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  • Hi JJane. Congrats on your success so far. I find following your journey helpful and inspiring. I am on FD6 and was trying to stick w one meal as I do think that’s the way to go but had a serving of roasted peanuts as I was so hungry. Still leaves me 300 cal for dinner. We had a company annual party last night and I had one more wine than I normally would so not feeling 100% today. Just drinking lots of water to rehydrate and stay the course on today’s FD.

    One thing I find I may need to adjust is not weighing every day. Today I am up 3 lbs and tomorrow I’ll probably be down 4 or more (hoping). Feels like a bit of a roller coaster ride.

    Anyway, I have such fears it won’t work for me. Your success helps me to put that fear to rest. I am sure the mantra is: it works, if you work it!

    Hi beachgurl62 if you do weigh every day (like me) use the app Happy Scale as it records a moving day average even when you gain which always makes you happier. And it always breaks your journey into 10 milestones which I love. I am always 3 to 4lbs heavier after the weekend. But it usually is gone after my fast day Monday.

    As usual today being Monday I am up around 2 kilos to 78.6 kilos. Ate bread and dips, pasta and icecream and of course 3 bottles of wine, a cider and 2 rtds. Lets hope it disappears quickly like the last few week 🙂

    Well lost 900 grams from my fast day. I realised I was a lot worst this weekend gone by than usual too. So it could be that I need to get taught a lesson. However only 700 grams to go until i am back to Fridays weigh in weight. It is still possible to get a loss this week!

    Hi Jjane! Thank you for the Happy Scale app suggestion. I will check it out. This week I am doing 16:8 as my entire family is here celebrating my mom’s 90th birthday!! The goal is to maintain while having a great time. I’ll be back to the 5:2 WOL next week. Talk to you then. Keep up the good work. 🙂

    All the besty beachgurl62. I have actuually gained 200grams this week so basically maintained. But I know why. Last Friday Saturday and Sunday I ate like a pig. Far worst than usual on the weekend. I will have a gopod loss this week.

    Started 1.1.2018
    Start weight 81.8 kilos.(180.33lbs)
    Todays weight 77.1 kilos (169.97lbs)
    Total weight loss 4.7 kilos (10.36lbs)

    So actually gained 200 grams this week. But I ate so badly last weekend I have spent all week getting rid of it. Last Friday alone I had sausage roll, cream donut and coconut slice, popcorn wine and chocolate. Out for lunch Saturday and had a main for lunch, bread and dips, wine, cheese, more wine and another main. So what you expect. You can be a bit bad on the weekend. But I went a bit crazy. So onwards I go. And not a total pigout this weekend either.

    Hello. My names is Amanda and I am new here (today is my first FD). I love your updates. I also love wine and beer and I am glad to see someone else is successful with this program. Thanks Jane

    legalamanda….how did your first FD go?
    I hope that you find success with this plan. 🙂

    beachgurl…I used to weigh myself everyday, and I found the same thing …up and down. After watching the pattern in conjunction with my fasting days…I finally decided on Fridays as my true weight days…hopefully you will find your groove. I hope that you are still having successful FDs. 🙂

    Jane…now you know where the limit is…wishing you good luck with a controlled eating and drinking this weekend. 🙂

    This week was a little weird for me…I was home for a couple days, and I find it difficult to fast when I am at home….so I did not get my regular FDs this week. I did do a 42 hr water fast…my weight is holding steady.

    I am going to try to eat decent over the weekend…but it already seems difficult…we are going off to a festival, and concert this evening, and hubby is already talking about stopping for pizza and then getting some yummy fair-food. I’m going to try to be good. Have a great weekend everyone.

    Good luck. It went better than I expected but I didn’t sleep very well last night. I woke up once to use the restroom and I felt a little nauseous. I felt better this morning when I woke up. My wife is already talking about drinking beer tonight so I am doing my best to eat good today so I can enjoy some beer with her tonight. Good luck to you!!!!

    Welcome Amanda. Hope your first fast day went well.

    Floridag1rl I would never be able to fast at home. You would have to keep so busy.

    I had a better weekend. Drunk lots of wine but snacked on cucumber slices with it instead of cheese. Has KFC for dinner Friday and pizza Saturday but a respectable amount and I didnt go back for seconds. Actually reached a new low on Saturday morning of 76.5 kilos. Although I dont lock weight changes in until Friday morning. But as I only gained 600 grams over the weekend its looking like I am in for a good loss this Friday.

    Started 1.1.2018
    Start weight 81.8 kilos.(180.33lbs)
    Todays weight 75.6 kilos (166.66lbs)
    Total weight loss 6.2 kilos (13.66lbs)
    Loss this week 1.5 kilos (3.30lbs)

    Very very happy today. Had a good week. 2 fast days and other days just ate healthyish breakfast lunch and tea and fruit snacks.Only half a bottle of wine. No exercise this week but. Have tried to drink more water.
    Now enjoying a bagel with jam for breakfast. And looking forward to my bottle of wine tonight. My husband is also doing really well and has lost a total of 6.30 kilos.
    In the last ten years the lowest I have been down to is 73.8 kilos. And that was doing the Dukan Diet. Now I only eat low carb on Fast Days, to an point anyway as I still eat fruit. Not far to go now and I will be the lowest weight I have been in ten years.
    We love love love 5:2!!!!

    Omg that’s amazing! So so happy for you! I have been a little discouraged as I have not lost as much as I hoped. So I am glad to see your progress. I started at 218 and got down to 215 and then today I’m 217 🙁 It has only been a week but I guess I was just hoping I would do better than that.

    My average is around 400 grams a week so hang in there. Just keep an eye on just how bad you are on a non fast day. I dont count calories on those days but I would for a little while if for some reason I stopped loosing. And dont worry about little flucuations. They happen with me all the time. I sometimes gain 3-4lbs over a weekend. Then just work through getting rid of them during the week.

    So I had a really bad weekend. Gained 2 kilos. Had a birthday to go to for my Dad. And every one had to Bring 2-3 finger food dishes. And then they Take them around through the night slowly. You feel like you have to try everything so as not to offend anyone. (Of course you don’t really).
    Then Mum had a ridiculous amount of food left yesterday and insisted we take some home so we ate it all day yesterday too. So I will have to work hard this week. I have promised my daughter we are going to do the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred starting today. Only we are going to try and complete in 40 days rather than 30.

    Bad weigh in this week. Havnt managed to shift the 2 kilo weight gain from last weekend. And we are on holiday all of next week including Easter weekend and will not be fasting. But dont worry I am not giving up. I have done Jillian Michaels 30 day shred 5 days this week and have sore muscles so they may be retaining water. On top of that I have constipation problems big time and its that time of month. So I dont think it will be as bad as it seems. Hopefully a woosh next week!

    Back to fasting today. Dont know how much I have gained in the past 2 weeks. I am too scared to look. I am not going to weigh in again until Friday morning.

    Friday morning wasn’t too bad. And then Saturday morning I was only 400 grams higher than my lowest 5:2 weight. So this Friday I will have something positive to record 🙂

    Well done Jane, you are getting there. Do you stick to 500 cals every fast day? I’m in my first one and im going to go over (haven’t stocked the cupboard with suitable foods yet). I think I chose wrong as I feel really hungry and my stomach is really rumbling. What kind of things do you eat on fast days to stave off the hunger?

    I have been really struggling lately. When I first started I was really happy as I still lost weight even after a bad weekend. But this has unfortunately slowed down. And I seem to be spending the week working off the weekend. Anyway not giving up completely. Going to watch the carbs intake a bit more and see if that helps at all.

    I’m away for the weekend. Had sticky toffee pudding last night so I’ve put on a bit this morning, but I’ll do another fast day as soon as I get home.

    Can you look at what you’re eating on your non fast days? Cut down on treats like cake or booze?

    I’m thinking if I do well for five weeks and get to my goal I can loosen of a bit and go to 6:1.

    What I am going to do to try and kick start out of this plateau is do the 3 day military diet. It’s really quite amusing when you read the negative reviews about it as it’s really just another form of fasting. Although calorie wise it’s probably near the 800 range. So basically I am going to be doing 4:3. But eating specific foods for 3 days. Hopefully it will get me moving again. If I can just get to my low of 75.6 I will be happy again. But the scales keep playing in the 76-78 range. Anyway we will see I guess.

    Well it’s probably good to shake things up! I’ve never heard of that one. Good luck and let us know how you get on!

    Well the 3 day military diet did shake things up a bit. Lost 2.4 kilos in 3 days which is more than I have lost in weeks. So back down to 75.9 now. Still 300 grams to go to hit my low of 75.6. Now to keep it off.
    That 3 day diet is hard work! You eat around 1000 calories a day but specific things. People say a calorie is a calorie but my body doesn’t agree with that. I wouldn’t recommend unless you need a kick start back into the game. also like the cabbage soup diet for this. I may do it one more time next week until I get back to my lowest weigh in weight. Then I will definately go back to 5:2. It a much easier way of life!

    Oh well done then 🙂 it sounds like a chore! Why would it work better than the 5:2?

    I’m at the end of my third fast day. Feel okay other than massively craving a biscuit. I got one of the packet before I changed my mind!

    Really hoping I can go to 6:1 when I get to my target weight!

    I cant explain why. It just must be the combination of foods. I really dont know. But I certainly lost weight a lot quicker than 5:2 but its not a lifestyle. More of a shake up for a plateau or a quick fix after a holiday.
    Keep going with 5:2. You are doing well. My husband is away for two weeks and I just want to get into a really good place before he gets back as we both do 5:2 together.

    Well whatever works for you 🙂

    I’m finding I sometimes eat less on the normal days and I don’t seem to get hungry as often. So far I’ve dropped from 9st 9.8 to 9st 4. It seems to be working! Fingers crossed it continues for me. My aim is 8st 7 (as I’m only short!)

    You are so close to your goal 🙂 how much have you lost overall?

    You are doing well! I am finally at a best again at 75.3 kilos. A total loss of 6.5 kilos.

    Wow, well done 🙂 I knew you’d get there!
    I lost another lb, but I’ve put it on again. Still I have a raging cold and can’t taste anything…coffee tastes like bitter got water…yuck. Anyway I figure I’m not gong to fast specifically while I’m ill. I’ll wait until I’m on top form again to resume! What are you going to do now? Keep with the 5:2 for the foreseeable future?

    Yes I will be. I still have quite a lot more to loose. At least 10 more kilos before I would even think of being happy.

    Ahh I see, well hang in there 🙂

    Struggling today. I’d put on 21bs as had a week off fasting because I was ill. Doing a fast day today and I’m starving! Doesn’t help that every other TV advert is about food! Not looking forward to my tuna salad for dinner. It’s a bit disappointing that the weight is just waiting to go back on as soon as you eat normally again, I didn’t think it would be so quick!

    Yes thats what happened to me. Two weeks off and 2 kilos back on. Its taken a while to get rid it too.

    Well I had another fast day and the 2lbs dropped off again, but just had another one and I’ve stayed exactly the same weight. It’s easier to stay motivated when the weight drops off every time!

    New low of 74.8. So 7 kilos down.

    Sorry I missed your reply!

    That’s good 👍

    I’ve lost 7lbs, but I keep getting stuck at 9 stone 3. I go down, then I go back up. I wondered a couple of things. Do you think you burn more fat when you’re hungry. Also do you think our metabolisms have slowed from the diet?

    Merryme – I’m new here today, but just read this post of yours, from 18 Jan 18 at 1:05pm

    How fantastic ! What a great collection of helpful ideas !
    Just wanted to say that – maybe I’ll just copy your list here, for others to enjoy !



    1. Still do your 2 FDs preferably on the same days ie Mon/Thurs. you’re starting to have an idea now of what a FD consists of for you, so try to do the same or very similar while away. Something strong tasting gives the mouth a sensation of having eaten more eg chili, curry,

    2. Alternate drinks – if you are used to lots of wine/beer, alternate with sparkling water, So start with a sparkling water with lime or lemon slice, the wine, then sp water, then wine etc. the bubbles in the sp water give the psychological illusion of being festive, and the alternating cuts the calories for the event, but you won’t feel deprived.

    On nonFDs skip breakfast. This is a meal where people say “but it comes with the accomodation, and I have to get my money’s worth/not waste it”. Holiday breakfasts or buffets ate often a larger meal than you would normally have. My answer is, it’s even more wasted if you’re just eating it to get your money’s worth. It’s wasted sitting on your hips, bum, stomach, or a double chin etc.

    3. Stay away from the dining room at breakfast. Go for a walk instead, or have a well deserved extra half hour or hours sleep.

    4. If you’re trying something that’s a specialty of the region. Get 1 between 2 and share. What puts on weight is getting 1 each, and doing it again each day.

    5. If it’s a delicacy that comes in various sizes then get the small one.

    6. Icecream – ask for a childrens’ serve.

    7. Combine desert and coffee – an affogato. This is a small espresso coffee which comes with a small ball of vanilla icecream in a separate glass. Pour the hot espresso over the icecream, and there is dessert (a small one) and coffee in 1. Sometimes this is served with a liquer as well, which is also poured over the coffee and icecream. I ask for it to be served without the liqeur. Less calories.

    8. Meals – cut back on starches in meals eg. A salad instead of a sandwich. If something’s usually served with rice have it without rice. If you like pasta have 1 between the 2 of you instead of 1 each. Share a salad as well. Hamburger – have a naked hamburger ie eat the filling and leave the bun, or leave half the bun,

    9. Don’t have the bun or bread that comes with an evening meal. If a dish comes with chips ask them to hold the chips. If you can’t do this just yet then hold the chips on 1 of plate and share the chips on the other.

    10. Instead of 3 courses have 2. Have entree and main meal. Or share an entree and have a main each. Or have an entree (starter)each and share a main. Or have a main each and share dessert. Or share a large main and share dessert. Checkout how big the dishes are that other people are being served.

    11. If there’s soup, have a clear soup – consomme – rather than a thick or creme soup.

    12. Pasta – have this with a tomato sauce instead of a cream sauce.

    13. Salads – ask for the dressing to be served on the side, so you can put on a smaller amount yourself.

    14. If the vegies come with a sauce you can ask them to hold the sauce and serve with a lemon wedge. Squeeze the lemon juice over the hot vegies. Hold the gravy or ask for it to be served on the side.

    15. Buffets – avoid these if possible. If not possible pick up a small plate to put food on. Choose what you like but take a smaller portion than you normally would. Don’t load your plate up high. Elegant sufficiency is what you’re going for. Enjoy what you have. Take your time.if you go back for seconds have only a very small amount on the 2nd go.

    16. Walk 10,000 steps every day.

    17. This first holiday where you and OH are motivated to go home the same weight, make it a game to see where you can make changes to your past experiences, but still be enjoyable. There are simple things you can do
    a boiled or poached egg has less calories than a scrambled one.
    Strawberries and rockmelon (canteloupe – sp?)have less calories than other fruit.
    Halve the amount of cream.
    Have prawns instead of steak, chops or sausages – less calories.
    Grilled fish instead of battered fish.
    Check the fit of your clothes. If they’re getting a little tighter, do a FD the next day. Some of us have discovered that if we have an indulgent day the fastest and easiest way to get that off is to do a FD the next day.

    If I am really honest my heart wasnt in it in the period where I had stalled weight loss wise.I had stopped doing any exercise. Wasnt counting properly on 500 fast days and way over (or under too sometimes) on other days. I have a bit of a bad weekend but I am totally committed this week 🙂 I am even going back to the gym tonight. So lets see if genuine commitment pays off 🙂

    Yeah I’ve folded during the last two fast days and gone way over even the 800. It’s no wonder my weight loss has stalled. I need to work out how to improve my motivation again!

    Hope the gym is going well! I’m down at 9st 1 today. Lowest weight for years! 8 more lbs to go. I can’t say it’s just down to fasting. Think I’m generally eating lower calories/more healthy food, which is good when I fold on my fast days. In not sure how quickly you lose the weight after fasting. What do you find? I do need to do another fast day asap! I’ve only had a coffee so far today so maybe I’ll do one today. 🙂

    I am still battling. Mu husband has lost 12 kilos to my 7 kilos since 1.1.2018. Jealous!

    Interesting thing this morning. I have only lost 500 grams over the past 30 days. Keep going up and down 2 kilos and scales just really not changing. However this morning I tried on some clothes that definately didnt fit me a month ago. And some fit whereas others are a lot closer. So happy again! Husband reakons I must be going to break plateau very soon. I hope so….

    Janejust – It’s so encouraging to have things other than the scale to mark progress! I always want the scale to move, don’t get me wrong, but pulling on a pair of jeans fresh from the dryer and not having to jump and bend and wiggle… that’s amazing! Pulling out a pair that didn’t fit months ago, and having them fit now too… every milestone is so encouraging! Way to go!

    I wished that I had not got disheartened just because I didn’t loose for a few weeks. Unfortunately I am back to square one. Sure low carb keto dieting works faster. But its harder to stick to a diet where some things are off limits. Anyway I am back again. Husband and I started again yesterday. He has only gained back a couple of kilos grrr. We had our first fast day yesterday. We were sooo tired. Were in bed at 9pm. And I only lost 200 grams which is a bit of a grumpy start. But its not a gain. And I am less than yesterday at least. Will post real result on Friday morning after 2nd weigh in.
    Start weight 81.1 kilos.

    So weighed in twice now. First week i lost 1.9 and second week 300 grams.

    Well done you. I too fell off the wagon regarding keeping up with the diet. I have other things going on at the moment which are higher priority. But I really would like to shift that final half stone to be closer to my ideal weight.

    I am back again. Start weight is 82.8 kilos. First fast today. I keep changing to a low carb diet wanting to loose weight faster but can never keep to it. Hence back to 5:2 where I only have to think about diet twice a week 🙂

    Monday 1st fast day – start weight 82.8 – Higher than when i started.
    Tuesday non fast day – weight 82.8 – Disappointing not to loose on first fast day 🙁

    Here I am back again. This is the only way of eating where its not expensive and easy to follow. Fatter again at 83.2 kilos. But summer is coming.

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