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  • I thought I would start a personal story as I plan to give this my all. My first FD was 1.1.2018 but it was an easy one as I was hung over. Will be fasting Mondays and Thursdays. So today is my first true FD. Feel skinnier already!

    Start weight – 81.4 kilos
    BMI – 27.2
    Age – 47
    Height – 173cms
    Waist – 36cms
    NZ size 12 at top
    NZ size 14 bottom

    Told quite a few people I am doing this and they are all sceptical as I am always on a diet. But as they say this is not a diet. It’s a way of life. And I will prove that it works!!

    Someone suggested the possibility that I could actually get down to a size 10. As I have never been a size 10 even as a teenager that feels like the stuff of dreams. I can’t even imagine it. So let’s see how I go.

    Hi Jane and welcome.

    Just one thing, I cannot believe your waist is only 36cms……………

    Ha ha. Yes try inches. Will change that one 🙂

    First day has been really easy. Not hungry as such even once. I will weigh in for the week tommorow and every Friday after. My hardest thing is going weighing in every day. But I don’t want to get disheartened along the way.

    So first official weigh in day after 2 fasts and 5 days.

    Weight After 2 fast days – 80.4 kilos (177.25lbs)
    Total Loss – 1.4 kilos (3.08lbs)

    Was hoping for a bit more but then I am used to the fast weight loss of low carb first week.

    So I am happy. And enjoying my peanut butter and butter vogels toast for breakfast this morning.

    Looking forward to my fast day tommorow. Got my husband to watch Michael Mosleys doco Eat Fast Live Longer with me. I believe he is quite inspired.

    Happy with my 3rd fast day today. A bit over at 545 calories but I also done one hour on treadmill at gym tonight.

    Bad day yesterday. Ate 2 large crossiants with cheese at 250 calories each (not including cheese). Scales don’t seem to of suffered for it thank goodness. Going to be good today. NFD day.

    good luck and stay healthy!

    Good day yesterday but feeling fat as I havn’t “been” in 5 days. Fast day today. Hopefully will “go” today so my weigh in tommorow won’t be too affected.
    Decided I will carry on having breakfast lunch and tea at a 500 calories total while it is working on a fasting day. But change it up when weight loss slows.

    Weight After 2 fast days – 80.4 kilos (177.25lbs)
    Weight After 4 fast days – 79.6 kilos (175.48lbs)
    Total Loss – 2.2 kilos (4.85lbs)

    Resonably pleased considering constipation problems.

    Currently eating 500 calories on FDs over breakfast lunch and tea.
    Not counting calories on NFDS.
    Exercise this week – One hour o the treadmill.

    Bad weekend of food. Well so the scales are telling me. But fasting today and Thursday before weigh in day so lets hope I can get rid of it plus a little more before then.

    Hi Jane,

    Constipation can be a challenge for some people as they change their way of eating. I’ve found psyllium husk to be the best remedy for me. I have a challenge with most grains so other brans are out, but psyllium husk is cheap to buy in a 500gm bag, it has no calories as it goes through after bulking up from taking in fluid, and bulks out and softens stool, easing the constipation. I take 1 1/3 heaped teaspoons in a small glass of water in the morning. It can also be taken other times of the day, and added to food. I also carry some with me in a ziplock bag or small container if I’m travelling away from home. Cheap, easy, no calories.

    Congrats on being OK talking about a necessary but icky subject.

    Congrats also on your progress.

    Thanks Merry will buy some today.

    Feeling a bit flat today as scales are still in the 80s and I need to get below 79.6 before Friday. And we are away next week on holiday which means wine everyday for us as thats what we like to do on holiday. Will try and walk heaps etc.

    Got fat done at gym this morning. 35% fat. So something to improve on.

    Hi Jane,
    The trick with travelling is to make some changes that still allow you to enjoy yourself, but will not sabotage your 5:2 program and thus your weighloss.

    Continuing to do what you used to do when travelling will be to continue how you got overweight in the first place. It’s telling that when you talk about your weight/health you say ‘I’ and when you talk about holidays you say ‘us’ or ‘we’. Think about how you might approach your holiday so you continue with your goals, and still enjoy your holiday as part of a couple or group.

    So, you need to plan, now, how you’re going to handle food, and how you’ll handle fluids while away. There are many on the forum who’ve holidayed while 5:2 ing or keeping their weight from going back up while still enjoying the holidays just as much. I’ve done it several times and I’ll pass on my strategies but I’ll come back later in the day to do that.

    Hi Merry. My husband and I have talked and we don’t want to undo what we have done next week. If we stay the same we will be happy. And do plan to be better than we normally are on holiday.
    On another note brought some of those psyllium husks yesterday and had two teaspoons last night and this morning. So hopefully that will move things along as I have the same problem I had last week. Wake up feeling fatter every day lol.

    Hi Jane,
    Good talking to your OH (other half) and deciding on a holiday goal – to return at the same weight,

    Some strategies:

    1. Still do your 2 FDs preferably on the same days ie Mon/Thurs. you’re starting to have an idea now of what a FD consists of for you, so try to do the same or very similar while away. Something strong tasting gives the mouth a sensation of having eaten more eg chili, curry,

    2. Alternate drinks – if you are used to lots of wine/beer, alternate with sparkling water, So start with a sparkling water with lime or lemon slice, the wine, then sp water, then wine etc. the bubbles in the sp water give the psychological illusion of being festive, and the alternating cuts the calories for the event, but you won’t feel deprived.

    On nonFDs skip breakfast. This is a meal where people say “but it comes with the accomodation, and I have to get my money’s worth/not waste it”. Holiday breakfasts or buffets ate often a larger meal than you would normally have. My answer is, it’s even more wasted if you’re just eating it to get your money’s worth. It’s wasted sitting on your hips, bum, stomach, or a double chin etc.

    3. Stay away from the dining room at breakfast. Go for a walk instead, or have a well deserved extra half hour or hours sleep.

    4. If you’re trying something that’s a specialty of the region. Get 1 between 2 and share. What puts on weight is getting 1 each, and doing it again each day.

    5. If it’s a delicacy that comes in various sizes then get the small one.

    6. Icecream – ask for a childrens’ serve.

    7. Combine desert and coffee – an affogato. This is a small espresso coffee which comes with a small ball of vanilla icecream in a separate glass. Pour the hot espresso over the icecream, and there is dessert (a small one) and coffee in 1. Sometimes this is served with a liquer as well, which is also poured over the coffee and icecream. I ask for it to be served without the liqeur. Less calories.

    8. Meals – cut back on starches in meals eg. A salad instead of a sandwich. If something’s usually served with rice have it without rice. If you like pasta have 1 between the 2 of you instead of 1 each. Share a salad as well. Hamburger – have a naked hamburger ie eat the filling and leave the bun, or leave half the bun,

    9. Don’t have the bun or bread that comes with an evening meal. If a dish comes with chips ask them to hold the chips. If you can’t do this just yet then hold the chips on 1 of plate and share the chips on the other.

    10. Instead of 3 courses have 2. Have entree and main meal. Or share an entree and have a main each. Or have an entree (starter)each and share a main. Or have a main each and share dessert. Or share a large main and share dessert. Checkout how big the dishes are that other people are being served.

    11. If there’s soup, have a clear soup – consomme – rather than a thick or creme soup.

    12. Pasta – have this with a tomato sauce instead of a cream sauce.

    13. Salads – ask for the dressing to be served on the side, so you can put on a smaller amount yourself.

    14. If the vegies come with a sauce you can ask them to hold the sauce and serve with a lemon wedge. Squeeze the lemon juice over the hot vegies. Hold the gravy or ask for it to be served on the side.

    15. Buffets – avoid these if possible. If not possible pick up a small plate to put food on. Choose what you like but take a smaller portion than you normally would. Don’t load your plate up high. Elegant sufficiency is what you’re going for. Enjoy what you have. Take your time.if you go back for seconds have only a very small amount on the 2nd go.

    16. Walk 10,000 steps every day.

    17. This first holiday where you and OH are motivated to go home the same weight, make it a game to see where you can make changes to your past experiences, but still be enjoyable. There are simple things you can do
    a boiled or poached egg has less calories than a scrambled one.
    Strawberries and rockmelon (canteloupe – sp?)have less calories than other fruit.
    Halve the amount of cream.
    Have prawns instead of steak, chops or sausages – less calories.
    Grilled fish instead of battered fish.
    Check the fit of your clothes. If they’re getting a little tighter, do a FD the next day. Some of us have discovered that if we have an indulgent day the fastest and easiest way to get that off is to do a FD the next day.

    I’m sure you’ll come up with tips of your own.

    Good luck, and have a good 5:2 holiday.

    You will work out what is the right quantity of psyllium husk for you. Also on a FD have some extra fluid. When we’re eating a much smaller quantity that also cuts down the fluid we take in – the fluid that is naturally contained in the food we didn’t eat.

    Thank you Merry for all your tips. I appreciate it.

    So today is weigh in day.

    Weight After 2 fast days – 80.4 kilos (177.25lbs)
    Weight After 4 fast days – 79.6 kilos (175.48lbs)
    Weight After 8 fast days – 79.00 kilos (174.16lbs)
    Total Loss – 2.8 kilos (6.17lbs)

    So at least its a loss this week.

    Back from holiday. Was not good . Fasting today and Thursday. Will not weigh in until Friday.

    So today is weigh in day.
    Weight After 2 fast days – 80.4 kilos (177.25lbs)
    Weight After 4 fast days – 79.6 kilos (175.48lbs)
    Weight After 8 fast days – 79.00 kilos (174.16lbs)
    On holiday for a week. Wine everyday. Missed 2 fast days.
    Weight after 10 fast days – 79.4 kilos (175.04lbs)
    Total Loss – 2.8 kilos (5.29lb)

    So today is weigh in day.
    Weight After 2 fast days – 80.4 kilos (177.25lbs)
    Weight After 4 fast days – 79.6 kilos (175.48lbs)
    Weight After 8 fast days – 79.00 kilos (174.16lbs)
    On holiday for a week. Wine everyday. Missed 2 fast days.
    Weight after 10 fast days – 79.4 kilos (175.04lbs)
    Total Loss – 2.4 kilos (5.29lb)

    Exercise this week was walking 10,000 steps for 4 of the days.

    Not the best over the weekend. Too much wine, rum and baileys. So I will not weigh in until Friday morning after two fast days.

    I was just reading over your posts…you are doing great!
    5 lb loss for January and that included a holiday…that is great.

    I started this way of eating last January…I lost 5 lbs in January also, by June I was down 30 lbs. Then I got a little sloppy… we did some traveling…then the holidays came. I’ve gain a few lbs back….I am having a little difficulty with my fasting days, I haven’t been exercising like I was last year and I know that I’ve been eating and drinking way too much on NFDs. But I am still determined to get back into it…because I know that it works 🙂

    Reading your post has helped to motivate me to get serious, and stick to the plan! Thank you and good luck to you.

    Hi Floridagirl. Well reading your post has made me feel like carrying on lol. Feeling a bit flat. Hoping I will be back to 79.0 tommorow which is what I was just before I went on holiday.
    30lbs is amazing. I think my problem is when ever I have started a low carb diet the weight has come off me much much faster so it has disheartened me a bit.
    But I have to admit I eat chocolate bread and drink wine. So it is obviously going to be slower.
    If I was only 78.9 tommorow that would be great. I would at least feel like I was on the way again 🙂

    Hi Jane, I think you’re going well – you’ve come back from your holiday with a strong conviction, knowing you can do it and not having done much damage during the holiday despite the wine etc.

    Did you learn some more anout how you function with food and drink during your holiday? Look to see where you successfully changed something during the holiday, even if that was just observing more about where you might make little changed in the future.

    Onwards and Downwards,

    I probably didnt end up changing too much Merryme. The part I have changed is getting back on the wagon. Often a gain on a holiday will make me give up. I once lost ten kilos the last time I was successfull. Went on a girls drinking eating holiday. Gained half it back on holiday and the rest when I came back and didnt feel like following the Dukan Diet any longer. This time I will keep going. At least on this WOL nothing is forbidden. But my mood will definately improve when I am least back to loosing again. Hopefully tommorow 🙂

    This way of eating is definitely slow going…I was losing about 1/2 – 1 lb a week after the first 2 months…but as you said, nothing is forbidden.

    I have been trying to incorporate low carb eating with the fasting during the week…and enjoy my weekends.

    Good luck with your weigh-in tomorrow!

    Started 1.1.2018
    Start weight 81.8 kilos.(180.33lbs)
    Todays weight 79.00 kilos (174.16lbs)
    Total weight loss 2.8 kilos (6.17lbs)

    A bit disappointed not to be in the 78s.

    Hi Jane:

    The average weight loss for a woman following 5:2 is a little less than a pound a week. You have been at it for about 5 weeks, and have lost six pounds.

    You are right on schedule! Keep at it, and

    Good Luck!

    Well considering I am 78.4 today with a fast day still to go tommorow I have high hopes for this Fridays weigh in 🙂

    Started 1.1.2018
    Start weight 81.8 kilos.(180.33lbs)
    Todays weight 78.1 kilos (172.18lbs)
    Total weight loss 3.7 kilos (8.15lbs)

    900 grams (1.98lbs) weight loss this week. Exercise 2 days gym and one walk.

    One little thing is I was a bit bad in the weekend. Heaps of wine. Bottle Friday Saturday and Sunday. And roast pork with heaps of crackle and more! So on Monday I was 80 kilos! But I just told myself it was not a true gain and would come off quickly. And it did plus more. So dont get disheartened just because the scales are up just because a couple of bad days. As long as you get back on plan quickly it will be okay.

    Well done Jane, and good on you for being honest with yourself and us.

    Onwards and Downwards,

    Way to go! Jane
    That is the key…sticking to the plan.
    Have a great weekend 🙂

    Hmmm so McDonalds KFC and French toast cafe style over the weekend. So let’s see with two fast days this week and being good the rest of the NFDs if I can still loose by Friday. Obviously I am up heaps today. But I know it’s not real. 79.8 kilos! Anyway it is a fast day today.

    AsI say not real! Back down to 78.2 today! Yay I am going to be in the 77s this Friday! I am finding what I absolutely love about this 5:2 is that I can make a few bad choices in the weekends and get away with it. I also always drink 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 botlles of wine every weekend. And then 2 fast days in the week and two NFDs of around 1500-1800 calories. Friday I tend to have what Iwant too being weigh in day. But even over the weekends I dont binge or overeat but just have what I want. Although I didnt actually want McDonalds on Saturday morning for breakfast as I hate the stuff. But we were on a road trip and needed something fast.
    Anyway love this WOL.

    I finally had a good fasting day on Monday…I am on FD #2 today. I have planned activities for this afternoon, to keep me occupied. Hopefully I am getting back on track. 🙂

    Jane that is what I like about this WOL also…I too, like to enjoy adult beverages over the weekend and I like that no food is totally restricted.

    Have a great FD tomorrow and good luck with your weigh-in. 🙂

    Started 1.1.2018
    Start weight 81.8 kilos.(180.33lbs)
    Todays weight 77.5 kilos (170.85lbs)
    Total weight loss 4.3 kilos (9.47lbs)

    Yay! The 77s, I have not been in the 77s for years now. Wore a dress this week that couldnt fit me a month ago. If I had only known about this WOL years ago
    i might of been slim in in my 20s and 30s too which would of been nice 🙂
    Yay and its the weekend from tonight. Which means wine!
    Was thinking that when I get to goal I wont have any fat photos as I delete them all lol. Maybe I better take one sooner than later.

    Yay indeed! I am just starting the 5:2 WOL. Today is my 4th FD. Your journey inspires me. I am so afraid it won’t work for me, but watching your progress is very helpful. Keep up the good working!

    Hi beach and welcome:

    5:2 works for everyone that does it properly. Here are some tips: https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/the-basics-for-newbies-your-questions-answered/

    Good Luck!

    Thank you! I have seen your posts and will continue to refer to the link above. I am definitely viewing this as a WOL and hoping I will adopt it for infinity. 🙂 It makes so much sense and seems very doable. Seems like a lot on this site enjoy their beverages as do I so I feel right at home. Sorry for the hijack janejust.

    Hey beachgurl62. It really does work. Its slower but when you are better every week in one way or another than you were the week before its great. My husband started it the same time as I did and he has lost 4.9 kilos. So he is really happy too. Fast days can be a bit hard sometimes. But whatever you are craving you can always have tommorow. Love it!

    Congrats Jane! and happy weekend 🙂

    I had a good week this week with 2 full FDs…and I got the scale to move in the right direction…2 lbs away from my pre-holiday weight. Yay! With a good week next week, I can start working on the 10 lbs to hopefully get to my goal before Summer.

    Hi, beachgirl, and lots of luck to you!

    Enjoy you weekend everyone!

    Thank you floridag1rl! I had a successful FD yesterday (4th one so far). I changed it up to one meal so that my fast was about 22 hours. I saw on http://www.ifasters.com that the author suggested that for women we try to fast for 24 hours and have one meal so that we can maximize the fat burn component of this WOL. I need to take off 25 lbs to get back to a healthy bmi/range. I was always in a normal range until I had my son at 43 y/o 12 years ago. I have taken and kept off 18 lbs in 2017. Now ready to tackle the rest. I am doing WW but saw a piece on the evening news about IF and was fascinated. So here I am! My DH and I are off to Amelia Island this weekend. Yippee!

    My fast day today. I too am going to change it up to one meal a day this week. Will end up being around 22 hours.

    Dinner only went well yesterday. Then my daughter and her friend dragged me along to the gym. And I at least got 10,000 steps in.
    Also after being bad in the weekend with the wine, popcorn, chocolate , ice cream etc and being back up to 79.2 yesterday my fast proved once again that the weight is not real providing you get on top of it quickly! My scales weight this morning was 77.5, so back to Fridays weight. So as long as I am reasonable on my NFDs today and tommorow I still have Thursdays fast. So things are looking hopeful as to getting in the 76s this Friday. It just might happen.

    Started 1.1.2018
    Start weight 81.8 kilos.(180.33lbs)
    Todays weight 76.9 kilos (169.53lbs)
    Total weight loss 4.9 kilos (10.8lbs)

    So pleased to be in the 76s. Really starting to notice my own weight loss now.
    This week I went to the gym 3 days. I am finding it easier to just have one meal a day now on fast days. If you told me that was possible when I started I wouldn’t of believed you.

    you are doing fantastic, Jane!
    keep up the good work!

    Still struggling here…only 1 good FD this week…weight holding steady.
    Hopefully, March will be the month that I finally get the scale to move. 🙂

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