Is this menu correct?

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  • Hi,

    This week I’ll try the fast diet and I created this menu to try the diet but I’m not sure if it’s correct, because generally the menus I see are simpler than this, seems to have less food, so I’m not totally sure I calculate correctly the calories.

    Here it is:
    – scrambled eggs (2 eggs) – 192
    – 2 slices of turkey ham – 20
    – spinach – 23

    – Vegetables soup without potatoes
    – 100g of turkey steak
    – 30g of rice
    – 1 apple

    Thank you!
    Any tips are appreciated!

    Depends what you use to scramble the eggs – 2 large boiled eggs = 140 cal
    Turkey ham = 30 cal/slice
    Spinach – 1 cup raw = 7 cal
    Turkey steak = 100 cal depending on type
    Rice 30g -boiled = 35cal
    Apple – medium = 72. Cal depending on variety
    Veg soup – depending on variety as high as 220 cal.

    Download an app, or use a web based calculator so that you can monitor your intake/calculate what you are eating & or missing in nutrition.
    I’ve been thinking of starting a topic on those lines.
    FWIW, I currently use both MyFitnessPal (app) & Cronometer (web based) both free if you use basic varieties as I do – leaning towards dropping myfitnesspal.
    My fitness pal has a bigger database of preprepared/name brand or restaurant foods while chronometer uses USDA figures to calculate calories. If you do you own cooking, crono let’s you enter recipes & it will calculate calories/nutrition based upon what you enter. You can also scan barcodes/nutrition info from the package & it will save – haven’t tried that feature yet so can’ comment on how accurate it is.
    Hope this helps

    Thanks, that’s helpful!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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