.

    Day 26, London, UK, NFD

    Well, Iโ€™m back!!!

    My procedure on Day 19 went well, thanks for the well wishes @missybear, @songbirdme, @michelinme, @ciren2, @redrockgirl302, @penz, @snowflake56, @daffodil2010 and anyone Iโ€™ve missed. Unfortunately, my temperature spiked on my release day, so fearing infection, the NHS decided they would keep hold of me for an extra 5 days!!! During this time the 3 meal a day wagon rolled in and although I could avoid breakfast, the soup/sandwich lunch then stodgy dinner became routine!!! Although, there has been weight loss (I think it was drinking LOTS of water, as the ward was like an oven!!!), I really need to get back to fasting โ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆ. Tomorrow!

    There are antibiotics & other drugs to get me through this week and hopefully Iโ€™ll be back to normal soon.

    Weโ€™re so close to the end of the challenge, I hope everyone is on target, or at least keeping some positivity to take forwards into July!!

    Day 26 Melb Aust CD
    Day 25 CD

    Am gradually transitioning back into FDs after a difficult several days (see last post), and overall, I think I just needed to press pause for a while. Also I had a small (no problem) lesion removed from my back so the local anaesthetic played havoc with my energy levels for 3-4 days.
    Overall, I was 1.5 kg over my start of month weight this morning, but there are four days left to turn that around, so that’s okay.

    @michelinme, yes, it was great to see one of my docs doing 5:2 and TRE successfully. I’d shown Dr M’s book to my usual doctor, and told him that was what I was following, and he didn’t object – he’s been monitoring my weight loss over the last several months and has been pleased with the progress.

    @ciren2, glad to read that there is improvement in the leg pain you’ve been suffering; let’s hope all the stretching and treatment will bring a lasting improvement.

    @annemarilyn, the stress was trying to fit in many extra study tasks while doing normal “stuff” as well. I’ve taken note of your soup suggestion, and if another time I’m just sitting around doing study, I’ll definitely try it. I’ve found in the past that when I have to really focus just on study, eating is just a distraction, and I’ve gone several hours without food, just occasional fluids, so soup would fit in well with that. It’s a good idea.

    Yay to those who’ve reached maintenance. It’s probably 6-9 months down the track for me, but as AT always writes (not quote) – I’m better where I am now than where I was when I started.

    Good luck to the egg fasters – concerns me a little, as the food seems a little unbalanced, but guess as it’s only for a short time period, it’s safe enough.

    So – 4 days left of the month. Goal for the next 4 days: B2B2B2B FD800, with sensible food choices and increased exercise.

    Together we are stronger!

    Day 25, UK, FD
    Day 26, NFD

    Hello everyone, have been MIA for a good week, mainly because I had family visiting which took all of my free time. Had a great time and have been on NFDs (proper feasting I admit). Had my first FD yesterday since and was surprised today to see that I maintained my weight so far (66.2kg). Will make an effort and do a B2B FD tomorrow and friday hoping to reach the 65kg target to end the June with a good result.

    I hope everyone else has been doing well!

    Day 26 Wales ๐Ÿด๓ ง๓ ข๓ ท๓ ฌ๓ ณ๓ ฟ FD

    Brought my FD forward as we are planning a day trip tomorrow that will include a pub lunch.

    Interesting hearing about egg fasting and Iโ€™m tempted to include the idea in my maintenance toolkit to use after holidays, etc to quickly get back into range. My hesitation would be the fear of constipation. I did the Atkins diet when it was fashionable and lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks but the price was terrible constipation and I wouldnโ€™t want to repeat that experience ๐Ÿ˜ฑ as I have a sluggish bowel at the best of times. I will be keenly watching the experience of you egg fasters. Good luck.

    @flourbaby welcome back, glad the NHS has taken good care of you. Hope youโ€™ll soon be totally recovered ๐Ÿค—

    Day 26 Pocket List โ€“ we are STRONG

    Day 26, Rocky Mountains, US, MFD

    Well, summer finally has arrived. Next 10 days are all over 30 degrees Celsius (90F). Hot for the puppy. Have to hike very early with him.
    Today another big salad is planned. Mixed baby greens, cherry tomatoes, avocado and smoked salmon with a balsamic vinaigrette. Strawberries and blueberries with sour cream for dessert.

    @matpi: I was on the patio of the coffeeshop with Mick. There are now a few places that allow dogs on patios.
    Regarding maintenance range: target weight plus 5 pounds.

    Happy fasting! ๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒผ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Day 26 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Quick check in before Silver Sneakers. They moved it to 9 a.m. for the summer – and who thinks this is better for us retirees? Oh well.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 26 Canton Ohio Egg Fast Day 3
    @snowflake56 the Egg fasting duo welcomes you! I think we should call ourselves the 3 amigos ๐Ÿ™‚

    After taking the time to boil my eggs and cube my cheese last night, I was on my way to work this morning when I realized I had left my eggs and cheese cubes at home. Aaagh, I got out of a warm, cozy bed to prep the items and it was all for naught ๐Ÿ™ Was trying to get to a 7am meeting so could not go back for them and had to make do with cafeteria diced eggs and mozzarella balls; let us just say it did NOT hit the spot โ€“ however I soldier on.

    So far, 3.5 pounds lost after two full days of egg fasting. I hit a little wall yesterday evening, felt foggy and sluggish for about 20 minutes, but was able to power through, complete and submit a 27-page paper. Big difference between egg fasting and water fasting for me is that I usually lose a full day when I water fast โ€“ I can make it to work but I canโ€™t engage in school work or any additional physical activity. This feels good, especially since I upped my physical activity this week. I have taken a minimum of 18,500 steps every day since Monday and I have not felt exhausted like I would on a water fast; cravings and hunger have also not been an issue.
    I intend to break the egg fast on Friday, eat low carb, no sugar on Saturday and Sunday, water fast on Monday and Tuesday and full steam ahead to LCHF TRE.

    @daffodil2010 I am so excited to celebrate your 4.6Ib loss! Andโ€ฆ.whoosh!!!

    @flourbaby welcome back, so glad you made it through your procedure, you were missed.

    In other unrelated news, I wore a very flattering itsy bitsy size 4 sundress today and have gotten so many compliments ๐Ÿ™‚

    Day 26 Pocket List โ€“ we are STRONG

    @flourbaby: Glad to hear all went well with your op….but, what a shame they had to keep you in for 5 days extra on dire hospital food! Time to re-boot. And get the veggies in! WHY are hospitals always so hot? Ideal for breeding germs, windows all shut, heating full blast and ill people everywhere.Crazy.
    @snowflake56: Another brave egg-faster…yay to you!
    They say eggs are a super-food, not sure I could do without veggies though. So, well done to the trio.
    @basyjames: Size 4….sounds tiny. However, I do have a feeling that US sizes are different from British. Even so…WELL DONE!

    Day 26, VA, USA, FD

    Yesterday a NFD – had a lot of foods that I would eat for my fasting day. I had my leftover broth and veggies and some Kale I steamed with garlic. Then supper was a sautรฉed veggie blend. (I even had 1 stout *my SO was super excited about that*) I made a small dessert little cake in a mug, which is great for having a treat, but then not having a WHOLE 3/4 of a cake left after you have a sliceโ€ฆ So no over doing it. Thank you chocolate covered Katie!

    Woot Woot to my Egg Fast folks-
    You are doing an Egg-ceptional job!
    @annemarilyn @daffodil2010 @snowflake56 @basyjames
    Totally love how the egg fast has shifted some weight for you guys. It was odd that I only lost about 3lbs from doing it 4 days. (And I was good, no cheating) Iโ€™m totally psyched for you guys! I did find that it broke my stall, so theres that!

    @basyjames – size 4 sundress! Nice Work and I bet you look stunning in it! @ciren2, I was also wondering size 4 UK – is apparently size 2 USA, whatttttt! @basyjames you must be petit. I am a shortie so hopefully Iโ€™ll be seeing those sizes as I get closer to goal!

    @gretta – oh yes, my taste for sugar is dramatically lower. So much that I can not really enjoy a Latte – Macchiato from Starschmucks unless I modify it to have 1 pump of syrup (and really I donโ€™t want the sweetness I just want the flavor) *** I just learned tho that they have started separating the flavors from the sugar/syrup at a couple of Starschmucks (unfortunately one near me is not doing it yet) fingers crossed tho. B/c thats going to be AWESOME!

    @flourbaby – glad to have you back! Boooooo having to stay 5 extra days. I hope hospital food there is better than here in the states. Oh My Gosh, its so bad it wouldnโ€™t matter if they brought it in to meโ€ฆ it would be easy to NOT eat it.

    @betsylee – good luck with your B2B2B2B and your future studies!

    @missybear – When I did the egg fast, that was my problem – constipation (I know it was because I just could not drink enough water) Like I wanted to drink water, but I couldnโ€™t I would pour a glass and then drink about 4oz of it. I think if I did the egg fast again I will start each day as a WF (so I can get my water in me) then maybe OMAD as eggs. *possibly lunch once in a while if I felt like I needed/wanted extra meal.

    Day 26 Pocket List – Sail Away!

    Pocket List – (needing support, I feel like a sail boat in heavy seas today)

    @rabbette: I’d be more than happy at UK size 10/12. I’m just under 5’2″…..when I managed to get to maintenance in 2016 that’s the size I was! But….

    2nd post

    Doing well this evening of Day 3 egg fast. Went food shopping straight after work for the party and was sated from my egg lunch that passing rows of bread and pastries and all sorts of goodies was not a bother. Tomorrow is the final day so I will take stock on Friday morning.

    It will be nice to have veg again, however, as I was a Dukan veteran with at least one pure protein day a week, it’s not that difficult for me, kind of used to it, and I do enjoy how protein keeps hunger at bay.

    It’s a fabulous summer evening. Sitting outdoors with Missie, my cat, curled up on the chair beside me, birds flitting about on the bird feeder, my garden has gotten over “The June Gap” and flowers are bursting out all over. My tomatoes are setting fruit, chillis flowering, strawberries and blueberries ripening…wonderful.

    Will check in tomorrow with hopefully more good egg fast news ๐Ÿ’ƒ

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