June 2018 Monthly Challenge – Hello Summer!!!

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June 2018 Monthly Challenge – Hello Summer!!!

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  • Day 2 Canada FD
    Yesterday’s fast was super easy and I wasn’t feeling at all hungry today so fasted again.

    Day 2 – SW WA USA – NFD

    Kept it a 16:8 as I’m away with a friend at the Oregon Coast. Using up a couple of personal days before the teaching year ends and retirement comes. We had a glorious day that included a couple of hours of walking along the beach on the Pacific Coast. Great exercise! Had a lot of veggies & hummus plus an apple with almond butter for lunch. We stopped by a hole-in-the-wall place for fish & chips and coleslaw for the evening meal. So yummy!

    Welcome to all the newbies to this forum. It’s a great place for the 5:2 journey.

    Day 3, Emden Germany, NFD

    Good morning everyone!

    Dear @at a very Happy 60th Birthday to you, hope the next year will be a fabulous one. Have fun on your surprise dinner tonight. How lovely, a beagle puppy!

    @arelkade miracles do happen, as a nurse and doctor (DH) we were lucky to see a lot of them.

    @dingping we don’t cook the egg whites after whipping, just spoon it in the custard.

    @michelinme only lost 0,1 kg last month, so stayed the same. I had a total lack of concentration too on my 4th day, wouldn’t have made the though any intelligence test.

    @cornish-jane how was your market day?

    @missybear every drop you drink counts says the neprologist sitting next to me. Nephrology is about kidneys and fluid management (and a lot more).

    @diana123 how great your brother could join the wedding, how is he?

    @lessome welcome! Don’t let anyone ever discourage you, I’ve lost 15,3 kg in 3 months, met my goal on March 27 in 2017 and the weight stayed off ever since. Who cares if the first kilos are water loss, a loss is a loss and the fat will go someday, if you stick to it. Just go for it and stay on this site, even if you want to give up, there’s always someone around to give you good advice and lift you up when you’re down.

    I always wonder, what happens to the ones who stop posting. So many people on the spreadsheet every month, so many with a first post. What happened to them, did they reach their goal, did they give up after just a few days? Why didn’t they ask for help, everyone struggles once in a while, together we are stronger and doing this together really helps. 5:2 works if you stick to it!

    Have a good day everone!

    Day 1 – Dubai – NFD
    Day 2 – Dubai – NFD
    Day 3 – Dubai – FD#19

    Thanks @basyjames for hosting June. I’m hoping to lose 5 pounds this month. No time to read all of the posts but I wish everybody the best of luck.

    Day 3, Cornwall UK, NFD

    I arrived early at the country market yesterday and the organisers were worried. ‘Lets hope its not TOO sunny’ they said! There’s a lot I need to learn about these things as I thought sunny would get people out the house, but apparently they go to the beach instead! It must have been an OK mix of sun and cloud as I did alright and people seem to like plants. Thks for asking @snowflake56! Just have to grow more now.

    Off to a Rare Plant Fare in Tregrehan today to see if I can pick uo some nice stock plants for cuttings. Staying busy really seems to help keep the snack dragons locked up.

    @arelkade – when I read your post I thought you said you were having a ‘crisp day’. Crisps (potato chips) are my most favourite food of all time and I jumped to the wrong conclusion. LOL! I know I need to re-train my brain and tell myself that asparagus is my most favourite food but I’m not there yet!

    Day 3 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    @at Happy Birthday 💐 wishing you a fabulous 60th celebration day, enjoy 🎉🥂🎂

    @snowflake56 thank you and your OH, its good to know my cups of tea count.

    After a slow start yesterday turned out to be a good active day, finished the house cleaning, went for walk to get in the steps (I’m a slave to my Fitbit) and rewarded myself with a G&T in the beer garden of the village pub. Just debating what to do today…….maybe a walk on the beach. Have a wonderful day everyone 😎

    Day 3, Guildford UK, FD

    Yesterday was very tough and today struggling too. Thanks for the support @dingping. It’s days like yesterday that I need it.

    Day 2 always seems to be really tough.

    Sadly exercise not being done because of studying. Really hard work.

    @snowflake56, I wonder too. In fact I notice that up to day 10 the pages on the thread fly by then it slacks off. My thinking has always been, gosh not done enough for the month, must push it harder.

    @michelinme sometimes it’s ok just to have a hold it month quite deliberately. My birthday month is one like that and December too. It is still part of the WOL. That’s my thought. It is consistent effort over a long period.

    My scales failed on Friday after the weigh in. New battery fix it? No… did swearing, shaking etc fix it? Noooooooooo

    Any suggestions for a new scale.

    I can’t find my glasses either, wonder if I left them in Sainsbury that’s when I last thought I had them. They are brand new and cost a lot of money with reactor lenses. So upset that made me want too.

    I bought myself some lavender oil, which I love. I intend to use it to calm me down.

    Studying hard for the exam on the 13 June.

    Feeling stressed!


    Day 3, London, UK, NFD

    Another CD planned for today, this seems to be working for me, either because of the heat or the added exercise, either way the dragon isn’t roaring as loudly as before!!!

    Happy Birthday @at, don’t you know, 60 is the new 40??? I hope your day is a fantastic champagne & cake filled spectacle!!! Your inspirational journey to maintenance is what encourages me daily & thank you for the quote which sums this WOL up & has kept me on this journey (I stole it & made it my mantra too!!)………… “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    @bert1802, I love the new ending, no changes required!!!! You know the devil makes work for idle hands (and fasting is easy when we’re busy!!), so your busy, busy new role is exactly what you need!!!!

    To all newbies, the very worst thing about this WOL is the ‘wardrobe moment’. My wardrobe was full of lovely clothes that were too small, then the next day they were far too big!!! I went from a size 18 to a 14, completely skipping over the 16’s (now a comfy 12)!!! My advice would be to try those ‘just too tight’ items on regularly so you don’t miss the ‘IT FITS ME!!’ window, and although you might have to wear that ballgown to the supermarket …………………. At least you will have worn it!!!!!!!

    Stay strong everyone and remember …….. “Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill

    Day 3 London NFD

    Studying and fasting not an easy combination admire your grit and determination @rainbowsmile. Sending back your positive vibes from yesterday and some of mine to help you get through today. Good luck with it all.

    @snowflake56 – do you still enjoy it or is it like my Weetabix?

    Heading to the V&A and a walk later along the Thames.

    Ta x

    Day 3 – USA – NFD

    @at, happy birthday!

    Day 3
    Weight: 89.7 kg

    Day 3 Stevensville Maryland USA CNFD

    @at Happy Birthday, today is my birthday too. Turned 61 today and feeling better that I have in years. @snowflake56 my brother is doing wonderful, they have stopped the dialysis in hopes his kidney functions continue to improve so that they can treat the cancer a little more aggressive with the chemo. It was wonderful having him at the wedding and he looked better than the last time I saw him. There is power in Prayer.

    Going to brunch today with my darling grandchildren to celebrate my birthday.

    A flower doesn’t compete with the flower next to it, it just blooms. Have a great Sunday everyone.

    NFD SURPRISE! SURPRISE! Today is my normal weigh in and I have seemed to lose the weight I gain at Universal Studios. 176.4. So, I feel like I’m back on track. My grandson has been here and while eating out, I’ve been able to keep control Just need to stay away from the Butter Beer. I did find the recipe for it 🙂
    Hope everyone has a great Sunday.

    Day 3…..Florida…..CD

    Another fine day lies ahead for us!
    A quick welcome for all the newbies….. if you can dream it and you stick to 5:2, you’ll achieve it! Remember suppport in all forms is only a click of the mouse away!
    I’m a firm believer in posting early and reading the comments to get me through the day but I’ve been known to read the post again when I’m struggling.
    Here is my tip for you, it is something that I still do….. chew gum…… I have gum containers all over my home and at work! People at work joke that I should buy stock in a gum company!

    @snowflake……I always wondered about the ones that were here then were gone. I hope they are doing well! But one thing I have learned about 5:2 is majority of the time, it more mental than physical. If we are not in the proper mind set, a diet, our goals, our lives sometimes fall to the side lines. After being on 5:2 for almost two years, I can tell you when my mind wasn’t in it, I can also say that many of the things I do are just habits now that I do with out thinking about them. Like right now, I’m in my 12th hour of fasting… I’m not ready to eat. And more than likely, I’ll just find busy work and not eat until later this evening.
    I hope that we will see those people again and they will have been successful!

    @flourbaby…… I’m glad you like the ending. Life has been a bit on the crazy side. I do find it easy to push my fasting state from 16 hours to 18hrs with no problem. My biggest hurdle now, it’s eating when I’m traveling. I would like to find a little something that will ride in a hot car and be good to eat when I’m ready. I may have to look into a small cooler or insulated lunch box. It’s all about balance!

    Okay well….I’m off…. today is just a lazy day. Ms. Flylady is back from vacation and I only have one day to get my zone 1 chores done….. so maybe I’ll do that today!

    Japanese legends says…..if you are not sleeping at night, it is because you are awake!

    USA Day 3 FD

    I successfully completed my water FD yesterday with a small meal at the end. Then I realized I am still not hungry, so I began another! I am well into today and so far so good! I don’t understand why when I don’t eat for a lengthy period of time, I am not hungry, but it helps in this WOL, so I will take it. I read an article online that said there is no benefit to fasting more than 48 hours. I am determined not to slow down my metabolism but rather confuse it, so 48 hours then eating is the most I think I will do. It doesn’t seem to be difficult for me to eat this way. The other days 16:8 seems to be a good idea.

    Happy Birthday to all who have a birthday today! For all those who are struggling, we are here for you! Good luck, everyone, and have a wonderful day!

    Day 3 Canada NFD

    @basyjames thanks so much for hosting the challenge, I am thrilled to be back.

    I am a 57 year young women who has always tended to carrying a few extra pounds, all around my middle/belly area. I started 5:2 last August as I was feeling heavy and bloated. I also noticed my friends were getting to a point where they were over eating and drinking and stacking more weight on around my danger zone. That is too risky in terms of future health in my books so was motivated to take action.

    Diets have never worked for me, I love to cook and eat so cutting out food groups just doesn’t work. The 5:2 WOL works perfectly for me. I feel lighter with fasting, I am clear headed and sleep so well. The FD’s have become very easy, I have had 2 FD’s in a row this month and could easily have another today.

    Welcome newbies, if you are feeling like the FD’s are extreme to start with hang in there. It gets way easier. The forum is your best friend as it is full of motivating, friendly and understanding people all sharing the same goals.

    Day 3 – SW WA USA – NFD

    Travelling home from the ocean today & will at least go for a 16:8. I’ve been introducing my travel friend to the fasting world. She’s a type 2 diabetic and not in very good shape physically. She’d love to get off of insulin and even metforman someday.

    @at – Happy happy 60th!
    @snowflake56 – I do appreciate your musings. This forum is such a supportive place for our 5:2 journey and more.
    @diana123 – Happy birthday to you too! So glad to hear about your brother’s miracle and that he was able to go to the wedding. Yes prayer works!

    Have a wonderful Sunday & remember that together we are stronger!

    Day 3, UK, NFD

    Its been a relaxing day today and fun as well, watching starlings in my garden, they are hilarious! Young ones are growing fast and like all youngsters being very mischievous 😂

    @at Happy 60th Birthday to you 🎂 🍾 , and many happy returns! I hope you have a great day 😀

    @diana123 Happy Birthday to you too 🎂 , so glad to hear your brother is doing well 😀

    @cornish-jane glad to hear your day at the market went well 😀

    @rainbowsmile good luck with your studying and the exam 🙂 , its tough fasting and studying , keep strong.

    Have a lovely day everyone ❤

    Day 3, Finland, NFD

    Happy birthday @at and @diana123, hope you have both enjoyed your day.

    Lots of great success stories again at the start of the month.
    @cornish-jane your success drives me forward! Similar starting point which makes me feel weight loss is possible with this WOL.
    @missybear also a great success story, congratulations on your wonderful journey! Love that you say you don’t count calories on NFD, because that is what I absolutely hate about ‘dieting’. I find it just gets me obsessed with food, and the more i think about food the more i want to eat!

    I have decided I don’t like having weigh in after a FD, it is like fake news, and then the day after comes the real news which means I am an extra half kg away from where I weighed in! Feels like i am starting from behind the start line 🙁
    Not having my normal monday FD as i am meeting a friend for ?drinks, although I am super conscious of empty calories in alcohol….lets see what i decide to partake in.
    But thats the end of my negativeness for today.
    Enjoy the rest of the day everyone….the extraordinary run of sunshine continues here, too good to be true!

    Keep smiling everyone, cos Losers are winners, and winners are grinners!

    Day 3 UK NFD

    I have had a wonderful day out with my kids and my parents and I actually opted for a salad when we went out for a meal….alas, the good intentions did not last as I have also had wine and more birthday cake. Nom, nom, Nom! BUT tomorrow is a fast and I’m going to try for another b2b. I’m also going to aim for my 10,000 steps every day and get back on with my Jillian Michaels workouts (love her!).

    Hope everyone enjoys the rest of your weekend and happy birthday @at and @diana123 xxx

    Day 3, Gozo, Malta, nfd

    Happy birthday 🎁 to you @at many happy returns. I hope you are enjoying your day. Sweet 60!

    Happy birthday @diana123 many happy returns. I hope you enjoyed going out with your dear grandchildren. 61 and young at ❤️ heart! Keep up the good work.

    Today two of my daughters came for lunch with their husbands and three grandchildren. The grandchildren made a “camp” in the living room and took all the toys from two big boxes to play with after attending mass at church with my husband and I and one of my daughters.

    For lunch I prepared the Middle East fish cakes, the roasted potatoes and chicken legs with onions and I bought the dessert from my favorite coffee shop this morning. Everyone liked the meal except my picky son who didn’t eat the fish cakes.

    This evening I’m having some kiwi. Tomorrow is the first of B2B2B for me but the Eucharist community are organizing a bbq after we celebrate mass in a tiny chapel near the sea. So I’ll just fast on fruit and water.

    Good evening/night everyone. Tomorrow is another day let’s keep on keeping on.

    Day 3 UK NFD

    Strange weekend of saying yes to promptings

    Yesterday spent 4 hours sorting thru every nook & cranny that had clothes with DD. Two bags to charity shop, one bag to a special pop-up charity shop, a few items to DD and got her expert opinion on everything left in the house! Lovely to catch up with her but v tiring day as had to catch up with overdue admin and meeting prep after she’d gone. By the time I’d finished it was 1030pm, eventually got to sleep around 1.30am 🙁

    Today has been miraculously chilled, at least partly bc I’d got ready last night and started today with miraculous focus and yoga & meditation. The lunchtime meeting was not as expected but useful, and afterwards had a lovely long catch up with some old friends.

    Yesterday’s food consumption was patchy – healthy late lunch at 4pm with DD salad, baked sweet potato and halloumi, then too much bread and 2 portions of chocolate rice pudding in the evening. Today I bounced back a bit from the carbs & took eggs, carrots & apples with me so resisted the proffered cakes, biscuits, hot food and sandwiches. Got home to bread & cheese and about to make supper from yesterday’s healthy lunch leftovers.

    Despite my yen to faff about I need to prioritize prepping for tomorrow and getting to bed early. Full Monday including my brother visiting for the morning and an evening talk in town, plus papers to send out for an important meeting . There are rather a lot of close deadlines coming up & I’ve rather let things pile up recently so need a few focused days. Several family members are wanting to meet up for the first time in a while – judicious juggling of competing projects, family & community commitments required so need to have my mind in a good place.

    Self care is always easier when I take the time both to look ahead and to live in the moment, which means sleep, yoga, meditation and taking time to prepare, particularly for FDs. I’ve seen that B2B2B2B are physically & mentally possible for me but currently have a significant impact on focus, cognition and energy, so perhaps best kept for holidays or quiet times at least for now. We live and learn 🙂

    Onwards and downwards

    Day 3 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Home now from my convention, and with the help of MFP (My Fitness Pal) I was able to track my calories quite well. According to that, I stayed under TDEE both days despite having beautiful meals served to us. I even ate 3 desserts! (Skipped breakfast on Saturday which did help.)

    “Happy birthday dear @diana123 and @at ♫♪♫♪ happy birthday to YOU”! (Did ya’ hear me singing to ya’?) Hope and pray you’ve had terrific days!

    Since the convention I went to was for P.E.O. (an all-women’s group) there was one session on women’s heart health. Wow. Does being overweight smack you right in the gut with propensity to heart attack, stroke, and heart disease. Also the over 35″ waistline and being high on BMI. As I looked around the room of some 450 women, all I could do is pray that some of those women took the advice to heart.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 3 Sicily CD I try to stay around 6000 calories for the week on Maintenance. This 2nd week of vacation I was closer to 7000. I need to cut back on something- probably Pizza! 🍕

    Day3 A gloriously sunny Belfast NFD
    I seem to have lost this morning’s post. How annoying.
    @merryapple – good luck with the exhibition. I probably asked you before – does he have a website where we could view his work? I would be really interested.
    @rainbowsmile – you’re right, I’m home! What a pain to study in this beautiful weather.☹️
    @moukinator – sounds like you and your fiancé have it sussed!
    @bert1802 – I know you’ll lick it into shape. BTW I love your new ending.
    @anna6 – I’m salivating!
    @at happy birthday dear virtual friend 🎶💐 and a little puppy…how exciting!
    Great post @borealis
    @dykask my YS and his girl arrive in Tokyo on Tuesday for a two week holiday in Japan. They’re really excited.
    @flourbaby the image of you shopping in a ball gown made me chuckle. Are you aiming for a size 10?
    @diana123 a very happy birthday 🎂 to you! I’m so pleased to hear about your brother.
    A walk with two dogs today proved quite stressful. We’re looking after our son’s pug for a couple of weeks and the two aren’t used to walking with each other. Our pup misbehaved quite badly. Maybe it’s an attention thing. Anyway, their antics and cavorting has finally stopped and the two are fast asleep. I’ll be quite close behind them. Have a good evening, everyone.

    Second post

    I missed the birthdays dang! Happy belated birthday @at and @diana123 🎂 (it’s calorie free). Pleased about your brother and that you can both be part of the wedding.

    @dingping I find WFD easier too, I think it’s something to do with insulin release but I have less Hunger. 800 Cals days are easier than 500 Cals. But day 2 is always my worst day.

    I found my glasses! They had fallen under the car, grubby but ok. PHEW!

    Today less of a struggle, I am really going for it in June.

    Want rid of the muffin top from hell. 😨

    @songbirdme I love my fitbit. Mine is coral coloured and gets dirty quickly. And I have charging leads in the house, office and car so no escape! I got the leads at car boot sales.

    @mogaman pizza in Italy! What willpower you have. Hats off to you if you can.🍕


    Day 3 second post

    Just list post for second time! Briefly

    @at happy 60th birthday! Hope you are having a wonderful day

    @diana123 happy 61st birthday! Wonderful wedding gathering, well done! And so glad your brother was able to be with you.

    @flourbaby loved your “ballgown to the supermarket” – I Spent hours yesterday going through ballgowns. How on earth had I forgotten my ball-going days?! (Seriously) I’ve also gone from 18 to 14 and missed the chance to wear 16s when they fitted. Realise I’ve no Idea what size I am now bc been measuring myself against drawer full of clothes in 1980s sizes!

    Day 4…NSW Australia…FD
    (Monday 9.15am)
    Hi everyone.

    Looking forward to my first FD for June – need to get back on track! Planning on lots of fluids and minimal food today. Also more walking. Feel I’ve been lazy in the last couple of weeks, with family happenings! Need to be more focused, and mindful, on better health all round.

    Happy birthday to all those celebrating recently.
    Best wishes to each of you for a wonderful Monday.
    Congrats to all those on a downward spiral, also to everyone else for making the big decision to live a more healthy life

    Enjoy whatever you are getting up to and bye for now!

    Day 4 FD Australia

    Splurged on dark. Chocolate and red wine last night, delicious.
    Might be missing something but what is a controlled day?

    USA Day 3 FD
    Second Post

    My 24 hour water fast is over. Tomorrow is a 5:2 500 calorie fast on a 16:8 protocol. For me, that is very doable. 24 hour water fasts are very hard for me and very hard, so I can only do those occasionally. I have my entire meal plan worked out for tomorrow. Have a great evening everyone!

    Day 4 – Japan – FD 83.6kg

    After a weekend of too much eating and likely too much resting my weight is hat a high point. I headed out for a ride to a park to do some pull-ups and broke the pedal bearings. This is a bike I only paid 3500 yen for so it probably isn’t worth fixing. I only got a 5 years and maybe 10000 km out of it! Ugh. 😀

    Day 4, Cornwall UK, FD

    Morning all! Started my Monday fast earlier than usual on sunday afternoon as we have visitors coming and will make them a normal meal tonight, and I want to celebrate with them!🍷. Not sure how effective the fast will be as its only 28hrs fasting instead of usual 36hrs. Plus several days of socialising. My goal this week is just to stay level and not gain anything.

    Monday is normally a big fasting day, so stay strong everyone!💪


    2nd post …

    Day 4 pocket list … I expect the list to grow too!


    Day 4 – Ireland 🇮🇪 -FD

    Did not post yesterday, probably because I was snacking and drinking wine in my sunny garden 😳 The weekend was a complete carb fest, and when I hopped on the scales this morning I hopped back off again in shock. I dare’nt say what I saw but it was a huge increase. Water weight I know but wow, how quickly it comes …..hopefully as quick to go?

    It was a busy weekend though with friends visiting and stuff to do. So today, although Bank Holiday Monday, is a work day for me (double time yay ☺️), and I am glad of it as I am straight onto a B2B FD.

    Wednesday is my birthday and we are babysitting our granddaughter from Thursday until Saturday so there will be lots of things going on. So these two FD’s are well needed. Unless a miracle happens the little half a pound required to get me to 125 by my birthday will not happen…..because it’s morphed to ++ lbs 😨

    Onwards and downwards people.

    Joining you @cornish-jane on the pocket list, it’s going to be a busy one 👍


    Day 4, Emden Germany, FD

    Good morning everyone!

    @missybear you’re welcome!

    @rainbowsmile glad you found your glasses, annoying when you lose them. I still use old balance scales, no batteries needed, no false alarms about fat percentage going up or down. Only a short time before your exam, it will be over soon now.

    @dingping I still eat and enjoy the childhood food. No more Weetabix with butter for you?

    @diana123 Happy belated birthday wishes, hope you had a wonderful day. What great news about your brother, I’m happy for him.

    @bert1802 I also think it’s a mental thing and also hope everyone met their goal. I was really glad for the support I had when I started.

    @annemarilyn how many days before retirement?

    @michelinme well done of the bags for the charity shop. It’s such a pity the ballgowns had to go, had the same problem. Likes to imagine going shopping in them, great idea @flourbaby. Would like to see the look on peoples faces when we would!

    @daffodil2010 I’m sure it will go off as fast as it came on.

    Pocket list Day 4, if you want to join us, please copy and paste and add your name to the list

    @daffodil2010 1st of B2B
    @anna6 1st of B2B2B

    Have a good day everyone!

    Day 4 FD – a little village in France.

    This is my 1st post since june started, and my 1st FD. I had QUITE a weekend, entertaining my brother, who is visiting from abroad. Obviously that included a bit too much overindulgence…

    Went to the Alps on Saturday which involved a lot of travelling and not much moving, and then yesterday i had a flare up of a chronic condition which resulted in a lot of fluid retention from swelling ( and pain) 🙁

    So the 1.6 kg i lost up till friday night came back in part. Im only down 0.6kg since starting last monday. I will weigh in at the end of today and hopefully that fluid retention will be gone.

    Have a good day fellow fasters and non fasters!

    Day 4 UK FD

    Morning all. I was up bright and early today and have already done my daily Jillian Michaels workout. Just got the rest of my 10,000 steps to get now.

    Today’s pocket list:

    @daffodil2010 1st of B2B
    @anna6 1st of B2B2B
    @sarahbob 1st of B2B

    Day 3 post 2…. oops i meant to say add me to the pocket list 🙂

    Day 4 Belfast FD

    Just half a pound up from the weekend so I’m really pleased.
    Adding my name to the pocket list. For some reason my iPad won’t copy and paste so I’ll have to type it.

    @daffodil2010 1st of B2B
    @anna6 1st of B2B2B
    @sarahbob 1st of B2B

    Remember: I didn’t come this far this far to only come this far.

    Day 4, Finland, NFD

    Good morning everyone. Just a quick check in….feeling disheartened by the scales today. Not my usual FD due to social commitments but will do a B2B starting tomorrow. Absolutely knackered from crazy shifts at work…I hate summer at work.They have a stupid holiday system here that leaves you so run down before your holidays, and takes a week back at work to be run down again. As a reminder the kids have started holidays the weather has turned and usual Finnish summer has arrived…under 20deg 😉

    I hope everyone else is smiling, cos losers are winners and winners are grinners!

    Day 3 and 4 – UK – NFD

    Thank you to everyone for your birthday wishes @snowflake56 @missybear @flourbaby @metatauta @diana123 @ccco @annemarilyn @shinything @kerryn73 @sarahbob @anna6 @songbirdme @debster251 @rainbowsmile @michelinme @arelkade

    What a great weekend – manage to celebrate my 60th without any serious overindulgence BUT still had a thoroughly fabulous time including several glasses of 🍾 so I’m feeling wonderful and the celebrations will continue over most of June with various friends.

    DH surprised me with some wonderfully sentimental gifts and a fabulous meal out at one of our local Michelin Star restaurants – wonderful views and a scrumptious tasting menu with some very nice wines too – I do love that man – 38years married this year 💑

    Plans for this week include lunch out today with DD then a lunchtime BBQ with walking friends tomorrow after our regular walk. I can fit in a FD on Wednesday! before I drive down south on Thursday, where I used to live, for a long weekend to catch up with old friends……starting out with a light supper and sharing an obligatory bottle of bubbly on Thursday evening with my dear friend who is putting me up for the weekend. Then Dinner out on Friday – Lunch on Saturday – Day out on Sunday and Dinner on Monday before I drive back on Tuesday next week!!!!! Tuesday will definitely be a FD – easy to do when on the long drive back and I have a yoga class booked for the evening which should keep me focused on completing that FD!

    My plan is to do OMAD (one meal a day and limit portion sizes where possible!) over this week and the next as I have a night out planned for Friday next week too! Gosh it’s hard work turning 60 but what fun as well 😉

    Hope my birthday buddy @diana123 also had a fab weekend and enjoyed herself – wishing you the happiest year ahead too 🤗 and so happy to hear that you share my feelings of “feeling better that I have in years” Isn’t this WOL wonderful so glad to have discovered it.

    So lovely to see some still joining our June Challenge month – Welcome to @lessome – this WOL works!! my advice is just to stick to the basics – work out your TDEE for the weight you want to be on the tools available in resources here, don’t overestimate your activity level, eat a 1/4 of your TDEE on your FD and stick to your TDEE on NFD and you will lose weight – exercise will not make a huge difference in your weight loss but will help and will also be wonderful for your mental wellbeing and drink at least 2L of water daily – remember that TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER

    I must go get sorted out for the day so no time to comment on the posts but stay strong and positive and enjoy life with a smile!

    Day 4 North Wales FD

    Adding my name to the pocket list.

    @daffodil2010 1st of B2B
    @anna6 1st of B2B2B
    @sarahbob 1st of B2B

    Remember: I didn’t come this far this far to only come this far.

    Happy birthday @at and @diana123 hope you had a brilliant day xxx

    Day 4, London, UK, NFD,

    Another NFD before tomorrows’ FD, unusually stable on the scales at the moment, bone broth and Thai stir-fry should keep me on the wagon today!!

    @sarahbob ………… today is Day 6 of the 30Day shred for me (sticking with Anita of course), I’ve only completed it once before (at 20+lbs heavier!!!), I’m determined to tone up and it’s doing no end of good for my mental health!!!

    @debster251, I guess I’m aiming for being healthy and fit, theoretically I should weigh below 8st since I’m 5’2 ½”, but of course, size 10 in one shop is a size 14 in another, so at the moment I’m a comfy 12-14 (depending on the shop!) I’m nearly into my size 10 linen holiday trousers from Next (1month to go!!!) – I suppose what I’m trying to say is, I need to get to a size where I look in the mirror & smile ……… not frown!!!

    @michelinme, LOL, you’ll be sporting the leg-warmers, lace gloves and puffball skirts now ………………just ‘cause you can!!! It’s weird because I don’t remember being a size 14 as an adult, & have spent most of my life as a size 16, so how I managed to skip the 16’s when 90% of my clothes were that size I HAVE NO IDEA!!! I’m going through another ‘Clown Pants’ phase, cinching & safety pins aren’t working so my trousers are flapping a bit, but I’m at that in between stage so maybe another month ………………… then a shopping spree!!

    Onward & Downwards people, we’ve got this!!!!

    @flourbaby – I’m getting ready to get new belts because the one’s I’m using I’ve cut down at least twice. I’m able to go to the last hole again on a couple of them. I may cut them again too.

    Wow what a pocket list already. @snowflake56 got us back on track. I’m about 22 hours into my fast.

    @daffodil2010 1st of B2B
    @anna6 1st of B2B2B
    @sarahbob 1st of B2B

    Day 4 – UK – Reading – FD

    A 2lb gain after a weekend away walking in the Brecons, which is a bit disappointing considering a 13mile walk. But then maybe I went overboard on the food … So a FD today. And has anyone tried shakes like Huel to manage calories? I’m find that calories do creep up on fast days, and maybe shakes would help me manage it a bit better.

    Adding myself to the pocket list:

    Day 4 North Wales FD
    Adding my name to the pocket list.
    @daffodil2010 1st of B2B
    @anna6 1st of B2B2B
    @sarahbob 1st of B2B

    Day 4 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    @diana123 Happy Belated Birthday, hope you had a lovely day yesterday and so good to hear better news about your brother x

    @flourbaby 😂 yes my sequins number size 14 had to go to the charity shop, I wish I’d thought to wear it to Tesco!

    @at so glad you’re celebrating 60 for at least a month, I will be following your technique with interest in preparation for my 60th month of celebration in February 😊

    Adding my name to the pocket list.
    @daffodil2010 1st of B2B
    @anna6 1st of B2B2B
    @sarahbob 1st of B2B

    Have a great day everyone.

    Day 4 (where do they go!) London NFD

    Belated b’day wishes @at and @diana123 glad you both enjoyed your special day and still celebrating!

    @snowflake56 – Weetabix with butter is almost impossible to eat as it flakes into crumbs as soon as you bite into it and very dry, even with butter, like cream crackers with no topping, Thankfully grown out of it and only tried it again a few decades back when feeling nostalgic.

    Fasting or not stay focussed and in control.
    Have a good day everyone
    Ta x

    Linda, USA
    FD today, this is my 3rd fast and hopefully it will be easier than the last one. I have been reading Valter Longos work on Longevity and fasting, very encouraging how fasting can do so much for your health. I hope to be able to do a fasting mimicking diet one day.
    I have dropped 4 lbs this last week, but my waist hasn’t budged, I assume that will take much longer. I carry almost all my extra weight around my belly.

    Have a great Monday everyone!

    Day 4, UK, FD

    So far so good fasting today, just had a black coffee, and planing to have just some chicken breast with salad for late lunch 🙂 . Will be working as well wich should keep me busy.

    @arelkade its inspiring seeing you staying mindful and acountable with all that happened lately, you are an inspiration! ❤

    @justabiteofyours controlled day (CD) is when you stay bellow your TDEE but not as low as fast day.

    Stay strong all who are struggling today, and remember that this WOE works! If you fell off the wagon its ok, just get back on 🙂

    Have a lovely day everyone 🤗

    Day 4…….Florida…….FD

    So, I woke this morning to high temps and humidity that’s out of the norm around here. It’s normally not this warm at 6am this soon.
    Happy Birthday to those celebrating!

    Yesterday, I watched this documentary about folks that are naturally skinny/thin. During the study it was discovered that naturally thin people eat 95% of their meals at home, cooked from scratch. This includes lunches they take it work. They also do no snacking between meals and have no snacks in their cupboards. Now, here is something I found odd……they also sit at the table to eat, every meal!
    During that same study a group did a study on how much people consume. During the study the feed the participants an shrimp and pasta salad instructed half of them to stand and called it a snack, the other half was instructed to sit and called it a meal. Then the participants were asked to sit in a cubical to fill out a questionnaire. In the both in front of them were several bowls of treats, chips, candies etc. the group who stood up and ate their snack consumed 75% more treats in the cubical than those who sat and ate their meal.
    So, basically there is a big correlation between sitting and eating a meal and being thin.
    People who stand, eat between meals and have snacks tend to consume more than those who sit for all their meals.
    So…. we always need to sit at the table to eat
    We are no longer allowed to stand and eat
    We we always should refer our eating to a meal rather than a snack.

    Interesting study…….

    Okay well…… my coffee has run out…..so I’m off!

    Japanese legend says if you are not sleeping at night, it is because you are awake!

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