Jan 2017 Starters/Re-Starters from a binge eater

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Jan 2017 Starters/Re-Starters from a binge eater

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  • Alisa, you sound like you are in a good place with your food and life. What a wonderful meal.

    Floridagirl — oh, to have lemon trees. Lovely.

    Have a good day everyone.

    Good evening (Monday)!
    Thank you both for compliments on my dinner choices! All suddenly Richmond,va became a good place for foodies. There are few places with cool menus. We enjoyed the dishes and, actually, it was interesting to talk about flavors and how they go together, even if you disagree with combination it is still interesting. Presentation was very creative too.
    I marked my Monday dinner is over at 5:49pm. So, I am done for today – no binging, no snacking. Three meals only!
    Tomorrow is my F-day. Looking forward to it (really?!) the pollen is in the air and breathing all the stuff all day long makes me tired. I hope tomorrow will be less digestion more fight with the pollen for my body.
    I hope you both had a good day.
    Lemon trees, indeed, sound delightful, Floridagirl!

    Just checking in…

    My fasting day went well. Better than the last couple Monday’s. I have healthy meals planned for today and exercise after work.

    Good luck with your fasting days. 🙂

    Good morning!
    I am fasting today. Great news, Floridagirl! I am looking up to you!
    … just came back from my yoga class – feels very good! The weather is nice – warm finally!
    Again I have 3 meals planned for today, total 527 cal.
    Good day to all, will check in the evening

    hi there, I am happy to report that yesterday was a successful FD for me. Now, let me hope that I can put a decent NFD together – to get back on track.

    Have a good day.

    WTG! Ratatouille!

    Alisa, you are actually my inspiration…when I first joined this group, I was always seeing you talking about your exercise classes and cycling…it has kept me motivated to keep exercising. Thank you.

    FD for me today. Wish me luck!

    Have an excellent day.

    Hi there hope it’s ok to join in – have read through your posts and can see myself in most of them! Started 5-2 about 18 months or so ago lost about 10lbs then fell ‘off the wagon’ and put it back on am going to attempt a fast day tomorrow….am a chronic binge eater and am heartily sick of the binge eating merry go round – I want to get off!! Tomorrow is a new me (hopefully)

    I did well today (nfd) – 3 meals again, no binging. Yesterday I fasted – done (527 cal)
    Hello, fizzylizzy, welcome, good luck tomorrow! Let us know what is your F-day menu, how many meals you eat, do you use any tricks to stop binging?
    Ratatouille, good job! Keep sharing happy news.
    Floridagirl, your fasting is over by now, cool! Thank you for the compliment

    Good morning ladies,

    Hello there, fizzylizzy…good luck with your goals for today.

    It is always good to hear when one of us stomped the binge monster.

    My fasting day went really well…no slip-ups and no headache…first time, no headache on Wednesday evening. I tried something new this week, I hydrated a little chia…and every time I was feeling really hungry I would swallow a spoonful of chia…it seemed to help and it may have helped keep the headache away.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Welcome Fizzylizzy. I hope that your FD goes well.
    Alisa congrats on the successful FD.
    Floridagirl – good news on the headache status.
    Me? All over the map, but I am here.

    Hi thanks for the welcome – not gone off target yet am determined to complete target and not go over 500 am at 275 at moment and saving 200 for tea! Fingers crossed

    Hi everyone, I haven’t posted here since January I think, but I read through your posts every once in a while as they come through in my emails. I decided that 5:2 wasn’t for me. I’ve still been struggling with binge eating but I’ve recently discovered weight loss hypnosis. I know alot of people are sceptical about things like that but I’ve been using it for a week and noticed a massive difference in how I look at food. I used to binge every single night and in the last week I’ve had a binge twice I think.

    I just wanted to share it with you guys as I know how difficult it can be to stop yourself from binging and this seems to be working for me at the moment. There’s free weight loss hypnosis apps but I’m currently listening to a 30 minute recording on youtube.

    I highly recommend it if you’re really struggling with binging!

    Hope you’re all well! X

    Happy Friday,

    fizzy…hope you were able to stay on target.
    Ratatouille…did you get things under control? Glad you’re still here.
    Amelia…thanks for the tip.

    Fasting day for me…then comes the weekend…I need to be very mindful of my eating this weekend. Hopefully the beautiful weather will be helpful. Next week will be the weigh-in for the month.

    Have a great weekend, everyone!

    Good morning.
    My fast yesterday was hard, I did it, but was very tired in the evening. Going for 3 meals only today! It has been a week of no binging! – very happy about it.
    Thank you for sharing tips (Floridagirl and Amelia) I go for different things- whatever works. I tried yesterday Drinking vinegar by Suja, you know the apple cider vinegar is a buzz word now. It is good! Lemongrass and lime (10 cal, 1g of sugar per bottle) was very refreshing and I thought, killed cravings for sweets.
    Have a good weekend to all

    Fizzylizzy, let us know how your FD finished for you.

    Amelia, interesting regarding the hypnosis online(!!). Who knew that it could be successful that way.

    Floridagirl – good luck with the weekend.

    Alisa,No bingingn for a week. I salute you!!! What a victory. You know, apple cider vinegar was all the rage in the 1970’s — I think that it was apple cider vinegar, kelp, and ??? (lecithin?). Will give the vinegar drink a try.

    Greetings. Hope that you are all having a good weekend. Have a super day

    …. I agree, ratatouille, about the apple cider vinegar and remember it from the past.
    I am a bit loose with food today – a little celebration of our new car. I need to watch DVD now to learn all the smart things.
    It is very warm today, we went for a walk in the downtown and it felt tiring and I have headache now.

    Weekend was too short. I ate more than planned, no binging though. Actually, I had good energy today in my cycling class.
    Tomorrow’s plan – 3 meals only, cycling in the morning and 45 min walk after dinner.

Viewing 19 posts - 351 through 369 (of 369 total)

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