Jan 2017 Starters/Re-Starters from a binge eater

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Jan 2017 Starters/Re-Starters from a binge eater

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  • Slimmedown — congratulations on the 4 days of no binge eating. This is indeed something to be pleased about. Stable eating, stable outlook(??). I look forward to reading about your subsequent days.

    Floridagirl – good that the scales are bringing you good news. I hope that you have a good FD.

    My eating is a bit wobbily, but manageable.

    Thanks Florida and Ratatouille, hopefully the scales will be kind altho I am trying to focus on the fact I FEEL happy and healthy rather than let the scales dictate my feelings.

    Aching a lot today. I did a boxing class on Monday in addition to the Pilates so now lofting my arms is a problem! It comes with a proud feeling though 😃

    How’s it going ratatouille – hope your wobbly food day doesn’t get too wobbly xx

    Feeling fed up today. The scales have not moved down at all since Sunday 😣

    I know that I’m doing all the right things, eating healthy and not too much and regularly exercising. So I DESERVE some weight loss!

    Ok, rant over. I will continue with what I’m doing and the scales will have no option but to move down eventually!

    Feel better now x

    I have super amazing news that is making me panic like crazy.

    I’m going to Spain with some friends in June.

    Literally every woman going in this group is a pilates-stick-thin type person. There’s a pool.

    It would be weird to not wear a bathing suit.

    I really want to go, am excited about going, but oh, there’s no way I can lose everything I need to lose to fit in 🙁

    I thought it might motivate me but it’s mostly making me sad (and then I had cheesecake, which like is not helping, but if anyone will understand, the binge eater thread is the place to be!)

    Today is a NFD…I was able to make it through my FD, yesterday…there is always a wonderful sense of accomplishment, when I don’t give in to temptation and I can complete my fast.

    Slim, I feel your pain…when you feel you are doing everything right, and not seeing the pay-off. You’ve gotten away from the binging and you are feeling healthier…and I agree eventually thing will start moving. 🙂

    SavBlanc…I also feel your pain…That is the reason that I decided to give this plan a go…I was tired of letting my weight dictate how I feel…tired of letting it take the joy out of my life. Maybe you can’t lose everything by then, but you have 4 months…you can certainly get closer to your goal…and that accomplishment should make you smile. 🙂

    That’s exactly it Floridag1rl.

    It takes the joy out of all the good things.

    Right. New, interim goal set for mid-June. I’ll make sure I have to buy a new bathing suit, at least. 🙂

    Hi there!
    Slimmedown – wonderful wonderful wonderful that you have not experienced any binge eating. Be proud and focus on that. The weight loss will come.

    Savblanc – slow and steady might be the plan. Not easy for a binge eater to do, but liberating if you can (in my humble opinion). Focus Grasshopper, focus.

    I went out for a fine meal last night and enjoyed 3 fabulous courses, and too much wine and bread. So enjoyed it. En route today. My goal for the next 4 days is no binge eating. Will check in daily.

    Good morning!
    I am fasting today.
    Ratatouille, back on page 5 you mentioned upcoming trip to Europe- I am envious (in good way). Amsterdam is great- there is a cool city tour company: context travel, link – https://www.contexttravel.com/
    They are good because their tour guides are scalars of topics- they teach in universities or write books. There are some good tours in Amsterdam: canals, museums. If you have time try one, definitely worth it! I liked reading your journal experiences, sounds like you take with it and you are honest! This is my biggest issue: I just do not record extras, pretending that they did not happen, afraid to see how much they were. I am working on this. If you want ask travel questions: my husband is an art teacher, we both have history education and I always preapare/plan our trips.
    SlimMeDown – welcome to my world of exercise and eat well with no weight loss! Regular exercise help grow muscles. Muscles are heavier than fat – that could be one of the reasons…
    SavBlanc – I know the pressure( it is always in my head) to get in shape for some event. Never helped me, some people get motivated having a specific day in future, I get anxiety. You wrote the right thoughts about mind set in the last post. Do you really believe now that you can enjoy the trip with no self criticism? Keep talking to us, maybe I could shift my mind.
    Good day to all

    Thanks all, I felt better after my rant. Desperately wanted to revert back to my previous “fuck it all there’s no point I’m going to be fat forever so might as well enjoy 12 bags of crisps” self. But I didn’t. I had my 2 meals, enjoyed them, told myself that I can get through the evening and tomorrow will be better. And tomorrow is better as I have been rewarded with a 0.5lb loss this morning.

    It’s bloody exhausting talking myself out of eating all day!

    Sav blanc I can so relate. Even when people I haven’t seen for a while want to meet up my first thought is not about how nice it’ll be to catch up, it’s me working out what size I was since I last saw them and what their response to the change (usually fatter) will be. Remember that it’s very likely that every single woman in the group you are going with are having similar worries to you at this point. Whatever their hangups are, they are going to worry about them being exposed to the rest of the group. The best thing you can do for you is to be as healthy as you can be so that you feel at your best FOR YOU for the trip. Knowing you have spent the previous few months working on yourself will give you the confidence you need not to worry about how you look in relation to the others.


    Good morning!
    FD #2 was usual – 540 cal – done for the week.
    This morning I went to the health club (cycle/ strength class), came back home, stepped on the scale, entered ‘no loss’ number into MyFitnessPal and just finished my breakfast.
    SlimMeDown – you are right mentioning thoughts and feelings about meeting friends. how we lost excitement of just meeting people or just visiting new places?!
    Have a good day, btw it is Friday again

    Morning everyone

    I can report a wee loss this morning so I’m happy with that. The scales went up midweek so I’ve had to reign myself in the last couple of days so I must have done something right for a change!

    Well done on your loss SlimMedown, you’ve done fine so pat yourself on the back. We all feel like saying f**k it at times so you are not alone.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend.

    Karen x

    Well after 7 full days of 16:8 (18:6 really) I got weighed this morning and I have lost 3.5lbs (1.5kg)! Really pleased with that considering the scales didn’t shift for most of the week.

    I feel like I’ve found something which is maintainable for me. Finally! So I will continue for the next 7 days and see what happens.

    We’ll done Alisa – staying the same is frustrating but it is also an achievementioned.

    Karen, we’ll done on reigning yourself back in and getting a good result.

    That’s brilliant news SlimMeDown :)it sounds like it’s motivated you to keep going.


    SlimMeDown…that is awesome to hear!

    I am working this weekend…so I have been thrown off my usual schedule. Was home on Friday with hubby and had a party in the evening, so did not get in my usual Friday Fast…so I decided to do 16:8 over the weekend and only eat dinner on Sat and Sun. Monday I usually my fasting day…this coming Monday I will be home, which will make hard…I’m going to try though…the end of the month is coming and I want to have a nice loss for February.

    Thanks Florida and Karen x

    Florida, I’m sure you’ll be fine with a FD at home and it’ll show you can do it. Just let hubby know it’s a FD for you and hopefully he’ll be sensitive to it.

    Thank you SlimMeDown for the encouragement. I’m going to need it! Just me at home alone with the kitchen, LOL. You are right I need to prove to myself that I can do it. I will keep reminding myself of my weigh-in next Tuesday. 🙂

    I hope that everyone had a fantastic weekend. Happy Monday 🙂

    Back home. So good to read your posts. I stood on the scale today and I am up 2.5 pounds, but that is probably a typical water weight swing (which I have not experienced since staying focused on 5:2. I over-ate while away, but did not jump off of the high tower of the swimming pool into the food. I have lost momentum though, and my goal this week will be to post here, track, and do 2 FDS. If I do that it will be a success. Hopefully the scales next MOnday morning will have me back at where I was before my short trip.

    I was with three very trim women who currently consider themselves overweight by 5, 10, and 15 pounds. It is so interesting how we see ourselves and how we beat ourselves up. It affects them just as much as my 30+ lbs do (except they do not binge eat)

    Slimmedown — congratulations on a series of no binge eating days!!!! That is the really big news. Congratulations on the subsequent loss of pounds.

    Alisa, wow, you are working so hard at this and not seeing the scales move. Ouch. Stay with us!

    Savblanc – if you go on your June trip having been kind and nuturing to yourself for the previous three-four months —- you will radiate (and your clothes will fit alot better!)

    Floridagirl good luck on you Monday Fast. I am doing it with you.

    Bye for now.

    Hi everyone

    My weight this morning was the same as last Monday so hoping I can keep on the straight and narrow this week, I’d like a wee bit more off.

    I’m sure your water weight will soon melt off ratatouille, just get back on the wagon and you will be fine. At least you didn’t binge whilst away.

    Floridagirl I will keep everything crossed for your weigh in next week, keep strong.

    I’ve come in at just over 500 cals today so hopefully the scales will be kind to me in the morning.

    Karen x

    Good morning.
    It is my fast day today, as always 540 cal.
    I looked at my February goals:
    – I did exercised every day – success
    – I kept writing to this thread- success
    – I had 2 fast days each week (540 cal, no cheating)- success
    – I did drink alcohol- failed
    – not any closer to see 5 as the first number on the scale – double failed
    So, it’s evident, that there is no magic in IF: many of you did not have F-days twice a week, I did starting November 18, 2016 (plus exercise every day for many years). I did not miss any single week and did not cheat. I am reading in your posts that some of you are doing same as me or better?!

    A good idea I learned – if eating ‘pig slop’ do it outside your home. This could work for me – overeating at home creates a bad habit easier, going to a store and eating ice cream is more effort, at least for me.
    I will try to work on this.
    Good day

    Alisa, Wow, you have been one focussed person and consistently done what you are supposed to do a la 5:2 I don’t know what to say. I really don’t know what to say. Is another “success” that you have not (or reduced) been binge eating, which would make you feel better? I have so much more to loose than you and that is why I have been having speedy results.

    Karen, I hope that the scales were friendly to you this morning.

    Oh dear ratatouille, I’ve not had a great couple of days, my fast yesterday went fine until I had 2 bags of crisps later on. Today I took soup for lunch but had a stressful morning at work so went to the canteen and bought chips with cheese on top, very delicious but very bad 🙁 I was full all afternoon though so I’ve had nothing to eat since but I am sharing some wine with my daughter this evening as I’m off work for the next 5 days and felt like chilling out. Hopefully I’ll keep away from the crisps this evening. No idea how, but I managed to be slightly less on the scales this morning so they were kinder than I deserved.

    Anyway I’m going to move on tomorrow and try to get my head around being good.

    Will report in with how I did tomorrow evening….

    Morning all…

    Ratatouille…glad to see you back. 2.5 lbs, not bad for being on the go with friends…it’ll come right back off in no time. I hope that you had a good fasting day.

    Karen…I feel your frustration….I lost my battle with the kitchen Monday… and ruined my fasting day…then felt really depressed…you are right, we must pick ourselves up and move on…today is a new day and a chance to get it right.

    Alisa…I liked what you said…”if eating ‘pig slop’ do it outside your home. This could work for me – overeating at home creates a bad habit easier, going to a store and eating ice cream is more effort, at least for me.” It makes a lot of sense.

    Today is a FD…I know that I will feel better once I get through it.

    Floridagirl – Im sure you will do fine today, let us know how it went. I’m going out for a meal with hubbie later so avoiding eating till then, hopefully the scales will be kind to me in the morning….

    Hi everyone. floridagirl, have a good fd. Karen, I hope that you defeat the crisps.

    I had a dreadful food day last night. I engaged in my old eating behaviour last night. I understand what triggered it – I was out with friends in the afternoon and indulged in a lot of salty snacks. When I got home I continued on – full tilt. This morning I have this intense thirst and quite frankly – self loathing. I will put this behind me and not use it as the excuse to go back to old ways(?).

    “See you” tomorrow.

    Good morning!
    I have been thinking what to do next, after realizing yesterday that did not move down in three months. First idea was to give up all the F-days, then I got used to eating my raw bars twice a week, I decided to keep them for now. Next, how to trick the scale? Well, I guess, I could try to avoid grains ( I love oatmeal), beans in March and see if that would make any difference. The fast dietbook suggests low carbs eating. I need to find and practice some new recipes with vegetables instead grains. Will start on march 1st, keeping F-days the same – 540 cal.
    Today is my eat day. Felt hungry in the morning and debated with myself about trip to the health club ( not feeling great, regularmonthly thing) – glad I went! The class was very good!
    Hope everyone is well and having a good day

    Good morning all,

    Karen, I hope that you shared a nice meal with your hubbie. 🙂

    Ratatouille, sorry to hear about your misstep…we’ve all been there…it’s time to put it all behind you and get back on the program.

    Alisa, I admire your determination to go forward and tweek things to find the right combination that works for you. Getting rid of some carbs sounds like a good plan to me. Kudos for going to the health club…starting is always the hardest part, when you’re finished you always feel great!

    I am happy to report that I completed my fasting day yesterday, and I feel like I am back on track.

    Have a great Thursday…the weekend is coming. 🙂

    Good morning all!
    Hello, Floridagirl! Thank you for your kind words and good job! on the fast day.
    I am fasting today and preparing for food changes in march.
    There is a Whole30 program- takes 30 days (march) and focuses on eating Whole Foods, 3 meals a day.
    The rules are:
    – no dairy – this is done for me
    – no added sugar – done
    – no weight ins for a month. – I can do this one!
    – no alcohol
    – no grains
    – no legumes
    The meal plans could be emailed every day ( there is a meal plan option for purchase $30) or create recipes with fish/meat/poultry and vegetables.
    Does anyone know Whole30?

    Alisa, you are one determined woman. I am inspired by you.

    Happy Friday everyone.
    FD for me.

    I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend! 🙂

    Greetings. Have a great day. NFD for me.

    Today is my eat day. I found a new ice cream – halo top. It comes in many fun flavors (birthday cake, oatmeal cookie, vanilla, strawberry…) the best part is the whole pint is 240 cal to 320 cal ( depending on flavor). It tastes very good.
    Now, I am going to watch the great British bake off!
    Good night

    Good Sunday morning. Awful food consumption day yesterday. Full-on old behaviour. Have not done that since the end of December. I am meeting my commitment to myself to post to this thread daily. Hurray for one success so far today.

    Good evening
    Ratatouille, you are brave sharing the mistakes.
    I am feeling down today too. We will try again tomorrow.

    Happy Monday to you…
    FD for me.

    Tomorrow is my official weigh-in for my February loss…wish me luck.

    Have a great day.

    Good evening!
    Happy to hear from Florida! Good job on FD, and wishing you all good tomorrow with weighting in.
    I am fasting tomorrow (Tuesday).
    All suddenly it is so beautiful in Virginia- many trees are blooming, smells like spring. I believe it will be easier to loose weight in spring, more time outside, lighter food
    Looking forward to spring!


    So…I did my weigh-in and I am down another 5 lbs for February. That’s a total of 10 lbs since the beginning of the year, and the start of the 5:2 plan. Not shabby…it’s not a quick weightloss plan, but it’s one that I believe I can stick with. As long as it’s working…I’m going to keep going.

    Alisa…I also love Spring, and you are right…something about Spring should help with the weightloss. Good luck with your FD…and I hope that your Springtime weather is there to stay. 🙂

    Alisa, spring is such a wonderful time of renewal on many levels. I agree. Floridagirl, great progress!!!

    Another success we have is that we are still here posting.

    I finished the month with a 2+ pound loss. I wander down a few sideroads this month…my eating was all over the place, but, I suppose, could have been worse.

    I am finishing the month at 157. I would love finish March at 152. That is the prize that I have my eye on.

    Have a good day everyone

    I failed my F-day today, was not hungry, just gave up, no reason.
    Tomorrow is march:
    I did purchased Fitbit, want to see how active I am.
    I am eating vegetables, some fruit, seafood this month, no grains or dairy.
    Have a good day tomorrow

    Hello from Florida…
    FD for me. I planned stuff for after work to keep me busy and keep me from eating. 🙂

    Ratatouille…at least you saw a decrease for the month and you also had fewer binge days. That is success. Yes, keep your eyes on the prize.

    Alisa…your eating plan for the month sounds good…can’t wait to see how it works out. Cutting out the grains and processed foods, I think really makes a difference.

    For March, I am going to stick with the fasting plan that I have going: M,W, and a partial on Fridays… I am going to try to do better this month with portion control and no snacking on NFDs.

    It’s going to be a beautiful March! 🙂

    Alisa, I wish you luck on your food plan goals for March. No grains or dairy — arrrrgggh!
    Floridagirl – continue on!

    Hi, i had posted to quickly and lost my verbiage.
    Alisa and Florigagirl — here is to a great March food-wise.

    Slimmedown — where are you?
    Sav Blanc?


    I’ve been checking in here but not posting. I was in the US last week and ate all the food, but I also had a very awful personal-life crisis happen at home when I was there.

    Ironically, oh my god — can I change my username? — gah.

    Anyway. In addition to dieting now, I’m getting sober.

    I have hit a new low weight, only 4 days after returning from Texas, so that’s something!

    Xox @savblanc

    Oh yeah, I can’t change my username. I may have to re-register. We’ll see how I get on!

    Good evening all
    Happy to read the posts! We are doing it!
    SavBlanc – the name is delicious!
    Many thanks for support from Floridagirl and ratatouille, without you I would give up.
    Today is an eat day for me.
    I did well, there are changes in my meals (no grains, legumes) I had to think what could be better than porridge for breakfast. I liked my creation today: butternut squash custard – very tasty and the whole house smelled yam. For lunch – Green shakshuka – vegetables and 2 eggs. Salmon and asparagus for dinner.
    Tomorrow is F-day – thinking about fruit salad…
    Talk to you soon

    NFD…looking forward to eating today. 🙂

    Glad to see you back, Sav

    Alisa…your meals yesterday sound very yummy. Good luck with you FD.

    I made it through my fasting day…it doesn’t seem to be getting any easier, but I like the results. 🙂

    Alisa, your cooking sounds absolutely inspiring. Talk about learning new things. Good luck with your fd.

    Floridagirl congrats on the successful FD.

    Sav Blanc — create a new user id, or keep the current one. I want to hear from you.

    Me? I am not binge eating right now, but having trouble having the mojo to stay focused on healthy food prep and consumption. The January, early February glow has worn off.

    “talk to you tomorrow”

    The Fasting is over! It was fine, I had an apple, a grapefruit, green salad with one egg and butternut squash purée with coconut cream. I did not feel hungry.
    I am actually excited to come up and make new meals, I was afraid to be disappointed or get tired deciding what to eat.
    I tried ‘Whole30’ meal plans – online app ($30) but found it very basic for $30.00 – got refund, no problem. There are many good Whole30 recipes and people share their 30 days journey. I use those.
    Ratatouille, maybe you could try something different? The authors of Whole30 tell that coking and eating simple Whole Foods instead of processed foods make positive difference to your relationship with food. You can keep 5:2 going too.
    Floridagirl – going strong! It must be weather;-)
    Btw, ratatouille, I am reading Robertson Davies, he is Canadian

    Good Morning from Florida!
    FD for me.

    Alisa, Good job!

    I did better this week on my eating days…no binging, yeah! My husband and I had our wedding anniversary this week (33yrs)…we are going to celebrate tomorrow…going to a craft beer festival and then out for a lovely dinner. I have exercise and healthy meals planned for the rest of the weekend, so I should be able to stay on track.

    Have a beautiful weekend everyone.

    Alisa, and Floridagirl – thank you to you too for continuing to post here. I read, I relate, I check-in, I try and stay accountable to myself. Thank you for helping.

    Alisa, sounds like you have renewed energy for all of this. Excellent. I will indeed take a look at Whole30 info when I have a chance. I will say, that my major focus has two aspects — Stop/control the binge eating (first and foremost)– and loose weight. The binge eating behaviour has been reeled in. The weight loss is decent. I do need renewed focus/energy and will pursue whole30.

    I have a busy weekend that requires a lot of high energy from an interaction with people perspective. I tried a fast day yesterday and was busy trying to get things ready for the weekend and I found my energy reserves flagging so much that I turned into into a NFD. I finished the day within my TDEE. No fast days for the rest of the week.

    Floridagirl, Congrats on 33 years. Congrats on minus 10 pounds. Craft Beer!!! You are my kind of people! Enjoy the celebration and I send you good energy to stay on track.

    Alisa, I am embarassed to tell you that I have not read any Robertson Davies. He was quite a distinctive looking man and he is highly respected.

    I continue to get my workplace ready today for a two day open house. someone asked me if I would have treats for visitors and I said “are you kidding, I would eat them all!” — this is very true.

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