It's time to make a start.

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It's time to make a start.

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  • I’ve been browsing this site since I don’t know when thinking “I really should give this a go”. I watched the documentary back in 2012 and thought “What a good diet” but did nothing.
    I’m currently suffering with a back problem and have been referred for surgery and acupuncture.
    I really don’t want surgery on my spine, the thought of it terrifies me.
    My BMI is currently 35 and I know it’s contributed to, if not caused, my problem.
    I consider this my ‘kick up the bum’ moment.

    So, I started my first fast day last Thursday which went well, I felt great and wasn’t hungry until around 12 O’clock the next day.
    My second fast day was Saturday, I planned my meal and even allocated calories for a 125ml glass of wine. This, it turns out, was a huge mistake. With wine comes munchies and I wanted to stay up to watch a film as I normally would do. I made the executive decision to abandon the fast and learn from this.
    My rules are:
    Never consume alcohol on a fast day.
    Never abandon a fast again.

    I’m going to start off with the 5:2 and perhaps advance onto 4:3 once I have the hang of it.
    When I’m able to exercise again I’d like to start running as I used to enjoy it, at the moment I can just about handle a gentle two mile walk.

    There it is. My mission statement.

    Hi B557, welcome and good luck. I agree with the alcohol theory, I just think it does not go with a fast. Good luck with your surgery.

    Well, start again actually.
    I did really well from fasting and lost all the weight I wanted to.
    Then I moved to France, started a business and was so busy all the exercise (yes, I did get back to running) fell by the wayside.
    I don’t have scales but I can tell that my clothes are tighter and I tried on a pair of ‘winter’ jeans the other day and it wasn’t pretty or comfortable.
    So, as the weather cools I am going to have to do something about it or I will have a very limited wardrobe. Think running leggings and baggy jumpers.
    Monday and Wednesday will be my fast days.
    I’ve got a good idea of what I used to eat on my fast days so will do a bit of calorie counting at first just to be sure I’m on the right track.
    I used to have two scrambled eggs or a cheese omelette with a pile of steamed veg in the evening, if I got ill with hunger, sometimes I would have a low calorie soup or a cup of hot marmite.
    Breakfast was always black coffee and that hasn’t changed!
    It helped me last time to join in on a thread but I can’t remember what it was called so I will keep an eye out for it.
    If anyone remembers me from 2015ish, give a wave!

    B557, some tips:
    >plan what you are going to eat and shop in advance
    >hide any foods that are low in nutritional value
    >eat lots of wholesome food: vegetables, fruit
    >protein-rich meals [eggs for breakfast, lean meat or Omega-3 fish for dinner] keep you feeling full
    >keep busy on Fast Days
    >keep thinking about your goal

    If you need recipes for Fast meals, let me know.
    Good luck

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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