is 5:2 a ketogenic diet?

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  • On the other 5 days, you are eating carbs, even if you want to on the fasting days as far as I can gather. So the diet is not ketogenic is it? I have never been keen on the idea of ketogenic diets, so I am hoping that 5:2 is not. Thank you for any help X

    5/2 is not a ketogenic diet unless you want it to be. A lot of people find limiting carbs, or not eating at all on fast days, helps limit hunger pangs but those are personal preferences not a requirement of 5/2.

    Thank you bcjmmac

    No, you will only switch over to burning ketone bodies if you eat just a couple of protein items and green vegetables with oil, (very little fruit) on non-fasting days. However, you can allow yourself one pleasure, a glass of dry white or red wine with your two meals on those days. The fasting days should really be water and black coffee only (or broth).

    Its a bit weird actually, because I am listening to the audio version for book, and they do mention the word ketogenic for sure

    Decided to do an experiment, since I’m doing a contract in Aus & am not busy on the weekends.
    Friday did a normal FD, low carb. 2 boiled eggs breakfast, stir fried steak with cabbage, zuccini, spinach for dinner – 600 kcal for the day. Yesterday, total fast – lots of coffee, herbal tea, water. Urine strips indicate that I was in moderate ketosis mid-afternoon. Optimal ketosis range this morning. I’m planning on breaking the fast at dinner (48 hr total)- BBQ leg of lamb, Greek salad & oven roast rosemerry potatos (& red wine of course). I have tried low carb eating prior to this & it took 2-3 days to get to moderate ketosis. First time I tried with a total fast – kicked in fairly fast & first time I registered optimal ketosis in the morning.
    Did my normal workouts + some long walks the past 2 days, no issues. See how it goes this morning. No hunger pangs at all, but I do have a bit of a dull headache – more of a dull pressure than a real headache. Only about 5 hrs sleep so will likely need a nap after the gym.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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