Jan 2017 Starters/Re-Starters from a binge eater

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Jan 2017 Starters/Re-Starters from a binge eater

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  • Alisa, you sound like you are in a good place with your food and life. What a wonderful meal.

    Floridagirl — oh, to have lemon trees. Lovely.

    Have a good day everyone.

    Good evening (Monday)!
    Thank you both for compliments on my dinner choices! All suddenly Richmond,va became a good place for foodies. There are few places with cool menus. We enjoyed the dishes and, actually, it was interesting to talk about flavors and how they go together, even if you disagree with combination it is still interesting. Presentation was very creative too.
    I marked my Monday dinner is over at 5:49pm. So, I am done for today – no binging, no snacking. Three meals only!
    Tomorrow is my F-day. Looking forward to it (really?!) the pollen is in the air and breathing all the stuff all day long makes me tired. I hope tomorrow will be less digestion more fight with the pollen for my body.
    I hope you both had a good day.
    Lemon trees, indeed, sound delightful, Floridagirl!

    Just checking in…

    My fasting day went well. Better than the last couple Monday’s. I have healthy meals planned for today and exercise after work.

    Good luck with your fasting days. πŸ™‚

    Good morning!
    I am fasting today. Great news, Floridagirl! I am looking up to you!
    … just came back from my yoga class – feels very good! The weather is nice – warm finally!
    Again I have 3 meals planned for today, total 527 cal.
    Good day to all, will check in the evening

    hi there, I am happy to report that yesterday was a successful FD for me. Now, let me hope that I can put a decent NFD together – to get back on track.

    Have a good day.

    WTG! Ratatouille!

    Alisa, you are actually my inspiration…when I first joined this group, I was always seeing you talking about your exercise classes and cycling…it has kept me motivated to keep exercising. Thank you.

    FD for me today. Wish me luck!

    Have an excellent day.

    Hi there hope it’s ok to join in – have read through your posts and can see myself in most of them! Started 5-2 about 18 months or so ago lost about 10lbs then fell ‘off the wagon’ and put it back on am going to attempt a fast day tomorrow….am a chronic binge eater and am heartily sick of the binge eating merry go round – I want to get off!! Tomorrow is a new me (hopefully)

    I did well today (nfd) – 3 meals again, no binging. Yesterday I fasted – done (527 cal)
    Hello, fizzylizzy, welcome, good luck tomorrow! Let us know what is your F-day menu, how many meals you eat, do you use any tricks to stop binging?
    Ratatouille, good job! Keep sharing happy news.
    Floridagirl, your fasting is over by now, cool! Thank you for the compliment

    Good morning ladies,

    Hello there, fizzylizzy…good luck with your goals for today.

    It is always good to hear when one of us stomped the binge monster.

    My fasting day went really well…no slip-ups and no headache…first time, no headache on Wednesday evening. I tried something new this week, I hydrated a little chia…and every time I was feeling really hungry I would swallow a spoonful of chia…it seemed to help and it may have helped keep the headache away.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Welcome Fizzylizzy. I hope that your FD goes well.
    Alisa congrats on the successful FD.
    Floridagirl – good news on the headache status.
    Me? All over the map, but I am here.

    Hi thanks for the welcome – not gone off target yet am determined to complete target and not go over 500 am at 275 at moment and saving 200 for tea! Fingers crossed

    Hi everyone, I haven’t posted here since January I think, but I read through your posts every once in a while as they come through in my emails. I decided that 5:2 wasn’t for me. I’ve still been struggling with binge eating but I’ve recently discovered weight loss hypnosis. I know alot of people are sceptical about things like that but I’ve been using it for a week and noticed a massive difference in how I look at food. I used to binge every single night and in the last week I’ve had a binge twice I think.

    I just wanted to share it with you guys as I know how difficult it can be to stop yourself from binging and this seems to be working for me at the moment. There’s free weight loss hypnosis apps but I’m currently listening to a 30 minute recording on youtube.

    I highly recommend it if you’re really struggling with binging!

    Hope you’re all well! X

    Happy Friday,

    fizzy…hope you were able to stay on target.
    Ratatouille…did you get things under control? Glad you’re still here.
    Amelia…thanks for the tip.

    Fasting day for me…then comes the weekend…I need to be very mindful of my eating this weekend. Hopefully the beautiful weather will be helpful. Next week will be the weigh-in for the month.

    Have a great weekend, everyone!

    Good morning.
    My fast yesterday was hard, I did it, but was very tired in the evening. Going for 3 meals only today! It has been a week of no binging! – very happy about it.
    Thank you for sharing tips (Floridagirl and Amelia) I go for different things- whatever works. I tried yesterday Drinking vinegar by Suja, you know the apple cider vinegar is a buzz word now. It is good! Lemongrass and lime (10 cal, 1g of sugar per bottle) was very refreshing and I thought, killed cravings for sweets.
    Have a good weekend to all

    Fizzylizzy, let us know how your FD finished for you.

    Amelia, interesting regarding the hypnosis online(!!). Who knew that it could be successful that way.

    Floridagirl – good luck with the weekend.

    Alisa,No bingingn for a week. I salute you!!! What a victory. You know, apple cider vinegar was all the rage in the 1970’s — I think that it was apple cider vinegar, kelp, and ??? (lecithin?). Will give the vinegar drink a try.

    Greetings. Hope that you are all having a good weekend. Have a super day

    …. I agree, ratatouille, about the apple cider vinegar and remember it from the past.
    I am a bit loose with food today – a little celebration of our new car. I need to watch DVD now to learn all the smart things.
    It is very warm today, we went for a walk in the downtown and it felt tiring and I have headache now.

    Weekend was too short. I ate more than planned, no binging though. Actually, I had good energy today in my cycling class.
    Tomorrow’s plan – 3 meals only, cycling in the morning and 45 min walk after dinner.

    Happy Monday, everyone. I hope that you all had a nice weekend.

    Alisa, congratulations on the new vehicle…and the no binging last week!

    I did very well over the weekend with no binging. Today is my FD.

    We need to have a good week…it’s weigh-in week!

    I am all for it! Let’s make this week a very good one!
    I hope you report tomorrow a successful fast day, Floridagirl.
    My Monday was good. I am fasting on Tuesday.
    My new car is smart, it different (in a good way) experience. I am glad many things were created to improve safety on the roads.

    Had my first really out of control binges the last couple days. πŸ™

    Really annoyed at myself. Gaining weight back. I’m feeling a bit sick but still not 100% sure what triggered it.

    πŸ™ SavBlanc …today is a new day. Let it go and get back on track!

    My fasting day went well…good luck with your fasting day.

    I did not fast today, for dinner we went to a restaurant with friends and I had grilled fish with fennel- very good! It definitely was more than 200 cal. No binging today!
    It is time again to think about goals for April
    What did we do good this month and what we want to change?
    Going to bed now, tomorrow is cycle/strength class at 5:30am

    Hello everyone…. I’m so glad I came on to this bit of the forum. I’m on week 3 of 5 2 last night my last night of fasting I blew it, and I’ve been debating with myself should I continue. Well after reading all the replies I’ve decided that I am.

    On feast days I’ve been eating my usual light meals, but on a fri and sat …..well…… my weight is all over the place, my poor body doesn’t know if it’s coming or going, fasting, eating low calories, than eating lots of chocolate ( and pizza & garlic bread !!!!! ) I think I’d better get myself by the scruff and give myself a good shake !!!!! For the record, is it ok to set below my TDEE on feast days and have them on the weekend instead or is that not a good idea ??? I hope to become a regular on here, the tips, experiences and support will be invaluable to a new starter like me.

    Top tips would be to avoid sugar and processed foods as they will just make you want more…and more. Have a look at Jason Fung “The Obesity Code” and Robert Lustig “Fat Chance, the hidden truth about sugar, obesity and disease” which I found to be both inspirational and gave me tools to change what and when I eat. Nothing weird or unaffordable and I am quite fussy.

    I have a very dear friend who has been obese all of her life. In the past year she has lost 5 stone by ditching bread/pasta/rice/potatoes and fasting. She spoke of it being a diet for ages and now says that it is just how she eats now. Nothing is banned, merely avoided. She used to have an omelette for breakfast but now either has a piece of fruit or nothing at all. She eats fish/cheese/butter/meat/eggs/vegetables/fruit which are all of the things that she loves and by simply ditching those 4 carbs has completely changed shape as she has shrunk all over.

    I certainly feel better without pasta or rice in my life. I realized that when I didn’t have it for a week or two and then did, it made me very very tired. I suppose the result of my insulin levels rocketing.

    Ditch the chocolate for a week and you will see how much better you feel without it. All those from a reformed chocolate addict!

    Good morning! Great class this morning, I feel pumped up for the day. Today we had two instructors, one of them sets music video clips, so it is music and videos, also, today we cycled for the length of two songs, then for 5 min did some weights- time moves fast and it was fun.
    Welcome, Musical, it is a good place to share your tricks and experiences, learn/think what works for you. I am getting more and more to idea that each of us need our own eating plans and they will work, we just need to discover them. Annette wrote that her friend can skip breakfast, it works for others too. I do not want to, it is my favorite meal! And after my workout I think, I need it.
    At this time I am trying to figure out should it be 3 meals a day, no snacks, or with 2 (100 cal) snacks? There are lots of advice on both sides…
    Very nice to hear from you, Annette
    Missing Floridagirl’s post this morning and ratatouille

    It’s been a busy morning…I’m a little late today. πŸ™‚
    Alisa, it sounds like you had an awesome workout!

    Hello and welcome, Musical! I will echo Alisa here…as I think we are all figuring out what will work for us and what it is, we can live with in the long term. Most of us here, are self-described binge eaters…for me, that is one of the biggest things I am working on…stopping the binge eating. I have found that the fasting has really helped me with the binging. When I have “lost it”, it isn’t as bad as it used to be.
    On Friday evenings my husband and I like to have pizza and beer…been doing it every Friday night for 30+ years…I’m still having my pizza and beer on Friday nights…that’s why I fast 2 days a week and I do not eat breakfast or lunch on Fridays…right now it’s working for me…when I get closer to my goal, I don’t know…I may have to adjust. Nice to have you here…best of luck to you.

    Hello Annette, I have been slowly giving up processed foods for a while now…and even more since starting the 5:2…the Friday night pizza and the chocolate…those are hard ones to give up…although the last 2 Friday evening I made low carb paleo pizzas…and they were delish.

    Today is FD #2…I am doing rather well so far…the hard part is when I get home…but I am planning to exercise, and hydrate a little chia, in case I need it. I will be thinking about my April goals. πŸ™‚

    Thank you for the kind welcome Alisa. I miss breakfast on a FD when I am at work( I work term time) but when I am off I eat my evening meal and then miss breakfast and lunch and then eat my evening meal the next day, inspired by Fung. I thought that 24 hours was impossible but it isn’t. Fung advocates no snacks between meals as the goal is to reduce the amount of insulin in the blood. He also explains why getting enough sleep is important as well as reducing day to day stress.

    I used to make my own meusli which consisted of sultanas, currants, dried apricots, nuts, dessicated coconut and porridge oats all mixed together and served with low fat natural yoghurt. After I read Lusig, I researched the amount of sugar in all that dried fruit and once I had recovered from shock, stopped using any dried fruit. A search on the internet lead me to a recipe that I have made my own and now comprises of porridge oats, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and brown linseed all mixed together with a little honey and oil then baked for half an hour on a low heat and left over night to cool. Store in an airtight container. I know have 5 dessert spoons of this with 2 of full fat yoghurt which fills me up until lunch time.

    Have you tried bacon and eggs post work out?

    Good morning…work has been crazy this week!
    I posted yesterday afternoon…I went to edit it and it disappeared.

    Alisa…it sounds like you had a really fun work-out yesterday!

    Hi there, Musical…glad to have you join us. Don’t give up after one slip-up…we’ve all been there, you just have to get back on track. I will echo Alisa here…we are all figuring out what works for us and what it is we can live with in the long-term. We are self-described binge eaters…that is the biggest thing for me…to stop the crazy binging. Once I started fasting, the binging was less desirable…and once I started losing weight, I didn’t want to destroy my progress, so that helped me binge less.
    As far as what to eat…I have been cutting out processed foods for quite a while now…but my hubby and I do love our pizza and beer on Friday nights (been doing Friday night pizza for 30+ years)…this is why I fast 2 days a week and I do not eat breakfast or lunch on Fridays, so that I can enjoy pizza and beer on Friday evening. Right now it is working…will it work as I get closer to my goal? I don’t know, I may have to adjust.

    Nice to have you join us, Annette. I did make low-carb, paleo pizzas the past two weeks…It’s gonna be rough giving up chocolate.

    My FD yesterday went well. I will be weighing in tomorrow for this month’s tally. Looks like I am right on track with the past two months. Slow and steady. I will be thinking about my goals for April.

    We are missing you rat

    I give up!

    I’ve created two nice long post…yesterday and today…and when I went to edit them, they disappeared. grrrrrr….

    Welcome to Musical and Annette.

    Your exercise class sounds so fun, Alisa.

    Fasting day, yesterday went very well. I will be doing my March weigh-in tomorrow.

    We are missing you ratatouille

    Happy to read the posts, we are going strong!
    Annette, thanks for the reference to dr. Fung. I watched his lecture on you-tube. Sounds good. 3 meals only, no snacks is my first goal for April.
    Floridagirl, I am glad you support my exercises. Good luck with the weight in. I added a walk right after dinner this month – will keep this going in April too (goal #2)
    I am doing well today, I eat vegetables and 2 eggs. For lunch I baked spaghetti squash and mixed it in half shell with nutritional yeast (I love the taste!) and 1 egg. It looked a lot on the plate.
    Till tomorrow

    … oh, Annette, forgot about bacon and eggs breakfast. I do not like meat, I love and eat fish, eggs, but no meat, pasta, potatoes.

    Scrambled eggs and salmon then!

    I am having mushroom omelettes and salad or salmon coated in mayonnaise and then topped with a little breadcrumbs and Parmesan cheese(very tasty) or meat with vegetables.

    Don’t get hung up about what the scales say either, they are a poor indicator of success. Clothes ‘show’ where you are shrinking and the real goal is a waist(around the belly button) of 34″ for women and 37″ for men.

    Look out for hidden sugar. If it is labelled ‘diet’ or ‘low fat’ then avoid like the plague and choose the full fat option.The food industry have to shovel in the sugar to make it palatable, just compare the packaging. Fat isn’t the enemy, its sugar.

    I found that once I started looking at the hidden sugar in my diet and reducing it where I could and changing from the diet to the full fat option, my body shape changed for the better.

    I like chocolate but know that if I have some, I just want more and more. Having read Robert Lustig I now know that isn’t my fault, it is simply biochemistry. I feel much better without it and after 40+ years took the bold move of both reducing the mugs of tea from 7/8 daily to 3 max and then ditching the sugar in my tea. I have to admit that there was quite a bit of moaning for a week or two, but now I don’t even think about it. If I can do it..then anyone can!

    Thank you for the kind welcome. I am a binger in recovery, she who hid family packs of chocolate and ate them in secret all by herself, the sugar addict who had a daily fix. I feel better without it, so I avoid. Nothing in my world is banned but I know that if I have ice cream in the freezer then it is game over. Avoiding pasta and rice is also helping me feel better too, I don’t miss that sugar crash after I have consumed either. I am no paragon of virtue but try to avoid the white stuff where I can because I know that it drives me to eat more and I feel rubbish.

    Happy Friday, everyone!

    I am proud to report that I have lost another 5 lbs this month…bringing my total loss since January 1st to 15 lbs! It has been slow, but steady…I will definitely be pleased if it continues. πŸ™‚

    I have watched some of Dr. Fung’s lectures…they help keep me motivated.
    Annette…I do the same thing…I buy and hide my chocolate, and eat it secretly…definitely a problem πŸ™ I keep telling myself, I need to quit buying it!

    For April…obviously, I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing 2+ fasts a week.
    I’m with you Alisa…stay away from the snacking between meals. (which I still do some of) Keep going with the exercise 4-5 times a week and keep cutting out the processed foods. That sounds like good goals.

    Have a great weekend, everyone. πŸ™‚

    Good morning!
    Floridagirl – your results are inspiring! Wow! Very happy for you.
    Annette- sure, eggs and salmon would work. I will try it.
    I am reporting no weight loss with addiction of 1 kg, so no loss at all since November and the clothes do not fit better.

    … on Saturday, feeling all upset after my weight in, I still went to the cycling class and let myself think all the sad thoughts, feel very sorry for myself, drown in self criticism – while pedaling! In one hour I felt better.
    The weekend was good. On Saturday we went to friends house for dinner, it was delicious- vegetables roasted with duck fat – outstanding! I did not eat lamb, but had cheese and wine. I went to cycle on Sunday and was ok with food.

    Good Morning all.
    FD for me.

    I’m sorry that you were feeling down, Alisa…but I was so happy to hear about how the exercise helped you to work it out. I have been bracing myself for and thinking about how I am going to deal with it, when my weight loss stalls. It is really nice to hear about your dedication to yourself. It’s about living a healthier lifestyle as much as it is about the weight loss.

    Have a great Monday everyone.

    Thank you, Floridagirl! It looks like just two of us here today.
    I hope your fasting went well. I am right behind you, will eat my 540 cal tomorrow and I am looking forward to the yoga class in the morning.
    I have a question. There are many diets which recommend eating Whole Foods not processed, then in a meal plan, for breakfast they list some protein powder. The protein powder sounds highly processed food to me. Do you have any thoughts regarding shakes, bars, protein drinks?

    Good morning πŸ™‚

    I agree with you…it does sound very highly processed. So it does sound like a contradiction. I’m not quite sure how I feel about protein powders…I did purchase some not long ago…I purchased a vegan formula, as I am bothered by some dairy products. I usually make smoothies for my hubby and I on Saturday mornings, but I haven’t added the protein in a few weeks.

    I guess that I have been trying to stay away from shakes, bars and such…and opting more for real whole food…they all seem to have a lot of sugar, even if they are made with healthy ingredients. Well, that’s my 2 cents for now.

    Good luck to you today, Alisa…stay strong!

    Hope everyone is doing well.
    Oh, today reminded me about upcoming hot and humid summer;-( It was the first lousy day weather wise.
    I did ok with fasting – more than 500 cal, less than 700.
    Definitely need to find some cooling recipes. Any ideas?
    How is the weather in Florida?
    Till tomorrow

    Good morning…it is quite balmy in Florida this morning…but we are expected to get a little rain today, ahead of a “cold front”…tomorrow should be a lot dryer (less humid). I am looking forward to a beautiful day on Friday. We are going to Busch Gardens, should be a fun day. I’ll get lots of walking in that day. πŸ™‚

    This weekend I made a yummy cucumber salad and a old fashioned pea salad. Definitely made us feel like Summer. I saw someone had posted one on FB this morning that I may have to try…Cucumber, avocado, onion, tuna with olive oil and lemon juice, I think that was it…sounded healthy and may be a delicious combination.

    Glad to hear that you did well yesterday. FD #2 for me today.
    Have a great one!

    Oh, I lost my first post, Writing again.
    I have been snacking today – it was not planned;-(
    F-day tomorrow for me. I will try to keep it together;-) tomorrow.
    Yes, cucumbers, dill, lemon sound good for summer.
    I went for a walk today, came back home and took a shower- tons of pollen in the air and it was windy.
    Are you going to take any Rollercoaster rides this weekend?
    Are you going just with your husband?
    Hope our people come back soon
    Good day

    Hello again everyone…. It’s me, Lotta.
    I have not been posting since February. How are you all doing? I will read through the posts but It looks like a lot of you are still here. Well done!
    For me it’s been a chaotic spring and my fasting has suffered. I will start my FD’s properly next week. I will re-weigh and do my measures to be ready to go. Until then take care and “stay on the fast track” πŸ™‚
    Lotta x

    A meteorologist, I am not…I was a day off on that rain…we are getting it this morning. It is expected to be nice tomorrow…a little breezy.

    Alisa…good luck with your fasting day, I hope that it goes well for you.

    Lotta…welcome back! It sounds like you are ready to come back full-force.

    We bought a 3-day pass last year…It was a really good deal…we went to SeaWorld, then Busch at Christmas…now we are using our 3rd day. I’m not a rollercoaster girl…so my poor hubby will have to ride alone this time.

    My FD went very well…still not sure how I am going to handle the weekend since I am working…I kind of botched things up last time.

    Have a nice day girls. πŸ™‚

    Today was a perfect f-day! I felt good, did not think about food, exercised;-) I need to do it again.
    ‘Not a rollercoaster’ girl;-) you need to try at least one ride, your husband would hold very tight. You can do Fast days, it is harder. Although, few years ago we were at Busch gardens and were very happy that, we did not have kids, so no need to be brave for scary rides.
    Lotta, great that you are back! What day(s) you plan to fast?
    Oh, I need to share. I started telling myself when the meal starts – I say it loud or write in my fitnessPal (time) and again notice time and say – ‘the breakfast is over @7:45′, when the meal is finished. It is a mental mark, that no more eating till next meal.
    Ok, I am going for a walk…

    Hey there, I thought that I’d check in and say Happy Friday!

    Alisa! WTG! on that fasting day. I may have to try your new trick…I seem to have a bit of a problem snacking between meals on the weekends when I am home.

    Since I am working the weekend…I may do partial fasts, Saturday and Sunday…we’ll see how it goes. We’re going to be eating out a lot this weekend…I’ll have to try to mind my choices.

    Have a great weekend,everyone.

    Today was a good day. 3 meals, no snacking. I ate about 1200 cal. Went to the cycle/strength class in the morning, noted times of my meals, except for the dinner, we went out to eat and I forgot. There are many places now in Richmond with good clean food. I had today grilled fish with roasted Brussels sprouts – very nice.
    I want to behave on the weekend too – hold me accountable.
    Good luck with your food plans

    Good day today again! I am Happy!
    I read an article today about binging. The author Wendy Hendry wrote the following:

    I was half way through my 3rd carton of Milk Duds, not 3 boxes, 3 CARTONS.

    My phone started ringing and startled me out of my Milk Dud bender. I suddenly became conscious. My first thought was, β€œWhat the hell am I doing?”
    — end of the paragraph from the article
    I did not grow up in the US and I did not know Milk Duds, so looked up the candy on internet. Wikipedia showed me the picture of an orange box and information about nutritional data, then I saw a paragraph- Changed ingredients. Turned out that original Milk Dods were made with coco butter. It became expensive and the company substituted it with cheap vegetable/palm oil and more sugar. I thought it was very awful! The food industry does not want us to eat healthy.
    I will try to remember it when grocery shopping…
    Hope you had a good weekend, till tomorrow


    I know what you mean…the more I read and hear…the more disgusted I am with what they are putting in our food…I am feeling more and more convinced that they do not want us healthy…there is big money in keeping us sick…and I know, I work in the healthcare industry.

    I am trying all the time to eat more food in it’s natural state. I am so happy for you, that you had a good day yesterday…It really helps to try to stay mindful. Was it a good article? I may have to try to find it.

    This is usually my fasting day…but I am home…the last time, I failed…I am going to try…we’ll see how it goes…I need to learn to do it, even if I am home. I need to keep myself busy and mindful.

    I hope that you have a good day…any exercise planned for today? Have a good one. πŸ™‚

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