June 2018 Monthly Challenge – Hello Summer!!!

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June 2018 Monthly Challenge – Hello Summer!!!

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  • Day 1 (yay!!), FD, US

    I love starting the month with a FD; just feels like I’m beginning with the right attitude.

    I usually do FDs Mon and Thurs, but lately I’ve been trying some B2B2s. We’re going out tonight to a comedy show, which interupts our traditional pizza/red wine night, so instead I’m doing a FD. Some nasty horrid person brought cake into the office today so I immediately jumped on to this forum for some distraction, and to help me recommit. Thank you!

    @rainbowsmile – 1st of 3 B2B2B and monthly pocket wino challenger
    @basyjames – 4th of B2B2B2B
    @snowflake56 – 4th of B2B2B2B

    Have a good weekend all!


    I have been an avid follower of these monthly challenges but today is the day that I have taken the plunge to take part. I have used 5:2 on and off for a few years, in particular last year in preparation for my wedding. Now the wedding and honeymoon is over there is no wedding dress fittings to keep me in check and having spent the last couple of weeks beating myself up over it, it’s now time to take action. However I need to be accountable and the added support of this group is definitely required. I am surrounded by an attitude of who cares about your weight your married now but having just being diagnosed with asthma this WOL has an even greater purpose. So many thanks for your post and challenge @basyjames and including your health improvements I indeed hope it helps me too. As it’s a bank holiday in Ireland this weekend FDs will commence Tuesday. Happy weekend everyone I look forward to reading your posts!

    day 1 North Canton OH FD.Its a new month yay!I love June 🙂

    4th FD for me in a row. I woke up feeling like a shift had occurred and stepped on the scale to confirm – A nice 2 pound whoosh was my reward!
    @penz you can overcome, that cake may not even taste that good but your hips will remember it long after the taste is gone from your mouth

    @rainbowsmile – 1st of 3 B2B2B and monthly pocket wino challenger
    @basyjames – 4th of B2B2B2B
    @snowflake56 – 4th of B2B2B2B

    Second post

    Welcome @leggit, @ccco, @determined-kat (interesting moniker), @sarabob, @rainbowsmile, @dykask, @justabitofyours, @neostaford, @daffodil2010, @ktcaroline, @molij, @kerryn73, @dingping, @diana123, @at, @songbirdme, @kaywesterman

    @daffodil2010 way to go!!

    @kerryn73 thank you for enhancing my vocabulary

    @determined-kat hello fellow Ohioan

    @dingping sliding into a new weight range is a heady feeling, isn’t’ it?

    @rainbowsmile thank you for sharing your story, your ability to overcome is a testament to your inner strength and courage and an inspiration to us all.

    Pros and newbies you are all welcome to my favorite month of the year.
    By the way my phone arrived last night and I am good to go. I have to say the Samsung Note 8 is a beautiful piece of technology!

    One of the few guys we have on this forum once said this and it made a huge impact on my way of thinking so I will adapt and adopt as my ending this month:

    Fasting may not win every battle, but it’s a great tool for winning the war! My best to you all :)

    Hi Everyone! Back for a 3rd monthly challenge. April — down 10lbs, May down 2.4 lbs, June? Let’s see how much more can come off!

    Day 1, Cornwall UK, NFD

    This is my 8th Monthly Challenge and I’m on a marathon weight loss journey. 5:2 is working very well for me, but it takes mental effort and I have quite a few struggles, but I have lost every month I’ve been on this forum.

    I started my weight loss journey in Jan 2017 at 106kg/234lbs. I become mostly vegetarian and tried calorie restriction and made little progress, until July 2017, when I started 5:2. Only then did I start to lose some serious weight. And I’ve indoctrinated myself with so many YouTube videos that I now follow a plant-based diet!

    I’ve lost 29kgs (64lb) so far, down to 77.1kg (170lb) starting this month. My goal this month is to lose 2kgs and keep going so I can reach target weight by the end of the year.

    To anyone reading this post who has a LOT to lose – start today! This really works and as the months go by you get better and better at it. The first few fast days feel weird and I got very grumpy and a headache but I was into a routine within a few weeks and now sail through the fast days no problem. What have you got to lose? And you get to eat normal for 5 days of the week, so its not a diet. Its been a life changing experience for me. I have the blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol of a 20yr old (and I’m no-where near 20 anymore) and I still have more weight to lose.

    I’m a big yoga fan, love my plants, and enjoy a bit of foraging! I have a small horticulture business which I am trying to expand.

    @dingping – congrats on such a brilliant month in May! Wishing you lots more success in June.
    @daffodil2010 – I holding my breath for you for the last half pound this month. Your posts are really helping me along.

    USA Day 1 FD

    I ended May with the same weight I began. I don’t regard this as a failure because my night time stress eating demons have been plaguing me all through the month. I could have ended with a gain easily but luckily I didn’t! Anyway, my goal for this month is to rid myself of those demons. I am so good all day and then comes night and everything is ruined. If I can reach this goal, then I am sure I can reach my weight goal!

    Good luck, everyone, and congratulations to everyone who made their goals. Also, thank you, Basyjames for being our hostess this month! 🙂 Have a great day!

    Day 1 Wales FD

    Happy June! Hello old friends and welcome to new posters. This is my 12th monthly challenge. I started 5:2 on 28 June 2017 after years (decades) of calorie counting where I kept losing and finding the same pounds….my highest ever weight was 220 lbs, I would struggle down to 140 lbs but could never keep there for more than a week because if I ate more than 1200 calories a day the pounds piled back on and I was so unhappy and bored of weighing and measuring every morsel. Over the years I had tried just about every diet except 5:2, so last year I decided in desperation to give it a go for a month and here I am a year later at the lowest weight I have been in my adult life…and I’m 59! In June 2017 I weighed 159 lbs, today is the start of my second month of maintaining 133 lbs.

    In July last year I read 2 books that changed the types of food I eat: Michael Moseley’s Blood Sugar Diet (which I follow on a 5:2) and Tim Spectre’s The Diet Myth. Basically I traded low fat low calorie diet foods, refined carbs and sugars for full fat dairy, nuts, pulses and olive oil – now food tastes so good. I eat a Mediterranean style of diet with mountains of veg, fruit, fish and some white meat…..oh, and red wine (limited to 3 or 4 nights a week). I only count calories on Mondays and Thursdays when I allow up to 800 calories. I now believe that what I eat is more important than the calorie count.

    Wishing everyone a successful month, together we are stronger!!!

    Day 1 – SW WA USA – NFD

    Thank you @basyjames for heading up June!

    I’m glad to be on the 5:2 journey in this lovely supportive international forum. I’m an almost retired school teacher. My 5:2 WOL began fall of 2016, I believe. My heaviest has been 245 and usually I’m down about 45 lbs so far. At the end of May I went the wrong direction so am beginning June at 208 lbs. Hoping to work on a downward trend this month.

    I’m needing to use up a couple of personal days so am heading to the Oregon coast today with a friend. I’ll have only a few days of teaching left when I get back. Some squeaky cheese (cheese curd) may find it’s way home with me from the Tillamook Cheese Factory and maybe a piece of sugar free berry pie from the Berry Patch along the drive. Lots of walking on the beach hopefully will help mitigate.

    Looking forward to a great month with you all!

    Hi Everyone,
    It’s not my first time fasting, but it’s my first challenge. Fasting has been the most effective way I’ve found to get to and maintain a healthy weight. I gave it up and tried another commercial program that didn’t work for me at all. Now I’m back and have lost about 10 pounds over the last 4 weeks.

    It’s been fun working out creative recipes that keep my calorie count down.

    I’m looking forward to being part of the group!Thanks @basyjames!

    Day 1 UK NFD

    Thank you so much @basyjames for hosting the June challenge! Even tho the beginning may feel like a never-ending whir of new posts, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have 🙂

    I’m 54 yo – 55 this month! – with one adult daughter. This will be my 7th monthly challenge since beginning 5:2 on 1 December last year. When I was healthy my weight was pretty stable, but an illness in 2002 led to massive weight loss and then gain due to medications, treatments and immobility. Stopping smoking was a wonderful, life-giving decision which unfortunately led to a victory roll around my middle, and ongoing health issues plus hormone changes kept my weight up.

    I’ve been vegetarian all my adult life and for the last few years I’ve eaten low carb, gluten- and wheat-free. But not understanding or noticing calories, no portion control and continued health issues meant my weight kept going up. My fat suit was growing, my clothes no longer fit and – combined with ageing and health – I was beginning to feel invisible. It was as tho I was wearing a Michelin-Man tyre suit, with the real me buried underneath.

    In November 2017 I had a crossroads moment – do something now or this is the road you’re on, and it’s not a good one. Amazingly several co-trustees of a charity i’m involved with were losing weight so I asked each what they’d done & 5:2 sounded like the best fit for me. I found this forum and joined the December 2017 challenge weighing in at 178lb/81kg with a BMI of 28.7.

    Over the last 6 months I’ve lost 25lb/12kg and a fair bit of my fat suit – 4.5″ from bust, 6″ from waist, 5.5″ from hips, 3″ from thighs – and my BMI is now down to 24.7. I’m aiming for 140lb/63kg and will review when I get there – and I’m nearly 2/3 of the way already!

    I set lots of mini goals and milestones on the way to keep myself motivated. I reckon 4lb/month is generally doable and will get there in the end. Some weeks/months I lose weight, others my fat suit shrinks. But even when I can’t see the difference I know that my body is doing something. This month there are 2lbs more to reach a loss of 2 stone, and I’d love to establish consistent bedtimes & morning routines.

    Along with weight loss have come some amazing side effects – my psychological relationship with food, my sense of accountability and control, of confidence and responsibility, of the need for self-care and balance. This forum, this challenge group, has taught me so much about health and well-being and I’m hugely grateful. I have consistently restorative sleep for the first time in 21 years, less pain than I can ever remember and greater concentration and focus. My pain meds are down, my asthma is better, my anxiety is almost gone, concentration is hugely improved, my skin is soft and glowing thanks to the fresh foods and lots of water, and I feel really good and centred in myself. Who knew?

    Welcome to all newbies! When I was new I found other people’s stories inspiring, which is why I’ve taken the time to tell something of my own. This is a great journey to be on – well done for taking the first step.

    Hello to old friends, wonderful to be travelling with you. Here’s to a good challenge, whatever your goals. Together we are stronger xx

    Day 1, Gozo, Malta, nfd

    I’ve started 5:2 6 June 2016. I lost 15 kilos by October 2016 but gained four kilos back. I’m trying to eradicate these four kilos and maintain successfully. I weighted at 67.9 kilos this morning and my target is 63/64 kilos.

    Today I bought two small ice cream cones for my granddaughters and I finished them myself as they did not want them. My mistake.

    I’m still keeping within my tdee.

    Onwards and downwards.

    Day 1 UK NFD

    Well the Birthday Shenanigans have rolled on to a second day so not the best start to the month, ooops!

    Day 1 – USA – FD

    Glad to start off the month with a FD at 158.4; my goal is a range between 147-150. I’ll be 64 in August, retired with a small business typing from home occasionally. I started 5:2 in earnest in Feb. 2017 at 191.6 pounds. I’m a proud member of Club Tor-twah (Tortoise) and have been losing about 2.2 lbs. a month, for a total of 32-something lbs. I’m close to goal, but as you’re closer, I heard it’s a little harder and I believe it. I lost a total of close to 30 inches overall. My size went from a tight US 16 to a very loose size 14, heading to size 12. I am also doing 16:8, LCHF (low carb, high fat, moderate protein) diet. I do not eat anything white except for a low carb pasta maybe a few times a year, can’t resist pizza at least twice a month, and beer – you can’t have pizza without beer! This WOL has contributed to many positive results: better skin, more energy, and the security of knowing that when I mess up, I can get right back on the wagon! I love this forum and will continue it even after maintenance.

    Day 1, UK, FD

    I’m a 33 year old female from Ireland living in the UK. I have previously lost 20kg following a commercial diet plan. However I gained all of the weight back during pregnancy. Now that my baby is 10 months old I feel ready to try and focus on me again. I will be going back to work in August and have a uniform to fit back into!

    I started 5:2 on the 16th of May 2018 weighing 77.4kg. After two weeks I had completed 6 FD (4:3) and my weight had dropped to 74.6kg. I’m delighted! I find I am already looking at foods differently and have not “feasted” on the NFDs.

    My goal weight is 60kg. I will then see how I feel at that weight and will set a lower goal if I feel I need to.

    My goal for June is to lose 2kg. I am a short female so I understand I’m in the group that tends to lose weight slowest. Obviously I’d be delighted if I lost 4kg but what I’ve learned from this forum is that I need realistic goals.

    Another goal I have set myself is to find a balance between FD, calorie counting on NFDs and days where I can splurge. I have lost count of the number of times I’ve been on a diet and had one bad meal, that turned into a bad day, then into a bad weekend, into a bad week and suddenly I’m back to where I started! I really hope I can improve my relationship with food and allow this WOL to become my WOL!

    Day 1 Belfast NFD

    A big thank you @michelinme for a stellar job hosting May’s challenge and to BasyJames for shepherding us in June.

    A bit about me. I am a 63year old English woman living in Northern Ireland and a retired primary school teacher. I have been doing this WOL for 2 1/2 years and have lost just over 2 stone and 6” from my waist. I’ve been posting on this forum for about a year. Definitely Club Tor-Twah (Tortoise Club) but slow and steady wins the prize. My BMI is 23.8 and I’m comfortable in a UK size 12. I’m quite happy with that but my waist is still too big at 33.5”. I’m very prone to excess at the weekend and pressing that reset button on Monday, which is really self sabotage. My commitment to fasting faltered a bit last month, I found myself reducing calories daily to compensate for a failed fast. You’re right @at this is a WOL not a diet and healthy eating is a lifestyle. I have started June with renewed vigour, sword in hand to slay those sugar dragons.
    I fast on Mon and Thursdays and follow 16:8 daily.

    Goals for the month:
    *Eat mindfully
    *Keep sugar at bay. No sweets, biscuits, refined white carbs
    *Maintain or reduce my weight
    *Reduce my waist measurement

    @sarahbob – happy belated birthday. Hope it was a good‘ un!
    @daffodil2010 – many congratulations on your achievement 🥇 you are a super loser! I remember when our weights were the same on the spreadsheet. Not hat I want to be 8 stone – I’d be emancipated! How exciting on getting your Scooby Doo. OH suggested buying a wrecked caravan and taking the inside parts. Apparently there is a caravan breaker in Bangor, Co Down.
    @cornish-jane a very inspirational post.
    A fantastic achievement @missybear. Well done you.

    Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose”

    Day 1, London, UK, NFD,

    I very nearly forgot to post today!!! As Day 1 is almost over, I’ll do a proper intro including June goals in tomorrow’s post.

    I’ve upped the exercise to such a level that I’m absolutely exhausted, although last nights’ late night ……….. an Indian meal then seeing Wicked (WOW, that wicked witch can sing!!!!!); may have had something to do with it!!!

    @basyjames, I did mention I’m in for June didn’t I? ………………………….. Thanks for leading us this month!

    Onward & Downwards folks!!!

    Day 2 Auckland NFD

    Hello everyone. This is a fleeting post. We’re flying out tonight to Hong Kong for an art exhibition. My OH is an artist and is so busy I have ended up absorbed into his team…

    Bought my first dress in 10+ years y’day. Admittedly it’s fashionably sack like – silk printed with a large loosely Argyle pattern on the diagonal in burgundy black and grey.

    My highest weight was around 107kg, dropped back to mid 90s on my own and got stuck there. When I was visiting a friend I read her 5:2 book, found my way to this web site and began this WOL mid Jan 2018.

    I have managed to keep up the 2 FDs per week no matter where I am and what I am doing. I have gone over the 500 calories many times in the evening but I am still loosing! Down to 82kg now.

    Love reading all the posts. It’s a fantastic self empowerment forum where delicious food is your friend and knocking out those four meals a week drops the weekly calorie intake sufficiently for weight loss. What’s not to like! So best wishes and success to one and all!

    Stay Strong!

    Day 2 – Japan – NFD 79.8kg

    Weight up a bit but my strength seems to be up a lot, I can live with that. 38 water fasts done in 2018 … my goal is 90 for the year so I’m not even 1/2 way yet. For me the fasting has a lot more to do with getting rid of excess fat vs just weighing less.

    Hang in there day 1 fasters! Wow basyjames and snowflake56 … almost done with 4 in a row!

    @rainbowsmile – 1st of 3 B2B2B and monthly pocket wino challenger
    @basyjames – 4th of B2B2B2B
    @snowflake56 – 4th of B2B2B2B

    Day 1, UK, NFD

    Hello everyone 🙂

    Thank you for stepping up to host this month’s challenge @basyjames 🌹 , I’m definitely in. I had a successful last month and looking forward to have equally successful June 🙂

    About me: I’m 51 yr old female living in UK, and I haven’t really had problems with my weight until last year when I put on over a stone due to health issues. I want to lose what I gained when I had those issues, not only because I feel comfortable in my previous weight, but also, I want to improve my health and keep it that way long term. I do basic 5:2 without cutting out any group of food, and my pace is slow but I want it to be really as I don’t want to feel like I’m on a diet. It works! Proud member of the Club Tortoise here 🐢 and my aim for June is to lose another 1kg.

    Welcome all new members, you are among great group of fun, supportive people here 🙂 . Great to see all the familiar faces too 🤗

    Lets do this together 💪

    USA Day 1 FD
    Second Post

    Just successfully completed my first 24 hour water fast for the month of June! Wonderful way to start the new challenge. I am happy that today I avoided the evening stress eating demons! It seems to be easier when I don’t eat at all! See you all tomorrow!

    Day 1 Canada FD
    Happy to be joining the challenge after a long break. Had a health issue at the end of last year that made fasting tough.
    Great first fast day. I’m ready to lose a few pounds.

    Day 2 NFD – 90 kg

    Day 2, Emden Germany, NFD

    @basyjames 4 FD days in a row was quite hard, had a total lack of energy yesterday. Perhaps is was so hard because of the unusual weather we had here, very hot and humid without any wind. But I made it!

    @dingping Weetabix spread with butter? Sounds interesting, I like Weetabix. I still love everything I ate as a child, my dad was a great cook and we seldom ate something processed, not many sweets either. Desert mostly was yoghurt with home made strawberry jam and on sundays custard with eggwhite and ananas.

    @kaywesterman never heard of butterbeer (not a Harry Potter fan), had to look it up, can’t imagine how it tastes.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 2, Cornwall UK, NFD

    Off to our country market today so I’m up early to get myself ready without having to rush. Its a lovely day and I hope lots of people turn up.

    My job today is not to spend my profits on home made pasties and saffron cake. Black coffee is needed!

    2nd post

    @dingping meant dessert, pudding!

    Day 2 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    My aim for this month is to drink more water. I drink plenty of tea but don’t often hit the 2 litre mark with water and advice about whether water in tea counts seems ambiguous.

    Hope you all enjoy the weekend, the weather looks good here today so I will go for a walk later after some essential housework……although so far all I’ve done is drink tea and think about what I shall have for breakfast! I need to move, now. Happy Saturday everyone 😊

    Day 2 UK CD

    Late night after falling asleep in the bath then strange dreams and woke up quite disturbed. I wonder if this – and my difficulty concentrating, and perhaps autoimmune flare up – are linked to the longer fast?

    Found it quite difficult to eat much yesterday after B2B2B2B. Apple, bread and cheese, salad with some halloumi then rice pudding with leftover brown rice,plant milk, cacao and prunes All much smaller portions than usual.

    Lots of project work to catch up with after non day yesterday, plus DD coming over to clear out drawers and suitcases of old clothes. Better get going with yoga and meditation to get my head into a helpful place…

    Wishing you all a good day

    Day 2, London, UK, NFD (but controlled – CD).

    Welcome newbies, you couldn’t have chosen a more inclusive supportive group to join!!! Don’t forget to let us know where in the world you are, it’s always educational to ‘geographically challenged members’ ………. @mjrbcd44 are you back with us???? Sending you some of my mojo!!!

    I thought I would throw in a CD today as I should be relatively busy and the house really doesn’t have any trigger food in it, except for wonderfully moreish lovely, lovely cashew nuts……….. Oh, and a jar of peanut butter!!!

    This month I’m aiming to
    • get off of the bouncy-bouncy scales,
    • continue with my mood boosting exercise regime,
    • get below 160lbs and stay there(!),
    • increase my veg and water intake,
    • avoid the kamikaze, self-sabotaging binges that seem to appear during the last week of the challenges(!!??)
    • ………………… & NOT sweat the small stuff!!!!

    It’s just over a month until my 2wk summer hols, so although ‘bikini-ready’ might not be likely (or even possible!!) I need to pull my finger out, focus and stay faithful to a WOL that’s eradicated 38lbs so far with, let’s be honest, minimal effort, cake, cheese, wine, holidays, dining out and zero deprivation!!!!

    Happy fasting people!!!!

    Day 1 – NFD
    Day 2 – NFD

    Dublin, Ireland (though currently in Warsaw, Poland)

    Just quickly checking in – fiance and I are visiting parents for the Bank Holiday weekend, so it’s been NFD since Wednesday. A bit nervous about stepping back on the scales when we get back – we have been overindulging both in terms of alcohol and sweets.

    As I mentioned in my first post, this is my first challenge on the forums. Fiance and I started the 5:2 diet in mid-April. Fiance has successfully lost 8kg (starting weight 125kg, goal weight 90kg) and I’ve dropped 3.5kg (starting weight 75kg, goal weight 65kg). The reason for starting the diet is to lose weight and get in shape for our wedding, which is next year.

    The aim for this month is to get and stay below 71kg. Fiance hoping to drop below 115kg.

    Will try to catch up with everyone’s posts and look forward to going on this journey with you all.

    Good luck!!

    Day 1 & 2 NSW Australia NFD

    Hi everyone,

    I live on the east coast of Australia, in NSW, and enjoy feeling a whole lot healthier, and being much more energetic, since starting this WOL 8 months ago!
    I’m a young 65, currently 76.0kg on 1 June 2018 (91.8kg nearly 4 years ago) – aiming for goal of 65kg, with first major stop 75kg (did get to 74.8kg in April, but alas, went on a 9 day holiday and left 5:2 at home so gained 2kg). I lost 10kg in the 3 1/2 years prior to starting 5:2 on 1 October 2017, just being fairly sensible.
    I really need to start doing more exercise this month! I tend to use any excuse to put it off 😯
    My food habits have changed for the better since starting this WOE – sweet things are too sweet so not now so enjoyable. I enjoy more varied vegetables and portion sizes have reduced. Old size 16/18 is now size 14 – I’m enjoying it all!

    Looking forward to all the great advice and support this friendly forum has to offer.
    So glad I found this way of eating!

    Thank you @basyjames for hosting June 😃

    Enjoy whatever you are getting up to and bye for now!

    Day 2 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Currently lounging on the sofa catching up with you all, while DH is outside giving Scooby Doo its first service. So while he is happily changing oil and doing whatever gets done during a service, I am unashamedly lazing about ☺️

    Our overnight guests left a couple if hours ago. They have a two year old and a 10 month old baby so it was all go this morning…hence current laziness.

    @debster251 great to see you back. That might be an idea about getting caravan parts. Currently the head is spinning with plans and how to do it. It’s exciting but daunting too.

    Right, best get off my lazy butt and go food shopping……nothing in for the week and I guess DH won’t be coming with me as he merrily tinkers with a Mercedes engine…boys and toys etc

    Have a great Saturday everyone

    Day 2 – Michigan, USA
    Hi everyone! I’m Linda
    I have successfully finished Day 2, I have lost 4lbs so far. I am busy storing up recipes to eat on my fasting days. My fasting glucose is still elevated, I am hoping fasting will bring this in line for me. I have practiced 16:8 IF on and off for a couple years, I don’t really lose weight on it but it will help me maintain my weight.

    Day 2 London FD

    I seem to be the only solitary faster today 🙁

    Lovely to read everyones journey that has led them to here, very reassuring that the journey will be worth it even if it’s slow and long.

    @basyjames – ‘moving into a new weight range’ – I should be happier than I am, but I think it is other things that are bringing me down. This is a positive and rewarding thing in my life right now so I will stay focussed and absorb my achievements so far. Thanks

    @cornish-jane – Thanks, I’m coming up behind you. Good luck with your plant sales and hope the proceeds stay in your pocket.

    @merryapple – love your calmness and ability to ‘keep to two FD’s a week no matter what’. Imagine how easy it is going to be once this hectic whirlwind of a time is over and you can sit back in your own armchair back in your own home. Well done.

    @snowflake56 – my dyslexia made me skip over desert but my imagination was triggered over ‘custard with egg whites and ananas’. Is that like the French dessert floating islands with bananas?

    I’ll make a pocket list just incase, copy, paste and add your name if you are fasting today, I’d appreciate some company, anyone???

    Have a great day everyone
    Ta x

    Pocket Fasting List Day 2

    Day 2, Guildford UK, FD

    @debster251, you are back, leaps up and down with a welcome home banner.

    @dingping never as much fasting at weekends although for me weekends are easier. I am a solo. But I am joining you today. Struggling today.

    Pocket Fasting List Day 2
    @rainbowsmile day 2 of 3 B2B2B


    2nd post

    Many thanks @rainbowsmile appreciate the company, hope it helps you too.
    Ta x

    Day 2…..Florida…..FD

    Damn, I did not think I was going to make it here….. I looked up from life and realized it was already June 2nd. Time flies when you actually participate in adulthood!

    Seriously, my new job position has me in a crazy way…… so this is what I’ve got, so far! This is your new position, you’ll be doing this, this and this…2 days later scratch this and this, do this and that instead…. okay now do this and this….
    Can you do this? How about this too! Tell so and so to do that…. it’s this even possible?
    So this is what I have learned, I’ve been granted a 2 positions that was phased out because of the lack of dependable people. So, this is what they want to happen, learn all positions so that the owners can go from full time to part time. Easy enough right?

    Okay…… so, my confession…..I love it! Bring me all your crazy, give me a unformulated plan and let me make it happen!

    Okay for the newbies….. old timers, you’ve heard it a million times feel free to skip
    In a nut shell
    Married 20 yrs to the same man……love him more everyday! He loves being a passenger on this crazy train!
    2 kids…..22 and 19, boys still live at home….. they’ll never move out! Or at,east that is what my hubby and I think
    I’m a work smarter not harder type of girl, so I’m a big fan of 5:2 and the fly lady! Both have been on vacation for the month of May but I’m calling their arses back for June.
    I’ve been on this forum and doing 5:2 since Nov. of 2016! I’ve lost and kept off 40lbs to date. I’ve bought new underwear, new under pants 4 times in one year! Don’t worry you’ll get the concept and you’ll be buying new ones soon!
    I’m starting the month at 128lbs
    Can someone update the spreadsheet this month for me please!
    Ask questions…. get answers!
    We are more than a weight loss tool……we are here for all aspects of adulthood and life!

    Okay, so I had some trouble with the ending this month! So, it may change!

    Japanese legend says……..If you are not sleeping at night it is because you are awake!

    USA Day 2 NFD

    My water fast yesterday went super well!! I wasn’t even hungry and I am not hungry today, so I am doing a controlled FD, which is turning out to be easy. I am wondering now if water FDs might help me rid myself of my night time eating demons. I did not even feel like eating last night! Well, I intend to give it a try. Tomorrow will be another water FD and today is a NFD 16:8 plan. I feel like success is around the corner! Time will tell! I will take one day at a time. Have a great Saturday everyone!

    Second post

    Day 2 of fasting is always the hardest for me. Already had my allowance, feeling bloated so having a Roobias tea.

    Just put on my next bone broth load from chicken. Onwards and downwards.

    I had a visitor who brought me a home made lemon cheesecake pie. It is calling from the fridge ‘come get me’ ‘NOW’ and despite how generous it was it is so awkward. Will nip round to neighbour, they have a BBQ going and will donate. Feel so guilty.

    Won’t let you down @dingping I have the list firmly in my pocket.


    Day 2, Gozo, Malta, nfd

    I’m making fish cakes as a starter for tomorrow s lunch, then it’s baked chicken legs with onions and roasted potatoes which has been boiled first drizzled with olive oil and then I’m buying the dessert from my favorite coffee shop.

    Today I might have gone over tdee as I ate half a pizza this evening. However I had konjak spaghetti with seafood sauce for lunch, a coffee liqueur, half a cereal bar and lots of coffees with honey and semi skimmed milk.

    Keep the faith and keep going on you wonderful people. Together we’re stronger.

    3rd post
    Oh my this pocket list really works! Eaten my allowance, home alone, clock watching till bedtime, not hungry just bored and want to snack! @rainbowsmile thankfully I have no temptations unless I go out and buy them but I won’t, that little list is firmly in my pocket too. Stay strong we can do this.
    Ta x

    Day 2 – UK – NFD

    Busy day volunteering today, weather was very humid, came home with sore feet and tired legs!

    Yesterday’s FD came in around 450cals and weight this morning was 53.7kg. Today came in just over TDEE due to the fact that at the end of my volunteer session – the group thought we should have a toast 🥂 for my birthday tomorrow and it would have been churlish to refuse and of course we had to have some nibbles – Big 60!

    Out for a special dinner tomorrow night with OH – venue is a surprise so I shall just have to wait and see and then lunch out with DD on Monday – we will have her new puppy in tow so it will have to be somewhere dog friendly – he is a cute beagle 🐶 only 13 weeks old!

    The kitchen door is now firmly closed and I have a cup of tea at my side ready to watch the rugby South Africa v Wales so hopefully I will behave……

    Hope everyone is having a good weekend and enjoying life to the full

    Day 2 – Iceland – FD

    So many great posts already! Thank you @basyjames for hosting the June challenge! I agree with @ktcaroline that this forum has been extremely helpful in trying to keep on track and I probably wouldn’t be beginning my 8th month of 5:2 now if it weren’t for this forum and the lovely people on here. I began fasting in November 2017 at my heaviest ever, 104.8kg – this morning at 78.9kg. My main aim this month is to keep to the basics, will do my best to follow the sound and solid recipe by @michelinme : 2 FDs, 4 CDs and 1 EFS per week 😇

    @dingping and @rainbowsmile – I am with you fasting today! Kitchen is already closed here!

    A warm welcome to all the newbies! @determined-kat – I believe you do not have to look any further, 5:2 is easy, flexible and success is guaranteed!

    “Well-being is realized by small steps, but is truly no small thing.”
    – Zeno of Citium/Socrates

    Day 2 UK NFD

    Had a busy day decorating so I am one sleepy bunny now.

    I’ve only managed one fast day this week (I’ve always managed 2+ a week) but my birthday celebrations have thrown things all off. I was planning on doing another b2b tomorrow with my usual Monday fast but I have family visiting and we’re going out for a meal so I know it will be hard to be good and stick to my 500 cals. Hmmm 😕

    4th post
    Many many thanks @rainbowsmile and thanks @borealis for bringing up the rear.
    It’s been a long slow day so off to bed.

    Ta x

    Day 2 Lincoln, UK – NFD

    I’m a little late to the party but would like to join the group. I haven’t posted on any forum before but I’ve been reading the postings for a few weeks now and found them a great source of information and inspiration.

    I am a 55 year old mother of two grown up sons and my weight has steadily increased since my first pregnancy. In the past I have tried Weightwatchers and Slimming World but gave up both very quickly, becoming frustrated with working out syns and other calculations while juggling the demands of fussy eaters in the household. I cut down my consumption of toast and chocolate so my weight fell a little to settle at around 80kgs where it has stayed for a couple of years. I had promised myself that I wouldn’t turn 55 and still be so overweight, but then I have promised myself that for every significant birthday, family events and so on, without changing my ways and therefore to no avail. After a trip to see my parents last month, where we talked about various relatives with heart problems, diabetes T2 etc (some of whom are younger than me) I made up my mind to start the 5:2 with a fast day on the first day without distractions.

    I haven’t found the fasting particularly onerous, having decided to save most of my calories for an evening meal, but with an apple to keep me going late afternoon. I usually fast Mondays and Thursdays but change that around so I can enjoy lunch with friends without being too strict. I am now down to 75.1kg but even better I have got into some favourite clothes comfortably that have hung in the wardrobe for years. The excitement of this has spurred me on and I’m hoping it will inspire my very overweight son to follow suit.

    It’s probably not reasonable to expect a return to my wedding weight by my birthday next spring, if ever, so my resolve is to retrain myself portion wise, get into the healthy weight range for my height and to start exercising on a daily basis. I’d like to lose 3.5 kgs by the end of June but so long as there is a movement in the right direction I shall be happy as I feel I’m learning my way around.

    Thank you all for all the tips and posts – it has made all the difference.

    Day 2, UK, NFD

    Another busy busy day, but good eating wise 🙂 . I think I stayed well under my TDEE, and without even realising. I think my body is getting used to less food due to the fasting 🙂

    Don’t like not having enough time though, looking forward to my day off tomorrow.

    Have a great weekend everyone ❤

    Day 3…NSW Australia…NFD

    Hi everyone!

    We have a cool, crisp morning with 8′ C and expecting top of 18’C – it’s also raining. Could be a good excuse to stay in bed with a good book – but my conscience says get up and get moving! My body will thank me for it!

    Welcome to all the new 5:2’s. You’ve made a wonderful choice just by being here – fellow, more experienced 5:2’s are so helpful and happily give encouragement, are supportive, and willing to share their experiences. I happily enjoy every post and am forever thankful I found this WOL/WOE (way of life/way of eating). Enjoy it all 😉

    Enjoy whatever you are getting up to and bye for now!

    Day 3 – Japan – NFD 82.2kg

    Yesterday wasn’t really that healthy. Took my daughter to her beloved Taco Bell, there is one in Jimbochou which is in Chiyoda-ku in Tokyo. Jimbochou is like a neighborhood, Chiyoda-ku is a ward but more like a city, Tokyo is divided into 23 wards and Tokyo is really a prefecture or more like a state.

    Day 3 – Japan – NFD 82.2kg

    Yesterday wasn’t really that healthy. Took my daughter to her beloved Taco Bell, there is one in Jimbochou which is in Chiyoda-ku in Tokyo. Jimbochou is like a neighborhood, Chiyoda-ku is a ward but more like a city, Tokyo is divided into 23 wards and Tokyo is really a prefecture or more like a state.

    Strange I didn’t even post but it posted!

    @lessome – 3.5kg in a month is very aggressive. You might make but 2kg in a month is more realistic if you are talking about mainly losing fat. Think of it this way … it takes years to pack it on so taking it off isn’t so easy. 5:2 is more like a lifestyle change over the long run. It isn’t just about taking off the fat it is also about keeping it off, being healthy and feeling great! Welcome and best of luck to you.

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