Is Anyone NOT counting calories on their "eat" days?

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Is Anyone NOT counting calories on their "eat" days?

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  • I don’t count calories personally nor do I weigh/measure my food or watch what I eat. I make everything from scratch. In fact on my least feast day I enjoyed a lovely bacon cheeseburger/ with homemade fries followed by homemade chocolate chip cookies for dessert! YUM with an added glass or two of raw milk. No veggies and maybe a banana every once in a while. This is the first lifestyle change in which I can eat what I want and still enjoy the benefits of losing fat without feeling deprived. On my feast days I actually struggle to eat and look forward to fasting days. Yeah I’ve gone crazy….maybe.

    I counted calories for about a year while losing weight but stopped on non fast days after I reached my goal weight. I have a rough idea of how many calories are in the food I eat because I tend to eat the same things all the time. If I’m trying something new or looking at new items in the store I’ll read the label and see if I’m OK with the amount of calories in the food. If I feel it’s too much I’ll stay away.

    I have 3 1/2 oz of tortilla strips with Thursday dinner and still weigh them to make sure I’m not having too much, but everything else is a visual estimate for me.


    Just started 5:2 on Tuesday, have been counting my calories everyday so far but I think I’ll just start counting on fast days only, hoping to lose 25 pounds. This is a great forum everyone is so amazing. Hoping to have a flat stomach and (Maybe) abs by June 2016. 5’6 155lbs, anyone know if this will help me tone up and get a six pack with exercise included? At about 20-24% body fat right now and do not like my belly it’s horrible. Some one help me with fasting and advise for exercise as I have asthma. Thanks :))


    I don’t know your age, but my experience with stomach flab being an older male (I’m 58) is after I lost weight the loose skin around my waist didn’t go away. If you’re young, I’d say 40 years old or less, you may not experience this.

    I’ve been doing planking every day for about the past month. It’s supposed to strengthen stomach muscles but so far I haven’t noticed the skin shrinking. I’ve heard the only way to get rid of the flabby skin is with surgery, which I’m not willing to do and will just live with it.

    There’s lots of information on the Internet about planking exercises. I find it much easier than crunches so it’s something I can do every day (tried crunches for a few weeks but gave up after a while; just too much for my back to handle). After a month I’m at 3 minutes working toward a 5 minute plank.

    I wish you great success in your weight loss goal and hope you get that 6 pack!


    Hey Bronx thanks so much for the help VIA your information and that’s a fantastic idea! I’m only 17 so I have much of my life ahead of me! That’s a shame about the loose skin and there is no point getting rid of it once it’s not bothering you or getting in your way πŸ™‚ You must have lost so much weight to have loose skin like that because it usually only happens if you have lots of belly fat for a long amount of time, it kind of marks your weight loss story which you should be proud of! I amnt over weight I’m kind of skinny fat where my body is skinny all around but my stomach just is one mound of hard fat from all the crap Over the years and my waist is about 35+ inches because it kinda sticks out but it shouldn’t be hard to lose it within 6 months if I stick to the 5:2 and Brisk walking on my threadmill.


    Hey everyone 5:2 is going well, non fasting day today just had dinner, want to share what I had with everyone so that people can take it as an idea for dinner and fix it up if they need to πŸ™‚ -> It’s very filling healthy and satisfying for the pallet

    Salt and pepper seasoned fillet of cod half Fried in olive oil and half steamed for moisture.

    70g of -Cous Boiled in Chicken stock for 1 minute

    Broccoli steamed in 2 inches of water with grated Parmesan on top

    With a Glass of milk or water (or Wine for the adults)



    Thanks for sharing your meal. Never had Cous and haven’t even seen it sold in stores near me. Of course I haven’t looked for it but I put Cous on my list of things to try. I’ll be looking for it the next time we go shopping.

    Not much of a fish eater, but the steamed broccoli sounds good.

    I don’t drink alcohol so my chaser would be skim milk or 2 TBSP apple cider vinegar in a glass of water. That might sound disgusting to some but it tastes great; I think it tastes a little like aged mozzarella cheese!


    This is my first post since starting this but the whole appeal of this for me is NOT to count! I’ve been on every diet known to man so know what constitutes a healthy diet but I am so over points, syns, calories etc! I am only four weeks in but have lost 8lbs by having two consecutive fast days of between 600 and 800 CALORIES (The only days I count) I don’t want to think of this as a diet, just a new way of life.

    I am not counting on eat days, but then my diet was already fairly healthy and I don’t have too much weight to lose. I am mainly doing this for long term health benefits. I do agree, though, that the whole point of this is that you will succeed in the long term if you don’t have to obsess about how much or what you are eating every day (while being a bit mindful about not bingeing – at least not every eat day!).

    Hi Turnip – just been reading some of your stuff & not so long ago I might have agreed with you about eating carbs & regulation of blood sugar. However a little while ago I watched a program called “Fat vs Sugar” quite by accident & found it absolutely fascinating. (British program presented by 2 doctors (twins)). I am pretty sure you would be able to find it in the www somewhere & I highly recommend giving it a look if you are interested.

    Don’t count at all, to me that’s the appeal of this Eating strategy.

    On fast days I just skip breakfast and lunch, and est at light evening meal.

    I have never actually added numbers, but as a 20-year Type 1 diabetic I am aware in an analog way how much (and what type of) carbohydrate I am eating all the time. But I just take an appropriate amount of insulin. Exercise after meals with an insulin depot makes a HUGE difference, partly because it revs up your metabolism and also because it specifically increases blood flow to the insulin depot, increasing the rate at which it enters the blood. As opposed to sitting on a depot in the buttocks. So, in fact, I have never calculated how many calories (Joules) of carbohydrate I eat.


    I don’t count calories on fast days. I find I’m not so hungry the next day and am careful with quantities. I’m certainly going to take advantage of any social things I can get and maybe my loss will be slower. I doubt it though as some days I just miss dinner.I put on 2kg over Christmas and New year. What a binge. Hopefully next week will get me to pre Christmas weight.
    I’m going to Italy for 2.5 months and want to be slimmer and fitter before I go. Both are slow going.

    I don’t count on non-fasting days, but I’m finding I’m naturally going towards more healthy choices – and still having really good food, and not concerning myself with the odd portion of chips or piece of cake.

    I find it quite liberating.

    I don’t count calories either on fast days OR food days. On fast days — I do 2 back-to-back — I try for a water fast but if I slip I have so little I’m still well under the allowance for a fast day. On food days I stick to protein, beans and veggies. I don’t worry about what they add up to and I don’t try to avoid fat. I eat HUGE salads at lunch that could very well approach my TDEE but I don’t care. It’s healthy food and I satisfy myself. At dinner on food days I have protein and veggies. How bad can that be?

    I don’t weigh myself either. Who needs the anxiety and frustration when you don’t lose “enough” or end up on the inevitable plateaus?

    I monitor my progress by the size jeans I’m wearing. I’m Humpty Dumpty shaped with all my weight around my waist so my jeans size is very indicative. I don’t expect to buy smaller jeans every week so I don’t feel set up for disappointment. I also take full-body selfies in profile and head on once a week. I don’t see the progress each week but over the course of a month I see some. Over the course of a season it’s clear and encouraging. The other thing that taking photos does is I can see what is *not* very apparent. That way I don’t get my feelings hurt if someone who saw me in the last couple weeks or the last month isn’t falling all over me telling me what a great job I’m doing. Then I don’t get pouty and want to compensate with food.

    LOTS of dieting experience over the decades behind this strategy! I just think this method is more realistic, natural and successful for me. And BTW I’m down 3 jeans sizes in about 2 months.

    No, I don’t count calories on non-fast days. I began this after watching Michael Moseley’s documentary and he just ate ‘normally’ on the five days and did not highlight any need to do any more than eat wisely. This was a large part of the attraction to try. I think, as he seems to, that after a ‘fast’ day there isn’t an inclination to ‘make up’ what has been missed. I often don’t feel very hungry the next morning and can wait quite a few hours to eat ( I am retired so no work pressure which makes a difference) I have never had to ‘diet’ in my life. In fact most of my years I have been underweight so wasn’t about to start inspecting calories too closely – I would get bored really quickly. I’m not a great fan of numbers so usually trust other people’s recipes to do the sums for me – and keep the portions small.

    Hi my name is Denise and I am not counting calories I will never count another calorie but what I do is I have one simple rule for my dining lately and that is if I can’t read it I don’t eat it so that keeps me away from a lot of the chemicals and additives and preservatives and I’m really enjoying this kind of lifestyle I eat what I want but if I can’t read it I don’t eat it and I have dropped 20 pounds since December 16th when I started

    Hi restore and welcome:

    I see you are cold. This answers your question, and many others:

    Good Luck!

    I’m quite new to the “fast” diet. I started last November and for the first two or three fast days I used the recipes in Michael Mosley’s book. I soon got fed up and decided to make the fast more severe by missing out breakfast altogether. I haven’t “counted calories” at all, just made sure the portions were quite small at night. Obviously there are no real carbohydrates on these days – just protein and veg like salads and greens. I don’t need to lose weight – my BMI was almost perfect before I started but did want to use the diet to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. I’ve never dieted before this. I have lost weight though – about 6-7kg. I haven’t had direct measurement of either BP or blood cholesterol since I started so the jury is still out on that one.

    I have found the fast days much easier than I thought. Not feeling faint or light-headed at all, no hunger pangs or feeling of weakness either. I do a lot of exercise – Pilates on the two fast days – and find it easier on an empty stomach.

    My wife tells me I have an appallingly bad breath on the fast days, especially later in the day when I haven’t eaten for nearly 24 hours. Anyone else found this? Is there any coherent explanation?

    Hi Coolrider, your bad breath maybe the result of being slightly dehydrated, try drinking more water ( or better still, mint tea). πŸ’§πŸ’¦

    I’ve only been counting them “after the fact” as it were. I wanted to see how much I would just naturally eat after a fast day, so eat what I want without carbs or sugar, then see how much it’s added up to. And the answer is, it varies, but I’ve only twice gone over my TDEE as I’m generally not hungry. Had a glass of wine tonight with a friend, a light supper filled me up ok and I’ve not done the measurements yet, but it’s sure to be over.

    Hi so i do a complete water fast 8pm Tuesday till 8 pm Wednesday and 12 hour fasts on both friday and Saturday nights, 8pm- 8am following morning does this add up to 2 days? Just wondering being overnight.

    Hi restore:

    A day runs from midnight to midnight, so no. You just have 48 hours of not eating during the week. This will explain how 5:2 is done:

    What you are doing is a simple reduced calorie every day diet. It will work just fine if you average eating below your TDEE each week.

    Good Luck!

    This is day two for me, yesterday was a fast and today is an eat day. I am agonising over whether I can actually have a biscuit or not which seems silly as three days ago I wouldn’t have cared! Tomorrow is another fast day for me so i suppose I should just have the biscuit and not worry too much. I am looking to lose about 1.5 stone ideally – 2 would be fantastic. I am currently just under 11 and would like to be anywhere between 9-9.5 stone. I am 5:6 but do not look fat, just bigger than I should be! I went to the gym yesterday on my first fast day and it was fine – I wasn’t tired or faint during or afterwards.

    I really hope to see some results in the first few weeks as this feels like a programme I could stick to.

    It’s entirely up to you, of course, but I wouldn’t squander all the good work of a fast day or set myself up for cravings on a food day by having a biscuit on my very first food day. My choice would be to have a solid successful week before I introduced the challenging treats and relatively empty calories.

    You sound like you’re committed doing a gym routine on your very first fast day so you’ll know what you can and can’t do and what sets you up for your best success and I wish you well in your effort.

    I’ve just started out but I won’t count calories on non-fast days for now. I do eat sensibly most of the time, no sugar, no alcohol, no processed food, lots of vegetables and some fruit, so I should do fine.

    When I began last August 2015 I counted calories for two month. Now I eat the same things on the two fast days. I used the Spark Pages calories tracker for two months, to find out how many calories were in the foods I ate on fast days. When I was eating too any calories I either cut the portion size or eliminated the food for fast days. Now, I eat the same meal for breakfast on fast days and basically the same for dinner and I don’t count calories because I already know how many calories are in the meals. I purchased a scale to measure the meat portions but I eat very small portions of meat on fast days because they have a lot of calories and it takes a lot of meat to feel full. I am losing weight very slowly, about 0.5 pounds per week. It has taken me five months to lose 20 pounds.

    I don’t count calories on my feast days because I would feel like a failure when I went over my TDEE and make me too obsessive. I eat healthy food as much as possible on my feast days and rearrange my two fast days each week to avoid social and family activities that include eating and drinking. On fast days I don’t eat more than 500cals and I count the calories carefully. So far it has worked and every time I finish another fast I feel like a winner. For me that is my goal each week and makes me feel successful.

    I have been on 5:2 for 6 months and lost two stone so far. I don’t think it is that easy, it takes discipline, organisation and persistence to keep going and change habits long term, especially during stressful times, but the results are well worth the effort. My BMI is now in the healthy weight range and I feel so much healthier and more energetic.

    I am on day 6 of the program and I have decided to put in another fast day today, making it 4:3. I feel like I want to give my new program a good boost. Nothing succeeds like success.
    I counted calories on my NFD after the event, but interestingly enough, I ate my TDEE or very close to it. What is disappointing is that it was far more than I expected. I just ate a very healthy breakfast, lunch and small dinner and a snack of cheese and biscuits. Of course it was the cheese and biscuits that were the culprit, but it is nice to know that you can if you want to. If I go over, I will try to do the extra fast day.
    I know this is weird, but I already feel slimmer. I went to the gym and did quite a weights workout and I had lots of energy. I have to say I feel great.
    As long as I can keep posting on this site, I don’t feel alone in my struggle.
    I will weigh in tomorrow and measure. I hope I can boast about a good result.
    Good luck to you all on your journey.

    Yes it is good not to be alone in the struggle I just started 5 :2 really in January but I’m not doing two days yet I’m only doing one so far every Wednesday I’m trying to find another day that works for me but it is wonderful to just read all the posts so the people are really changing their life for the better this is from Virginia by the way and it is 1130 at night here Saturday have a great day

    I’ve now completed just over 3 years of 5:2 and I have never counted calories on the non-fast days. I think it would be psychologically self-defeating to do so. The whole point of 5:2 is to make the 2 days as easy as possible and to not worry about it on the 5 days. By now I don’t even obsess that much about the fast days either. I’ve never been a foody so I’ve just stuck to the same few options I originally followed on the 2 fast days, which are now committed to memory. My lunch time fruit snack varies a bit depending on what fruit is available, but breakfast is always the same and dinner is one of the two different options I first chose. This is probably too boring for most people but it doesn’t bother me, and it’s worked well for 164 weeks now.

    I do not count calories on non-FD and I find I am just eating less naturally. I’m just less hungry. Hubby and I had a really healthy dinner of oysters, fish and brussels sprouts salad, and split a bottle of Reisling. Still down a bit this morning.

    Today is a non FD. Breakfast was one egg over three leftover squash quinoa patties. I’m sauteeing some Shitake mushrooms for my miso lunch for tomorrow while I contemplate what to have for lunch.

    Congrats. to everyone.Mr Data you have shown by reaching the 3 year mark its sustainable long term. My husband and I reached the 1 year mark a few weeks ago. He has plateaued at 10k, which he finds a little dissapointing.I feel his TDEE count has dropped so he would need to cut back a little on non fast days in order to kick start it again. But he feels no he is happy with how this is playing out and never wanted it to be a ‘diet’. I have hit my goal weight and tend to do a 14:3 rather than 5:2 as my maitenence program.Thought twice about fasting today as its ‘Easter Monday’ but decided as we have nothing special on today lets not use ‘Easter’ as a cop out for our usual Monday fast day. So far so good. Keep it up everyone, its tough but doable. The hardest thing I find is as we only eat one meal(evening) on fast days explaining to people over and over “no this is not a ‘diet’ day, this is what we do every Monday.”

    I don’t count calories on the non fast days because I can’t eat anyway. I’m not very hungry and I’m full quickly. Last non fast day was like 1000 calories the whole day and my feeling was I did eat too much. So my hunger has decreased a lot generally. I eat a lot of veggies. I’m a vegetarian. So 1000 calories is like 2 Kilos of food and that’s a lot to eat.

    Mr Data wrote:
    “The whole point of 5:2 is to make the 2 days as easy as possible and to not worry about it on the 5 days.”

    I totally agree with you, Mr Data. If you start counting calories it’s a diet and I don’t want that.

    Nope – don’t count.
    Swore a few years ago never to diet again, and that is one promise I have kept for myself. Such a relief!
    Surprisingly, although the weight has crept on a bit when I am very stressed with uni assignments, I find it very easy to just consider what a reasonable meal/snack might be (no counting) and think about balancing – you remember, the old yellow/orange & green thing? and getting enough fibre (encourages me to eat nuts, peanut butter sandwiches with banana – delicious ‘treat’ type things).
    In just over 4 months I’ve lost 11 kgs out of the 25kgs I am eventually aiming for, so although I have disappointing days (particularly over Easter, I haven’t had a hope of sticking to my fast day, so I give up, eat some healthier choices & try again on another day) I am thrilled with the change.
    My first goal is to get from the ‘obese’ range into ‘overweight’ – only 0.5 of BMI to go! Then my next goal will be to get halfway into the ‘overweight’ range. My final goal will be to hit ‘normal’.
    I have a stocky skeleton (my wrists are as sturdy as many men’s even though I’m 5’2″, and my shoulders quite broad, so pretty dresses can be a struggle…) so I’m not pushing myself beyond that, until I get there and see what it looks like and feels like.
    Also, I am 60, so I’m conscious that I need to maintain a bit of bodyweight & keep on with weight-bearing exercise so I don’t get osteoporosis – which would really slow me down!

    Hi! I never count calories on my non fast days, and I refuse to do so. I think for me, that would be a recipe for failure. What I love about this diet is that you still lose weight, eating normally 5 days a week. Chocolate, pizza, wine – I’m talking to you. And well done Vicki! That’s amazing weight loss! I’ve lost 4 kg in 5 weeks and my goal is to loose 20 kg in total. Good luck everybody! πŸ™‚

    Well done, CAnnbewarra! That’s a fantastic weightloss πŸ™‚

    Thanks happyhealthy – struggling with a bit of depression due to some old family stuff, but I’m booking in to see a counsellor next week, & may even hit the anti-depressants because I’m a full time student & I really need to be able to concentrate (like now – when clearly I’m not!).
    So I’m not going to crucify myself about any of this – it will work, sooner or later.
    A motivator for me is converting back from kg into stone & lbs – very scary!
    I can’t quite grasp that I am into double digits on the stones, so I really NEED to get that stuff moved.
    Good luck to everyone.

    Hi everyone. I’m new to this, only three Fast days done so far. It is wonderful to read so many successful, long term stories. I know I can’t cope with counting all the time and some of the other threads had me almost giving up before I began! I’m 12 stone now, need to lose 2 of them at 5’6″ to be a healthier bmi. I’m a terrible grazer though, so need to see if I can cut that out to keep things sensible on non Fast days. Any advice welcomed, always.

    I think you may be amazed to see how your habits and appetites change on intermittent fasting.

    If someone had told me 4 months ago that I would look forward to fasts, not have bread & pasta running my life and being fully content with 2 sensible meals a day I would have asked them to share whatever hallucinogen they were using. But intermittent fasting changes *metabolism*. That’s why it is able to set up fat burning in a way that’s reliable and unique among “diets” and why it becomes a simple, replicable eating pattern rather than an imposed “diet”.

    Push through the first month and you’ll see! It’s quite amazing.

    I’m a couple of weeks in on 5:2. My goal is to NOT count calories on feed days since not dieting most days was a big part of the appeal. That said, I understand that everyone has to do what produces desired results for them and if it turns out that I need to track calories on feed days for a bit –not continually — I’m open to it. But I cannot see being satisfied with the program if on an ongoing basis I have to track calories on feed days.

    Thanks to everyone for the insight and support.

    i count on all days. am pretty new to this and don’t have a very good natural gauge of how many cals are in everything. hoping in a few weeks or so when i feel more comfortable ill be able to do otherwise.

    I started the fast diet on Saturday, my neighbour and myself go out every week for a large Sunday Lunch and therefore my one fast day a week is Monday when I don’t eat anything at all, just drink water.

    I think it is important to count calories at first because I have a hearty appetite and with my TDEE being just over 3000 calories a day (I go for a ride on my bike every day if it is not raining or follow a 15 minute exercise DVD if it is) I could easily go over that.

    I have cut out all the bad stuff like sweets, chocolate, cake, ice cream etc and eat proper meals (which I didn’t do before) with meat and vegetables. If I count the calories and can keep below 2500 calories a day and not eat anything on my one fast day, I should lose around two pounds a week.

    Fortunately most of my meals are the same, ie I have mince, fusilli and pasta sauce on Monday; beef, carrots, onions in the slow cooker with mash on Tuesday etc so I can work out the calories for these meals and then after a couple of weeks will know whether I am keeping below the 2500 calorie mark I have set myself by having these meals and will also know what portion sizes to have.

    I expect after a few weeks I’ll probably stop counting, but at the moment I shall count the calories to make sure I don’t go over.

    I only count now if I think I’ve gone way over, just as a check to see if I have, or to check the percentages/ grams of nutrients ( I’m mostly on low carb). But now I find I don’t need to as I don’t feel very hungry on nonFDs, or only what can be fixed with something small, like nuts or cheese. It helps that mostly I’m not eating breakfast, so lunch is easy not to over do things. FDs I count or I’d go well over.

    Hi “Weight To Go”. Hope you’re still at it? How is it going? I am a complete grazer too so what I did was buy a load of little pots for work and put in them lots of things I could eat that had basically nothing in them. Like 100g of pickled onions = 20 calories, 100g of cherry tomatoes = approx 25 calories, pot of pickled beetroot 110g = 41 calories, clementines = 45 calories. I couldn’t go all day and have one meal in the evening like some people do and so this sort of snacking keeps me going. A medium egg on toast (small loaf) is also about 160 calories too.

    I’m on my 4th week now, don’t think I’ve lost any weight but I do feel a bit slimmer. I’m going to do another month of calorie counting on all days, to try and get the weight loss ball rolling, and then I want it to morph into a way of life rather than a count. I’ve got a spreadsheet (geek I know!) where I’m planning every meal and it’s calories and then this creates a shopping list, meaning less food wastage, lower shopping bills blah! I find having a structure works for me, left to my own devices I’d kid myself about that doughnut, that bag of crisps, that chocolate bar….. you catch my drift! But I’m hoping a month is enough to forge some new habits so I don’t need to anymore.

    Is anyone here doing the diet even though they’re already in the healthy BMI range (I’m 5’5”, approx 144lbs, BMI 24) but wants to be slimmer? Has it worked for you?

    Thanks πŸ™‚

    When I started 5:2 for the first two months I recorded everything I consumed on a food tracker to help me learn about portion sizes and their calories. After a while a pattern developed and I wrote down the most popular items I ate in a notebook plus their portion size and calories and then kept a daily journal. After totalling this I would enter the same items on the food tracker and see how close I was (maths not being my strong subject) for about a week. Now I can look at an item and guess how many calories it contains fairly accurately and just check the food tracker if I eat something new. Now I don’t record anything but go by my weekly weigh in and looseness of clothes as a guide.

    Yes, 5:2 works for me and I still do at least two fast days each week, for the health benefits. My BMI is 22.90.

    I don’t count calories on non fast days because that would be a diet and I am trying to make this my new lifestyle.. I am sick of diets and that is what I liked about this diet plan.. I just started a few weeks ago and I lost about 5 pounds .. I have had some days that I ate like a pig on the non fast day and then other days I am finding I am not that hungry or I can’t eat as much as I used to or I would feel too full over stuffed.. I find that if I take fiber every day it helps me not feel as hungry..

    Thank You fastinginberlin,
    You had the perfect answer to the question I was going to ask!

    I no longer count calories any day. When I started 5:2 I counted on both the FDs and the NFDs. About a month after I reached my goal and went to maintenance I stopped. By this time I knew what my food choices and serving sizes should be on NFDs. I had also got to the point where the one meal I ate on FDs was from a very limited range of recipies and I knew they were under 500 calories so there was no need to keep calculating it.

    One of the reasons I stated out counting calories on the NFDs was because I had a very low TDEE (1400 calories) – it’s very easy to exceed this. I found leaning to eat the right amount on the NFDs took more practice than the FDs did. However I think you come to a point where you know how much food is the amount you should be eating. Stopping the calorie counting was an important step for me to move away from feeling like I was on a diet. Soon after I made this change I also stopped weighing myself regularly as this also made me feel like I was constantly on a diet. I use the fit of my tightest jeans to work out if my weight is ok.

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