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  • Day 18 UK FD800 (2nd b2b)

    Got through yesterday but only just – I was so hungry all afternoon waiting for OMAD high protein supper, scheduled for after a zoom call. Curried beans, spinach, eggs, mushrooms, sweet potato followed by apple, berries and custard. Total 830 calories but as a step down from the carbtastic weekend I’ll take that! Weigh in this morning back down to pre-weekend weight of 182lb. Motivation to get under 13stone this week… and maybe back to September’s weight of 178lb by the end of the month.

    I was in the bath by 9pm, in bed by 10pm with a book and asleep by 1030pm – so much better than recently. I woke a couple of times in the night but no problem getting back to sleep through until 7.30am. Hard to get up this morning again but I think that’s to do with long covid fatigue and pain as much as weariness. Aiming to do the same again today, early supper/bath/bed with a book. Reading has eluded me since covid so hopefully this bite-size routine will gently restart.

    I’m going to do some gentle stretching and make a quick spicy cabbage soup to have as late lunch today. Mixing it up will stop my body expecting all its calories later in the day. Fortnightly veg box is due tomorrow so I’m focussed on eating up odds and ends from the last box – 3/4 cabbage, one leek, a few huge potatoes/sweet potatoes and some clementines. Makes me realise I’ve eaten 1kg frozen spinach and 1kg brussel sprouts in the last two weeks!

    @doradostern well done on your 2nd fast day!

    @jaifaim my weighted blanket came with conflicting instructions! Label says hand wash cold water, don’t tumble dry; instruction leaflet says machine wash in cold water (machine that takes 12lb) and cool tumble dry! I can wash but will have to take to launderette to dry… or do it in summer and carefully hang on the line 🙂

    Day 18 Pocket List

    Day 18 – Rural Nebraska, USA – WFD

    Weighed in at 143.8 pounds, a weight I’ve seen regularly since we got home, so apparently that’s my current starting point for the next round of loss. That’s how I lose, you know: I move up and down in one 5-pound group until I finally move to another 5-pound group. Then I stay there for a long time until I finally move to another 5-pound group. Last fall when I suddenly lost about eight pounds, I blasted past 143: when I was down after a FD, I was around 140/141; when I was up from overeating, I was around 144/145. Partly I’m sad at this weight, because in December I hit 138/139 multiple times. On the other hand, a year ago, I was 153. Enough said, right?

    @penz @daffodil2010 If hindsight were foresight? The world would be a VERY different place, LOL!!

    @i-hate-lettuce I’m chiming in also in celebration that you’re off BP meds. It was that realization–that changing life style makes more sense than upping meds–that started Dr. Jason Fung of The Obesity Code fame down the road that led to the insight and the book. My hope is that I won’t have to go ON statins for cholesterol, but shifting the weight down is so slow that I’m guessing I still won’t have made sufficient progress. There’s lots of speculation that high cholesterol isn’t automatically an indication of high risk for heart problems, but since both parents had heart attacks (Daddy died from his second at age 57), my family history makes it likely for me as well. That decision is coming up in a month or so…

    @brightonbelle Beachwear…that is most definitely a huge motivator, huh? You comment about foodie v. greedy made me laugh out loud. We are a whole lot alike, lady!

    This morning’s task is to trim the edges of the quilt, then take it to the gal who’s going to put it with batting and a backing a actually quilt it. Isn’t it funny how that one word, quilt, means so many different things? After that, I’m off to Omaha to teach lessons.

    Have a great one, everyone!

    Day 18 Pocket List
    @daffodil2010 FD800?
    @stitchincarol WFD

    Day 18 – USA/GA – FD

    Weigh-in: 218 lbs (ugh, up about 5 lbs in a day, and a pound heavier over this day last week). Back to work today with a delayed start, so it should be an easy FD. On my NFDs, I’m violating a lot of Fung rules. I am sneaking soft drinks and chips back in, as well as finishing up pieces of Christmas candy. And I’m snacking all the time. What? Have I learned nothing? Well, there are no more soft drinks in the house (drank the last tiny bottle of Dr. Pepper yesterday). There are still chips and candy, but not a lot. I’ll have to figure those out. The big thing is to get back to 2 – 3 meals a day tops and fill those meals with fiber, protein, and healthy fats so I’m not hungry again in two hours. I’m sure the stress over the past couple of weeks has contributed to cortisol production, too. Mid-month re-evaluation time, and need to really get on track to avoid another plateau.

    Day 18 Pocket List
    @daffodil2010 FD800?
    @stitchincarol WFD

    Day 18 USA (Illinois) NFD

    I had my annual physical yesterday then watched my Illini basketball team take #4 Purdue to 2 overtimes. Lost, but played very well.

    I’m healthy. Yeah for that! Despite my higher than ought to be cholesterol, the doctor told me it likely is genetic predisposition. I am starting on red rice yeast to see if 6 months on that will lower the numbers. He wasn’t concerned about my weight even though my BMI showed up as 27. Still, that is higher than I want it to be.

    @at – I had to look up Kripulu yoga and your “wolf moon” chanting. Sounds most interesting. I know yoga is great exercise and meditation.

    @penz – I am convinced that some FD’s are harder than others. I wonder if your being Monday has something to do with going back to work after a good weekend? Being retired, my days blend together too much. 🙂

    @doradostern – many of us experience feeling quite cold on any given FD, even in the summer. I use heated rice bags to warm up my hands a lot in the winter.

    @stitchincarol – yeah for finishing your baby blanket! Sorry that the Pinterest link only went to a generic page, but I bet it is beautiful. I’m with you about cholesterol generally being genetic, although I don’t know that my parents dealt much with it. So sorry to read you lost your dad so young.

    @jaifaim – looks like you’re getting support for your weighted blanket laundering here. Yeah for that.

    @i-hate-lettuce – let me chime in about how happy we all are for you being off your high-blood pressure meds! Yes, a huge deal! Now if only you could market for the rest of our community how you rendered homeless “your inner warthog!”

    @brightonbelle – I think we have many foodies here! “a person with a particular interest in food; a gourmet” is what I see as a definition. Maybe we aren’t all gourmets, but great interest!

    @michelinme – 830 calories is GREAT! Your cabbage soup sounds wonderful too. I like cooked cabbage at St. Patrick’s day, but need to use it more other times.

    @northgeorgia – Yes, weight fluctuations really can happen for no apparent reason, and as you said, stress must truly matter. I hope and pray your stress abates in your life.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 18 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Late checking in again. Busy painting my apartment & it’s exhausting 🤪

    @penz – for some reason I find the Monday FD tougher; not sure why…

    @i-hate-lettuce – congrats coming off the BP meds! 💪

    Day 18 – UK – FD600/800?

    Another great hike with OH today – 8.65km – 692m elevation gained – 14.37km Av Pace – to Seat Sandal at 736m – started in a cloud inversion – sunshine halfway up but the top was in cloud – jolly cold!!

    A rest from walking tomorrow as have Yoga in the morning and a volunteering afternoon – certainly all this hiking and fresh air have meant early nights and lots of sleep 😴

    A great FD600 yesterday – not sure if today will be another at 600 or may stretch it out to 800cals….

    @i-hate-lettuce – great news about coming off your BP meds – this WOL affects more than our weight 👍
    @penz – totally agree that Monday FDs always seems much easier – I find if I do plenty of exercise and keep busy it certainly helps to stay on track – for some reason exercise blunts my appetite???
    @stitchincarol – couldn’t see the quilt pattern?? that the Pinterest link only went to a generic page,
    @northgeorgia – remember that we are with you in this WOL – you can do this
    @songbirdme – you can drop that BMI down a notch and be in your happy place

    Day 18 Pocket List
    @daffodil2010 FD800?
    @stitchincarol WFD
    @at FD600/800?

    “Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it” Michael Jordan

    Day 19, ?, Aus

    We recently joined a club (probably not the best word for it) where we get a delivery of three dozen oysters and unique dipping sauce every month. Problem is, I don’t know if it’s arriving today (which would be great) or tomorrow (planned FD)! So, I’m hedging my bets and planning on a very light lunch which would still count as a FD if the oysters do not arrive today. That way I can bank tomorrow’s planned FD for today. Having said that, for one reason or another, yesterday’s NFD was more like an 800 calorie today, so my halo is shining.

    Well done on finalising the quilt – @stitchincarol – super effort!

    Me too @at! I think you’re the only other person I’ve met whose appetite is dampened by exercise. I don’t want to eat for hours afterwards where it seems to turn most people into instant hunger dragons.

    second post

    Okay, trying again. This is the blog post that had the pattern; scroll down a bit past the computerized picture and you’ll see a photo of the actual quilt. Got it to the gal who’s going to quilt it today; I’m excited to see it finished!

    And exercise indeed turns me into a hunger dragon, @at and @penz, but DH is another who loses all his appetite when he exercises. Given that exercise generally only burns 200-300 calories (depending on many variables, of course), it’s VERY easy to eat back those calories plus more within minutes of being done. sigh 🤣😂🤣

    Okay, head is aching even though I’ve been drinking water throughout the day. I think it’s time to head to bed; it’s only 9:30, but this way I won’t be tempted to break my WF and maybe then my headache will go away. After an out-of-control Sunday, it’s lovely to a spot-on FD for Monday and WFD for today under the belt!

    Day 19 – Ireland – FD

    Good morning!

    @i-hate-lettuce massive well done to you!!! That’s an amazing achievement! You have worked so hard and what fantastic results!! I have been on BP meds for many years and Would live to think I could come off them some day… you are an inspiration! 👏 💪
    @songbirdme Well done on your physical exam went well also! 👏

    @michelinme thanks so much! I can’t imagine it swished around in a washing machine but we will see… @daffodil2010 I haven’t tried grounding sheets but I love the feel of the weight of the blanket 🛌. I’m not sure if it was still a wolf moon last night but there was something clanging in my garden last night and I went out at 2 am to take it off it’s hook and wow it was so bright outside! 🌙

    @at my gosh you are doing some walking! So strong 💪 enjoy your yoga today.

    @brightonbelle I think we must all believe we’ll holiday in 2022 – let’s work towards it 👙 ☀️ 👍

    @stitchincarol the quilt sounds lovely! I couldn’t access the photo but am impressed by your creativity and others in the group. I’m toying with signing up to a knitting class… we’ll see 🤗

    @penz well that is a new one to me! An oyster club – wow! That’s pretty fancy! Enjoy it when it arrives 😋

    Have a good day all!

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Pocket list day 19


    Day 19 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Lots of good proteins today, lots of water too. Maybe I was dehydrated recently which caused the bad tum. I ate nothing until lunch yesterday but downed tons of water with lemon, and started to feel much better mid morning.

    Controlled day today. Have a good one all.

    Day 19 – Lake district UK- FD

    Good morning everyone

    Thanks for all the positive comments, feeling rather good recently, going to throw in a FD today as we’re off on our travels in the morning for a couple of weeks. Going to make sure there will be plenty of walking and spa time to counteract the possibility of any overindulgence there might/possibly/certainly be 😉

    I’ll be back and joining in the February challenge on our return.

    @penz – sounds like my kind of club, enjoy the shellfish!

    Meanwhile take care everyone

    Day 19 Pocket list

    Day 19 Melb Aust NFD

    Continuing to slowly move downwards in weight, which is really nice, 2.6 kg (5.7 lbs) so far this month. I’m also finding that as I eat less, my stomach tells me it’s full more quickly. Just have to avoid the high calorie, low volume snacks.

    @i hate lettuce, yay for going off your blood pressure meds. That’s also one of my goals. Have a great holiday.

    @at, @penz, I’m another who finds that reasonable exercise, e.g., 30 minute walk, depresses my appetite.

    @stitchincarol, great quilt. Looks beautiful.
    By the way, like you the heart history in my family is very poor, and I’ve had a borderline high cholesterol for a while. Big debates with my doctor re whether I needed to go on statins. To settle the question I finally had a Calcium score CT scan, which measures the calcium that’s accumulated in the blood vessels in the heart (calcium accumulation = cholesterol lining heart vessels). The test is only useful for people who are maybe yes, maybe no needing statins. Not useful if cholesterol is low, or if there is already known heart disease.
    My calcium score was zero, which means definitely no statins needed, even though I have several other risk factors according to the massive Framington study done in the US. I had to pay for the test myself, around $200AUD in Australia, but it was worth doing to settle the statin question. It may be something you might want to look at.
    It was actually quite funny – when my doctor saw my result, he said I was the first person he had ever seen with a zero score. I think it surprised him.

    @songbirdme, the above test you might want to look at, too, for peace of mind.

    Okay, enough. Onward and downwards everyone!

    Day 19 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 214 lbs. I’m plateauing, as expected. I’ll do ZBC today and may just snack on my fast-breaking nuts and banana for lunch instead of going for a meal. Tomorrow may or may not be a FD — not planning on it just because it’s a Rotary breakfast. I will be speaking, so might not be pressured as much to eat. Could go either way. A couple of OMADish days might replace a good FD; we’ll see. About all I may be able to manage, although technically I’ve completed my 5:2 for the week already. I just would hate to have nothing between today and my next true FD, which might not be until Monday.

    Best wishes!

    Day 19; FD, No. VA USA
    I am firmly wedged at a 1 # weight loss. Aggravating. I think lack of regular exercise may be a big factor in not getting a good start. Intermittent snow shoveling does not count!
    Reading everyone’s stories does provide motivation! Thanks to all of you for sharing your ideas.

    Day 19 – Rural Nebraska – ??

    I have lots of ideas of how to eat today, but haven’t settled on one. They range from another WFD, except including broth and not just water, to broth plus a salad, or even an actual WFD. I have extra motivation to be exceedingly well-behaved because I’m down THREE-POINT-TWO POUNDS this morning! Yesterday, I was 143.8 and this morning I’m 140.6. I was truly flabbergasted. And thrilled, LOL!

    @penz I was really tired when I posted last night, but now it’s sunk in what you said about your oysters delivery: YUM, YUM, and YUUUMMM!!! DH and I love oysters, and it’s a huge bonus that they’re very low in calories and high in nutrients! Do share the experience when they come and you enjoy them!

    @jaifaim What’s going in to your consideration of a knitting club? I think it’s the first needle art I learned and may be my favorite…

    @daffodil2010 Amazing how water can solve a variety of ills, huh? Glad you’re feeling better!

    @i-hate-lettuce Have a lovely trip! Where all are you going?

    @betsylee Nice tip re the calcium test, thanks! I’ll ask my doctor about it.

    @northgeorgia You might be plateauing, but given your stress related to your dad’s surgery, and then the ice storm, I’m truly impressed you didn’t engage in EFS and gain, so pat yourself on the back and be pleased!

    @excelsior12309 I’m sure you wanted more loss, but be patient with your body and remember that, while we can certainly control what we eat, how much we eat, and how much we move, those things cannot FORCE our bodies to lose weight–we’re at the mercy of how and when our body chooses to respond. So as long as you’re eating well (are you logging your food on My Fitness Pal?), the weight WILL come off, just not necessarily when and how quickly you’re hoping for. 👍💪❤️

    Coffee is done and I am READY for a cup, LOL! Have a grand one, everyone!

    Day 19 Pocket list

    Day 19 UK FD

    Solid FD yesterday tho eating ended a bit late.Keeping my body guessing by having soup for late lunch the baked potato, cauliflower with hard boiled eggs (i’m out of spinach!) followed by stewed apple and vegan custard. I would have come in around 600 calories but added some late vegan cheese to get to 780.

    It was my first ever cabbage soup adapted from an online recipe to suit my taste/store cupboard as the day before my veg box came. It was YUMMY and only 220 calories in the whole pan! I made enough for 4 generous portions which I’m having as lunch for my FDs this week. (sliced cabbage, leek/onion, tinned tomatoes, cumin, coriander, black mustard seeds, garlic, mushroom ketchup, 500ml stock plus squeeze of fresh lime to serve. Fry spices, add onions/leek/garlic, add cabbage/tomatoes, add stock, simmer for c30 mins, serve with a squeeze of citrus).

    I didn’t get to sleep early last night as caught up in a couple of things online. Finally got my overdue writing piece done and sent off which took the pressure off today. That’s all my overdue work done, just a few smaller things to pick up and then I can start planning for this year’s projects. But it threw my bedtime and winding down routine so I took this morning off to make sure I stay well rested. Weighted blanket still ensuring a whole new quality of sleep – it makes me excited to go to bed, which is fab.

    I’ve spent this morning pottering at home, having a zoom chat with a friend then a lovely gentle adapted yoga class before soup and a couple of hours at my laptop. This evening i’ve got the last of my regular Weds zooms, as I let go of weekly commitments to make space for new ways of being.

    Weigh in this morning was 182lb, the same as yesterday.The first FD that i’ve not been lighter since I started on 1/1. Hoping that eating earlier today and getting more sleep may continue to show results – in weight, measurements or general health. It all counts! More leftovers – cauliflower, sweet potato and potato plus fresh greens from todays box and either egg or vegan steak; pudding- apple with cinnamon and clementine or fresh mango.

    @betsylee that sounds epic, well done!

    @excelsior12309 I’m not able to exercise due to health issues. I’m keeping a food diary so I know what i’ve really eaten, drinking lots of water and eating mindfully – not all calories are created equal. Whatever you are doing the body will benefit, not always in lbs but sometimes in changing shape or shrinking while weighing the same. Hold fast – it works!

    @northgeorgia you’ve had a really traumatic time with your dad’s illness and surgery and all the waiting. I’m in awe that you haven’t fallen into EFS. Be gentle with yourself.

    @i-hate-lettuce congratulations on coming off meds and being so much healthier. I hope you have a lovely holiday

    @stitchincarol what a beautiful quilt – and well done getting it done so quickly!

    Day 19 Pocket list

    @stitchincarol and @michelinme , thank you for your kind words of encouragement!! You are of course correct!

    Day 20, NFD, Aus

    Quick post – no oysters yet but I promise I’ll debrief!

    Day 19 – FD 500

    @stitchincarol Lovely quilt! I like my quilts dramatic, and find them hard to come by, If I could make one, I’d like that pattern, with a black background and bright primary contrasting colors.

    Wow, a number of other fasters today- I often see only one or two of us on wednesdays.

    We can get this done ✔️

    Day 19 Pocket list

    Day 19 USA (Illinois) OMAD

    Exercise this morning, shopping, errands, and a Zoom meeting. Going to just do a supper today.

    Interesting how we all can be so different in whether or not exercise makes us hungry. I feel like I vary although not sure exactly why. Some days, I can’t wait to get something in my mouth, and other days, I’m okay for hours.

    @stitchincarol – that quilt is just amazing! I can see why you fell in love with that trellis pattern. Really cool. Glad the link came through this time. I hope your quilter does a terrific job.

    @penz – Oyster delivery? Wow! I can eat all seafoods (shellfish included) EXCEPT oysters and mussels. The vomiting them out isn’t fun. Lasts for hours. I do avoid them, but the last time I had mussels I was on a dive/snorkel cruise ship over the Great Barrier Reef, mostly anchored, and the sweet bartender tried to give me some liqueur to settle my stomach. I just needed to get rid of the mussels that were in my lunch. Too bad cuz the dish had been delicious!

    @daffodil2010 – Proteins are oh so important. I have made a new account for DH on my computer of MFP that is a bit different from my iPad app. His gives a real pie chart of carbs, proteins, and fats. The sugars are lumped into the carbs. Mostly he sees how many calories he gets from carbs and not much from sugars.

    @i-hate-lettuce — do have a wonderful time away! We will look for you in February. And yes, where are you going?

    @betsylee – that calcium heart scan sounds most intriguing. From my research, it appears to be an MRI that a doctor would have to order. I will see what my 6-months on red yeast rice nets me to bring down my LDL. So far, it is mostly just making me constipated. 🙁

    @excelsior12309 – good for you getting motivation here from us! These members of our forum are some of the most helpful and encouraging folks I know.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 20 Melb Aust. NFD

    Well, this morning – drum roll please! – I weighed in at 3 kg (6.6 lb) below my starting weight at the beginning of January. Almost can’t believe it, but I’m very happy. Just have to persevere now.

    @songbirdme, yes the test will have to be ordered by your doctor. It’s not an MRI though, it’s a calcium score CT scan, and they use very low level radiation for the scan, which is good. It’s useful for those of us with borderline high cholesterol. Now I’ve had a zero result, I won’t have to have another scan for 5 years (if I need to check progress). Of course, if I manage to reach my goal weight and my cholesterol drops a lot, it won’t be necessary to have another scan at all. That’d be nice.

    Onward and downwards everyone.

    Day 20 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Well done @betsylee and @stitchincarol for your great losses!

    Today is usual Thursday FD….nothing until lunch except for water and herbal teas, small salmon salad for lunch, lentil and turmeric soup for dinner.

    We have this today – Pocket List Day 20
    @ daffodil2010

    Day 20 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    We have this today – Pocket List Day 20

    Day 20 – USA/GA – FD(?)

    Weigh-in: 217 lbs. I have a Rotary breakfast this morning, but you know — I should be able to resist. I’ll try for a FD today.

    We have this today – Pocket List Day 20

    Day 20 – UK – FD

    Good day everyone
    from the rainy Norwich.. very grey and cold here.

    @betsylee @stitchincarol great results! congratulations!!

    I woke up with a great news (one of my papers has been just accepted for publication) and I feel very energized.. good way of starting the FD!! Already went to the gym for a 30 minutes super light jog 🙂

    Pocket List Day 20

    Day 20 UK FD

    Scales might not be on my side but I can definitely see the results💪

    Pocket List Day 20

    Day 20 UK FD

    After b2b FD800 Mon-Weds I’m somehow weighing the same as i did last Friday! But i feel thinner & my fat roll is shrinking so I’ll take that.

    Late sleep again – texting w DD until after midnight as she didn’t feel well, Chemo is really hard. My trip out today was cancelled as showroom is having work done so instead I’m heading off to the local Aldi to stock up the store cupboard with tins etc. It’s the sort of trip I rarely make time for so feels like a treat!

    This afternoon a bit of decluttering and/or some project planning – time to name, prioritise and schedule all the strands I’m carrying this year so I can weave in better balance. This evening the penultimate session of a course I’m leading then an early night. Last of my 4b2b FD800s this week and looking forward to my weekly weigh/measure tomorrow. It’ll be late lunch of cabbage soup and early supper of…. not sure, perhaps stir fried veg with quorn chicken? but a pudding of stewed apple with cinnamon, fresh mango with lime and a dollop of vegan yogurt – yum.

    @betsylee – see, you’ve almost caught me up already! I’d say hare and tortoise but it sounds too energetic 😀
    @stitchincarol epic loss – well done. And thank you for all your encouragement 🙂
    @brightonbelle yay for visible results!

    Pocket List Day 20

    Well done, that sounds like a good plan. I am starting my journey again, started taking HRT 5 months ago and noticed my ‘spare tyre’ has re-appeared since! so back on 5:2 plan looking forward to looking at the posts for support and inspiration, not sure if it is just me, but it seems harder this time around.

    Day 20 – Rural Nebraska, USA – OMAD or perhaps WF

    Yesterday ended up being more food than I’d thought of, but mid-afternoon, I suddenly realized I needed food. Wanted? Dunno, but I ate reasonably, simply in higher quantity than I’d intended. This evening, I’m flying to Colorado to stay with DD while SIL flies to Indiana for a job interview, so I have complete control of my eating until evening; don’t know if she’s planning on cooking after I arrive or not–and if she is, I’m sure she’s planning on ME cooking, LOL! If she is, I’m thinking I’ll try to talk her into fast food instead, and I’ll just not have anything so I can actually do a water fast. We’ll see how it all turns out.

    @songbirdme One reason I was so excited to get to 145 was because, at that weight, I would officially no longer be overweight–I’ve known that number as the high-side marker for a 5’4″ woman since I was in grade school. Except. I’ve not only shrunk, I’ve shrunk a full two inches, and now I’m 5’2″ and clothes that fit me beautifully last time I was at 145 and below are still a bit snug on me, and now I have to be below 140 to be officially no longer overweight. All of that is to say, have you measured yourself lately? Is it possible you’ve shrunk more and that’s why the nurse said you’re 27BMI? And you’ve never said (or I never read?) if you’re going to accept that percentage and stick to your weight or if you plan to drop a few additional pounds…?

    @betsylee That’s absolutely MARVELOUS; well, well done!!!

    @froby79 Congratulations on the publication of your paper!! What field do you work in?

    @brightonbelle How wonderful that you can see results that your scale doesn’t reflect; it’s very empowering when clothes fit better than they did!

    @michelinme I can’t imagine being mom to a daughter going through cancer; I will most definitely keep her in prayer. Have you read about/told her about the anecdotal (and perhaps also scientific??) evidence that water fasting helps with chemo results? Perhaps you want to research it before her next round so she has time to prepare; if I remember correctly, it was 72 hours WF that helped so impressively.

    Welcome, @sarahchadwick!

    Pocket List Day 20
    @stitchincarol maybe?

    Day 20 – Ireland – CD

    Hi everyone!
    Lovely walk last night and another this morning before work.
    A busy day today – I am being mindful of what I eat…

    @betsylee drum roll 🥁here for you – well done!!!
    -and wow @stitchincarol a 3lb drop – amazing!!
    @i-hate-lettuce enjoy your travels!

    Have a good day all!

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 20 – 16:8

    Fast day went very well yesterday. The hearty soup I had for dinner came in at approx 500 AND left me feeling full through the evening. YAY!

    I’m feeling very good, I restarted 5:2 eating in mid August at a much too high weight of 176, my calendar reminds me. That is 30lb ago. 🤪 Slow and steady does add up! When discounting the initial ~5lb water weight loss we see a pretty steady loss of just over a pound a week. My initial goal is 141 – healthy BMI for a 5’3” woman is in sight! Now I’m starting to consider where I WANT to set my weight range and maintenance eating habits. First thoughts are to change to 5:2 800 when I get to 141 and see what that does. Suggestions welcome.

    @froby What fantastic and exciting news!! You are a research scientist, yes? If it is not impolite to ask, What area is the paper concerning? Kudos and much admiration from me!

    I received a gift from my husband’s boss for the holidays – A bottle of non-alcoholic gin. (He gave husband a bottle of non alcoholic whiskey). I’ll be trying it tonight. Very curious.

    Did I mention I picked up a red banana last grocery run? I was so curious. Wow that was yummy. Much stronger taste than a cavendish and sweeter while still firm. Since I like the sweetness of a well ripe cavendish banana but prefer the texture of a just yellow cavendish- I may try to get some more of the red, best of both!. I have been limiting my fruit severely – substituting extra veg, but I think I may be ready to add a bit more in.

    @michelleinme I’m hoping your daughter feels much better soon.

    @songbirdme It is interesting – the exercise/appetite experience different people have. I wish exercise had an appetite suppressant effect on me! I don’t experience that though. Im just thankful that it doesn’t increase my appetite noticeably either. No effect certainly is better than a difficult one. I wonder if time of day for exercise has any impact? I exercise in the morning when I don’t eat anyway, so that is a data point.

    It is COLD here, so the neighborhood kittens are cavorting in the warmth (comparatively) of our garage again. I will no longer be able to call them kittens soon. We estimate they were born in mid July and are getting quite full size already.

    Good thoughts to all, especially today’s fasters

    Day 20 – UK– FD

    second post..
    @stitchincarol @mariaelena
    I am a work psychologist at the university and I do research on wellbeing/stress and unethical behavior in the workplace. I study why “otherwise good” employees could misbehave and what we can do to prevent this. The paper is about moral self-efficacy and its role in decreasing the routinization of misconduct and of moral disengagement 🙂

    Second post

    The paper is about moral self-efficacy and its role in decreasing the routinization of misconduct and of moral disengagement
    End Quote

    Not only does that sound fascinating, (I took and enjoyed a lot of moral philosophy and ethics classes in my schooling) it sounds like something we NEED in the world right now. I’m constantly shocked and appalled at the routinization of bad conduct in our world societies right now.

    Congrats on the publication again!

    Day 20 – UK – FD800
    Day 19 – TDEE

    Another very active day – 9am Aerobics class then OH and I set out for a hike – 8.85km – 620m Elevation

    Will be going to meet DD tomorrow for a coast dog walking day – I’m joining her after her first job of the day so won’t have to get up too early – it’s about an hours drive to where she lives – she has 3 pairs of dogs for us to walk then we get grab a coffee at a little place by the beach we know before I head back home – planning a seafood paella for tomorrow night – a favourite of ours!

    @penz – wish I could join that club – oysters and dipping sauce 😋
    @stitchincarol – quilt for your GD looks gorgeous ❤️ With all the exercise I have really had I’m really glad that exercise does not turn me into a hunger dragon 🤣 Also here’s hoping that your GD does not decide to make an appearance early 🤞
    @jaifaim – it was nice to have a break from hiking yesterday – yoga was lovely! but another beautiful sunny if cold day perfect for a quick hike of around 2hrs today
    @i-hate-lettuce – hope you and Mrs IHL have a fab holiday – look forward to hearing about your travels on your return
    @betsylee – you are doing great – 3 kg down for this challenge so far 👍
    @excelsior12309 – stay with this WOL – there will be a downward shift sooner than later
    @froby79 – shame about your weather – cold but blue skies and sunshine for us 😎 congratulations on your paper
    @sarahchadwick – welcome on board – just stick to the basics and I’m sure you’ll see a result 👍

    Right adding myself to the pocket list for motivation – Pilates class at 6pm and a snack and cup of tea planned and organised for my return so should stay on track for that FD800 – divided my calories into two meals today – felt I should eat something before my evening class

    Pocket List Day 20 🎯
    @stitchincarol maybe?

    “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    Day 21, NFD, Aus

    @songbirdme – don’t read further! The oysters were delivered yesterday morning; fortunately before OH had left for work so he was able to put them in the fridge. (They probably would have been ok because they were well packed in ice.) There were 3 dozen, some yuzu-based dipping sauce to freeze into granita, and a small accompanying bottle of sake. We also got gloves and a shucking knife. Yes, the oysters were unshucked! We’ve never shucked oysters before, but like many things in life, practice makes perfect. I still ended up with too much shell in my oysters (but at least we managed NOT to stab ourselves!) I feel like we earned our dinner. The granita was nice but a little to sweet for our palate.

    Yay @betsylee – fab results. That has to serve as great motivation to keep on going.

    Congrats @froby79! Your paper sounds really interesting – I hope you share with us the link once it’s published!

    Day 20 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Oh how I love all the stories our members share. You make me smile, laugh, feel concern, and pray. Can’t tell you enough the fulfillment you all give me. Breakfast was some healthy muffins and a terrific pink grapefruit that was on sale ($.99 each) so I bought 2. No lunch, supper is Italian beef sandwiches.

    @betsylee – WOW! I am so very impressed! Da-dah and drum roll for you! 👍👌 Don’cha just wish you could quit? Believe me, we have read enough about people gaining all they lost bye not being judicious. I know you will stay on track.

    @stitchincarol – yes, I also have lost 2″ – went from 5’8″ to 5’6, found out at a bone density scan about 10 years ago. I am recommended to get another one soon but doctor didn’t order it. Meant to mention it to him. I will keep your trip to DIL’s in prayer that all goes well. 🙏 And yes, I do want to lose a few pounds that have crept on.

    @froby79 – Kudos on your paper being published! The topic sounds oh so interesting and timely. I keep wondering whatever happened to morality not just in the workforce but everywhere. I would appreciate reading it as well.

    @brightonbelle – yes, results are more important than the scale.

    @michelinbe – B2B’s are really tough so good on ya’ indeed! Hugs and prayers 🙏 for you and your DD. I know you must truly be great support for her. Our eldest had thyroid cancer about 18 years ago, but removing the gland was sufficient with no chemo. I really do feel for you both. BTW, your meals always sound so healthy and delicious.

    @sarahchadwick – big welcome! We would love to know more about you, so please do share a bit of your story! Also, we generally appreciate seeing the day you are posting (day of the month) and if you plan a certain type of eating day. Lots of us all of a sudden found tummy thickening in mid-life!

    @jaifaim – yes, we all must agree with your mindful eating.

    @mariaelena – soup is so fulfilling indeed! Let us know how the non-alcoholic gin and whisky are. Fewer calories too?? We are in the deep freeze here – high of about 2’F today (-16.6 C) and lots colder due tonight. But it is January in Illinois. @northerndawn up in Minnesota could always bet me! I do a daily trivia with ‘blog’ and one of the posters is in Anchorage, AK – it was 24′ F. there this morning! Funny how cold fronts move.

    @at – your cost dog walking sounds so cool!

    @penz – ha ha! YOU are the one making me chuckle! So glad you enjoyed your oysters.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 21 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Busy weekend of socialising with family ahead. I take a half day today and pick up my Dad who was due to stay with us for the weekend. He will be with us tonight though, so a few local pints of Guinness then home to a homemade steak pie (like my mother used to make).

    The reason why Dad isn’t staying tomorrow is because my neice got engaged this week, so her father (my brother) is throwing a family engagement get together in his tomorrow evening. However, we also have p,ans to go out for dinner with DH’s children…sooooo, we drop my Dad up to my brothers fir the party, we stay and wish the happy couple every congratulations, leave Dad in my brothers to enjoy the party, then back down the road to meet the stepchildren at the restaurant at 6.30 as restaurants still finish at 8.00pm due to Covid!!!

    Phew busy busy weekend.

    Both DH and I feel great with all the Leslie walks, fat turning to muscle, feeling more flexible. DH is delighted…ha ha, I was doing Leslie for two years and now he wonders why I never told him about it!,, eh, I did ……but it wasn’t for him then 😆

    Have a great weekend, I won’t have time to pop in so see you all on Monday. Keep the faith.

    Dat 21 – UK – NFD

    Good day everyone and thanks so much for the nice words on my paper. Happy to share it once published. I did a webinar on the topic if anyone is interested

    Yesterday was a good FD although I was really hungry in the evening. I managed to not eat anything outside the 500kcal.. The commitment has been rewarded, -2kg from the beginning of January (0.5kg from last week). Tonight I have organised a small girl dinner and I might drink a glass of wine and a piece of panettone.. I need a little reward 🙂

    Enjoy your weekend

    Day 21 – Ireland – NFD

    Happy Friday everyone!

    Busy work day here so wishing you all well and will check in later…
    I am definitely feeling the benefit of the regular check ins and your support. Thank you!

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 21 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 213 lbs. Successful WFD yesterday. Arrived just as the Rotary meeting was starting due to a misunderstanding on the part of someone who was supposed to have ridden with us, so missing their wonderful breakfast buffet was easy 🙂

    I’m breaking my fast this morning just because I have a noon meeting with temptations, and if I don’t eat, there’s a chance the host will feel a little hurt, so… life balance haha

    Next week will be tough with celebrations and meetings abounding. I may try a B2B FD as options are narrowing.

    Day 21 UK NFD

    It was really hard not to eat yesterday evening despite a protein-tastic OMAD of eggs, vegan (soya) chorizo, beans, mushrooms, apple, mango and vegan yogurt. After drinking water and herbal tea and mooching around restlessly I mindfully ate 8 cashews – successfully ignoring all the other nuts calling my name. So FD800 + 8 cashews 🙂

    I had a lovely time stocking up the store cupboard which always makes me happy. I’m easing myself off the ultra high processed food (vegan junk food) and more cooking from scratch. My cupboard is now full of lovely tins and packets – a whole alphabet of beans, tinned lentils to complement the dried ones, lentil and pea pastas – the beetroot and red lentil is such a beautiful colour, jackfruit, and more spices and condiments to create delicious vegan meals. I also bought some quick basics for busy days and packed lunches: sachets of red and wild rice, quinoa and seeds, spiced lentils. With my fortnightly fruit and veg box I feel all set!

    Weekly weigh and measure today and weirdly I haven’t lost any more weight this week. tho I’m still down 7lb/3.2kg on the month which is epic. But..(drumroll)…. I’ve lost a whole inch/2.5cm from both my waist and hips -in a week! That’s an epic loss this challenge of 2″/5cm bust, 3″/7.5cm waist and 4″/10cm hips! Unsurprisingly my clothes are fitting better tho not yet gone down a size. An encouraging reminder that not all victories show on the scale…some are size, well-being, sleep, energy, breathing or BP, so when our weight is staying steady it doesn’t mean nothing is happening.

    When I started this WOL back in Dec 2017 I called myself michelinme after the michelin tyres because I felt there was a puffy layer between me and the world, between me and myself. I inflate really easily with carbs or sugar, but the upside of inflating easily is that my body is easily eating up my fat suit. Already I feel more like me, tho a long way to go yet.

    I’ve got today off which means three days without commitments – phew! But I know Future Me will be really glad I if I spend a couple of hours this afternoon on naming/prioritising and scheduling for project work. Reminding myself that planning time now will help to structure the next steps and avoid overwhelm in these next four busier weeks. Time for early nights and pacing – a different sort of self-care!

    @betsylee what a great start! We’ve got this!

    @at your dog walk day with DD sounds lovely. Hope DH is recovering well

    @northgeorgia well done your WFD – and avoiding breakfast! I kept reading your ‘noon meeting’ as ‘zoom meeting’ and wondering why you couldn’t avoid temptations! 😀

    @stitchincarol @songbirdme thank you for your prayers and good wishes for DD

    @stitchincarol hope everything’s going well with your trip to be with DD – fingers crossed the baby waits til DSiL is back home

    @daffodil2010 that sounds like a wonderful weekend. Well done on the Leslie walks – lovely that you are doing it together

    Day 21 Melb Aust CD

    Still trundling on – downwards! Thanks for the encouragement @daffodil2010 , @stitchincarol , @at , @penz , @songbirdme , @froby79 , @jaifaim (anyone else?). It’s wonderful to be part of an international community that encourages each other

    @michelinme, we’re almost neck and neck at the moment, except that for me there’s been little reduction in measurements yet. Still, I feel better in myself, and I think my clothes are looser (which is strange when the measurements haven’t altered much, but nice). Your description of the reason for your name resonates with me, too!
    So sorry re your DD’s cancer. I know Dr M wrote about the possible benefits of fasting pre-chemo, but I think he also said it needs to be with oncologist’s approval. Still, if chemo is wiping her out for a few days afterwards, it could be something to consider.
    Well done for stopping at only 8 cashews!!

    @penz, oysters? Glad you enjoyed them despite shell. 🙂

    @stitchincarol, hope you enjoy your time with DD without any sudden baby dramas.

    @northgeorgia, hope the “damage” re lunch wasn’t too much.

    Onward and downwards everyone.

    Day 21 – 16:8

    DH will return home this weekend. I miss him. In-laws are recovering. He’s been their ‘run errands guy’ and leaving items on the front porch, so his contact has been minimal to none, thank the heavens. One niece in the household remained Covid free according to tests and never felt sickly, so she’s been doing bulk of home caring. Very glad the worst of it seems to be over.

    The non alcoholic gin made an interesting Gibson Martini, but not very good. It was very good in a gin and tonic tho. It has a more citrusy and less herbal taste than real gin. I think it might be very interesting in a Tom Collins, but I use diet tonic water in my G&T and don’t think I have ever seen a diet Tom Collins mix. Might have to look up if there is such a thing. @songbirdme Yes to the question – non alcoholic gin is 0 calories.

    I made tuna salad (did I already mention this?) with avocado replacing the Mayo. It mostly worked, but tasted milder than regular tuna salad. I liked it, and will add it to a healthy meal rotation. Another oddity in my tuna salad, I don’t enjoy celery, but miss the crunch and taste it brings to tuna salad so I use water chestnuts and celery seed in my tuna salad. I may try bok choy stem next time too, it should add a peppery flavour.

    @michelinme – I love the Michelin tire connection to your name. I’m obtuse I guess, I missed that on my own. I can relate!

    @betsylee it is so wonderful when clothes look feel better – good on you! Different body types lose weight differently, I’m one of the lose it all over type, so my measurements change very slowly. My clothes are always my first indicator. For me this is true whether or not it is weight gain or weight loss.

    @froby79 Thanks for the link! I’ll check it out today, because I think it is a fascinating topic and it thrills me to ‘know’ the presenter/author.

    @stitchincarol I’m hoping I don’t get any shorter! My mom did (went from 5’ 5.5” to 5’ 2”) but my sister has kept her height (5’ 6”) so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. At 5’ 3.5” I can’t afford to lose any height! Lol. Except for mom in her last years, I’ve always been the shortest. My brothers and father tower over me.

    Today is cold but very sunny, I think it will be a good day. One of our feline family is sickly, but our vet doesn’t require masks (and in our kneck of the woods that means virtually everyone goes maskless) so I have an appointment with a new vet (masks required) today.

    Wishing everyone well.

    Day 21 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Exercise and shopping went fine this morning, but I did want something warm when I got home, so some tomato soup with crackers worked. Back in South Beach Diet days, they recommended “Laughing Cow Light” cream cheese wedges, so had one of those.

    @daffodil2010 – your steak pie sounds like a delicious treat for you and your dad. I know your Leslie walks have been a mainstay. Good for you!

    @froby79 – thank for the link to your webinar. I will go there next.

    @northgeorgia – maybe you were supposed to miss the breakfast buffet at Rotary, so good fortune there?! I always try to plan ahead if I know there will be eating occasions ahead. Sounds like you are making good plans.

    @michelinme – puffy like the Michelin Man? I always thought of the Michelin Guide that you were worth 3 Stars! ✨ Or that your cuisine was (as I read on Wikipedia) “Une des meilleures tables, vaut le voyage” (Exceptional. Worth a special trip.)

    @mariaelena – I know you will be happy to have DH home, and hope his folks will fare well. Interesting that the gin was better in some drinks than others, but very glad for ZERO calories! Don’t think they sell that around here. As close as I am to Wisconsin, our area gets all sorts of beer options more than hard liquors.

    Onward and downward.

    @froby79 – fascinating research. Little wonder you were awarded a publication for that work. Congratulations!

    Day 22 UK NFD

    Sorry dashing out , aiming for a controlled day Catch up tomorrow Have a good one all

    Day 22 – Ireland – NFD

    Ireland opens up today… I am freaked at the suddenness of it all and still don’t want to get Covid but will get there…💪

    Well done @michelinme on your fantastic shrinkage!

    @songbirdme I have a dexa scan next week… it’s been 20 years since my last one so it will be interesting. I feel I have good bones… BUT we will see…. 👍 🦴

    @mariaelena I have tried a number of non alcoholic gins and other lovely drinks. I find some of them to be little more than flavoured water but there are some exceptional ones… Gordon 0.0 and Lyre are fab! Clean Gin is good. Also cans of Lyre spritzers are delish. Guinness 0.0 is the best non alcoholic beer I have found and I do love my Guinness 😋

    @froby79 your work sounds so interesting and I’m sure many of us have come across good employees doing bad things🤔 I’m looking forward to watching your webinar… I have a few colleagues I’m not looking forward to sharing space with again … so I’m very interested thank you!

    Speaking of which I’m working today… we are very busy at the moment so will pop off and catch up tomorrow.

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 22 UK CD

    I had a blow out yesterday evening – popcorn, biscuits & ice-cream took me about 800 calories over TDEE. This morning I feel puffy, uncomfortable & out of sorts – reminds me of having a hangover! Hopefully will keep me on the straight and narrow for the rest of the weekend… and got me checking in for accountability.

    I’m going for a CD today, back to avoiding grains, sugar and carbs, focussing on vegetables, fruit and protein and drinking as much water as I can to flush away this yucky feeling.

    I’ve been having a lovely lazy day, dozing, reading and clearing out the wardrobe. About to have a very late lunch/breakfast and will have the last of the cabbage soup for early supper. Hoping to go into town tomorrow for community gathering, will get ready today and see how my energy goes in the morning

    @songbirdme – I love that! Thanks for your review 😀 😀 😀

    @jaifaim thank you – tho I’ve puffed out again since I wrote that. I swear I could feel my fat cells swelling last night… No idea how i did that for months on end – not the blow out but eating that food. It just doesn’t feel good atm.

    I hope things are ok as you open up in Ireland. I don’t know how it’s going to be in the UK when every restriction is ended on Thursday for political rather than public health reasons. I’ve been going into town rarely and been careful to minimise my risk of catching covid again. 10% of my borough have it and not goine down since early December. I’ll be staying in FFP2 masks and going gently until it’s warm enough to do things outside.

    Day 22 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 217 lbs. Plateau ho-hum. Did ZBC today. Hope I can stay away from 220, but it might happen tomorrow or Monday. Not sure when to fast again.

    A bewildering week awaits. My mother’s birthday is next week as is their 50th anniversary, as well as another chamber of commerce dinner. Egads.

    I roll my eyes at January. Fingers crossed for a better February!

    Day 22 – 16:8

    Just finished my workout. My current routine is 5x a week of 20 minutes hula hoop and 2 x a week on Exercycle for 30 mins. The hula hoop workouts never get boring as I have all my favourite dance music on one long playlist an don’t know what random song will come up next. I’m still procrastinating/ not very steady with strength training and I know I need to focus in that.

    Ate well yesterday and indulged in after dinner drink, black sambuca with 3 coffee beans. So delicious.

    Hope the weekend is good for all. My DH is home finally and it makes me so happy.

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