July 2018 Monthly Challenge

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July 2018 Monthly Challenge

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  • Day 31 UK NFD

    That thing when you lose a long post and you’re already tired? That!

    My mother’s 80th birthday meant OMAD of afternoon tea – crumpet, scone with cream & Jam, malt loaf with butter and chocolate & raspberry cake. Lots of water and a bit of salad. Strange way to end what has been a very strange month!

    No idea what I weigh today – my weekly weigh-day is Friday – but know I’d lost 6lbs this month to illness and gained back some carbtastic tum fat! Also had my favourite clothes taken in and gave away everything else that was too big. Even sorted my underwear drawer and ordered new socks – bras are next on my list as nothing fits! Celebrating that I’m still here, alongside this group of wonderful supportive people, and looking forward to August’s challenge.

    Thank you @shinything for your wonderful hosting of July Particular thanks for your great encouragement and warm celebration alongside the rest of us while you’ve been struggling yourself. Hope August is a good month for you xxx

    @debster251 thank you for sharing your story – you sound a strong woman x
    @daffodil2010 hope your doctor appt is helpful, and you sleep well. I hope this stress will soon be behind you, and the best is yet to come xx

    Here’s to a new beginning all round: another day, another opportunity to live deeply…

    1st August 5:30am

    Another quick check in after my final weigh in for July Challenge. Dropped another 0.7kg after b2b to end the month.

    Total weight loss in July was 3.8kg

    I’m now 0.5 kg away from goal weight! Can’t tell you how pleased I am with this.

    Planning to continue to 5:2 or 4:3 in August before we go away on the 23rd (until 1st Sept) when I’ll be aiming to at least stay within TDEE if I dont fast.

    I can’t sign off without saying thank you for sharing your story @debster251. It’s so hard to watch someone we love going down destructive a path especially when it’s the person we’ve chosen to share the journey of life with. You are an inspiration, in building and maintaining your own strength, focus and friendships. Sometimes through helping ourselves and looking after ourselves we also help those around us. I hope your husband sees your actions and finds the strength to do something for himself in terms of the drinking. Sending you love and strength xx

    Thank to everyone for your support this month. See you on the new thread. Together we most definitely are stronger!

    Final July weigh in

    Start July 129.5lbs
    July goal – minus 5lbs
    End July 124.5lbs
    Goal = achieved 💃

    Delighted, even dropped another half inch from my waist so it’s below 30″ ….
    This WOL works.

    Off to my doctors appointment now. Have to drive into Dublin city for a 9am appointment and its 3 years since I had to make that morning commute so I guess things have got busier on the roads. I plan to park in the Phoenix Park and stroll down the River Liffey to get to my medical centre….so better leave at 7 to get there on time.

    See ya’ll in August, you great bunch of people.

    Many many thanks @shinything for hosting.

    Day 31 – Eastern WA – USA – FD

    A late post but still day 31 in the western USA. I managed a 2nd FD. So ended up with a b2b for the end of July. Still haven’t found the scale so won’t be weighing but feel like I’m getting back in the groove.

    @daffodil2010 – praying you’ll feel better soon. You’ve pondered your course of action and are choosing what you believe is the right thing; not the easy thing but what will have an impact for your health & potentially others.

    @debster1 – thank you for sharing your overcoming story. Not only have strengthened yourself, you overflowing with support to us. Thank you! I do have a new start in a new place.

    @missybear, @strawberriesandcream, and @shinything – TY for your well wishes. Yes the move is finally done. I’m working on thoughtfully sorting as I unpack. Once again keeping only what makes sense in my new place, and sharing or chucking what doesn’t need to be I the space. Really trying to declutter yet keep it homey. When I think of places I’ve lived in briefly like Rwanda & Nicaragua, I really have too much stuff.

    @rainbowsmile – see you in August:)

    Final post

    Thank you for all your supportive posts, (sorry if I’ve missed anyone) @daffodil2010, @missybear, @ ShinyThing, @coda, @rainbowsmile @Redrockgirl, @michelinme, @beedoo, @AnnMarilyn, @cornish-jane and you too @Strawberriesandcream. I have a copy of the book on shared Kindle account and I have suggested he reads it. There has been no comment since. ….BTW a very pertinent quote at the end of your post. I’ve saved it in my motivational list.
    As part of of my journey I felt I had to acknowledge my situation, rather than pretend it doesn’t exist, which I have been doing for the last 20 years. Sometimes what is perceived as strength is actually weakness. I spent a lot of time feeling sorry for myself until the penny dropped that the solution is within me. I now owe it to myself, with whatever time I have left on this Earth, to be the best I can be.
    @shinything thank you for being a great host this month and yes, @EmmaTaylor we are all very lucky we’ve found each other.

    @debster251, that is so brave of you. And not an easy thing to do. Have you considered Alanon a support group for those whose loved ones have alcohol issues? I did attend GAManon for a while too and it helped me cease enabling the ex with his gambling. It really helped me get support IRL. The Giggalo (as I refer to my ex) was also addicted to alcohol and smoked heavily.

    @emma Taylor addiction and compulsion is so damaging. Such a tough place to be.

    Much love to you both


    @rainbowsmile I went to a couple of AlAnon meetings earlier in the year. That group wasn’t for me, but there is another one I might try. Yes, I am an enabler, and while I continue to go away in the caravan and for holidays with him, that won’t stop. It’s just making that decision to stop and maybe sacrifice our whole relationship as you well know. Like Emma Taylor’s OH, he is unlikely to stop, although he is cutting down a bit after a mega nag. He is a good man and we are good friends. If he was unpleasant, I guess I wouldn’t be here now. Thank you for your support my friend. Life wasn’t meant to be easy, but your sunshine posts make me smile. 😊 you’ve travelled such a brave journey

    Thank you @shinything for being a brilliant host for the July challenge and for your lovely comment 🤗

    Another successful month in maintenance for me – my 2nd B2B FD yesterday ended up being around 455cals and weight this morning was 53.4kg, so well below the top of my target range (53-55kg)- how can I not continue with this WOL?????

    A great High Impact Pilates class yesterday evening followed by a strong strength yoga class this morning – I eventually broke my fast with a lunch of sourdough toast, avocado and poached eggs with a semi skimmed flat white which I thoroughly enjoyed 😋

    @annemarilyn – good to hear the move went well and hope that you settle down soon in your new home
    @debster251 – so privileged that you felt able to share your story with us – This forum is an amazingly supportive and understanding one 🤗
    @daffodil2010 – nothing like a granddaughter snuggle to distract you – you are in all our thoughts and know that you can always offload on here whenever you feel the need – try some meditation or mindfulness – this is a good link – 6 Mindfulness Exercises You Can Try Today – Pocket Mindfulness
    @Strawberriesandcream – great job on dispatching those 3.8lbs and conquering the alcohol dragon during the July challenge 👍
    @missybear @redrockgirl302 @steffieagle – isn’t it a great feeling to remain in maintenance 💃
    @moukinator – great job on losing those 1.9kg and also for your OH on his 2kg
    @basyjames – thank you – this forum is a great cyber family 🤗
    @rainbowsmile – well done on being 1lb down this month and losing body fat and gaining muscle – keep enjoying that new body shape xx
    @anna6 – 1.3kg dispatched – how wonderful
    @michelinme – sounds like a wonderful 80th birthday celebrations with your mum
    @beedoo – WOW 3.8kg dispatched in July – you will definitely achieve your target soon
    @daffodil2010 – a very successful July!

    Our group motto is so true – TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER not just in this WOL but for the support and understanding given to everyone in need about any aspect of their lives – We are an amazing group of people – This is for everyone 🤗

    See you all in August 🙏

    July finished .8 lbs down. Not great but not awful either. I’m so close to my goal weight, I just need to be patient and more disciplined at working out I think.

    @daffodil2010, I am so sorry yo’re boss was so horrendous and that you have to go through this but good for you for standing up to him by reporting him. sending prayers and positive vibes your way.

    @debster251 Thank you for sharing your story. I can’t imagine how hard and lonely it must be at times, but it’s so inspiring to know that you took control of what you could control: your body, your life, and your happiness.

    Thank you @shinnythings for hosting this month!

    Final post, sorry it’s late but I am away. Finished the month still within my maintenance weight. Thank you @shinything for hosting.

Viewing 10 posts - 801 through 810 (of 810 total)

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